Monday, July 31, 2017

Always Good to be Encouraged

I believe that our purpose in life is meant for us to great things in our lives however I think it is good when others encourage us. We should not be doing these things to be praised upon but when others encourage us we realize that we are on the right path.

Sunday was one of those days for me. After the church service a friend told me while we were talking how much he appreciated what I have done for him. He said that not a lot of people encourage him because they are afraid of him. He figured whether I felt that way or not that I wanted to be friends. To be honest it really crossed my mind. I thought of him as being unusual to some degree but I never felt afraid to approach him.

I know that my purpose is to encourage as many people as possible however it is always nice to hear when someone encourages me too. Also good to get feedback on my purpose in life as well; what he told me makes me know that I am on the right track and to continue walking the right direction.

We all should let others know how we feel about them and what they have done in our lives. We never know when we meet someone that could be the last time we do. It is not like we have to go out today and tell everyone we know how much we care for them but when we see them do someone wonderful for us to thank them and let them know we appreciate all what they have done.

I know his honesty to me on Sunday will last for me for a long time. This is especially true when life doesn’t seem to be the best. It is important that we keep our eyes open and be available to others because there are always someone out there that is struggling and I am sure we would be glad if someone talks to us when we are not in a good place. Often all we need to do is talk while the other is listening. May God blessing be on you today and that he will give you the answers that you need exactly when you need them. Amen!  

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Never Give Up

I mentioned it a few days ago about never giving up and my last post was about keep moving on. It is what life is truly about because we never have perfect days and we sometimes think we won’t make it .

The reason it is important to press on because we are meant to finish the race though sometimes it is easy to stop right where we are at. This is why it is important to have friends besides just family because there are times where we all feel in giving up. You think that you may be the only one. When we are in that place of darkness we do think we are the only one to be going through it. The truth is that we all have gone through tough times the important thing is to make to the other side.

Sometimes we may not feel that we should do it or others may not care at all but asking for help is ok. This is especially true for someone who may have walked the same road you have.

A lot of times all we need is a hug and kiss on the cheek to feel better. Although we are living today we do have tomorrow coming and it won’t be the same. We all know that with what we have experienced. Today could be a long day that we may not feel will ever end however it must.

We don’t know what tomorrow will give us or what answers will come but they will for us all. Most remember that whatever the battle we are facing today God is in our side even if we are unable to hear him. We cry out hard enough he will return to answer us even if the answer isn’t today. One thing I do know over anything else is that we will be stronger people because of it. Press on though your feet may get tired and sore you will finish the race.  

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Keep Moving On

Regardless what happens either good or bad we must continue to keep moving on. We all know that life is short no matter how long we live.

Hope, faith and love are the three things that keep us going. I have known those who have had short lives however they had hope and faith along with love up to the very end. They were such great examples to live by. They were strong though they were weak because of their illnesses. These people I will never forget.

Although hope and faith are two important things in our lives when the time gets tough it is still love that I put my trust in most. Actually love is what makes hope and faith really work. Those that you love are the ones that keep you having the hope and faith to make it as long as you can.

It is easy to forget sometimes those that you love so much when you are trying to move on. Those who end their lives forget that and let the darkness get the best of them. They lose the hope and faith to get through all the circumstances. If you are having problem moving on take a few minutes to meditate to get back on course. You won’t forget what you have had and be thankful for all others in your life. In the middle of the storm and the waves are banging against you it is easy to forget. Cry out loud someone will hear you even when no one seems to be there. Remember there is only one chance at life and live it to the fullest you possibly can. I pray that light will shine in your life among the darkness and that hope, faith and love will return to you. Amen!

Friday, July 28, 2017

What I Like About Summer

I am sure most people like summer in the same way that I do. As a kid it was good to be out of school for about three months. I still don’t understand kids who do a lot of reading during the summer because it reminds me too much of school however I am sure they are ones that loved school and most important love reading.

Summer still now great because the weather is always good and you can do what you want; of course that depends if you have the time to do so and the money as well. Joking about the money anyway sort of.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we haven’t had rain for more than a month. So July which is normally the best month of the year is great once again. The temperatures have been in the upper 70s to mid-80s for the most part. We have some mornings where it is cloudy however the sun does come out in the afternoon. If you have to do some work outside it is nice to be able to do so in the morning before it gets too hot. The afternoon you can go swimming in a pool or at a lake. We have plenty of lakes around here and some pools for those who can afford to build them. What I enjoyed to as kids was going swimming and do a lot of splashing at the same time. The lakes though were cold so didn’t spend a lot of time in or at least it took a few minutes to get used to the water.

July was always a good time to go camping or boating. The wind blows enough to have a good time out sailing. My dad loved sailing so he would go out as often as possible whether there was any wind or not. I always preferred the wind though. Sitting in a boat not moving very fast was not fun in my mind anyway. It was only good time to eat since the wind came blowing the sailboat really moved and we had a job to do. Puget Sound is a great place to be on the water and viewing Mt. Rainier. That was another good thing to do in the summer was to take a trip to Mt. Rainier as well. It takes about two hours to get to the mountain.

