Sunday, January 31, 2016

Our Lives Can Change in a Second

I have been thinking that all of our lives could be different because of one second. Some time we all have experienced something that may have changed us for the rest of our lives.

I remember once driving in Tacoma in a split of a second or two I may have been in a car accident or three. I was heading to downtown Tacoma where three cars in those seconds I could have been hit by at least one of them if not all three. The possibility was great if I had been hit by the first car that the other two would have been involved in the accident too. With three cars involved a greater chance of a bad injury would have been likely.

About three years ago on highway 16 heading west on my way home a tanker truck and a pickup truck were almost involved in a collision that I could have been right in the center of it all. It had been raining the pickup truck was going faster than me and passed right by me. He did not realize the tanker truck was only a short distance in front of him. Since I was able to view the scene in front of me I slowed down however the tanker truck swerved and then came to a stop sideways. The pickup was able to stop and get onto the side. There was another vehicle that had to make a sudden stop as well. I am not sure what happened after that though I was a bit shaken up I continued on my way home which was less than ten minutes. I am sure all three drivers had to relax for several minutes since they likely more shaken than I was. Another case what may have happened in a second. I am sure everyone has gone through a similar situation a few times. I call it a miracle or at least mercy and grace.

I did experience a situation when I was four years old where a second made a big difference in my life. I could have had my life totally changed around. Being four years old I had no idea really what I was doing however I decided to cook eggs on the stove when my pajamas caught on fire. My sister Barb twelve at the time was not too far away from the kitchen screamed out for help. Mother came with a blanket and smothered the flames. Dad than rushed me to Mary Bridge Children Hospital in Tacoma going over ninety miles an hour across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Mother told me years later a second delay or more I would have either been dead or at least a scar on my face. I have seen other children with scars on their face and I am so thankful that scar is only on my right side of stomach and under my right arm pit. Still I was in the hospital for six weeks with a 104 temperature most of that time.

I am sure we all have heard other stories that turned out this way when a second could have made a more tragic ending. In fact we have heard stories that turned into being very tragic and one second earlier may have made a different outcome.

So be thankful for a second that turned your life into a better ending where grace and mercy entered in. It is so hard to know the answer for some of us had a good ending while others did not. I am here today for what I would call a miracle. I can share this with anyone who wants to listen. We need to be thankful for every second we have in this life.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Reckless Abandonment

 I continue want us all to realize that we can be the best. We all have a purpose and destiny regardless what we have been told by others whether it was when we were children or even in adulthood. I believe a part of my purpose and destiny is to encourage others they can be the best possible person. So I will continue to do so here in my writings.

Growing up often we have obstacles that get in the way for us to be the best. Usually they are either physical or emotional. Because of these obstacles we are told by our classmates or teachers that we can’t be of any value which is a total lie.

When I was four years old I could not hear. At five years old I started talking because my ears were cleared up. My mother told me the problem with my hearing in part was that I had wax in my ears. So the doctor removed the wax out of my ears so I could hear. Why I say in part with the wax my mother said I had more issues with my ears though she doesn’t know even today why. Though I don’t know the whole issues with my ears I do know the clearing of the wax took care of my hearing. It is very possible whatever else wrong with my hearing removal of the wax helped them out as well.

Continue on with the story. With my hearing cleared up I started talking a lot especially in school. I am sure because I started talking at five years old I had a lot of time to make up. You figure most kids start talking at the age of two. It was not that I did not talk at all before five years old my speech was not understood by most except my older brother Dick. He was my interpreter so if anyone including my parents wanted to know what I was saying he would let them know since I had my own language. In better terms I started speaking English at five. Anyway most of my teachers did not understand that I had a problem with my speech they wanted me to stop talking so much. I have to say it is discouraging for a kid who doesn’t understand what is all going on but wants to communicate with others. Other words most of my teachers made me think no instead of encouraging me to be the best I could be. My parents on the other hand encouraged me that I was my own person and I could do anything despite a short beginning. So what I am saying we can be the very best no matter of are small beginnings.

So where does reckless abandonment come in the equation. The ultimate team sport is American football. The teams that become champions whether it is high school, college or professional leagues they have an attitude of reckless abandonment which means you go all out against the opposition. The position in football that shows that the most is the linebacker; watching the linebackers they are crazy and have no problem going after the player who has the ball. Their attitude is to attack and bring down the player in whatever way possible.

Another group that shows being in attack mode is the Naval Seals. They are trained to go into any situation in battle to bring back those who are being captured by the enemy in any fashion it takes.

For us to truly be champions we can’t be afraid to go into any situation to succeed. This is where reckless abandonment comes in. We have a purpose to take care of others even if it costs us our lives. Other words we must look at laying down our lives for our family and friends no matter the cost are to us. Have this attitude will make us true champion.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Brother

Today Jan. 29 is my younger brother Jack’s birthday. He is not only my younger brother he is my best friend. Usually we talk every Saturday morning on the phone since he lives in Virginia while I live in Washington State.

Since he left for college many moons ago he has not lived in Gig Harbor, Washington. We see other about once a year. He not only comes to see me he does for mother too. His middle son Ian lives in Seattle, Washington now and works for Microsoft after graduating from Harvard last year along with his fiancée Helen.

Jack met his wife Anne while he was a student at Harvard. They got married while they both were attending Harvard. They have three children besides Ian.

