Sunday, April 30, 2017

Being Positive

 What does it mean to be positive? I have to say there are several aspects to being positive.

We can speak words of encouragement to everyone we meet. We can think positive and live a life of being positive. Not an easy task all the time because things happen that gets in our way. For example other people in the work who have a negative attitude, our health and negative circumstances are among things that keep us from being positive. You may end up running late for work and a car accident happens in from of you that makes you even later for work or even worse you are in the accident or your car breaks down or you have a flat tire. A nice way for the day to begin and if you are a positive person in your mind you are thinking that the day will get better. At work throughout the day things happen that are not good and angry customers. At lunch and breaks you are thinking positive than things continue to go wrong. Being a normal person you may go home angry however you a positive person you think when getting off work the day is over and everything will be better until you find that you locked your keys in the car. Fortunately I don’t have to worry about that because my car won’t lock without having  the keys in my possession however the car may not start either and you have to call AAA for tow truck. A positive person will think “oh well I know tomorrow will be better and what I have learned today?” Most likely you may have learned patience at least anyway.

Having faith will allow us to be positive no matter what the circumstances we live in. Not an easy task for sure and often you need to have the right personality to pull it off. Other words you may have to laugh off those negative things that happen and choose to have a smile on your face.

What makes this difficult to do being positive is that there is so much negativity going around. What I like about the coffee shop that I go to is that the baristas are smiling and warm most of the time. I am sure they have their moments when things are going wrong but most of the time they have a positive approach to their jobs. Most of them are in school going for a career in something other than coffee so they have a busy life but doesn’t keep themselves from not being positive.

So what does it take to be positive? Practice, practice and more practice. Being positive is not an easy thing to be all the time. Sometimes it may take us to go off somewhere and scream or laugh. Being positive is not taking us too serious. For some that is hard thing to do as well. I would begin with meditating on positive things. Like I say it will take practice to get positive most of the time.  I know for me being positive is a new approach. Around people I can feel positive however being by myself is another ball game for sure. I want to be positive wherever I am. I will let you know how it goes and best to you as well.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Learning From Mistakes

One thing we all have in common is making mistakes. The reason is that we are not perfect however we learn from the mistakes?  Other words do we repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Sometimes it does take us a couple times to learn from our mistakes however there are those who seem not to learn from the mistakes. The biggest mistakes usually have to deal with money and relationships. There are times those go hand in hand as well.

A couple times I got scammed from two different individuals. I learned my lesson on the second occasion. The reason because I wanted something bad enough and I am sure that is the reason most people make the same mistake twice or more often. I now know the signs so when someone tries to scam me I just move on. I figure what I want will have to come in a different way.

When it comes to money and relationships those mistakes do happen over and over again. There are those who always lose or run out of money a lot. The importance thing is not allow them to borrow money from you. If there is a case where they need a repair to a car and you feel it is important to help them out the best thing would be to pay for the transaction yourself and not give them the money because they could decide to use it elsewhere. Unfortunately we have to use tough love sometimes.

Relationships sometimes have to end as well. The important thing is to learn not to go into another relationship that is similar to the one we just got out of. We all have heard where this happens way too often.  The biggest mistake made is that we think we can fix the other person and that rarely ever happens. The person needs to fix themselves.

Whatever the case it is important that we keep these mistakes to a minimum and learn from them not just for our sakes but for those closest to us. Best of everything to us all so we are not repeated offenders. We learn from the very first mistake.   

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Wet Year

                                                           A wet day!

                                      A day in Gig Harbor Washington when it isn't raining!

Here in the Pacific Northwest of the United States we have had a very wet rainy season. Our rainy season goes from October 1 through April 30.

This year we have had a record rainfall. It actually broke the old record from last year by an inch with three days remaining. In Gig Harbor, Washington my home town the average rainfall for this period is 36 inches and this year it is at 46 inches so nearly a third more rain for the same period.

In Seattle, Washington which is about thirty miles north of Gig Harbor and the largest city in the Pacific Northwest they have had about the same amount of rain. Gig Harbor usually has just over five more inches of rain on average over Seattle. The average rainfall in this period in Seattle is just over thirty inches so they have had a fifty percent increase of rain.

I know that everyone is looking for the rain to stop in May. The rainfall from May through September is five inches. So if it stays on average we will have fifty-one inches for the year up from our average of forty-one for us and thirty-six for Seattle.

Portland Oregon which is south of us and about a two hour drive in distance averages about the same as Gig Harbor has been going through the same however they did have a snow storm in February that brought about twenty inches. We had eight inches of snow in comparison. We had very little snow beyond the eight in February for the winter. The temperatures were about average for here going from the low 30s to mid-40s. We did reach the 50s some of the time. April is the highest temperatures during the rainy season too. Also good news the Olympic and Cascade Mountains had a lot of snow this year too. After having three years of low snow fall it was good to have.