The best part of summer was always spending time with cousins and best friends. It didn’t matter what we did being together was the fun of it all. In August we usually went hiking in the Olympic Mountains. August sometimes was cloudy and had a little amount of rain as well. I enjoyed sitting around the camp fire and climbing around the rocks. I can’t forget I like going to ball games and seeing fireworks. Sounds like something to do this year in August as well. I have to make my plans. I hope that you are having a good time right now. Until next time God bless you.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sad What is Happening

I have to say the world has changed a lot since I was a child over fifty years ago. Not only has my home town has doubled or more in this period of time which is understandable the place is still good to live however too many selfish and greedy people have moved in. It is not just the developers but those who buy these homes thinking that they are entitled. I didn’t mind for a while people who moved in but the last ten years there is a change in attitude that they can do what they want to such a beautiful town. It doesn’t help that the mayor and some of the city council feel the same way. Of course I know this isn’t just happening to my home town but to many others in the state of Washington and other places across the country.

To say all this is only part of the problem in the last fifty years.  What is going on is that most if not all of us are being lied to and we are believing the lies. What once was yes is now no and vice versa. What people thinking now is not the same as it once was. Of course it was not perfect by any means fifty years ago however the moral code was different back then. Now anything goes for people. They accept what is happening in the world in part anyway. If you are one that wants the moral code like it used to be you’re being called a phobia of some kind. I am sure if I wrote on social media some of the things I believe I would be called a type of phobia. I choose not to say some things unless I am directed to do so because what is the point. Yes things do have to change however I believe it is what we may call grassroots. It is what we can do to influence those that are around us. We must speak truth with love.

I know that there are those who will say things have changed since prayer was taken out of school which is true however saying that is old news. What I mean is that most people don’t believe that anymore. It is important to speak to others in a way they will understand. How that happens I am not really sure.

Whether you believe in the devil or Satan or whatever other name you give him he is the Father of lies and he throws that in our faces all the time. Not only he downgrades us he wants us to live life in the status quo. What we must do is pray to God for guidance. We may feel that the battle is being lost however it is not over and in the end we and God will win.

I am amazed how those who seem to be pretty smart are being doped as much as anyone else. The question is “have you had enough of the lies” this is where it is sad what is happening. Time for us to pray and be ready for battle; for the world is going to be in a worse place in the future than now and most don’t realize it. Either that or they have no hope. When we lose hope we have lost the battle. Do what you can by helping others to know the truth. God bless you all.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Never Giving UP

What I like about sports besides the competition is that we can learn life lessons playing or watching a sport. The purpose of playing a sport is to win the game or match. Also to become champions as well and never giving up no matter how much you could be losing by.

On Tuesday night the Seattle Mariners were playing the Boston Red Sox in the second of a three game series. The Mariners are playing to make the playoffs. The Red Sox are in first place in their division so unless they totally collapse they will be in the playoffs. The Mariners know they can’t win every game however if they can take a series every time out the chances are better that they will make the playoffs.

The Mariners know that winning the second game of the series will give them the series and it is important to though they could still win the series by losing Tuesday since they did win on Monday night taking this one will assure it and they will be going against the best pitcher in the American League on Wednesday afternoon in Chris Sale. Fast forward the Boston Red Sox are ahead 5-4 with the Mariners up to bat with two outs and runners on first and third base in the bottom of the thirteenth inning. So they are in extra innings and the time is around midnight. They will play the final game against the Red Sox in just over twelve hours so they need to win the game now or at least tie so they can go to the fourteenth inning. Both teams are tired at this point however the Mariners need to find a way to tie the game at least. Well the pitcher on the mound for the Red Sox throws a wild pitch so Ben Gamel who is at third base for the Mariners is able to score to tie the game up. Guillermo Heredia who was on first base was able to get around to third base on the wild pitch so hope continues that the Mariners could win the game in the thirteenth inning. Jean Segura who is at the plate and is one of the top hitters in the American League hits a single and Heredia scores from third for the Mariners to win 6-5. Now they have won the series whether they win or lose on Wednesday afternoon.

I believe to be a true champion is to never give up no matter the situation in the game of life. Things can turn around when you least expect. The important thing is to finish the race. Thank you Seattle Mariners for giving us this life lesson.  

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

As Many Answers as Questions

You will find that there are a lot of sites that write about life and purpose like I do. They will have as many answers if not more than questions.  They will come all different extremes and angles.  Some will be religious in nature similar to mine while others will be natural or psychologically. In any of the cases the answers along with the questions may be the same.

On Sunday when I went to church my senior pastor Mike Riches of Harborview Fellowship in Gig Harbor did his sermon on “our personal calling”.  He first talked about his dog who is a Jack Russell knows exactly what his calling in life is and does it very well. He has no doubt what that calling is and he isn’t happy when he isn’t doing it. Very interesting way to look at what our calling and Pastor Riches talked about seven questions we should ask ourselves about our calling. As Christians we all have the same general calling however our personal calling is separate from others.

