Friday, November 29, 2013


I don’t expect to  write to many like this to my blog but since bullying seems to be a big issue this day I would speak about it since I have some experience in that area, and would like to  encourage both parents  and kids.

I did experience some bullying when I was a child. In my day there wasn’t seem to be a problem with guns, and knives. At least not in Gig Harbor! I know being bullied you feel alone.  Also, I know it is hard to tell your parents or others real close to you.  I never told my parents; however, if you can I recommend you do. If you find still hard to do I than would find someone older that you can tell what is going on, and help you out of the situation.  I understand those who have considered, or taken their life.  I used to fall asleep on many occasions crying, and wishing God would let me go. I know it is not the answer no matter how painful it gets.  It is hard to deal with bullies that are taller and larger than you; however, they do it because they are very insecure.  Though it was very tough time in my life I feel now it has made me a stronger person in so many ways.  With help of an older person you can stand up for yourself. I am not talking about violence, but letting them know you are not weak either.  I had one experience in ninth grade where someone said that I was setting in their chair in the cafeteria.  I let them know I didn’t see their name on the chair. One of their friends came by and asks me to step outside. He was much taller, and I had no chance at all. So I went ahead and threw the chair in his direction.  I walked out of the cafeteria, and neither one of them bothered me again. I think they may have thought I was crazy or something.  Doing something unexpected may help out as well. I hope this helps out any parent or child is dealing with bullying. Again either tell your parents, or get an older friend. Standup and be strong. I promise you will be a better person.

Monday, November 25, 2013

holiday season

It is hard to believe that the holiday season is here again.  For some they look forward to it every year while others get depressed and lonely. I am somewhere in the middle. I have my ups and my downs as well.

This year for thanksgiving I will be spending it with my mother only. I am thankful she is still around. She is now 93 years old, and is the only one left in our family in her generation. She is still in her right mind, and is physically in pretty good shape. She does have some parts of her body that hurt like we all do. Also, she still drives as well. She plays bridge several times a week along with belonging to several groups and church. It is nice she has a lot of friends. Not everyone her age is so blessed.  Though it will be only the two of us, I will be thinking about other family members and friends during the time.  So far I don’t have any plans for either Christmas or New Year’s other than Mom will be here. I have been thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas past because many of them no longer with us.  When I was a child at Thanksgiving the children would have dinner meal in another room while the adults where at the main table. I remember how nice it was to graduate to the main table. Besides my brothers the other children were my cousins.  In 1973 my sister cot married so my brother-in-law Bob, and his family were added on. Thanksgiving would be spent at our house while Christmas would be at Bob’s parents place in Lakewood, Washington.  It was a grand time playing games as well as opening Christmas presents.  A few years later nephew’s Ken and Connor were added to the family.  This was the tradition until the late 80s when Barb, Bob, Ken, and Connor moved to Quebec.  So neither Thanksgiving nor Christmas gatherings were as large either.  Also Jack got married after going off to college so he was not around as often either.  We started losing Bob’s dad, Dick, and my Dad in the 90s passing away. In the meantime Jack started having family as well. At this point the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners were changed. Since most of the family was on the East Coast by this point. Some years either mother or I would travel for Thanksgiving or Christmas to spend with family. Now this is how the holidays’ are spent. I really do miss those times in the past.  Though at home this year I am sure I will travel in the future for the holidays’, however, mother no longer travels.  Barb and Jack both came back to Gig Harbor in September. We had a really great time. Barb says that she plans to come to visit every year.  Jack plans to come as well. Other family members will come to visit depending on the time they have. I am sure as many as can will come when Mother turns 95. Of course, it depends if she is still around. Her family has long life, and they way she feels she could be around for a long time.
I find New Year’s being the hardest of the holidays.  My feelings go up and down a lot. If the holiday did not occur at all I would be fine with it all together.  I think most people just want to party. I spend the time thinking about the year that just finished and the one that is starting. I know for many to it is hard when you have lost family or friends during the year ended.  I find it hard because I think here I am again still single, and no one to share life with.  Will this be the year or the one after that or so on and so on? However like most I think about the year ahead, and what will happen. Just let you know we all have a purpose and a destiny. So I will think about the purpose ahead for 2014. I know I will have to battle over the depression that I maybe alone. Actually I am not alone I have lots of friends and family to see. If you have to battle those same things; let you know that I am with you as well. Think about your purpose and destiny. You do have one where you can change other lives. I think the thought of being alone usually is when we feel very selfish. We need to look at what we can do for others. I see that this blog is one way I can inspire others, and keep their spirits up. Another for me is meet new friends, and to see the old ones. During this holiday season if you see me give me a hug or at least a nice smile. If we don’t see each  other let you know that I am thinking of you, and in my heart I am hugging you. Happy holidays’ to all and be very blessed.



