Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A New Day

Every day is most likely different than every other day we have lived before. So our purpose can be different today than yesterday.

We may have the main purpose we were created for; however, how they act out can be different as well. It all comes down to the people we meet. This morning I will be going to the coffee shop I usually attend on a daily basis. There are often some people I see on a daily basis or at least once a week, but there are those I have never seen before. Everyone has a need or purpose. Today could be where I help them in a particular need or they may help me.

This afternoon I will take Mom to the hairdresser to get her hair done. Outside of those who work there, anyone could be there I know or don’t know. Beyond Mom getting her hair I do have a purpose to be there though I may not know what it is when I arrive.

So today let yourself be wherever you’re meant to be and see what surprises come to use your purpose for today. Amen!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Message From An Old Friend

I have never written anything here from someone I know or I have seen on social media, however, Dean who was my high school choir director posted what life purpose is all about. So this is the message for today. You can pass it on too. 

Monday, July 29, 2019

Love Has To Be Included

In Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians in the thirteenth chapter beginning with the first verse he says if I speak in the tongues of men or of angels but does not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. (NIV)

Paul continues about prophecy, or mysteries, knowledge, faith or give all I have to the poor without love it doesn’t mean a thing.

So whatever we do in purpose or the gifts we are given without love they have no value. We must have love as the center point of it all.

In verses four through seven in the same chapter he describes what love is.  Basically all things will end someday except love will continue. We will be remembered by our love for others and not all of our accomplishments.

Whether you agree or not with others or tell them your opinion without love, they are only words on a paper.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

An Awesome Mountain

                                               Mount Rainer what an awesome site you are

Every day I get to see one of the top mountains in the world or at least number one or two in North America in Mount Rainier.

One of the roads I drive on my way home shows Mount Rainier close and personal. There are days when it is cloudy where Rainier isn’t able to be seen but most days can see it partially anyway. I feel so fortunate to see it.

My niece Leslie will be visiting in ten days coming from Virginia. She will be staying for a couple days before heading to Eugene, Oregon for her best friend’s wedding. She figured since she would be out west to stop in for a couple days to see me and her grandmother.

The plan right now would be to take a day and go to Mount Rainier. It takes about two hours or so depending on stops to arrive at the summit of Mt. Rainier. We will spend a few hours walking around see the view before returning home. The nice thing about going to visit Mt. Rainier is doing so in one day.

Jesus Christ said we have faith of a mustard seed we can move a mountain. Could you imagine anyone of us moving Mt. Rainier. I am sure we wouldn’t want to even if we had the faith.

Jesus Christ purpose in saying we can have the faith to move mountains we all have obstacles in our lives which should and can be moved out of the way. The key is do we have the faith and are we willing to move them.

We are often used to having the obstacles around so much we don’t even think about moving them. These obstacles can be certain behaviors we have always lived with or they can be our poor health.

Let’s begin with the faith we have no matter the size and move the obstacles aside. We can use this as our purpose right now; not only in our lives but those around us.  

Although I can enjoy seeing Mt. Rainier on a daily basis all these other mountains (obstacles) will be nice to remove.  I will let you know how things go with my visit with Leslie.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Looking Back On a Popular Post

One of my most popular posts was called “Pressing On”. I figured it would be good to look back on it. At the time I didn’t know a better title so still go with it. The date was July 24, 2015.

These days people seem so much busier than when I was growing up. I am not sure has to do with technology or how people have evolved over the years.

My dad had his business so he put in a lot of hours at work; however, when he got home he wanted to relax and spend time with the family. It was an important priority to him. Now there are more things to do today even around the house. You are either on the computer like I am right now or on your smartphone checking emails, texting or watching videos.

When I was growing up there was no home computer or smartphone. Last night in the small group of men I meet with twice a month one mentioned his grandchildren wanted to know what did without a smartphone or computer. What did you do in the car without a phone? No calling or texting?

This is why we are so busy in many accounts because everyone is distracted by all the technical gadgets we have now. I thought life was grand growing up in my time though I did have personal issues in school with other kids. Growing up in a smaller Gig Harbor was a good time.