They did some traveling after graduating from Harvard and then both getting their master degrees. They spent two years teaching school in Taiwan before he became a business consultant. He has worked for several different companies over his career while Anne has taught high school English literature first in St. Louis, Missouri and now in Virginia. After a short period in Washington D.C. they moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where he worked for Honeywell and they spent a couple years living in Germany for Honeywell while their two oldest children my niece Leslie and nephew Robby were small. Both Ian and their youngest son Danny were born in Minnesota before they moved to St. Louis.  They lived in St. Louis for about seventeen years before moving to Virginia a little more than two years ago just after Danny graduated from high school. Anne took a new teaching position after teaching in St. Louis for quite a few years. She took the position in Virginia because most of her siblings and both parents live in the same area. The decided the best idea was for them to live near family. Jack actually still works for the same company he has in St. Louis for last several years. He works out of his home and does some traveling as a consultant.

It would really be nice if Jack was living closer to here however it good that he is at least living near family. Mother does not travel anymore because she is ninety-five years old so he tries to come out here as much as he can. I hope in the near future to be able to visit him back in Virginia depending about Mother’s health. Currently Leslie and her husband Daniel live nearby along with Robby who now is in D.C. too. They are blessed to have family so close together.

Growing up in Gig Harbor we were pretty close along with our older brother Dick who no longer is with us. What made Jack special was that he could relate to both Dick and me who were not that much alike. He really brought us together.

Our parents thought Jack was an angel and could do no wrong. I am sure a lot of older brothers could relate about their younger brother. Other words in some respects he was a stinker back in those early days. I have to say I was to as well. Jack and I did some things together that today we would say we are not proud of; however we did have a great time though. I will have to write in the future about some of those things we did.  Dad’s birthday is only a day’s away next week and he always considered Jack his birthday present. I will write about dad when his birthday comes. 

Again I have to say happy birthday today to my little brother Jack. May you be blessed!


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Be Happy

 I believe I wrote about being happy before however I think it is something we need to remember and take advantage each day.

Being happy has nothing to do with our circumstances or feelings instead with our attitude. Everything is not going to go right all the time. I look back when I was a kid and I went through a lot of issues especially with other kids. I look at the pictures I was in back than and you can see the smile on my face in almost every one of them. It is possible that I had a smile on my face because I was asked to smile or I really did feel that way. All I know now all the trouble went through back in those days has made me a better person. I am not bitter at all because I felt that was what life was all about. Other words I did not know any different back then and now I feel it was a blessing in disguise.

Some days things do happen that we can’t get over or change. An example was before Christmas my mother cracked her head while falling down in the bathroom. Neither of us had a happy day for sure especially her and I made the best of it. She is still recovering from the fall however she looks happy most of the time now. She is back playing bridge and involved in all her other activities with friends. When you are ninety-five years old like her you are grateful. Whenever someone ask how she is doing mom responds by saying she is glad to make it another day. In many ways that should be all of our attitudes no matter how old we are. Mother is blessed because she has a lot of friends still around although many are not around any longer. I am happy because she is still around as well. Every day mother is alive makes it a grand day and something to be happy. I believe we should all be grateful if we live as long as her that we would still have our minds and the friends she has. Not as many people in her age group are so lucky.

Again have a great attitude being happy no matter what is happening day to day. Our circumstances and situations may change every day however the way we look at things can stay the same. Certainly make life a lot more enjoyable for sure. Remember to hug those who are around you every day. I like receiving one that is for sure.  


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Have Been Searching My Whole Life

It has been a long time since I last did this however I decided it was time to write a poem. I figure I will write more in the future as well. Nothing like putting our heart out there in words; I believe this is what poetry is all about. So here we go everyone.


Searching for you all my life

Wondering where you are

Are you only in my dreams?

Someday I will wake up and you will be there

Have we seen each other walking the streets, in the checkout stand at the grocery store or at the coffee shop?

Have we been blinded all these years

Will it be today or tomorrow when our eyes can be opened

Smile on our face and knowing now what true love is

My heart skips for you

Beating everyday

You will be my best friend as well as my love






Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Blizzard

We all have heard about the snow blizzard over the weekend in the south and east coast of the United States.

According to my brother who lives in Virginia the weather had been quite mild this year compared to last year at the same time until the storm happened. I talk to my brother Jack most every weekend unless he is out of town and is unavailable. Saturday morning he said that they had about two feet of snow and expected it would be at least thirty inches before the snow would stop. He shoveled snow a couple times as well.

On Monday the federal government continued to be closed. I am sure it will take several days for the area to recover however the meteorologists expect more at the end of the week.

In my life time we have never had that much snow in Western Washington. Of course, the mountains can have that much snow happen at once. The east coast doesn’t have mountains like we have in the west so it is the reason they get more snow than we get in the cities. The most snow I remember at one time was around a foot and it happened several times more when I was growing up. These days we may get six inches of snow if we are lucky. Regardless the amount of snow we get it is hard to drive because we have so many hills and most people are not accustomed to driving in it as well.

My dad told us when he was a young man Gig Harbor bay was frozen over in 1950. I am not sure how long it lasted however it was very thick because he was able to ice skate and some people with cars drove on it as well. I am sure not for them but I dad told us how cars sunk into the harbor when the ice melted. I guess they were not able to tell that the ice had melted some. We thought it was funny when he told us the story. The last time I was in the harbor museum they had a picture showing people skating on the bay. I believe my dad may have been one of them in the picture.

