Tuesday, May 31, 2022

May to June

First of all I  hope you had a wonderful 
Memorial  Day  weekend. Celebrating 
those who fought and died for our

Here in Western Washington  the  last
Day of May looks like it will  be a nice
Day. The sun is shining as the day begins.

We are expecting  rain for the beginning 
of June. Not a big surprise,  however,
never really know how the weather will
turn out.

I  am expecting  to  go out walking  in a 
few hours. This place is so beautiful 
so getting  outdoors  when the sun is
shining or at least not raining is a good

I always  take the opportunity to  say 
hello to people at very least and much
more when the time is allotted.
May you be blessed and good health 
tou you. 😊😊😊

Monday, May 30, 2022

Happy Memorial Day

Today we remember and honor
those who fought and died so
we would be free and stay this

We still have the military to 
keep our enemies away from
us. A purpose for these young 
men and women to serve our
country. Thank you so much.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Staying in Bed

Some mornings  it feels  like  staying 
in bed would be the best option. 

This morning  feels  that way. I do
know going to  church will  feel  good. 

Technical  issues  seem to creep up
now and then well as other things. 

The  bright point the day can only
get better.  I  hope the same for you. 
May you be blessed.  AMEN! ❤❤❤

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Holiday Weekend

The  last holiday  weekend before 
school gets out. 

It is important  weekend  to remember 
those who died in war so we have the
freedoms  we have.

I  know to there are those who  want
to take some of the freedoms away
as well. 

Whatever  you have planned for the 
weekend  take a time of silence to 
remember  those who died in war.
Also, for the children  and two teachers 
who were murdered in Uvalde Texas 
school  as well this week. 

May the laws be changed to  keep 
weapons out of the hands of evil 
people.  πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ 

Friday, May 27, 2022

Taking Action

There are times of emergency where
we have to take action. 

It is easy and natural  to be passive 
to take a leadership  role.  In an
emergency  you can tell who you 
really  are.

On Thursday  evening I  could  hear
water. I  wondered what was going on.
It would  have been easy  just get
back to  what I  was doing. 

I went into  my master bathroom  and  
water was coming  down the ceiling.
I  had to go to  the unit upstairs and
the man had been taking a shower
which meant water was coming from 
there. He was going to send an email 
to the maintenance department  to 
let them know.

In several hours I  will check  to be sure
the maintenance department  heard
about the situation. Of course  they may 
arrive  before I  check in.

Had I not gone to check the bathroom 
and checked  in with the man upstairs 
it may have been  a few hours before
knowing  what happened. 

I  am  not  saying  I am  at the top of
being a leader but those who lead 
take action. Amen. 😊😊😊

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Things Happen Sometimes

I was planning  to  be here earlier however
 my internet  was down. You could say 
things happen. At least it is going  now.

I  have thought for a while something 
should  be  done but this week a massacre 
in Uvalde Texas. What is law enforcement 
going to make  changes in gun control. 

I don't  think we should leave guns to the
police  but at the same time something 
must be done.

I can't  believe  a young man can buy so
much ammunition. There should be a 
limit of how much one person can buy
at a time. Even if not a law stores should 
only  allow the amount to buy. If they can
limit how much someone  can buy toilet 
paper or ice during  covid-19  why not on

Anyway  that is how I  feel.  How many times 
will this continue  to  happen before this
is taken care of. I  am  sure people in other
countries  don't  understand.  Someone take 

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Setting Goals

I believe it is important  for us to 
set goals.

For example one of my goals is
to take ten thousand  steps a
day. Most of the steps are walking
at the athletic club or the trail
near my home.

The steps include going to  the   
kitchen and grocery shopping. 
Most days I  accomplish  my

Other goals  is continue losing
weight until I  reach the weight 
I  want to be at. I  have about
20 pounds to go. I  will see how
I  look after that. Also, I  look at
keeping  my budget  where I  am 
about to stay where  I  spend what
comes in or save a little. Not an easy
task at all.

I know there are other goals I want 
to meet as well.  What are yours?

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Sometimes Things Don't Make Sense

It is amazing sometimes things
don't make sense and can't fix

This what happen to me about 
my fit watch this morning. It
shows that I have walked 19
miles so far today. Lol

Instead of sleeping did I walk
in my sleep. I don't think so.
It looked fine until after the battery
charged. I just have to wait to 
see what happens tomorrow.