I know that now everyone is looking toward May where we can see a lot less rain and smell the flowers. May averages about one inch of rain which is much better than five and a half inches we have had in April which is actually down from seven and a half in March.

So if you want to visit the Pacific Northwest for vacation I am sure you have figured that May through September is the best time to come unless you want to come for the skiing in the mountains or you like the rain.

The interesting part of it all is that very few natives like me use umbrellas during this time of the year. In fact the reason I don’t use an umbrella most of the time it usually doesn’t rain very hard and when it does I park my car close enough to where I am going to walk fast. Another reason is that when it raining the wind is blowing and makes it hard to use the umbrella. So much that I feel that I will be blown away; if you have seen the movie “Mary Poppins” you would know what I mean. Like the rain the wind has been blowing harder this year than most years as well.

Even though we have had a lot of rain and I am a bit tired of it all I still enjoy living here. Now we can enjoy the good weather coming for the next five months. I can get out for my walks without trying figuring out what time to do so. Even with a lot more rain there are times of the day when it is not raining. Another thing I do have a rain jacket that I use. Also the rain boots that women wear is quite fashionable. Please plan your vacation to come here over the next five months. We will enjoy having you.  

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Comes to Prayer

When it comes to prayer everyone has their only way of doing so. A lot has to do with their religion or relationship with God. Often people pray when they need something or someone close to them while others pray consistently. Also prayer can depend on how you were raised as well.

I believe prayer should be consistent and be more than about us, family and friends. It is important to pray for those close to us however for others who we may not know at all.

Like I wrote about being grateful it is easy to put off praying to. Often we pray when things are going bad for us or for those close to us. We do it for selfish reasons most of the time. I am not saying that is bad because it is actually a good thing however we need to pray all the time. Prayer actually comes down to talking with God and that is what he wants from us. He wants relationship with all people and prayer is the avenue we take. Although we can talk with God as though he is our best friend prayer is where most people feel comfortable in talking with him.

We can begin with prayer about ourselves and those close to us but go further. If you are not sure what to pray about begin with the Lord’s Prayer. If you are not sure how it goes you can always do a search for Lord’s Prayer and it should not be difficult to find. Also the Lord’s Prayer begins with “Our Father who art in heaven”.  The Lord’s Prayer can always be a good way to start praying. Jesus Christ asked his disciples to start praying this way.

Besides praying for our needs and those we know I believe it is important that God uses us to get his work done. Other words ask him what you can do. This is part of our purpose and destiny. In fact it is a major part of it.

When you pray consistently than you can ask others if you can pray for them too; I am sure most people would appreciate it when someone ask if they can pray for them. Prayer can be honest and talking with your best friend. This is what God wants. Also he will answer all prayers that are truly honest from the heart. In the end you will be closer to God.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Being Grateful!

 If you are someone who feels and thinks about being grateful you are a rare gem. I am one that is grateful however I don’t think about it most of the time. Other words’ being grateful is not natural for us. It is not part of our DNA. In fact it is probably very far away from it.

If you are one when praying speaks of being grateful than you have learned it from your parents or someone else close to you. I figure even though I only think about being grateful once in a while I am still ahead of many other people. Being grateful could be on my mind more often than I realize it. The reason I am writing about being grateful gives us a sign that I do think about it more often than I realize.

We should exercise our minds as often if not more than our bodies. Thinking about being grateful will make us be grateful in the long run. This doesn’t change that being grateful will become natural however easier to do so in the long run.

Why I think being grateful is a good thing? Well I think we will be happier people. We are selfish in so many ways even when trying not to be. The only real way not to be totally selfish we have to die. I am sure none of us want to die at least not soon anyway. Practicing being grateful is a good sign. Although we won’t perfect it at least we will feel better about it.

Though I haven’t mentioned it before; at least I don’t think anyway I want to thank you and I am grateful that you read my blog whether this is the first time or you have read this many times. Oh yes this feels good though not natural of course. I hope this helps you out as well. My theme this year for the blog is to press on toward the goal. Well we can do so with being grateful. Also we can be thankful as well. It is real close to being grateful. They could be cousins or brother or sister. I know that I am being silly now. Anyway tell someone that you are grateful for them being in your life. Another area we can encourage our friends and family.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In the Music

 On Sunday morning I woke up thinking about music. Although I don’t play an instrument and when I did try as a child the trumpet I wasn’t very good at music has always been a part of me. I sang in high school choir for three years along with church choir for a long time.

Music to me is in my bones. The beat keeps going on and on. Reminds me of the Sonny Cher song “the beat goes on” and worship time at church is always feels great to me. So yes music is a part of my being. It amazes me when I see those who can play multiple instruments and they have a lovely voice.

