Sunday, January 31, 2021

Getting On The Right Track

Well it is the last day of January. I hope
you had a good January to get the year
off well.

I haven't listen to President Biden's 
speeches since I don't believe in the
democratic party. 

There is a good chance our taxes will
go up. There is already talk about here
in my state of Washington.

I believe in taking care of people, however,
I am not sure continuing raising taxes is
the way to go.

The major reason I am not sure the taxes
go to where they are expected. Example,
here in the state of Washington they are
expected to raise the gas tax again to help
on the construction of roads. I wonder 
where the gas tax actually goes to right now.

We have other taxes set to go to specific 
places like schools but we are always hearing
problems with schools. 

Actually I think what happens is the money
goes into the general fund and the money goes
where they think it deserves instead of where
intended to go. 

I would say the government wants to please
everyone. In theory it is a good idea but it
doesn't really out that way.

Anyway I will get off my white horse, and 
wish you all a great day and may you stay
safe and healthy. Amen!

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Really Another Saturday

I guess I could say this for every day
of the week, however, we have another

I have always like Saturdays though
they go by so fast especially when I
was working full time. Mondays 
always seemed to come so fast.

Now this is the last Saturday of January.
I guess we could say how fast the month
went by. It is true though in respects it
feels like a long month as well.

We have had a lot of rain here in my
town of Gig Harbor Washington. The
site I go to check how much rain we 
have says just under nine inches for 
January. It feels like we have had more
rain then that.

Last year we have eleven inches so we
may not reach it looks like. We do have
rain forecasted for Saturday and Sunday.
We are not expected to have much rain
on Saturday. In fact we maybe getting
what we will right now. Sunday on the
other hand expecting a good rainfall so
could end up hitting the ten inch mark
to end January.

February the weather gives us a break
with much less rain about a third of
January rain amount. This year it is
forecasting to start out with some rain
for the first ten days so we will see.

What I hope for is some sun mixed in
there somewhere as well. The problem
in Western Washington even when it
isn't raining the clouds are around 
making you think it will rain even
it doesn't.

What we must do either move to
a warmer climate for several months
or think positive which isn't the easiest
thing to do.

I have lived here all my life so I am 
used to it unlike others. I am not saying
I enjoy but I am used to it. Like our life
should always be think positive during
the negative. Amen!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Great News

On Thursday Governor Jay Inslee of
Washington State said we are going to
phase 2. Actually I was a bit surprised
because we are grouped together with
Seattle/King County and Everett/
Snohomish county.

Gig Harbor where I live is in Pierce
County. We have had lower amount
of those catching the virus and deaths
as well.

This means more businesses with
restaurants and gyms will be able to
open up again to 25% capacity.

A couple weeks ago restaurants 
and coffee shops could open inside
as long as doors were open. Prior
to that some restaurants and coffee
shops could open up having tents
outside. At that time customers c
could not sit inside.

I am sure this means doors will 
now be able to close without
freezing. This will take place
this coming Monday. Another
region is opening as well. The
news means 58 percent of the 
state population in phase 2.

Governor Inslee says most of
the rest of regions are close to
going to phase 2 as well. Likely
will happen in couple weeks as
long as the virus continues down.

I am not sure when I will be
getting my vaccine though I
am eligible to do so. I will get
an email when to sign up. I know
those who have already signed up.
The earlies looks like March.

We should prayer live will get back
into to place. There are those who 
have stayed home for a long time
who need to have life again. We
can help them out for sure. Amen.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Going For a Drive

Today I am going for a drive to see one
of the rivers in Washington state called
the Nisqually.

This river is about forty miles from 
where I live. Like many of the rivers
along with lakes is named after a
native tribe.

The Nisqually tribe has just over six
hundred people in population. Like
many of the tribes in Washington they
do fishing in the rivers and lakes.

The Nisqually River does go into the
Mt. Rainier National Park. I may see
other rivers on the way or near Nisqually.
If you happen to have Instagram you 
can see my pictures whether current
or past @herbnightingale.

Enjoy your day with many blessings
and your purpose thrives. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Throwing A Life Line

I am sure everyone has heard the term
"throwing a life line".

I am not sure why, however, this is what
came to my mind this morning.

Maybe you need a life line thrown your
way or you know someone that does or
you will meet a person who does today.

