Sunday, February 28, 2021

Pressing On

It has been a while since I mentioned
pressing on. These days how life is
it is so important to do so.

Pressing on takes faith while we are
running this race to cross the finish
line and God says well done faithful

Faith and pressing on go together 
especially when difficult times come
up whether has to do with us or someone
we know.

It is coming up with the one year anniversary
of my mother's death. I have had to press on
while grieving as well. It didn't help covid-19
came on the scene at the same time. For me
the virus has been secondary to my mother's

With faith and pressing on it takes encouragement
from others. Encouragement goes with pressing on.
We often have to encourage ourselves as well.

I hope this is a timely message for you. We have
to be sure to run the right road as well. We can
be sidetracked by taking the wrong road. Have
a good day and may you have peace. Amen!

Saturday, February 27, 2021

This or That

This is one of those days I have a lot
of different things on my mind and I
like sometimes not to be serious here.

The weather here is expected to be
nice for several days as we go from
February into March. This morning
it is a bit cold being near freezing tot
start out with. I thought it might mean
we might have more snow but that isn't
the case. We are not expect have rain
either for about a week which is nice
for sure.

Often when I wake up my back is 
hurting some however with some
stretching it doesn't take time to
feel good. About a month ago
I went to a chiropractor where 
found my problem is in the middle
of the back. I have to go back and
get some tender love care for it.

These days on social media I look
for encouragement from others. I
don't spent nearly as much time 
as I used to on social media. It is
a good place to go but some things
I just got tired of. I look for those
I know do encourage others. It allows
me to be able to encourage you as

I am sure many have heard about 
Tiger Woods accident this week
with his car which is going to put
him out of action for a while. In
fact it is good he wasn't killed in
the accident. On the radio I heard
one of the on-air personalities say
we should tell our families and
friends we love them and give a
good hug because we never know
when someone will not be with
us again. It is a good point indeed.

I guess I will rap this one up have
a great day be blessed and not take
things too serious. Amen!

Friday, February 26, 2021

Hello Friday

Here we are at the end of another work
week. Came into my mind to find out
what Friday means and where it came

I found out it came from a Germanic
goddess who was called Frig. Anyway
that is it. I believe all the days of the
week are based on pagan gods.

I  am not sure why it came into my
mind why do find out about Friday
but there it is.

My family is having our monthly
zoom meeting. Again we should
have a great time. Our mother 
passed away last March 6 so it
will be the anniversary. We are
going to talk about memories
of her. It is hard to believe one
year has passed. 

Like for many others in the same
situation we have been able to
honor her like we desire. We did
have a funeral right before things
shut down here and none not 
allowed for a while. 

We look forward to more family
gathering along with celebration
by friends as well. We hope every
thing will be cleared up by the 
summer or at least September 
when her next birthday will be.

I have had friends pass away or
in the hospital where family are 
not able to visit. It is such a shame
for sure. At least we got good news
from our governor saying the virus
is continuing going down. 

Right now not changing to  phase 3
as of yet. He is going to speak to 
representatives to see what there
feeling is staying put at phase 2
for a little longer. He would like
to see the curve as he calls it to
continue going down.  We hope
to have more of the vaccine as 

Have yourself a wonderful 
Friday and enjoy the weekend
to.  God bless and Amen! 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Going Forward Is Good

I was thinking yesterday why it may take
us time to find out our life purpose.

We begin by growing up. For those whose
parents are Christians or do know their life
purpose they will pass it on to their children.

For the rest of us we are living our life 
trying to survive our childhood first. 
There is a good point to that as well.

God purpose is for us to love him with
our whole heart. Also, to depend on him.
If we find out over time what our 
purpose is shows us how much we
rely on him and he is the one giving
us the purpose. We will not think it is
all our own doing.

Even writing this blog I know this is
about him giving the talent to write
and giving me the words to say. I 
don't take the credit it is God. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Meeting People to Share With

Yes I met a friend over coffee which
we do about every couple of weeks.
After that I spoke to a young woman
I see at the coffee shop on a regular
basis. We don't always talk just say

I talked to her about life purpose and
the gifts along with talents God has
given to us. When finish talking she
asked me to pray for her because she
has things on her mind that she wants
answers to. You can say a young woman
in her twenties it is understandable.

