Thursday, September 30, 2021

Last day of September

Here in Western Washington we are
expecting rain to end the month of
September not a big surprise for sure.

On Wednesday going out on my walk
I was fortunate not to have any rain
in either of my walks. The potential
was there for sure. A high percentage
of rain is expected Thursday so the
chance to walk without rain is likely
not happening. I don't mind if it is
raining lightly as long as I don't get
to wet. Oh by the way we don't use
umbrellas around here often. If it
light rain maybe I will take one with
me. I think I have one anyway. lol

While I was walking on Wednesday
afternoon a young couple with a black
lab a puppy I believe. The lab came up
to me being very friendly. When I
said hello he retreated. I guess couldn't
handle me being friendly back. lol

Another reason besides of good health
it is nice to meet people and animals
while out walking. Until next time
may you be blessed always. Amen!

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Let Us Pray

Growing up in the Episcopal Church
I often heard during the service was
"let us pray". The service had a lot
of prayer in their liturgy. The book 
used for the service was called "book
of common prayer".

One of our top purposes is to prayer.
I wonder outside of the church on
Sunday's how many people actually
do prayer. When someone is in need
of prayer people do pray which is a
good thing. Prayer should be something
we should do everyday and a lot of it.
We can pray while doing other things.
I expect God wants us to do so during
those times. He wants communication
with his children.

I am not one that does a great job of
praying either. We all can do a better
job of it. I am amazed he gives me
words to say. On the other hand maybe
we pray more than we realize which is
a good thing as well.

Whatever the case remember to take
sometime to pray. At least say hello
to God. First thing in the morning I
expect is good. When you have a break
or comes to your mind let God know
your still there for him. God is always
available to us. Amen!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Make It Difficult To Walk

I know there are dedicated walkers
and runners but the rain certainly
makes it harder to do so.

A light rain is fine in my book
that hard rain I will avoid. I have
a good rain jacket but the hard
rain really soaks it for sure.

I have to say I have walked in
hard rain but after starting the
light. I guess can't really avoid
at that point. I just keep on going.
I figure to stay in shape have to
walk everyday or at least three or
four times a week.

It has only been a few days of 
rain but we have three inches 
in September now. See what 
the month ends with. October
is a good month of rain. I will
have to schedule my walks
carefully for sure.   

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Before the rains

Sunday afternoon I went out for a 
walk on the Gig Harbor  waterfront. 
This happened before the rain. At
least the first half of the walk.

Downtown there is a nice Pizza 
place next to a deli. I was told
the pizza is a bit expensive however 
looks good as I saw a woman devour
the pizza. I figure as we are all unique
in our ways how we eat can be to.

I went further going out on a dock. I
went out to the end of dock to see
a better view of the house I grew up in.

This was a look toward the dock from 
Skansie Park. Often go by the park when

At my walk continuing I saw a couple
coming to the end of their walk. We
had seen each other before. During 
our conversation found out he had
my mother for German. He told me 
she was a really good teacher.  We
said our good byes and see next time.

On my return to my car I decided  to stop
at the deli next to Pizza place I had told
you about. The cashier asked if I want to 
eat it there or take with me. I told her I 
better take it before it rains. It didn't work
out that because it rained when I left. I
was glad I had my best raincoat since I
got wet anyway. 

A good time walking on the waterfront as 
usual. Look forward to my next time and
see who I meet. 

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Hearing Another Story

This morning I went to a men's
breakfast. I heard about another

It doesn't mean better or worse
than mine. Means we all have a
story that has tragedy and joy
in it too.

We are all together and it is good
to know though are stories are
different and unique as much as
we are at the same time we can
understand. We can always take
away what we hear. Amen!

Friday, September 24, 2021

Always Good To Hear

I heard yesterday my angiogram is
going to take place in October. I
should know the date when it will
happen today.

A friend from high school said I
have a lot to give still and how 
many peoples lives I have touched
already.  It is always good to hear
such words.

