Friday, July 20, 2018


A spouse, children, siblings and cousins are at the top my list when it comes to love and friendship however we have friends that are special to us that are not on that list they are as important to us as family.

Those who have been friends for a lifetime are special indeed although new friends are too. The more friends we have the better we are but there will always be a short list that is above all others.

True friends are those we can open ourselves up to like no others. We can share the good, the bad, and the ugly too. We know that they will be on our side no matter what comes down.

Yes we all have a purpose and destiny in this life. Those friendships are part of the purpose and destiny. Whatever we are called to they have been placed to be part of it. We can use our purposes in their lives well as they do in ours.

Those friendships have a lot to do with who we are. The longest ones what shaped us to be who we are today and the same in them.

Let your close friends know how important they are in your life. Use their friendship to bring out the more of you. They are important part of your purpose in life and you in theirs. Have a great weekend enjoy yourself. Amen!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Keeping a Good Attitude

These days it isn’t always easy to keep a good attitude with differences of opinions. In fact it isn’t easy to keep your mouth shut or to write what you feel whatever the subject is about.

I find the importance is to be consistent and not put others down even though you may not feel the same way they do.

I believe others respect you when you are able to keep your opinions away or you respect them anyone.

I wish people would stop using social media to throw out their opinions on their beliefs but I know that won’t stop at all.

I find that I pass along or hide their posts. In fact I now hide the posts that come from a third party figuring I won’t see as many that way.

No matter what you say people are going to do what they want to do anyway and they have said so. At least in the United States of America we have the constitution that gives us freedom of speech. It is a good thing because I know that there are countries where the people are not able to give their opinions about anything.

Although we have the freedom of speech doesn’t stop companies from not hiring you if they don’t agree with your stance on any subject. It is one of the underlying parts that can’t always be proven.

We don’t have the perfect government however I believe it is still the best that is offered in the world.

So whatever you do keep your chin high and keep your mouth shut when necessary. I have found families being split because they don’t agree on politics. We should realize that family and friends are more important.

What many may not realize is that much of it has to do with religious spirits. You will find reading the Bible much of the problem dealt with religion. Yes I am a Christian but it is important to live in grace and not under the law.

This is another thing about our good attitude we are living under grace. Amen!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Meant To Live a Life Of Purpose!

We are all meant to live a life of purpose we just have to figure it out and what to with it as well.

God gave us all multiple gifts and talents to help others wherever we go.

For some it may be a writer, or for others a job nine to five or those in the acting field or those who are an athlete.  In fact you could be a mother caring for your children. It is probably the highest honor there is while your husband is at work. Of course there are some mothers that have to work as well. In this day and age either spouse can work in the home as well. They have the home as their office. It is what my brother Jack does while his wife is teaching. All four of their children are now out of the home and they have all finished college. Two of them are married themselves now.

I currently take care of our mother while writing this blog to encourage you to live a life of purpose. Also I enjoy sports so I write about sports as well. I plan to increase my blogging in the future as well. I have a website where I have links to my blogs well as adding more including pictures.

My mother is ninety-seven years old getting closer to ninety-eight in a couple months. She is in pretty good health for her age. It is hard to know how long she will be able to stick around.

So taking care of her is part of my purpose of life at this time. It will be interesting to see changes happen over the next few years depending on how she does and how much longer she lives. I hope to be able to travel some and write a book as well.

I hope that I can get married one of these days as well. It will be gratifying to meet a woman to love and enjoy the same passions together. It would be nice to get her insight on how she sees the purpose of life we live in as well. I want to be able to grow with her coming alongside me.

I hope that your purpose and destiny is going just the way you like it. The important thing is that time can change all things. Ask God what he has in mind for you if you haven’t figured it out yet. Talk with family and friends because they can give you insight. Life won’t always go the way we want it however the clearer we realize our purpose the better. Amen!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


We all need to have confidence whether it is in ourselves or our governments, friends, or others.

Most people I think are good people or at least they try to be. The news or social media tries to make it seem so different than it ought to be.

I enjoy those who share positive thoughts and encouragements. I am glad that I am not the only one sharing encouragement every day.

If you are not on Twitter because you don’t think it is a good social media site I would differ. I get encouragement from several different people and most of them I don’t know at all on a personal basis. They are my friends now because of what they have done each and every day.

We need to be confident that we have a lot to offer others even when it is a small thing or you give one word.

May you have peace, love and joy today. Let your heart shine along with your smile. I know everyone that you meet along your path will be overjoyed. Amen!