I was hoping to reset showing 
the amount of steps back to
zero but can't find how to do so.
Oh mystery of life. Lol

Today is a new day no matter 
what the watch shows as long
as the time is right which is
correct.  😊😊😊

Monday, May 23, 2022

God Believes In You

God created you for a purpose  that 
is greater than you realize. Otherwords
you have a lot of upside.

You  don't  believe  in Jesus  Christ give
him a chance. He believes  in you.

Believing in Jesus  Christ  doesn't mean
life will be perfect but more than  you 
know now.

Sunday evening  prayed for a man at
church who had a fear of failure. Now
he doesn't  feel  that way any longer.

Whatever  regret  you have Jesus  Christ 
can change that. The most important  thing 
is he loves you no matter  what your life
has been like.

Give him the chance. Amen! ❤❤❤

Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Battle Within

We all have to deal with the battle 
within  us at times. I  am glad I 
don't  have to  so much except
once in a while. 

Depression  often  causes the battle.  
At least that is my experience anyway. 
What I do is pray and meditate. Certainly 
helps for sure.

Depression  can be disheartening. 
Those with it all the time  have to
see a professional.  

Letting  you  know  I  have depression
on occasion  helps a lot. Pray for me
and others who deal with  depression 
whether on occasion  or a lot. Those 
who have to take medication for 
depression pray they get better and
no longer have to  take the medication.

Having someone  to  talk to  can help 
a lot as  well. May you  be  blessed today.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

My Appreciation

I want you to know I  appreciate you
whether you  have been  on this blog
once or hundreds of times.

This was my original  blog where I 
began sharing  about my life and
then developed about our life purpose. 

It is so nice that people  in at least a
dozen countries view this blog. I hope
my writings  make some difference in
your life. 

I write our purpose  in Christian or Godly
perspective. I believe  God has a purpose 
for each of us which he designed us before
we were born. Though we don't always live
up to his expectations it doesn't  change
God's view or reason he created us for.

I do know people have otherways at looking
at our purpose.  It has to  do with other religions 
and or cultures. I  believe though as mentioned 
God has a bigger plan for us than we realize.
This is how we should  look at it.

I hope I have the time and money to  travel to
more of the states here in USA.  I  have around
35 states I have not been to  as of yet. I hope
to see as many national parks as I  can.

Let you know  about my website as well 
herbnightingale.com. I  write  something on
it's blog three times  a week.  I plan to post
pictures there as well as Instagram and Facebook.
I  write  on a local sports website as well 

My pastor has told us the last several weeks how
important  it is to disciple others and be discipled
as well.  So I  hope I am discipline you to some degree.
It is so important we grow and flourish each day.

God's  blessings to you this day and everyday. Amen!

Friday, May 20, 2022

Two Elements of Our Purpose

I have mentioned  before there are two 
elements  of our purpose. They are the 
physical  and  the spiritual. 

The physical  realm is  where we live in
everyday.  The one we are comfortable  
in or we at least try. Lol

Since we are comfortable  in the physical 
and live there our gifts and talents are 
used in that area  mostly. 

We are spiritual  beings as well.  This is
a realm we should  spend more time in.
We have gifts and talents for this area 

Since like  many I don't  spend enough 
time in  the  spiritual.  You may wonder 
what this means and how our gifts are 
used in it.

I am not an expert but the spiritual  I 
believe deals with our soul and spirit. 
Areas of our lives where we have trouble
in. Those in the media and the medical 
profession call mental illness I believe 
can be dealt  with  in  the spiritual realm.

Those with gift of discernment or wisdom
two name a couple gifts can find out how
and where mental illness  comes in. Medical 
professions have their place,  however,  they
don't often find the cure, give counseling and
prescriptions.  Not a bad idea depending how
serious the illness is. Diving into their passed
is a good  idea. May get into the  spiritual again 
at later date. Forgiveness is  often a  way to 
help those who are bound up.

Have yourself a  wonderful weekend and let
your purpose  flourish.  😊😊😊❤❤❤

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Oh Deer

Wednesday night  I  was out  at 
church home group.  We get together 
twice a  month on Wednesday night.

We had a fun time  of talking, praying 
and worship. It is  always a good time. 

Leaving the  meeting and pulling out 
of the driveway onto  the  road a large
deer crossed over. I  knew I  saw some
thing so I  put on my breaks. It wasn't 
until  it was across the road that it was
a deer.

What a beautiful deer for sure. I  have 
seen deers before in the same area
but not expecting at night. I  wish I 
had taken a picture. 

Always nice to  have  an unexpected 
treasure  like this to happen.  Amen!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Judge Yourself

Since this the middle  of  the work 
week  it is going  time to judge how
you are doing.

