Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day

What is there to say about Leap Day when it only comes every four years. It is easy to remember what year because it is the same as the presidential election. By the way I am tired of already what I have heard about the election. Oh Boy!  Why do people have to write about it on social media? I have decided not to respond to any of them because truthfully I don’t like any of the front running candidates so I won’t vote unless something changes which I am sure many will say that I am not a true America. On the other hand I say why vote for anyone you do not want for President. I do hope there is someone I can vote for when November comes around.

Anyway back to the primary topic in Leap Day. I don’t really have much memories of past Leap Day’s the thing though I always want to know those whose birthday is February 29 what do they do on the other three years before the next one comes up. Do they celebrate on the 28th or just skip the birthday? One thing I am sure they celebrate their birthday like no other.  Say that I am thirty-two years old since I am not born on leap day does that make them eight? Oh so confusing to say the least. I hope you know someone today is their birthday so you can have a great time and ask them all about the questions the rest of us have.

Also, what are you doing for the extra day we are having this month and year? Are you taking this off like it is a holiday or is it just another day at work.  Anyway Happy Leap Day to all and look forward to you again four years.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Music in My Bones

Yesterday I wrote about singing and I realize that I have music in my bones. I don’t really play any instrument other than bongo drums and my singing voice is a little bit more than average however I do enjoy singing a lot along with listening to music.

I have been into music since I was a young child. I believe everyone should have love of music to some degree or another. This is even true of those who can’t play an instrument, carry a tune or a beat.

I am really into most types of music except opera and rap music. Also, there is some country music I don’t care much for either.  I don’t like opera because I don’t understand the words and the meaning of it all. I know opera is putting music to theatre however it just seems so unrealistic to me. If you enjoy opera more power to you. Rap music the beat always seems the same regardless of the words.  I know what those of you who like rap would say I am wrong however that is how I feel. I don’t mind listening to a rap song or a few just not a regular basis. I would say the same with country music that has a twang. I enjoyed watching He Haw show once in a while however it was more for the comedy than the music.

Whatever kinds of music you enjoy do it to the fullest. Let the beat and tune especially be part of you. The words really are not as important. OK  I know what I said about opera so I probably have no excuse so I can add that high pitch and the style of music of opera does not fit me either.

Another thing I enjoy doing is using my mouth like an instrument. Usually I fool around making myself sound like a trumpet and trombone. Also I find it nice to make movement with my body especially the hands and legs. I have done some dancing in the past though I am a bit rusty right now. I recommend whatever you can with music do it. I believe we can all have a great time with freedom of music.  So let music be in your bones and let loose. Yeah!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Singing A Song

I believe there is nothing better for someone to do is sing around the house when no one else is around. The second thing would be to sing in the shower especially if you have a horrible voice.  Even if you have a good voice go find some place in the house where the family is unable to here you.

These days you can listen and sing out to music on your IPad and Smart phone. When I was a kid I sang out with my radio or the record player. My bedroom was small and I did not have a door only a curtain so I had to keep the volume somewhat low except at night when the parents were in their bedroom and my brothers were downstairs in theirs. The other place I was able to listen and sing to music was downstairs in the recreation area that we had a ping pong and pool table as well. Originally it was where our grandparents lived until both of them passed away. When I was home spent a lot of time there listening to the beetles, the rolling stones, and the doors among others. My bedroom I listen to the radio to music along with sports primarily the Seattle Supersonics basketball. I have to say those were really good times. Baseball time of the year listen to the minor league teams of Seattle and Tacoma along with going over my baseball cards.

During the day I spent my childhood in the outdoors playing baseball, basketball, and football when not going to school. My best friend Gary and I would go through both of our baseball cards to see what we could do to trade with each other.  This was right after we played baseball.  

Back to music though when I entered high school my voice was changing so my mother wanted me to join the school choir because I was singing mono tone which drove everyone crazy around the house; she figured the choir director would teach me how to sing correctly which turned out to be true. Also, I joined the church choir shortly after. You have to figure with the last name of Nightingale music and song is in my bones. It should be something we all do in our lives.  I don’t sing a choir now however I do enjoy the worship music at my church. God called us all to worship and music is part of it all. Even if you are not able to carry much of a tune I would still recommend doing some singing even if it is in the shower or your car.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Calling You Friend

We all go through things in our lives that we need to call someone friend. I know that I write a lot about family and friends however I think it something very important that we continue to remember those close to us.

Regardless what happens in our lives we truly call those who will do anything for us as a friend and that can be someone in our family as well. Later today I will be going for a procedure and a friend of mine Art will be driving me to the procedure. Art I consider a friend because he has helped me out in each procedure I have gone through the last couple years. When I ask he does not hesitate to say yes. He is willing to take time off work to help me out. If he was unable to do so he would find someone to take his place. I call him a true friend. I know that there are others who would do the same.

I hope that everyone has a friend like Art who will be there for us when we need them. I know that there are others that will help me out however I can count on Art always. It is not that the others won’t help however Art is close and willing to do so. I try not to take too much of Art though and I will remember this to help him out whenever he needs me.

