Thursday, April 30, 2015

Changes Happening in Gig Harbor

Though some parts of Gig Harbor have stayed the same a lot of it has changed over the years. My sister and brother can see the obvious changes when they come back for a visit. There are plans to make more changes as well as new construction.

This morning I went for a walk in a new section of what is called Cushman trail. It is now just over six miles stretch of trail that goes along power lines next to Highway 16. The trail can only be done by either walking or bicycling. The new section is almost two miles long. Cushman trail starts about a mile on the Gig Harbor side after crossing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and now ends entering into North Gig Harbor. So if you either walk or ride you do not have to go through the streets of Gig Harbor. It is on the east side of highway 16. There are five places that you can enter to the Cushman trail so you do not have to do the whole thing. There is parking available as well. I could see some new construction going on while walking the trail. It looks like they are putting in some more new homes. After my walk I did some driving through North Gig Harbor. Originally it was a few shopping centers along with a YMCA and St. Anthony’s Hospital nearby. Now there are some new homes near the YMCA. In the near future North Gig Harbor population will likely be bigger than Gig Harbor. Other changes happening will be building a new shopping center on the west side of Highway 16 just before entering Gig Harbor. It will include a new Fred Meyer Super Grocery store along with a bowling alley, some other small stores, and of course a coffee shop. Currently Fred Meyer is on the west side directly across where the new location will be. The biggest problem with the new location has to do with driving and parking. Without change a lot more congestion will happen since already there are three shopping centers on that side of the highway.

Another change is what will happen with the shopping center that houses Fred Meyer right now. There supposed to be retail store taking the place of Fred Meyer; however, there are several other locations within the shopping centers that have closed down or moved. I hope they have new plans for it otherwise it will be little traffic going through it and will hurt the other stores already there.

In downtown Gig Harbor the Peninsula Shopping Center which was the original shopping center since I was a little kid at the least is looking to do a remake as well.  The grocery and hardware stores that were originally there are now gone. Though there are other retail stores it does not have the same appeal it once had. Usually it only draws people like me is that the post office is still there. The city is trying to figure what changes to happen to it. The thought is to possibly make it into a small mini-mall or build condos. Changes will not occur there until after having input of the citizens.

Gig Harbor still considered to be a small town but it is not the same as when I was growing up. Some I would say call it progress. What I like is that there are trails like Cushman that you ride or walk along.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Living with a Purpose

If you have been reading this blog at least several times you know that I believe it is important that we live with a purpose.

I know most people believe that their purpose in life is a job and raising a family which are both very good things; however, I believe it can go even further for each of us. We were created for doing even more. Some may call it destiny or a purpose. The thing is we each have a different purpose. What my purpose is different than yours. For example, writing this blog is a part of my purpose mainly to encourage others. It is possible you may have a purpose to write a blog as well but it could be totally different than mine.

The important thing is to uncover what the purpose we have in this life. If you are married likely your purpose is different than your spouse or your children. The important thing is how you work out all your purposes.

A part of the purpose is to know your gifts and talents.  Most of us use them for working, or a hobby; however, I believe they can be used for a greater good. I would say the gifts and talents are used to help others besides family and work.

There are those who have had near death experiences so they can question more what their purpose in life is. They may more likely think about these things than the normal person. I can say that I had a near death experience though I do not remember it at all only what my parents told me. The reason is that I was only four years old. I was burned on my right chest and under my right arm pit. I was cooking an egg on the stove when my pajamas caught fire. My sister Barb was in the same room went and got my mother who smothered it with a blanket. My dad than drove me into Tacoma because there was no hospital in Gig Harbor at the time, and felt there was no time to call for an ambulance. I spent about six weeks at Mary Bridge Children’s hospital. Barb still remembers it just like it was yesterday. If she had not been in the room, or my mother had not gotten to me when she did I may have died or at least more of my body would have been burned as well.

