Thursday, August 31, 2017

First Responders

When it comes to disasters like the Harvey Hurricane that came to Houston area most of all I realize how important that first responders and others are to help out.

It is quite a sacrifice for them all because they can speak days if not weeks away from their families. For the first responders they go in when the place is still in danger. They have to be experienced in rescue to get everyone out that is still alive. Depending on how large of a disaster the time could be for a while.

I honor these men and women because they sacrifice their time, lives and being away from their families. We should do all we can to honor them and let them know how much we appreciate the work that they do.

Be sure to continue to pray for these people when they are out in the field and when they are at home. It is a great calling in their lives. They are doing a wonderful service. Also give whatever money or supplies to the cause. We are praying for those all in the Houston area that are going through a tough situation. Seeing the flooding they could be homeless for some time. We hope that most of them have family they can be with or a good shelter.

We all have a calling in our lives and none is any greater than another. Do the best that you can do for others. Amen!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Thank You!

 Besides someone giving a smile or saying hi the next best thing is hearing thank you. This means that the person appreciates what you have done for them or coming by to purchase something.

I want to thank all of you who have read my post here whether you have many times or this is your first time. Also makes me realize that I am doing a good thing here and that lives are being changed for the better.

Yesterday a barista that I see about once a week when I take my mother for a doctor’s appointment thanked us for being a good and faithful customer. Today is going to be her last day because the small coffee shop she works at is opening another one in Port Orchard which is about twenty minutes from this location and so she will be working there because it closer to where she lives. Another barista will be taking her position at this one. Not only was she was thankful she came out and gave my mother and I each a hug. She hopes that we can come see her once in a while in her new location. We don’t go to Port Orchard very often however it is a good excuse to go and we can go out for dinner in the area as well. It is nice to know someone appreciates us coming. My mother said a few moments later that it would be nice if more people gave her a smile when they stop by. It is mostly employees in the health center that stop to get a drink and a sandwich or other goodies.

So next time you see someone say thank you to them. I am sure they will appreciate it and you have gained a new friend. I am sure they will return the thank you or say you’re welcome. Again thank you for being right here and that everything is going well for you.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Being Good


In life most of us try to be good. The truth is we are not that good at it. At least I am speaking for myself anyway.

As much good we do I think for most of us it an act. There is always motive being behind us being good. I am not saying this to say that we can’t be good we just do it for the wrong reasons most of the time which is OK because that is who we are.

One thing for sure is that God knows that we are not good. You see he knows everything about us. It is not though he is fine with us not being good however he understands we are not and for all the times we try to be good he loves us anyway.

We should try to be good but if we fail it is OK because God forgives us though people may not always.

I am saying all this to say that we should not try to be good we need to be ourselves and if things work where we are not being good ask forgiveness and move on.

The reason things do go well is not because of our goodness it is because we have laws that can keep us in order as much as possible and most of us have a conscience. This is where the difference between us and those who do terrible things is our conscience. Those who do terrible things most of the time don’t have a conscience. So our conscience and the laws keep the world safe to some degree. Also God’s grace is probably the foremost reason the world isn’t crazier.

So try being good because we will be better persons but don’t beat yourself up when you’re not; again this is part of life where we encourage each other. Oh yes remember to keep your smile on!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Speak Loud

 I have written about speaking loud and clear along with being bold as well. I mentioned having wisdom too. I realize that in our world today we must speak with wisdom. I have been told that I am a wise person however at times I feel inadequate.

There are those that know a subject much more than I do. They sound like they are speaking the truth however they are not. There are plenty of people in the world today that can speak like they are telling the truth because they are out of their own minds. I am one that doesn’t want to speak what sounds like truth but I want to speak the truth.

Also I don’t want to convince people of what sounds good. I want others to make up their own minds that it is truth. Our will often be led astray by untruths that sound to be right. I know that there are subjects that I can research and I can learn a lot about but it doesn’t mean the truth will prevail. I know to that there are those who are convinced they are speaking the truth but aren’t because of bitterness or out of wrong motives. This is something else I don’t want to do.

So what I must do then when I read what others may be saying and believing that it is truth to ask God to reveal what is the real truth to me along with the correct words to contradict what the other person is saying. At the same time I want to speak the truth with love. If I am speaking not out of love than I am not actually speaking the truth in the right way; I want them to feel convicted and not condemned.  We all have heard the truth will set us free and that is what I want others to hear.

I believe part of speaking truth and being wise is to think over the words we will speak before saying them. Often we get into trouble because we speak without thinking first. I know that has happened to me on many occasions. I really hope this helps you out because the world needs to hear us with the truth along with the right motives and love behind it. This will be how they are convinced. Remember to that it can take time so we may make mistakes along the way but more we listen before speaking will help us out too. Amen!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summer is Almost Over

It is hard to believe that summer is about over and the children go back to school. I think we all say that every year though.

