Saturday, March 28, 2020

Time of Hope

We all need to have hope. Right now
it is a big deal whether it is coronavirus
or in my case the loss of my mother.

Our hope should come from God.
The hope can come directly from
God or through other people.

We can read scripture to give
hope to ourselves or speak it
to others.

Live today with the hope that
comes from God. Meditate on
his word and abide in his love.

Friday, March 27, 2020

What Do We Do?

The World has changed over the last couple
months. We don't have answers either.

We have no idea how long the Coronavirus
will be around.

All we can do is have faith that life will
get back to normal as soon as possible.

What normal is will depend on how
life will be.

I lost my mother on March 6 so my
life has changed different than many.
Those who lose a family member or
more because of the virus changes.
It is a sad situation while everyone
like me during this period lost a
loved who didn't pass away because
of the virus loses as well.

Whatever the case it is not good.
We must have the faith to go on.
I have to share with others about
my mother during this time.

I don't know whether live will get
back to what it once was but God
knows for sure.

I have heard a few in media that
we have to take time to meditate;
however, as Christians we meditate
through prayer. God will help
us in no way that others can.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Going Up

Sometimes it is easy to get stuck in life
as well as writing goes that is.

Most of the world is focused on the
coronavirus while I lost my mother
almost three weeks ago.

It feels so unfair on both sides.
Not only have I lost my mother
others are losing family as well.
Where do we go from here.
I guess we have no place to
go except up.

To be honest I don't know
what that totally means.
I know that things will
get better for me and
those dealing with the

Have yourself a good day
in whatever way you are
dealing. Maybe you lost
someone like me or you
are dealing with the virus

Any case we should have
each other in our prayers.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Expecting To Rain

Here in the Pacific Northwest of USA
we expect rain this time of the year.

We have had some sun recently so
people have been getting outside
to enjoy.

Most years not a big deal; however,
with the coronavirus being very
serious here the governor wanted
to be sure people kept there distance
from each other unfortunately too
many were doing as usual over the

Now the park and recreation areas
are closed. Of course, with the
rain not too many will be going
to them but the governor wanted
to be sure when the sun comes
out people would not go.

The virus is very serious here so
the governor has asked everyone
to stay at home. So a lot of people
are not working now.

 This actually goes into effect later
today so those who have been going
 to work get to stay at home now
unless their job is considered essential.
Of course, some wanted to now what
that means.

Besides those who are in medical
treating those who have been affected
by the virus the grocery stores and
pharmacies are open. Also, you can
go to the doctor as well. Restaurants
are open still for take-out only.

The governor says that we can still
go out for walks but we must stay
at least six feet apart. Any places
where this isn't happening the
police will make sure that those
not doing so will comply.

When we are not out walking or
being at a place considered
essential we are expect to be
at home.

I am fine with it as long as I
am able to see people from a

I hope wherever you are the
virus isn't as serious and you
can live your life as close to
normal. Amen!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Stay At Home

Here in state of Washington our governor
has now ordered people to stay at home
except those with essential jobs.

We at least go to the grocery store, the
doctor and still get take out from
restaurants. It means I can still get
my take out coffee.

This goes into effect on Wednesday
evening. We can go out for walks as
well as long as we keep our distance
from others.

This wouldn't have had to happen
if people listen before following

I am sure there will still be those
who will live life like it hasn't
changed at all except their jobs
they can't go to.

I have seen groups of people
at times plus when going
walking they are close together.

Someone told me well it is
important to be close with
family members or friends.
It isn't any different than
getting a cold where you
need to stay away or you
will catch it too.

Even at a distance you will
still have family around so
do what they say.

Encourage others to do
things together but not
close. Do the best that
we can.

Right now life isn't what
it used to be so go on even
though you may not like it.
I certainly don't. Amen!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Being Available

The state of the world is in right now
our purpose is greater than ever before.
It doesn't matter how bad the coronavirus
is in our own country or not.

Where I live in Washington State
we have more cases than most of
the states in America; however,
the mandates our governor has
put on will help keep the amount
of people being effected. At least
that is what we are hoping for.

Unfortunately not everyone has
taken it as serious as they should.
Our governor has had to add more
mandates because people were
unable to control their urges in
getting out.

Example our parks were overcrowded
though we asked to stay at least six
feet apart. Now they have closed the
parks altogether. I know there are
those who could use the parks to
get out of the home.

On Sunday the governor requested
those 65 and older who still have
gone to work now to stay home.

It isn't easy but things haven't
changed about our purpose.
In fact, our purpose is greater
now then ever we just have to
be more creative like using
social media to encourage others.

So whatever your gifts and talents
are use them today. Let others know
you are available to help them in
whatever they need. You need
assistance be sure to let others
know you can use the help. Amen!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Got Out and Drove

On Saturday I decided to get into my car
and drive.

I went north of where I live to near
Bremerton then headed West.
Bremerton is known for the
Naval Base and shipyard. It
is the city's larges employer.
A great place to visit if you
want to see Naval Ships.

My first stop going West
was at Twanoh State Park
a place our family visited
every summer at least once
if not twice. One year we
spent a week there with our
tent trailer.

Twanoh was closed for the
winter; however, they have
one gate open so people can
dig for clams. There were a
few people doing so.

So I continued on highway 3
going through Union where
there is a very nice hotel.
Many people book there
for weddings and reunions.
Right now not many people
there. Also, you can play
golf as well.

When highway 3 ended I
turned south to Shelton.
Originally I thought about
going north on highway 101
but I hadn't been to Shelton
in many years.