Whatever the case be ready to do so. If
you need a life line because your life 
right now is not in the right place we
are with you and many friends are too.

Life can go the wrong way for all of us
at one time or another. We can always
use a friend. 

Pick up the phone or text someone. If
you have a friend who comes to your
mind do the same call or text them.

You are out somewhere today keep
your eyes open to see if someone 
is needing your help too. Amen!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Being decision makers

We all know last year was a rocky road
even for the best of us. Some people made
decisions to move closer to their families
and others taking a new job.

This year the decision making might be
harder than any we made last year. We
have to decide whether to take the vaccine
or not.

I know those who have taken the vaccine 
already along with those who plan to take
it. Also I know those who are not planning
to take the vaccine at all.

I see taking the vaccine a big decision or 
for that matter not taking it. In either case
it could alter are future years. 

At this point I don't think there is a lot of
information on how affective the vaccine
will be and whether the side effects will
hurt us for the long term. We have to decide
to go further by taking the shot or not.

I know there is still some time before I 
take the vaccine. I haven't signed up for
it yet. They haven't given out the shot yet
in my town except for essential workers 
and those in nursing homes.

I could go on the list and make an
appointment in Tacoma which is a
few minutes away from me. I think
I am going to wait for my doctor's 
office or pharmacy to get the shot.

I figure I will have more information
by the time comes. Next week I have
a procedure where I am scheduled to
have the test whether I have the virus
or not. I already took the test once a
couple months ago and found to be
negative. I hope and expect the same
results this time. There is always the
possibility they may give me the shot
when I go in as well. The likelihood
would be remote.

So whether your decision making has
to do with the vaccine or something
entirely something else make it wisely.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Let Us Be Kind Again

In the last five years and probably a lot
longer people haven't been very kind for
the most part.

There are families who have split up 
not talking to each other not agreeing
on politics  and other things. I am 
fortunate for it not happening in my

I know we don't all agree on certain
parts of politics but we don't allow it
to get us away from loving and caring
about one another.

I know there are politicians and government
people who will say about bring the country
back together but I think that is just a smoke
screen. The only way people will actually
decide to get over disagreements or biases
they will do so on their own.

So today choose to be kind to others even
though it maybe a hard thing to do. Care
for your family, and your neighbors. In
another way of putting it be the bigger 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Surprise

When we wake up in the morning we
have plans for the day. The question
what surprises lay ahead for us.

The surprises we see can make our
day whether good or bad. 

For instance I plan to go to coffee
shop in a couple hours than to 
church. After that go grocery 
shopping and then home.

Who I may see in any of three
spots could be surprise and or 
alter my change of plans.

It is always interesting how
everyday can have new meaning.
This is what makes life so 
good to have.

So whatever your plans may
they succeed along with the
surprises going with them.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

A Family Affair

We all have gifts and talents God has
given to us, however, often he gives
them to families as well except still
unique to each one.

In my family writing is very common
among many members. Each use writing
in different ways. My brother Jack,
nephews Ian, Robbie, and Connor use
writing for their work.

My brother spends ten percent of his
working time as a ghost writer while 
Connor is into wines professionally 
and writes about the background of
the wines he finds. He has a site where
he has subscription where people can
receive a type of wine and he writes
about the history. Ian is a computer
programmer where the tool of writing
is important along with him writing
several plays while in college. Robbie
works for the federal government so
he writes as well.

I have cousins like Jennifer who wrote
a novel a couple of years ago. Also,
she loves to write poetry. Recently she
wrote about my mother remembering
how much she loved boxing day.

Writing though has gone back several
generations on both sides of the family.
Makes it even more special.

So enjoy your gifts and talents. Don't
compare yours to others especially in
the family. Even though you may have
the same gift you may use it in a whole
different way.  The importance does it
change others lives for the better. Amen!

Friday, January 22, 2021

It's Friday

Hello Everyone another Friday here. I hope the
week has gone good for you. Also, you have plans
for the weekend.

Friday will be another typical day for me I think
anyway though you never know. Do have a family
meeting in the mid-afternoon. We will catch up
for what has been going on in the past month.

Every morning I wake up I begin the day writing
here then go on with the day. I look for opportunities
for my purpose and how I can make a difference
in others life even if just a smile or a hello.