Through a lot of my childhood when I had very hard or trying times I would say to God why you not took me when I was four years old. The older I got I realized because he had a higher calling or purpose that only I can fulfill.

I am still searching what that high calling is in the meantime I do what I can do best. I believe at some point I will know that I was born for this time and place. What I mean is a situation or circumstance will happen that I will know without a doubt why God wanted me to continue to live.

If you do not know what your purpose is right now. Just go out and do the best you can with what you have. I am sure the bright light will come on some time where you can say yes this is my purpose and destiny.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mercy and Grace

It is amazing that some people speak without thinking. I know that there are some who speak out saying a tragedy like the earthquake in Nepal is judgment by God. I heard one such guy say it happened in Nepal because of their pagan temples.

The truth is not everything that is a natural disaster like an earthquake is a judgment of God. The thing is that natural disasters just happen. They happen both to good people as well as bad people.

I have friends who are in Nepal right now and they are good godly people. They are in Nepal to serve God and the people of Nepal. I am sure they would not be there if they thought judgment was falling on Nepal except to warn them, and ask them to turn from there evil ways; however, this is not the case.

Most people know the story of Jonah and the whale. He was on his to Nineveh to tell them that judgment was coming unless they repented. He really did not want to go because he knew God would forgive them if they did repent which they did. Jonah was very upset with God because he knew that judgment would not happen if they did repent, and he wanted them to be gone.

Another story in the Bible had to do with Job also in the Old Testament. God was speaking with Satan, and God said you know Job he does no wrong. Satan replied to God that Job had hedge of protection around him. So God allowed Satan to do anything to Job except kill him. Job became quite ill along with losing his children. Job’s friends thought that he was put in that position because he had sinned which was not the case. The end of the story God restored Job and gave him twice as much along with more children.

Again things do happen to good people as well as bad people. If judgment happened to Nepal why has it not happened to United States or some other larger country yet? Nepal has not done anything worse than we have in the U.S.A. The truth is God is a merciful God with grace and love. There will be a time when judgment will come; however, this is not the time yet because he wants all people to know his mercy, grace and love.

As a follower of Christ is to let those who do not know God yet they must repent and turn to Christ. Every one of us has sinned and fallen short. It is our choice because he will not force us to follow him. He has given us free will and he is a loving Father and not a slave driver.

So if you think or know someone who thinks that God has put judgment on Nepal than you or they have been deceived; it is important to truly know the love of God.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Remember Nepal

It is so hard to think about a country on the other side the world going through so much death, destruction, and heartache. Nepal today April 26 going through a second earthquake, and they have lost more than two thousand people. It is hard to imagine what families are going through who are still alive, and the loss of homes.

My town of Gig Harbor, Washington has a population of a little over two thousand. It would be like everyone in Gig Harbor dying.

It has been awhile since we have had a large earthquake in Western Washington; however, the last one did not cause a death toll like this one. It is possible that we could have another one in the near future. The blessing we have here is the buildings are in pretty good shape and should stand an earthquake but we never know for sure. It all depends where we maybe at when it happens.

I remember when I was a child around nine years of age we had an earthquake in Gig Harbor and surrounding area. It happened probably around 8:30 am. My younger brother Jack and I were on swings when it happened. Other kids had not arrived at school yet and were on the buses. My teacher had arrived and the doors were swinging open. It is about all I remember what happened. I am not sure whether we were sent home or stayed in the school. Also, I am not sure what it registered but it was a large one; at least to a nine year old anyway.

A couple from my church is over in Nepal. They have been there since early February. They have been missionaries working with an orphanage. What is really sad now is that there will be even more orphans.

The couple and their four boys are doing just fine. I heard from them on social media. They both have medical training so they are looking to help at the largest hospital in the city.

Just received an update from them, and they are doing fine themselves though the whole city is crazy. Looking at some news reports they could even have a larger earthquake coming.

