Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Good Week To Ponder

As Christians this is the week we are
celebrating Easter this week. We
remember what Jesus Christ purpose
was when he was sent to earth by
his Father.

It is a good time for us to think about
our purpose here on earth as it was
Jesus Christ. We may have not had
the same purpose as his but we still
have one anyway. 

In the same way Jesus Christ reason
was not an accident neither is ours.
We are here even though circumstances
might be in a way we can question

So let's take the rest of this week to
answer the why. We might find it
interesting and open our eyes to 
know. Amen!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Early To Rise

I find it easy to get up early in the morning.
I know it isn't the same for everyone.

Usually I go to bed early as well. With my
cold though I seem to be sleeping more than
I would like to. Rest is a good thing.

I am thinking how fast March has gone by.
We have had some rain here but not as much
as February. It isn't always easy to tell when
we get a lot of cloudy days. We have had 
some sunny days as well which works out.

This is Holy Week in the Christian Church.
Makes me think what Jesus Christ did on 
the Cross for us forgiving us of our sins
and ending on Easter being resurrected to
be back with the Father. The same thing
we will do after we die.

May you meditate on the good thing of
God and his promises for us. Amen!

Monday, March 29, 2021

Our Purpose Includes Others

Can you imagine how different our lives
would be if it weren't for other that came
before us.

God gave some to discover new lands. 
We would live somewhere else if it were
not for those people. 

We would live in a smaller world, however,
God wanted us to see and live in a larger

God wanted us to be blessed to have things
like electricity and television. Some things
we have turn from good to evil as well.

In fact,  a lot of our thinking has changed
from good to evil. It has been happening
a lot over the last couple of decades. Many
don't even realize how our thinking has 
changed. Whether we can go back to what
should be is hard to know but I think it
will be difficult.

We are here for now to change things. We
were created for this time. We can change
things for the better or we can choose to
be like everyone else. 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Continue To Rest

I suppose there are other things more
frustrating than a cold, however, it is
what I am telling with right now.

My cold I am sure is going to hang
on a little longer though better today.
I suppose I should think more positive.

I am going to continue to rest along
with drinking tea and taking other
things to get better.

I  will be thankful for what I have in
this world. For family and friends.
To be able to eat and my health as

Again I hope you are having a good
weekend and many blessings. Amen!

Saturday, March 27, 2021

A Cold Spring

I thought spring would be warmer here
in the Pacific Northwest. I think it started
out that way, however, on Friday it was
cold primarily with a wind that came

I stepped outside in the afternoon to
get my mail that is when I felt the
cold breeze. I thought it must still
be winter then.

I probably wouldn't thought anything 
of it wasn't for the fact I have a cold.
I have always experienced when having
a cold feeling the temperature outside
is more extended.

The temperatures right now is 39 degrees
Fahrenheit so it still cold. Expected to 
reach into the 50s today so increase about
12 degrees through out the day. Expecting
wind again though not heavy but cold no

The weather is expected to be nice over
the next week which is good too. Rain is
expected on Saturday before Easter for 
a few days. 

I hope to be over this cold soon so I can
enjoy this good weather and enjoy the
good people as well. May you be blessed
this weekend. Thank you ! 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Show Must Go On

This is one of those times I wish I could not
post for a day, however, as the saying goes
"the show must go on".

It isn't that I don't want to post but I have a
cold this morning. I have had it for three or
four days. It hasn't gotten any better if anything
worse but life must go on as well.

The encouraging word today we are who we
are. We were created in God's image. He made
each of us unique. As I have heard on several 
occasions there is only one of us in the world.
Also, God did not make a mistake in you.

So you take away anything of this post you are 
unique, special and the only one like you in the 
world. Amen!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

All In The Timing

On Wednesday when I had my covid-19
vaccine shot I had to wait four and a half
hours to get it. Had I been there five minutes
earlier I would have likely only waited three
and a half hours.

It made me think how different our lives
might be because of a few minutes or a 
few seconds.

We might avoid an accident either way
or even something more serious like a
shooting. Often those things happen 
being in the wrong place in the wrong

Our lives are being led in the fashion
they should be. We can't think about
what may have been or what difference
something could have been too. We 
can only live life the best we can.

Delays for one reason or another can
totally change the course of our lives.
God knows where we should be at 
all times. He likely allows a delay to
be sure we are OK. We just have to
think it that way right! Amen!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Another Shot

I have my second vaccine shot Wednesday morning.
I know everyone has an opinion whether to take it or
not. I believe everyone has a right to decide whether
to take the shot or not.