Friday, November 22, 2013

three musketeers final chapter

Our final destination was going down the east coast as far as Plymouth, MA.. Leaving Halifax we went to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to catch a ferry to Bar Harbor, Maine, however, on the way we had four flat tires. I don’t remember if they were all on trailer or the car.  It shows the strength of   my mother having three young boys who never had changed a tire, and our elderly grandmother. Amazingly we made the ferry on time.  Mother gave Dick a half seasick pill thinking he would get sick instead he fell asleep on the ferry while Jack and I ran all over the ferry, and had a grand time.  Before arriving in Bar Harbor, mother had to walk him around the ferry to wake up. We saw the ship the “Constitution” and the Plymouth Rock, which turned out to be a big disappointment to the musketeers.  Reading history about the pilgrims we thought the rock would be much larger than it was.  In fact when returning to Gig Harbor I was able to tell the other students in history class I walked on the “Constitution”. While in Boston saw Bunker Hill and many of the other history sites plus Fenway Park which was a big deal for me.   The camp site we stayed over at there were other kids my age so I had really good time playing with them. Mother said that when I returned I talked with a Boston accent, however, only lasted a short time.  We than headed back to Montreal, we spent another week before heading back home. Grandmother flew from Montreal back to Vancouver, and our sister, Barb, traveled back with us to Gig Harbor. I am not sure exactly when this occurred on the trip, however, we visited French River, Ontario. It was quite the experience because we found man hungry mosquitoes. We had never seen mosquitoes before, and not so large that I still remember the experience.  I didn’t know a creature would love my blood so much.  We did not stay long. Traveling home we did take a slight different route going down and through Minnesota, however, back up into Canada at Winnipeg, Manitoba. That summer the three musketeers grew up a lot. It would be an experience I would love to do over and over again.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

three musketeers chapter two

Continue our trip through Canada while in Gas Bay my mother purchased and brought back some wood carvings of the area original natives along with an old time sailboat which she still has to this day.  Being a musketeer I had to keep my eyes on all things. It is part of the job.  I saw a car that was from Ohio; it was the first car I had seen from the USA for a while so I had to investigate. I found very odd they were speaking French to each other. Being in Quebec I understood speaking French to the natives but to each other very odd.  I learned in history those in Louisiana spoke Cajun a form of French, but not Ohio.  I never did get an answer, however, it is possible there was a small community in Ohio spoke French or maybe the couple was originally from Quebec.

Our next destination was Shediac, New Brunswick which is a resort near Moncton, New Brunswick. There we visited our mother’s cousin Jean, daughter Marilyn, and two very young sons.  Jean had a place in Shediac. Marilyn was a very attractive young woman so I had a crush on her.  So I did really enjoy my time in Shediac. We wanted to be sure to visit every province in Canada so we than spent a day in Charlottetown, Prince Edward’s Island.  We did have to take a small ferry boat ride over.  It was a very beautiful island, however, what I remember most was how hard it rained. I have never seen it rain anywhere else so hard. It was on the way to Nova Scotia where we visited more family. Our Grandmother Shaw was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia before going out West as a young woman. She flew to Halifax from Vancouver to join us. She traveled with us until we returned to Montreal. While in Halifax we met an older sister of Grandmother, she was our Great Aunt Maude. She was in her mid 90s, while grandmother was in her late 80s. Great aunt Maude was blind, however, was in very good physical condition otherwise.  Also, she had a very good sense of humor so we got along great. Our Dad returned to Gig Harbor from Halifax because he had to return to work.  So mom did the remaining driving on the trip which is pretty amazing .This was only time we met Great Aunt Maude, and the last trip with Grandmother. My favorite place in Nova Scotia to visit was Peggy’s Cove, probably because I was able to run on the rocks.