What this brings to me though the words of music in my bones came over me for several minutes it can be for others as well for me. In the early Sunday afternoon I was lying on the bed with my legs in a partial up position. I started singing with an original tune “go to the mountain”. It sounded so good that I thought it would be nice to go there. The mountain feels close to me in some ways like music. I feel closer to God when I think about the mountains.

Anyway Sunday night I went to church for a time of training to pray for others. It came to my mind when we were put into groups of four where we prayed for each other that the thoughts I had about music in the morning was for one of the ladies in the group and go to the mountain for another lady.

The reason I say all this is sometimes we get words, impressions or dreams and they could be for another person or others as much as for us. If you believe in prayer like I do I feel that prayer is not only for us to speak with God for ourselves or family or other friends needs God himself may give us something for another person who we may know but we are not close to. We may consider them an acquaintance or someone we see at church. Indirectly they are part of our large family but we may not know them as well as others. We may get something for someone we have never met before either. Whatever the case my encouragement is for us to keep ourselves open to share these words, impressions or dreams with the person or persons that they are intended for; we should write them down or at the least have them in the back of our minds just in case that person or persons we meet. I believe to that we can have words for those who read this blog or posts. This could be something you have been thinking about for some time or just came recently. So if this speaks to you I ask for God to bless you.

Whatever our purpose and destiny is for each of us the important thing is too share and encourage others in a positive way. We can all hear and receive positive words from others. The world and life is difficult to live so whenever someone speaks encouragement to us the better we are for it. Amen!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Enjoying Baptism

                                    The youngest being baptized at Harborview  Fellowship Sunday April 23

On Sunday my church Harborview Fellowship in my hometown of Gig Harbor, Washington had fourteen members get baptized. Each shared what their life was like before coming to the church and what God had done in their lives to get where they are today.

Baptism for the Christian is a public display of their faith along with burying the old life. Other words they no longer live the life they did before coming to God.

I was so moved by all the words that each person testified to. I know that everyone else that was in attendance felt the same way to. After the service I recommended to the pastor that one or two of the testimonies are replayed and heard each week. What they spoke to me was stronger than most sermons I hear on a Sunday. Also each one of these people now realize that they have a new purpose and living the life that they were destined to live; nothing more joyous to hear and see on a Sunday.

The youngest being baptized was six years old. She was baptized first followed by her father. A couple of them baptized were twelve years old while rests were adults. One of the last to be baptized had decided Sunday morning that he wanted to do so. He said that something clicked in his mind at the beginning of the service to go forward with the baptism. Now each of these members can do what we are looking to do in pressing on with our lives. We will look ahead to see what our lives will be in a few months over where we are today. We are people that should look at evolving and becoming who we are truly meant to be. Bless us all.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017


                                         Ferry and Wheel on the Seattle Waterfront

Most everyone looks forward to the weekend for all different kind of reasons. 

I would say a lot of people like to get involved in their hobbies or go out of town for the weekend. Sometimes it is too relax when you have had a busy week. For others during the spring it is to work in your garden or cut your yard. 

This time of the year there are shows going on that people want to see whether it is monster trucks or horses. I am glad that people have a variety of thing to do on the weekend. My idea would be to go to a baseball game either at Safeco Field in Seattle or Cheney Stadium in Tacoma which is easier to get to.

The weather has been more difficult this year with a lot more rain around the Pacific Northwest so it is hard to find something to do that you can enjoy. Of course there is always family that you can hang around with.

I enjoy going to the coffee shop in the area to see different people and find out what their plans are for the weekend. I like seeing kids as well and on many Saturday nights there is music happening at the coffee shop as well. Actually there are a number of coffee shops that live music is happening. In fact this Saturday night I am going to see who is playing and enjoy their music.

I had some friends on social media that went to the Tulip fields north of Seattle on Saturday. Turned out difficult to get to because of traffic accident however one of my old friends took the ferry from Port Townsend to Whidbey Island. Normally it is a long trip however was a smart idea on a day like Saturday. The drive to Port Townsend from Gig Harbor is about an hour and a half than the ferry ride is another half an hour. You than have to drive about another hour to get to the Tulip fields however they are worth the effort to do so. Port Townsend is actually a nice small town to visit as well and enjoy the day if you don’t want to ride the ferry. Also Whidbey Island is great places to visit as well if you don’t want go to the Tulip fields.

Western Washington has so many wonderful places to visit on any given weekend. Actually you can drive three or four hours over to Eastern Washington as well. They have so many places to see as well. I know that you can take a trip every weekend during the spring around the area and not see close to everything you would want.

