Sunday, December 31, 2017

Looking Ahead

What is there to say on the last day of the year except “Happy New Year”.  I believe in living one day at a time however it is hard when others are wishing you a happy new year on this day but that is what I am going to try to do anyway.

January has always been any interesting month especially in my family because my sister Barb’s birthday is in a week then her son Connor is the day after hers, then her oldest son Ken is ten days later and then my younger brother Jack’s birthday is near the end of the month. In fact his birthday is four weeks exactly after New Year’s Day. Mother sends Barb a check so that she, Connor and Ken can go out for dinner on her. Mom has been doing that for a long time now.

One thing we can count on in January here in Western Washington it will continue to rain. Right now we are in the middle of the raining season. The Seattle Weather Station said that Seattle has ten more inches of rain this year than the normal. We have to continue to see how the rainfall goes this time.

It would be nice to see more snow this winter however having snow on Christmas made my dream come true. We haven’t had a lot of White Christmases around here. In fact I don’t remember many at all.

Whatever 2018 brings you at least enjoy this day as you ring in the new year. Don’t drink too much because I don’t want to see 2018 go out bad footing for you. I will likely stay home unless I get an offer I can’t refuse. May today and the next 365 days be a blessing to you. May your purpose and destiny flourish. May those around you receive all the gifts that you have to offer. Amen!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Our Attention

 A couple days ago an old classmate posted a story about a teenager who committed suicide and left a note. I am not sure if it was true or fake news however the message sounded true whether by the teenager or not. The teenager left the note saying that if the note was read she had committed suicide. The classmate felt so bad because of the pressure her parents had put on the teenager.

I shared with my classmate that I could relate to the teenager because when I was that age I dealt with depression myself. I never considered suicide however at times I wish that I had died when I was burned at age 4. I didn’t actually mention this in that post but I could understand the depression the teenager went through.

The problem is that today because of social media pressure is so much higher than in my day as a teenager. Not only does parents and peers put pressure on so do schools and special interest groups like LGBT. I am sure the reason that suicides among teenagers has grown. Everyone in my mind should be ashamed of themselves. Young people need to discover who they are without pressure. What is really bad that is going on with preteens as well. A great reason the country and the world is going down morally. The kids that have great parents are very blessed because no one else in general care about them and it is important that we do.

My old classmate feels so ashamed that she wasn’t aware of my situation as well as others. I am not here to condemn her because many of those like me have kept quiet far as depression as well. I can say too though I had to deal with bullies in my time as well the world is full of them at a greater level. Time for change and I hope 2018 will help in this regard. If you have teenagers not only listen to them but pray for them and all the other teenagers around the world. Amen!

Friday, December 29, 2017


Including today we have three days remaining in 2017. I know that there are those who are really into the New Year thing. I have to admit that I am not really myself. I guess if I were in a relationship likely would be more open to it though staying home with that person would be my ideal.

My thought or maybe it is an opinion most that go out to celebrate bringing in the new year it is a good excuse to party and drink. The party part I don’t have a problem with it is the drinking part. I don’t want to be where there is a lot of drinking however that is me. I think a lot of people believe you can’t have a party without drinking which I don’t think is true. If I go to a party and alcohol is available I will have one drink only. I think it is OK that people drink but don’t get drunk. One thing for sure don’t drive. Also I would never stay out late. I would go home as soon as the New Year happens. The reason is so many terrible things happen in the early hours and I would prefer avoiding them.

Whatever you are doing to close out the year be sure to have a good time however be safe at the same time. Make sure you are focused on your goals for the year ahead. Continue making your plans and enjoy those you are with. Our purposes in life should be the goal ahead for us. For me the goal is to know God better and do what he wants me to do. Like my theme for the coming year “Let’s do it”.  I will continue though with pressing on as well. Peace be with you and call everything joy.  