Continue next post , visiting the east coast and return home.

Monday, November 18, 2013

three musketeers

When I was 12 years old my parents decided it was time for the three musketeers to go on an adventure which I still remember to this day. The three musketeers who were 9, 12, and 13 had never been outside Western Washington except to visit Uncle Bob, Aunt Joan, cousins Rob, Susan, and Christy in Vancouver British Columbia. The adventure was to travel throughout Canada and part of the east coast of the United States.  What made it really special, and unforgettable we left  Gig Harbor, Washington the day after school  was let out in early June and  did not return till the middle of August.  So the three musketeers knew they would be gone for the whole summer.  The oldest Dick, the smart one would tell us the history of every place we went.  Jack, the youngest, who was known for getting in trouble whenever possible, would listen to every word the smart one would speak. Of course, Herb, myself, the outgoing, talkative one would only listen to the smart one when it pleased him.  I was ready for anything that came our way. Our transportation was a Dodge Dart with a tent trailer hitched on the back which we would setup each night, and take down each morning for travel.

Our first destination was Banff, and Jasper national parks. I was excited to see because of a fictional character named Dudley Do Right of the Canadian Mounty Police.  Of course, they were as beautiful places I had imagined and seen in pictures before.  We than  visited Calgary, Alberta,  Winnipeg , Manitoba, and then reached Kingston, Ontario where we spent a few days visiting with our mother’s  two long time friends Kay, and Moira  from her college days. Also, they worked together in Ottawa, Ontario during World War 2.  While in Kingston we went swimming along with listening to Johnny Rivers, and Johnny Cash music. Also, with Trevor, Kay’s son who was around the same age as Jack, we discussed spider and snakes.

Our next destination was to Montreal, Quebec which we found was not totally what we expected. We spent two weeks in Montreal because of the World’s Fair and Canada’s Bicentennial. We had a very good time going to the fair except the long wait lines. Of course, the three musketeers would find ways to entertain themselves.  Our older sister, Barb, a college student at University of Oregon arrived a few days ahead of us, staying with our Aunt Judy.  The three musketeers had never met their Aunt Judy before except maybe as infants. She taught nursing at McGill University, and was a single woman who never married.  What we didn’t expect was she would treat us though we were her children which you could imagine how well that went over. Since we have been on the road for several weeks she wanted to be sure we were ok as well. Not a good start to someone who was a stranger to us. Years later she retired and moved to Vancouver Island. She continues to treat us along with our cousins as though we were her children.  She was a nice lady in general; however, we wanted to be treated as nephews, and nieces and not her children.  Also, in Montreal we found out Aunt Judy drove her car like a New York City cab driver. She would race any cab driver as well. Our dad told our mother he would never ride with her again. I never did either. We did survive the experience we never forgot. After Montreal we went to Gas Bay in Quebec. Aunt Judy went with us for two weeks. We had to continue biting our tongues.

I will continue our adventure in my next post.