Make two lists. One would be everything 
you feel has been  positive for the week. 
The other list would be where you think
improvement  can happen.  You can add
anything  negative  to  this list as well. 

The important  thing  is  to  be  realistic 
and not be hard on yourself  either. This
is especially  true  if you are a perfectionist.

Come back on Saturday and  see how things 
went. Did things stay the same or improve.
Also, give yourself a star.  πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

A Spring Weekend Ahead

It has been a cold spring  for  the most
part with an occasional nice day.

This weekend here in Western Washington 
we are expected to hit 70s.  This means
a lot of people  will be outside.  Plan
family and friends  over.

Tuesday  expected  to  be a bit cold but no 
rain, however,  is expected  by Thursday.
May certainly  has been  unusual.  The 
last few years we have had hot temperatures. 

The important  thing  is  to  keep  a positive 
attitude  during  these times. Find people
to give out your gifts and talents  to.  
Remember there is only one you and your 
special.   ❤❤❤

Monday, May 16, 2022

Takes Some Time

For some like myself it took a long
time to  realize  their life purpose 
to the fullest. 

It isn't a bad thing  it just means
helping  others with gifts and 
talents is later in  life.  

I think most people  don't even
realize  they  have  a  life purpose 
or think about it anyway. 

For some that is not a bad thing.
For them they have been doing
their life purpose  for so many
years since they knew it unconsc-
iously anyway.

For the rest finding out what their
life purpose  would be good. If you 
know anyone who wonders about
their  life purpose let them know
what you believe what it is even
if it is only a part of it. Even those 
of us who give people  what we 
believe is their life purpose we 
only know in part. It would only
be in rare cases we would know
it all.

May your week  be great.  Your
life purpose  be grand. ❤❤❤

Sunday, May 15, 2022

A Good Feeling

I have a good feeling having my car back. 
Though the cost was more than expected. 

Where I live it is hard to get around without 
a car. No bus comes by my apartment. 

My car seems  to  run better  as well.  I
just don't  want  the same experience

I  am glad that life is back to  normal 
and peace again. Amen!  πŸ’―❤❤

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Looking Forward To Summer

I don't  know  about you  but I am  
looking forward  to  summer.  

It has been a cold,wet and windy
spring so summer  be a good 

We had hail in April and snow in
May though it didn't  stick.

They are forecasting another hot
summer  though I  hope not as
much as last year.  I  would prefer 
what  our normal  summer is 

Having a summer will be good with
my brother, his daughter, youngest 
son and girlfriend  in July for several 

I hope to  go to  British Columbia  in
August  as well  to see cousins.  I
haven't seen  any of them since covid-19.

I wish you  all a wonderful and blessed 
summer  as well.  😊😊😊

Friday, May 13, 2022

Being Thankful For What You Have

The last ten days have been trying. 
I really  hope it is  over now.

The important  thing  is  to  be  thankful 
for what we. Our health,  family, and
friends are really  important.  Also,
what God has instilled  in us.

May your Friday and  weekend go
well and be a blessing.  May your
purpose thrive today and always. 
Amen. ❤❤❤

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Preventing Measures

The loss of stolen part on my vehicle 
I figure it is important  to  find a way
not for it not to  happen again or at
least harder for the thieves  to  do

Sometimes  in life  we have to make 
measures we don't  want to but don't 
much choice  on the matter do we.

May your life be blessed  today along
with choices. May you have wisdom 
for any tough decisions that might 
need to be made. Amen!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Overcoming Injustice

It is so important to have justice
in the mist of our life purpose.

How I have been treated unfairly
and with injustice over the last
nine days it makes me realized
how important justice is.

The injustice toward me has made
me feel empty inside and not knowing
what to do. I haven't thought of 
anything else. It is so important
we speak up against injustice.
It begins with justice in our purpose.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Being Unpredictable

Like  the  weather  our lives  can be
unpredictable.  That can be exciting 
at the same can be  chilling. 

I am sure having unpredictable life
can be frightful as well.  Our lives
can be different  than what we 
thought it would  be. It is ok to be

Going  with unpredictable  we should 
be grateful  for  our lives. It is what
it comes down to  in the end.

Being unpredictable  can mean that 
our lives  hasn't  turned out the way 
we thought it would be to. That is
Ok as well.  We must do the best
we can under our circumstances.  
Amen! ❤❤

Monday, May 9, 2022

Speaking Up

It is important  we speak up
when someone  offends us
or injustice against us. Also, 
tries to take advantage of us.