I believe the best thing is to meet new people wherever you decide to drive. There are other things going on during the weekend that I sometimes have to attend like at church. They are worthwhile as well. It is nice to spend time with fellow members that I consider family as well. This happens best though when the weather is not so nice. Whatever the case for you enjoy the weekend in whatever manner you want. Most of all be refreshed when you go back to work on Monday. Weekends can be like another vacation however less expensive.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Being a Caregiver

There are those who are caregivers as professional while others like me take care of one or both of their parents. Not an easy task for sure.

My mother and I live together where I cook all the meals and make sure she is OK including putting on her socks and shoes. Also I take her to doctor appointments, the pharmacy as needed and to her other places that she enjoys social contact like church and playing bridge.

I am fortunate that my mother is in good health in general. She sometimes forgets things but not much for someone her age of ninety-six.  I know that things could get worse down the road so I am ready for that. Patience has to be at work and I am glad that she thanks me for helping her out. I would do so even if she didn’t say the words but makes it a lot easier for sure.

I know others who have taken care of a parent or both as well. They had difficulty in some cases where the parent was much worse off.  I know someone who lost both of her parents last month. They passed away within a couple weeks of each other. Not only were they living together she was working a full time job as well. I don’t know as a fact however I am sure she had someone come in and watch her parents when was at work. Taking care of her parents had to be a much more emotional experience than mine. Her parent’s poor health began within the last three years. Her son was married three and a half years ago. They both were doing fine at the time so it had to be sad things happen so quickly. I am sure now that both parents are gone she is in a transition period along with grief. I know that someday I will go through the same thing.

Though my mother’s health is good for her age I am sure that she would have to be living in an assisted living place this time. Over the last year she fell on her head once in the bathroom and the other in her bedroom. If I hadn’t been there her first episode most likely would have killed her because she was bleeding very badly and I had to stop the bleeding before calling 911. There is a nice assisted living that is very close to where we live however the cost staying there is quite expensive.  I recommend that everyone get insurance that will cover extensive health like staying in assisted living or a nursing home.

Though being a caregiver isn’t easy some of the time it is rewarding to take care of my mother. We are closer than we were at one time and I know to that my sister and brother who live on the east coast appreciate what I do for her. If you can be a caregiver I would recommend that you do so. The situation works where you can’t be a caregiver I would visit your parent as often as you can be. Not an easy life getting older. Remember to that someday you may be in the same situation and you would like to have a love one be around.  

Friday, April 21, 2017

Speaking Strongly and Powerful

 On social media one of the local television stations in Seattle, Washington had a story about the May Day protests that will come up again this year. They had a question about how the police should protect people and business.

The May Day protests in Seattle is one of the largest in the country with the participates throwing rocks and other items. The crazy part they are primarily young people who come to Seattle from outside the area. A number will be arrested again this year. My view is that these young people need to be stopped before entering the city. It is one thing protesting in peace than being radical misfits who all they want to do is damage property.

I don’t mind peaceful protests and marches where they are located in rightful spots. Also if these people got the right permits as well; not only are they not peaceful they cause damage and the traffic becomes bad. I would never step my foot in Seattle on this day.

Another thing that is bad some members of the Seattle Council are radical themselves and they seem want to stir things up. This hasn’t just happened on May Day but other times as well. They stirred up dissention during and before President Trump’s confirmation. I don’t have a problem with them protesting during Trump’s confirmation however should have been done in a peaceful way. I am glad that I don’t live in Seattle itself or I would not vote for any member of the current council. I would have to say the same for Mayor Murray.

In this day and age speaking strong and powerful using social media is the right way to protest and get out your opinion. This is what I recommended when I put forth my comments on the television station story. We have the constitution right to speak our minds and to protest however in a peaceful way. Posting to my blog and others who can and will do the same with theirs makes us strong and powerful. Like I have said many times it is important to encourage and use the purpose and destiny God has given us;  also important to make a positive change to our society and the world. Last and not least is to think and use the right words before using our constitution rights. I believe in my convictions however at the same time not to offend people to make things worse. Good Day!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Having a Positive Approach

I know it is not always easy however we should all have a positive approach to whatever we do.  We have special talents and gifts that are unique to each of us. The key is to find out what they are and what we do with them.

It is amazing how some people never reach their talents and gifts. You take athletes often they allow other things to get in the way of accomplishing things with their talents. In many cases they allow alcohol or drugs to rule their lives. I don’t have anything against anyone having a drink every once in a while but should not rule their lives.  Some people find it easy to get addicted. When I was growing up I enjoyed playing sports. School rules were that if you smoked, drink or take drugs you would be suspended from the team. I believed playing sports for me was much more important to take anything like them. I am not sure whether I would get addicted to any substance however I am glad that I didn’t take the chance to do so.

I have heard about students that I went to school with that some of them died for taking drugs or drinking. I was so sad to hear because every one of them had so much potential and died younger than they should have. Even if they didn’t have potential to do good things it is still sad.  If you are struggling with alcohol or drugs be sure to find someone to get some help.