The weather here in the northwest stays pretty sunny through September though the temperatures are cooler than the summer. Great place to come for a visit and enjoy the mountains, the ocean and Puget Sound. Hiking and boating are two great activities to enjoy along with biking. The Olympic and Cascade mountains are wonderful places to see along with the San Juan Islands and Pacific Ocean both in Washington and Oregon.

With children back in school and there is just a couple of you nice to come because not a lot of people to make it crowded. I enjoy this as my native land where I grew up and I have lived all my life. I look forward to visit other places however this is home for me. In the Northwest we have four seasons though winter can get tiresome because of rain. Last year we had enough rain that was more than our total for the year from October through March however the weather has been fantastic during the summer. We have had only one day of rain in July and August and it was not very much.

I enjoy the fact that I can help people as well. More and more I am getting to know my purpose and destiny. I still have areas of improvement however I am getting there. Until next time Amen!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

What Should I Write About?

I have to say that a lot has gotten in mind the last twenty-four hours. Usually I know exactly what I want to write about however this time not so much which is Ok because I think in the long run it is good.

I hope that you have plans for a good weekend. Here in Western Washington we continue to have good weather and I find it good news because the temperatures are in the 70s. I have to say just right for me. We haven’t had much rain since June. We broke a record that the previous time without rain was fifty-one days and now the new record is fifty-five. I have to say what ended the new record wasn’t much but any rain counts as long as it is measurable.

Tonight I plan go to my favorite coffee shop because they will have live music and one of my friends will be playing. I went last Saturday night because I had friends who played as well. I had heard them play several times before however my friend tonight I haven’t heard play before so I look forward to hearing how good he is.

Whenever possible I recommend going to hear live music no matter how big a venue it is or isn’t. I enjoy closing my eyes on occasion to hear the music. I believe music is one of the greatest things we can do or listen to in our lives.

OK what else do I want to mention now. Well when it comes to life because this is what my intention is with this blog is to talk about life and encourage everyone to be best they can be and to live a life of purpose. I can admit not always an easy thing to do.

I met a young man at the coffee shop the other day that I have seen a few times. He asked how I was doing and I replied pretty well. He asked me what my plans were for the day. I mentioned that I was going to doctor for blood work to see how my level was because of blood clotting. He asked me if he could pray for me that I would be healed. I said yes of course. After his prayer I asked him if anything I could pray for him. He said that his sixteen year old sister was having problems with depression and eating disorder. Also he asked me if I believed in generation curses and I said that I did. So I prayed for his sister. It will be interesting to find out she is doing the next time I see him. Oh yes my blood level was right where it should be. Last week it was a bit high and sometimes it gets low too.

Anyway I will leave it at this now. Enjoy the weekend by having a good time.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Putting Others Down

I know it is common and I am sure this has been going on since George Washington was President however I don’t understand how some of my friends continue to be so critical of President Trump.

They say that people need to know how evil and dangerous he is. I am not a big fan of his however do they need to mention it on a daily basis. I am sure that all of us that have read or at least seen the headline on each of their posts that we get it. If we didn’t the first time we certainly have now. I know to that being the President of the USA or any country for that matter being unpopular is part of the job. I have heard from others who voted for Trump that people like them should realize that they lost and get over it. I am not sure I would go that far.

Anyway the reason I am mentioning this really has nothing to do with President Trump whether you like him or not. My point is that we need to watch ourselves on how critical we are others in general. Will we put others down as easy as we do President Trump? I know they say that they would never do so that he is the exception to the rule. That might be true however I don’t think it is good practice to put others down no matter who they are. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes though President Trump is at a higher scale because of his position.

My point is that we should treat everyone the same regardless of who they are. If you feel the person is evil like they do Trump it is fine to warn others however not day after day. People have to come to their own conclusion. Also it is the majority in the voting process that elected him President. Oh by the way I didn’t vote for him or Hillary Clinton. I believe that prayer for President Trump is the most important thing. If for nothing else that God changes his heart.

Anyway thank you for letting me vent here a little bit. Remember to treat your fellow man in the way that you want to be treated and do it with a smile.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Band of Brothers

 On Tuesday Night I went to a prayer meeting at my church. It is not a large group however we prayed for an hour. One of the guys in the group has been going to the church for about a year and he asked me and another guy about any men’s group in the church.

We have in my church what are being called life groups. They are made up of either men or women or both. The both group is young couples that get together. The other guy told him that he is part of two men’s group and he invited him to both. He could decide which group he would want to be part of if he only wants to go to one group.

The guy who asked the question about men’s groups said that he wanted to feel a part of a band of brothers. The other guy said that is how he feels with both groups. He is able to attend both because they each meet on Monday’s every other week. Neither group is big being no more than six guys. This is a good size because you can feel being a part of a group. A larger group you may not feel the same way.