This Sunday they originally we were going to have
snow, however, now they are saying it will rain
with temperatures more at normal this time of
the year. Oh well, it would have been nice to have
snow but it probably wouldn't have been around 
long anyway. 

After having some unusual warm weather the last
ten days it is nice to get back to normal. The
mountains lost some of its snow pack with flooding
happening in the rivers. 

Time to sign off, have a great day and weekend.
May you be blessed greatly. Amen!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Being Friends

This morning I had a lot on my mind. I wasn't
sure what to write about, however, I decided to
go with being friends.

Whatever we do in life it is always good to have
friends. They don't come along often when we
are adults that is for sure.

Though I have never been married I look at 
couples and the ones I find to be happy with
each other is they are best friends along with
love for one another.

Whenever times get tough having your best
friend in your corner really helps. You can
get along beyond what love for each other.

So encourage to be around your good friends.
The way the world is going we can use as many
of them for sure. Amen!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Being Creative

These days we have to be creative in
what we do including the coronavirus.

Helping others whether it has to do 
with food or helping in other ways 
we have to be creative in the way
we do it.

I bring this up because I had a dream
or at least when waking up this was
on my mind. Actually coronavirus
wasn't on my mind then I thought
well we have to include it for now

Today is the inauguration of Joe
Biden as president of the United 
States. I wonder if there will be
any surprises today or will that
be done the road in a few days.

Until next time let your purpose
and life shine before others. Amen! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Getting Up Early

I enjoy getting up early to get things
accomplished that way before the day
actually starts. I have always been an
early bird anyway.

I know there are those who do much
better at night. For them they can 
accomplish more than.

Whatever kind of person you are it
is important to get some things 
accomplished before you are 

Good advice for the day. Many 
blessings to you this day. Amen!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Another Week

Once again another Monday. We should
only look at one day at a time, however,
it is ok to look back at our previous week
to seem what happened.

We can learn from both the positive and
negatives that happened this last week.
Hopefully there isn't to much negative
things that happened.

Our life purpose should always be about
the positive outcomes but we do know 
life doesn't always work out that way.

Anyway I have a great day and I will
check in with you again next time I hope.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday My Favorite

Hello Everyone welcome to Sunday. I have to
say Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

The number one reason Sunday is my favorite
I get to worship God. Also, I get to see my 
brother and sister's in the Lord as well.

We can encourage one another and worship
God together. See how each other's week has
been and what we have been up to since the
last time we saw each other.

I like Sunday to because it is the one day of
the week I can do my life purpose unlike no
other. I do have opportunity the other six days
of the week but Sunday I have more opportunities.

So enjoy your day to the fullest. Amen!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Speaking Positive

The past year negativity along with hate has
made the world a lot harder to live in.

We not only need those to encourage others
we need many to speak with a positive tone.

I am not sure things will get better they might
even get worse, however, those of us who are
willing to can speak positive and encouragement
it will be easier for us and our friends. Amen!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Take A Breather

Though we were created for times like this.
To help out our fellow man well as seek out
for God. It is important to take a breather.

In the old testament God set apart the seventh
day for Israel to take rest. For much of the time
they forgot about the Sabbath. The day was
meant to take a day off from work once a week.
Other words take a breather.

I am sure today the Jews don't take the Sabbath
off unless they are hardcore Jews that is.

I remember as a child where stores were closed
on Sunday. You couldn't find a store around that
was open I recall anyway. If there was only one
was open. I don't remember whether gas stations
were closed to but most likely not.

Though we don't have to take a full day off from
doing anything we should take a little while to
take a breather. This is especially true if we are
stressed out. 

So if you are someone who keeps going and going
take a breather besides waiting for a vacation. It
would be nice to take a full hour off but if it is only
fifteen minutes it is still good. It is sort of like taking
a nap for us old guys. lol

Any way that is my thought for the day. Keep doing
what God has instructed you to do. A short breath
will you accomplish all you can. Amen!

Welcome To Thursday

First of all I want to thank you all for yesterday.
It was the highest readership in a while.

The amount of readership to me is not as important
to me as much as you enjoy what I write and the
words do encourage you.

At least here is Thursday. Yesterday we had sun
which we haven't had for a while. In fact, likely
the first for 2021.