I found two questions being very profound so they are the two I am going to mention and you can think about them in your life. The first question is “what are you passionate about” and the second is “what are your talents and gifts”. Of course I have mentioned the talents and gifts before.

After church while I was grocery shopping I saw a woman who is a clerk at the store. She actually was shopping Sunday and not working. I asked her these two questions which she responded by thanking me. She had been thinking about this recently because her children are now grown up and not living at home so what is her calling in life now?

I have been going over and over again in my head about these two questions. I am sure in the future I will think about the other five Pastor Riches and possibly more though I believe these are the two most important to think and answer. I am passionate about writing and talking with people encouraging them in life. Also I am passionate about sports. My talents and gifting’s are in teaching and speaking to others along with having a good sense of humor. I am sure there are more which I will think more about. My personal calling is to be a teacher and an Evangelist. Someone a few months ago said that writing this blog in a way I am doing both teaching and evangelizing. I can say that in a way that I am.

We are all on a journey to discover more about ourselves every day. We will find these talents and gifting’s along the way. We are to share these talents and gifts with as many people as we can. What the people do with it is really not of our concern. Other words I share what I feel is important to you and what you do with it is your concern. I hope that you learn every day and that you become the person that you ought to. This is the job I have and not judge you whether you accept or not. Until next time God bless you.


Monday, July 24, 2017

Being Truly Thankful

In our lives can we be truthful that we are truly thankful for everything that we have. I know that it is not true in my case though I wish it were.

For instance I am a long time single man who would love to be married. I see and hear about couples who decide to split up whether it is both or one of them wants too. I am thankful for what I do have but not for being single. I wonder if these couples really know what they are losing. Of course I haven’t been walking in their shoes so I can’t judge them for what they have decided to throw away. I feel mostly sorry for their children who have to see their parents splitting up whether they agree with the split or not.

Although I hear about people divorcing doesn’t change my mind about marriage that is one the best institutions if I can all it that in the world. I would rather take on marriage even if I knew the chances that I could end up in a divorce. I would want my heart broken than never experiencing marriage however I believe how important marriage is to me that success should happen because love is and should be the center of marriage. Also I am not going to get married just because I am tired of being single. I will do so for love and the right person. That I can that I am thankful for and believing in something so strong and right.

Though I am in a place that I can say that I am truly thankful I am going to the best of my ability to do so and I believe we should all be this way. Without being thankful it is hard to live a life that we all should want to have. If you have an area that you struggle with like me I recommend that you wake up in the morning and say that you are thankful for everything you have. At least this is a good start don’t you think. Have a good week as well.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Coming to Seattle

                                                                    SeaFair Pirates

                                                              The Blue Angels

Coming to Seattle, Washington in two weeks is a tradition that many of its citizens look forward to every year called SeaFair. Thousands of families in Seattle look forward to it with multiple generations know about it and enjoying.

SeaFair began in 1950 with the introduction and bringing to Seattle the hydroplane races. They were the major sport in Seattle for many years before the Supersonics came in 1967. Although Seattle now has the Mariners and Seahawks the first weekend in August makes the summer for hundreds of thousands of residents. I am sure if you are a new resident or a visitor to Seattle you will hear all about it.

This year SeaFair takes place August 4 thru the 6th. Besides the hydro plane races there is the Torchlight Parade on Saturday night August 5. During, before and after the Parade you will see the SeaFair Pirates all around the city. They are institution like no other in Seattle. Also the Blue Angels of the Navy Demonstration Squadron will fly by on several occasions over the weekend as well. The parade and the hydroplane races are televised local TV as well. I know it has been that way ever since I was born.

If you are not interested in the parade or the hydroplane races there is plenty of other things to see and do during that weekend. The city of Seattle brings everything out that weekend. The people of Seattle are so proud of SeaFair. It is nice that the weather is nearly perfect every year as well.  Seattle Center where the Space Needle is located will have a lot of music playing along with other activities especially for children.

The hydro plane races take place on Lake Washington. There are a number of locations you can watch the event from. The test trials happen on Friday and Saturday with the races happening on Sunday. If you have never been to Seattle before this is the time of the year to come for a visit and there is plenty to see even going to other areas of the Puget Sound. You can take the ferry to Bremerton, Bainbridge Island and the San Juan Islands. It will be busy so you may have to wait especially if you are taking your car. Being a walk on passenger is the way to go though. Enjoy as many of the sites that you can. Welcome to the Puget Sound.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Who Benefits?

When it comes to mentoring or being a friend who benefits the most of all? It is a good question. I think both parties get something out of it.

Being a teacher doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from the student as well. We can all learn from one another. None of us is perfect so becoming better person is good for us all.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Learning the strengths that others have will improve on our weaknesses.  Sometimes I figure that is a good idea not to think at all however that is impossible to happen. When I try not to think I feel like I want to think more. The only time I feel that I am not thinking is when I am sleeping and likely I am thinking then as well. In fact I might be thinking even more.