There are a lot of other things that we all struggle with in one form or another. They may not be as detrimental however we still should go to someone that we trust to help us out.

 I believe anything that hurts us when it comes to relationships with others especially family we need help before worse things happen to us. We need to speak to those we know that are having problems to help them out. I believe it is part of our purpose and destiny. If you feel that helping others in this manner isn’t your gifting or talent find someone that does. The most important thing is those to us know that we care for them and we will encourage them even if we don’t have all the answers.  In many cases people need someone listen to them. I believe this is a good way to have a positive approach in our lives.  When circumstances happen that we feel hurt we can draw on this positive approach. Another name for it we can call faith. I look forward to hearing comments about this if you like. Many blessings to you. Amen!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Being Flexible

On Tuesday the Physical Therapist told me that I have one of the most flexible backs. I am only mentioning it is that often we are told something about ourselves in the physical realm it may apply to us in other ways.

I was a bit surprised about my back since it is hurting however the problem has been because of my right hamstring. I have had the problem off and on for a while but this is the first time that I recall has affected my back at this degree. Until recently I never had a problem with my back hurting like it has.

I am not sure having a flexible back really means but I believe it could be that getting enough exercise the back will rebound into shape.

The reason I am surprised that my back is flexible because my legs and other parts are not that flexible at least in my mind. I have seen what others have done with their bodies when it comes to being flexible and I know that I can’t do any of those things.  I have never done yoga and I am not sure that I can accomplish some of those exercises however like so many other things I could be surprised too.

OK back to being flexible in other ways than the physical I have the personality where I can be flexible in my actions. I don’t always have to do things the same way always. A lot of people have a problem with changes in their lives. I call that not being flexible. I know that I don’t have the answer for everything so I can be flexible in my actions and learning. I believe that is an important attribute to have. At an early age I didn’t listen too well but now I do a lot better and willing to be teachable.  I know that I don’t know everything so learning from anyone is good to have. I call that in my mind as being flexible.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Meeting New Friends

I always enjoy meeting new people. Some turn out to be friends while others I enjoy when I do see them.

My friends I see more often than I do my family because they are nearby while my brother and sister both live on the east coast. Some friends I consider them as family too. I believe family can be more than blood though there is something special about true family.

On Easter Sunday after church I went with my mother to a home of someone that she has played bridge with. I wasn’t sure how close they were however I was glad that she was invited going to her place. I did find that my mother was good friends with her husband and daughter as well. The other people who were invited over my mother didn’t know most of them either. I say the group was between ten and fifteen.

I found the hostess, her husband, daughter and everyone else to be charming. They all treated me like I was already family. The time spent there went by very fast because of the good times. When we were leaving the daughter told us that we are welcome at 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas along with Easter. Her mother was the hostess but the event was at the daughter’s home. I hope to that I will see the others next time as well.

So if you have friends like this remember how blessed you are and cherish them as much as you do your blood family.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Dream of Travel

 The first step to travel is to dream about it. I know personally there are so many places I like to see however I know realistically having the time and money to do so will be hard.

These days though dreaming of travel is so much different than it used to be. In the past you had to read books about places to see. Now there are travel writers that have blogs and vBlogs. You can read and see pictures of places you would like to visit on the blogs and the vBlogs you can see video that includes showing different places along with the person talking about them. On the internet there is so much more information than there used to be.

So you can learn more about the places you like to visit or feel like you are right there right now. There are more options of where to stay when you travel. Besides hotels, motels, youth hostels and camping out you can stay at bed and breakfasts almost anywhere. There are other options as well. People are willing to rent rooms in their homes for a day or longer. All you have to do is to check out all the options on line.

I hope to travel around the United States someday and tell people about my experiences however I know that I would like to go other places like Australia and New Zealand. I am not sure where the time or money will be in the cards however I will visit those places on line. Nice to know that we can all visit places in our dreams anyway and at the same time right from our homes; whatever time you have enjoy your travels and be safe.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

I want to wish everyone a happy Easter even if you don’t believe in it or not your religion. Easter ends Holy Week for Christians around the world. Some people I know call Easter by another name “Resurrection Day”. The reason is that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. He no longer was in the tomb. After seeing his disciples and others he went to heaven to be with his father God.  

I know a lot of people ask why God would kill his own son or that his Son is willing to be killed. The answer to it all is love. God loves us so much that he would so.