Everything goes well my purpose
will not end too soon. It is important
to touch others whether small or
large. We all need something on
this side of heaven. Amen!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Forgiveness Not Always Easy

I am sure you are like most everyone
else forgiving someone is not easy to
do. I would say a lot of the time. The
reason Jesus Christ ask us to forgive
our neighbors and enemies too.

Someone last evening got on my 
case  because I didn't take anything
to our home group meeting as far
as food goes. For one thing there
is always enough food and I had 
planned to but  I forgot to get
something to pickup though it
was not my intention and I wasn't
going to go back to the store or
stop on the way to the group.
It isn't like I don't take something
very often and she even pointed
out it was the second time I didn't
bring something. 

I told her I had intended to bring
something but forgot when I was
at the store. She said that was in
excuse and never to do it again.
I told her often other people bring
the same thing as I do and I am 
tired of it as well. She says there
is a list which people put what 
they are bringing in an email.
I told her I look at that list and
I put what I am bringing but
someone always finds a way
to bring the same thing as I do.
Fortunately this time I would 
have been ok if I had gotten
at the store what I wanted to 

Yes I have forgiven her, but
she needs to know my story.
Anyway, I won't go any further
except please forgive others
even when they don't know
your story or think it is an 
excuse. OK!

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

How are life purpose goes

Our life purpose goes one day
at a time. Whatever we do there
is no other way is a day at a time.

God has given us a number of
gifts and talents. Some of them
are used regularly while others
when needed.

The question is which are used
regular and when the others are
when needed. This is something
for each of us to figure out. Amen!

Monday, September 20, 2021

Has Fall Arrived

I wondered since we had such a hot summer
whether fall would arrive on time or later. I
have to say about right on time.

Saturday and Sunday here in Gig Harbor,
Washington we had a good amount of rain.
Almost two inches. Saturday's rain happened
in the morning. On Sunday had rain in the
morning to, however, got a good down pour
in early afternoon. I probably should have
stayed in the coffee shop for a few extra
minutes, however, walking to my car which
didn't take long I got soaken wet. I took off
my clothes when I got home. 

I put on the television to watch the Seahawks
play football. It wasn't raining there at the
time. In fact, the sun was out a little bit.
We often have different weather patterns
than Seattle. It may have helped the Seahawks
if they had rain at the same time as we did
as they lost in overtime.

I have to admit though I did fall asleep at 
the beginning of the game. So maybe I 
was the one who kept them from winning.
lol.  They scored most of their points while
I was asleep. Wouldn't you know it.

Looking at my weather app this week though
looks more toward summer than fall as the
temperatures are to be in the 70s. Have to 
see when the rain returns. Not expected 
this week.

Wherever you are at I hope the weather is
nice for you. Also, your health. God bless

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Looking at changes

As you know I have been posting
mostly about our life purpose. I
think for now it has run its course
though on occasion when something
comes to mind I will post it.

As you can see the name of the
site is herb's look at life and sport
so going to post more on what is
going on in life in mine or what
comes to mind to me. Of course,
purpose has important part of life
but not the only thing.

If there is something you like me
to post about please send me a
comment and I will do so. I
appreciate all you who follow
me whether often or on occasion.
Let your friends know. OK

I appreciate it and wish you all
many blessings. Until next time.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Top Events Of Our Lives

Another way to look at our purpose
is to look at our top events in our lives.

We can think or write down the top
ten or even top twenty-five if we 
have that many.

We can look to at those we consider
our friends and how many were at
those events as well.

These events along with those 
friends we can think about being
a major part of our life purpose.

Next time we see the friends we
can talk about the events we
have shared together. Look
forward to more in the future. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

New People

I find it good to meet new
people. I know not everyone
feels the same.  Another
reason we are all different.

I find it interesting meeting
people for their stories. Some
times it is what I see when I 
meet them. 