Not just for ourselves  but  
others to.  Whether the other
person  is close friend or
family or someone we just

We  neee o speak with  a  loud
voice where the person offends
us realizes we are not going to
accept  what they are doing to
us and we are not going to be a 
victim. Amen! πŸ‘πŸ‘

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Happy Mother's Day

I want to  wish all you mothers  a
grand day. Of course, without  you 
none of us would be  here.

I know some  relationships between 
mother  and  child are  ot good. I  
pray that today reconciliation would 

May you mothers be blessed mightily 
and your day will be special.  ❤❤❤

Saturday, May 7, 2022

A Wet Year

So far 2022 has been a wet year.
Here in Western Washington the
rainfall  is already at half of the 
annual amount. May is starting  
out with the  same.

It isn't just the rain spring has been 
colder than normal  as well.  It has
been the 40s for the most part.

How long this will  last we will have
to see. Allergies  happen to a lot of
people here so I am  sure season for
it as well. 

A lot like covid-19 I am sure this effects 
people  emotionally and spiritually. It is
easy to  feel  depressed  because  of 
the  weather. Our life purpose can be 
to help  others. Pray for us that people 
here can make it through this season. 

Friday, May 6, 2022

A Week Of Trial

I am not here to complain, however,
it has been a tough week concerning
my car.

Not to get into it much but I had 
something stolen from it.  The 
issue with my insurance company
has made thing qtc even worse. I 
have to call them again this morning.
They gave me a small estimate 
compared to the actual cost. The
replacement should have been done

Anyway be sure to check out your
insurance company and how they
work things out for helping you
out. I feel like a victim a second 

Peace and may your purpose today
come true. Amen! 

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Gathering With Friends

Twice a month I gather with
friends from church.

It is so nice to enjoy a good time
and find out what is happening
with each of them.

I gave a ride to a woman where
we had good conversation to
and back from the meeting.

She has had medical issues over
the last several years. She sounded
so much more positive than before.
Other friends commented how she
had changed.

We can all change for the positive
if we allow God into our lives and
do the changing. Amen! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Have A Choice

Here is to say we all have a
purpose along with a choice.
These days politicians say
we have a choice but that 
depends on the issue. 

I am not saying choices should
not be discussed depending on
the circumstances but should
apply across the board.

God has given us free will which
means we have a choice but 
doesn't me there can't be where 
things will happen and we won't
pay for them.

People should get council they trust
and believe in. Not those who have
agendas of their own which isn't
easy to come by. We all have agendas
in some matter of speaking. 

Again politicians should stay out
of it. Also, if people feel strong 
enough about an issue and give
their money to support fine but
tax payer's money should not go
to it. 

Let your politicians know they 
should stay out of choices and
let people decide on their own.
I am sure people believe what 
issue I am talking about but there
are other issues I believe fit the
same way. 

Remember we have a choice don't
let anyone else tell us especially
the government. Amen! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

A Day To Forget

Mondays usually people don't
like. This Monday is one I want
to forget. 

I thought this Monday would be
fine until I started Mr car. I thought
why is it having such a noise.

I found out someone took out my
Catalytic converter. I found out 
a lot of it happening around there.

It isn't only the money to spend but
the time and nonsense involved. I pray
that God takes care of it. Amen!

Monday, May 2, 2022

There Is More

Whatever way we are living
with our life purpose there 
is more.

We can't just live at the status
quo. God didn't give a life purpose
to say we are living at one level of

I am excited because I know there
is more. I can help more for others.
I never thought of it before but it is
true. We are created to do great 
things. It is not just for the famous
but we can influence others too.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Hello May

Here we are starting  the fifth month
of 2022. The year is now one-third
over or we have two-thirds of the 
year to do something  in regards to  
our purpose. 

Our purpose  can be different  from 
one year to the next. It doesn't mean
we have a new purpose  every year.

There are those who have a purpose 
of encouragement while others may
have hospitality. The difference could 
be those you encourage or invite over
to your home. 

There are those who move for a job
or they move for retirement.  You 
might do the same or you may travel.

I  have  family  that are coming in July.
I will  have opportunity to  do my purpose 
to encourage them and have a good time 
as well. Probably go to  the mountains 
or the ocean we will  see. 

Again I will see them in September for
the wedding of my niece. I  will see places
and people I haven't met before. I  find
it a challenge and exciting at the  same time.

Enjoy May and don't look to far ahead.
Let your purpose be greater than  before.