I was saddened yesterday by the impeachment
of President Trump by the democrats. Mr. Joe
Biden will take office next week so why waste
time on this instead of running the country instead.
The country as you know can us the help.

There is a lot of corruption in our federal government;
it would not surprise me if God opens up the flood
gates bring forth the corruption and the lies happening

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next
week and the weeks ahead how God will deal with it

Anyway I encourage in today as long as it is today.
We can only deal with today. We look forward to
tomorrow when it comes. 

Let your purpose to continue on. Ask God if you need
to know your purpose or where it goes from here. We
all have something to offer no matter where you are at
right now. Again thanks and God bless you. Amen!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Hello Hump Day

Hello it is hump day. For some reason Wednesday's 
seem to come around a lot. I suppose can say that 
for every day of the week.

Since Wednesday is considered the middle of the 
work week I hope you have accomplished what you
 set out to do or at least made a good stab at it.

We should all make the best opportunity every day 
to accomplish what we can regards to work and our
 life purpose. There are people who can use our talents 
and gifting to have a better life.

We don't necessarily have to do big things with our 
lives the little things can accomplish good things as
 well. Think of the mustard seed a small plant, 
however, Jesus Christ said if we have faith as small 
as a mustard seed we can move mountains. 
Something really to think about. Amen!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

One Hundred Percent

We all have heard the saying "Death and Taxes"
are both 100 percent. On Monday before going
out I checked for the 10-day weather forecast for
where I live. Monday and Tuesday said 100 percent.

Here in Gig Harbor January has more rain in average
than any of the 12 months of the year. Gets off to a 
good start right. 

Our average rain fall for January is just over five 
inches and we are already there this year. Last year
we had eleven inches of rain. The way it is going
we may have more than eleven inches this year. 

I believe Wednesday we are expecting to have a
break and it will be no rain for the day. I guess we
will see.

One other thing we can count on being one hundred
percent is God loves us a lot. A whole lot he sent his
son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins so we
can bank on that one hundred percent as well.

Until next time be happy even if it is raining. Amen!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Let It Get Lighter

I don't know about you but I look forward
to getting lighter in the late afternoon and

Last Friday I stop in at the pharmacy around
5 pm. It was so nice to see people, however,
it felt so more like 8 or maybe even ten. I
thought it was time to go to bed if you know
what I mean.

I suppose since it was raining and I was going
home being dark was OK I guess. Seeing people
after dark is a good thing to. I am trying to put
a good spin on this if you haven't  figured it out.

Of course, it is dark out now as well. Don't expect
light for another couple of hours maybe. I find this
a good time to get up. I will be heading to coffee
shop in two and half hours. See what others are up
to. I get amazed what I learn from friends.

The hardest part is I love to talk. Throw in some 
jokes along the way. Keep things lighten up if you
know what I mean. Talking about the virus or politics
is very dry in my mind. Generally we get off both
of those subjects very fast if we mention it at all.

Anyway have yourself a great day and may God
bless you a whole lot. May your purpose be gratifying

Sunday, January 10, 2021

It's Sunday

It is Sunday so a day to go to church, worship
God, see your brother and sister's in the Lord.

A time to relax, reflect on the last week and look
forward to the week ahead.

See our life purpose to continue to unfold. 
Encourage others in the Lord and in their lives
as well.

I enjoy meeting new people. I met at least two
people this week that I can call friends now as

It is amazing who God brings along in our lives.
Those who may change it forever.

God bless you as you enjoy Sunday and look
forward to what is ahead of us. Amen!

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Being Steadfast In All Circumstances

In the New Testament James talks about in
chapter one of his epistle about being steadfast
 under trail. I go further or equal maybe to be 
steadfast under all circumstances. 

There are several words we can use to give the
meaning of "steadfast".  My definition is to never
waiver. This means whatever happens in our lives
we never change how we feel or think.  We will
not waiver or be steadfast. What we believe in
will never change no matter what happens.

I don't think there are a lot of people that are 
steadfast. Those who are I would be very mature
people. A rare bread. 

I have met a few who are good at or at least not
change to often during their lives. I have to say
I have a ways to go but it is something we all
should look toward achieving. 

I hope this encourages you today and think about 
this weekend. Amen!