The main reason I am taking the vaccine is I figure 
to get into Canada when the border is opened they
will require people to show they have taken it.  I
don't that for sure however I figure it is almost a
sure thing and I have family in Canada. Other 
countries including USA may ask those who come
in to have taken the vaccine as well. 

I know to the choice whether to take the vaccine has
to do with your history with taking other vaccines 
before or in your family history too. I could have
waited but the opportunity came to take it.

I am sure everyone has heard about the recent shooting
in Colorado. Please pray for those families who had
someone die in the shooting. Here in Western Washington
we have had several shootings as well so please pray
for these people as well. Also, pray for anyone who may
consider shooting that they would change their minds.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Hello Spring

Monday became the beginning of spring.
Attitude as much as anything happens when
we see spring especially here in the northwest.

Flowers start to bloom while temperatures
rise and we see more of the sun and less

We will have some rain until summer arrives
but certainly not like we have in the winter.
Spring is always welcome and people start
coming back from there winter homes too.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the same attitude
in winter but likely won't happen. Life is 
good when are thankful for what we have.
Think about that all year long.

Start walking the waterfront seeing the 
tree and flowers bloom while boats are
beginning to go out too. Amen!

Monday, March 22, 2021

The Right Path

Everyday we have to decide what path
or road we are going to walk or run on.

Are we going to go where we are intended
with our life purpose or stray off on occasion.
This is something to think about always.

We all heard the saying "the road to hell is
with good intensions."  So are we going
to walk that road or the one where heaven
is bound.

When we get up in the morning we have to
say Yes to the road we are meant to walk.
We are not meant to walk the road others
are on even when it seems to be the right
one. God has given us what our road is
to be so let's continue on it even someone
else's road seems to be a lot better. Amen!

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Remembering A Dream

I don't remember dreams to often. This
morning I woke up with a dream in my
mind. It was unusual dream because going
through my mind was a basketball player
being in a car accident. He fortunately
was ok though injured where he miss
time playing ball. He had gone to get
his haircut. That's it for the dream.

They say dreams have meaning to it 
so in a few days I will know what it
means. I figure to share it here just
in case it is for someone who reads

I have friends who have more dreams
than I do. This could be the beginning
of dreams for me where I have insight
into other people's lives. I really do 
hope this is the case. If so I will pass
future ones on here. God bless you and
may your life be shining for others. Amen!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Every Day Is The Weekend

Friday in the coffee shop I heard someone
say to another "have a good weekend". I
said to those next to me " they are retired
everyday is the weekend".

Wouldn't it be nice to have the attitude
everyday is the weekend even if you
are working. This means that you enjoy
your job and you are blessed for everyday
you live. 

I wouldn't say it would be easy to have
the attitude this way but it would be nice
wouldn't it. I think I will live with that
attitude along with being grateful.

So have yourself a wonderful and satisfying
weekend. Make it everyday too. Amen!

Friday, March 19, 2021

Mind Works

This is one of those morning when I have
something on the mind to say then forgot
what it is. I hope to recall here right now.

Being a Friday were you able to accomplish
what you wanted to do this week or you have
today to finish it. 

Oh boy my mind is not in good order this 
morning. I guess that is how it goes sometimes.

It is always good to have a mind that is working
all the time. Oh well!

I am trying to catch up on rest since spending
a few hours in the ER on Tuesday. It was a 
good time though being in the ER isn't something
don't want to do a lot of. I was able to be there
waiting for the doctor which always takes time. 

Maybe I need more sleep since the mind is not
working so good this morning. I hope you are
getting some encouragement out of this anyway.
Encouragement is the most important thing I 

A good idea today like everyday find some one
to encourage. So though my mind is not working
one hundred percent take that all right. If I get
what I wanted to say today I will pass it on next
time. God bless and Amen!

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Looking Back

Social media always seem to make
Thursday the throw back day. They
generally show photos of the past.

What I think about the past is with
love and comfort. These two things
are import to us all.  If we are not
feeling it today as of yet nice to 
think about it anyway.

We all go through things some times
on a daily basis. I know a few people
not in good health. I am sure they
are not thinking good thoughts for
the most part which can't really
blame it, however, love and comfort
can help them through the day.

Think of someone close to you that
you have spoken to in a while give
them a ring or send them a message.
I am sure they will like hearing from
you. Amen!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Being Amused

Most of my conversation during the week
happens at the coffee shop. I get amused
often about the subjects talked about and
people reactions.