Growing up I was able to do almost anything I wanted to do. If you saw my house you would think I was spoiled, and you are probably right. When I wasn’t in school I would spend most of my time with best friend Gary or my other best friend Bob. Thinking about it I didn’t spend much time together with them both. I spent more time with Gary because he lived a little closer to me than Bob. Usually one or the other would call me to come over; neither one around than with my brothers or other kids in the neighborhood.

Often I would spend time in the city park playing either baseball or football. My brothers and I would play tennis unless it rained then it was playing board games or cards.

 When I went out I told my parents where I was going and didn’t have to be tracked by an app. So what I am saying besides slowing down and smell the roses it is easy to be distracted away from the things that should be important to us. So this is where pressing on comes in on the scene. We must spend the time and energy on in everything actually should be important to us like family and friends. Also, we all have a purpose and destiny in our lives; we should spend as much time doing those things than the time on the computer and smartphone. They have a purpose and need as well but we can’t be distracted by them. They have a purpose and need as well but we can’t let them be a distraction.

It would be nice to go back to the simple days. I hope you enjoyed reading this and have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Admire or Not?

Being a Christian I know what I believe in and I do so very strongly. Those who are not Christian many are strong in their beliefs too. Of course, there are those who are not sure what they believe in.

I wonder whether I should admire them or not those who don’t believe the way I do. I think not, however, I have to say they are persistent in their beliefs.

I can understand why they believe in what they do, and I can love them especially if they are family or friends.

I believe some of my fellow Christians are a bit pushy on some issues. I understand how important the issues are, however, those oppose these issues are probably not going to change their minds.  I believe prayer and encouraging others toward love may change the minds for those with other beliefs. I know there are those who enjoy confronting the opposition especially in social media where likely they won’t ever meet the other person.

I guess this is all I have to say for now, however, stand up for what you believe but keep it civil. No blood or tears if you get the point.   

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Went To The Big City

On Wednesday I went to Seattle the largest city in my home state of Washington. It is about an hour drive depending on the traffic.

My purpose was to see the Seattle Mariners play baseball against the Texas Rangers. After parking my friend Tom and I arrived in T-Mobile Park at noon. The game started forty minutes later.

Before getting to my seat I bought a burger and a soda with one of the gift cards my brother gave me for Christmas and birthday. I then headed to the Mariner store and bought a couple jerseys with another gift card. I arrived at my seat right at the time for the national anthem.

Had a good conversation with Tom about how things were going with him since he retired this year. In the second inning, I had to go for a break if you know what I mean.

Coming back a couple with their two little children were several rolls behind us. I let the gentlemen know any balls coming our way I am sure to get it so the children wouldn’t get hurt. He appreciated me saying that. The young child a girl we made faces at each other and laughed. She is one and a half years old. Later on, her older brother who is three and a half gave her some of his ice cream. She enjoyed the ice cream very much. Oh yes, no balls came our way. We were seated in the middle behind right field so the ball would have been a home run.

In front of us, a couple rows were about six other people. Tom and I figured they worked together. The company they work for may have gotten them the tickets.

In about the sixth inning right after the Mariners scored four runs a Chinese woman sat in front of us. An inning later I wondered what happened with her. I turned around and she was sitting behind us. I commented she had moved. She said that she moved because didn’t want to be in the sun. The sun had just arrived in our area.

Speaking with this middle-aged Chinese woman she has lived in the USA for 26 years mostly in Austin, Texas. No wonder she wanted to be out of the sun. Interesting she was by herself and this was the first baseball game she had ever attended. She was taking pictures and sending them to her husband who is in Austin Texas.  I am not sure whether she is on vacation or has moved to the Seattle area.

When the game was over said goodbye to the Chinese woman along with the family I was protecting from any balls hit in our area. We then headed back home. It was nice seeing Seattle when we came in and enjoying the game. We wanted to be the heavy traffic which would be coming soon because of the rush hour. It did take a half-hour longer to get home than on our way up.

