Sunday, September 30, 2018

Going Forward

We all need to continue pressing on by going forward. We should know this for others far more than for us.

We all have issues and struggles in our lives. Helping others we help ourselves too.

It doesn’t matter whether the person is younger, older or the same age as we are they need our help just like we need help too. We have to do it together.

I may be preaching to the choir however it is always a good reminder always. I know things don’t always sink in for me or I forget. Whatever the case we must go forward. This year’s motto let’s do it.   Yeah!!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

What Is On Your Mind?

We all have things we ponder on. I have mentioned before how important it is to meditate on the good things. Those you know have the gift of encourage it is important to share what you can with them.

I know we all have secrets we haven’t shared with anyone. We should find someone we feel comfortable with sharing the secrets. The purpose is so we can be free of the thoughts. We don’t have to do so today however we should get ourselves ready to do so.

I have ministered with people who have areas in their lives they have dealt with for many years. Sharing, praying and forgiveness bring freedom. Depending on those areas can take time to resolve because they have been with us for a long time. Some things we don’t get over quickly while other things we can. Forgiveness can change our lives. So work on your thoughts and find someone you trust to help you then you can help others too.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Sunny Fall

It is amazing to me here in the Pacific Northwest the weather continues to be real nice with a lot of sun though the temperatures have lowered to the mid-60s.

I know some people think fall weather has arrived however I think it is still more toward summer temperatures though 20 degrees less.

I guess it is like anything all depends on your perspective. I think it as a good thing where I prefer the weather like this. I have lived here all my life so this is what I enjoy.

We could say to depend on the positive instead of the negative. I figure the sun being out is a good thing regardless of the temperature. It beats having rain.

Thursday night coming home from friends I saw the sun look orange with a smiling face. Yes I am not kidding you. Not a dark orange like the Great Pumpkin but more of a light orange. Seen nothing like it before. A great thing about life we can always find something new or different coming along.

I will enjoy the weather whatever it looks though sunny weather is the best. All in the attitude my friend.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Feeling Normal

I am sure everyone at some time or another wonder whether they are feeling normal or not.

I certainly sometimes feel that I am not like everyone else. This is when depression sometimes kicks in.

I want to feel like I have what everyone else has. This doesn’t happen often but it does happen.

We all have to feel like we belong to something more than our self. This is when I have to know my purpose and to go with it the best I can.
I want everyone to know they belong especially during the times it doesn’t feel that way. Encourage yourself along with finding someone else to encourage too. Do whatever it takes which could include screaming.

We might be abnormal so could mean we are normal. I am sure others feel the same way. So not feeling normal today is OK.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


I feel it is important to have reminders because it allows us to grateful and thankful for what we have.

Of course they have to good reminders because the bad ones can make us feel depressed and angry.

I have mentioned before that it is important to meditate on good things as well. This is especially true when we start feeling depressed. So much can go wrong when we think and feel sad especially being alone.

I enjoy reading Psalms out of the Bible because the words put down in poetry are often how we feel. King David speaks about others who are after him or other negative thoughts then he declares the positive with hope. Life is much better when we declare hope with faith and love.

Living is hard most of the time however to encourage ourselves along with others makes it so much better. We can feel being alone even among other people. So important to write words down included in a journal. Seeing what is written down can help us to. Repeat the words so we continue have reminders. Be thankful and grateful during the tough times well as the good. Amen!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Not An Easy Task

When we are helping others whether it has to do with our purpose or not it still not an easy task; we all go through things that can be complicated often at the same time.

We have friends or family for that matter can be going through the same things we do. Although never easy the reason so we have someone we can help at the same we need the help. We sometimes feel we go at it alone and it doesn’t need to be.

Words don’t always have to be said. Often just giving a hug or handshake; remember not every task is easy. Most of the time the task we are dealing with is real hard; being there for each other the important part.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Being a Friend

I really enjoy hearing others stories whether I ministering, mentoring, a friend or someone I just met. The thing about it is we are all going through stuff. Not everything is good and it is nice to know that you are not going alone on your own.