I want to continue encourage all of us to be family and friend. Whatever we can do for others the better person we will be. I believe being a friend is a strong part of our purpose and destiny in this life. We are all set in a place on this earth to help those around us. There is a perfect reason we may run into someone at any time and place. Look back in your life where situations happened because you were in the right place at the right time. Also, it is possible you missed something to because of the timing. There is a true possibility that you missed an accident because you were not on time. I know I try to be on time as often as I can because that is me however if I am late it could change how the day went or my life.  Often I meet someone who I may not have if I would have been a minute or even a second later; does really show that life for us has a meaning to itself.

Though it is important to make our plans for the day and stay on time we should go with the flow as well. I know I have been upset by circumstances sometime however we should not be so stressful because things are meant to be though we think differently.

Remember to say hello to a family member or a friend today. Also, if possible make a new friend today. I know someone could make my life new today.




Thursday, February 25, 2016

Seattle The Emerald City

 The two pictures shown above you can see why Seattle is called the Emerald City. Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington.  In sports Seattle is considered one of the top fourteen markets in the United States.

Seattle is surrounded around with lots of water. Growing up we usually went a couple times into Seattle every year by sailboat. Now when family visit’s usually take the ferry to Seattle from Bremerton. It is about a two hour trip to Seattle by ferry while by car going north from Tacoma it is a one hour drive depending on traffic however the trip by ferry is worth the extra time.

I really do like taking the ferry it is an easy walk around the waterfront along with going up to Pike Place Market. If you plan come to Seattle it is the place you must see. Of course the Space Needle is another attraction to visit as well. At the top there is beautiful scenery of the whole area. They have a nice restaurant as well however you likely have to make a reservation beforehand most of year. The food is very delicious too. There are many places around the Space Needle you can visit as well.

Like I said earlier Seattle has such a beautiful site at night. I enjoy it so much coming south when coming back from either Vancouver, British Columbia or Bellingham, Washington. I am not sure many cities look as beautiful at night like Seattle.

You can see Mt. Rainier nice and clear to the south and east from Seattle as well. It is so spectacular most of the time depending on the weather.

My nephew Ian and his fiancée Helen moved to Seattle eight months ago after he graduated from Harvard University and now working at Microsoft. They live in Capitol Hill area which is close to downtown. It is a lovely area for them to live. She only works about two blocks from their apartment while he takes a Microsoft shuttle to work. Being in such a good spot they are able to enjoy the night life like a young couple should. Often on the weekends they go hiking in the outlining areas of Seattle. So they are discovering what life is like living in Seattle.

Since I only go to Seattle a few times a year I really enjoy the feeling of a big city since growing up in a small town of Gig Harbor. I enjoy the small town feeling however it is always good to get that big town feeling once in a while. Seattle though has quite a few neighborhoods that still give that small town feeling so to really that feeling I have to be in downtown Seattle.  It is not quite the same feeling as Vancouver, British Columbia which is a lot larger city however Seattle does have the feeling of being international. When going to Vancouver it has the international feeling for sure however both places I feel a little like I am in a different country which I find to be real nice to. Seattle has so many fine restaurants serving food from all kind of places.

So coming to Seattle I recommend enjoying the night life along with going to the Space Needle and Pike Place Market for sure. Mt. Rainier is about a two hour drive so it is a must as well. If you enjoy hiking there are so many places nearby to do so as well.

Seattle you are a wonderful place. I enjoy calling you home away from home. I am  proud to call you my neighbor and friend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Thinking of You

Where ever I go I am thinking of you

Your breath and smile give me life beyond measure

Your beauty is like no other

I desire to kiss and hold you every minute of the day

When we talk together my heart pounds like no other

I cherish you like no other on this planet

Our love belongs together as sweet aroma

You are mine and I am yours that no one can take away

Only death will separate us in the physical realm however my thoughts of you are forever

I thought I knew what life and love were until I met you

You are my life and love that no one can take away

You give me peace and joy every second as well

I have no other words to say except I love you

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Hope You ARE Doing Well

When it comes to conversation I find it fairly easy on the service anyway. I am sure like most people I do not want to talk about serious things unless it is to someone close that I trust. I know most people are in the same boat because it is the reason that there are professionals we can go to if necessary.

Most of the time when I am talking I will joke around depending on the person. We can tell those it maybe more important to talk seriously. Last Saturday a fellow I do not know real well however I see him at the coffee shop once in a while he told me that no matter how he feels coming in that I always make him feel a lot better when he leaves. I call that part of my encouragement to others. We all have good and bad days so if I can make things better for someone else I like it. No matter what sure makes my day feel a lot better.

This Friday I will be going through a procedure that is not seriously. At least I hope so anyway. LOL.  Today and tomorrow I will be eating a low fiber diet than on Thursday and Friday I will be on fluids only. Friday will be tough since it is the second day of no food and procedure is in mid-afternoon. Also, I will be taking my mother to the regular breakfast time on Friday so I will be watching others eating. On the positive side if there is one I have done that before not eating while others are.

What I am hoping for is to lose several pounds easy. Last August I gained ten pounds all from water in my stomach and legs. I have found it is not easy to remove those pounds so I am hoping as easy they came on they will leave in the same manner in the next few days.

Another thing I hope is to be able to get on a regular diet where I can lose at least one or two pounds a week until the end of the year. My idea is to have a diet similar to what I am doing now through Friday. Not an easy thing to do I am sure you know.