Again it is so important we know our
life purpose. We can go in circles for
many years without knowing. Most
likely you are doing your life purpose
already but actually knowing for sure
is a good thing. Amen!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Finding Our Purpose

When it comes to our life purpose
often it may be years for us to find
or a better term discover our purpose.

I have to be honest it took me many
years to find my purpose. Though I
became a Christian when I was 17
years old I didn't know I had a
purpose or say God had more for
me than I realized. 

I knew that I was serving God and
that Jesus Christ loved me for he
died on the cross for my sins. I 
didn't know there was more for me
to do.

I ended up taking classes in what
was called spiritual gifts along with
spiritual warfare. It was there I 
discovered God had more for me
and I am in a spiritual warfare with
Satan who not only doesn't want me
to act in spiritual gifts but for me to
distracted in doing so.

I started writing in this blog shortly
after that about our life purpose. We
all have more to do then we realize.
We have natural gifts and talents along
with spiritual gifts. Our natural gifts 
and talents we use on a daily basis
while spiritual gifts are used when
the opportunity arises. 

There are some spiritual gifts you
likely use more often than others.
For example, God often speaks to
me what I am going to write here
in this blog. I would have to say
he is doing so right now. In part
he is using me to let you know 
there is more to your life than you
know it. I applaud those who are
living their lives with purpose and
using their spiritual gifts to help 

One spiritual gift I have been told
by several people that I have the
gift of wisdom. I come from a 
family that is very intellectual 
and I fall into that myself though
like the rest of the family we don't
really let people know or we don't
boost anyway. I am saying this
only because God has given me
wisdom, however, I only use it
once in a while when God says
it is the  time. Actually I don't
even know I giving wisdom until
it actually happens.

In my church we have a ministry
team where we speak into peoples
lives about their purpose and another
word for it is God's original design
for our lives. 

We pray for an individual
where a team of three to five us are
giving them words about purpose gave
them when they were created. Each
person gives the individual prayed for
what we feel is their purpose. We let
them know this what we feel their 
purpose is and whether they believe
it is so. 

We each write down two
or more what we feel is their purpose.
Some times as a group we may have
one or two gifts or talents that match
up together or not. We ask the person
to pray over what we have given them
and see on their own it is true. We ask
them to put the paper in a spot like the
refrigerator where they can see it on
a daily basis so when they want to be
reminded of their purpose they will 
see it.

Our prayer time doesn't end with what
their purpose and original design we 
deal with one stronghold that hinders
them from living to their purpose in
the way God wants them to do. The
stronghold deals with an event or
something else that we go over with
to get rid of. We can call that spiritual
warfare as well. 

As a group we each write down what 
we think it might be the stronghold
and the leader of the group sees what
 they feel is the one to deal with that 
evening. We don't get to any hocus 
pocus we ask the person we are praying 
if they believe what we are saying is

We don't get into it to deep unless
the person wants to. We ask them to
identify the stronghold and the situation
that causes the stronghold. We then ask
them to forgive the person or persons 
causing the stronghold. We don't have
to know the person name other than maybe
a parent, a childhood friend or etc.
After that we pray for restoration and
after that a blessing upon them.  

I hope in the future when I go traveling
I will be able to meet people who I can
give them their life purpose and original
design. I don't plan on praying for a 
stronghold unless they ask me to. I may
just ask them what is going in their life
and anything I can pray for.

So I hope this helps everyone here have
a better understanding of our purpose God
has given us. Amen!

Monday, February 22, 2021

Two Stories From Sunday

On Sunday a long time mentor and friend
passed away to be with the Lord. Like
many who are in their 80s and 90s he
fell a couple weeks ago. He had health
issues anyway however this brought it
to the end.

My mentor and friend was not able to
see family or friends after being placed
in the hospital like so many others because
of covid. 

Like all of us someday his life and purpose
came to an end however he is now in a 
greater place.

Last night I met a woman who has been
going to the church sense it reopened in
September. There are a lot of new members
in part because many churches are still 
not meeting in person. 

The woman said that she has been doing
women ministry for many years helping
many women to find out their life purpose.
Brought happiness to me. Everyone has
to know why they are here for more than
just existing. Amen!