When I bring something up it is usually 
something current along with being funny.
Other people may talk about current things
to but may go back in years as well.

Most subjects talk about usually last four
or five minutes before moving onto to 
another subject. There are those who will
roll their eye or turn the other way to show
enough said of that subject or store.  When
they speak though they will go on for often
ten minutes or longer. 

This makes me amusing to as many of us 
turn off after five minutes though we don't
 roll our eyes. We usually start checking
 our phone for messages or looking some
thing up that we might want to talk about. 

On Tuesday I moved to the conference room
at the coffee shop instead of returning to 
where I was at after having to go to the restroom.

The conference room right now only allows six
people in the room because Covid restrictions.
Two high school girls were doing their math
homework while three senior citizens were 
talking. I found it amusing because the senior
citizens were using mathematical terms. 

I figured the high school girls could learn something
here but they were just doing their home work. 
I am sure what I think is amusing isn't the same
to other people. I enjoy watching people which 
I find to be amusing at times too. This is especially
true of young kids. 

Going to the coffee shop well as the grocery store
to me often entertaining while others I am sure
can't wait to get out.  That is what makes our lives
good for each one has a unique way at looking at
things. Amen!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Story Telling

Being a writer part of the job is
doing story telling. On this blog
a lot has to do with life purpose,
however, telling stories is a good
thing to.

I would like to hear from some of
you about your stories. It might be
one that leads to your life purpose
or could be something you would
enjoy sharing with others. 

If you are interested  email me
your story to
Let me know whether you want to
acknowledge your name or not.

Remember we all have stories to 
tell. You don't have to be a great
writer to tell your story. Who knows
it may become something you will
enjoy doing. So send these stories
this way.  Amen!

Monday, March 15, 2021

Health Can Be Distracting

One way to be distracted to do your
life purpose is health.

On Sunday I was distracted because I
wasn't feeling well. A problem I have
had on occasion since November decided
to pop it's head once again.

I spent all afternoon getting some sleep 
so I didn't have to deal with the problem.
Of course, when I deal with the problem
it took several minutes to work on it.

This all meant I couldn't be involved
what I had planned for the day. I did
take medication so I am better than I
was Sunday afternoon.

What this means I will rest some, however,
think about things to do as well. I have to
go to the grocery store so I hope to run
into someone I know or may be not know
to talk to. Either way find how they are 
doing. I can always tell them my problems. LOL

I hope your Monday and the week gets off
to a bang for you. So  do not be distracted
by things or circumstances. OK

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Time To Remember

On Saturday I went to a memorial
service for a long time mentor and

His gifts included being an encourager
and leaving a family of legacy. During
the service we were reminded how his
family will continue for generations
ahead what he left behind being kind
to others and how important family

He lost his father when he was a 
teenager so family has been important
to him. He not only was a father to
his children but his grandchildren.
He was father too many others as well.

Let's live a life where we will be
remembered for generations. 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Spring Step

Saturday is supposed to be another lovely
spring day in Western Washington. Friday
had a high of 62 degrees.

Everyone seem to feel better when we have
nice days around here this time of the year.
So I call it the Spring Step.

Whether you are at the coffee shop or out
walking it feels so good. Sunday is the 
beginning of daylight savings time. Lose
an hour but be lighter for another hour
to begin with. 

I like the change of time because not 
only means being light an hour longer
it is easier to find someone's place 
instead of dealing with darkness.

This week it will go back to some rain
this week along with cloudy days. We 
have a lot of those around here. In fact
it feels like rain more than it really 
happens because of the clouds.

I believe I have mentioned before I
enjoy the sun when it comes out even
if it is only for a few minutes. So even
with cloudy days ahead I will enjoy
if I see the sun. 

May you be blessed as you enjoy the
weekend. May your life be a blessing
to others. Amen!

Friday, March 12, 2021

Being Broke

The other day I had a young lady decide to
follow me on social media which has been
going on a lot lately for a lot of people.

I don't mind being followed by anyone any
age as long as they don't message me. The 
problem is I am getting a lot of messages
from young ladies which I try to ignore for
the most part.

I found it interesting what she said on her
profile. She said how many friends would
you have if you tell that your broke. I am
not sure she is scamming or not however 
if she is then she is using reverse psychology.

What she said made me think. She is right
in our world today if you told people you
are broke you likely won't have as many
friends and the ones you do are valuable
because they don't care whether you have
much or not.

I have mentioned before about gifts and talents
that is where we can be rich in this world as
well as the next. We can give encouraging
words to people everything will be alright.