Anyway I hope you are doing well yourself. I know that I won’t get the answer from you unless you leave a comment which is OK with me. The most important thing is that you know that you’re doing well. If you do have some issues find a friend that you can talk too. I know it is not easy because I don’t want to share things that I really should.

In the last two or three years my issues has been my health which I have mentioned a few times. The nice thing is that my health is in pretty good shape now and it is the reason I am able to do the procedure I will be going through on Friday. I hope this will be the last thing to do for the next several years in regards to my health. My regular doctor says that I am in pretty good health. The most important thing for all of us to do is to go through these standard procedures so our health will stay this way.

So if your health is in any question even in a small amount I recommend seeing your doctor. Often people die when they are not checked over.

In the end be positive. I know often I think of myself more than I do others however it is important to help our friends and family. May you have a great rest of the week and God bless you.



Monday, February 22, 2016

There is No Place Like Home

For most of us there is no place like where we grew up or where we still may live.

Other than a short period of time I have lived my whole life in Gig Harbor, Washington. Though I hope to do some traveling in the future Gig Harbor will always be home to me.

My sister and brother have been out of the nest of Gig Harbor for a long time however they still consider it home. My sister especially likes living in Quebec, Canada and plans to make it home the rest of her life however she still has strong feelings about Gig Harbor.

I know a lot of people who grew up in Gig Harbor and moved away but feel strong ties to the area. For some they don’t plan to move back to Gig Harbor because the area has grown so much since they left and the prices of homes has grown as well. Though this may be true the feelings still not change.

Gig Harbor is not the only place where this happens. I expect that most people who have moved away from where they spent their child years feel the same way. I know that some whose fathers were in the military and moved a lot may not have the same feeling like most but I am sure where they had their favorite moments will call that place home.

Most likely those who have moved several times after growing up will call the place they raised their children the second most important home or if you have retired the place that you live now.

I know what I am saying does not apply to everyone because you see nothing is definite for us all. Regardless of it all we should enjoy wherever we are at this moment. Like I say the future for me will be doing some traveling and when I do I want the place at the time feel like home but I do know that Gig Harbor will always be on mind. I likely will miss this place that I will have to return for a visit.

Though I do not live in the same home that I grew up in I go by the house every once in a while because I consider it home. That house brings back so many memories. Actually when I am out for a walk down on the Gig Harbor waterfront I am able to see that house across the bay. I have pointed it out to others as well.

I really do hope if you live away from where you grew up that you have the time to go back for a visit even if you do not have any family there anymore. Remember it is where you made your mark even if the memories are not as good as mine.   


Sunday, February 21, 2016


 We all have a definition of what beauty means to us. In fact there are those who write about beauty all the time. I am sure some of you have read a blog about beauty which I am sure has helped you out.

The one thing I want all of us to know including myself is that we are all beautiful in one way or another. On the outside we maybe just ordinary however inside we are beautiful. We know people that are beautiful on the outside however not as much on the inside. I am not writing this to criticize anyone whether we are beautiful or ordinary on the outside. I guess what I am saying we all need to work on the inside of ourselves. It is sort of interesting because this is not how I intended to write this in the first place but to be the person we all want to be we must work on things. The important thing is to figure out our flaws and work on them. I know that there are those who say I like myself just the way I am which is a good thing if you have many friends or at least the amount you want however if you are lonely to some degree we must look to improve ourselves.

Over the years I have taken friends advice about improving my outward appearance which has worked to some degree however I am still single. I have had people tell me how great I look but it hasn’t changed things. I am not here to put anyone down especially myself however I want others to like me for me so I have to improve on things inside too. Like I have said we all have a purpose and destiny; we all need to figure out what that purpose and destiny is for us. If you have figured it out I have to say good for you. Also, if you feel all beautiful inside let others know the secret because we can all certainly learn from each other. I know my purpose is to write to encourage others about their lives by writing like this or stories about my life.

Ok let’s look at other things about beauty. I know we all have our own opinions about beauty besides other people. We can all appreciate the beauty of nature whether it is flowers, plants, or animals. I know someone yesterday took his wife and two young boys to the zoo. I appreciate seeing animals at the zoo whether it is a bear, fox, dolphins or tigers who are all beautiful in their own ways. I really love dolphins because they always seem to be happy and having a whole lot of fun. I am sure we all wish we were that way all the time. The bear and tigers are both quite adorable when being babies however turn into dangerous animals. They are beautiful to look at however we know to stay from them and not to make them pets. We could say the same thing for many other animals that is the reason most of us have cats and dogs because they are mostly tame. The fox does look pretty or at least handsome anyway however they are dangerous to though likely not as much as the bear and tiger.

The most important thing is for all of us to appreciate all the beauty that is around us which includes ourselves. So if you didn’t get what I said at the beginning I will repeat myself by saying you are beautiful regardless what some people may think or say. The important thing is to hang around those people who appreciate you the most. I recommend today going around saying you are beautiful even if it is under your breath for others not to hear. If you have to go out into the woods where no one can hear you and shout it as loud as you can.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Eagle Fly

 A couple days ago I was inspired by an old child friend T.L. Stokes who is a local poet along with doing some photography. I graduated with her older sister Paula who was my chemistry partner in our junior year of high school. They both had another older sister named Wendy. Both T.L. who I knew then as Terri and Paula were in choir with me. All three sisters were cheer leaders as well so you can see where my interest was too.