I do remember several times where I saw ice on the bay however it was very thin so could not even skate. Most of the recent times a little ice on the edges of the bay only. In those cases the temperatures were in the low twenties. I am not sure what the temperatures were in 1950 however I expect likely around zero or less. Even at the best of times the water is quite cold in the harbor. As a kid went swimming in the summer however did not stay in very long because the water was so cold. The last time I remember going into the bay when I was a kid it was hot out so I was sweating and I wanted to cool off.

So you see we had some good times as a kid when it snowed here besides the mountains. The hills allowed us to go sledding just like we were in the mountains. Sure brings back good memories.



Monday, January 25, 2016

We Want You

I know this is an interesting statement to say the least. The sign you see I used to see when our family went on trips south on interstate 5 going to Oregon.

I haven’t been down that way for a few years however I expect the sign on billboard showing Uncle Sam is still there. It is located somewhere near Centralia, Washington which is about an hour drive depending on traffic from Gig Harbor. These days the traffic is heavy in the mornings around Ft. Lewis/McCord base which is just south of Tacoma. It is best to pick a good time to go either earlier or later in the morning so you don’t have to drive slowly.

Olympia Washington which the capital of the state is about half way between here and Centralia; you can get off I-5 in Olympia to head for the ocean beaches as well.

Anyway if I recall the Uncle Sam sign is put on by the John Burch Society if you have ever heard of them. They are a political group that has their own way of thinking. When I was twenty I went to Forks, Washington on the Washington coast where it rains a lot. Now it is known for the Twilight series. I worked in the radio station as a DJ and news reporter for six months. It was quite the experience. Why I bring that up the radio station had a John Burch Society program on every Sunday morning. To be honest I didn’t really listen to the program because I was checking the news and getting records to play along with other programming coming on after.

Seeing the sign near Centralia I always found to be interesting. I wondered if Uncle Sam actually wanted me or not. I really did not know however it was good conversation between my brothers and me.

Since we were primarily going to see our sister Barb who was at college in Eugene, Oregon at University of Oregon and it took about four hours get to we had to get our own entertainment. Besides reading as many signs along I-5 we would read license plates and make up words from that. Usually that did not last long. Of course, at some point our parents would on our case for being restless. In my case it did not take very long.

Boy I have to say this sure brings back the memories. Besides visiting Barb in Oregon we used to go up north to Seattle, Bellingham, and Vancouver B.C. Canada quite frequently to visit our relatives. Every trip was exciting especially to get out of Gig Harbor. Being a small town leaving Gig Harbor was always an adventure. Though I still call it home visiting another place is always fun.

So do you have the answer to Uncle Sam? He does look friendly though he has those eyes that looks right you. I wonder what it would be like to actually meet Uncle Sam someday. Something to think about.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stories Written

I am sure most writers have to figure out what the readers will like and what they won’t like. I know I get surprised sometimes what you read here and what you decide not to read.

I have been writing this blog for just over two years starting in November 2013. I am still trying to figure out what you would like to read of mine and what you would not. I know it takes a lot of experience to do so. Looking at my top ten list I do have some ideas what you like so I will be writing more of that kind.

 I look forward to writing another story about my dad on February 2 since that day will be the 100th anniversary of his birth. My mother and I have already planned going out for dinner to celebrate this wonderful occasion on that date.

This year I hope to write more about family and friends along with other cities around the state of Washington. Also my nephew Ian will be getting married in August. I hope to be able to make his wedding in St. Louis, Missouri all depending on the health of my mother. She is now ninety-five and in pretty good health though she had a fall just before Christmas. She had twelve stitches put in the back of her head. The stitches were removed eight days later however she is still on the mend. Also, she is going through physical therapy at the local nursing home. Besides having residents there many people have outpatient physical therapy after being in an accident. They have a high reputation in the area. Next store is an assistant living facility as well. She plays bridge there twice a week. Her social life keeps her going for sure. She feels so good when she is able to get out and about. We live together which is so much better for her than being in an assisted living facility.

Besides going to St. Louis for Ian’s wedding I hope to do more traveling in the years ahead and I can write about it. Right now though my life is primarily taking care of mother; I have no problem doing so since she did so much for us when I was growing up. I have talked to other friends who have or did the same with one or both of their parents. Not an easy job however it is important they spend time with family. I know it is a sacrifice and not easy thing to do. In many cases at some point they may have to enter a nursing home because of their health. I hope this is not the case for my mother and she is able to die in her sleep someday. I know she does not want to be a burden on anyone. Many of the friends she has kept her going for sure.

Anyway as I inspire to write more in the weeks, months and years ahead enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Presidential Election

I am sure some of you are asking what I want to say about the election coming up this year. Others may say that they don’t care what I think. Actually I don’t have a candidate that I like at this point. All I know that I am not a big fan of either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump.

When it comes to the Presidential election I usually plan on the side of the Republicans however if Donald Trump is the candidate I won’t be voting for him. I have an old classmate that says the media tries to make Trump sound like a goofball. Actually I think he does a pretty good job of it himself. I have heard that he treats his employees pretty good which maybe the case however does that qualify him to be president.

Hilary Clinton I won’t vote for first of all because she is a democrat and second she is Bill Clinton’s wife. Do we want four or eight years of those two? Hilary was secretary of state under Obama in his first term and it was enough for me.

I can’t say I would never vote for a democrat however the odds against it are strong. The candidate would have to be exceptional for me to do so and the republican would have to be not so much. The reason I would not vote for a democrat is I don’t agree with their party. What I believe in and what they believe in are very different indeed.