I hope that you are learning something from my writing here. I certainly know that I am. Seek out others that you can learn from and give to them as well. So back to the question who benefits? We all do.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Sun Breaks

                                               Always great to see Mt. Rainier everyday!

I guess that I am mentioning rain more than sunshine in this case. Here in the northwest we haven’t had rain for over a month. It is not a big surprise because July usually is the best month of the year.

I recommend if you want to come for a visit July is the best time followed by September when children are back in school. We do get a little more in September but that is usually in the late part of the month. Raining season doesn’t start until October.

Being on the water or walking on the waterfront of most cities here is the way to go. There are places that you can rent kayaks or boats. Another good reason to come in September going to the San Juan Islands is easier to do because the ferries are pretty busy in July and August. Also going to the Space Needle in Seattle is not as crowded either.

There are many places in the northwest to go hiking or riding on bikes as well. Visiting the Pacific Ocean in Washington and Oregon can be enjoyable before the rain starts.

I do hope that we can get a little rain here for a day or two. It doesn’t have to be much just some late at night or early morning. Even when the weather is cloudy in the mornings the sun comes out in the afternoon. The temperatures have been in the high 70s to mid-80s. The next week the same weather has been forecasted. I am more of a 70s guy myself though an occasional 80s is fine as well. What I don’t like is having to be at a light in traffic for two or three minutes. The sun is shining bright in my face however can’t have everything I guess.

Oh yes I can’t forget there are lakes around the northwest that you can visit as well. We have more than mountains and islands here. Whatever you decide the northwest is a good place to have a good time.

Spur Of the Moment

What we can do more than anything else is taking our time by doing something at the spur of the moment. Life sometimes can feel dull or routine so going on an adventure in a split second can make life feel better.

The spur of the moment can be to help another person or getting out of town for a few days. The important thing is not to do something that we are used to doing but finding time to go somewhere else or helping a friend or someone we just met.

The best way to do this is just open ourselves to free time and see what could and may happen. If you are working just let them know that you want to take the day off or wait for the next day off you have because you have to complete your work assignment. Whatever the case an adventure at the spur of the moment can make life better than you have felt for some time.

An idea is do something that you have never done before or go someplace that you intended to so but haven’t had the time or a place you haven’t been to for a while. The important thing is that you are doing it at the spur of the moment. In a way it is like being a kid again where you just went and did something without thinking about it. Best of luck your life may change for the better.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mind Goes Blank

We all know that writers get a block once in a while when writing. It is called writers block. I thought I was going to write about something specific but I my mind went blank right now. It was there a few minutes ago and I am sure it will return soon however it is important to write something so here goes anyway.

The purpose of my blog is for all of to realize that we have a purpose in life. For everyone it is different and unique. We may have purposes that are similar but still unique. It is the same way that people look like. There are people that look similar especially identical twins but they still have unique personality and interests this goes the same for our purpose in life.

The whole thing about purpose it sometimes does take a while for us to figure out what it is. I know mine is to encourage others whether it comes to personnel interaction or writing this blog.

The main encourage is to let people know that they are unique and were created for a purpose in this life. Often we can’t figure out why we are here at all but that is the truth. God created us in his image most of all but he wanted to give us life to enjoy and for purpose that belongs to us only.

I recommend that if you are still trying to figure out what your purpose and destiny in this life take some time alone. Often life gets so busy it is hard to figure things out however spending time alone will bring things to our minds. I want to give you the best of times right now and be the best that you can be. Fulfill your dreams and purposes.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


                                         Wild Fires in Williams Lake British Columbia area

Last Wednesday my mother and I had plans to drive up and spend a couple weeks with my cousins Christy and Susan in Williams Lake, British Columbia area however it was cancelled because of wild fires.

Last Saturday night Christy had to evacuate along with thousands of other residents so she drove hours to her son Avery’s home in Edmonton, Alberta. Her husband David had already been there helping Avery build a fence for his daughter Adriana who was born three weeks ago Sunday. Susan on the other hand had been in Toronto for a family wedding so on return she went to stay with friends in Prince George, British Columbia. Her husband David and two sons are taking care of their ranch. No problem with the ranch far as wild fires however wanted her to stay with friends.

The whole thing about evacuation is that they have no idea or certainty when they will return to their home. It is hard to imagine how they feel however it has to be hard for them and the thousands in the same situation.

The closest I have ever got to an evacuation was four years ago when visiting my brother in St. Louis, Missouri for my nephew Danny’s high school graduation. There was a tornado warning one night where we had to spend a couple hours in my brother’s basement. We had no idea whether we would have to leave or not.

It is always difficult when we get into situations where uncertainty happens. It could be our health or those of our loved ones. This is when faith comes into the situation as well. We have to believe things will turn out well otherwise fear can grip us. It is so much better though when we are with others. I don’t think there is nothing worse when uncertainty happens and we are by ourselves.