Anyway the three sisters grew up on Fox Island which is only few miles west of Gig Harbor. They have a younger brother Matt who I have never met however Paula told me a lot about during chemistry class.

 I saw a video the other day on line where T.L.  started talking about eagles and how she became interested in them when she saw a golden eagle on Fox Island near her home when she was eight years old. In fact so interested that she is in a group on line where they talk about eagles and she read a poem that she wrote about them as well. So I am sure you would find that video if you do a search on T.L. Stokes.

Growing up I have always been interested in birds of all kinds since my last name is Nightingale. I put water out in my front yard so birds can swim or drink from it. Primarily I get very small birds however I have seen robins or they could be orioles as well along with blue jays. Usually the small birds play in the water while the larger ones drink from it. In the winter time though I don’t get to see too many birds in the pool and I see birds while out walking as well.

I have always wanted to be an eagle if I were to be a bird. They fly high in the sky and they look down seeing us along with prey. On the water they look for a fish they can swoop down to get. They will look at smaller animals especially injured ones to swoop down to get as well. What a wonderful life to live for them.

If you are a bald eagle you have added protection since it is illegal to kill them. Since they represent the United States it shows how mighty strong they are. Over the years I have not seen many eagles. The last time I saw a bald eagle was up at Rose Lake in British Columbia where my cousin Christy lives. Actually on that trip I was able to see two bald eagles.

The bird I see most of all are sea gulls. We have a lot of them in Gig Harbor and they usually are in a flock. They make a terrible noise especially when there are many of them. I enjoy seeing them flying in formation though. Occasionally I will see one or two seagulls by themselves however that does not happen often. In Gig Harbor we see some Canadian Geese too. I guess they are considered birds right? I enjoy watching them however they can make a mess too. I remember them lying on our dock when I was a kid and we would have to clean up the miserable mess they made. Seeing Canadian Geese outweighed all the negatives things they bring with them.

Usually when I look up in the sky is to the sun, moon, stars along with airplanes and helicopters. Now I figure though I have to look more frequently to see if I can find an eagle. I may need to take a trip to Fox Island soon to see if I can find a golden eagle. Thank you T.L. so much for your inspiration. Birds are so wonderful to see and watch.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Sunny Times

When winter happens around Seattle and Western Washington the last few years the temperatures are not as low it is in the Midwest and the East Coast. Other words it has been quite mild. I thought this year could change where it would hit below freezing for most of the winter and have a bit of snow but it is not happening again this year.

Most of this winter the temperatures here have been in the mid 40’s and 50’s though I prefer it being a bit colder myself. I have to say though most people here would not agree with me. So we have had a lot of rain this winter compared to last year. It is good news in that the mountains have had the right amount of snow this winter. Last year there was not much of a skiing season which hurts those who depend on it for their livelihood. Most people here prefer snow in the mountains and say if you want snow go there.

Here we have a lot of hills so when snow hits it is hard for people to get out of their driveway. I admit that I have had problems getting out of my driveway when it snows but I think it is worth it.

I know people are looking for spring to come so we can see the sun come out. Actually we have had some sun this winter however it is not as frequent as we have liked. Since I am a native I do recognize when the sun comes out even if it is for just a few minutes. You see here the weather can change several times in a day. We have had days that I remember where it has snowed, rain, sunshine and hail. I say it certainly makes days interesting for sure.

The times where we have had a lot of rains when going shopping I have seen rivers going by. Other words when driving you have watch what is going on. If you are walking watching your step is necessary too.

Last year though in February we had a lot of sun however this year February so far rain has been quite regular. I am not sure why every is looking spring because often it rains too and the temperatures are usually in the 50s and sometimes 60s which really is not much different than this winter.

So you see I  am not really complaining about the weather because I think it has been just fine though a little less rain would be nice however the biggest issue is the cloudy days. You see we miss the sun most of the winter even when it doesn’t rain. Like on Thursday we had little rain but no sun either except did peak its head out for few minutes this morning.  I figure we must accept all the blessings.

I hope though that the sun will decide to show its head more often during the spring. Last year June was a lot  different than I can ever really remember because the sun did decided to make its presence most of the month which is unusual around here. Most years we say summer begins on Fourth of July and may go into late September.  Whatever the case is I enjoy summer very much along with all the seasons around year.  

The sun I appreciate your welcome regardless how often you decide to show your presence.  I believe we should be thankful for the weather regardless the form it comes in though I do get tired of any kind of weather comes too often. You may not believe me however I can get tired of too much sun as well. It may take me three months or so to be tired of the sun.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Today I must remember because tomorrow I may not

I long for dreams I hope to remember

The dreams may never fulfill however it is important to keep on dreaming

Though I live for today I look for tomorrow and remember yesterday

Though life seems to be short it seems to come in many parts

Family is most important to remember along with the first love

Remembering the times walking together hand in hand

Important to remember all this before age catches up to us

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Victoria British Columbia

 I will start doing a series at least once a week where I will write about different cities in the northwest including Canada. This week I start out with Victoria, British Columbia.