So please prayer for our missionaries and the people of Nepal. Also, give monetary support as well to any group that are in Nepal or plan to be. You can go to twitter with hashtag #NepalEarthquake. Also, do a search on Facebook as well by entering Nepal. You may find how to donate.

Again our hearts are for the people of Nepal. We are thinking and praying for you. It will be a long ordeal for that country, and may take several years to recover.

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Very Nice April

This April has seemed better than most Aprils that I recall. It sounds like I am repeating myself for February and March but it is true.

What I really consider a successful day is when I can see the sun sometime between 6 am and noon; also between noon and 6 pm. We have had a lot of days like that this April in the Pacific Northwest. When I look outside right now though it does not look like it will be one of those days.

I like it when I can see Mt. Rainier as well. Not every day can I see Mt. Rainier, and this morning is one of them days. Mt. Rainer is being covered by clouds; however, I can be optimistic that I will be able to see it sometime today.

Though I consider the day successful when the sun comes out I do not hang my head on the fact. Other words I can still have a successful day without the sun. If not I would have a lot of unsuccessful days this time of the year. My success would then have to depend on the summer when the sun is out almost all the time.

Yesterday when I was out for my morning walk I was thinking how lucky we are when the sun is out because there is no other place so beautiful in the world. Also, it is nice to have some rain so the place can stay so green all year around.

In my mind I find think that the best solution would be that it would rain between 9 pm and 6 am every day. I am a sleep most of those hours so why not.

Right now looking outside it looks like it may clear out for a minutes anyway and see the sun. What a joyous day will it be. Than you God that you answer even the small prayers.

Though likely it will rain for part of the day at least I can sing out loud “We have overcome. Shout aloud it is a joyful day”.

I just saw a small bird fly by looking out my window so he or she in that matter must believe that today is a joyful day. Now the wind is picking up. I wonder if today will be one of those days that we have all kinds of weather.

Though the time is early and I am beginning my day I can look forward to a wonderful day no matter what the weather turns out to be. I hope to be able to walk for a little while without some rain drops, and I can see friends whether old or new.

I hope that you all have a great day and the weekend that is coming up. Rejoice for this is the day the lord has made. Be glad in it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Leaving Something for Generations to Come

I believe more than ever we should leave things behind for the generations after us. It could be us leaving behind belongings, pictures, or just history. There are important parts of us that our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and those beyond will greatly appreciate.

My mother has pictures of her parents, and grandparents along with fellow siblings. For example, a picture of my grandmother along with great aunts and one great uncle Frank who lived to be one hundred and three years old. The picture of them as children; also, she has a picture of her father and his brother in uniform going to war in South Africa. My grandfather’s brother ended up dying in World War 1.

She also has pictures of my father’s family including his brother Bill and his two sisters along with my cousins. We have pictures of ourselves as babies along with other childhood pictures.

The one great thing about computers, and social media we are able to share them with others. They will be around for many years.

My mother has a dining room table that belonged to her grandmother that is over hundred years old. Also, she has many other belongings as well.

She has told stories of her growing up in Alberta, and going to Ottawa, Ontario during World War 2. After the War she went to Paris, France for a short period of time as well.

I have stories of my dad growing up Tacoma, and spending the summers in Gig Harbor as well as Bremerton.

I have written in this blog about both parents as well as my brothers. These things will be recorded for many generations to hear about.

Just in the last few days I have asked my mother to right down sayings that she says on some occasions. These sayings can be said at any time because she has one for every occasion. I have found them to be witty and funny. Not only have I heard them she tells other people when she is at a party or other occasions. Also, I asked her where she got these sayings. She told me that they come from books, and poetry. She has a very good memory still even though she is now ninety-four years old. I plan to write them down so her grandchildren along with great grandchildren can see them. Some of them I will share here on the blog in the future as well.