Friday, January 8, 2021

Dry Spell

Here in Western Washington we had a dry
spell for 48 hours or less. Now back to rain
for most of the next ten days oh well.

This time of the year we get a lot of rain,
however, I like it when the sun comes out
for a few minutes.

Yesterday I took a drive to Olympic Peninsula.
When I left the sun was up but for most of the
day it was cloudy or foggy.

When I got to my designation which is Crescent
Bay it was cloudy with a little sun in there. I had
never been to Crescent Bay. A lovely spot on the
Strait of Juan de Fuca. Looking over the distance
is Victoria British Columbia. With the clouds I
wasn't able to see Victoria, however, on a clear
day you can.

Crescent Bay is a good spot for people to go 
surfing. One of the reasons I went was to see
whether anyone was surfing and how it looked
to do so. I actually saw four people out surfing.

While I was out walking the beach a woman
told me it was the second day she saw them out
surfing. It was only her second day there so they
may have been doing the surfing for several days
who knows?

I have heard after the natural the spiritual happens.
So I pray we get rained on spiritually. The nation
and the world need the rain of the spirit to fall on
us. We need new life for sure. Please pray along
with me it will happen. Amen!

                                         Crescent Bay Washington

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Having Open Eyes

I am sure most everyone at least heard about
the protesting at the White House that turned
ugly. It certainly was a bad thing.

What we have to see is what was behind making
it a bad scene. I believe there were people who
went on purpose to start a riot. They were not
part of the large group who were there to protest.
Now people will see a negative look on the group
who were there to protest. 

We must open our eyes behind the motives of those
who made it into a riot. A reason I am not for large
groups like it who are there to protest. Always someone
or a group not part of the protesting.

My thought is the protesting shouldn't have happened
in the first place. Why the chances were great what
happen did happen. Would have made more sense
to have smaller gatherings around the country instead.

So we must have our eyes opened to what happen
on Wednesday at the White House. It isn't what it
looked like. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Remembering Mom

Today is the tenth month since my mom passed
away on March 6. So only two more months
before it will be one year.

It is unbelievable how time has flied by in
some ways and how life has changed with
her being gone. 

We had a funeral for her on March 12, however,
because of the pandemic only about 50 people
were able to attend. We are still hoping to have
some time when this is all over to honor mom.

When she passed away she was almost 99 and
a half years old. She didn't quite make it to her
100th birthday. She went quickly taking only
 four days before she passed away. My sister 
Barb was there to see her go well as I. 

The day before Barb came mom seemed to be
doing well until the evening. She did recognize
Barb's presence the day she arrived; however,
she slept for the most part the last two days before
passing on Friday morning.

Mom's health was pretty well for most of her 
life including the weeks before going. Her 
memory wasn't always there the last couple 
years but she did know people for the most
part. Her long term memory was always in tact
it was short memory that wasn't always there.

So Mom we salute you and your in our hearts
every single day. Look forward to seeing you

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Fascinating People

I believe we are all fascinating people in our
own right. We have unique talents and gifts
along with the fact we have interesting stories
to go along with it.

Right now we are in a new chapter on the fifth
page this year. Along with God's help we can
write a good chapter. We hope for everyone's
sake it will be better than the last chapter. 

On Monday I met a couple of ladies for the first
time. They actually knew the gentleman I was 
sitting with. I haven't known him a long time so
they know him a lot longer.

It was nice to hear some of their stories while
they were chatting with the gentleman I was

The gentleman is a doctor so hearing his side
from a medical perspective is very good. One 
of the ladies had covid-19 along with her husband.
Actually her husband still has effects from the
virus. So it is nice to hear the perspective from
a doctor. 

I always look forward to meeting and talking with
someone I have never met before. This is especially
true of those who were born in another country or
lived in another country. One of the ladies was born
in another country and has lived in another country
as a missionary. She still goes to the country she 
is a missionary. With the virus she will wait to get
the vaccine and go back again. She now spends about
six months a year in that country.

So you see we can all pick things up from other people.
It doesn't matter whether we just met them for the first
time or we have known them for a while.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Holiday Season Over

Now the holiday season is over now time
to get back to normal or is it the new normal?

Until everyone or just the majority take the
vaccine we will be in the new normal still.
Most likely it will be some time after that.