Whether we are married or single with family or not there are always issues in the way. Often it has to do with how we grew up. We see things through the filter of our childhood. This can be either good or bad or something in between. I would say that many of us have lived in the between because good things and bad things have happened to us all. Often we let the bad things shape our lives. All things go how we deal with them. We don’t always do well with it and goes into our relationships when we get older.

The most important thing though is how will we deal with those things we have gone through. Do we let them dominate our lives or not. We have to realize that the past is what it truly is. Listening to others makes me feel more that I am not alone.

We may not feel loved by others however we are loved by the Almighty God who created us each. We have to decide that we are going to accept his love or not. Often we can become bitter because of our circumstances and life. Let’s release it over to him. I am not saying it is an easy task because it truly isn’t. I am still working through it myself though I do know how important releasing these things are. We will have more peace because of it. So may you be the person you are meant to be today. Amen!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Its Official Fall

Here in the northern hemisphere it is officially fall. I am not sure how different the year is in the southern hemisphere since I have never lived there. Actually I haven’t even visited the southern hemisphere.

I do know that southern hemisphere is now spring but I don’t know how it works in September when we have the reverse in March. I can’t imagine winter either when we have summer as well.  December being summer seems odd to me. Of course for you that live there I am sure feel the same way. It makes life odd for sure. Those who have lived in both hemispheres I am sure have had to get used to the difference.

 Here in western Washington September the temperature at times has been warmer than normal and then other times cooler. It is very interesting getting used to changes of climate over the last few years.

Overnight we had some rain which has been common as of late however the sun is coming out now which is nice as well. October we will have a lot of rain so enjoy the sun whenever we can even if it is only for a few hours.

Here a lot of people get depressed because of the clouds and the rain however I try not to be. Like I have mentioned before I have had to deal with depression over the years but I am not sure it happens because of the weather. I do know that depression happens to me more in December because of the holiday season. Not as often as it used to be. I find being single it is hard to see families celebrating the holidays.

I have mentioned that often we have to make a choice when it comes to be happy and glad so I believe the same goes for depression unless you have a medical issue that is.

Anyway I am choosing to enjoy the fall especially right now with the leaves coming out on the trees. I will enjoy the rain as well though it is difficult to do so when it continues for a few weeks without seeing the sun.

Important to be joyous at all times regardless of the circumstances. So whether you have the fall or the spring right now enjoy yourself.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Being Thankful For What We Have

The weekend I figure is a good time to relax and reflect what is going on our lives.

When things going are difficult we should still think about being thankful for what we have.

Often being thankful can be the best thing for us especially during trying times. We often hear about suicides especially among young people. Everything in their lives seems so big at the time not knowing that it will pass when they are older; another way to say it “they can’t see the trees because of the forest”.  I know where they are because I dealt with depression when I was there age and at times still do.

Not an easy thing to do but being thankful for the things we have especially the small ones will help get us through. Life is so short anyway that we must do the very best to make every day special.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Measure Success

One of the hardest things to do is measure success in anything and that goes for our purpose as well.

I believe the measure of success has to be earned over time. We have to realize that there will be failures well as successes.

The most important thing is to learn from both success and failures. They allow us to have a measuring stick in everything we do.

The most important thing is not to have our success at an unrealistic level. Over time we can raise the level of success.

When we begin working with someone we never should look at the full measure of success. Other words every step forward should be looked at success. A step backwards should only meant to be a little failure to look forward to the success ahead.

So success should never be really measured during the time with any one person.

Remember to that we were created for a purpose so success should be already built in though failures are part of life as well.

Thursday, September 20, 2018


The main ingredient in our purpose beyond the gifts and talents is confidence.

Yes we have to believe in what we are doing with our purpose.

Of course at times doubt will come in however we need to find a way not to waiver.

Those we mentor or lead must feel the confidence that we have in ourselves and helping them as well.

They must believe in us well as becoming confident in themselves.
Confidence is not something we show it is something we have.

These words I am saying for you than you have it all to do your purpose.

 Of course it does take time and experience to have the confidence however remember to your purpose has always been with you even if you just discovered your purpose.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Finding Your Way

Often it takes us a while to find our way. It can take years to do so.

I believe it has only been five years possibly less that I realized what my purpose in life is.

It is exciting to know when you find out this can be true.

Often we think our job and along with family is the only purpose we have . Actually it is a good thing however when you realize that there is even more to our lives excitement can boil over.