On Tuesday I met a woman 
who had a book about bees.
Found out she is learning 
about them since she has 
bees of her own. It isn't her
job as she is a pharmacist.
She lives on the Key Peninsula
with five acres.

I spoke with a young man as
well. I thought he lived in the
same apartment complex as 
I do. He is looking for a new
job in the tech world.

Talking with new people I 
never know I will see them
again. I feel it is good to 
leave a good impression
but never know.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

My news about my heart

I have to say my purpose is what I have
to live on since my heart is not in good
shape. Most likely I will have a fibulator
put in but have to see.

Though my heart isn't so good at least
it is pumping alright. My mother lived
to almost one hundred without a good

Having a purpose really helps when
your health isn't what it should or want
it to be. God's plan is in order and that
is what I am living on. Amen!

Monday, September 13, 2021

Flash Before Your Eyes

I am sorry for the last several days.
I went in ER at local hospital for
chest pains on Friday afternoon.
I stayed until Sunday afternoon.
They did a lot of tests and then
sent me home.

I failed a stress test. Likely I will
have to go back in hospital for a
procedure. I have a couple different
issues with my heart. I have an 
appointment with my cardiologist
already scheduled today so see what
she has to see.

It is amazing how life flashes when 
you think the possibility of dying. 
I told God I am ready to go, however,
I believe there is more of a purpose 
left for me.  We will see just like for
the rest of us. Amen!

Friday, September 10, 2021

Love of Poetry


I believe a lot in poetry. I have seen

some great poetry in my life. Years

back I wrote poetry on a regular basis

but not a lot in recent years so I would 

say I lost the touch. I do hope to write

some in the future. Please be kind

when I do. 

My cousin Jennifer is really good 

at poetry. I need to read more of 

her stuff so I can get tips. The 

same goes for other poets. Back

in February on Groundhogs Day 

she wrote a poem about my dad, 

her Uncle. It happens to be his 

birthday to. I remember when 

my brothers and I found out 

he was born on February 2

we laughed out loud that day. 

I can't really remember how 

old I was at the time. 

Sometimes it is hard too 

remember some things. I 

have memories knowing

I knew them but really 

what happened isn't in 

my data base called the


It is amazing to think it 

is September already 

and summer is about

to be over. It is has 

been a hotter summer 

in Western Washington 

then ever before so

 the summer could 

last longer. The great

part we will find out 

won't we. I think school 

should start in late 

September and go 

into the second half 

of June. The weather 

though in June has 

become better than

what it was when I 

was a kid. A lot 

depends on activities

among other things 

in the summer to think 

about to. The Puyallup 

Fair is going on right

now so must have 

good draw happening. 

With Covid coming back

and needing to wear a 

mask in large crowds

outdoors will people 

really come or stay away.

Look  forward to the details.


Thursday, September 9, 2021

Passion Equals Purpose

I am sure I recently mention this
recently, however, when something
comes to my mind I figure to still
pass it on.

Recently several people I follow
on Instagram decided to get out
of the rat race (more them than 
me saying so). 

The most recent said she had
been living on the East Coast,
then moved to Colorado and
now Hawaii since her job
became remote.

Now she has made her on line
business official and moving
out of the tech world. A lot
of tech people have done  that
most recently.

My nephew Ian I expect will
do so eventually though he 
enjoys the work he is doing
in tech right now. 

When you are like these 
people who have to be
smart for one thing and
do make pretty good pay
check at some point they
will move into their real

This is where I say passion
is your purpose. Without 
passion can't really do your

Most jobs these days don't
have pensions in the same
way they used too. Most 
have a 401k or IRA that
works in place of the pension.

This means to you can switch
and have a job where you have
your passion and purpose in it
and still continue on a 401k
or IRA.