The coffee shop I go to on a daily basis there is a group of guys who meet at least five times every morning. The sometimes get together to do something in the evening as well. The evening group they often invite their wives as well. They originally met because they are all have classic cars or were interested in them. A good idea is to have something in common to start meeting. These guys while meeting in the morning they get a cup of coffee and talk about whatever the subject they want to. Actually they talk about a lot of different things. Now they would be what I call a band of brothers.

On occasion when I am out walking or driving I see a small group of young mothers out with their babies and young children. Most of them it is their first child however one or two will have another child a little bit older. Another group that has a common interest; a great way for them to get out of the house and get exercise at the same time.

Yesterday I saw a video on social media of my niece Leslie. She became a part of a dancing group for the summer. They looked like they were having a whole lot of fun along with getting exercise as well. She will be going back to teaching in the next week or two however a good way to spend the summer. I hope she will be able to continue being part of a dancing group in the evenings.

The bottom line is we all need friends and having them with a common interest or goal is the way to go. Whether you are a band of brothers or something else doesn’t matter the important thing is that your needs are met. Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone to meet others that can change our lives for the better. If you are not sure where to find a group look at church, coffee shop, athletic club or community center or check out on social media for a group. They are all out there and best you find them. None of us like being alone.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

He Has Bigger Things For Us

Most of us have been trained or told or believe on who we are meant to be. We have been disappointed to some degree on how are lives have turned out to be.

We all have had desires that have not come to pass and it is easy to be mad about it. At least that is how I see it anyway. I don’t understand why some of my desires haven’t come to pass and even more confusing why I have them anyway.

We all have questions about life and the reason we are put here in the first place. I believe that God has a bigger plan for us than we realize and know. I have mentioned on several occasions and I will for many more to come that we have a purpose and destiny along with the fact we are here for a time like this. God could have created us to be placed at any time and he chose this to be the perfect time for us even though we may not see that way. We go through tough times to learn lessons and have good times as well for us to remember he is with us.

We all have dreams and some of them have been fulfilled while others are just around the corner. Go for the dreams that are around the corner even if they are risky. For one thing we will have regrets if we don’t.

This is the year of pressing on and the dreams are part of the package. Enjoy the ride along the way and take as many people with you as you can. Don’t forget to have a smile on your face as well. Even during the tough times. If you have any questions which may include why ask God for the answer. He may have something even bigger around the next corner.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Days We Remember

Monday August 21 2017 is going to be one of those days that people will talk about for years to come when the total eclipse went from the west coast to the east coast.

Unfortunately many days we remember where we were at happened turned to be tragedy. I am sure many Americans who are old enough remember where they were at when President Kennedy was assassinated or his brother Robert or Martin Luther King Jr. The other big one when the war against terrorism started on nine eleven with the planes crashing into the twin towers in New York. I know something I won’t ever forget watching the second crash happened on television. I had just woken up so I missed the first tower being hit but I heard the radio which came on every morning reporting that one of the towers was hit so I went into my living room to turn on the television seeing the plane heading right for the second tower.

Here in Washington State we remember the date May 18 1980 when Mount St. Helen’s had a volcano eruption. I was working that day and a few days later we had ash on the ground. Much of western Washington had the ash on the ground.

There are days of happiness we remember when we or someone close to us was married or birth of children. Another is when we find out the death of a loved one. We all know about happiness and sorrow. We remember those who are no longer with us. We celebrate those who gave their lives for freedom and those who lost the fight against cancer.

The important thing is that we must press on to enjoy each day that we live. Our purpose and destiny in hand; hold the hands of others when the time needs to happen. Have peace in our lives especially when everything around us says otherwise. So enjoy all the days to remember.  

Monday, August 21, 2017

Speaking Out

Yes we all have a purpose and destiny however what comes with that is that we were born for the time like this. Other words the world needs us more than ever.

We must speak out our minds whether it is on a blog like me, social media or in person.

We are hearing so much nonsense around us. Those who believe they are speaking the truth while they are not. I am sure that some are well meaning but the real truth must be heard.

We know groups like ISIS who are killing people because of their ideology and hateful religion. I am not saying that all Muslims hate however that group wants to rid of people who don’t believe or look like them. They especially believe the Western world is evil. In some respects they are probably right but what they are doing isn’t right either. They are being as evil or more so actually as the people they believe are evil.

Here in the United States the White Supremacy groups are bringing their heads to the forefront as well. In many ways they are thinking the same way as ISIS though with a different ideology.

So we can’t be afraid. We must believe in truth and honor. I think the whole idea of being politically correct is wrong as well. I know to that standing up for truth will bring opposition however this is the time we were born for. Also I know to that there can be consequences as well.