I do hope that my cousins can return soon to their normal life however the positive side they are together or with friends. Pray for the people of British Columbia. Amen!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Giving a Helping Hand

On Monday I took a drive along the Hood Canal and by the Olympic National Park. My purpose was to get a lifetime pass to national parks. The cost of the pass is $10 however at the end of August it is going up to $80 so important to get it now.

My first stop was at Twanoh State Park on the Hood Canal where many times my family spent summers there since I was very young. It hadn’t changed much in all these years. I was surprised though that there weren’t very many people there. Over the past decade or so families are not visiting state parks like they used to; actually many of the state parks in Washington state have closed as well. It took me about forty-five minutes to reach Twanoh. It took me another hour to reach the Quilcene Ranger Station to get my pass.  There are several small towns between Twanoh and Quilcene along with a number of state parks and the Olympic National Park and Forest.

The first town past Twanoh is Union where there is a nice Hotel right on the waterfront of the Hood Canal. A lot of people spend time there for vacation, weddings, honeymoons and golf. Only a few miles away is Highway 101 that goes along the majority of the Hood Canal and the entrance to the Olympic National Park.

While I was at the Quilcene Ranger Station and after getting my pass an older couple asked me if I was from Washington State. They were visiting from Florida and had been in the Olympics over the weekend for their granddaughters wedding. They had never been to Washington before. They wanted to know how to get to the Seattle-Tacoma airport. I made them aware it could take several hours however they said that they were not in a hurry because their plane wasn’t going to go for a couple days. So I gave them directions on how to get to the airport. I recommended that they get a map. They had no map on them. They really appreciated my helping hand. This is what is important to help someone at any time. Everyone at some point in time needs assistance and we should be ready to help them.

After helping them with directions I headed out toward the Hood Canal Bridge which was on the other side of the Canal to head back home. I had been a while since being in that area so now I know how to return again soon to visit different areas of the Park. Nice way to spend the day relaxed and taking my time as well.  

Monday, July 17, 2017


Yesterday I started thinking about desperation. I know at times I have felt desperate however I am not sure whether I actually have gone so deep that I was in desperation. It is something many people cope with. It doesn’t mean that is the end of everything though it likely feels that way. Desperation can be the beginning of a new way of life. I have heard those have an alcoholic problem they have to hit rock bottom before they can go into recovery. Desperation is the same thing where you hit rock bottom before asking for help.

What we must do is to keep our eyes open for those are leaning toward desperation. The first step is usually to listen to what they are saying. Most want to get help but don’t know how to ask for it. Another thing is that we may not understand where the person is at who is working through desperation. This can be true if we have experienced desperation. How each person deals with desperation can be different the most important thing is to be there for them.

I believe to that often God wants us to be desperate where in the end he is the one to go to. He desires to have relationship with us and often desperation is the cause why people get in this position. Some may think it is a simple prayer to God however true desperation means that you must cry out to him with all your heart. We often want control of our lives and in desperation means that we have to give up our control. The key are we willing to do so.

Desperation can be the catalyst to a brand new life where we are not totally dependent on ourselves but God and others. When you see someone in this state just let them know that you are available for whatever they need. God bless and amen.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Another Web Site

I have another website that I originally wrote about lifestyles however I will write primarily about travel now. Check it out here is the link

Seeing Old Friends

On Saturday I went to the annual art’s festival in Gig Harbor. It takes place on a Saturday and Sunday in July. A couple my old friends mentioned on social media they were taking part in the festival so I wanted to see them and catch up. There was a third old friend that took part that I didn’t know about. Also when I was leaving I saw another old friend who was attending the festival as well.

Although they are not part of your everyday life any longer it is always great to see old friends and catch up with them. It is like going to a reunion. What makes it so special about old friends they are always in your heart. They knew you way before your current friends and they feel part of your family.

I know that everyone I meet though it could be just once find a place in my heart. Some I may have never talked to or I have for a moment. The most common places I meet others is at the coffee shop or grocery store or when I am walking on a trail or downtown Gig Harbor. In fact my friend who I saw on my way out of the festival told me he sees me often when I am walking. I find that out later by friends who see me walking while driving. In some instances I get a wave or a honk.

Remember to think fondly of your friends even the ones that you don’t see very often any more. They are special to you and in your heart. When you have the chance pick up a phone and call them or send a message. Let them know that you are thinking of them.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Think Positive

Last post I wrote about having faith. If we lack faith than we can become discouraged and feel sad; in this case we would have to start thinking positive to return to having faith.

Last night I became discouraged and distraught. I had a lot of that when I was a child. I would feel very sad and alone when I went to bed. Often I would go to sleep crying. Now as an adult I recognize the signs though I have gone into despair at time. Last night it wasn’t anything specific that made me feel discouraged. This is when I realized it is important to think positive. It may take some time to do so however like I have mentioned before about being happy and other emotions it is a choice we must make and I feel the same goes for being positive.

I was able to get a good night sleep despite the feeling when I went to bed however when I woke up the feeling was still there. So it is important that I think positive or I could go into a dark place and be depressed.