I am not saying that the republicans are exceptional because they are not however the Republican Party beliefs are closer to what I believe in.

At this point I haven’t watched the debates for either party. The Democratic debate would be a waste of time for me since I don’t believe what they do. The only reason I would watch is to know what the opposition is thinking at this time.

I am not watching the Republican debate because there have been way too many candidates. When things narrow down than I will likely watch the debates; I will find it interesting to watch the debate between whomever becomes the two final candidates for both parties unless it is Clinton and Trump. If it comes down to the two of them I won’t be voting at all in the election. We can only hope the Republicans will be smart enough to have another candidate running instead of Trump. Also, the United States is in somewhat trouble if it comes down to the two of them.

I likely won’t write anything more about the Presidential election until the summer at the very earliest unless something really makes the news to do so. We can only hope there are candidates we can’t think of who will run.

If you are into the debates good for you; enjoy your time in doing so though I think it is a waste of time. It is just my opinion though. Depending on things it could be a long year at least for the election that is. I wonder if we wished that Obama would be back for another term. You can take me serious or not I don’t really care. Next time something better I promise and enjoy your weekend.   

Friday, January 22, 2016

Remember Those Junior High Years

I am sure most of us have tried to forget or do not remember those Junior High School years. It has been a long time ago for me so I feel those years were a different life time.

I do remember a few things during that period of my life. Most of us guys were either  short or too tall and we were very uncomfortable about it all. In seventh grade I was actually average height however I did most of my growing in the summer between seventh and eighth grade. It took a little while for some students and teachers to recognize who I was.

In those years we are discovering girls as well as ourselves. Also, it was a time we felt that we were becoming men and no longer being boys which was the farthest from the truth. I remember so often that other boys wanted to fight or at least pick on me. I didn’t want to have any part of it at all. I really wasn’t much of a fighter however I did keep myself in a position where I did not get hurt either. One of the ridiculous things was almost every day a couple guys would want to fight up on the ball field during the lunch hour. They would make an arrangement earlier in the day to do so however when the time came both would chicken out in front of the crowd so no fight would happen.  A day finally came when a boy asked me to fight up on the ball field at noon. I told him I really did not want to because no one actually did any fighting so if we were going to fight we must do it right now. He decided not to fight me at all. You see I was willing to fight though I knew no one else would do so.

In junior high I was on the basketball team. It was one of the only few sport teams going on at the school and by far was the most popular. I figured it was a good thing especially with the girls. The problem was I spent most of the time on the bench and only played if the game was a blow out. The coach eventually came to me for a pep talk. He said he knew that I was frustrated in not playing very much however I was only one of twelve guys in my class to be on the team and a lot of other guys would trade places with me. He was right in one respect but I was competitive and I wanted to be on the basketball floor not on the bench. The other thing is those who were just ahead of me playing more than me in my mind not any better than me. I was fast and I had a good outside shot. The problem was I did not go to the basket very well; the coach was looking for that kind of player. Also I was a streak shooter so I either scored a lot of points in a short period of time or none at all.

In junior high the most important thing at least in my mind was being popular and I certainly was not. I wasn’t at the bottom but not very far away for sure. There was one guy Randy who I was glad not to be in his shoes. You see Randy was smart far as being a student however he was not so when it came to dealing with other boys. He was teased a lot and he would carry all his books to class though most of them he could have kept in his locker. The other boys knew he carried all those books so on purpose they would run into Randy where all of them go flying around the hallway. I really felt bad for Randy so if I had the time I would help him gather up his books. The biggest problem though the other boys would run into him all over again. I finally told Randy that he should keep all those books in his locker but he did not listen to me. On the positive side it stopped happening to Randy when we reached high school. I am not sure what happened to Randy however I do know that he became very successful and left all the other boys behind. In junior high Randy was the prime example why I am glad those days were brief.  

I know that I have a few other stories however I have decided to leave it at that for now. I am sure I will revisit those junior high days in the future if I remember. Also, I am sure the kids who are in junior high or middle school now are going through the same thing.   

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Being Lovable

The hardest thing in life is being loved by those who don’t and we want them too. This is especially true during those middle school years when we are discovering ourselves and others. We so want to be accepted though everything goes the opposite. We don’t realize at the time we will make it through. I remember those being such difficult times of my life. I made it through like most of us did even though it hurt so much.

The most important thing though is those who loved us the most were still there on the other side loving us despite our mistakes. What makes it really good is that I have forgiven those who made the years so difficult. They were going through the same things as me though I did not realize it at the time. Most of us all grew up which is a good thing. Those who did not are still working through the pain.

I believe that most people realize they are loved by those who are important in their lives when they first become a parent themselves. You look into their wonderful eyes and you have the answer to being loved. You had a taste first when you fell in love for the first time and especially to the one you married however the baby made it even more wonderful. What a day for you to love another and one who depended on you for everything.

We may receive a lot of blessings however love is the greatest gift of all. Sometimes we forget the love however when we see our children hurt the love comes right back.

Whatever blessings we have love is still the greatest. We don’t ever forget our first love and our last. I believe we will give everything for love. So let’s not forget all those who love us and those we love.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Having Pets

I am sure we all have had pets at some time or another; whether we are talking about fish, cats, or dogs.

Growing up our family always had at least a couple cats and some fish. We had a dog when I was small but I don’t remember him at all. We had a fish tank with several different types of fish though primarily gold fish and gobies. The only problem with fish is you have to keep the tank clean.