This morning I was reading an old high school annual of mine. The girls especially wrote how funny they thought I was whether it was in chemistry, history, or choir. I really enjoy to this day giving out as much humor as possible. Most of what I say just comes out at the moment. There are times I may say something funny that I heard before or said before but most of the time it is original. If you spend a good part of the time with me you will find them to be puns. Also, I am good talking like I am serious than I come out with the punch line.

I believe the most important thing for me to do is share humor with others. I think that people can be healed in their hearts with humor. These are things I would like to leave for those generations after us.

So do whatever you can that is part of you whether it is belongings or your personality. What they can know about you. In many ways this will be how we can live on forever.



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

National Parks

This week is considered National Parks week. I am not sure exactly why but I do think it is a good time of the year to visit one.

Good reason with school in session the National Parks are not so crowded. We can really enjoy them if children not involved. This is really true if you plan to camp or hike.

My state of Washington we have three national parks. There is Mt. Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic Mountains.

I have spent my time mostly either at Mt. Rainier and Olympic Mountains. Not as often in North Cascades.

During my early childhood my family would go up to Mt. Rainier to do some sliding during the winter. We did not have as much snow around Gig Harbor. It takes about two hours get to Mt. Rainier. One year my older brother Dick  hurt himself and injured his spleen. We had family friends that had been skiing for several days before we arrived, and my sister had been there as well. So they took him back to Tacoma and to the hospital. My younger brother Jack, myself, and parents return later. The accident happened shortly when we arrived at Mt. Rainier, and my parents did not want the trip to be ruined for Jack and me.

When I was older in my twenties my brothers Dick, Jack, his wife Anne, and I went to Mt. Rainier and went snow shoeing. It was quite the experience though we had to watch our steps since it was easy to step into deep snow. Dick and I did that a couple times each.

When I was in boy scouts I did a lot of hiking in the Olympics. Great place to go especially for long hikes. Every summer in scouts we would hike fifty miles. We took other shorter hikes as well.  I consider it a very beautiful place to go.

I believe the North Cascades I have only traveled through it. I have never hiked in the North Cascades; however it is very beautiful as well. It is north of Mt. Rainier and on the way to British Columbia Canada.

The only national park I recall going to outside of Washington is the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is a very beautiful place to visit as well.

I have mentioned before about traveling to all fifty states of U.S.A. in the next five to ten years before I am too old to do so. Thinking about it I figure I want to see the most national parks I can as well. I have a small sample size with Washington State and Arizona I figure national parks must be the most beautiful places so I want to see at least one in each state depending how much time as I have to spend.

So if you have the time this week go visit a national park. If not at least you should plan a trip to do so sometime this year.

Good traveling, hiking, and camping.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


For about twelve years I worked in customer service, and before that I was in commercial service which is almost the same thing helping out the customer. The whole thing though most of the time the customer was upset when they called in. Either the bill was too high because of extra charges or they had problems with the product. In some cases they just did not like the product.

In customer service the first thing you did was to make sure you were doing the best thing for the customer as long as you were not hurting the company either. Of course there is a thin line you wanted to be sure the customer would benefit from you helping them along with what would benefit the company as well. Being a really good customer representative is to make sure you keep a very good positive outlook which is not always easy.

In sales the main purpose to be sure the customer will buy the product, and like the product with very few problems. Other words you wanted to be sure they would not call back to speak with customer service that the product was not what they wanted. If you are a very good salesman your purpose is to get the customer not only to like the product but return to you over and over again.

So what I am saying here is that we all should look at being salesman and customer service representative. We must sell ourselves like we are a product. This is important if we are looking for a job, or wanting to people to like us. We do realize that not everyone will like us just like we will not like everyone; however, if we can sell ourselves in a positive manner more people will like us. Other words we will have more friends.

Our main point of selling ourselves is to show people off our personality and how we care for others. For example, when I talk with people I try to say things with humor, and not be too serious except when necessary. There are times where concern is more important than humor. When I am out in public whether walking, grocery shopping, or in the coffee shop I go with eye contact, and a smile. I know that for some people it is hard to do. It does not match their personality or they may just be shy. I know my sister has been shy since she was a little girl but she has been working on getting better all the time.