Friday, November 15, 2013

First look at Sports

I decided to write my first look at sports. When I first wrote this I found that  I wasn’t  putting my heart into it like I was the other writings. Likely it would be good but not as heart felt so I decided to start over again. Amazing thing about November is that all the major sports have something going on or in the case of baseball the season ended.  In baseball they crowned a new champion in the Boston Red Sox by winning the World Series over the St.Louis Cardinals. Now in baseball they have for the off-season is called Hot Stove League to keep at least diehard fans interested.  The teams start looking to making trades, and signing free agents. Of course, there are teams like the Seattle Mariners have to find a new manager which they already have done. The new manager let the fans know things will be different from what happened under the old manager. However, the fans are upset with upper manager, and really don’t see anything change without change at the top. In college football the season is coming near a close except to find out who the national champion will be, along with what bowl game their favorite team will go to.  In the NFL there are six games remaining for most teams, so the fans are looking at where their team will finish in the standings. The Seattle Seahawks right now 9-1, so their fans are looking to whom they may face in the Super Bowl. The fans of the Seahawks for the most part would consider it a very disappointing season if the Seahawks don’t make the Super Bowl.  The other two sports basketball, and hockey seasons just begin so most fans are optimistic. I am not really sure if I am more heartfelt now than earlier, however, I am looking forward what will happen in the next four to six months. Also, the Winter Olympics in Russia begin in January so we having something else to look forward to if we are not into the other sports.

I like the fact that I am being honest with my readers. I look forward to my next writing which will be a trip my family took across Canada when I was 12 years old.  Enjoy  the rest of your day, and a great weekend.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

my bro

On June 7, 2002 I found out my older brother Dick had died on this date. It was quite a shock for the whole family since he was only 37 years of age.  A few days later the autopsy was that he died of natural a cause which to this day is still strange for someone his age. I have been thinking what I should write about him, and realized I could write a whole book.  I figured in this post I will write start with who he was, and will add additional posts along the way.

Dick Nightingale was the smartest person I have ever known. Although I know a lot of other smart people I can say it isn’t even close. However, there was more to him than how smart he was.  Like most people in his category, he was awkward in regards to social gatherings, and most didn’t understand him.  I am sure he was teased at school though I didn’t see it because we went to different schools. I went to public school while he went to Charles Wright Academy, a private prep school, in Tacoma Washington. His strongest subject was math. He was by far beyond most of us in math.   At CWA every year they had a project each student would work on themselves right after Christmas break. At the end of the school year, gathering of students, friends, and family the seniors would talk about the project they worked on.  When Dick talked about his project everyone started laughing.  I asked my mother why they were laughing when I had no idea what he was talking about. She told me that no one knew what he was talking about, and it was the reason they were laughing. At that point I was glad I wasn’t alone.

What stood out to me about Dick was the love he had for people especially his family. Though most of us didn’t understand him, it didn’t stop him from carrying for his fellow man. He would take his time for anyone. After graduating from CWA in 1971 he went onto Princeton University where he graduated from in 1975. He graduated with honors majoring in math of course.  He moved to New York City after graduation where he lived until his death. When he died he was a computer programmer for Bank of New York.  Later I heard that Microsoft wanted to hire him. He worked on computers before we know of computers today. I am sure if we discussed computers I would not known what he was talking about either, but I am sure he would explain on my level. While living in New York my sister, Barb, brother-in-law Bob, nephews Ken, and Connor moved to Quebec Canada around 1986.Dick spent most if not all his holidays with them. Like I said he loved family, and though Ken and Connor were very young they remember every minute spent with Uncle Dick.  The last time I saw Dick was a Christmas holiday to Quebec together in 1991. I figure to end this post now but I want to write one last thing about Dick. I am not sure what year it was but after his death I found a picture of Dick and myself. I figure he was two years old and I was about six months. What came across to me was the love on his face for his little brother.

Just one last thing give your brother or sister a hug. You never know if it is the last time you see them.

Until next time much love and blessings to you all.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Dad part two

As I said before I was named after my dad. I would never recommend anyone to name a son after themselves. Not an easy thing to live up to. The best part of my Dad is that he never expected me to be more than myself.  My Dad was not a perfect man or father; however, I would say I could never have a better Father.