What I liked about having cats is they are pretty independent and can take care of themselves. We had a couple cats that lived a long time while we were young.  For a little while at the time we had a black Siamese cat but one day he did not come home. He was a cat that like to adventure around. I really liked him a lot however we think he was killed by a Cougar. Yes back then in East Gig Harbor we had cougars along with other wild animals. Now and then you can see a bear and there are a lot of deer around as well. I have actually seen a deer walking in downtown Gig Harbor.

During my high school years and beyond we had a couple cats that were black and white. They were brother and sister that we named Cesar and Cleopatra. We had a mostly brownish cat at the same time name Mushka. During that period of time we decided to let Mushka have a litter of kittens. She was only cat we decided to allow to have kittens. She delivered some beautiful kittens that we gave all away except one we kept. The funny thing about it was that Mushka decided to have the kittens on my bed while I was sleeping. Boy was I surprised when I woke up with several kittens on my bed. For about ten days Mushka would not allow me in my bedroom. I then decided enough is enough and moved her out. Another part of this story is funny too. Mushka decided to put the kittens in the back of one of the couches. The problem there was a whole in the back of the covering in the couch so the kittens would fall out the other end. Mushka did not know what was going on except she continued for several minutes putting the kittens back into the couch. I decided to intervene move her and the kittens to another location. Mushka wasn’t much of a mother however she did try very hard. Only litter we allowed her to have under the circumstance.

Dogs on the other hand are a little more work to do than cats however there is a reason they are man’s best friend. There is nothing better than having a dog in my mind though I have never had one except the time I was little. My brother Jack has a golden retriever along with a couple cats. The golden retriever is a really friendly dog so whenever Jack takes her out for a walk any children around enjoys saying hello. I do have a neighbor who has a yellow lab. What a wonderful dog as well; has no problem being friendly with me.

Growing up though our cousins in Seattle had a dog named David. I am not sure what kind of dog he was but he was not very big. I really like David he was something else however he liked getting into fights with bigger dogs and always lost so he ended bleeding to some degree. Just like it is easier to remember some people more than others it is the same way with David.

Anyway if you never had a chance to have an animal I recommend getting one. At the very least get a fish or two. You may want to stay away from snakes though.



Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What We Like To Do

In our lives there are things we like to do. The problem sometimes it interferes with what we should do.

If we are in a relationship we need to realize that it is not all about us. The problem is that we are selfish at some degree or another. I am not here to put ourselves down because there are times that we need to do those things we like to do however there are times we need to do other things besides.

If you are married there are things that your spouse wants you to do. It sort of like when we were kids and our parents want to do some chores. I know often I was upset because I wanted to do my thing or I would say that I will do it when I am done with my thing. Of course it did not go over to well. Other words we have responsibilities we really don’t want to do however they must be done. We can make all kinds of excuses to do them later at another time.

There are things often that we decide not to do though we know they have to be done. The trick is to get them done as soon as possible that way we can do what we want to do. A good example is that you want to see a football. It really is good when everyone else wants to see the game as well but if they don’t or you still know those things must be done is to get up early and take care of them. I think a good idea is to make a list of those things that must be done and make a schedule for them to be completed. It sort of like the list you make when you go to the grocery store so you won’t forget something. I am not saying that I do this I just think it is a good idea.

The more we do those things that have to be done before those things we want to do the better off we are. Not only we can enjoy our selfishness the more we can enjoy others as well. I really hope this helps everyone including myself. Personally I try to put things off long as I can. The only things I do on schedule is doing the dishes and taking out the garbage.  The reason I have on them is that I don’t like messes around the house though there are still things I must do a better job of doing.

Besides being selfish there are some things we are not very good at as well. There are times we must be reminded to do them. The best is to say yes and smile under your breath. Anyway enjoy all things even the ones you do not really like doing. Have yourself a great week and do something early in the week so you don’t have to do it on the weekend.  

Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr

Today here in the United States we celebrate the birthday a great leader of the civil rights movement of the sixties. Actually his birthday was last Friday January 15.

Being a Christian I am sure he is having a great time up in heaven with Jesus and everyone else there. Also he is in joy because in heaven he is equal with everybody else. In heaven there is no difference in color of skin.

I remember very much when he and Robert Kennedy both were assassinated pretty soon after each other. I was a bit too young to understand the whole civil rights movement and I lived so far away from the south as well. Though I did not understand the civil rights movement I had heard of Martin Luther King Jr. Now over the years it saddens me more about what was happening in that time of United States history where not all men were not considered free still though our constitution said so.

Growing up I was a big fan of baseball and Willie Mays was my favorite player. One of the first books I read was about Willie Mays while in elementary school. Though I did not understand the civil rights movement I did know the struggle Willie Mays went through while growing up in Mobile, Alabama. Also, I heard about Jackie Robinson who became the first black player in the major leagues. I find it shameful that anyone would be treated that way for any reason especially for the color of their skin.

Though civil rights have come a long ways in the last fifty years plus in the last couple years we have seen that more has to be done in how we treat our fellow man regardless of race. The shooting of young black men by white officers I find horrible to think about in any circumstances. Even if the black men are criminals being a white cop you must think heavily before shooting them; at least in my mind anyway. I believe being a cop shooting anyone regardless of race should be the last thing to do. This is especially in killing them. Even if you feel threatened by them and you had to shoot I would look at getting them in the shoulder or in the leg. At least this way they are still alive and you have immobilized them.