Another way I see is that we in many ways have to be an actor. We may have to act different than we are, and be someone else. Though it is not our self we may want one person to see us in one way and another in a different way. Sometimes we may have to care in a manner that we are not used to. We may meet someone during the day that has lost a close friend or family member. Maybe they know someone who is ill or maybe they are ill. The whole thing is that we do not always know what to say because we may never been in their position before or how to react.

Saying all this is the most important thing we can do is to serve others. I have mentioned that we have a purpose and a destiny. We are part of a team whether it is family or friends, and we should be willing to serve them. It is the most important part of being a teammate. This is how we become winners and champions.

Go and be the best that you can be to all people realizing that not all people will be receptive to you but you will have more friends, and I think most of all you will like yourself  better.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

What Do Men Talk About Over Coffee

I am sure inquiring minds want to know what men talk about around the table at the coffee shop. I am sure you would not be surprised except in some cases.

The groups of men I spend time with usually talk about politics, current affairs, and not surprising sports. Also, talk about what their wives are doing and their kids as well. Of course with older men it includes health.

A subject like politics is not spent talking very long because it usually is depressing. What can we do about the government spending and etc.?

Yesterday was funny because one subject we talked about that I never heard spoken about before was toilet paper. Not to really get into it but was the funniest thing I ever heard. I laughed so hard. One of the guys Bob said that he would have to look into toilet paper issue much more. He figured there were things we could learn more about toilet paper. I have to say though most of the conversation is more informative than toilet paper.

For me I usually just sit and listen to what the guys have to say. Most of them are older than me so they have been around a lot longer. Other things we talk about are related to what they did for a living or may still be doing now. For example, speaking of Bob again he is a real-estate agent so he talks sometimes about his properties or what he is selling. Though he is retirement age it keeps him busy to still spend time selling property. Another guy Dave goes fishing up in Alaska for about two month during the summer. So he talks about getting ready for the fishing season. He says this could be his last year fishing depending on things go and how his health is. He may go one more year as well. So next year will likely be David’s last year fishing. It is nice to hear stories of fishing especially beginning as a kid going out with his father at twelve years old.

There is nothing better than being around older guys and hearing stories. A lot of them except David did not grow up around Gig Harbor so it is nice to hear where they came from, and I can share along with David what Gig Harbor was like years ago.

I find the best part though is just hanging out and doing some laughing when the time comes. Sometimes the group has ten guys and other times only about four guys. What-ever the amount of guys it is always a good time. I recommend getting together with other guys or for the women other gals just to hang out and see where things go. Everyone have a good weekend and enjoy your family and friends.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


One thing I have not seen a lot of in our society is compassion. There are some people who are compassionate; however, I see that most people do not.

I believe the major reason compassion is not found often most people do not teach their children to be compassionate.

 I know when I was a child my parents did not teach me to treat people with compassion. It wasn’t that I was a bad kid or my parents did not do a good job raising my sister, two brothers, and myself I think something that no one really takes into consideration. They want you to be kind to as many people as possible including other kids.

I believe that more children need to experience giving and receiving hugs. It would do a lot more good for compassion. I really applaud any parents who do actually teach their children to hug and care for others. In fact a few weeks ago a young girl who was a friend of another young girl that I know asked if she could be given a hug. This was the first time I had met her, and I did feel she trusted me so I gave her a hug. I believe it was good for both of us.

When it comes to compassion I believe adults do need to show compassion to other adults. The more we do so children will follow suit. I believe it is true for anything.

One major reason that compassion is not shown a lot is that we are too busy in our lives. We are so involved in so many things that showing compassion has been lost in our society. I do not think it is just compassion because we do have other things that we do not do either.