I wouldn't be surprised we will be back to
normal until the fall. Of course, we may
never be normal again if we were in the 
first place. lol

I hope at least some have made plans for
this year whether it has to do with travel
or going local. Speaking of local you should
be able to do it now if you haven't done so

You still worried about the virus than go
somewhere other people are not going or
make sure to keep your distance. 

I have realized during this pandemic there
is a lot of places I can visit in home state
of Washington. They are places I have 
never been to or a long time. I am sure
I could spend most of the rest of my life
exploring these places but I want to see
other lands as well.

What I look forward to is being able to
interact with other people in these places.
Go into the coffee shop or restaurant. Just
got the idea I am not going to wait any
longer I am going to wear a mask wherever
I have to. Our life purpose has to move on

Enjoy your post holiday season. I guess I
can still say Happy New Year for a few more
days as well. Make your plans then let it
happen. Amen!

Sunday, January 3, 2021


When it comes to our life purpose we can
become distracted.

This week I have had health issues that can
allow me to become distracted. I am not going
to let it happen but it is a distraction for sure.

My health issues right now are not serious. 
Taking medication to be sure to stay that way.
I hope you will keep me in your prayers to 
back to good health. We should be praying
for one another on a regular basis.

Satan wants us to be distracted in a number 
of ways. If it isn't our health he wants us to
feel inferior and give us self doubt. 

Satan knows what we are capable of if we 
live the life that God has intended us to do.

I am reading in the book of Job in the Bible.
God allowed Satan to have free reign on Job's
life. The only thing God didn't allow Satan to
do is kill Job. 

Job lost his children well as possessions, however,
Job knew God had a plan for his life and of his
family. He didn't waiver in his faith in God though
he did have some questions like we all would.

When God figured Satan had enough of dealing
with Job he not only restored his life he added 
to his blessings. God gave him more children and
made him more wealthy than before. 

So let's not let the distractions keep us down. It will
be important to continue the good fight. Amen!

Saturday, January 2, 2021


Many people call it "vacation" however
wouldn't it be nice we call it adventure.

I believe our vacation should be an adventure.
In fact, our life purpose should be called an
adventure as well. Whatever we do or go life
should be adventure at the highest level.

A couple I met at the coffee shop I go on a
daily basis their son and new daughter in-law
are moving from the Portland, Oregon to
Leavenworth, Washington.

The couple went to Leavenworth this week along
with their son and daughter-in-law. The young
couple had never been to Leavenworth ever in 
their life but decided they wanted to move there.

The son works for a real estate agency in Portland
and the daughter-in-law is a nurse taking a job
at a clinic in Leavenworth. She is looking at a 
possibility of another job at a hospital in Wenatchee
which is a half-hour north of Leavenworth.

Leavenworth is a popular spot for people to go
visit in the summer or winter time. Right now a 
lot of visitors during the holiday season. 

Leavenworth isn't a large town for those who live
there anyway. It is in  central Washington in the
cascade mountains so it gets a good amount of snow
in the winter and quite hot in the summer. 

Leavenworth is a German looking town so you
can get German food at many of the restaurants.
There is a lot of hiking you can do in the Leavenworth
area. A reason the young couple are moving. 

The young couple have a couple dogs as well so
hiking for them on the weekends will be a good
thing. So the plan is to live the life of adventure
on the weekends. 

When it comes to adventure whether it is where
you live or not pick the top five places you like
to visit in the next five years. Take your "vacation"
to one of those spots each year. 

                                                Leavenworth Washington

Friday, January 1, 2021

Hello 2021

Here we are 2021. Everyone agrees 2020 was
not a good year; however, they make it sound
like 2021 will be different.

I would say eventually things should get back
into order long as the vaccine is a success. I
see a lot depends on our attitude as well. We
concentrate on our life purpose and what it
means 2021 will be a better year.

One day becomes another year things don't
automatically change as far as I am concerned.
I wish it were true but really isn't. We have
make an effort for things to change. This is
all up to us for that to happen. Actually for
change we have to do it day by by. 

Jesus Christ said don't look toward tomorrow
that today has it's own problems. There isn't
any thing more true in my mind. 

We should be thankful for what we have today.
This will allow being thankful to carry forward.