The weather was perfect as well with the temperatures in the mid-70s with a little bit of wind. I wore a jacket on the way to the game, however, since the weather was nice I put the jacket in the bag with the jerseys had bought. It couldn’t have been a better day.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Here in Western Washington, there is a big concern about wildfires this year. Most years the wildfires take place in central and eastern Washington, however, there is more happening in this area now.

I amazed more awareness isn’t made about wildfires because 80% of them are caused by humans. This is especially true in California where large wildfires happen every year.

Often the firefighters of Western Washington go help out in California or in central and eastern Washington. Now with more occurring in this area they have to spend more time fighting those wildfires.

People need to realize with hotter and dryer weather in the summer they need to be more careful when doing campfires. This continues to be bad than campfires should be banned all the time, in my opinion anyway.

I am bringing this up besides awareness there is probably not a bigger calling or purpose for someone to be a first responder like a fireman and policeman. We can add in those in the military as well. We thank you for all you do. Often we don’t realize what you do to keep life safe for us all. Many blessings to you all serve us in this way. Amen!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Write Our Own Story

We all know life isn’t easy. There are always ups and downs.

My life didn’t start out well having been burned when I was four years old spending three months in the hospital. I figured though God’s plan was bigger than I could imagine. The same goes for you.

The same time I was burned I had a problem with my hearing and I couldn’t start speaking my native language properly until I was five. It took me several years to speak English in the right way. Now I am able to write to you and speak well. God had a plan bigger than I know. The same goes for you.

What all this means is we must persevere. Things will get better even with the ups and downs. In the end, God’s plan works out the best. Why because he knows what he is doing. Also, he loves you and me. Amen!

Monday, July 22, 2019

You’re Way?

When it comes to your purpose it will be your way along with God’s way.

God has given your purpose into your heart together with him you do it in the way you feel you should. Obviously you can get advice from others but in the end, it will be up to you.

Life purpose makes up of your gifts and talents as I have mentioned before. We are different people so all of you make up the purpose.  Your personality along with your heart, soul, and mind does it all.

I know whatever you do in this life long as you go on the right path will be an exciting purpose.

Last Wednesday someone in my home group said the reason we don’t always pray because we are lazy. The same goes for our purpose we sometimes don’t do it because we are lazy and do something totally different. My encouragement is press on into your purpose. Amen!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Take A Break

The great thing about summer besides the weather it is a good time to take a break.

Summer is right in the middle of the year. At this point we should do something different to get through the rest of the year.

We can’t forget the kids of course. They will get restless and drive you crazy unless you do go somewhere for a break.

How much time you take depends on you. Two weeks sounds like a good number. Most people two weeks is how much vacation time they get.

So go off somewhere for your break; we all need to get energized. When you get back don’t forget to come back here and catch up on your reading. LOL. 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Unusual July

When it comes to the weather here in Western Washington I don’t remember a July like this one.

On Wednesday, July 17 we had a downpour between three and four o’clock in the afternoon. I was prepared with my rain jacket because I had heard the weather forecast. If you happened to be someone not hearing the forecast you would be very surprised by the rain.

We don’t usually get rain in July and if we do it is very little since the average is around .2 inches for the month. We had rain the Wednesday before as well on the 10th. It wasn’t the downpour we had this week but I am sure it might have made the monthly average.

So anyone asks you how your summer is here in Western Washington I am sure the response be “what summer?”.

We have had the sun come out for some of July though rain and cloudy days have been more of the norm. Most days the sun has come out in the afternoon so understandable about no summer. The temperatures have mainly been in the upper 60’s.

This coming week though summer does look like it will arrive for now anyway. The temperatures will hit eighty a couple times. This is good for me anyway. I am not a fan of temperatures hitting the high 80’s or 90. The good thing it doesn’t happen often though it has done so more times in recent years.

Whatever the case even the weather has been unusual for July I will enjoy my time the best I can. Always looking to spread my purpose around; this is the point anyway. Enjoy today as it is the only day that happens. Amen!

Friday, July 19, 2019



I know I don’t remember my dreams very often; however, when I wake up and my mind is working I must have been dreaming. Anyone else feels that way?