To be honest Shelton hasn't
changed much in these many
years. The only that was
obvious was fast food

At Shelton I decided to head
back going east this time.
There are several small towns
along the way. I didn't go back
to Bremerton but took another
road headed for home.

When I hit the road for home
it has been one that I have been
on in recent years. Probably the
last time was a couple years ago.

I look forward to my next trip
that way when I have some
interaction with others but it
was a good time to get away.

Saturday, March 21, 2020


The world changing right before our
eyes doing a reevaluation of our lives
is a good thing.

Most of us have a little time on our
hands it is a good idea to look at our
life purpose a little closer.

As you may know my mother passed
away 15 days ago. I have been busy
taking care of things in the home we
shared together. I was her full-time
caregiver for the last seven years.

I have had thoughts what I would do
when she left this world but it came
so quickly. Her health changed so
fast that she was gone in four days.

I knew her health had changed in
recent months but it was down to
those four days. Now she is in
peace though I miss her a lot.
I know she would want me to
move on to my next purpose
or the overall purpose for my
life but still doesn't help right

So it would be important to make
a list of what you plan to do when
the world gets back in order after
the coronavirus. I mentioned making
a plan a short while ago. If you did
make a plan it is a good idea look
back at it see what you have done
on the plan and look to make any
changes necessary.

Have yourself a good day and be
good to yourself. Amen!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Continue To Encourage

Earlier this week someone I enjoy
from my church called to let me
know how sorry he was over the
loss of my mother.

I asked him how things were going
with him and his family. He said
outside of his youngest being sick
with a cold everything was good.

He asked me how the whole thing
of encouraging others is going.
I told him with the whole social
distance going with the virus it
is a bit hard in that way.

I do still have the avenue here
to let people know that not all
things are lost. We must have
hope that we will make it through

When this virus is over whether
a couple weeks or months the
world is going to be different.
I know we will see each other
in a different way. We will
appreciate each other more.
At least that is what I am
hoping for.

It is so hard to know how
this finishes since we never
have had anything like this
in our lifetime.

The main thing I can say right
now is keep up your chin and
rely in the hope you have in
God. Speak to him on a regular
basis. Ask him for answers.
Appreciate everyone in a way
you have never before. Amen!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Getting Out

Today I got out for a walk. It was freedom
for me.

We all do have to watch what we are doing
in this season of life.

There was a few other people on the trail.
They were all young people with young

Though they shouldn't be affected it is
still important to take safety measures.

I am not happy about the virus because
of personal circumstances but it is
important to do the best we can to
keep our distance.

I find it interesting because in our
state we can go grocery shopping
where the limited of people isn't
part of the package at this point.

The stores though here have been
responsible where they are opening
hours early where seniors, pregnant
women and those with underlying
symptoms to shop for two hours
without any other customers. A
very good thing.

Encourage others to follow what
is happening though you may not
like it. I certainly know I don/t.

Do Some Travel

I know it is hard to travel to different
places right now especially outside
your country.

I recommend that you get into your
car and drive somewhere close to
where you live.

Most likely a lot of people are staying
home so you can relax right now by
doing so.

Going somewhere close that you
haven't been to in a while.

The restaurants are closed for
sitting however you can always
pick something up.

Find a park where you can sit
if it is possible to do so as well.

At home take out picture of
places you have been to as

Plan your next vacation when
the crisis is over.  Also, the
friends you have when it is
over as well.

We must find ways to cope
so we don't go crazy.

Blessings to you. Amen!

Life Must Go On

Right now most of our lives have changed
in one form or another no matter what
country we live in because of the

To be honest I am already tired of it.
I know that we all have to take measures
not to spread it; however, on television
they continue asking if we have questions
or giving us what we must do to solve it.

I am sure most of us already know though
there are those that are ignoring it. I
think for this to get over as fast as
possible everyone must do the best
they can do to be safe.

No one still really knows how serious
the coronavirus is though I think the
measures taken has gone a bit too far.

I understand those who have traveled
especially to areas where the virus has
hit hard to self-quarantine themselves.
I even understand to give each other
distance from one another.

Where I live they won't even let us
sit outside after buying a cup of
coffee or a sandwich even when
we are being responsible in keeping
the proper distance from one another.

Those that have been asked to self-
quarantined themselves it is for 14
days. I hope some of these measures
we have been asked to follow will
end as well. I guess we will find out
won't we.

Until next time do what you can do
to live as normal life as you can. I
guess they are calling it the new
normal. God bless you all.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hello There

I wasn't sure what to name this post. For others
to feel it is important to read the title should be
something for them to say yes.

It isn't ever easy to figure out a good title.
Probably why it is good to have an editor
that knows what they are doing especially
with the title. I don't have one of those.

Since everyone is told to isolate themselves
I figured to say hello. I am sure you can
have company even on line.

My mattress isn't helping out at all.
My back hurts when I get up. I feel
as though I am at least a hundred years
old. My back is starting to feel better
right now.

I enjoy sleeping on the couch since I
fall asleep really quickly. The problem
with the couch though is my neck hurts
when I wake up. It must be because it
is small space on the couch.

I do stretching for my back and neck.
I feel I must do it before I go to bed
now. It could help me out.

So right now the mattress purpose is
to hurt me. See I put purpose in.

I hope you are having a good day
whether you are staying at home
or not.

I plan to get coffee today with a
friend however we will be sitting
outside since no place you can't
sit right now. I can walk a lot if
I choose to.