Victoria is one of the most popular places for those in the northwest well as across Canada and United States. You can take a ferry ride from Vancouver, British Columbia well as Seattle, Washington. Also, in the area I live it is common for people drive to Port Angeles, Washington to take the ferry ride over as well. It is a two drive from my down of Gig Harbor to Port Angeles and ferry ride is another hour and an half. Many people leave their cars over in Port Angeles and ride the ferry on as a passenger. You can drive your call as well however it is more expensive to do so. There are many hotels near the ferry dock in Victoria you can stay at. Victoria is one of the most beautiful cities around to enjoy. The most famous place to visit in Victoria is Butchart Gardens. Many people visit there every year. In fact it is the main reason some go to Victoria at all. Above are a couple pictures from the gardens.

Another thing you can get around without a car very easy in Victoria. I am sure many from Great Britain enjoy their stay in Victoria. In fact someone I know who recently visited Victoria told me it is more British than Britain.  There are a lot of nice restaurants you can eat at in Victoria as well. So if you want to visit Britain without going to Britain Victoria is the place to go.

If you like to travel around Vancouver Island besides Victoria then a car is a must. There are a lot of very nice place to visit on the Island. My Aunt Judy lived in Chemainus which is very nice small town. It is known for art murals. She did do some art work herself. She had the talent more than I have ever had for art however she was unable to make faces very well. I have been told though faces are hard to do. I only spent one time there when I went with my mother to her funeral. My brother Jack came in by plane for the day before flying out. Also, my cousins Rob, Susan and Christy attended as well. Aunt Judy never married and had no children of her own. She treated us like we were her children so was not always kind but we all loved her dearly. She passed away about six years ago.

There are a lot of other small towns you can visit while on the Island that very nice. One of the towns I visited as a teenager was Tofino. Just like my town of Gig Harbor it is a fishing village. I visited Tofino because my Uncle Alan lived there and at the time he was dying of cancer and my mother did not want to drive there by herself. She knew that I would not mind missing school either. 

So if you have several days to spend on Vancouver Island I recommend making a trip to some of those other small cities. Both the east and west coasts of the Island are both very beautiful to see.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tough Guy

 After the last two days with St. Valentine’s Day and President’s Day I realize how important it for us guys to be a tough guy.

You may want to know why I am saying this and that is a good question. I believe we can be romantic guy as well being tough. This will all depend on the circumstance going on. When it comes to our wife or girlfriend being kind and gentle is very important while at the same time being tough when the time arises. This is especially with our partner and children. When someone comes against our partner or children we must fight for their wellbeing. Our family is the first priority in our lives no matter who the other person is. This can include our parents or other members of the family like siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. When I was a baby my father’s mother made my mother feel small and not doing anything right. You see my grandparents and our family lived together however my dad told his mother that unless things changed we would be moving out.  You see my dad was a tough guy when he needed to be. He let his parents know that our family was more important than how they felt under the circumstances. Most of the time my dad was gentle however like in this situation he was tough. This should be how we all should be under the right circumstance.

Other example athletes are tough when they are in game action however off the field they are kind. My younger brother played football in high school; he played on both the offense and defensive line. He was not a fast player or that tall. You see he was an inch shorter than me and I was about five foot eleven. He was heavier than me but not enough like most linemen. He played a private school where they needed him to play so he was a tough guy otherwise he would not survive. My sister-in-law when meeting him in college could not believe he played football since she saw him as a kind man. I am sure like my dad though he would go after anyone who goes after his family too.

We all heard about NFL football players who have been charged with domestic abuse. I see a guy who can’t recognize they have to take the action on the field does not apply elsewhere.  Some men and it may apply to women as well that being a tough guy can’t happen within their own home. What I mentioned earlier being tough does not mean to be violent or to hit those who come against your family. What I mean is that tough man speaks the words not the action unless necessary. Like I heard about Babe Ruth speak softly and carry a big stick.  

Monday, February 15, 2016

President’s Day

Today February 15 we are observing or celebrating here in the United States of America the birthdays of President George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

When I was growing up the schools were closed twice each for President Washington and Lincoln in two different weeks in February. I am not sure when it was changed. The school district I grew up the students and faculty take the whole week off for holiday and then another around Easter. Not all the school districts do this; for example the school district nearby in Port Orchard takes two days off today and tomorrow. I am not sure when they take a spring break.

I do not really remember when we took a spring break growing up if we took one at all. I do know though whenever school was out for a break I always enjoyed the time. You see I was not a big fan of school. The more I was out of school the better I felt. I know some kids enjoy school and I am really glad they do I just was not one of them. I was not very popular in school and I struggled for a long time in class. It did not help that I spent time out in the hallways for talking too much. I did though enjoy college when I finally decided to go. So I am glad for those kids who do enjoy school.

 In U.S. history classes George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were two of the biggest heroes of the United States of America. Washington was general and commander-in-chief during the American Revolutionary War defeating the British leading to the formation of the country. Washington was the first President of the United States with two terms. The story I always liked was about him telling his dad about chopping down the cherry tree. He could not tell a lie said. The one visit I had quite a few years ago I visited to see his home in Mt. Vernon. What I remember most was how many fire places there were. I can’t remember exact amount but around ten I believe. No other way to heat the place.

Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States during the Civil War so he was one that saved the country; however, he was assassinated while in office. He was known as Honest Abe and hearing his greatest speech the Gettysburg Address.