I have to remember that today is a new day and whatever I felt yesterday should be gone. Also here in Gig Harbor we are having our annual Art’s Festival. Couples of my friends have booths where they are showing off their art. One of them it has been a few years since I have seen him so it will be great to catch up with him. Also another friend along with his wife will be playing music during the first couple hours of the festival. So not only will I be seeing them I am sure that I will see some other friends to while visiting the art’s festival. This now is the 34th annual festival in Gig Harbor. So it is a tradition now. I know that I will have good spirits seeing whomever I can.

If you have similar problem being discouraged and depressed start thinking positive; we have a lot to be thankful for though sometimes it is hard to remember. Also you are in the area stop by the art’s festival. It runs both Saturday and Sunday between 10 am and 5 pm.  

Friday, July 14, 2017

Faith is the Engine to Live By

We believe in what we see however faith is believing in what we don’t see. Faith is the engine that we should live our lives by. Faith should move us in ways that what we see doesn’t.
Those who have no sight depend on all the other senses like hearing and smell. They have to depend on faith to live by. This should be how we live our lives too. Not an easy task to live by because we are so comfortable with what we see.
Faith in a way is like dreaming. We all dream to some extent whether we remember the dreams or not. We should believe the dreams that we do remember.  No matter how weird they could be they have something to say to us. That is what faith does to believe in those beyond our understanding.
I do have to admit that I don’t think much about faith however I could be doing some things by faith without realizing it. One of my pastors once said that it takes faith to sit in a chair. We believe that the chair will hold us during the time we are sitting in it. I would say the same for driving, flying in a plane or walking. If we don’t believe that we will be safe than we will have fear to do all three of those things and I am sure there are other examples too.
So take faith and believe in what you don’t see. I am sure that your life will change. I know that I will.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Visit Hood Canal in Western Washington

Since I am unable to visit British Columbia right now because of the wild fires I figure that I want to see places a bit closer to home. The main reason I was going to British Columbia was to visit cousins I still want to see wonderful places and why not close to home.

One of the lovely places is the Hood Canal. It starts at Port Gamble on the edge of the Puget Sound and ends at Belfair. Usually when I have travelled I have gone from Belfair side and not Port Gamble. I haven’t travelled around the whole Hood Canal so it would be interesting to do so.

Often as a kid our family would go to Twanoh State Park which is about ten miles from Belfair. My brothers and I would spend the day swimming and playing tennis. One time we spent several days at Twanoh camping out.

Continuing past Twanoh there are a number of small towns that you can go through. Great places to stop for lunch. One of the small towns is Hoodsport which is close to Cushman Dam. At Hoodsport you would travel east for about ten miles to reach Cushman Dam. Like much of the Hood Canal there are a lot of cabins along with small homes. Many people spend their time during the summer and weekends living on the canal. Also more people are retiring now as well and living on the canal full time.

There are a couple ways to get to the Hood Canal from Seattle. You can take the Seattle-Bremerton ferry over to Bremerton and go south a few miles and then follow the signs for Belfair. Also you can go north toward Port Gamble as well. Another alternative if you don’t want to take the ferry you can go south to Tacoma and take Highway 16 to Bremerton and then follow the signs as well. If you like can stop in my home town of Gig Harbor for coffee or a meal or walk around the waterfront.

The Hood Canal is how you can travel to Olympic National Park and Forest; also where I would like to visit as well. Continue going west you can get to the Pacific Ocean. There are routes on Highway 101 to Oregon going south or north up to Forks, Port Angeles and Sequim before crossing the Hood Canal Bridge near Port Gamble. Many places you can hike and camp if that is what you really enjoy doing. This is a great way to enjoy seeing Western Washington besides spending time in Seattle.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Our Self Image

Something most of us deal with on a daily basis is our self-image. We really want others to like us if not love us and so we work on improving our self-image. It may be how we are dressed or we comb our hair.

When it comes to our job we dress for the image the company we work for wants or how we want our fellow workers and customers see us. In fact most of us got our jobs because of our self-image. I know that most people want to think that they got the job on their credentials however self-image is part of the package. If you are applying for a job most likely other candidates have the same credentials or greater than you do. The reason that you got the job most likely has to do with image that you put across to those who interviewed you and decided your fate. Confidence in your ability is a big part of your image.

When it comes to encouraging others the biggest part is showing them their self-image or better way self-importance.  Those people I am sure have low self-esteem about themselves. Telling them how you feel could increase their self-esteem in a big way.

We were created in God’s image so you must know God doesn’t make mistakes and that includes you along with everyone else around. The importance is treating others in the same manner that you want to be treated and to remember that they are created in God’s image as much as you.

A great way to improve your self-image to others is to have a smile on your face as much time as you can. Also laugh as often as you can to is very good medicine. Do so even if you’re doing it in front of a mirror.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Disappointment About Travel

 The plan was tomorrow to leave for central British Columbia for a couple weeks spending time with a couple of my cousins and family however these have changed so I have to postpone the trip. I am sure other people have had to postpone trips before for various reasons.