Monday, July 16, 2018

It’s Monday

Hello everyone it’s Monday the least favorite day of the week for many. At least that has been my impression anyway. I haven’t heard many say “Thank God it’s Monday.”

Monday is a great day if it is a three day weekend or you don’t work on Monday’s anyway. My last job when I first started working there I had Monday’s off for a while because I had to work Saturday’s. I have to say working Saturday’s was not much fun because most everyone I knew didn’t work Saturday’s and they were having fun. Having Monday’s off did the other affect knowing that you had the day off while others had to work.

The good thing of having Monday’s off was able to get things done that you couldn’t on a Saturday like making an appointment at the doctor’s or getting an oil change for your car.

When the opportunity arose I did change my work schedule where I got Saturday’s off. So then I got to enjoy going to work on Monday instead. I wonder how many would enjoy Monday’s better if they had to work on a Saturday or Sunday previously.

Whatever the case is have the attitude that you are going to enjoy Monday regardless how you have felt up to this point or how anyone else feels. You can be that person other’s look at and think why he or she so happy on Monday. Oh by the way drink another cup or two of coffee as well. Good Monday everyone!!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Family Traveling in Europe

This week my niece Leslie posted a lot of pictures on Facebook from her trip along with her husband Daniel to France and Sweden. Many of the photos were of churches and cathedrals. It was easy to tell with all the stain-glass windows.

They spent a week in France and another week in Sweden. They had been in France before however the first time in Sweden. At the same time they were on their trip her brother Danny was traveling in Italy then spent a couple days in France before meeting up in Moscow, Russia with his brother Robbie. They were there for the World Cup. They saw two matches with one in Moscow and the other in St. Petersburg. I am sure they had a grand time beyond seeing the World Cup.

I don’t think Danny and Robbie are as much into taking pictures as Leslie so not sure whether they will download any on Facebook I will have to see. I did get to see a few pictures of Danny and his traveling mates as they met up with Leslie and Daniel in Marseille. The background was familiar to me since I did spend a day in Marseille when I traveled through France several years ago. All that part of the world is beautiful.

As they all returned home my nephews Ken and Connor traveled to Berlin. Expecting some pictures from them for sure; Ken in fact mentioned he would do so. It is interesting that most of the next generation is traveling this summer while we spend our time at home however I am expecting a visit soon from my sister Barb who is the mother of Ken and Connor.

I have friends who are traveling in England and Ireland right now as well. Look forward to hear stories from them as well.

It is a good time to travel although the weather here is fantastic right now. I hope to travel in the future myself.

When possible though use your gifts and talents with people who are in other countries as well. We have to remember that everyone needs to receive them not just our family and friends. So when you travel do the best you can to fit in with the residences. I am sure they will appreciate it well as you. Safe travels around the globe everyone.

Leslie and Danny in Marseille France

Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Step At a Time

We all know at times life can be difficult and rough. We all have had times of sorrow or despair. Whatever we have gone through we must take a step at a time.

We shouldn’t look ahead to the future but take one day at a time whether it is a step, a second, a minute or an hour. Of course we may make plans for the future however today the moment we are living is.

We need to encourage one another in love. When someone is looking like they are falling we must help them to pick themselves up. Unfortunately we live in a world that sometimes what we do is not enough as well however we must try in our efforts to do so.

So when you take your step forward think and pray for those that are going through difficult times regardless of the circumstances. Speak words of life when appropriate and never give up on them or yourself. Amen!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Dinner with Friends

Thursday Night I had dinner with friends that are a couple. Until the last year and a half hadn’t seen them in many years; they had gone to a previous church that I attended however left shortly after a new pastor came aboard. Anyway they are now going to the same church I am and they are part of the home group that I attend as well.

During the time spent we talked about what has been going on in my life during those lost years as we may call them. They have shared some of those times in our small group though I had not.

They gave me some good advice though I have to say it wouldn’t be easy to do. Good advice isn’t always easy to put into practice either.

They mentioned since I have lived in the same community most of my life that it is time to spread my wings when it comes to relationships. I should check out churches and other social gatherings in the communities that are nearby. It is possible that I may find the relationships I am looking for since not happening where I am at.

So I will start right away to do this. I might as well than wait; like anything going to uncharted waters is scary to do. I recommend if you are in the same boat as I am time to discover some new land. We may find someone right around the corner. Amen!

Thursday, July 12, 2018


We all have known men and women who have been courageous for many different reasons. In fact we likely are courageous as well.