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Going Into New Year


Here we are ready to start a new year. I am not really into New Year’s resolution however it is important to make plans. I am sure with the new year some people will be moving or taking a new job. This definitely takes adjustments well as planning.
Currently I am a care giver for my mother who is 97 years old. She is in pretty good health for her age however she won’t live forever; at least I don’t think so. LOL.  I have some ideas what I will do when she is gone. For instance I would like to do some traveling and of course I will take you all on the adventure with me on this blog. I will have to downsize so that will take some time. My sister and brother along with their children will take some of the items while we will likely sell some as well. Going to travel I will have to put remaining items into storage. Even if I were to stay in Gig Harbor I would move to a smaller apartment. I would not need to space that she and I have right now. To stay in the current apartment I would have to take on a couple roommates which isn’t the easiest thing to do as most would know. A smaller apartment I would still look at getting a roommate to keep my cost down. With the rising of development in the area the cost of renting continues going up.
Early January most everyone here in the area will have to make an adjustment because one of our grocery stores is closing while another is moving to a new location. The new location will be at least twice as big as the current location. The store that is closing is owned by the same company that runs the store that is moving. What will be interesting is to see what moves into the old location along with the store that is closing. We have heard rumors what may move into the old location however nothing on the one that is closing. The one that is closing the announcement was just within the last month so I am sure the shopping center is only in planning stages of who may move in and agreements would have to be filed. So now this area of Gig Harbor there will be now two grocery stores instead of three. Many of those shopping at the store that is closing will likely go to the one that is opening the new location at the beginning. I actually shopped at all three grocery stores depending on the items I had to purchase. The reason is some items one store had the others didn’t. For example my mother likes a specific yogurt the store that is closing only provided. I hope one of the two remaining stores will have the yogurt. I am pretty sure the new store will have the yogurt.
Another change in Gig Harbor for 2018 is a new mayor and city council. They were voted in by a large margin because they promised to decrease the development that has been going on in Gig Harbor. The cost of living continues going up at a high rate. I am sure many other areas are going through the same thing. Seattle being about an hour or a little longer to commute depending on traffic many new people to the area taking jobs primarily in high tech are moving into the suburbs like Gig Harbor because the cost of living in Seattle is skyrocketing so that means the costs are going up here as well. The rate that the cost is going if it continued many of those like myself living here a long time won’t be able to afford living here. This was the platform that the new mayor came in to keep the cost down and the development. It is hard to believe how large the homes that are being built in the area as well. The house I grew up in was good size in its day and is one of only four that is still remaining in the neighborhood. All the rest of the homes have been replaced by a lot larger homes. In fact I would say that they are at least twice as big as my old house. Also many of the homes being built are really close to each other. Not much of a yard to speak of that is for sure.
So whatever changes that are in the works for the new year don’t go into the whole resolution thing just plan right now what you want to have for changes and the best of luck to you.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Ever since the beginning of mankind technology has evolved. I am sure nothing like it is today when technology continues to change on a daily basis it seems.

Computers and cellphones make up a big part of our lives today.  Sometimes I wonder what we did before there was either one of them. Before the internet we had to look things up in a whole different way. Everything was written down on paper for people to check out. Now paper is used primarily to print what you have found or sent from another person or business. My mother doesn’t go on the internet and I have to check her email. If it is important enough I print it out for her to see otherwise I will tell her.

The media has changed and I wonder what it will be like in the next five years. I figure most television programs will be lived streamed. Television, radio and the newspaper all do live programs almost all the time through social media. Even we can as normal citizens live stream as well. Personally I enjoy writing doing this blog each day however there could be a time where I will have to do so through video.

The church I go to in my home town of Gig Harbor live stream the service each Sunday so those in other parts of the country and world can see the service. The cost is so minimal with using a camera or two or even using a smart phone if you prefer depending on the quality you want to see. Actually it is quite amazing the quality that comes through on a smart phone. So if I travel or I am home sick I can view the service live. The church also records the messages or what is common known as sermons where you can watch or listen to them at any time. The church has classes on Tuesday night where they can be seen live or recorded as well. In five years we will have more technology that will blow our minds I am sure.

The newspaper business especially in printed form is becoming more obsolete. The local daily newspapers here are much smaller now being sent out primarily because most people go on line to view the stories. News we can see or hear about just seconds after it has happened. We can see reporters on the seen before any morning, noon or evening broadcast. The printed newspaper the news is so outdated when it shows. I do read the printed paper myself sometimes in the morning to read the sports and comics primarily. I scan the front page to see what the top stories are however most of them I have already heard about but I like seeing more in detail. Depending on the time I have I often read the stories on line as well. I have social media where I find the link to the story quicker instead of going to the website to scan. I am sure in five years there won’t be any printed paper any longer.

What I like about the whole internet and social media is that I can make a difference in others life by encouraging them like through this blog. Also I have a group that I send daily scriptures that will encourage family and friends. There are some in the group that I don’t know because family and friends have added them to the group which is fine with me. I call the group “edify” I figure it is really appropriate in what I post.

I am sure in 2018 we will see more technology then what we have right now. Most important it will be easier to access than ever before. Remember to enjoy the real world where we are in contact with others besides being on line all the time. I have been writing this blog on a desktop however last week I got a lap top and can wifi now as well. So I may write more often on this blog. I will try to write smaller posts. This one seems to be longer than most. I guess you could say I have a lot to say today. Many blessings while we look forward to the new year.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day or whatever you do to celebrate. Besides the celebration of Christ’s birth it is receiving gifts or what is known as presents.
The greatest gift we have is ourselves. We can share ourselves with people every day as long as we live. We should remember that we are each a gift in our own unique way. In fact within us are many gifts. We may not know all the gifts that we have but doesn’t change that we have them anyway.
The important thing is for us to share these gifts with one another. I would have to say our number one gift is our personality. Out of our personality will come several gifts.  Another gift we have is our heart and everyone sees that to on a regular basis. The important thing is not to hide some of those gifts that you have. I know this is because of fear or that you have been rejected before however it is important to bring every gift out into the open. It is important not only for yourself but for those you see whether it is your family, friends, acquaintances or a stranger you meet. Again your life is the greatest gift of all with all the others wrapped up together. Peace and happiness to you all. Amen!


Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas to All

 Hello Everyone I want to wish you all a wonderful and blessed Merry Christmas. I hope that you are spending this day with your loved ones.

Here in Western Washington we got a surprise on Christmas Eve with some snow. It started coming down in the midafternoon. Depending where you lived it was probably an inch or two which I will take.