For me this is the first time I have ever had to postpone a trip. In this case it is beyond what I can do. The reason for the postponement they are having wild fires in the area and some families have to evacuate. Fortunately my cousins don’t have to evacuate however it is hard to get to their place because some of the roads are closed. So you see why I am disappointed not be able to make this trip at this time.

This is the first time in fourteen years that they have problems with wild fires.  In eastern Washington most years they have to fight wild fires. Some of the fires come because people are reckless while other times it has to do with lightning. Right now they have fires in southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon. They have firefighters that come in from different parts of the country including Western Washington. Depending on the size of the fire they could be fighting them for a couple months or longer.

So at this point not sure when I will be able to make the trip to British Columbia. It may be sometime in September or have to wait until next spring. So now what I may do is to take small trips around Western Washington. There are plenty of places to see around here. I can visit Mt. Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, the Pacific Ocean and a number of other places. Anyway I will have to make a plan. I hope whatever plans you have they will work themselves out.  

Monday, July 10, 2017

Seeking Wisdom

In our lives today we need to seek wisdom more than ever before. Not only there are those out trying to scam as many people as they can there are those who lie and cheat using words that sounds like truth. Also there are many who want to throw their agenda in everyone’s face. I am sure that some may say that I have an agenda and that is probably true. My agenda is that we have lives where we can live to the fullest and not be discouraged.

I believe a part of wisdom is able to speak words that are truth along with boldness and not to offend if it is possible. Sometimes we will offend others when we use wisdom however the point is not to whenever possible. It is important for us to think and choose our words carefully before speaking. I find that doesn’t happen frequently especially on social media. Many people feel they have the right to write whatever they want to say. You have to say they believe with freedom of speech they have the license to do so. They are right up to a point however they need to realize that consequences can happen. I have mentioned this before we must watch our words carefully. We can not only encourage others with our words we can destroy them as well.

What we believe and speak in truth we must do with a spirit of love and concern not with judgment. It doesn’t change things sometimes because there will be those when you speak love and concern they still think judgment. So much of that is going on in the world today.

Another reason for wisdom is that often what sounds like truth is not truth at all. The words may sound good but in the end it is true deception. It is the reason that scams work many times because the words out of their mouths seem right. Before accepting anything take your time thinking about it and consult someone that you trust and believe in however in the end trust what comes into your mind that is true wisdom.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Be Excited

 When we wake up in the morning we should be excited for a new day. It doesn’t mean that we will a great day because we do know that things happen and no day is perfect.

We should be excited by our job or whatever it is that we do with our day. Again it doesn’t mean that we will have days where things may not go wrong but most of the time we enjoy what we do. If this is not happening where we enjoy our job it is time to change what we have been doing. This is especially true if you feel obligated to what you’re doing. You feel that you can’t leave the job it may not be a bad ideal to change your routine so things could become better and your attitude at the same time. Our attitudes often get in the way of things when we are acting in a negative manner.

My experience if work is not enjoyable a good time to take a vacation to relax and get your head straight. When you return and things don’t seem to have improved this is a good time probably to move on.

Besides our jobs we should be excited in every area of our lives with family and friends. If we are not happy in these areas we need to make adjustment and decide to become happy. This is a choice we have to do being happy. It has not a lot to do with the circumstance as much as our attitude. Yes happiness is a choice on our behalf.

Let life be an adventure with excitement. Make every day feel like it should a day that has never happened and won’t be another like it. So begin this day with a smile and many blessings to you.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Heading North

It will only be a few days before heading north into British Columbia to visit my cousins Christy and Susan along with some of their family. I look forward to seeing them and having a good time. Don’t have an exact time spending with them other than it will be about two weeks. I will have a lot to write about my travels that is for sure. By car it takes about thirteen and half hours to get Christy’s place at Rose Lake without a break that is. So I will take two days to drive. With the breaks I will drive about eight hours each day to arrive in the late afternoon.

It has been four years since the last time I was up there for Christy’s oldest son’s wedding. He and his wife just had their first baby a couple weeks ago. So you can imagine the stories we will here. Also Susan just became a grandmother once again. Christy now has two granddaughters as her youngest son has a daughter as well. I am not sure how many months but less than two years old. Lots of pictures to look forward to see that is for sure. Most likely not to see either of the new granddaughters since both live elsewhere unless they plan to come for a visit which would be nice that is for sure. Susan now has eight grandchildren with the oldest being the only girl. I believe she is nine since she was five the last time we saw her. The chances are pretty good that we will see her and her two brothers since they live near Susan and spend a lot of time at her place.

Along with my mother we will be heading out about 9 am on Wednesday July 12 and arrive the first night about 5 pm in Kamloops, British Columbia. Depending on traffic we will be in Seattle about 10 am and getting to the Canadian border about 12:30 pm. We will make a stop at the Smokey Mountain rest area for about a half hour. It is about an hour drive from Seattle. That area we will start to see a lot of green grass and farms. We can smell the cows as well. A lot of small towns in that area heading on Interstate 5 and I always enjoy the view. When we hit Bellingham which is less than a half an hour from the Canadian border we will get off the interstate and head east for about ten miles. We will than cross the US/Canadian border at Sumas, Washington. The census report from 2010 says the population is a little over 1300. Sumas has a little over 1400 square miles in the city so you see less than one person per square mile.