I am sure that my parents did not teach us compassion because it was something that there generation really did not do. Really never something they thought about.

I know I do not show as much compassion as I ought to. I am not going to blame it on the past generations but look forward to do so anyway. The thought I am wondering will people really embrace compassion. Anyway all we can do is try it right. The important thing is to really show compassion and not put on an act. I really do hope that you feel the same way. Our chance to make a difference in the world; I want the children of the world to be better than we are. Hopefully it is never too late.  

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Good Times

We all know that life is not perfect all the time. In fact, most of us have had some very tough times. I believe it is important to live for today. We can plan for the future, and look back on the past; however, the present is what we live in.

The tough times have been those things that have built good character in each of us. I did not find them to be very enjoyable at the time as expected but in part they are what have made up part of me. I believe without them more likely I would be soft, and those small things that come around now and then I would make them bigger than they really are. I believe those who did not go through some tough times early in life are likely spoiled to some degree, and they are probably handling the small things along with the large ones not so easy.

The best part I find is that when I look back at the past I remember the good times. In fact, I can say a lot of the tough times I do not remember as much. I figure they are in the past so they should be left there. It is not like everything now is good all the time but a lot better than those things in the past. I find now the older we get the problems have to do a lot with our health. I know that I have gone through a few health issues in the last couple years or so. I hope to have a break for a few years as well.

For me the most recent tough times besides health are thinking about desires that have not been fulfilled. It is disappointing; however, I hope some will still come to pass in the future. Others will need to be fulfilled by new desires. I am sure not all the desires will be fulfilled but I will not look at being depressed or anger in my heart. The most important thing is that there are good times ahead as well. The major desire in my heart is to help those who are not as privileged as I am, and live out my destiny. I believe it should be true for all of us. We can live that way today as well as the plans for the future.

The really good times as a child the highlight was when our family took a trip across Canada during summer break. We left the day after school let out, and returned home a couple weeks before school started again. It was about two months long. I wrote about it back in November 2013 so you can go back and read all about it. I wrote it in three installments since it was quite the trip. There were other good times as well. That trip though would be something I would like to do again.

The most important thing for each person to do is to forgive those who participated in our tough times so we can remember the good times, and live in good peace. Have yourself a great week, and enjoy the good times.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Growing Up in a Small Town

I am sure that most people living in small towns have much of the same experience. One thing is that everyone knows every-body else. At least to some degree they know who people are even though they may not know them very well.

I know growing up in Gig Harbor was that way for me. Most of the kids that I went to elementary school with me graduated from high school as well. There were a few that moved away and some that moved in as well. I once counted in my first grade class picture that twenty-eight of the kids I also graduated from high school.

Though some of them have moved out of Gig Harbor I still think of them quite often. Occasionally I will look through one of my school annuals to remind myself of those kids. When I go grocery shopping or stop in at the coffee shop I wonder who I may run into that I grew up with. I look at those around my age wondering if they were someone I grew up with. Not everyone looks the same as they did back in the old days. Actually I run into those who are older or younger brother or sisters sometimes. Also, neighbors, friends, or cousins. It is always great to catch up and find out how everyone is doing. With social networking I keep in contact with school buddies as well; certainly a lot different today than it used to be.

I am sure most small towns haven’t changed a lot over the years. Of course, it depends how small the town was in the first place, and where they are located. Gig Harbor the population has grown more than double since I was kid. The main difference in Gig Harbor there is more shopping centers now. Also, there are two high schools now instead of one high school. I am sure some students know others at the other school but it is not the same. In my day if they were not in elementary school with me they were in junior school. We had only one junior high school as well as one high school. I knew some kids at the other elementary schools because we played little league baseball or basketball against them.

I am sure the large cities they are somewhat alike as well. I can only guess since I have never lived in a big city. I am sure most kids know those who are in their neighborhood and school only unless they are a cousin or someone who used to live in the neighborhood.