I believe a very good purpose is to help others to find their way. Can be very fulfilling and be excited about as well to see others find their way.

I enjoy hearing stories about how people have discovered their purpose.  Joy happens for everyone involved.

Often finding the right path after going so long on the wrong path is exciting too. Actually our purpose can be to help others we have found that walked the wrong path in the same we did.

If you are still looking to find your way it is OK as well. I am sure that you will find it soon. Making mistakes shouldn’t keep us from getting where we should go. 

Remember that at some point everyone has made mistakes. 
The most important thing is to learn from them. So never let mistakes allow you to never get on the right path. Amen!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Changing World

We were created for a purpose in changing the world or at the very least those around the part of the world we live.

We don’t necessarily have to do big things as I have mentioned before but can be little things as well.

Remember to that not everyone can or should talk a lot. It is a purpose for some of course however your actions can speak more volumes than talking.

Those you see will watch your moves. I have had people tell me how much I have affected their lives without saying anything in regards to the areas they mention.

Be kind to others, have eye contact and smile as often as you can. Not always easy to do but good sound advice.

Remember to treat others like you want to be treated.
I am sure you are changing your part of the world without even realizing it. Keep up the good work. God bless and peace to you.

Monday, September 17, 2018


When it comes to our purpose or anything else that is productive begins with revelation.

This can happen by God telling us directly by his Holy Spirit or through other people. We can get revelation when meditating as well.

We can ask for wisdom that can bring revelation too. This can help us with others. Not that we would know every detail but how to help them. Revelation and wisdom can be two gifts that we have been given.

It is possible that we have revelation without realizing it. We may have had revelation for so many years that we presume it is part of our makeup. Whatever the case use revelation to the best of your ability and at the right time; revelation can change the world we live in.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Joy of Fall

No matter how lovely summer is there is joy of fall for me.

Actually here in the Pacific Northwest we have the privilege of having all four seasons.

Although we don’t have the luxury of having the sun coming out for a few months other than peaking itself out for a few minutes once in a while.

I love the flowers and the smell of the fresh air. Seeing grass turning green after a hot summer and try summer.

Saturday I was in my favorite coffee shop and a young couple I know came in along with their two very young daughters. The last time I had seen the girls were when they were babies now they talk and do the things they do.

What I really liked was the girls were all smiling and waving at me from the beginning. Of course they don’t remember me from their last visit and probably not this one when we see each other again. They made me feel loved and there is nothing better than that.

I have to say the best thing about fall is love. It feels the part of the season. Of course I know that cloudy days are ahead along with the rain. The last few days haven’t been able to see Mt. Rainier with the clouds being in the way.

I love to close my eyes enjoying the fresh air. It is like going to the ocean except not hearing the waves rush in.

Fall I hope you stick around a while before winter arrives.   

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Weather Change

I know that there are some places where the weather doesn’t change much in September however here where I live it does.

The last several years the summer goes longer starting earlier. This year we had hot weather that began in May going through into September. In June we had some spots where it was the normal weather. We used to say here that summer didn’t start until July 4th.

Until four years ago we never had the temperatures get into the nineties where now at least we have a few days. This year I believe we had six days in the nineties. The rest of the summer we had it in the high eighties.

Now it is September the temperatures have dropped down into the sixties and seventies along with having a little rain. The raining season usually starts in late September or early October.  The little rain we have had has been happening at night or early mornings.

We actually don’t get as much rain as people think we do. Our annual rainfall depending where we live is 35-40 inches annually. What makes us think it rains a lot is that we have a lot of cloudy days plus steady rainfall. We don’t have a lot of downpours though we do on occasion. It is the cloudy days that bother me more than the rain. I really like it when the sun decides to peak out once in a while during the winter.

To say all this we should all look at making changes in our lives as well. Doesn’t have to be big changes because we probably don’t need to but always little changes are good.

I believe rain can symbolize where we can soak things in. Our lives can become dry so at times we need to have rain pour on us. This can be done by asking God to do it and being around family and friends. After a hot summer with rain brings refreshing and we can use that as well. So take your time to be refreshed and let life become renewed this time of the year. Amen!