You see God’s requirement to be in heaven you must be holy and perfect. As you know none of us is either. When Adam and Eve sinned the world changed. Up to that point death was not in the equation however sin allowed death to occur. God wants us to be in relationship with him but sin got in the way so he had to find a way to punish sin at the same time keep holiness. His son Jesus Christ decided that he would die for our sin. He did the act to take our place. Now we are perfect and holy if we are willing to accept the act he did on the cross. You see God gave us free will. He did not want us to be slaves to him. He wants us to love him in return as well. This is as simple as it gets. Many people take on religion thinking that it will put them in good standing with God and the answer it will not. Although we try to be right or go the other way of disobedience the only answer is too accept his Son as his Savior. I know that I have tried to do the best things in life and those things do not work. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord, King and Savior. I may fall and I do often he has accepted me as I am too. I still try to do the best I can but that is not the reason to be accepted by God. Faith, hope and love are what God wants from us. Yes not always easy but that is his requirement. Turn to God and he will accept you just like you are. Much blessing to you on this Easter Sunday.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Recently I wrote about health. It is much harder for us over fifty years of age to lose weight. We have to learn to change our diet totally over. With the diet we have to deal with exercising and our body not working like when we were younger.

The last month I started going to a physical therapist because my back started hurting. I found before that when my back was hurting it would only last for a short period of time however now it is hurting all the time. The reason for it is that my hip is out of whack so I have to do some exercises and stretches to get it back into order along with my back. With my hip not working right my back started hurting to compensate.

During the day now I stretch at least twice a day if not three times a day. I had started to stretch when I went walking but I needed to do some other stretches as well. Also I swing my arms when I go walking and that helps my back from hurting so much.

The stretches now I do are to help my hip and back to work properly. Also I do exercises to build up my back as well. Right now I go to the physical therapist twice a week however I am sure that will change in a few weeks.  For one thing my insurance will only cover for a number of visits. At the end of April I will be evaluated once again to see how things are going.

I do see that the exercises and stretching are helping out. I have to do some stretching with my neck as well since it had been hurting to along with my arms. Also I do some self-massaging on my neck and arms. Both are working much better along with my back. There are times where my back isn’t cooperating and it still hurts however still better than a month ago.

I knew that going to a physical therapist that I would have to start doing some stretching which I am fine with. Also I have to continue working on my diet to lose some weight. It would be nice to lose like a couple pounds a week however I am finding that difficult to do. When that starts happening I will be happier about it for sure. Losing the weight along with stretching and exercising will make life feel even more enjoyable that is for sure. I know to that doing all this will be something I have to the rest of my life. This is especially true if I want to feel fit later in life. I know that old age feeling good isn’t happening all the time but if I can feel as fit as possible so I can enjoy that time of my life. Also allow me to live longer as well. If you are over fifty I hope that you are doing the same things that I am. Also you are under fifty I recommend that you start already because it will make things a lot easier to do. So I toast you to great health and a life that you can do all the purposes that you are meant to do.  


Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

First of all I want to wish everyone a happy Good Friday. I know that not everyone celebrates this day however it is still good to say anyway.

Many Roman Catholics take Good Friday off from work. They often eat one small meal for the day and then spend the rest fasting, praying and repenting. A lot of other Christians do the same thing as well.

I will be going out this morning for a small breakfast but then going for coffee and spending time reading my bible. I will do some praying and repenting myself. Early evening like many other Christians to I will go to church with my mother for Good Friday service. I know that many churches have a service during the day as well as evening so gives everyone an option of going either once or twice in the day.

Good Friday is the day that Christians remember Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross for our sins. Not just our sins but those of the whole world. This is the main reason for being crucified on the cross. It allows us to enter heaven by his grace and love. Without him doing this act we would not be able to go to heaven because we must be holy and perfect. The answer is we are not both however he being hanged on the tree allows us now to be with him forever.

On Easter Sunday we remember that Jesus Christ was resurrected after three days. This was the final part of his purpose and journey on the earth. This means to that we will be resurrected after our death on earth to be with him for eternity. The answer is it takes faith and love to accept what Jesus Christ did on the cross and being resurrected. All you have to do is confess your sins and accept him. Nothing harder to do and recognize him as the son of God and Lord of your life; may his peace be with you today and always. Amen!


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Have You Told Your Story

I figure we all have a story to tell. I do so here as often as I can however we can all share our stories.

The best way of telling our story is living it out. Others will know it this way; at least those close to us anyway.

I am sure that most people have been like me where I have had my ups and downs. I hope that people learn as much from downs as my ups. In fact I am the person that people see because of my downs more than my ups. What I mean by that is I have learned a lot from those downs. I am not saying that I would have enjoyed the downs however they have made me a lot of who I am today. I can encourage others more from the difficulties in my life though success can help as well.

I have to say that failures have helped me be the person I am today. They make the successes feel really good too. I can have joy when the success comes along and see what I learn from the failures.

My story today is to learn from any failures that come and be happy of the successes. They both give me determination to do better far as being a person. This does all lead to our purpose and destiny. We can be great regardless of the failures and successes that have occurred up to this point. We can trust that everything will turn out for our benefit as well for those that we meet in this life.