I thought about the young rich ruler in the
Gospels where he told Jesus he followed the
ten commandments. Jesus asked him to sell
all his possessions. The young rich ruler went
away as it said because he had great wealth.

I wonder if he knew the one he was talking to
would give him more than all the wealth he had
or ever have being more valuable than money
or gold or silver or whatever form he had his
riches in. 

We have to remember riches take a lot of 
responsibility and time. In the same manner
our gifts and talents can too. Something for
all of us to think about. Have a great weekend
and may it be a blessing to you. 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Little Quotes

We should all hear words of encouragement.
I have read a number of encouraging words
on social media in small quotes.

I believe it doesn't take a lot of words to say
what we want to say or hear.

Yesterday I posted on Instagram a picture
of me with only my shoes. I posted "No one
can walk in your shoes but you."

I had one response by a friend Herb keep on
doing it. 

So remember you can encourage others
with just a few words. Amen!

Wednesday, March 10, 2021


We may have investments in properties,
real estate, and stocks among things,
however how is your investments in

We were given gifts and talents to
invest into people. If you have done
so your investment has sky rocket up
the charts.

God wants us to invest in things but
greater is those who invest in people.
God is not happy with those who bury
their gifts and talents he wants us to
invest them into people. We receive
a high return. Amen!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Meeting For Coffee

I met on Monday with a friend from
church. He had some time with his
car being worked on so we decided
to have coffee together.

He wanted to know how I knew some
of the people in the coffee shop. I told
him they are regulars so I met them

After chatting for a few minutes we
found that we knew some of the same 
people. Most of them were those I 
had grown up with here in Gig Harbor
well as going to church. 

He grew up in Oregon, however, he
has lived her for a long time so he is
like a native as well. 

Though Gig Harbor has grown quite
a bit over the last decade or so it is
still a small town. Within the city limits
it about seven thousand people and 
around twenty thousand all together
including outlying area. 

Although I call Gig Harbor home I 
only lived in the city of Gig Harbor
for a couple years. The rest of the time
in the outlying area. In fact growing
up I was across the harbor from the
town. My brothers and I would sometimes
row over to Gig Harbor or sail. 

It is a great place to live however we
try to keep it quiet concerning people
thinking of moving here.

Always good to meet someone for coffee
or tea. Get into good conversation is what
I enjoy. I guess you could say it is part of
my purpose. 

Monday, March 8, 2021

Let dreams come true

A good way to start this week is to talk
about our dreams. We all have had dreams
and for many they have come true as well.
The reason it is part of the person's life

Sometimes it is scary to go after our dreams
but it is important to do so at the same time.
One of the reasons I am writing now is it
part of my dreams as well as my purpose.

I didn't realize it for a long time though and
that happens as well. When I starting writing
I decided to keep going. It is good people
read what I have to say. It would be nice
to have a big crowd doing so, however, I
decided whether one or many I hope to help
someone out and this might be the day you
may go after your dream. Go For It!

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Setting the plan in motion

I decided it was time to set a date
for my first trip. Yes my plan for
travel will begin in May.

Since my plan is to travel all around
the USA and Canada over the next
five years and more it is time to get
started. Long over due with Covid
putting a damper on it.  Right now
can't go into Canada but USA here
I come.

My plan right now will be to go
to Idaho, Colorado and Utah. I 
have to check a map to be sure
if there is another state within
those three states. Of course I 
have to include my home state
of Washington as I will travel
in my car. 

The great part of the travel is
you be able along with me. I
will have to see where internet
spots will be to hook up so 
might not have me for a day
here or there. I really don't know
at this point. 

Isn't this good news. I have my
web site
where I be showing picture on.
Other social media sites to show
as well. 

I will update you all on how things
go in the planning stages. I find
it to be exciting to get on my first
voyage.  Yeah!

Saturday, March 6, 2021

A Sunset


Some of Friday we had rain however before sunset we
had a beautiful picture as seen here.

I was at the coffee shop when I looked out to see the 
sky look like this. I thought I have to take this photo.

I am sure there are times probably plenty of them
that I miss out seeing the beginning of the sunset.

It is like so many things in our life we have to keep
an eye open or we will miss things. I could say this
as an encouragement to keep our eyes open to our
surroundings. God gives us moments like this so
we have to pay attention.

Have yourself a great weekend. I enjoy the honor
to share with you every single day. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Meeting the challenge

I know it has been only a few days however I hope 
you have started the challenge of meeting new people.