This is the first Christmas that I remember having snow. The weather station said this was the fourth time snowing on Christmas Eve in my life time. In the past one hundred and thirty years it is only the seventh time snowing on Christmas Eve. A couple of those in my lifetime it was so little snow that it was likely gone by Christmas. I do remember a couple times when I was in elementary school we were let out on the last day of school before Christmas vacation early. That is what they called it back then. Also I remember when I was nineteen we had a pretty good snow storm the day after Christmas. I remember that well because I was working at my vocational school radio station and I had to go in to put the station on the air. I to remember it was difficult to get out of the driveway. I did get to school however I was a little late so the station went on the air not on time. I am sure the listeners were glad that we were on the air at all so they could hear my news reports and music.

I want to that you all that read this blog. I am amazed that over a dozen different countries read this and I know to you enjoy being encouraged each day. So again have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. We will get together once again tomorrow.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Love Today

This is Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas to you all. We all know that Christ was not born at this time most likely however the Christian church decided a long time ago to celebrate it on this date.

Jesus Christ birth that leads to his death in his early thirties on the cross to die for our sins is a love story by God. You see God loves us so much that he wanted each one of us to be with him heaven however only the righteous can enter heaven. You see none of us can or deserve to be in heaven because of our sin. You may believe that you’re a good person but if you have sinned even once than you have disqualified yourself to enter heaven. The truth is no matter how good we think we are we all have blown it. We all have sinned so on our own we can’t enter heaven however God decided he had to find a way for us to be righteous. The reason we die is because of our sin which goes back to the time of Adam and Eve.

So God decided to send his Son Jesus Christ into the world to die for us. He had no sin however he put every sin on himself that has ever been committed by all mankind when he went onto the cross. So you now are righteous if you believe in Jesus Christ and accepted to enter heaven no matter how many sins you have committed. The key is to ask for forgiveness and turn your life over to him. I know it may be simple however it is the reason so many can’t believe because either they can’t believe for being so simple or they don’t deserve to be forgiven. Whatever the reason you may have not accepted Christ yet this can be the day that you do. This day can be the day that your life changes forever.

When the wise men or the three Kings or whoever they were came to bring gifts at the birth of Jesus Christ they thought he was the Messiah. This is who he was however they didn’t know that he was much more. They had no idea that he came to live for the reason to die on the cross for them and all mankind. Rejoice in the birth of Christ and accept him today. This is what true love is today! Amen!

Saturday, December 23, 2017


In life something we all have to work on is patience. This is especially true this time of the year when family and friends get together.

Often we can feel impatient with others. This is especially with those who we may have some disagreements with. Also this is really true when going shopping and there are a lot of other people doing the same thing. We have to be patient that our turn will happen.

Like many other things in our lives it may take many years if not our whole life to be patient. I am sure those who are patient can tell us stories how they got that way. Other words the road I am sure was rocky and many times went flat.

Most of the time I am patient but I do catch myself once in a while where I still know that I have a ways to go in that department. Like most of us we will fall down and have to get ourselves back up again. The important thing is that we realize this is a short coming in our lives and we want to make it better.

So while we work on becoming more patient let us enjoy this great and marvelous holiday season. Amen!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Catching Up

I believe it is always good to have a reunion regardless of who it is with and for how long. Thursday Mother and I had lunch with my cousin Christy and her husband David for a short period of time. We caught up with the recent news though did get a Christmas letter from them and we are on social media as well. Also we saw loving pictures of their two granddaughters. The oldest is twenty-five months and the youngest is about four months. They are happy having the granddaughters in part because they have three sons and no daughters so this is a very best thing.

Earlier in the day I stopped at my favorite coffee shop and there were two young women who met up together. It looked like they hadn’t seen each other for a little while at least. I am sure they are college students who are home for holiday break.

I know to that not all families get along and I am fortunate with blessings that my family does. Next to my relationship with God I believe the time I spend with family and friends is very important no matter how long it is. Even seeing someone for a moment and waiving hands is a blessing in my book. We all should make as much an effort to get along with as many people as we can. Of course we won’t be able to with everyone because of personality clashes or there are those who don’t really care about others. In these cases we should put a smile on our faces and do the best we can. At least this time of the year we can say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy holidays”.

Although I will be disappointed because I  will only be with mom for Christmas far as family goes it will be great to talk with them on the phone. Remember to enjoy those you are with at any time. We don’t know how short our time is here. God bless and peace be with you. Amen!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Year Coming to Close

It is amazing to think that 2017 is now coming to close in a few days. For those who still write checks will have to remember to enter 2018 instead.

I hope that everyone have had a wonderful 2017 that can be remembered with a smile for some time. I am sure we have known someone or more than one that passed away this year. Fortunately no one in my immediate family died which is always good news.

The theme for 2017 has been to press on no matter what has happened this year. Discover more what our purpose and destiny why were created by God in the first place. The everyday grind can get in the way of fulfilling our purpose and destiny. The important thing is to wake up in the morning and ask God to help us fulfill our purposes. In many ways these purposes can happen in small ways. Our lives can be where we wonder if we are doing anything with our purpose. I give you an example if you are a mother your purpose is to raise your children in becoming good if not great adults. Of course mistakes will happen however the importance is to the best that you know how. Needing to have any assistance go to your mother or someone that you respect as a mother. This will go for fathers as well though you have responsibility to work as well. Those that are working mothers don’t feel bad if you are not there for everything that your children do. These days often both parents have to work.