Friday, September 14, 2018



At the beginning of the year I called this year to be “let’s do it”.
I feel it takes determination to do the things we should sometimes. Living a life of purpose isn’t always easy. In fact it can be difficult although we have been given the tools to do so or it wouldn’t be our life of purpose.
Determination can mean that we have to push through when times get difficult. This would be with our own life or someone else we are mentoring or spending time with.
Determination can mean that we have to help others to push through as well. We have to encourage them in moving forward with change in their lives if that is necessary as well.
Thursday night I went to the small group that I belong in that meets twice a month (I am not the leader by the way). The theme that I may call it was on “grace and faith”. Different people shared how they felt grace and faith worked together. What came up a few times were negative thoughts or words that people speak whether directly to us or not. 
We can listen to television or radio where the news is negative. Of course much of the news is that way however how much of it will we let in on a daily basis. That is something we have to decide on our own.
Deciding to stay away from negative people often can take determination as well. This is especially true if they are family or close friends. Staying away doesn’t have to mean that we stop relationship with them but we can’t let their negative thoughts become our negative thoughts.  
Often conversations we have with others can rub off on us even without realizing it. Advice to would be to think before speaking: not an easy thing to give up we are used to doing so.
Let’s take this time right now to think about determination and how we have in the past work with it or how we want to use it in the present and future. Have yourself a wonderful and blessed weekend.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Enjoy Being Happy

Like so many things in our lives like love, joy, hope, peace and faith to name a few being happy comes down to a choice.

Another thing about being happy comes down to the person. What makes me happy can totally be different than for others.

Situations and circumstances can define when we are happy as well. We can be happy when life seems to be along great but not so much when it is not. So I think we must do is too decide that we will be happy regardless what is going on in our lives. Not an easy task for sure.

Since being happy is a choice than we must decide to do so at the beginning of the day and let it go throughout the day. Again not easy: for example how will you feel when your tire goes flat or your car breaks down on the way to work or even worse on the way home from work. 

I know we all have shared times of sorrow so being happy seems to be out of the way for us when that happens but turning it around being determined to be happy is good.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

All In Love

When it comes to our purpose the number one ingredient should be love.

We should love what our purpose is along with loving those who share it with.

Our purpose in life isn’t going to be easy all the time. In fact there will be times that it will be hard. We weren’t given our purpose to make life for us to be easier. Also we must realize what a responsibility and honor given the purpose we have.

I would have to say the toughest time is someone rejects our purpose. We give them advice and they don’t listen at all. It isn’t that we will be always right but rejection is still one of the hardest things in life to deal with. This is especially true when the person we are trying to help we have known for a long time. Important thing to know is not to reject the person in return however there are times when the situation doesn’t work out. Remember to they could return at a later date so always have an open door policy. This is where love really comes in.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Be The Team

When it comes to our purpose we do have to realize we are part of a team whether as leader or mentor.

We are a team when we are a family or even a couple. Not only do we love one another our hearts and our will must be together.

We think the same way and our purpose work together even though we are unique individuals. Our gifts and talents are different in some ways however they can work together. As a team we accomplish things together because two or more are stronger than one by themselves. We encourage one another especially in times of trouble. We are the strongest of the weakest member of the team. 

Every member of the team has a single gift however they can accomplish much. Be a team member no matter how things might look on the outside. It is the inside that is important.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Sadness In The Camp

Every family goes through something that can be shocking well as sad. I heard this news in my family Sunday night. I am not able to give out whom and the details because it should stay private however please pray for my family.

In fact if you can and believe in prayer please pray for every family who reads this blog. I am sure things happen that we have no idea about. When one member of the family hurts we all hurt. (see 1 Corinthians 12:26)

This is why a very good reason for all of us to encourage one another during the good times well as bad times. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Amen!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Surrounded By The Opposition

Friday night I went to the Mariners game at Safeco Field in Seattle to see them play the New York Yankees. I knew there likely were a lot of Yankee fans at the game however I didn’t know how many until one of their batters hit a home run in the second inning when a large applause happened.