I travel around seeing the different neighbor hoods of Gig Harbor. Though the population is a little more than double the look of the neighborhoods do not look a lot different. In my old neighborhood most of the houses are newer on the waterfront except my house and a few others that have not changed at all on the outside. A few years back when my brother Jack was visiting and a classmate of his John we went and stopped by the old house. The owner who bought the place from our parents invited us in. He did some remodeling but the house mainly looked the same. If you go a little away from the waterfront places have not changed much at all. I figure in fifty years those places will still be the same. It is another thing most small towns have in common not much has changed over the years.

What I like living in Gig Harbor is that it is not far from the larger city of Tacoma. So I can take advantage of the big city and still be able to go home and live in a small town where I know a lot of people, and I can relax as well. I believe to in a small town I can make more of a difference in people’s lives than in a larger city. Of course, whether we live a big city or small one it is important to use our talents, and help out our neighbors and friends.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


On Monday April 6 I had went to the hospital early morning for a cardiac procedure. Going into it wasn’t sure whether I would have a valve installed or not. It all depended on how my heart would react. I am not sure for how long but my heart has been skipping. I would not know the results of course until I got out of the procedure.

The doctor told me about two hours after the procedure and I was out of recovery that my heart was still skipping but under the circumstances I did not need a valve installed. I thought it was odd because I thought a valve would be installed if my heart was still skipping which I find is not true in my situation.

What I find is coming out of the procedure was the same as going into the procedure where I have to trust in the doctor and the nurses. I must trust in the experience they have and the many procedures have done.

What comes with trust is faith. Along with faith is belief. A friend of mine Emily a few days ago knowing that I was going through with procedure said that God is control, and we can just relax. The truth is that we can only do so much. I have to believe that my heart will do what it has to do. The doctor is not concerned so I must not be either.

I found when I got home that someone I know has an illness, and a sister of another friend had a heart that was skipping maybe even worse than mine. The doctor had to be sure to get it back in beat. They asked for prayer in both situations.  Being people looking in from the outside all we can really do is prayer and give words of encouragement.

I spent a couple hours yesterday at the coffee shop that I usually go to in the morning. I felt it was important to see other people even though I was out of the hospital for only one day. I did not plan over extending myself I just needed to get out for a little while. I spent most of the day relaxing and doing some sleeping. I will do the same today as well.

I believe part of recuperating is to spend some time around other people. It is important to be encouraged by others, and for them to know that I am OK. You can’t say that just over the phone or on the social network.

I have said before that we all have a purpose and a destiny to our lives. Even during the difficult times it is important to be around family and friends. We can never shut ourselves off from other people. This all goes along with trust and faith. It is important to hear and learn from others as well.

So I believe the doctor that I should be around for some time. Other words you can’t get rid of me that easy. Enjoy the rest of your week. Many blessings and good health.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Passover and Easter

I am not here to pass judgment or how people celebrate this weekend; however, this one of the biggest weekends of the year in the life of a Jew or a Christian. You will find that I will not write much about this in my blog very often though I have to let people know that I am a Christian who loves Jews and Christians alike along with those who do not practice either one of them.

The Passover is important holiday that the Jews celebrate each year to remember the freedom and release of bondage from being ruled over by the Egyptians. Easter is important to the Christian because it celebrates Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. He did so that people would have freedom and be released of bondage from sin.

You may wonder why I did not put in the word religion when I said holiday. I did so really on purpose because I do not like religion and neither does God. You may think that is odd to say or you could be angry about it as well. For the Jew and the Christian God is looking for a relationship not just a time where Jew or Gentile get together in a synagogue or a Church; whether you are celebrating The Passover or Easter relationship with his people is what God wants. I always feel bad when I start feeling what I call religious because I know that God wants a relationship with me. I won’t go further on this about religion because as I said in the beginning I do not want to offend anyone.