If you have any time available for this next week or so write down your accomplished that you have succeeded this year in one column and in another column what you would like to accomplish next year. Put in a safe place where a year from now you can see how well you did. Of course you won’t be perfect however you may even do better than you thought.

The theme for 2018 I feel should be “let’s do it”.  What I mean is for those of us are discovering our purpose and destiny go out and do it. If you are already than continue to go further. This is where plans should come in. Maybe it is important to add to what you are already doing or replacing what you have been doing with something new. The importance all together is doing what you were created to. Amen!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Things Happen


Tuesday was one of those days you can call things happen. Doing my errands including going to the bank and getting the statement of the credit card that doesn’t make sense I came home to find that the microwave is no longer working. I tested it and unplugged the microwave however still not working. Of course I need a microwave so got back into my trusted car and went to buy another one. Fortunately nothing happened during the trip that would be worthy to say things happen. The new microwave went off without a hitch.

After having lunch using the new microwave in another hour taking mom to her hair appointment; no problem there everything went fine got a coffee drink for her and I while having her hair done.

When I got back home I figured it is time to setup my new laptop I got on Monday. Oh boy this is the second thing that I found out things happen. I was not a happy camper and I let the retailer clerk know over the phone. He told me that office should be loaded and that I don’t need a product key. I told him it asked me for one. I gave him the model of the laptop and he returned with great news office doesn’t come with that computer. Other words I have pay more money out for office program. If it had just word on it I would be fine with it. Of course you have to buy the whole office suite.  I could pay ten bucks a month for it or one hundred and fifty dollars. The rep asked me why I didn’t ask about the word package. I presumed that it came with the laptop. I guess for the future don’t presume anything. He told me that I can return the laptop for total refund which I may do. Now I have to investigate the lowest price on a laptop that includes the office suite. If it had notepad I would be fine with it too however this version had a program that you can put down notes but is very limited. Again live and learn when things happen.

Update from the derailment on Monday only three died instead of seven that were originally reported. They are continually investigating to see what caused the train to go 80 miles an hour where the speed limit is 30. The Washington state department of transportation officials thinks that the engineer might have been distracted by an engineer in training. The answers will come forward when they are able to see and hear the recordings including a video that took place.

On Thursday my cousin Christy and her husband will be stopping by for lunch on their return trip back to British Columbia Canada. They have spent the last two months in their home away from home in Arizona. They usually go both in fall and then again in February however this time they plan a trip to Morocco and England instead. We will learn more about that trip plus plan the trip north in 2018 since we couldn’t make it in 2017 because of wild fires and illness. I expect going in May before the wild fires usually happen. Going depends on my elderly mother’s health as well.

Anyway I learned some lessons when things happen. Number one is don’t presume anything. Again have a happy holiday season and good cheer.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


On Monday morning there was tragic accident in nearby DuPont that derailed a train going from Seattle to Portland Oregon. It was the first running of the train going on tracks next to Interstate 5. Previous the trains ran next to the water. In fact I can hear the trains most nights from where I live.

It has been reported that seven people on board of the train were killed and around one hundred injured. About seventy-five of the injured were sent to six of the hospitals in the area. There was one retired gentlemen from my town of Gig Harbor decided to go on this first run anticipating return back yesterday as well. He was actually on one of the local television stations being interviewed before the train left Tacoma.

In even a more personal manner my cousin Jennifer has taken the train often between Seattle and Portland. She lived most of her life in Seattle however now lives in Astoria, Oregon however her job takes her to Seattle so she takes the train. In fact on Sunday she took the old route to Seattle. As of right now the trains are taking the old route. The investigation is ongoing right now however the cause of the derailment could be that the train was going too fast.

Monday afternoon after going through my physical therapy I got on Highway 16 that goes along side of Gig Harbor toward Bremerton. The traffic was unusually heavy for the time of the day. I thought it could be that there are those who are on vacation. When I got home I found out those who were heading south toward Olympia Washington or further were being routed through highway 16 since Interstate 5 had been closed from DuPont and there isn’t another way to get there without going onto Highway 101 but to get there has to use highway 16. Many of the side streets in Gig Harbor were being used by locals who normally take highway 16 so they were heavy as well.

Beyond the tragic of the derailment we never know what a day will bring for all of us. We have to be willing to go with the flow or in this case may have to stay home. I not only pray for those who lost family members in this accident but those are injured as well. I hope never again that traffic will have to be routed through highway 16. May you have peace beyond all understanding today. Amen!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Let Go and Be Crazy

It might sound different for a Monday however I figure at times we need let go and be crazy. In my mind it doesn’t mean that you become irresponsible but do something that you haven’t done before or in a long time.

We all need to relax once in a while besides going on a vacation or you can do this in place of a normal vacation. Often you have to feel like you need to take another vacation when you return from the one you are on.

Being crazy could be for you to go somewhere you have dreamed of going for a long time but figured you couldn’t afford it or take the time to do it. If money is still the object of not going find a cheaper way to go or another place that might fit in as a replacement; often those dream places are a far distance away instead go to a place that is close and do the things that would like to do anyway.

I know though I use humor in my daily life I still get too serious so it is nice to find a way to get away. A way to be crazy would to turn off your computer and smart phone for a week. You may find life to be quiet and content. The phone of course you still have to be around just in case of an emergency however it is turned off otherwise. If it is important to have your smart phone on all the time just stay away from social media for a week. I have known people that have done that.