Dreaming is supposed to be healthy for us. Some feel dreams have strong meanings for our lives. In the Bible, several men had disturbing dreams they needed to have interpreted. Joseph and Daniel were both used by God to interpret the dreams. No one else could interpret where they lived. Both Joseph and Daniel knew God would give them the interpretation. It was important because if they were unable to interpret the dreams losing their lives was the results.

Those who have dreams they remember vividly will likely have a pattern to them. They could give you direction in your life. God is likely the one giving you dreams if they are positive. You have more toward nightmares then Satan is giving those. You have nightmares on a regular basis good idea you’re in a spiritual battle. You will need to fight than to have the nightmares to stop.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend; may your dreams give you peace. Amen!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Profound Yet Simple

 Yesterday while resting and listening God gave me a profound message that was simple at the same time. It was in regard to life purpose; however, it could be for any situation in our life.

So you want to know your life purpose “Ask God”.  So profound yet simple.  This is who God is. He is awesome, powerful, and creator of the world. He loves us so much he will come down to our level. He will give us our answers we are looking for all we have to do is ask. Plain and simple.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

What Is Going On?

I am sure during your life you ask this question several times over. When you do it is probably time to take a little break. It doesn’t mean you stop doing your life purpose altogether you just slow down for a little while.

I know there are those who might think when they are asked what their life purpose is they may say you are crazy. I read such a thing on a guy’s post this morning. I didn’t read the whole thing because his idea was different than mine.

I had to chuckle because he had seven questions about life purpose. The reason I chuckled he didn’t sound like he really believed in a life purpose. If he did he was playing with us reading his post.

Our focus on life purpose will change over time. When you are working it takes a good amount of time in your purpose. Also, there is your family being a father or mother. When your kids are grown up then that part of your purpose is over to some degree anyway. You will always be their father or mother even when they have children.

When you retire from work the focus of your life purpose changes as well. You may do some traveling along with seeing your grandchildren.  You will spoil them in a way you couldn’t as a parent. At some point, your kids will ask you questions about their children.

The one thing no matter what you are doing in regards to your life purpose is your talents and gifts remain the same you just may use them in a different way. You may even discover more things about those talents and gifts.  You probably use them or at least realize you can more often.

When you retire from work your life goes in another direction. You will be more aware of these talents and gifts than ever before. Take advantage of it. Amen!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Bigger Than Life

Human beings are complex. The major reason we don’t always get along and understand one another.

We think everyone should be just like us. So those who are much like us we get along well some of the time anyway while at times we can get on each other’s nerves too.

We enjoy spending time with those we can relate with while the rest we don’t really care to do so.  A good reason we don’t have peace in the world.

We need to take the time to enjoy those who are different than we are. The reason I write here is not to tell other’s what to think but to encourage. We can be the best and be bigger than life. Embrace those who are different than we are. Take the time to understand them.

The only way we will have peace is to understand and enjoy those who right now we don’t feel comfortable with. By the way, yes I am in the same boat as everyone else. Amen!

Monday, July 15, 2019

This Is The Day

Rejoice in the Lord always

He is your delight and portion

From the rising of the sun until it sets rejoice in the Lord

Your purpose in life is to delight in him and have relationship with him    Amen!

Sunday, July 14, 2019


 We are all meant for greatness. It doesn’t necessarily mean we will be famous.

Most if not all famous people couldn’t believe in being famous but do believe in greatness.

Those you have influence over know of your greatness in the same way you know of those who have influenced you. 

Most of us will not acknowledge or know of our greatness but it is in us let it out. Greatness doesn’t mean we are more special than anyone else since we are all created this way.

Living your life in greatness doesn’t mean you live being proud or puffed up but you are special in every way so go for it. Amen!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Wow Another Weekend

It is amazing how time flies by another weekend already here. What that means we have to get to the action. Let others know we are here for them.

The way the world is these days people need to know they are needed and wanted. Not only we have a purpose they need to know they have one too.
What comes with purpose is love and hope. Not enough of it around either. 