So I consider quite an honor that we celebrate both these great Americans who made our nation into a great one. Of course, both had there falsas like all of us however two men we could follow as examples. So today we salute you both and remember you both greatly. What a wonderful President Day.  

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy St. Valentine’s Day

This is one day that couples should not forget especially the husband or man. I believe that love is the greatest emotion and feeling we should have. Also, we should live for love above anything else.

I know a lot of people are into working and making as much money as possible, however, I believe without love how much does anything else really matter. I can say this because I have been looking for the special person I can love more than anyone else. I am single and I would prefer being married. I know some people will say that you are nuts and you should stay single. I believe that has to do with how you feel though I don’t believe the same way.

I know a lot of people are hurt because how their marriage turned out. I have to say I am sorry however do you remember your first love whether you married that person or not. How about your children do you remember them at all times? If you have children and not have a partner I recommend that you give them a Valentine card. I am sure they will appreciate it from you even if they have a partner or they are married.

On Friday a breakfast group my mother belongs to who meet every Friday one of the ladies gave each of us a Valentine’s Card. I felt this as an honor; you see my mother no longer drives so I take her now to Friday breakfast. Though I don’t know those who attend very well I find it great to be included. My mother used to attend the YMCA where she played water volleyball and this where she met them all. She gave up water volleyball several years ago however was invited by the others to continue coming to the breakfasts. She has been part of the group for around thirty years.  One of the members of the group died this last week from cancer so mother and I will be attending her funeral service this afternoon. The only people I likely will know is those in the Friday breakfast group however the lady though I did not know well always had a smile on her face. She died from an aggressive cancer. When she found out she had only two weeks to live. The cancer came on very quickly because two weeks before that the doctor said that she was in very good health. It really does show we do not know how much time we have. It was a blessing that she went quickly however I know her family, those in her nursing home, YMCA group, and all those others who knew her will miss her. I consider her a gift of love so her funeral on St. Valentine’s Day seems pretty appropriate. I am sure I will remember her every St. Valentine’s Day. Though I didn’t know her very long she was a friend of mine. We do not have to measure a friend on how long we have known them just on how feel about them. So if you can’t think of someone to give a Valentine card to at least give one to a friend. I am sure they will really appreciate it. You can sign it your friend ….. So I will end this being my Valentine card to you signing your friend Herb.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pain in the Neck

I woke up Friday morning with a pain in my neck. I know everyone has had a pain in the neck at one time or another either real or figuratively.

Last Tuesday I was involved in a car accident that was not my fault. In fact my car was sitting still while we were both minding our own business when a truck hit my door on the driver’s side. I was in the process of putting my vote in the drop box when I heard a sound and turned my head to the left when the truck was a couple inches away from the car and I had no chance to react. In fact the adjuster for his insurance asked me if I tried to avoid the accident. I told her that there was no time at all. I couldn’t even honk or put into drive to do so.

Anyway I am not sure whether this pain in the neck came from the accident or not because it happened three days after the accident. Most likely it just happened while sleeping unless it occurred because of the accident. Of course, I likely will never know this is the case.

The accident in itself is a pain in the neck having to spend time calling his insurance and getting an estimate from repair shop. Also, I will have to take the car in for the repair; however, I will be receiving a rental car for about a week. I probably take the car in sometime next week since this is President’s holiday weekend. I had to send several pictures of my poor car as well to the insurance company along with the estimate. Such a pain when this was not my fault. Oh well that is life sometimes.

Growing up we all experienced those other kids that were a pain in the neck to us. I tried to avoid them as much as possible. This is especially the ones who wanted to bully me. I found the secret with bullies to fight back. They are actually chicken and they will back down. Another thing having to deal with their friends too; sure glad junior high school is in the past.

Thursday night a friend of mine said that he was having issues dealing with his immediate supervisor. He is another pain the neck at least to Tom and some of his co-workers. Tom said that his supervisor likes to bully those who work under him and that he is tired of his supervisor actions. He is thinking of confronting him. Says it is hard because the bosses above him like that he gets things done. Tom works for a company that is part of local government so it is easier to confront him or talk to those above him because Tom can’t get fired especially for how long he has worked for them. I look forward to see what happens in this situation.

So if you have a pain in the neck like me or like Tom good luck to you. If not I am sure it may happen down the road. Like I say it is life.  

Friday, February 12, 2016

It’s Friday

Most everyone looks forward to Friday because it means the weekend is coming up. I have to say this is a good thing however it would be nice if we could think every day was Friday except of course Saturday and Sunday.

I am sure some businesses don’t like Friday because they know some of their employees don’t work as hard on Fridays as they do the rest of the week. I always tried to work hard on Friday’s to because it means the day goes by faster. I had a period of time though where I had to work on Saturdays so it wasn’t the same that is for sure. I had Tuesday or Wednesday off so no two days off in a row however I was able to make appointments that were not available on the weekends so it was an added plus but when Saturday came available to take off I still took the full advantage of it. Always nice to have two days off in the row that is for sure. I have to say though Sunday and Monday are good days off too. You get all the major holidays off plus can do those things can’t do on either Saturday or Sunday. The major holiday thing can be a back fire to though because you don’t get a three day weekend off however the extra money helps real well though.