I am sure there are other ideas you can figure out that are outside the normal. For you that might be the best craziness that you can handle.

We have a week until that day we all call Christmas. Whatever shopping you must do find to do it quickly. I have to admit I haven’t done any yet however the plan is to get started this afternoon. I have looked at ideas just haven’t gotten anything yet. So let go and be crazy today.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Building Ourselves Up

In this age we hear so much negative talk whether it is thru the news, social media or other sources it is important that we build ourselves up.

The theme this year has been to press on and part of the package is that we must build ourselves up in a positive way. I admire those who are able to that on a regular basis however some of us are not able to do so. I know that I struggle when it comes to positive image of myself or in another way loving me.

It is so easy to think of ourselves in a negative light if we grew up being told those things as well. In fact I find it strange or different when I am given a compliment from someone. So I figure it is time to build myself up in a positive way. How do I accomplish this I read the Bible where God tells me who I am and that he loves me even more than I do. Also there are other books that we can read that are positive. We can read books about those we admire and sink in every word that we read. We should spend reading a paragraph and then meditate on what we have just read. It may take longer for us to read however it will be hopeful. In fact if we find a sentence or paragraph that really speaks to us we should not only meditate on those words but read them over and over until they sink into our soul.

What a great way to read and discover who we are. In the end love ourselves like no other. This way we will love others much as we love ourselves. Amen!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Travel Washington State

Since I am one that enjoys being around people and to encourage them as well I want to travel as much as I can. This includes the area I live in.

Although I would love to travel around the world and see most of it I have to be realistic that it is probably less expensive to see the area I live in. I hope to do so that I can share with others as well here on the blog.

Washington State is a beautiful place to live though this time of the year can be difficult because of the rain. I wish we had more snow where I live in Gig Harbor however we do have both the Cascades and the Olympic Mountains. We are located about half way between them and that is probably why we don’t get a lot of snow. That is only my guess though. So if you come for a visit in the winter you must go see either the Cascades or the Olympics. I can see Mt. Rainier almost every day from where I live. It is the largest mountain in the Cascades and the second in the USA.

The other mountains within the Cascades is Mt. Baker which is north of Seattle near Bellingham and close to the Canadian Border. Going south there is Mt. Saint Helens where there was a volcano eruption on May 18 1980 and Mt. Adams. Both of them are not far from Vancouver Washington. In Oregon there is Mt. Hood not far from Portland and a must see place to go is Crater Lake. The Cascades go into Northern California where you can visit Mt. Shasta and Lassen Peak.  Just traveling along to see the sites of the Cascades in itself is great and could take several days to do so.

The Olympic Mountains is not as large a range as the Cascades it is only located in Washington state. It is a wonderful place to visit as well though. You can get to the Olympics on highway 101 that travels in part along the Washington coast as well. So you can stop and view the Pacific Ocean in a number of places.  Within the Olympic Mountains is Hurricane Ridge which you get to from Port Angeles, the Hoh River, Lake Quinault and then there is Mt. Olympus, Mt. Constance and the Brothers. The Brothers I can actually view from Highway 16 in the opposite direction of Mt. Rainier in the Cascades. If you are an avid hiker the Olympics are a great place to spend times hiking. When I was in high school I hiked on three fifty mile hikes while in Boy Scouts.

So there is a lot to see both south and north of Seattle well as west and east; More to come to post in the future and enjoy your travels wherever you go.

Friday, December 15, 2017

What’s Up

I figure it is important not to always be serious here. I know that my posts are meant to be encouraging but I don’t want to always be serious either.

I hope that you are all doing very well and the posts that you are reading are encouraging you and your family. I feel it is important that we are always looking to become the person God has designed us to be and the one that knows his or hers purpose and destiny. Regardless of what is happening in our lives it is important to press on.

In the end though it is important not to lose ourselves in our purpose and destiny; often people can forget themselves because they are focusing so much on the purpose and destiny. I know it is easy to do so however we still have to enjoy this life we have been given.  I know for me using humor is an important part of my life. Of course our purpose and destiny plays a major role in what we enjoy as well.

Want you all to have a wonderful weekend and I hope the holiday season is bright for you and your family. Peace and Amen!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Being a Good Person

 Most of us want to be a good person. Being the human being we are we fail a lot of the time. Some may say what do you mean I am always a good person. Are you really? If you are swearing or telling a dirty joke you are not being a good person. I am not writing this to condemn anyone it is the opposite.

For most of the religions the members have to strive to be good. You gain brownie points as I would call it being good. In fact the more good things you do the higher place you will find yourself in heaven. My belief is that we are not good at least some of the time. Being a Christian means that I do good things because I want to and not to gain brownie points. I won’t always do good because it is against our nature. Although I want to do good often I won’t. This is why Christianity is different than the other religions. I don’t have to strive or in another way pretend to be good. The reason I am good or in another way righteous is because Jesus Christ is righteous. I may fail to be good all the time however I am still loved and accepted by him. All I have to do is tell him that I am sorry. It is great freedom because I don’t have to earn brownie points to get into heaven.