Let your story be strong and when your days come to an end those who have known you will remember all that you have done. Peace and Amen!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Standing Tall

What more can we do in our life than standing tall.

It means that we will stand for everything we believe in no matter what others may think of us.

Standing tall means we have faith in God and in ourselves. What we see is more than with our own eyes.

We will press on even when everything around us says not to do so.

We will be bigger and better than our circumstances.

We will run the race like a marathon even when we see that we should stop.

No matter what others may say that discourages us we will continue to do the good fight.

The truth will mean more to us than the lies that may come our way.

We will lift the banner telling everyone that we are living a life of standing tall even when others want us to become small.

We will continue to have faith, hope and love when others tell us we should not.

We are great because our God is great! Amen!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Holy Week

For this week it is considered Holy Week for the Christian. Each Christian celebrates it in their own manner. How you celebrate it is very personal.

If you are not a Christian let you know why Holy Week is celebrated. Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross and then three days later he was resurrected. The reason he was crucified was to die for our sins. No matter how good you think you are doesn’t change that we are all sinners and we must pay for our sin however Jesus Christ decided to take our place by hanging on a cross. By doing so he paid for all of our sins. The ones we have done all ready and those we will do in the future.

The resurrection of Christ was to bring himself back to life. This was a representation for us that coming back to life we become a new person. You believe that Christ died for your sins and resurrected in three days you are now accepted by God to be a son or daughter and spend eternity with him. Without Christ crucify for our sins we would not be able to live with him. We are all disqualified because he is Holy and we are not. His death and then resurrection made us qualified if we believe.

This and a lot more is why Christians celebrate the Holy Week. It is more than religion God wants to have relationship with us because he loves us. If this is the first time you have heard this message than let you know this is the truth. All you have to do is ask for forgiveness for your sins and recognize what Christ did for you. No matter what you have thought up to this point this is how simple it is. The message is powerful however what you do is easy if you decide to accept Christ into your life. Again in the end he did it for you. For no other reason if you were the only sinner ever on the face of the earth he still would have died on the Cross because that is how much he loves you. Accept him and enjoy your new life with him. Amen!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Building One Another Up

A part of pressing on is building one another up. I know it sounds like encouraging one another and it is in a way. Actually I call it the next step to encouraging one another.

What I mean by that is building up is a part of encouraging. The next step means that we are already being encouraged and building up adds on to the encouragement. Other words we are doing well so building up encourages us to take another step. This helps us not to become discouraged in the process but to be even more encouraged. In a way it is us saying “we can do it and a lot more”.

So whatever you are doing that is successful continue to do it and the things that you are doing that do not seem successful at this time continue to press on because you will finish what you are trying to accomplish.  In any endeavor there is going to be highs and lows. I have heard it before “sometimes you have to take one step back before taking two steps forward”.

When life becomes easy is when we have to be concerned what will happen next. Something hard is right around the corner and we will learn a new thing.  It is a new test for us to see whether we can accomplish a new task. This is where building up happens as well. If you are playing a sport to become a champion you have to take another step to get there. You may have to add to your plan to get more victories. You must recognize your weaknesses along with your strengths. You may have to let go of a player that is a weakness and add another that will add strength. You may have to add more to your playbook as well.

So when you are together with those that you spend time together with whether at work or in the other area of daily life build one another up to become more than you are right now. Amen!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Being Family

I have been blessed being born into a good family but I do know that not everyone is so lucky. If you are someone that wasn’t as blessed as I have there are alternatives.
I know that many young people become part of gangs and they are their families. The alternatives I am speaking about are friends and church along with other organizations. I don’t see my siblings very often though I do talk on the phone some. My church is more family to me in many ways these days. Also I can say the same for friends and classmates. Although I don’t see classmates very often when I do I feel very good about it.  
It is important I believe that we spend as much time with those we feel comfortable around. We can consider them our family. It doesn’t take away from our natural family it adds to it. The more family we have the better off we are. Loving people is the greatest gift we have and to share our time with will be special to each of us. We don’t know how long any of us will be around so those we love being together is a gift to all of us.
If you have little time spent with your natural family I would try to get into contact with them. Even though life may have been difficult growing up they are still family. I am sure you will regret it if they die without reconciliation. It is important to forgive and move on to more happiness and love.
My father and older brother are no longer in this world. I miss and think about them a lot. I would love to have them with me anytime however they are in my heart. I look to the day that I can see them face to face once again. Let your life shine in the family you were given. Amen!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

What’s Up?

Used to be something a lot of people would say in United States. I am sure in other parts of English speaking world as well. Often words like what’s up many like using as a greeting instead of hi or hello.