Another thing when I was growing up in Gig Harbor we had very few minorities living in our neighborhoods and no blacks in school. So you see the whole civil rights movement feels so foreign to me. When I played basketball our team was made up with all white players. Most of the teams we played had black players on them. The only other contacts I had with blacks as a kid was at the YMCA when we went into Tacoma. I never thought of them being black. In my mind they were other kids. It wasn’t until I graduated from high school and went to vocation school in Tacoma that I had regular contact with blacks. I really found out than they were just like me in another color. Most of them I talked to enjoyed sports like me. Of course, there were other things we talked about than just sports.

Growing up in Gig Harbor over ninety percent of the population was whites. Actually still today Gig Harbor is still at least ninety percent white though there are some blacks living here along with other races. I enjoy when I run into any blacks along with other races besides white. In my mind they may be different but that is a good thing. Not everyone has to be like me.

So we salute you and wish you another Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr. We hope things get even better with the youth being born here today; also, in other places of the world.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Our Style

When it comes to our lives we each have our own style that we can call our own. There is no one that is like us on the planet which is probably a good thing.

Most of us hang around those who are a lot like us however it still means we are our own person. I have known several identical twins and in each case they have some little differences in their looks well as their personalities. I have a friend Nick who has identical twins; he is amazed that I can tell the difference between them when most everyone else cannot. Of course, we are talking about adults and not their friends. What helps is that I knew in school several identical twins.

I have heard my mother say on several occasions that you find out early that you treat each of your children differently. What works on one does not necessarily works on another. My sister and my older brother were much quieter and behaved better than my younger brother and I. My younger brother Jack though got away with a lot because he being the youngest they thought of him as an angel. Later on when he grew up they realized that was not the case. Jack and I do have some differences though our interests are alike as well. We both enjoy sports though he likes football more than I do and I like baseball more than him. Though he does talk some he is somewhere between my sister and older brother while I enjoy talking anytime. I have no problem talking with a total stranger either. Also I throw in humor in every conversation as well. You can just ask anyone who knows me very well.

Though we all have different personalities there are ways that we are different as well. I take the example of my mother and her older sister. Oh by the way my mother was the youngest of four children. She had two older brothers as well. Her oldest brother Bob was ten years older than mom. I am not sure the difference in age between him and Uncle Alan however I expect about the same as my mother and Aunt Judy. My aunt was about twenty months older than my mother. Just in case you wonder Bob, Alan, and Judy are no longer alive while mother keeps going on at ninety-five years of age. How my mother tells the story Aunt Judy was very competitive as a child and mother was not. This was very true between the two of them. The big problem though was that Aunt Judy tried to make everything competitive between herself and mother. The one thing Aunt Judy did not understand was that mother cared less about being competitive. Even up to the time Aunt Judy passed away just before her ninetieth birthday. Even now mother talks about it with a little bitterness in her throat.

I have to say though we can learn from mom and Aunt Judy is that not everyone appreciates how we act. I have learned over the years that not everyone enjoys my sense of humor. Fortunately a lot more do than those who do not. So those who I figured out that don’t like my sense of humor I do not use it on them.

Though I am not an expert by any means we need to be able to use our personalities along with our other gifting’s to help other people out. We may not realize is what we have can benefit others in so many ways we can’t think of. Also, it is important not to bring out our shortcomings as well. Yes despite what we may think we all have shortcomings. I am not sure what mine our but I must have some. Just kidding!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and use your style today.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Time Flies

We all have heard the sayings time flies when you’re having fun and older you get the faster time goes or something like that anyway. I have experienced that both of these sayings are very true.

I remember as a kid my favorite classes went by very fast while the ones I did not like so much just dragged on. In fact I have to say the days went by very slow in those days except the weekends of course.

Now time goes by very fast so the second saying is true too. It seems to me that last Saturday was just here and now here we are again. I am sure that next Saturday will come soon enough. Also, 2016 will go by faster than 2015 which was fast enough however I am going to enjoy every minute or make that second of each day. Of course, that means it will go even faster.

I remember being in high school where we talked about 2000 and how long way off it was. I knew how old I would be as well and it seemed so foreign in my mind. My brother Jack and I talked about that on the phone a few weeks ago. He said that when he was in elementary school he thought that he would not be alive in 2000. It is funny how we think about some things especially about time. Before 2000 he had four children and I am sure he did not think that would happen either.

Now it is 2016 and we are almost concluding two decades in this century. It sounds so unbelievable and 2000 seemed like it was there just the other day. One day we know where we were in this century was September 11, 2001. It was a day that chocked all of us Americans plus I am sure foreigners as well when the twin towers went down in New York City. A day none of us will ever forget. I feel so much for those families who lost loved ones on that dreadful day. It would be interesting to hear the stories now from the families that lost someone that day.

Not only do I measure time from one weekend to another and holidays as well I think about appointments I have made several months down the road. When those appointments come and go I just shake my head about the time; like I say though I will enjoy every moment.