So if you are striving to be good however feel condemned come to Christ who wants to love you and not to condemn you. He wants to forgive you all the wrongs that you do even when trying to be good. I really hope this is helpful to you. Amen!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

River Gives Life

I have thought over in my mind quite a few times why most populated areas near bodies of water. Where I live in Western Washington most of it is made up of water. We have a number of islands or peninsulas. My home town of Gig Harbor is on what is called the Olympic Peninsula. Many call Gig Harbor the gateway of the Olympic Peninsula. Get on this peninsula you have to across over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. It is what links the Olympic Peninsula to the rest of Western Washington. All the small islands and peninsulas have to be crossed by bridge as well or by ferry or boat. Before ferries the only way was by boat.

Most of the population in the state of Washington is in the western part of the state. There is Eastern Washington that doesn’t have nearly the population of the western part however most of its people are located near bodies of water.

So the answer to the populations being primarily being near oceans, lakes and rivers because that is where the animals are; much of what we eat comes out of the seas. What doesn’t we have to plant and harvest. This has to be near water because fruits and vegetables need water to survive along with animals on dry land like chickens. So water produces life in many ways. We can only survive because of water.

We are spiritual beings as well. Though not many act on the spiritual side on a daily basis it is still true. The reason we try to find answers to who we are and what are we meant to be. In a nutshell what our purpose being here is.

In the Christian Faith for those who come to God go through a ceremony called baptism and this where you get baptized into water representing new birth in Jesus Christ. God not only wants us to do this as an act but to go into the river of his Holy Spirit because that is where our life being Christians is at.

I am not sure about other religions but I am sure many if not all use water to represent life. So come to Jesus Christ to be renewed and have a new life. Join in getting in the river where life flows. Amen!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Call Out For Help

Yesterday’s post I wrote about having a temper and dealing with anger. One of the readers commented back that she wanted more encouragement concerning anger. It sounded as though she is dealing as a victim of abuse.

So often those who are in such situations are not sure how to get help and whether anyone believes them. This is especially true if the person that they are married to or have a relationship of any kind with has a high reputation. We all have heard here in the USA anyway a couple anchormen on national news were fired because of relationships they had with co-workers. I know to it took a long time for those women to come forward as well. We don’t know all the details however the women I am sure felt they could end up losing their jobs if they didn’t participate and refused to go along.  So this has all come to the forefront so no matter where you are at especially if you feel that physical harm will come to you or already has like this woman that asked for encouragement go for help. It was my recommendation to her go find a pastor, minister, priest or rabbi that you feel that you can trust for help. You can find a professional counselor or a woman that works in that area as well. My encouragement is not to waste any time and go if you feel in danger. Also don’t rationalize that the other person will change. This goes to for men as well who might be getting abused as well. I recommend that you don’t tell the one who has the temper and is abusive that they need help because I think they could become abusive. They need to recognize what they are doing and someone outside of the situation like a friend should speak with them. In fact I would have two to go and confront. I really hope this helps all of you who maybe in a situation like this or you know someone that is.  One last thing God loves you very much. Don’t feel condemned and that God doesn’t understand. If anyone knows better and understands it is God himself. Amen!  

Monday, December 11, 2017

Hold Your Temper

We all have life issues that we have to deal with and many have to with anger. I feel blessed that most of the time I don’t have to deal with anger and I not having a temper. Once in a while I do get upset and let my tongue loose for a moment than I am back to my regular self. For me this might happen once a year which I feel that I don’t have to deal with a problem.

For those of you who may deal with anger and have a temper I would look to find someone that can help you out. I know that there are those will give excuses like “well my father had a temper and so did his father so I inherited it.”  We have all inherited things from our fathers whether good or bad however it is not an excuse to have it not taken care of.

I am sure that you have seen others that are not able to control their anger and they can get into a lot of trouble over it. For some they may even end up in jail because they hurt someone really bad. It is possible that you have been lucky so far that nothing has happened to cause any consequences when you lose your temper. So it is important to get help before consequences happen. You don’t want to hurt someone especially a spouse or your children.  Even if you don’t hurt them physically I am sure you have emotionally and if it continues you could lose your family.

If you know someone with a temper I would confront them about their problem. If they are bigger physically than you and you’re not sure how they would react I would take a friend that knows them as well and go together. You can save a life this way.

It is important that we help those who are need regardless of their problems. I certainly know that I would like to have friends that care enough to help me out. This shows love in the right way. Amen!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Letter to the Hurting

Hello I know this time of the year represents joy and I am sorry that you don’t feel that way yourself. This week three people I know have died and I can’t imagine how their families feel. This time of the year will never seem to be same because loss of a loved one who won’t be at Christmas dinner again. I know that the circumstances are different for you but the results are the same the lack of joy because you are hurting. I can relate to you and those who have lost someone. Although I didn’t lose anyone this time of the year I still don’t have them here at Christmas. The dinner table isn’t the same anymore. I try to make the best of Christmas however joy is hard to come by. I am not writing you for a solution other than choose to be happy. The hurting often makes us forget things and it is important to think of those who are no longer with us. How would they feel knowing we are not happy at Christmas time and another thing let us remember those Christmases when they were with us. The most important thing is that we haven’t forgotten them because they are in our hearts every day that we live and they are part of who we are just like those who are still with us. I am not telling you this just so you don’t hurt any longer I am doing for myself as well. So today let’s choose to overcome the hurting we feel right now and join in with all the others celebrating joy. Thank you so much for reading my letter to you and have yourself a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sincerely Herb Nightingale

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Hope For Today

In our life all we have is hope for today. It is natural that we make plans for tomorrow and the future however today is all we have promised. This could be the only day we have.

