Friday, February 28, 2014

Freedom of Speech

First of all it is amazing that we are finishing off the second month of the year, and I hope everyone is still doing well in regards to your changes of life.

Recently on CBS this Morning they had a report of media being jailed in Egypt, and not have the rights of freedom of speech. The people trying to get them released.

It let me think about freedom of speech in the USA.  Our media still does have the right of freedom of speech; however, it does not apply to social media. If you write about social injustice or against the government as long you are not threatening the President of United States most likely you will not spend any time in jail, however, does not guarantee it because we are not under the same protection. Though we may not serve time in jail we could lose our job.

Losing your job would not only apply to social issues but could apply to any thing you write so it is very important to think first before writing anything that includes to friends and family. Just was ruled the government cannot view text message without a warrant, however, if you send it out publicly it is fair game. Other word’s if I text message you the government cannot view the message, however, if we send the message to others especially say the police they can. Unless you know that sending a message to just one other person I would watch what you say; even than I would be smart about it.

Even beyond writing I think it is very important that we watch what we say as well. All words could come back and haunt us. This is the reason that I want to lift others up. Also, when I share things about my life or my family life I am real careful. I hope this helps everyone out. Have a great weekend, and I love you all. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More Things

Really enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics; I read some chats where people preferred watching the Summer Olympics. I believe the reason is the sports in the Summer Olympics are more familiar to people than the Winter Olympics especially in the United States. Actually this reason I would rather watch the Winter Olympics; I don’t see the events as often.  This year they added twelve events to the Winter Olympics; primarily they were familiar to those who watch X games. In fact, the snowboarding along with speed skating were my favorites. I will look to watch X games because the events were very exciting to watch.

I don’t really want to write about politics because of the controversy that happens, however, I want to say something about Health Care, and Obama Care.  I see that the whole issue would not be politically if the Obama Care name was not applied to it; I know people are concerned about the cost of insurance, and who should pay for it, but in my mind there is more to Health Care than insurance.  What do you mean by that Herb?  Well there is more cost involved than insurance. If you go to a primary doctor or a specialist you pay co-pay, however, if you are told that you need to take a MRI, or some other test there is more cost involved beyond insurance.  Of course, there is whole much more if you have to go into the hospital.  What I am saying is that you have to pay a whole lot more, and you may not know the amount you have to pay until you get the bill. Depending the reason you take tests, or go into the hospital it can cost you thousands of dollars you were not expecting. A lot of insurance policies do have a maximum amount to pay, but in my opinion you should be given the information before performing any procedures, however, it is not how it is happening at this time. Of course, if it is life threatening not much you can do about it anyway, but the information should still be given.  It should be in the same fashion as getting work done on your car. They let you know how much the cost of new tires, new brakes, or transmission.  You know than before doing the work the cost involved instead of doing the work and saying will it be $1500 how do you want to pay cash, check, or credit card.  I believe we should be given the same information for health care.

Well I have that off my chest.  We should put the pressure on the powers to be to give the information. O yes one more thing why does it cost so much to stay in the hospital. The cost of the room is more than staying at a fancy hotel.  No more to add.

As I say I won’t write about anything else political. I know that some of my family, and friends have different opinions on politics, however, it doesn't change the way how I feel about each one.  I love you all no matter how different our political views maybe. 

I hope everything is going well for you, and you are having a great week.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Writing continues

I have heard from several sport writers say the more you write the better you get. So far I think it is really true.  One thing I want to be sure not to do is writing the same words over again to many times.

For me it is amazing thing to be able to write; as a kid I would never have thought this would be possible.  I say this because when I was four years old I had the problem not hearing correctly; the doctor when checking out found that I had wax in my ears. It really doesn't sound like a big problem; however, many things like speech are developed by that age.  I don’t remember what happened at the time; just told by my parents. I went to a speech therapist in Fife, Washington to help my speech; the only thing I remember about the experience was a deer she had in her yard. My mother asked my kindergarten teacher whether I was being teased for the way I talked; she assured my mother I was not.

I caught up pretty good in English in first grade far as the alphabet goes except u, v, w, x, y, and z.  I many times got them mixed up in order, and I was frustrated because the other kids had no problem.  With some help I corrected the problem.

Actually reading became more of a problem for me.  My parents knew the only way I would stay interested in reading would get me subscription to Sports Illustrated since I was interested in sports.  Most books I had no interest in so I had to be creative in writing book reports; I read the front, and back covers, along with first and last chapters.  I was a few grades behind until after my ninth grade; I took a speed reading class during summer break.  I was the only student so I was able to get personal attention; when completing the course I had an eleventh grade reading level.   When I went to community college in the 1990s my reading level increased to junior year of college. So I am very proud to know I can ready very well now.