It amazes me how many people have causes they don’t look at those around them. They are fixed on the causes. It is important to believe in something strongly but people are important too.

Enjoy the weekend. I hope you are having a good summer so far for those it is summer and the others have a good winter.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Rightfully Ours

First off I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. You may wonder what I mean by rightfully ours.

I see our purpose is like an inheritance. When our parents pass on they leave us an inheritance. This is what our purpose is about as well. We are given a purpose and it is rightfully belongs to us. What we choose to do with it belongs to us as well.

Up to now we may feel we really haven’t done our purpose in a right manner well that can change today.

Regardless how we live up to this point we can change today and be the person we want to be. It may take faith but we can change. Decide you can live the life that is rightfully yours. Amen!

Thursday, July 11, 2019


I feel it is important when it comes to our purpose we should be unified with each other. Unity will make it a lot easier to accomplish our purpose. Not always an easy task, however, it is possible.

This is true when we have a purpose that is close to one another, however, if we have a purpose that is different we need to encourage each other in the differences as well.

It is so important to be honest with each other. If we feel are beliefs are not the same we should still embrace each other as long as they are not way too far off.  In this case, we should separate but still accept one another. Amen!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


One of the biggest challenges we will have is when opposition comes our way when we are doing our purpose. Some of the opposition will come from family or friends.

One of the key things we must do is thinking a lot before speaking. This is where we can get into trouble. Not expressing ourselves to be understood by others.

Doing a lot of thinking won’t necessarily keep us from opposition but we will feel better about it. Also, thinking will allow us to know the words we speak are true or not as well. It is important to know that we really believe what we say.

So whatever you say or do let it come out of truth and let the opposition come when it does.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


When it comes to encouraging others along with our purpose it can be a challenge depending on the person.

This is especially true if they have a personality much different than our own.

Challenging is a good thing as well. It allows us to grow well as the person who challenges us.

So I hope we are challenged today.

Monday, July 8, 2019


The second letter in encouraging is n. So in encouraging n represents numbers.

It is so important to have numbers of people to encourage. This is whether you are mentoring people or just being friends.

You don’t look at numbers thinking about how many people you are going to encourage to stack up points in your mind instead it is to measure where you are at in encouraging people.

When it comes to encouraging people numbers will reflect how you are doing. You don’t have to keep track exactly how many but have an idea like twenty-five or fifty or whatever the amount.

Numbers can be used to be a goal for you too.  Maybe today I will encourage ten people or fifty or a hundred for the week. The amount isn’t as important as having a goal to shoot for.

I hope this gives you encouragement as you start this week out. Amen!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Living in Excellence

The first letter in encouraging is e standing for excellence.

For us to live a life of encouraging others in our purpose is to begin with excellence.

We know that we are not perfect but to try to live in excellence puts a good foot forward.

Others will see us at being a good encourager because we are trying to be excellent in everything we do.

The number one goal in being an encourager is to live a life that others can follow. So strive to be excellent in everything you do.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Words Do Have Impact

Yesterday I was reading a post from a friend who writes a lot of poetry. She sounded like she wasn’t in a very good mood. Her words didn’t feel like she had no impact in other’s lives.

I am not sure whether the words in the poem was really how she felt or she was bringing a point across. One thing I do know we don’t always feel good every day. Also, darkness can come in any time no matter how much light has been on our path.

Indeed our words have impact whether we realize it or not. We can lift someone up or tear them down. Why it is important to watch our words carefully.

I have seen times when words have been spoken that have torn people down when the person delivering the words didn’t mean to. The person hearing the words doesn’t receive the message in the fashion they were meant to be. I know this because it has happened to me on both ends.

I see so much written on social media as of lately that I don’t read as much because it is so negative. I want to be able to have positive words spoken into my life whether by someone speaking into it or I am reading it.

I saw another post yesterday that made me know the person who wrote it even better. It was someone who I grew up with. I have only seen her a handful of times since high school but what she wrote I had no idea went on when she was growing up.