My mother is ninety-seven now so naturally I could be around for another thirty years or so however it doesn’t change that today is all that I am promised. Our hope in today is to the best we can and we are a success than it gives hope for tomorrow. Not necessarily for ourselves but those who remain here. Yes we must do the very best that we can for today since tomorrow isn’t promised.

We are only one person however can do things even those that are small can change things for a better tomorrow. Whether we know it or not other people see and watch our actions hopefully for the better. Since we are not perfect negative actions can be noticed as well. It is not all lost there as well. Not only can others learn from our positive actions they can from the negative ones. You may ask how can they learn. The answer is simple for they don’t repeat our mistake. This is the same if we are blessed to have a tomorrow.

So as the theme for this year press on and use the hope for today to be the best you are. Don’t worry about tomorrow for it will take care of its own. I remember hearing or reading that somewhere. Most likely in the Bible and so go forth with the hope you have in today.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Help Others

There are many different ways to help others. This is part of our destiny and purpose in life. In fact an important part of life and we all have to figure where we fit in the plan.

This time of the year a lot of organizations ask for donations and I know that we can’t give to every one of them unless you are a millionaire or higher. So we have to pick where we put our money. It doesn’t matter how much you can give the important thing is to do so. A lot of these organizations bank on the donations to help run them for the coming year. They do ask every month for donations however most won’t give except now.

Right now I give a little bit each time I go to the store when I see the person ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. I think it is a good idea to do so even if it is a few cents. It really adds up if a lot of people do so. Many the grocery stores have little containers when you pay for your groceries. I sometimes through in some or all of my change that are not dollar bills. Of course you put in a dollar once in a while to though I don’t see being done often. In fact thinking about I am not sure if you can drop in anything besides pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Usually I stay away giving quarters because I need them for laundry however the others work well. It is similar when I go into buying something at Goodwill. They ask whatever change is left can help their training programs and I always say yes.

Another thing I do is buy an item or two for the local food bank when they have someone hanging out at the grocery store.  It is a good idea and it is like buying a present for an additional person. Of course that is another idea there are organizations that ask to buy a present for a child who is in need. This is another worthy cause.

If you are unable to give money than you have yourself to give; you can find one of these organizations to spend time with including being a mentor. In many ways your time is more valuable than money. The important thing is to help others in whatever fashion you can because who knows we may need the help ourselves. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. Amen!

Thursday, December 7, 2017


We should all believe in miracles. I know because of tragedies happening around the world that if someone doesn’t believe in miracles it can be understandable however miracles do happen every day around us even though we may not be aware of them.

Even in the midst of tragedies there are miracles that happen. We always hear where someone is a hero even though they may have died themselves. They allowed many lives to be saved even though it wasn’t their own. I call that a miracle being helped by a hero. The late Paul Harvey used to say on his radio show “this is the rest of the story”. Often we don’t hear what happened after a tragedy where lives may have changed for the good.

As a small child of four years old I was involved in a fire where a cooked an egg on our stove and my pajamas caught on fire. I was fortunate or a miracle happened where my older sister Barb was in the next room and heard me scream. She yelled and my mother came to put out the fire. My father than rushed me to the hospital where I was at for six weeks. I don’t remember this story I was told this by my parents. I was blessed because not only did I survive the fire never spread to my face. Another second or two though could have ended in a tragedy where I died or a scar on my face. There are other miracles in my life that I can share as well that have made me the person I am today. I am sure most of us have stories to tell that shows miracles. Even us being here is a miracle or how about running into someone at the right time. Yes we have tragedies that we hear about and may have been involved in as well however miracles are a part of everyday life. Enjoy and embrace them.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


The theme for December should be love. Of course there are a number of meanings for the word of love. I won’t get into all of them the important one for this month is the true meaning of love.

What I mean is that we all search for love and those that find it are very blessed. This love is mentioned in 1 Cor13 of the New Testament. It explains that love is patient and kind along with being selfless. This means that the love of others is more important than anything else. Often people are selfish when it comes to love and in that case they really do not love at all. They may do something selfishly and explain it by saying they did it for love. In their minds they may be explaining their actions however it is not really love.

We are all looking for love and those who find it are blessed in many ways that they may not even realize it. Usually love is lost because one or both of the parties are trying to control love which turns away from love. I would call that jealousy because others love the person as well so one of the parties becomes jealous. You have the love that a man and woman share together while love can between friends as well however someone can come through and try to split up the love between the man and woman. I would call that lust over love. You truly love the other person even when they are with someone else it is best to leave that relationship alone. I know it is not easy however you love them you want the best for them and that may not be you. I know that is hard hearing or accept however it is the truth.

So the love that comes through December is the love that God has for mankind. He saw the pain and sin that man was causing knowing that it would never be turned around so he sent his son Jesus Christ into the world so that love would be the answer once again. In December we celebrate the birth of Christ and then at Easter we celebrate his death and resurrection. God did this all because of the love he has for us all. We need to accept that love he has given to us freely. In December we not only celebrate that love we do so through loving each other as well. We give gifts and presents to each other to show the love for one another. However you celebrate this month do it fully in love and denying yourself putting others first. Amen!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tis the Season

I know that not everyone that reads this blog is a Christian or celebrates Christmas so it is important for me to be kind to all right here.