There have been a few football players that have chosen to sit during the national anthem. Whether you believe what they are doing is wrong or right at least I know they are standing or actually sitting for what they believe in.  I believe that blacks’ lives do matter but so do all of our lives matter. It doesn’t matter whether we are black, red, and brown or white we were created in the image of God so we all matter. We are all here for a purpose. Though are beliefs can be different we have to love all mankind. When we write, speak or sit we must do it with love in mind. Others might not accept what we are doing however we are doing it for this is the reason we are here.   

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Life Gets Complicated

 We all know that life gets complicated at times. Actually it can often.  This is especially true with so many people having busy schedules. Getting together with someone can be exhausting to find the time.

You may know that I had planned go to British Columbia to see a couple of my cousins and their families in July. We didn’t make it because of wild fires. Now we are trying to reschedule. I figured late September or early October. We ended up settling on the last week of September. I told them my mother and I would leave on Sept. 25 and stay until the 5th. This is was after they mentioned the 27th. I wanted a couple of extra days however my mother gets a call while I am out that a friend of hers is coming for a visit from Holland and they want to have lunch on the 27th.  I replied that I told you we were leaving on the 25th. She really wants to see this friend. I said OK I will have to email my cousins to let them know and we will leave right after the lunch.  So it will be a long day for sure.

My mother will be 97 years old in September so it likely will be the last time she sees her. This means to that we will have the same amount of days as originally planned but two days less than what I rescheduled. This could be the last time she sees her nieces as well but this is what she wants.

I am sure everyone has complications happen that becomes worse than this. What may make things worse now would be if the wild fires come again or mother’s health goes bad. In either case we would have to reschedule for next spring at the earliest.

Even with complications life must go on and we have to figure ways to cope. I hope that you are having a good weekend and complications are at the lowest.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Life in the Country

 Where we were born and raised is a lot to do with who we are. Of course there are those who moved a lot because their father or parents were in the military and those like myself who grew up in the same house; also those who moved a few times whether it was in the same area or not.

My sister and brother have both lived now away from home longer than they did here however it is still part of them and that is the point.

For some you have grown up in the big city while others in the suburbs, small towns or out in the country like me. It is part of our lives and identity. You may live now in a different place than you grew up however it doesn’t change in who you are. It is possible that you have the big town or small town in you or the country for that matter.

I find interesting now is that where I live in Gig Harbor is more becoming like a suburb to Tacoma and Seattle. The city of Gig Harbor was a very small town when I was growing up while now it has more than doubled in size. I actually grew up in the outskirts of Gig Harbor so I wasn’t really living in the town though I could see it on the other side. Where I grew up is now in the city limits but I don’t consider it part of the town still. The house I grew up in is only one of the three houses that are still standing. All the other houses have been replaced with newer and larger homes.

When I was growing up the neighborhood was made up middle class families like mine or those who came out on the weekends or summer. When my dad was growing up our house was a cabin and almost everyone in the neighborhood spent weekends and summers their most of the time. Now those who live in the old neighborhood are all wealthy because all the houses are valued over a million dollars. My neighborhood isn’t the only one that way. If you are looking to purchase a home around Gig Harbor most of them run just under half a million or they are over a million. So the average Joe like me has to rent an apartment or living in a house that they have had for many years.

Though Gig Harbor feels more like a suburb in some ways there is still a country feeling here. When I go out for walks I will hear the black birds, see squirrels, rabbits and occasion deer. I go for my walks in the early morning so I can feel the fresh air along with hearing the birds and seeing the animals that decide to make themselves known.

What upsets me about the area is where developers are coming in and clear cutting land. I don’t mind the small developments because often you can’t see the homes because of the trees until you go down the street.

I know wherever anyone is living change is happening however we don’t have accept some of the differences but when they do happen we still have the memories of our childhood whether it is in the country, small town or big city. Most of all they are part of you and that is what life is all about besides family of course.

Friday, August 18, 2017

You’re Awesome

One of the great American slang words of our time is awesome. Of course it means great as well.

We were created to be awesome. We just have to remind ourselves or others tell us. So here I am to tell you that you’re awesome.

Next time you see a friend or even a stranger for that matter tell them how awesome you think they are. See what smile comes over their face.

Another thing you can do is to see how many times you can say awesome to someone. You can let them know they have an awesome car or hair or shoes.  You can tell them life is awesome.

There are so many negative stories we hear about almost every day. Another terrorist attack happened on Thursday in Barcelona, Spain. Fear can grip people when they hear about another one happening. We need to have positive reassurance in our lives. Even telling ourselves how awesome and special we are will help us all.

We are all aware of our shortcomings and failures. We have to think of our positive strengths and accomplishments as well. We are awesome in our friendships and love. Let peace be awesome when everything around us feels and looks like war.

So have yourself a wonderful and awesome weekend. Share everything with your awesome friends and go on some awesome adventures. Let yourself have an awesome purpose and destiny. You can come up with other awesome slang words. Good day my awesome friend.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Being Faithful People

These days it is rare to find faithful people; If you are faithful than you are a gem.