The last four hours of his life his two sons were with him to pass on

to glory. His wife was in church like

she was for most Sundays.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Continue On

Though I mentioned in the last post not
to be distracted and watch how much time
you spend on social media there are those
you want to stay in contact that will encourage

I don't spend as much time on Twitter as I 
used to do, however, I always look forward
to one person who I especially enjoy when
she puts a message on because she is 
encouraging in every one of her messages.
It shows she cares for people.

I have a friend from high school on another
social media encourages to us to watch
who are our friends because some can bring
us down. This is especially true if you are
trying to change your life. Other words stay
away from those who put you in the spot
that forces you now to change your life.

My advice is to find people to follow you
can be encouraged by and love you for 
who you are. Also, you can do the same
for them.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and many
blessings to you. Amen!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Passing on Distraction

I am pretty sure I mentioned distraction
recently here. I figured to encourage each
other in this manner again.

It is easy to be distracted by social media
for sure. I try to spend less time in each of
the social media sites except for the areas
I am looking for in the future in my pursuit
of my life purpose.

Where I can get distracted recently for me
is in regards to chat. I have found those who
want to chat with me. I don't have a problem
chatting as long as it is for a short period of

The problem is I find when I get off a chat the 
time seems have gone by fast. Also, I have
 unfortunately found women who are looking 
for a handout asking for money instead of a 
relationship. I won't get into that though
as far as relationships go other than we have to
be careful. 

Right now a lot of men and women are out 
there looking to scam people. I actually put
in my profile I am no longer looking for 
anyone to chat with. It won't stop everyone 
but I hope not to have as many requests.

There are other ways we can be distracted
as well but social media along with main
stream media can give us time away from
what is important. I hope this helps out.
Many blessings to you this day. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Rain Going to Continue

Rain often cools down in February here
in the Pacific Northwest however this year
we are getting a bit more. In fact we have
more rain this year than last year while
expecting to rain much of the time over
the next week.

January rainfall was a little down from
last year however February has made
up for it. In fact we will probably have
more rain in January and February this
year than last year. Right now we have
less than inch before reaching last year's
total for the two months together.

I have mentioned before I have heard
on many occasions after the natural the
supernatural will happen. This means
God has something planned.

Often people see God in the same light
as their fathers. Those who have bad or
even rotten fathers think God is the same
way which he isn't no matter what rumors
you have heard to the contrary. God has
given us humans free will so unfortunately
this means the evil ones go after what they 

My dad wasn't perfect however he was
better than many. He didn't say he loved
me as often as I would have liked however
it fits his generation to the tea. My dad
loved sailing but he love his family even
more. My parents were my champions along
with the rest of my family for that matter.
They didn't try to make me someone who
I wasn't. My shortcomings and feelings 
come out from everyone else.

My encouragement today whatever your
purpose is in life don't leave your family
behind. In fact they are part of your purpose
and don't shove them into what you feel
the rest of your purpose is. Often children
are damaged because one or both of their
parents put what they think is their great
and wonderful purpose ahead of them.

What I may have just said might sound
insensitive but it is the honest truth.
Encouragement doesn't always have to
be sweet words but honesty instead. So
before going off to make a name for 
yourself think of your family too. Amen!

Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Sun Showed Up

On Wednesday the sun decided to show
up at least for a little while anyway.

I think it might have been the first time
in February for the sun. Last week we
had snow followed up with rain on Monday.

We are actually expecting more rain this
week as the temperatures went up to 50.
Even if it doesn't rain a lot of the time
it looks like it is going to rain. It can
be as bad as it actually raining.

My thought about the sun coming out 
even for a few minutes. It is like our
gifts and talents they come out exactly
the time we need them especially the
gifts. The talents we use them more
often because they make up who we
are. The gifts come when they are
needed just like the sun.

Enjoy your day and be blessed a whole
lot. Be encouraged and have a lot of
gratitude too.  Amen!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Moving On

We all have gifts and talents that make up for
our life purpose, there are circumstances happen
in our life to move on.

It isn't that we stop using those gifts and talents
we are just in another place in time where we
may use them somewhere else.