This tells us that whatever the difficult circumstances that comes across us we can persevere; one of our goals to become a champion.  

Friday, February 21, 2014

Today versus Yesterday

I am wondering whether it would be better to grow up today in Gig Harbor or when I did in 1960s and 1970s. I am sure everyone has thought about it  at one time or another.

There were a lot of good things happening back then, but it would be nice to have some things now back then as well. 

The number one thing that I would really not want to change is the kids I grew up with; it would be nice if they could come along as well.  Not everything was good back then, but even those that I didn't get along well with I would still like to have them around.

The one thing that would have been nice back in 60s and 70s would be some of the technology. I would not take all the technology because I don’t like some of it even for today.  Computers along with cell phones I would like to have.  Not all the applications or games.  We always had to find a pay phone to use when calling parents so it would have been nice to have a cell phone; having the access to do a limited amount of text messaging to contact parents.  I don’t like today those kids especially do so much text messaging they don’t talk to each other like they should. Also, I am not a big fan of video games for the same reason of no interaction, and staying inside too much, but it would be nice to have some access to be able to play games when the weather is real bad, and we have to stay indoors all day.  I found playing board games, and playing cards being old after a while.

Another technology would be cable television; we had very poor television reception. We only had to watch about three channels, and they were not that good either.  When cable came in around the mid 70s we were excited. Now I think there are way too many channels.

Gig Harbor now is more than twice as many people; there are two high schools, more middle schools, and elementary schools. In fact, there is a need now for another elementary school.  When I was growing up we had only one high school, and one junior high school. So everyone new almost everyone else; also, we have several more shopping centers as well. Traffic has become heavier around the area though a second bridge has been added.

Even though I still enjoy Gig Harbor, and take advantage of the added technology I really think I would keep everything the same. Remembering the days growing up, and living the good times of today; it would be nice to still have the simple times.

So if I were a parent today I would have my children enjoy the good things of today along with the simple times of my childhood.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Growing up in Gig Harbor and living on the east side with waterfront property our family had several sailboats of different sizes.  Also, my dad favorite activity was sailing; so we didn't have a chance.

My dad grew up in Tacoma; however, they spent time in Gig Harbor on weekends, and in the summer. So the property I grew up on had been owned by my grandfather Nightingale, and had the place was a cabin until I was a few months old. My dad purchased the place from my grandfather about the same time.

My dad and his brother became interested in sailing when he around thirteen years old.  They built their first boat when my dad was sixteen.  My uncle was more into building boats, and my dad enjoyed sailing more.  So you can see how our family was involved in sailing.  Often when my uncle and his family visited him and my dad would talk about sailing.  The families thought that it was funny because they would start talking where they left off the last time even if it was six months earlier.

The boat that my dad sailed in races during the 1960s was the Thistle.  Gig Harbor had a fleet of thistles; I don’t remember exactly how many there were but I would say around twelve thistles.  So the races were just among thistles; I remember them being very competitive.  Many times the racers along with their wives and sometimes kids would come over for a dinner gathering.  I thought they were great; it felt a lot like family.  My sister went to University of Oregon in the middle 1960s, so several times we went down to visit her, at the same time he would race the thistle.

Picture of Thistle I found on line

In the 1970s and 1980s my dad raced larger boats including the Nightingale 29 my uncle designed built. Here is a copy of the boat as well.

My dad was a member of the Gig Harbor Yacht Club; because of his contribution to sailing in Gig Harbor they name the sailor of year after him.  Our family find  it to be quite an honor.

Gig Harbor is called Washington’s Maritime Village; so sailboats along with fishing and motorboats have a long history in Gig Harbor.  When you walk the waterfront of Gig harbor you will see several marinas. In fact, you will see lots of boats of all kinds in Gig Harbor.
So I recommend anyone coming for a visit to go out in a boat. There are boats you can rent, along with taking a tour if you have never been out on a boat. You can visit

Monday, February 17, 2014


On Saturday Feb.15, 2014 I was out for my regular walk around the waterfront of Gig Harbor. It was limited because of rain downpour; however, the youth were out starting new season of training in kayaking. It is a big deal now in Gig Harbor as they have the Gig Harbor Kayak Club.  They not only train but they have members who have gone on to nationals. They have children both boys, and girls beginning at nine years of age until eighteen. You can see the new kayaks by doing a Google search for Gig Harbor Kayak. You can see a number of pictures that shows Gig Harbor along with the kayaks. They also have their own Facebook page as well.

Along the Gig Harbor waterfront they  have shops  you can either buy or rent kayaks, so if you’re a visitor to Gig Harbor you can rent one for the day. Also, they have tours, and teach how to use the kayak.

When you come to Gig Harbor you can rent or take tour by boats as well.  You can get more information about it or other events by going to www. They have a Facebook page  as well.