On the other side of the Canadian border is Abbottsford, British Columbia. My Aunt Judy lived in Abbottsford for a short period after she moved west from Montreal, Quebec. She then moved onto Vancouver Island near Victoria where she lived until she passed away about eight years ago.

At Abbottsford we will drive for only a few minutes heading east on TransCanada highway then north until Hope, British Columbia. We will probably stop in Hope for dinner before heading to Kamloops. Hope to Kamloops is about two and half hour drive.

The second day we will see a lot of wilderness. Enjoy that part of the country. At that point we will be out in the sticks that is for sure. We will be on highway BC 97. Not sure exactly where we will take our breaks however we will likely have lunch at 100 mile house. We will head east when we make it to 150 mile house. We will be close at that point to our destination of Rose Lake.

Today I will be getting my car serviced. Of course have to be sure it is in good condition.  Until next time enjoy your wonderful weekend.  

Friday, July 7, 2017

A Word That Describes You

I believe that there is one word that describes us more than any other word. In my case I believe it is perseverance.  I have gone through a lot in my life and the reason I am here is perseverance. I am going to continue to meditate on that word perseverance. What is your word?

I know that we have more than one word that describes each of us. Words that other people think about us and those words may have to do with our personality or how we deal with others. I know that I have been told that I am steadfast, dependable and funny however I still believe one word will tell us about ourselves over any other word.

Be encouraged today about the word that speaks of you. Think about that word throughout the day. I would not be surprised that word will change your life. If you see a friend or family member today and a word comes to your mind that subscribes them let them know that word. I am sure they will be happy about hearing that word. Until next time God bless you.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Desire of Our Heart

 The desire of the heart is something for us to press on toward. Relationships can be hard at times and when they break off the heart becomes broken. At this point you wonder if you will get into another relationship and have a heart that is whole again.

Often most people go through at least a couple relationships either before or after marriage. These are the hardest to deal with because you have put so much energy into them along with your heart.

Although I am not an expert by any means I find that most relationships that end it is the fault of both parties however sometimes one of the partners doesn’t realize they had anything to do with the breakup. I had a couple roommates who thought that way. They couldn’t believe that their relationship ended and it had to be totally the fault of their partner. When I heard them talk to me it was obvious that was a good deal of the problem.  Somehow they overcame how they felt because both of them have remarried and are in solid relationships. I expect they finally came to the conclusion that they had been part of the problem in their first marriages.

Though marriages do have relationship issues at some point or another I still believe a couple can overcome them. My question is do they really want to. This is where pressing on comes in as well. I have to wonder does the relationship mean something to both partners or have they given up believing the next relationship will be better. I am not sure whether a second relationship will be better than the first one. I have heard about people going from one relationship to another several times over. I wonder how healthy that really is.

Relationships that struggle don’t have to be just marriage they can be friends or family members as well. I have talked to men and women who haven’t had a relationship with a brother or sister in years. Most cases this is a brother or sister from another marriage. I believe it is important to get back together in these relationships. I have been blessed to have good relationships with my siblings.

I am not sure whether I have any more advice in this matter however love can become the center piece of any relationship and never give up on your desires. I feel this is what pressing on means is never giving up no matter how far you must go.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Looking Forward to Travel

  Next Wednesday I will be off to travel up to British Columbia. I am not sure how long I will be gone for. It will be around a couple weeks.

I will be visiting a couple cousins and family up there. It has been four years since the last time I was there. That trip was for a family wedding while this time to see them and enjoy myself.

I will not be taking a computer however I may have access to one either at a motel or at my cousins so I will probably be off the grid some days.

I will be writing in my journal time to time and will pass on my notes when I can and when I get back for sure. It is very beautiful in those parts of British Columbia. Definitely out in the wilderness that is for sure. I would not be surprised if I see more animals than humans when I go out for my daily walks.

A few days ago when I was out walking on the Cushman Trail in Gig Harbor, Washington I saw a couple rabbits along with some birds. It made me think that I was in Alice in Wonderland and I see her pop out at some point. Who knows reality can happen in the middle of fantasy.

Yes I will be continuing writing up to the time that I leave. It will take two days for me to arrive at my destination. It takes thirteen and half hours to drive without any stops so I would say sixteen hours or more with the stops included.

I know the first day be stopping at Smoking Point rest stop near Marysville, Washington. The second stop will be at Sumas, Washington where I will be crossing the border into Canada. Have at least a third stop if not a fourth one or more before spending the night Kamloops, British Columbia. The second day I will make at least three stops before my destination at Rose Lake, B.C.

I will be taking my camera as well so I will be taking some pictures on the way there and back along with some family photos. I plan to make another trip there again in the next couple years. Until next time I hope that you enjoy your travels.