It could be your retired so you use the gift and
talents in a different way then you were working.
Also, you may have moved and taken a different
job that causes you to do so as well.

I am looking forward to doing some traveling. 
Using my gifts and talents to reach other people
from the ones here. Nothing wrong  using them
here but I am ready to use them elsewhere too.

Covid-19 has made it difficult to so for me as
well as everyone else. Here in Washington state
we are all in phase 2 so the restaurants and coffee
shops are able to serve people at 25% of capacity
so I hope to visit other towns around here before
able to go elsewhere as well.

I am not sure all about the vaccine whether to
take it or not, however, I find the places here
are not giving the vaccine out right now which
is frustrating. Only those who have been given
the first shot can get the second one but first
shot not available. 

I got on the state website thinking it would help 
me out knowing that I qualified. I had to sign up
a second time to even get a response in email.
They gave me information who they thought
had the vaccine but none of them have it available
right now. 

I could go in Tacoma which is only a few miles
away but much larger town and they are booked
themselves. At this point I will wait to see if my
pharmacy will have it or my doctor's office. I 
thought I would have it now since I qualify and
my doctor's office was supposed to be able to give
it but the state changed their minds on that one.

Anyway just reminder to do your life purpose
wherever you are at. Your gifts and talents are
always with you even if you don't use them 
often. In fact some may not be used except
at the right time. Amen!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone I don't have anything to say
to encourage at this moment though it could
come any moment.

I hope your week has gotten well. Monday
was Washington's birthday so many people
had the day off. With the amount of snow
we still had though it was raining I am sure
many would have stayed home anyway. Of
course, those who haven't worked from home

I wonder if those who have been working 
from home since the pandemic will stay
home when the pandemic is over or they
have taken the vaccine.

My sister-in-law is a teacher who has been
teaching from home all school year now
has taken two shots of the vaccine. Now 
the school expects her to return to class.

I would guess it makes a lot of sense for
her to return to school. I am sure she is
looking forward to seeing her students
as well. Teaching is very important to 
her. She takes the job very seriously
for sure. I would say more than any
teacher I ever have seen. I would say
she knows her life purpose.

Enjoy your day to the fullest. Choose
to be happy around others even if they
don't deserve it or you are not in the
mood either. There we go a bit of
encouragement and inspiration.
Good day and bless you. 

Monday, February 15, 2021

Back To Normal

These days it is hard to know what
normal really is, however, after having
snow it is hard to know.

It is amazing to know 40 of the 50
states in the USA have snow right
now and can you imagine baseball
spring training starts this week.

Here in Washington state depending
where you live might have a foot of
snow which doesn't happen to often
that is for sure.

On Monday the temperatures are 
expected to go up so the snow will
be melting and the rivers could be
flooding once again.

The roads looked good on Sunday
so Monday should be even better.
I am sure there are plenty of drivers
who still don't want to get onto the
roads. This fine for people like me
who can drive in the snow. I am not
sure my car would agree though. I
don't think it likes driving as much
as I do or at least not the tires.

I wish you a good week as the snow
melts here. I am not sure about the
rest of the USA how things work out
for them, however, we have to do what
we can do here for the best.

Until the next time do the best thing
you can do. May you be blessed and
an encouragement bless others too.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day

As I sit here looking out at the snow
I want to wish everyone a Happy
Valentine's Day!

I hope it is a day that you will
remember the rest of your life.

The snow isn't supposed to last
long as it is expected to started
raining today at some point,
however, I will enjoy it the
best I can.

Every time we get snow it starts
warming up so it only stay a couple
days. The amount of snow is a lot
at least eight inches so I do hope 
the rain will takes it time coming.

I got out yesterday to the coffee
shop. It wasn't easy driving. I was
amazed how many people showed 
up. It was actually the only place 
open too.

I was glad not too many people
on the road because on my way
home my brakes we not really
doing the job. 

Until next time may God's love
reign over your life. 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

A Day Of Relaxing

I am not sure how much snow we have
however enough to enjoy though I am
sure many people here won't agree.

Depending on the roads I may get out
though many will stay home which is
fine I don't want those who can't or
don't like driving in the snow be on
the roads.

We have a lot of hills so many can't
get out even if they want to especially
if they are parked at the bottom of the

I am sure there are things we can do
around our homes we have put off
for some time. Making plans for our
future purposes will be good too.