In some tragic news I read on line of someone I went to school with. I am not sure what he died of but he is in the line of quite a few that I went to school with that have passed away over the last couple years or so. I only knew him for a short period of time because he did not arrive into the Gig Harbor area until he was fourteen and graduated at sixteen. I really enjoyed the short periods of time that I spent around him. He graduated the year before me though I found out that he is twelve days younger than me. Also, a classmate of his died about a week after him as well. She was a lifelong resident of Gig Harbor so I knew her well though I did not see her often after high school like so many. I graduated from high school with a couple of her cousins and she was a member of the original settlers of Gig Harbor who also were fishermen. Though I had not seen either of them for some time I will miss them dearly. I think of them both in my mind and how lucky I was to know them. I feel so sorry for their children and families. I am sure they both gave reflections to their loved ones. It really does remind us short time is along with how fast it goes by and how precious we should enjoy one another. Give a loved one or a friend a hug or a kiss today we do not know when or if we will see them again. Enjoy your weekend as time flies.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Finding Relationships

I am sure most people would agree with me that the most important thing in our lives is our family and friends.

A major problem though the trouble we have sometimes is with family and friends. Often people will become bitter because things happen between family and friends. I would say the biggest issue has to do with money. You see people that have problems with money usually go to relatives or their best friend to borrow money. Some will allow that relative or friend borrows the money and sometimes they will not. In these situations usually the borrower intends but never repays the one they borrowed from. This brings friction between both parties and breaks up the relationship. I am far from being an expert I believe it is important not to let the person borrow the money or do not expect the person will give it back. Without mentioning the parties involved it happened on both sides of my family. There was no bitterness or forgiveness to happen because the ones giving the money did not expect the money to be returned. If the borrower did return the money then it was a bonus. I believe most of the time you should not give money to someone in your family especially if it has happened several times before. I am talking about those who often go into debt and live above their means. There are others who may be in a situation that could use the money like buying a home. In those situations I would write up a contract if they intend to pay back the money or consider it a gift. Those who continue going into debt you may have to give them tough love and refuse to let them borrow the money. You may no longer have a friend or bitterness if a member of the family however you will have to explain to them that they have a problem with money and you will not help them. They may go to someone else for assistance or a borrowing institution. I am not sure why I am saying all this because it was not intention when I decided to wright about relationship but it is an important issue that many families and friends go through on a daily basis.

I feel though that relationships are hard even without issues. In fact my experience is finding a good relationship is hard to come by. In fact I would say if you have more than a half dozen close friends than you are a very blessed person. My experience is that most people we have in our lives are acquaintances. This is OK as well because more people we spend time with even if they are acquaintances the better we are off. The close friends we have we should cherish very much. We should spend as much time with them as possible and let them know that we do not take them for granted.

Thinking more about relationships I believe from a young age we are into on the job training. No one whether parents or teachers tells us how to build a relationship. Generally we are told at a young age no. Other words if we are doing it wrong we are told so. I remember being in class in elementary to stay quiet and often sent out to the hallway for several minutes for talking too much. I understand why because there is time for teaching however I believe now that besides recess to spend time with our classmates the teacher should allow us to spend some class time to do so. My idea would be to spend up to fifteen minutes a day with another classmate in conversation. Each day you would spend it with a different classmate. This way you would get to know them better and be with someone you don’t know as well or up to this point you are not good friends. In this way you build relationships and gain more friends.

I hope this all encourages us to go out and meet new people regardless of our experience in the world of relationships. Now I have to say is good luck and be a better person.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rain Anyone!

 During December we had a lot of rain the second highest rainfall in fifty years. January started off looking pretty good though however now it is raining once again.

Usually when we receive rain here in Western Washington the showers are light. It is heavier this time of the year but I don’t remember it raining hard as it is doing. Since I have grown up with rain and used to it a lot this type of rain is OK for a day or two but it is getting somewhat ridiculous. Yesterday when I went out to my coffee shop it was raining light however when I arrived at my destination it was raining twice as hard and continue long after I left. What made it really interesting is it took less than five minutes get to my destination. Later in the midafternoon I had to take my mother to her dentist appointment. It had not rained for at least fifteen minutes however after being in the car for a couple minutes it started raining once again. Do you see the trend I am talking about. When I arrived at the dentist office it stopped raining thankfully so did not have to walk in the rain though we were not walking very far. After the dentist though getting into the car it started raining once again. Nice to know the rain is polite enough to start when I get into the car.

Let you know that this is a common occurrence here in Western Washington where it rains for a while then stops and then starts again. Like I said it usually showers most of the time and not a heavy downpour like it has over the last couple months. So if you need some rain where you are just let us know we can pass it on.

The positive side though means that our mountains are getting plenty of snow this year. The last couple winters the snow level has been down. Here in Gig Harbor we have had only one drop of snow ten days ago. We got less than an inch and only lasted a couple hours. Some people freak out about the snow even if it is a small amount. Most of them are those who have moved into the area over the last few years. I remember the years past where we got up to ten inches of snow at one time. I haven’t seen that for about five years since the last real good snow storm. The biggest problem we have is the amount of hills in the area and many people have difficult time getting out of their driveway. Fortunately where I live I don’t have the problem. I do remember though where I previous lived it was a bit more difficult to get out when it snowed. About ten years ago we had a good snowfall where I was unable to drive out without shoveling first or getting a good push.  Actually someone helped me push so I could get going to work. I lived close to the grocery store so I could walk for ten minutes if I had to get groceries.

The weather forecast is to have rain for ten straight days. So I am sure I will start saying we are having enough rain. Hopefully when it stops we will have some sunshine for a few days before it starts raining once again. It will be nice if we can have sun for six straight months like we did in 2015. All I can say it is what it is.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Newspaper

These days the newspaper is not the same as it used to be. With the technology it is today more people especially the young ones do not read the newspaper on paper instead read it on line whether it is on their lap top, I pad, or the smart phone.