What she wrote made me realize just because our lives were lived a certain way when growing up wasn’t the same for everyone. I believe as kids we think everyone lives the same way we do whether positive or negative. What an amazing revelation now into my life.

I am sharing this all to help everyone. Let us hear before speaking the words we will speak. Amen!

Friday, July 5, 2019

The Day After

Now I can relax after the 4th of July also known in USA Independence Day.

Hearing and watching the fireworks were great. The fireworks I could hear into the early morning. Those who shot off the fireworks like showing them off or wanted to hear the bang for a long time. Whatever the case it was fine with me I am not sure about the animals.

I showed when I am tired I can sleep through anything. Now July 5th is here we can say summer is officially here too.  This is what they say here in the Pacific Northwest.

Enjoy your weekend and travels if you have gone somewhere. Be safe letting your purpose continue to touch other’s lives. Whether you know it or not they appreciate it. Amen!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th Everyone

Here in USA we celebrate July 4 for this date as we received our independence from England in 1776. We have to thank all the men and women who lost their lives then plus those since to keep the freedoms we have.

I know to there are those who don’t feel free for different number of reasons; however, the USA is still freer than any other nation on the earth though not perfect. Although I don’t agree with some people’s lifestyle they still have the right and freedom to live that way long as it isn’t against the law.

Why I am thinking about this day we celebrate with fireworks tonight I am going over the memories I had as a child learning the history of this fine nation. I remember to the poem “Paul Revere’s Ride” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  This poem is one of the most read in USA history too. When I was thirteen we had to memorize it in school. I decided to read it this morning after so many years. I still can’t believe I actually memorized that poem.

I am not sure that I read any of Longfellow’s other poems. I figure it is due time.  I figure that I will learn something which we all should do.

Let freedom and peace reign in your life today. Though you may not be an American think of yourself as one today; Amen!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Naming It

I am sure that a lot of writers and speakers for that matter find it hard to name a title to their posts or speeches. I certainly know I do so please don’t hold it against me (funny).

Yesterday it looked like summer was going to be delayed because it rained here in Western Washington. I must have misread the local newspaper’s forecast for the next few days because it looked like it was going to be at least cloudy until Sunday; however, on television they said would be sunny. At least today it has started to be cloudy.

I hope the sun comes out because the day is so much better when it does even if it is for only a few minutes. At least in the summer, we see the sun a lot can’ say the same for the other three seasons.

Here in Western Washington people’s attitude is so much better when the sun is out compared to when it is cloudy. I find it necessary to put on my happy face when cloudy so here it goes (funny again).

The temperatures are expected to be in the mid-70s the rest of the week which is just fine with me. I am ok going up to the mid-80s but hotter than that I am not a big fan. The nice thing we don’t get much humidity around here in the summer. The only time I find we have high humidity is when the temperatures are in the high eighties than it drops fifteen degrees. Often it feels hotter when the temperature drops. It doesn’t happen often possibly a couple times a summer.

Anyway time to go for now; until next time enjoy your day and many blessing to you. May your purpose shine before all.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Love One Another

I am a big follower of baseball. Sunday major league baseball lost one of their players who was found dead. No details though no foul play was determined so likely took his own life.

Pray for his family and his loved ones. No matter what success a person has depression or mental illness can be a part of anyone’s life. It is so important to keep our eyes and ears open; however, often people can hide it real easy. I know from experience. It is a battle that unfortunately many lose.

I had a cousin who ended up taking her life quite a few years ago now. She had a rough life and losing her mother who had died was the last straw for her. I think about her a lot wishing she was still here.

It is so important that we love each other. Doesn’t mean that all suicides will end but it should help. Make sure those you know that might be dealing with depression spend little time by themselves. They need love and companionship all the time. Amen!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Being the Light

This summer we will see a lot of the sun. Now all we have to be is the light that shines in other’s lives. 

Show them love and encourage them a lot. Not only will their lives change for the better so will ours.

I am amazed by those who have light shine. I know we all have seen these people and we can be the same.

It is so easy to have our focus on ourselves instead of God and people. Love will reign in our hearts and darkness will go away when the light shines.