You still looking out for your
purpose it lies in what your
passionate about. It doesn't
necessarily you have to get
a job in what your passionate
about because you can do
so outside the job as well.
It helps though.  lol

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Goodness and Mercy

When growing up I went to church
most Sunday's that is. It wasn't part
of my daily life back then like it is
now. I do remember some songs
and scripture readings from back in
the day.

One verse I remember was "surely
goodness and mercy will follow me
all the days of my life".  It is verse
six of the well known Psalm 23.

Every Sunday a Psalm would be
said by the congregation. I am 
sure I heard these words at least
once a year.

I am bringing this verse up now
thinking we can use it as part of
our life purpose. We can show
goodness and mercy to others.
We don't see a lot of it in the 
world these days especially 
in the last year. Amen !

Monday, September 6, 2021

Let Love Reign Even When Disagree

It is sad what is going on in the
world with the pandemic, however,
worse is how people are allowing
disagreements and separate opinions
to break up their families and

I know many feel giving their
opinions to others is for the love
of those people. Then why break
up if that is the case over the 
difference of opinion.

We do have the freedom to share
our opinion with others here in
USA anyway but we must do so
in a loving way.

It is the same way with freedom
of speech. I have a right to say
what I want but I must do it in
a way not to offend others. 

Obviously there will be some
who will be offended by not
agreeing with what your saying
however we must do our best.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Masks or No Masks

I know everyone has an opinion on
wearing a mask or not. Here in
Washington state they are mandating
masks be worn inside and outside
for large gatherings.

The mandate is regardless if you
have had the vaccine shot or not.
They say that 95% of the patients
in hospitals in Washington state
for covid-19  haven't had the shot.
If that  is true why have a mandate
of wearing a mask. 

Why I say that isn't the point to
have people get the vaccine shot.
If they mandated to wear a mask
whether you have had the shot or
not. What point would it have for
those who don't want to take the
shot.  They have to wear the mask
regardless. Of course, the point of
getting the vaccine is to cut down
the cases of patients in the hospital.

The local daily paper said one of
the local hospitals in the area were
giving shots outside for anyone who
wanted it. Over the period of six
hours they only gave out four shots.
Not very effective I say. 

So again why have the mandate of
wearing a mask that might or might
not protect you. I prefer hearing from
a health provider I know than what
I am told over the media. Also, I 
am not sure I believe the politicians or
better the democrats. 

Anyway that is my thoughts on the
subject for now. Stay safe ok!

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is celebrated in 
USA and Canada right now. I 
understand other countries often do in  May

In some respects is the end of summer. 
In Puyallup which is small distance from 
where I live is the Washington State Fair. 
So something for the locals to do along
with visitors.

This means beginning of school to. 
Back to normal routine if there is 
anything normal now.

I saw a woman I know at grocery 
store as she and her husband were 
heading for Eastern Washington. I 
asked her when her husband would
 retire. She said that he just sold the
 business so now. I said going to be
 an adjustment. Yes she replied.  
Time for them to have a new 
purpose. It happens to many of us.

With summer coming to a close time 
to get back to the routine. Hopefully 
can learn more purposes to. Enjoy
 your weekend.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Why A Life Purpose

I am sure there are many who may
wonder why have a purpose in my

Why not is what I may say. Does
give us a reason to live here besides
living until we die. Is that how you
want to live. In my mind that means
no hope.

We are all created unique and with
a purpose. We can see identical twins
who look like but even with them 
they are unique in character and 

You can see twins in professional
sports. They may even play the 
same sport,  however, often one
is a lot better than the other. I find 
it amazing how scouts or coaches
knows one is better than the other 
especially playing the same position.

The best people are those who can 
see our unique purpose and talents. 
It isn't as though they are better 
than anyone else but sees us better 
that is all. If we have parents who 
see us as unique we are in a good
place. When you have siblings and 
the parents can see the uniqueness 
in each one it is a great thing too. 

Use your uniqueness to help 
everyone else who is unique
as well. I wonder how better 
the world we would  embrace 
the uniqueness in each other.