So whatever your attitude is in regards to Friday think about every day in the same way. I know it is not easy thing to do unless you really love your job. This is the real secret to enjoy your job enough that you like going to work every day. We are all human after off so two days off in a week is real nice unless you are one of those people who are workaholics. In that case if you are a workaholic I recommend relaxing once in a while. Take an advantage of the time off. If you feel that you must work than find something else to occupy your time that is enjoyable as well. So a good hobby is an idea. I know some men and women have workshops next to their garage. Do something that you always wanted to do but never got around to it. I have to say doing this writing falls in for me to say things and ideas to other people. Like I have said we all have a purpose and destiny. Our jobs do not necessarily have to be all of our purpose and destiny. Remember when you retire it is important to find something else to do. If you can afford it start out by doing some traveling. I know you can’t do that all the time even if you can afford it so other things shout fit in. A good idea is to be a volunteer or find a part time job that would get you out some of the time.

Anyway enjoy your Friday today and have a wonderful weekend. Whatever you do on the weekend don’t forget to relax some to. If you have grandchildren spend some time with them. Until next time be happy!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Being Loved

The greatest gift we have is being loved

Sometimes though we are hurt by them too

Sad thing though life does not give us promises

Even so I would never take the absence of love

When love is lost we have hope to find it again

Some of us love takes time where we search high and low for a long time

For us though when love is found we will cherish it forever

There are those believe in riches while we believe in love

Let love run through your bones and those who trust in your love let them know

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ash Wednesday

Today in the Christian World is known as Ash Wednesday. It is the first day of Lent leading up to Easter.

I grew up in the Episcopal Church since it is the church my mother attended. So my brothers and sister accompanied our mother on most Sundays.  Like most kids I did not really pay that much attention to Lent or other times in the church except Christmas and Easter.  I attended the Episcopal Church until my late twenties when I decided go to a non-denominational charismatic church. I don’t really make a big deal about the charismatic part because I believe I am a Christian for what Christ did for me on the cross. I do believe in the trinity and all I just feel the church I have grown most in my walk with Christ.

For many of the traditional churches the meaning of Ash Wednesday and Lent has to do with Christ fasting for forty days and being tempted by Satan. Even in some churches today many Christians will have the symbol of the Cross with ashes put on their forehead. My church does not have a service for Ash Wednesday however I will be attending the evening service at the Episcopal Church in Gig Harbor Washington with my mother.

I know that many of the denominations do things different far as Ash Wednesday goes. I am really only familiar with the Episcopal Church where the ashes are put on forehead other denominations may wait or have done on Palm Sunday. Since I am not an expert on this I may be wrong with my understanding with this along with Lent.

I know it is common for many Christians to give certain things up for Lent and for some they may fast during this time. Since Christ said that we should deny ourselves there are some things I feel could be given up all together while other things could be given up during Lent only. This is of course on each person how they feel personally.  Instead of giving up all foods during Lent for a full fast Christians may give up some certain items. The important thing again is to deny yourself as Christ did.

This is such a wonderful time of the year because we look to what Christ did before he was nailed on the Cross for our sins. Though we should look at all times to have our lives changed at least we can do it now. So for all Christians this season may Christ be with you all and may you be blessed.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another Beautiful February

Last year February turned out to be a wonderful month far as weather. In fact it put on a string where we had great weather until October here in Western Washington.

We have had a couple days where it has rained so far this month and we will get some more too however we are a great place to visit for people in February. Today the temperatures went over sixty degrees during the day and expect more of it.

 We don’t have the hottest weather since San Francisco area hit seventy degrees yesterday for the Super Bowl. I am sure Los Angeles and San Diego were even hotter so anyway on the west coast be good to visit. Where you visit would depend what you’re interested in seeing or doing. Here in the Seattle area we have the mountains where you can view the snow and go skiing if you like. Also we have a lot of areas to go hiking or biking. We have both the Cascade and Olympic Mountains to enjoy along with the San Juan Islands. I can’t find a better place to live especially when the weather is nice. What makes this a great place come to be that we have all four seasons to enjoy. You can not only enjoy the summer and winter, the spring and fall are great to. The important thing is to watch out for the rain if you do not like it. Most of the time though the rain doesn’t fall very hard and when it does go you can go inside to any of the number of coffee shops until it quiets down. The cost of staying somewhere should be reasonable in the Seattle area as well. Not only are there nice motels and hotels you can find really nice bed and breakfasts to stay at.

So if you haven’t made any plans to visit yet for your vacation is sure to keep the option of coming here to Western Washington. Also, maybe we can meet too.

I don’t have investment into to any place I just love to live here and believe that everyone would have a great time doing whatever they like.

According to the weather department we expect some more rain however if I can handle it so can anyone. LOL.

We do indeed have the bluest skies around. Also the water is enjoyable too. Make Western Washington a place to visit no matter the time of the year.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Believing in Healing

Last August I wrote how I believe in Miracles and I gave a testimony about my own life where I was burned when I was four years old and I had a hearing problem too. I am writing here like it being part two.

I know that some of you may think I am off the wall to some degree which is really OK with me. I just hope to encourage those who do believe and help out those who do not or have questions as well. Like I say I am not an expert by any means just what I have learned over the years.