Being faithful is something we all have to work on. Your family and friends will honor you for being faithful and dependable.

You will be joyful as well for being a faithful person. You will feel good about yourself that way.

Many people will come for your advice because they know that you are faithful. Wise people are generally faithful people.

Being faithful does not mean that you will fail because none of us are perfect. When you are not faithful ask for forgiveness so once again you will be honored.

When you give your word and keep it others will have high esteem of you. This is true when it comes to doing business. Be consistent in everything that you do. Be honest as well. The word will get out how great a business person that you are and many will come to you for assistance.

The more others hear of your faithfulness than you will be honored. Most of all you are a blessed person.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Time in Berlin!

                                               picture of Berlin out of Ken's hotel room

My nephew Ken right now is on vacation in Berlin, Germany. It is the first time that he has traveled anywhere in Europe.  I am sure they will be very happy times for him.

It reminds me the time I spent in Berlin myself just a short time after the wall went done. So that was about twenty-five years ago. It was nice to go to a place that history had just occurred. I spent a couple days traveling around Berlin. The memories now are a bit vague because it feels like a lifetime ago.

Just like Ken it was my first trip to Europe. My brother Jack and his wife were living in Frankfurt. Ken’s cousins Leslie and Robby were quite small. I actually started my trip by going to London for a couple weeks then on to Germany. I had a eur rail pass so I traveled around by train unlike Ken who was able to fly into Berlin.

After spending time with my brother and his family I went to Berlin first and then to Munich before returning to Frankfurt. What I remember most was how old and run down the buildings in eastern Germany looked to me. Also I met several college girls while in Berlin. They were traveling throughout Europe before returning to California. They had been going to college in Finland.

Another thing I remember when I checked into my hotel room in Berlin the clerk and several other people gave me weird looks. I think it was the whole American thing and since the wall had just come down I am not sure they knew how to interact with me. I know that I was getting negative vibes however I wasn’t going to let it ruin my trip.

Like many places around the world I am sure that Berlin has changed a lot in twenty-five years. I look forward to hear from Ken about his trip to Berlin. So far he has posted a few pictures from his hotel room. Right now it is afternoon in Berlin so I am sure he is out exploring as many places as he can.

When I am not able to travel it is always nice to hear the adventures that family and friends go on. Always great get to know the world around you; another great part of enjoying life to the fullest.   

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Life Goes On

What I am writing here is nothing new. We all know that life goes on. Somethings don’t work out like we would want them to while we have surprises to.

We all look back on our past as well. The important thing is not to live there or dwell on it too much. It is really good to think about the good memories however we know that there are regrets and hurts too. The regrets we know to forgive ourselves and hurts to forgive others. Not an easy thing to always do but we will be healthier this way in our daily lives.

I find the hardest part of the past and in some degree the present is desires that have not been fulfilled. I feel in my case that some will never come to pass though they can be different in a way as well. Other desires I hope that they will happen today though I know it could be days or years. This is where healing must come into my heart. Instead of feeling depressed these desires haven’t happened yet to look forward to the day that they do. This is where pressing on and never giving up comes about though not easy and why healing must occur.

I know that life is short that is what most people think but I feel that the past was another life. Although I have the memories, regrets and hurts they feel to me like they happened in another life.

Right now we have to deal with the present and learn from the past. Other words not have new regrets or hurts however I know they will happen and we have to forgive them as well. While we call present today we must enjoy the good times and work out the hard times. We do it all with perseverance and joy. We may have to laugh when we have sorrow. We don’t know how many of days left in this short life but we must make the best of them. Most of all have hope, joy, peace and love.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Take Patience

 When it comes to life the hardest thing for most of us is to have patience. Often it takes us all we have to be patient. I am sure we can count everyday how often we deal with patience. It can be with our own patience or those of others.

We often run into people who are rude because they can’t wait another moment or we may do the same thing. Car drivers are probably the most common that we see lack of patience. In fact last week I was waiting to drive forward for a parking spot in front of the pharmacy I was taking my mother too. I was waiting for the car that just came from the right to finish parking. Well a driver that was behind me decides go to the right of me and then turned left in front of me. I couldn’t believe it especially when I was ready to go that second. I had not been waiting for the other car to park for no more than ten seconds. You see many people can’t hand patience for one second and I don’t care if they have an important place to be. Of course I am one to talk I have been in situations where I had to be somewhere soon and the driver in front of me decides to drive real slowly.

I am sure we all have been in grocery lines where we have to learn patience as well. I remember the days before scanning where I would get in a line that I thought was good because there was only one person in front of me and it looked like the checker was finishing up with them and then the customer pulled out a bunch of coupons. The checker had to enter all the code numbers. Of course it was more than one or two coupons I had to see that the customer had more than ten. At that point I had to shake my head though my thoughts were not kind. I am sure we all have been there.