Over the years there have been similar things people say not only as a greeting but an expression. When I was a kid you could hear often right on or peace or many other words. Recently teenagers started saying “awesome”. So much that even adults say it too. Actually awesome is still being said today often. It will be interesting to see what the next word or phrase that will come out of the mouths of teenagers that translate to adults as well.

Another I like that is close to what’s up is what are you up to today?  If I want to be funny and I haven’t used to respond to that particular person I will say “six feet”. I am sure you got my response right?

Here in the northwest of the United States to answer “what’s up”? We continue having a lot of rain. So much that most people are very sick of the rain. Actually on Friday we had a wind storm that came through off from the Pacific Ocean. We don’t often get storms like this especially in April.  In late morning I tried to take my daily walk and I had trouble keeping my balance. The wind wanted to blow me over and when I finished grocery shopping keeping the bags in my hand was hard to do. I am not sure how hard it was blowing but I haven’t felt anything like that in many years. Fortunately our electricity didn’t go out. I am sure there were places that did lose power.

So next time you talk to someone greet them with what’s up?  When they respond than say “awesome”.  Do that for whatever they say.  Both of you might get a good chuckle out of it. Good day and enjoy your weekend.


Friday, April 7, 2017

A Loving Heart

Nothing greater than given a loving heart

Those that do are headed to a life of destiny and purpose

The benefactor of a loving heart is everyone else

Loving heart is the greatest gift we can receive

It is important to give away to others too

Your desire to be the best than ask for a loving heart

There is hope and faith however love is the best

We are given free will which is a great responsibility however a loving heart is even more so

The world will be a greater place when you share your heart



Thursday, April 6, 2017

Living in a Up and Down World

Wednesday night I went to church with my mother for the fifth and final soup dinner of the year for the Lent season. Besides having soup and talking with others around us they had a speaker each week. To be honest this final dinner was the best of the speakers. The other four speakers had topics that were not what I enjoyed hearing and they did not talk about themselves in the same manner the last speaker did.

He spoke about his life and his search for God and how God found him more than he finding God. Like most of us his journey for God had to deal with a lot of selfishness and why God would want anything to do with us.

We all live in a world where we experience a lot of ups and downs. In his case the speaker lost a son who died and then a few years later his wife that ended in a divorce. He figures the loss of his son had some things to do with their divorce but could not pinpoint exactly the case. It was obvious he still loved his wife and jokingly said he lost his dog in the end too.

I find it real refreshing when people are able to open up about their lives regardless what has happened. It brings humanity in our lives and can actually increase our faith even during difficult times. He mentioned how some people were sympathetic while others told him everything would be alright.

I believe no matter what is going on in another person’s life currently or in the past we may be sympathetic but we haven’t walked in each other’s shoes. No matter what another has or is going through a situation we can’t feel what they feel. I don’t care how much in common our situations may be. How someone reacts or feels in a situation though may be a lot like ours it is still not the same as ours.

If they are willing to listen to what we have to say or we listen to their grief in the end we haven’t walked in their shoes and I won’t pretend that I have. I know this may sound harsh but that is the truth and it is the primary reason we can’t judge another person.

The importance is to listen and if the other person wants our advice than we give it otherwise be there just for them. Remember we might be in a right place now but we can be in the wrong place soon and how do we want others feel when we are in a bad place. Amen!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Canada’s 150th Anniversary

This year Canada celebrates their one hundred and fifty years. I remember as a young child celebrating one hundred years. Our family took a trip across Canada in 1967. We stopped in every province of Canada. We left the day after school was let out for the summer and returned home two weeks before school resumed in early September. In those day’s school ended early June. If you like I wrote early posts about our trip so I am sure you go back in the archives you will have a good time enjoying reading them.

It would be nice to go back and visit the places we did in 1967. I hope to do so sometime in the future. This would be a great year to do so but I will have to wait. I am sure there is a lot going in Canada to celebrate the 150 years. Going to Ottawa, Ontario the capital of Canada and visit some of the museums especially about the history of Canada would be a good thing to do.

All the national parks across Canada are free to visit this year. I remember enjoying Banff National Park in Alberta back in 1967. I am sure the name was what first made me wanting to see Banff. Also not too far in distance is Jasper National Park as well.

On our trip in 1967 we visited Montreal and spent time at Expo. I don’t remember a lot about the time spent at Expo other than being in line for at least a couple hours to see an exhibit. Of course while my parents were in line my younger brother Jack and I would run around letting off our energy. Boys had to be boys. Also we met and spent time with our Aunt Judy. She was my mother’s older sister and she taught nursing at Mc Gill University in Montreal.

We really enjoyed the whole trip across Canada. Besides Ottawa and Montreal I enjoyed Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I especially enjoyed Peggy’s Cove where my brothers and I walked on the rocks. This is where I would really like to visit once again.

So if you have any time to visit this year I recommend spending time in Canada. I am sure you will have a grand time.