A lot of people here in the USA celebrate Christmas whether they are Christian or not. In fact I would say many would say that they are Christian even if they don’t profess Christ in their lives. I am not here to offend anyone because everyone has their own beliefs even if I don’t agree with them.

Christians are not the only ones that have celebrations in December. I don’t have much knowledge of the other religions in the world except for the Jews who I know celebrate Hanukah as well. So December is the season to celebrate in whatever fashion that you do. I feel the most important thing is for all of us to celebrate each other much as giving presents or other gifts this month. The importance is to love even those who are different regardless whether it is religion, color of their skin or the country they live in. I believe we need to learn more about each other and accept each other regardless of the differences we have.

So whatever you celebrate this season in December do it with all your heart and for those around you. Spend time with your family even those who you may not agree with either. Remember life is short and we have no idea when it will end for each of us. God bless you all this season.  

Monday, December 4, 2017

Being Lifted Up

Being a Christian the first one to lift me up each morning is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The next best thing is being lifted up by my brothers in the Lord along with family and friends.

The important thing is that we all need to be lifted up by others. Life is not an easy thing to get through. We all have times when life goes through smooth sailing however we have the times where we go through rough seas as well. The key is how do we handle things when the seas are rough in our lives and who are their when we do.

Children especially need others even beyond their parents to make it. They need to be encouraged by other children and adults. We hear all the time about teenagers who commit suicide because they feel hopeless and then is bullying which is now at a high so because of social media. Often it is hard to keep a secret these days and who to know to trust. Having a trusted friend is like a gold mine worth more than anything. It is important that we never forget our friends especially those who will be there for us no matter the situation.

So when you are doing well reach out to those who are not doing as well. Actually you should do that even when you are not doing as well either because we can lift ourselves up in this manner by taking the focus off of us.

Regardless of what is happening with us there is always someone we probably know that is worse off than we are. We can all use a brother or sister who understands where we are living right now. So when you go to bed and then when you wake up from a good sleep ask the Father in heaven to give you strength to make it through the day and bring someone in your path that can use the strength as well. Amen!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Wet Saturday

We had quite a wet Saturday here in western Washington. I was surprised to find out we didn’t get even an inch of rain because we had some times where it came down very heavy. I know because I was out in it while helping church youth group selling Christmas Trees to raise money for themselves. All the money goes to charity because the tree farm that they come from gives their proceeds to a couple charities while the youth group takes the money they receive to help them out for the year. I enjoy helping a good cause besides meeting people. Some I remember from past years and new ones as well. It is really nice to hear their stories and I enjoy seeing the children as well.

The good news is that Sunday and Monday it is supposed to be cloudy which we have a  lot of those days especially during the winter however the sun is supposed to be out the rest of next week plus partly on the weekend as well. This is always good news to hear. Everyone seems to have an attitude change when the sun comes out.

The amazing part I find when it does rain like it did on Saturday a lot of people don’t dress appropriate for it. Other words you think it was summer here instead. You could say people want to dress how they feel comfortable. I wear my rain jacket for these six months where it rains more often than not. My jacket is yellowish green so when I am out walking the drivers can spot me without a problem.

I figure that life has to go on no matter the weather. With this rain it is nice to see other people indoors as well whether they are shopping or stopping for a cup of coffee. I really enjoy seeing the young children. I get entertained just by watching others and wondering about their lives.  I find some that easy to talk with while others are not that interested in sharing theirs. I figure that I am an open cover probably a good reason to write this blog as much as anything.

The important thing for me is to share my story to help others in their story. Since we have to live on this planet we must do the best we can and use the gifts and talents God has given us. I enjoy using my humor to the fullest as well. So I end it right here to say for all of us to press on to do the calling of the Lord he has given us to do. Amen!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Being Successful

Looking at this year I believe it is important for us to evaluate our lives and see how successful it has been this year.

Let you know not only does God love you very much he wants you to have a successful life as well. A major play in success is to acknowledge him as Lord and Savior. You do so than your success will be greater than your failure. It doesn’t mean that you fail at times because Satan who is known as the devil as well wants you to fail at every turn. In fact that is his mission that you do fail. Also he doesn’t want you to know your destiny and purpose in life and work it out. He will bring every distraction in your way. You see Satan hates you as much as God loves you. He will want you to feel guilty and condemned because of your sin. It is because of our sin that we fail so often to meet our purpose and destiny however God wants to forgive us for our sin however we must ask for forgiveness and repent. So if you don’t know what repent means it is to turn the other way from your sin. You ask for forgiveness and then you turn your life in the other direction from what caused you to sin. It doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t sin again even in the same manner. The important thing is to turn the other way when you recognize what you have done. God will help you change your life in those areas that you are not successful in. The reason you are a success is what Jesus Christ did on the cross and turn you back to be the person you were originally designed to be. He created a purpose and destiny that is unique to you. The reason you are here is not an accident. The importance to is to recognize others in the same way and those who need help that is just part of your destiny.

Look at your successes of 2017 and prior years along with the failures to look forward to 2018. You don’t have to wait for success until 2018 you can do it today. Amen!