This made me think often we are around people that are rooting for the other team as well. What I mean by that they don’t think the same way we do unless you are at church or a political rally. Every day we run into people who we may call as friends or fellow employees but they don’t think the same way we do. They likely come from another upbringing where they never attend church or their political view point is opposite of ours. Also it can be they have a different personality as well. We are all created unique so that means we are all wired differently to. Often we get along because we choose to but doesn’t change that we are surrounded by the opposition. It is all good if we realize that it is OK to be around Yankee fans. LOL.

Another thing is we are all spiritual beings though we may not practice it so much but we are. I am saying this because we have Satan or the Devil or whatever name you want to stamp on him that opposes us and he puts thoughts in our minds that are not really our own. So he is an opposing force that we have to fight against every day. He can use other people to put thoughts in our minds that we are not valued at all. We all have friends but those who are not friends many of them probably don’t care much about us though they may be kind to us. We can see this by how popular we are with others besides those close to us.

What we must do is be friends with those who look like they don’t have friends at all. This will add to our list of friends besides likely the ones we are called out to reach in our purpose. We were destined to meet up with them as well.

Anyway do your very best to treat others kindly though they have an opposing view on things and then go to battle on the thoughts that are in your mind that is contrary to your way of thinking. Let Satan know you won’t accept the thoughts he puts in your mind. So resist him and he will flee away.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Finding Joy

I know that I have mentioned joy before on this blog however it is good to remember every once in a while.

Joy is like a lot of things it is something we have a choice to do. If we don’t think about joy we likely won’t be involved in it as often as we would like. Depending on our personality and those who we hang out with I am sure joy will happen.

That is another thing to choose joy we have to find the people that we know enjoy having a good time regardless what the day has been like.

I have to say that joy is a good way to end the day especially if the day has been going badly.

I have mentioned before about dealing with depression. For us to turn the tables on depression as I would call it is to decide to have joy. We can have that with friends or possibly by ourselves if no one is around. I have mentioned to before about laughter that it is good medicine so what we can do though may sound silly is laughing on our own. Might be a good idea to do in our car while we are driving alone especially when we are in heavy traffic; we can listen to our favorite music as well. We can sing to the songs whether we are good singers or not. It would be like singing in the shower. I am sure you find ways to have joy on a regular about it. basis. Do so again when the day has not been what you have liked it to be. I am sure you will feel good

Friday, September 7, 2018

Going Out For Coffee

It doesn’t matter what you have when going out whether it is coffee, tea or some other drink however spending time is what is important.

Thursday morning two people from my mother’s church took her out for coffee just to chat and see how things are going with her. They told me that they do this every Thursday. Whether the person they meet has a good time or not they have a good time. I believe this is a good thing to do for sure.

What is great about our purpose is that we get the best out of whatever we are doing besides blessing the person or persons we meet. I am sure they get a lot out of whatever we share with them but we enjoy the ordeal as well. We can become better people ourselves by interacting with others. We all become greater people by the experience.

I encourage us all to spend time with others whether it is once a day, a week, or a month. The more we do this the more we know what our purpose is.

Friday night I am going to a Seattle Mariners game against the New York. I will not only enjoy the game whatever the score turns out but the time with my friend Tom. It will be like going out for a cup of coffee although it is a bit more expensive. LOL a good way to begin the weekend as well.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Who Is Your Trust In

This is a big question who do we trust in? Is it God, our parents, friends or others?

Actually God should be our number one to trust in then parents followed friends and others. I have to say in that order as well.

Often are parents and friends we should go to get answers. They can be a mediator for God. Another person go to is our mentor if we have one as well. It is important to have them pray for you if your questions are large.

God wants us to trust in him however others he is fine with as well. The most important thing is that we don’t keep things to ourselves. I have to admit that often I keep things bottled inside and why darkness along with depression overwhelms me. So go to the person you feel that you can talk to the most and that they won’t spread to others unless you ask them to. We don’t need a lot of people know what we are going through or what might be called our dirty laundry. We all need one person to confide in. Amen!

Importance To Purpose

We must realize when it comes to our purpose it should be the most important thing. It doesn’t mean that other things are not important either.

Some things that we do are meaningless. We can allow the thoughts and acts of others to overshadow what we were created to do. This is something we have learned since childhood. We believe what others think about us. I do hope when we are older that is not the case any longer.