If you are neither a Jew nor Christian it does not change the fact that God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. This is true even if you practice other so called religions or no religion at all. It may sound weird even if you are an atheist. Often God is put in a box by people in thought or deeds but he does not live in one. He is much larger than anyone of us know. Being either a Jew or Christian we have faith; however, we do not have the answer to everything especially in concern to God.

So all I want to say in conclusion is to seek God with all your heart. I want you to find him. There is more to the story so I pray that his love will cover you and change you. This is what The Passover and Easter are both all about. Enjoy the rest of your wonderful weekend.  

Friday, April 3, 2015

April Showers

Ever since I was a small child I have heard the saying April showers bring May flowers. Here in the Northwest it is very true.

In Gig Harbor the first couple days of the month it has been nice and the weather this morning looks pretty good; however, the weather forecast for the next week is showers. Of course, it is never a surprise to have showers in April. I would say it is very routine to have showers here in April though over the years I have seen some pretty good weather as well.

In some ways it is a little funny because on television I have seen weather being different than ours just a few miles away. In Federal Way which is less than twenty miles they had lightning storms in the late afternoon. It split some trees in half, and in Seattle they had hail. I almost thought they were showing weather from another state. Last night on television they talked to a man who took a video which they viewed as well where lightning hit an airplane. It was quite a showing, and lucky the plane did not go down and no injuries.

I have experienced here in Gig Harbor on a number of occasions where it is raining on half of the harbor and sunny on the other half. On one occasion last year I was driving on a road where it was raining on one side and not on the other. The strangest experience I ever had was when I was a student at Tacoma Community College in the 90s where I was leaving the school, and I was in the parking lot. There was this one cloud in the sky, and every-where else it was blue sky; however, that cloud decided to follow me to my car. It rained on me all the way to my car though no rain anywhere else. It is something I have never forgotten since I have never had an experience like that since.

Since it was a mild winter around here this year it nice to see that the mountains are finally getting some snow. It likely will not be enough to have the normal yearly snow fall. I asked someone who was up at Mount Rainer this last Monday whether she saw any snow. She said there was some at the very high levels. Since the weather has been so mild flowers have bloomed early this year so hopefully we will not see the April showers ruin them.

Anyway whether you have showers or sun this April I wish you all a wonderful month. I hope all your dreams and blessings come true. For those that are going through difficult times they will be resolved. My next writing will be on Easter since I will be going in on my heart procedure early Monday morning. I hope to be able to write again next Wednesday depending on how I feel. It usually takes a lot to keep me down. Have a great weekend as well.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fool’s Day

First of all I want to wish everyone a Happy April Fool’s Day. Personally I have not been involved in a prank or playing a joke on someone for a long time. I enjoy telling jokes on a regular basis. In fact most of mine are originals, and a lot of them are puns. Usually I think of them right at the moment. Some of them I talk seriously until the punch line. It is really the right way to go people thinking that you are serious until the end. It does take some creativity though.

Here in the United States of America I do not April Fool’s Day has the same impact it had at one time. I am sure in Europe they like to pull pranks on this special day. I do though enjoy hearing about a good prank.

The last time I felt like someone really pulled one over on me was quite a few years ago now. The local newspaper in the sport’s section reported a trade that Seattle Supersonics had made. It sounded like a really good trade to make. I do not recall now who the players involved were but it did make a lot of sense at the time. At the end of the story of course they said “April Fools”. I laughed and new that I was had but in a way disappointed as well. Since then I do not believe any story in the newspaper on April 1 until at the very end of reading it.

I really do hope that I can hear about some good ones today.  I am sure that I will not be involved in any today unless I come up with something really good in the next few hours. In many ways it is sort of childish but we must have one day a year if not more to do something childish or hear someone do something childish. We hear so much about serious matters or something bad happens it is good to hear something funny happened as well. So I have to say if the joke is on us much the better. I can say that only if it does not hurt someone.

Have a great day and have a lot of laughs. Try a prank on someone as long as they are not a real serious type.