I am sure we can all give many examples of where we had to deal with patience. Sometimes we dealt with it fine while other times not so well. Anger can raise its ugly head in these situations some times. So next time when patience takes all you have do so.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


We can guarantee in life that there will be issues at some point or another. Another name I may have for it is called stuff. On the happy scale we may be at a nine however stuff can change quickly.

The last few years I have worked on changing my diet. In fact a month ago I changed it more however on Friday I found out that my sugar level is high. It is not level 2 diabetes yet but I have do more changes. There will be more foods to cut out which I hope leads to losing weight as well. This is only part of the stuff in my life.

So this is where being overcomers come in. We can have stuff like anger, loneliness, despair and frustration among them. It may take some time for us but I do believe that we can all be overcomers. The important thing is to be there for each other. This is where purpose in our lives comes in handy. We may not have a degree however most of us are counselors, mentors and friends all rapped together. Being good listeners is the best thing of all. We all have overcome stuff that we can help others with too. So be happy in and during the stuff. Be the good listener that your family and friends need. Do not judge them just be there for them.

What is great about being a counselor or mentor or friend is that others will be the same for you when you need it too. Actually you can be one while you in the stuff as well. Oh yes you can be a teacher too. No degree is required. Also remember to smile and to know that the scale is still at nine. Amen!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Blessing!

A good question how can I be a blessing; you may not have thought of the answer. I know that I don’t think of it a lot of the time. The answer is simple and true. You are a blessing because you are yourself. All you have to do is ask your friends and they will tell you that is the truth.

Often we think we have to do a lot to be loved by others and to bless them. Being you is the answer in itself. Nothing else can substitute for being the blessing.  First thing in the morning get up and be you. No one expects anything more because you are enough.

You can try all sorts of things. You can stand on your head if you want to or give a nice hug or kiss. You can take the kids to the park or zoo and give them ice cream at the end however in the end it is still you.

Something we should remind ourselves every day we are the blessing. Live your life as though you are the blessing. Everyone around you will notice without saying a word. You will feel wonderful knowing that you are a blessing.

Have yourself a great day living the life of blessing. Love and joy will cover you all the days of your life. Amen!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Being Ready!

We should all be ready in life to help others. This is important part of our purpose and destiny. We never know what we have another person will need at any given time. This is the same for us as well. We don’t know when we need help ourselves.

I know some people feel that they never need help at all. I believe it is OK to feel needy at times. The need is the reason why we have family and friends. We are all in need of one another. We can’t let pride get in the way when we need help the most. I know it is good to feel perfect however I am fine that I am not.

Being ready is like being a first responder to an accident. Those people have to be ready to leave whatever they are doing without a second notice. Wouldn’t it be nice to be that way as well? In fact we really are if we care for people.  I have been in the grocery store when I have been asked for help to get an item that the person can’t reach. I go right away to help without another thought.

I am sure there have been times at the end of the day we can think back to what has happened throughout the day where we could have helped someone. It doesn’t have to be anything big. It can be to say hello or give a smile. So wherever you do today be ready for the expected and the unexpected. I am sure the people you do it for will be appreciated.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Aches and Pains

The older we get the more aches and pains we get. I figure that we have to be wise in what we do about them or we can go crazy. Of course we may anyway.
The last couple days I favored my left leg while out walking. I was able to make it all forty minutes but was not easy. I figure favoring my leg is sort of like my mother does with keeping her balance. She does a good job in walking but she is real careful with her balance. Sometimes I think she is more careful than needs to be however I do understand why.
Yesterday when I was walking and being close to the half way mark my left leg was bothering me. I figure this is another way of pressing on. I could have turned around and headed back home however I decided that I was going to make the half way mark before doing so. It wasn’t real easy but I was glad that I did. I walked a little slower on the way back however it did feel better. Again this morning I will do the same thing once again.
Exercise and stretching helps with dealing with the aches and pains; the more that I do them the less of the pain. Not an easy task however it is something we must do. Like my mother and other older people say that getting old is not fun at all.
I feel fortunate that my aches and pains are smaller than others I see throughout the day. It is hard to believe how many deal with it. They do some things that I would not ever do because how much effort it takes to accomplish the tasks.  I figure a lot of people feel that they can’t ask for help or that they don’t want help. They would rather deal with the pain than being helped.
This is the reason that I work at walking and staying in shape the best I can because I don’t want to be in a place where I do have to ask for help. I am thankful for my life however at the same time I want to live on my own terms as well in some ways. I take the medicine prescribed by my doctor and do the best in what they tell me to do so that I can keep a quality of life when being older. Not easy to do but I feel that it will benefit me in the end. God bless and good health to you!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Reality TV

Not often do I want to write about television or some other subjects but it is about life. I am not sure why people want to watch what I would call trash or the name the networks call reality television.