It has come a long ways from when I was a child. They either had no or very little kayaks; my brother Jack built a homemade kayak when he was in high school. It was really nice though nothing like the kayaks of today. It shows how many changes have occurred in Gig Harbor since I grew up in the 60s and 70s.

In the future I will write about whether I would prefer growing up when I did or now. I think both have their merits. Have a great week. 

Friday, February 14, 2014


First thing I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

The great gift I believe we have is to love one another; also, it is the hardest to do as well. The reason, and let me blunt is that we act like jerks, and we do so most of the time.  This makes it really hard to love.

I have written about being champions, and making changes in our lives along with recognizing our gifts. I believe sometimes we have to take a risk to really find what some of our gifts are.  Also, some of us are late bloomers as well when finding the gifts.  I believe we have had the gifts for a while but didn't recognize them, or afraid to take the chance which comes to risk.

When I was in my late thirties I decided to go back to school which was scary as well since it had been a long time. I recognized that I needed improve my skills to get a better job. At the same time the church I was going to at the time called Vineyard of Gig Harbor had someone who had experience directing plays so ask those in charge to put on a play. On one Sunday they put out an announcement that they going to put on this play, and were asking for tryouts to get actors. I never was in a play before except way back in junior high, and I didn't have a very big part. Also, didn't really mean anything. So I decided go to tryouts though I didn't know that I could act, or land a part. I was surprised that not only I got a part; it was a very supporting role. In fact, the director told me and another guy that we had our parts. He didn't know anyone else who would be in the play at that time though he did have some idea. Of course, I was surprised and happy at the same time; also, I ended up doing a good job. I was told by different people in the audience after the first performance how good a job I did. I went on to do several other plays over the next several years. In fact, I was asked a couple times to be the leading role but I could not accept because I was going to school at the same time, and I could not take the time to prepare properly for the plays. I was in the plays though in a much smaller role, with only a few lines.

So see I took the risk, and it paid off. I would never have known that I had the talent to be an actor if I didn't take the risk. I am sure we all have talents like that we just haven’t tried. I am sure in the next five years I will take other risks to find out my other talents, and gifts.

Let you know it could be something  that you didn't think you were very good at a younger age, but now you can do so.

Being a true champion we must take risks. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


As I thought the snow went away after a day; now it is raining which usually happens this time of the year.  So far this winter it has been quite a mild winter; only the one snow time. Actually in December and January we had less rain. In fact December was the lowest on record; normally December, and January our highest rainfall months of the year.

Most people in the rest of the USA think it always rains in Seattle which isn't true. In customer service whenever speaking with someone from another part of the county when telling them from Seattle they say it must be raining.

July, August, and September we mostly have the sun. There may only a couple days those months where there is rain or no sun, however, the rest of the year though we do have some rain it is not as much as people think. We actually have a lot of days where it overcast instead of rain. I call them so –so days. When it does rain usually has a light rain. We do have some heavy rain days, but doesn't happen as often as people would think. Since we have had little rain this winter so far, we are now having what I would call heavy rain days. This will last a few days than back  to normal.

The main complaint this time of the year is the lack of sun. People who move away from Washington say it is because of the rain, but I think it is more lack of sun.  Even a native like me looks forward to when the sun comes out. It is tempting to go along with the birds, and go south for the winter.  The best view of Seattle is driving in from the north especially when the sun is setting.  Also, taking the ferry in any direction is wonderful too.  Gig Harbor always has a great view of Mt. Rainier.

Fact: People in Los Angeles buy more umbrellas than those in Seattle.  People in Seattle buy more sunglasses than those in Los Angeles.

Though we need the rain at times it is always nice when the sun comes out.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

First Snow

 On Saturday night Feb. 8, 2014, first snow of the year in Gig Harbor; actually of this winter.  Last year we had very little snow as well. More snow this time about two to three inches.   The snow likely won’t  stay around long as it will warm up and melt.

Makes me think about snow in Gig Harbor when I was a kid; I could say we had a lot more snow back in those days , but I don’t think we really did. I don’t remember to many days off because of snow, and we didn't make that many snowmen nor had snow fights with my brothers.  It would be sort of nice to let people know we did, but really we did not.

Most of the time playing in the snow was going to Mt. Rainier; it was about a two hour drive each time. One year my brother Dick ran into a tree on a toboggan; he ruptured his spleen;  my sister Barb had been up there skiing for a few days, and a family friends were going back home so she went back with them to be sure Dick was OK. We had only been there a short time. It was the only trip I remember where there was an accident. I really enjoyed playing in the snow, and getting into fights; each year I looked forward to it. However,   in reality the snow and I were not very good friends.  I usually got cold, and wet; I had to go into the lodge, and get warmed up.  So actually the fire place and I were better friends. I always liked the look of snow, and spending time out in it with my brothers.