Enjoy your day in whatever fashion
while I am relaxing.

Friday, February 12, 2021

The White Stuff

On Thursday we had a little bit of snow
here in western Washington. Enough of
to say "it looks pretty here".

We are expecting a lot more snow here
on Friday. They say we could have up
to a foot of snow. It may happen in some
spots but I expect we will have some but
not a foot though you never know we get
that much about every ten years.

At least today I will be getting out. I am 
not sure how many people I will see because
I know many will just stay home. In fact
there were not many out on Thursday when
we had not snow yet.

I don't feel any pressure when snow is on
the ground at all. I feel comfortable driving
in snow as long as I stay away from the hills.

Comes back to our life purpose we have to
do what we can no matter what the circumstances
are. We do what we have to do right!

Enjoy your weekend  with many blessing okay.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Winter Arrival

The calendar says it is winter, however,
here in Western Washington it is arriving
on Thursday. Actually already here, but
we are expecting some snow.

How much snow depends where you live.
Where I live I don't expect as much as 
some other areas. I live near the water
so may get two or three inches sometime
on Thursday.

Some other places north of us might 
get a winter wonderland by having as
much as thirteen inches.

We are expecting snow as early as this
morning, however, more likely Thursday
afternoon and evening. We may have
more snow on Friday well as on Sunday.

A lot of people don't look forward to 
having snow. The main reason we have
a lot of hills so if you live at the bottom
of the hill it can be hard to get your car

I live where it is flat so I can get out
pretty easily. Originally I was going
to go grocery shopping on Friday but
I decided I should Thursday. I wouldn't
be surprised I see a lot of other shoppers

Wednesday I took a trip to Port Ludlow
and Port Hadlock. They are both just
across the Hood Canal Bridge. It takes
me about an hour to get to the bridge.

This actually was the first time I had
been to both places. I had seen the
exit sign before going to Port Townsend
which I have done several times. 

Port Ludlow is the first exit after getting
off highway 101. Port Hadlock is like
ten miles down the road from Port Ludlow.
Neither place is big. They both have Yacht
Clubs and they each have condos well as
homes. Port Ludlow has a golf course too.

Actually I have heard commercials for years
about playing golf at Port Ludlow. Now I
can say I have been to these two places in
my home state to.

It is amazing where you see signs for places
on the highway or freeway but you actually
never visit them. I figure there will be more
places I will want to stop at in the future.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Life of Distractions

Right now it is so easy to be distracted
instead of living our life purpose.

We have all been distracted in some
manner for some time, however, the
last year with covid-19 we become
more aware of it.

Most of us got in lockdown for a few
weeks where we couldn't go anywhere
except the grocery store or for a walk.

Before then we were distracted by social 
media, television, and politics. None are
a bad thing long as we don't spend a lot
of time doing any of them. 

I find in the middle of the afternoon where
has the day gone by and not doing the things
I should be. 

It is important to take a break from those
things that distract for maybe a week or
a month. It doesn't mean we can't check
our e-mail or see what our friends are doing
for few minutes either. This would depend
how hooked we are. We have to be discipline
to do so.

This is just a friendly reminder and 
encouragement to get back to what 
should be important to us. Amen!

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

In The Routine

We all have a routine to some degree.
I am glad that I am back in mine after
last week.

Being in quarantine isn't good for any
of us I know that for sure.

I know many spent more time in quarantine
than I did but anymore than a day can
drive anyone crazy.

On Wednesday we are expected to 
experience winter finally with some
snow. Not a lot but it will land on the
ground anyway.

I know for some here it will be a hazard
for them. I always pleased by having some

The temperatures are supposed to get 
down into the twenties so the snow 
might actually stay around for a few
days. Usually doesn't happen that

I think it is important to have adventure
but some routine is a good thing too.
Like for me going to the coffee shop.

So have yourself a wonderful and blessed
day you here. Amen!

Monday, February 8, 2021

Get It Done

We should look to do the best we can.
Something each of us can do.

In sports we may not always win but
we are winner if we do the very best
we can. Not only we are winners so 
are those who happen to know us.