I am sure most people realize that reality television is not reality at all. In fact it is the complete opposite however I am sure there are those who may think of it as reality and others who watch it for entertainment. I believe that reality television is not entertainment at all or innocent if you think that way as well. I believe that reality television is truly evil. Many people have had their lives ruined by these shows. Those who are on the programs and those who watch them; if you know anyone or you watch them yourselves I would ask you to stop watching them. I am sure the networks would cancel the shows if people stopped watching them. They are a waste of time along with having no true value to them along with wreaking lives.

Children especially can get hooked to shows like these. They may believe this is what life is like or should be like. Even the most innocent of these shows are still evil in my mind. I am sure there are other programs that can be entertaining.  I don’t want you or those close to you to have their lives ruined by these shows. All I have to say about this. Until next time have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What Does Pressing On Mean?

I am sure all of us have our own meaning of what pressing on means. Since it is what I wanted us to consider for the 2017 to press on to our goals it is important to know the meaning as well to accomplish these goals.

We are called to a purpose and destiny to press on for me means that we do not stop moving on toward meeting the purpose.  At times there will be opposition to us meeting our purpose so we can’t ever give up. Actually we are in a battle where Satan wants to stop us from meeting our purpose. In fact that his number goal is that we never meet our purpose so he will do everything he can that will stop us. We have to realize that pressing on is what we must do to achieve the purpose and destiny but he will put doubt in our minds. Other words he will make us think that we can’t meet our purpose or even greater that we don’t have a purpose and destiny. This is where most people live not knowing their purpose and destiny. They are stopped because they don’t believe.

For us that do believe we must never give up and press on to meet our purpose and destiny regardless what is happening in our lives. I am not saying it will be easy because honest truth it will not be. In many ways the battle is a major part of our purpose and destiny. Whatever you do never give up and walk the path you meant to be on regardless how tired you may become. In the end each of us will be victorious in our purpose and destiny. I encourage you to press on no matter how long it takes. Remember it is not about us but all the people. We can not only meet our purpose but help others to meet theirs as well. No matter how difficult it may be we can do it with a smile as well.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Have a Positive Monday

I decided to add another post for today. I think that I may do so on occasion when something comes to mind. It won't be as long as my normal post.
I know that not everyone enjoys going to work on Monday's however I think it is important that we have positive approach to Monday's like we do other days especially Friday's when people are looking forward to the weekend.
Tomorrow I am going to write about what I believe pressing on means. Since it is the main purpose for 2017. I hope that everything that you are doing to encourage others is working out for you. My thoughts are of you all the time. I am sure that you are making a difference in world though may be one person at a time. God bless you all.     Herb

Taking a Cold Shower

This week with record hot temperatures in the northwest reminded me so much about taking cold showers. We have had so many straight days without rain. In fact today ties the record of 51 days in a row without rain and likely will be broken tomorrow.

I did take a few cold showers this week however I had to start off with hot water and then add cold water. Last night I started out with cold water and it was chilling. I added in hot water but that didn’t help that much. So I recommend if you want to do a cold shower start out with hot.

This reminds me to the times as a kid going swimming in cold lakes and other locals. I grew up on the waterfront of east Gig Harbor where we had our own dock. A few small boats were tied up on the dock and there were times I went fishing off the dock as well. The water of Gig Harbor was quite cold even in the middle of summer. My brother Jack and cousin Judy would go swimming often there and I thought they were nuts. If the weather was hot like we had this week I would jump in hopefully not thinking about how cold the water is. I would scream and then get out as quickly as possible.

Whenever our family would go to Twanoh State Park on the Hood Canal I would take my time walking in slowly to go swimming. It did take a little while to get used to. It was warmer than Gig Harbor. There were times where I ran into the water hoping that would help getting used to the water faster. Not usually just screaming would happen. In those instances I would swim out to the dock and lay for a little while before deciding to swim back to shore.

Even swimming pools that have warm water I always found it takes a little while to get used to it as well. Our bodies take time to adjust because of our body temperature compared to the water temperature. Something I don’t really think about though.

So whether you swim or take a cold shower remember time for your body to adjust. Good way to deal with being hot however can be shocking to your system. Another wonderful part of life and have yourself a good week.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sharing My Life With You

I find it a privilege to share my life with you whether we have met or not. I consider us to be friends for sure no matter where in the world that you live.

I think it is important to share what is good going on in my life along with the not so good. Also the memories I have of the past though many of them I don’t remember.

I think it is great to encourage you to be the best that you can be as well. We all have a purpose and destiny in this life though sometimes we don’t feel that way. Life gets busy and we go back often to the person we thought we were. Remember in these times when you don’t think well of yourself it was lies that you were told. You are great no matter what some people told you otherwise.

I look forward to writing more everyday no matter what mood that I am in. I hope the mood is positive than negative however how I feel at this time is what I want to share. I want others to know they can finish the finish line even when they want to stop right now.