We should realize that we have a lot to give to mankind and the world. We are blessed if we have parents that have told us so. Not everyone have parents that loved them and let them know how special they are.

I believe it doesn’t matter what gifts and talents that you have because they are meant to be used by you for the best good. Those who you know don’t encourage you then it is important that you find those that do. It is the same way that you encourage others as well. Walk in the light that you have and don’t believe in the darkness. You will be amazed by those who really care for you.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Back To Normal

Now that the kids are back in school life is back to normal as well. At least that is how it feels anyway.
September is almost always a nice month when it comes to the weather. The temperatures are a little cooler but in the seventies still. The rain is still a couple weeks from returning  so traveling around Washington state is  good if you don’t have children or they are all grown up at least.
I give you a good example going to the San Juan Islands. Not only is the weather is good and the islands are pretty the ferries are no longer overcrowded. I am sure the cost of lodging is less as well. You can not only see the sites with less people you can talk to the locals a lot easier as well. The San Juan Islands is only one of the good spots to visit in Washington State there are others like Mt. Rainier, the Olympic mountains, the Washington coast, Leavenworth and Winthrop to name a few. 
Although most people are back to their normal life if you have the time you can wait to get back to it yourself. A great way to spend time relaxing before getting back to your life of purpose; I am sure you figured I throw that in here too.
Enjoy your day in whatever fashion that you do. Having a normal day or even an extraordinary can be fun.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Heart

We all know the term “A broken heart”; we have all experienced a broken heart at some point in our lives whether it is a loss of a loved one or we have been rejected by someone that we loved or cared about very much.

One thing I do know is that we can come along side  someone is having that experience right now. We may not have the answers for them however give some comfort can go along ways that is for sure.

I believe truly that comforting someone during their need is one of the greatest gifts there is that anyone can have. I would call it to one of the purposes of life that we can have. There is someone we know or at least see that is likely having a broken heart right now. The only answer I have is for us to comfort them and pray for their heart.

Remember a broken heart can take years to mend. Important step is for us to take the time for the healing process to go through. So if you are going through a broken heart yourself right now let someone in to comfort you. Amen!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Labor Day!

Like many of the national holidays Labor Day has been changed over the years. Originally back in the 1880s when it became a holiday they had parades to honor the labor unions. Now in the states where the labor unions are still strong they get together on the first Monday of September to remind everyone how important they are and why they became in existence in the first place. You will read stories in the newspapers along with television and radio. For many people Labor Day gives another three day weekend.

There are still some very good strong unions but not the same as many years past depending on what your occupation is. The unions allowed its member become productive and well paid for their services. They allowed the industrial age go to another level. Before the unions the business owners took advantage of their employees paying low salaries along with keeping the profits but the unions and the industries that accepted them thrived in the process.

Today we should honor the unions for what they have accomplished for the workers. Enjoy the day in whatever fashion you are however take some time to remember them to. Whether you are in a union or not the country has prosper for one hundred and forty years plus. Also able to be recognized for the gifts and talents that you have.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Writing Is Good

Whether it has to do with a purpose in life or not I believe writing is good. It is a good way to put your thoughts down on paper.

Our minds can get complicated just like our lives so writing can uncomplicate things I believe anyway. Sometimes our minds can get so full that we can’t further think. In fact I figure if I didn’t have to think so much the better but it doesn’t work so much for me anyway. LOL

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Hello September

It is nice to see you September it seems like you have come in a hurry.  The summer was really good and we know that you’re very nice as well.

We know that you will prepare us for the rest of the year. Here in the northwest school is back in session however we have the Washington Fair starting that takes place in Puyallup. I always enjoyed going to the fair as a kid especially allowing me to get out of school for a half day. I figured anything that let me out of school was a good thing.

I to figure that those things I didn’t do during the summer I can do now and more opportunities to meet people as well. In the summer people are busy especially being on vacation.

I figure to that I can get back to learning myself though I don’t have to go back to school and I can learn when I want to. Actually I learn something every day and I hope that you are doing the say. If you are a teacher than you can teach and learn as well; a teacher I believe is one of the best ways to live a life of purpose for sure. Those of you that teach I want to thank you for what you do for others.

Now September take some time to stay so we can enjoy you very much. Thanks!!