Every morning we should be thankful
for waking up but at the same time
to be ready to do what we are meant 
to do for the day. It may have to do 
with our friends, family or a stranger
for that matter. Amen!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Bad Things Good People

We have all thought or heard people
ask "Why do bad things happen to good

Unfortunately we live in a world
that is fallen because of sin so bad
things do happen to good people.

Bad things do happen to evil people
as well though at times it is hard to
see it that way. In the end they get
what they deserve.

I know good people who seem to have
one bad accident after another at no
fault of their own. I wonder if it has
to do with their family.

Often we deal with things that pass
down from one generation to another.
It is called a generational curse. 

When we pray for people to be healed 
of a health issue we should pray to 
against any generational curses they
 have that likely are not aware of either.

I hope this explains it more for all of
us. Doesn't make it any easier but makes
us understand a lot better. God bless you!

Saturday, February 6, 2021

A Success

I have to say my procedure was a success.
I went through with flying colors with few

It does look like I will have to change to a
high fiber diet. Included in it is having soy
milk instead of normal milk. I am not sure
whether I will like it or not, however, I am
going to give it a shot.

Other parts of a high fiber diet I have no
problem with except I really don't like
squash so I won't be adding it to my diet
I can say that.

I hope you are all having a good weekend
and everything going well. Now I am no
longer under quarantine so I can get back
to as close to normal as I can with Covid.

I signed up for the vaccine however I haven't
received back when to make an appointment.

Actually I am not in a hurry for it other than
wanting to travel. So I hope I get an email
soon to make the appointment.

Have yourself a wonderful and blessed Day!

Friday, February 5, 2021

Great Friday

I thought this was going to be a
slow week however Friday has
still come soon.

I have my procedure in the late
morning. I look forward to it being
done so I can get back to what I
enjoy doing.

Thursday I was tired though later
in the day I felt much better. I
recommend not eating fiber only
before having to fast.

Anyway I hope you are all doing
what your expected to do and have
a good weekend as well. God Bless!

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Hey There

One more day until my procedure. Today I can only
drink fluids. I hope at least can lose a few pounds

I will have my thinking cap on as well see what I
come up with today.

I am sure I will be tired a good part of the day. I
will drink water or apple juice about every hour
or so. At some point I will have chicken broth.

This evening will be the challenge when I have
to drink a half container that will make sit on the
toilet seat for a while. I am sure you really wanted
to hear about that. Lol

Anyway I will be thinking of you all who read
this blog whether everyday or once in a while.
May God bless you a whole lot. Amen!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Staying Home

Hello everyone I am on my second day staying
home until my procedure on Friday. Fortunately
I passed the covid-19 test.

I have to say I am not a fan staying at home that
is for sure. I like getting out seeing people and

I could go for a walk being socially distance but
it continues to rain here. I am not a fan of walking
in the rain.

It is nice to communicate on line to see others
are doing. Whatever you are doing positively
keep it up. On Saturday I will be able to get
back to my regular routine. God Bless You!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Groundhog Day

 As I expected Mr. Groundhog predicted more

winter. The east coast looks like winter is in
full force.

I figured at some point I will be watching the
Groundhog movie with Bill Murray a real

I am sure there are those who take their time
out to enjoy Groundhog Day. For me it is to
remember my dad. He was born on Groundhog
day so happy birthday dad we miss you each
and every single day. Dad would be 105 years
old today. He passed away in 1993.

When my brothers and I were old enough to
understand things we thought it was funny
dad was born on Groundhog's Day. I still
remember laughing loudly when I found out.

Just encourage you to have a good day. This
is the first day of four where I am being
quarantined so it will be an interesting day
for sure. God bless you all.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Another Day Another Month

Here we are moved into February. We should
reflect what happened in January for us and
see what we do this month and especially this

For me I have to get the test for Covid since
I have a procedure happening on Friday. Added
to that I have an eye exam as well.

Since I am taking the Covid test I have to
quarantine for four days beginning on Monday
afternoon. I know it is going to be a long week.

What I will do then is spend time thinking and
making plans for the time ahead since I will
not be able to go anywhere. A good idea don't
you think.

Anyway enjoy your week while looking toward
the possibilities in your life. May you be granted
peace too. Amen!