I pray that your health and that of your family is good. If not that you recover in a timely fashion. Yes I believe in miracles. For one thing you are here today and that is a miracle in itself.

Keep your eyes open for those who are hurting. They are all around us. They may not say the words and try to cover it up but that is truly the truth. All of us want someone to talk too even when we deny it. You don’t have to say much but do say something. You can be at the grocery store, coffee shop or walking the streets everyone needs to feel wanted. At the very least smile and give a warm handshake or wave your hands at least. Even if they don’t acknowledge you at least you have done your job.

Until next time it is nice to have you as a friend no matter how far or near we are to each other or whether we have met or not. Many blessings to you.  

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Enjoy the Coffee

Since I have been writing a lot of serious things of late I decided to do a little more not so serious. I think we can say that is how our lives go to. We sometimes go from one extreme to another depend on how life is going.

When it comes to life and the purpose of it a lot of adults include coffee in it. Personally I am not a big fan of coffee. I do go to my neighborhood coffee shop almost every day. It isn’t a Starbucks though there are plenty of them in my neighborhood. My drink of choice right now is an iced Americano with white chocolate. I know it has coffee in it but the reason for the white chocolate as well. On Sunday mornings at church I put in a little bit of coffee and whole lot of milk or cream. White chocolate, milk or cream takes out the bitter taste of coffee for me. 

I notice a lot of kids get hot chocolate at the coffee shop. I would do so but it is not good for me. Now you say well coffee isn’t either. You are correct so I have decaf in my Americano. Also I only have one cup per day anyway. I am not a big fan of tea however I do have one of them once in a while. I may have a frap or a smoothie once in a while as well. The Americano is my drink of choice right now but that could change soon as well.

Another drink that a lot of adults like for life and purpose is beer. I am not sure about that one either. I don’t like beer either so I haven’t had one in a long time. I remember having beer when I was nineteen and came down with a hangover. At that point I decided that was it. Usually if I have alcohol it is a glass of wine. I don’t drink a lot of pop as well. When I do it is usually seven-up, sprite or lemonade. I am not a fan of cola’s either so I never drink them unless it is a choice between them or water. Most of the time I choose water though I am not a fan of straight water too; as of late I have been drinking sparkling water with a flavor like mixed berry or orange mango. I heard that mangoes are good for us so have them in smoothie form sometimes as well.

Ok so a good purpose of life is what we drink. I know that food is in the mix as well. I mostly eight chicken along with fish and once in a while a burger. Since I am trying to lose weight which by the way I am doing pretty good right now I try not eat chicken, fish or any kind of meat three times a week. On those days I stay with vegetables and fruit only. I do try to drink sparkling water between meals.

So enjoy your purpose of life in whatever form it comes in. Until next time enjoy your weekend.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Swinging High

A few days ago I saw on social media an old swing set. Someone ask if we remember them and I certainly do.

The swing sets I grew up on were two of them. One of them was at my elementary school and the other was at the city park.

The one at the park was in the same area as our little league baseball team had our home games. It was right next to where the seats were to watch the ball games. Now the park has moved the swing set. Actually it is a new set the old one has been gone for a while.

The swing set at school was next to where the teachers parked their cars which wasn’t too far away from the school building. The swing set is no longer there because the school is no longer there as well. I can’t remember how many years it has been now but the school district built a new school at a different location. Where the school was is now city hall including the police station.

I still have good memories of the school. When I went to the school it was brand new. It was opened when I started in first grade. My older sister Barb went to another school. At the time it was the only elementary school within the city limits. The other schools were outside the city limits.  Goodman Junior High where I went later was in the school limits however Peninsula High School where I graduated was in nearby Purdy.

What I remember most about the swing set at the park was seeing how high I could go without falling off. I was amazed by some older kids who could go really high and not fall off. I know later on when I got bigger I was able to go higher but I am not sure whether I did as much as those kids did. Usually I spent the time on the swing when we were at the park for a picnic. I didn’t do much on them before a ball game.

The one memory I really remember quite well on the swing at the elementary school our dad left my brother Jack and I off on his way to work. He did that often however this day was different. This day while we were on swings an earthquake hit. The largest one we have had for some time. Most of the other kids were on the school bus or still at home. Jack and I were the only kids at school. In fact not many teachers had come either yet. When the earthquake hit my teacher had just arrived. She was bringing things in for our popcorn and candy sale. This was to raise money for our trip to the Woodland Park Zoo up in Seattle. The next year was when we took the trip by train. It was the first time on the train for me and I never was another one until I took a trip to Europe as an adult. What I remember that day of the earthquake the doors of the school started swinging open and I went to help my teacher the best I could to get everything for the sale indoors. It was one of those memories you always remember even if not all the details.

I really enjoyed going on the swing sets. There is so much fun to do so and laugh a lot at the same time. I am sure most everyone has a memory of being on a swing set. Laughter is always good medicine.