One of the newspapers in Seattle has been for a few years on line only so there is one paper that is still being printed while in Tacoma the lone paper is still being printed. In many cases more people are reading the printed newspapers on line. You can get a subscription to all three where you read on line only. The two daily papers that still print have had some of their senior writers and editors requested to retire with a buyout. The major reason is that they can pay younger people less money at the same time have more knowledge of the current technology. I would say the less money is more of the idea. I am sure the younger workers can work at a faster pace more than the older ones but I am sure some of the older ones do just fine. I know in my case I do a fine job at working the current technology. I am not putting down the newspaper companies because they are doing how they see fit. The one thing they don’t realize is that older workers even though they may be close to retirement can still get the job done. As far as the senior writers go I am sure we will see more of them starting their own blogs and will become successful in this way. In fact I will be looking to see them on line to see their writings.

I still read the newspaper in paper form though I do read some on line as well. I follow both newspapers and TV stations through social media so I can find the stories easier. Also, many people have favorites set up to make it easier.  

I would not be surprised in a few years where newspapers will be on line only. This will be true since everyone is getting more accustomed to do so now. I understand though I will miss the printed paper. There is a possibility that the Sunday paper may stay along with the weekly papers. There is so much advertising in the Sunday paper and many people subscribe to it only.

What I do generally is read the print paper in the morning and with the social media updates any news stories I find interesting I will read on line during the day. In the future I am sure we will see more blogs being out there. Many newspaper writers already write blog. This is even true to television and radio stations that are either sports or news. This allows us to read the news any time of the day or night. I especially like blogs that specialize in specific areas like me. You can read blogs on any subject from fashion to photography. We are now living in a new world of media.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Discovering Ourselves

Another thing we should look at doing this year is to discover more about ourselves. Early in life we start out by discovering everything around us. We look at others and in a few months we start crawling than walking. During that period we most likely meet others around the same age we are. They maybe cousins or children that belong to friends of our parents; these days often the mothers go out together for long walks or runs with them.

The next step we meet more when we get a little older at preschool and church. We try to discover more about ourselves besides them. Later in middle school we discover the opposite sex. We may be shy initially but then we step out to spend time with them. We learn more about ourselves and our feelings. During the high school years we may get involved in dating where we know even more about ourselves. Of course, the next step more serious dating that leads to marriage. There we learn more about the opposite sex as well as ourselves. Here we learn more what we like and dislike. The next thing happens is we have children where we learn even more about ourselves. This all continues until our resting days.

I am sure there are those who may learn all about themselves earlier in life then the rest of us. I believe it is an ongoing process especially when we get into mid age where we in many instances learn about ourselves all over again. During this period often divorce happens where you have to learn more about yourself. The term usually at this time of life is called midlife crisis.

I know in my case I look at getting to know myself more each day. What I am looking at and discovering is that I have a purpose in this life that includes beyond me. I believe that my purpose is to help out others whether it has to do with my writings or meeting people in my community.

I feel that I can especially help the young people in their twenties. It is a period of time in life where you may have questions and doubts going from childhood to adulthood. What your career maybe along with relationships leading to marriage and children. What makes it really great I feel the young people are attracted to coming to me. This is where we can discover ourselves is know where we fit when dealing with others. It is possible you may have the same purpose I do or working with others even younger or possibly those around your same age. The first thing though is for us to discover ourselves. We likely will have to spend some alone time with ourselves to see where things lead. Anyway I hope this is a good encouragement for you.



Monday, January 11, 2016


I have to say I am not really that much into changes; however, I want you to know that I plan to write something almost every day. Of course, this will depend upon circumstances. I wrote last week at the beginning of the New Year that I wanted to write additional things besides just memories of the past and encouragement. I will still do these things depending how much I remember of the past and what to encourage. I don’t expect anyone to read this blog everyday but I do like it when you all read this as often as you do. Also, I may write somethings to get off my chest once in a while. I think it is real healthy sometimes. Life is not perfect and we all get discouraged at times so writing what I feel I hope not only me everybody else as well.

Let you know that I won’t write much about politics since we are having a presidential election at the end of the year. The only thing I can say about it right now is that I won’t be voting for any of the front runners that are there right now. In fact I have to say if the current front runners win the election our country is in a bad place of affairs. I hope someone will step up to run in the election that I could feel good about voting for. Another thing I know is that by summer time I will be very sick of the political ads that will be shown.

Something I do want to get off my chest right now has to do with relationships. I have to say that most relationships are hard even the very best ones. I am not going to say anything about a particular relationship. For one thing there really is not one. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way but I don’t like it when people I have had relationships primarily at church decide to move along to another church. I know that most have a good reason to do so. In fact I moved to my current church seven or eight years ago. I had a very good reason to move on; however, I have to say that most if not all of them that I used to have fellowship with at least once a week I miss them dearly. I wish we were still in regular fellowship.  Also, there are others that I wish I spent more time with as well. Many of these people I see on line through social media but seeing people in the flesh is a whole lot nicer in my mind. So I have to say if you plan to change churches or leave an organization like a club to think about it heavily and serious before doing so because your relationships will change. If fact those you are close to make sure they understand why you have decided to leave. Along with that make every effort to keep on a relationship with the close ones. Words of encouragement we can all use as many friends as we can get. I have to say that applies to family as well.

Anyway until tomorrow enjoy your day and may you be very blessed.