My dad was single until he was 36 years old when he met my mother. She was a single mother, and my sister was five years old when they married. The great part was that he treated my sister as though she was his very own. My father and mother had three sons within six years of marriage. I was the lucky one being the middle boy.  My dad was a businessman, and had a partnership in a drapery business. He had the business for about 40 years in downtown Tacoma.  Of course, like most businesses had it share of ups and downs.  I worked for my dad for 12 years; we had our disagreements, however, he generally was a very good boss. Unfortunately when he retired the business had been in a down period after the death of his partner and health issues of his own, however, he was able to sell the business. I believe he deserved a better fate.  

One of the last things my dad did before his death was build a sailboat. He did the building on the property I had at the time. He told me that it was an honor to build it there, and to be close to me. He took the boat to sail only once. Before he died, he called both his sisters and brother about his trip he was taking with my mother to France. It was very unusual for him to call them on the phone; I don’t recall he ever did that before. I believe he knew the trip was his last. He died on June 11, 2003 in Monbazillac, France at a home of cousins. It was almost a year to date after my brother Dick died.

My dad most of all loved his family very much. There is a part of him in each of his children, and grandchildren. Also, he will extend into his great-grandchildren and beyond. ,

Anyway, until next time. Love You DAD. There is never a day we don’t think of you.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My DAD Part One

To write about my dad I realized that it will take more than one post to the blog to give everyone an idea who he was so.

The beginning his name was Herbert Nightingale as well. I am not a junior because my middle name is different.  He went by Bert   instead of Herb.  He was born in Seattle on February2, 1916. It was always a standing joke that he was born on Groundhogs Day. Obviously we could remember his birthday because of it. Another day, when we became teenagers found out my parents were married on Halloween in 1952. We figured it explained a lot. Jokingly! They didn’t realize when they were married it would be difficult to celebrate their anniversary since they had to take us trick or treat.

My dad was much different than myself. I would call him the strong silent type. He spoke few words; however, we would get the point especially if he was not happy with us. Also, he was very smart as well. On the other hand I spoke whenever I wanted which got me in trouble sometimes especially at school. He was the youngest of four children; having two older sisters and an older brother.  His brother Bill and he had the love of sailboats. Whenever our families got together, they would continue talking about boats. The joke was they would pick up where they left off even if it was six months later. They grew up in Tacoma, and he graduated from Stadium High School which is the oldest school in the city.  In the summer, and the weekends they would come out to Gig Harbor. My grandparents had a cabin on the eastside of the harbor which later was expanded into a home after I was born. It was in Gig Harbor where Bert and Bill fell in love with sailing. My mother says she believes it was happiest of times because my father didn’t speak much about his childhood otherwise. My grandparents had a place also in East Bremerton.  My dad would tell us about trips to Bremerton as well, but we know Gig Harbor was very special to him especially in raising his family. Also, he was a member of the Gig Harbor Yacht Club. Though it really didn’t seem to fit him he was the Commodore for one year. After he died, which I will get more into in another post the Yacht Club has named the Sailor of the Year award after him.

Continue more next time.


Hello my name is Herb Nightingale and this is the introduction to my new blog. I am single and available in my fifties.   I live in a small town called Gig Harbor Washington which is 35 miles southwest of Seattle. I know it is an unusual name which I will speak about at another time. The reason I call my blog Herb’s look at life and sport is because I grew up a big sport's fan as well as playing Little League baseball, and basketball. Also, wanted to play football, however, my parents wouldn’t allow me to, but I will speak about that at another time.  So I know I could write about sports, however, there is a lot of sport blogs and sport radio as well so decided to write beyond the sports world. At times I will write my opinion about my local teams the Seahawks, Mariners, and UW Huskies. I am not a big soccer fan so I leave the Sounders to others. But mainly I will write about life. It will be about where I live, and my family. Ideally I would like to travel, and get paid for it. I do have family in many different parts of the world so I will spend time writing about many of them.  Also, I will write about the towns in Washington as well, along with other places. I will look at my past, present, and future. If you would like you could call this my story.  I hope this will bring out your life story as well. I look forward to any comments as well. 

My next couple blogs I will speak about my father, and older brother Dick who no longer are here. I miss them very much, and let you know some of their story. Until next time, many blessings to each one of you.