As I said I try to find people at the coffee shop I go
 to and the grocery store. On Wednesday I was able 
to meet several people when I had my shot for the 
vaccine. By the way the vaccine was ok though my
 shoulder hurt a little bit. They required to wait
 fifteen minutes after the shot before leaving to be 
sure feeling fine. They offered water and orange juice.
 I had a hard time opening the orange juice. One of 
the gals in the group says I am an elementary school 
teacher I do this a lot. I couldn't believe how fast 
she opened it. 

Remember social distancing should not keep you 
from meeting new people either. I have never had 
any problem doing so. If you have problem talking
 to someone you have never met just take the chance
 and see what happens. I know it isn't for everyone 
but doing so you may have met a new friend. Amen!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

March Forth

Have a little play today since it is March 4th.
My cousin Peggy her daughter Erin was married
on this day. I am not sure how many years now
though I was at the wedding.

The reason I remember this is Erin and her
husband Dan wedding anniversary when they
sent out the wedding invitations they say this
day was picked because March Forth is a
commandment by God. Pretty funny don't
you think. I am sure not everyone get's it
however, I have a good sense of humor.

So now every time you remember March 4th
consider the day where God commanded us
to march forth.  We can go ahead of our 
enemies and scream we have you. Amen!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021


I guess today could mean a lot of things
however I hope it means we will get a
lot of things done.

Whether it Wednesday or not the important
thing is to see what kind of day it turns out
and what we can do about it.

Today's my niece Leslie's birthday so 
happy birthday to you. She is very sweet
I wish that I saw more often then I do.
She lives in Virginia while I am here on
the west coast in Washington state.

Today I am going to see about getting my
vaccine for covid-19. It is supposed to be
walk up so first come until 3 pm depending
how many show up for sure. There is a 
couple locations in nearby Tacoma so I 
hope to pick the right one.

I am sure I will be meeting some interesting
people for the first time. I might even be
surprised who might show up to. I really
hope so to make my day.

I have friends on both sides whether to take
the vaccine or not. I believe it is an individual
choice. For some it is a health issue while
others conviction. Whatever the case I am 
not going to argue for taking it. I want to be
able for life to get back to normal.

I hope the best for you while having a good
and interesting day too. Let's thing roll. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

People Person

I am sure you are aware I am a people person.
I figure it is part of my life purpose. It should be
for everyone to some extent.

We should make a challenge for March and that
is to meet one new person every day. It doesn't
mean you have to become friends but at least
chat to see how they are doing. 

I find meeting a new person is at the coffee shop
or the grocery store. The coffee shop I go to every
day or at least most days so easier. Often I talk 
to someone in line for my coffee though I can 
while finding a seat as well depending whether
I find friends or not.

Actually most of the friends I have at the coffee
shop began talking in line or at a seat. These
friends now come in the coffee shop most days
like I do. We chat about what has been going 
on in our lives. A lot of good laughter too.

The grocery store I find usually is a one time
thing. Most of the time it is in check out line
though I may say hello over picking oranges
or some sort of fruit. I could do the same when
I see what fish is available and the price. I 
usually buy salmon.

So take the month of March and challenge
yourself every day no matter where you go to
meet someone new. You may turn out to 
be long time friends or just one time encounter
which ever it is a good thing for sure. Amen!

Monday, March 1, 2021

My Update

Welcome to March! It is hard to believe
we have been dealing with covid-19 for
a year. Also, on this Saturday will be one
year anniversary of mother's passing. It
still feels like it was yesterday in some

I know there are some of us trying to do
be back to normal while other's it is still
some time away.  How we deal right now
I feel is an individual thing though there 
are restrictions in some places where that
is still impossible.

I try not to go with a mask on where it is
possible keeping my social distancing in
tact. There are places where it is required
to whether it is the grocery store or going
into a coffee shop or restaurant. 

Where I go not wearing a mask is when I
know I am not going to see anyone or
briefly. I am out walking I find seldom do
I see anyone  and when I do sometimes I will
cross the street. 

I am sure we will all like it when we can 
take off the masks for good. Who know 
when that will be but I am sure still months

It is still important to be in contact with others
even at social distancing or over the phone.
This is all individual thinking depending on
restrictions as I have already said. The importance
is to remember those you see. I wear glasses and
the mask fogs up. I have tried everything to find
a way for that not to happen but I haven't gotten 
a solution yet.

I hope on March 1 2022 we will have today as
an afterthought. Of course, I will be remembering
mom. May you be blessed and life be grand. Amen!