I would say when someone is healed it is a miracle. For some people it takes time to be healed and there are those who never get healed. It is hard to know why some people do and others do not get healed. It is a question I am sure all of us have asked ourselves and possibly others too. I am not sure if I have an exact answer to the question however I think we all learn from what I am going to write next.

My belief or you may call conclusion is that there are those who may not get healed because they are not sure they can be healed or those who may pray for them as well. I would never tell anyone they have doubt unless it is real clear to do so. It is important never to put that into their head especially if we are not sure.

Going further there is more possibilities why a person may not get physically healed. I am put this here to be clear for what I am going to say next. I am sure some of you may agree with what I say while others may think I am way out there. The reason they may not get healed because they have an emotional, mental or spiritual thing that is getting in the way. Other words maybe God wants those to be taken care of first before healing the physical. I am not saying that in all cases however it is a possibility and someone who has the knowledge and knowhow should look into. Also, if you are accustomed to praying for people to pray that they or you would get insight into those areas as well; certainly something to be aware of.

I know that doctors are needed and wanted however they don’t have all the answers even the phycologists who deal with the mind. So I think it is real important that we pray for people’s minds and spiritual being as well. We can open them up to a new world that can really help them.

I have prayed myself for other people when it comes to physical healing and in most part have been very successful however now that I have more insight I will pray for their mental and spiritual as well. If you have any questions I recommend that you contact your pastor or someone you trust when it comes to this kind of matter.  Good health to us all for sure.  


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Contacting Family

 I feel that family is very important. I am sure that you are aware how I feel about my family. Like I have said before that I have family around most of the world. This is especially true on my father’s side of the family.

Recently I contacted by email three cousins who are sisters in Perth, Australia about getting to know each other better. I let them know that I was related to them because their grandmother and my grandfather were sister and brother. We have met before however it has been a lot of years since they came to the Seattle area. I have never visited Australia before however another cousin who lives in Colorado visited them last March. She was the one who gave me their email addresses. Also I plan to write her more often as well.

I received an email from Margaret who is one of the cousins in Perth a few days ago. She told me about her family having five children which four of them are sons and her daughter is not married. She and her husband have fifteen grandchildren among them. What I found interesting she told me that her second son James who is a civil engineer is going to visit Harvard University next month for three weeks. This adds an interesting twist to the story since my younger brother and his wife Anne both graduated from Harvard well as three of their children. The youngest Danny is now attending Harvard and is a sophomore. So I wrote Margaret back to let her know and gave her Jack’s email address so James will be able to contact Danny. Sure makes life interesting when a relative from across the world is coming to where a family member is going to school. James will be spending three weeks at Harvard so he and Danny should be able to have some contact. They can talk and learn more about family on both sides of the oceans.

What I have realized in the last year especially there is nothing more special than family and classmates that you have grown up with. No matter how many friends I have now and I am close too family and classmates are still the most treasured part of life. Both family and classmates I do not see very often at all however when I do see one of them my heart feels a special bond. I believe there is no bond like the ones you had as a child. What I enjoy right now is able to keep in contact with family and classmates through social media. It is not perfect however it is the next best thing to being in person with them. So if you have a chance to see a relative or an old classmate I would take advantage of it very much. Though I do not live in the past it is nice to visit every once in a while. Until next time…….

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Welcome Home

On Friday morning I was viewing and skimming the local Tacoma Daily Newspaper. The front page had a story about a group of military men returning from their deployment to Joint Base Lewis-McChord which is just a few miles south of Tacoma.  Lewis refers to Ft. Lewis that houses the army and McChord is the Air Force base.

Here in Western Washington we are surrounded by the military all around us. Besides Lewis-McChord we have the Naval Shipyard in Bremerton. I have several friends that work at the shipyard and it is about a thirty minute drive north of Gig Harbor. Many civilians work at the shipyard besides Navy being stationed. Also, you can see several Navy Shipyard anchored in Bremerton Bay. Many famous Navy ships have spent time in Bremerton.

About an hour or so north of Seattle the Navy has a post on Whidbey Island. Many Navy pilots are stationed on Whidbey Island. My cousin Peggy, her husband Cal, and daughter Erin along with her family live on the Island. Erin has three children with two boys and a girl. The oldest boy and daughter are in high school while the youngest is in middle school. Erin currently teaches kindergarten and over the years has had to say good bye to women and children whose husbands and fathers in the Navy are being transferred or deployed. It is always a tough situation.

Anyway back to the story I read on Friday came to me that I wanted say to  those men and women who came back to Joint Base Lewis-McChord welcome home, thank you for your sacrifice and service to our country keeping it safe from terrorists, enemies both known and unknown. In fact thank you to all the military men and women across our country for your service. We know that some do not come back and others who do have long life injuries. I have mentioned before we need to do more for our wounded soldier however here I only want to thank you for all you do. Not only have you sacrificed your lives for us so does your family.

Here in Western Washington we are reminded about this every day. Often we see army trucks and tankers on Interstate 5 going off to training along with planes flying from either McChord or Whidbey Island. We feel privileged and honored having you here protecting us.

Many times I have talked to guys especially who came here from somewhere else in the country and most them are veterans who decided to stay here when their time was up serving our country. I want to thank them to for their service as well. Though our country has faults like us all we are still a great nation for all the men and women who have served in our armed service. Next time you see a serviceman thank them and welcome them home.