I think of those who have gone in to the military to fight for their country are courageous for sure. Others can be those who have done things despite their disabilities or limitations.

I believe being courageous is the biggest honor we can have especially it is in concerned for our families or friends and in some cases a stranger.

We need to honor everyday those who have been courageous by learning from them and to stand beside them.

Those who are willing to live their life of purpose are courageous as well. It isn’t always easy to follow what we are meant to do however we have to realize that the tasks are important. Our purpose as I have mentioned before isn’t for ourselves though we will benefit from it but for everyone around us.

Keep our eyes open every day to see those who we are expected to give our purpose too. Our primary purpose is for our family but for our friends that we care much for along with a stranger who can use our help.

We should continue to be courageous in everything that we do for there is no other way for us to live. Amen!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Our Weaknesses

Yesterday I said about being strong through our weaknesses. It is not an easy task and we can’t do it on own either. We have to ask God for his help. I believe a prayer can be “Help me God”.  He doesn’t care how long our prayer is what is important is that we have reached out to him.

I believe a good way to get started is for us to write down the weaknesses we can think of right now. We can add others on in the future.  After the short prayer put the list away and the come back to it a month from now and see how things have gone.

I am sure we have all worked on our weaknesses ourselves and some of them probably have made us stronger but there are some that we will never be able to overcome on our own.

The added plus besides making our weaknesses into strengths we can testify to others that it has happened so they can do the same thing.

Best to you and have a great day. Until next time my dear friends.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Being Strong

We all look at wanting to be strong however we know that we are far from it as well.

Reading Jesus Christ words in the Gospels we find that heaven along with a new earth will be much different than we can imagine.

How God sees things is complete opposite of how we see things. Actually to be strong we have to look to God because it is our weakness that allows us to be strong.

Other ways of thinking is like the last will be first and we have to lay down our lives for others. Read the Gospels to see how our life should be unlike what it is today. The meek will inherit the earth.

I can go on and on however we have to decide that we can live in weakness and God will make us strong. We help others because we know where they come from. We give hope because we have experienced hopelessness. We love because we know what hate is like. We have joy because we know despair.

All the things we have experienced that is negative there is a positive side as well. So today be strong in your weakness and give it all over to God. We can only change the world and our lives by embracing what is truth.


Monday, July 9, 2018

Good Heart

Several weeks ago I had an EKG done on my heart. Found out that my heart is stronger than it was a couple years ago which is good news for sure. It is nice to know that I have a good heart.

Although we should all have good hearts in the body we should also have a good heart toward others as well. This of course is where our purpose in life is used.

With a good heart means that we sacrifice what is important to us for the benefit of others. We do live in a world of selfishness and we are part of it as well however we can overcome by giving our heart away. Not an easy task since we are naturally selfish.

Even we do good things our motives are often selfish as well. At the very least we want to get something out of it even though it might be only recognition. We all want to be accepted in one manner or another. Whatever our motivation is at least good is coming out of it. The world is a better place when we use our good heart however it can even become a better place when we use our purpose that we were created for. Not an easy task because often many of us don’t know what purpose is or takes time to find out. The gifts and talents we have been given is for the benefit of others.

Examples like if we are a musician than others benefit hearing the instrument we play or we are a carpenter than those we build for benefit with what we have created.

So whether we do it for the right motives or not others do get something out of it. I hope that you are able to use your purpose today for the greater good and I hope that you have a good heart including your natural one like mine.

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Looking into the definition of edify I found the purpose to instruct or benefit others in areas of morality and spirituality. In the Bible it is to build others up. I truly hope that is what I am doing for everyone here.

I am not here to say that I have completed and perfected my life at all. In fact I have to say that I am in the same process as everyone else.

I have a group on Facebook that I started about a year ago where I give a scripture every morning to lift up those that are in the group. Most of the members are Christians however there are few that are not either. I hope at some point that they do become Christians but now that their lives are being changed in a manner that someday they will be. Also to encourage and lift up those who are Christians.

We all need to be edified daily whether it is reading the Bible or meditating on the word of God. The world is not an easy place to live even if you are blessed to live in a country like the USA.  I am not going to boast about being an American over a citizen of another country. I do know though that there are countries that are very difficult to live in. I am here to encourage you as must as my fellow citizens. It is important for me to be humble so that I can write this blog daily. I don’t go around saying that I am humble because if I do then I really not humble at all. Whatever I write here I do hope that you pass it on to others that you have contact with. I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend and many blessings to you until next time. Amen!