I  know there are other things I have done, and I am sure you have done that you told others   that were not totally true.  I am sure you had grandparents who told you how they walked to school in snow for ten miles.  I am enjoying watching the Winter Olympics and the participants their talents and dedication.  Also, thinking how nuts some of them are as well;  so staying warm and I are being best buds. 

Friday, February 7, 2014


Last Sunday February 2, 2014 the Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl. It was only the second time being in the Super Bowl for the Seahawks losing to Pittsburgh in 2006. It will be something to remember for generations to come.  The young people will be able to tell their children and grandchildren about the game beating Denver 43-8. For us who go back to 1976 when the team formed it allows us to remember Jim Zorn and Steve Largent along with many other players. Also, many losing teams as well though some were entertaining.  

 Now I can write about the other teams I have grown up to watch; so many memories over the years. Also, I have memories about other things as well, but sports have been a big part of my life.

The Seattle Supersonics was the first major league professional team to come to Seattle in 1967. I was young but I still remember the very first year of the team.  Of course, they were not very good being an expansion team, however, on Thanksgiving in 1967 they beat the mighty Boston Celtics, who again won the NBA championship, beat them by about thirty-six  points.  It showed any professional team can beat another on any night. In those days I listen to all the games on the radio. Also, many times I would shoot baskets in the yard pretending to be the Sonics. Each time they would beat the mighty Celtics.  In 1979 the Supersonics won their only NBA Championship against the Washington Bullets. It was so exciting because Seattle had never won a major professional championship before.  They actually played them the year before in 1978, and almost won that year, however, losing in the seventh game of the series.

The Seattle Mariners began the year after the Seahawks in 1977. They had many losing seasons as well; so the Supersonics was the only winning team for many years. Though they didn’t win another championship the Supersonics did have many other winning seasons.  The mariners didn’t have their first winning season in 1993; however the most memorable was 1996 when they finally made the playoffs. The best part was playing the New Yankees in the first round; the final game of the series Edgar Martinez hit a double driving in Ken Griffey Jr., and the players falling on Griffey Jr. at home plate. Griffey Jr. had a big smile on his face; I have watched the video of that over and over again many times through the years.  The next series they lost to the Cleveland Indians. Unfortunately the Mariners have never been to the World Series; one of only two teams that have not been to the Series.  In 2001 they won more games than any other team winning 116 games; however, they lost in the playoff. 

 I have other memories including the University of Washington Huskies football team, but I will write about those memories and many other sport memories in the future along with other memories in the future.

Everyone have a great weekend. Love Herb.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Moving Up

Today Wednesday February 5, 2014 the Seahawks and the northwest had their parade to celebrate the winning of the Super Bowl; the very first one for the team. They estimated over 700,000 people were on the streets.  At the end of the parade they had a rally at Century Link field which was full, along with additional people in Safeco Field. I didn’t go but I did see on TV.  I thought the noise was loud at the games but the people didn’t disappoint they sounded louder today.

Coach Pete Carroll and the players said that this is only the beginning.  More and more I learn about being a champion there never is an end to it.

We are all excited in the northwest but being a true champion it begins with being humble, and knowing you’re not better than anyone else, but you are destined to be great.

Another part of being a champion is to forgive others; it important not to hold onto how others treat us.  Forgiveness brings freedom and healing; it is more about you than the other person.  Another thing which is harder to do is to forgive ourselves; we all have done things that we are ashamed of.  We must look at what we are doing now, and looking forward to the future. It is what I have said about change; begins with our mental attitude.

A lot of my childhood I don’t remember any more.  I think part of it is selective memory but forgiveness as well. Again I am far from where I want to be; however, I am on my way. Being family I want to encourage you.

Until next time,




Monday, February 3, 2014


So excited because the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl; been a long time coming. They not only won but by a large margin over Denver 43-6. Whether they won or not I still would consider them champions!

In so many ways they showed us how to be champions. I have spoken already about this so I will try not to repeat them. I hope that you are working on the changes that will make you a champion.  I know for me it is working on a daily basis. So much of it is a mental discipline.

Quarterback Russell Wilson gives credit to his dad who told him regardless of limitation he could anything. Wilson was always told he was too small, but did not stop believing in himself. It would be nice if everyone had a dad who would encourage us that manner. Being humans we naturally have limitations, but we have talents and gifting as well. We need to focus on them instead; we need not to listen to those who say we cannot accomplish our goals.

Every Seahawk player I heard on the radio and TV spoke about working hard and being a family. To be a champion we must sacrifice, and keep focus. Also, I add to it hit hard as well.

Have a great day Champion!