Saturday, August 24, 2019

Making An Impact

God desires for us to make an impact on the world around us. The reason he created us and loves us at the same time.

We all have difficult times; however, sharing the story of our life can help others deal with their difficult times as well.

Not everyone is comfortable in sharing their story, but doing so can be an impact in a way we can’t imagine. How you share the story is up to you. There is more than one way to do so. Find out what it is in your way. Amen!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Wearing Shorts

I figure to get off the topic once in a while. I want to be sure you will have a good time here.

I get amazed some of the older men I know wear shorts almost all year long. I can understand doing so in the summer but when it is raining especially in late fall and winter makes me shake my head. I guess they enjoy wearing shorts all year long. They are like large women who wear inappropriate clothes. You could say they are not aware or care what other people think.

I don’t wear shorts often except around the house. I think though I have nice legs you would have to ask someone who has more expertise on the subject besides me.

Anyway I just wanted to mention this without offending anyone. The importance is to wear something that brings out your attractiveness. Until next time have a good weekend.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Interesting Summer

Here in Western Washington, we have had an interesting summer.  I am sure some would say what summer.

We have had some hot days along with normal or below temperatures. We have had sunny days along with cloudy and raining days.

Right now we are having a couple rainy days. I am sure we can use the rain but how helpful really be. Over the weekend the sun will return with temperatures in the mid to upper seventies. Next Wednesday and Thursday be up to the mid to upper eighties.

This reminds me of a sport’s team rooting for having its ups and downs. The team wins for a while then goes on a losing streak then back to winning again for a little while. Makes you wonder if it is a good team having some bad luck or a bad team having some good luck along the way. When the season is over you figure the team was mediocre. I guess this summer we could look at the weather the same way.

I hope everyone’s life though is more on the plus side right now. It is important to back encourage yourself well as those around you. Have a good time before the children and teachers go back to school.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Healthy Relationships

I have nothing against those having animals; however, I have known people love their pets more than other human beings.

I am sure they had issues growing up where they were rejected by classmates. They found being accepted by their dogs or cats. Not a good thing to have poor or no relationships with others. These people need to be loved and cared for just in the same way they feel from their pets.

I am sure there are more people with healthy relationships having pets too. I would call it the better of two worlds. For us to live in our life purpose we must have healthy relationships. Amen!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Relationship Continued

I am no expert on the subject, however, I do know relationships are important to all of us.

The number one thing I believe is we take our time in a relationship. This is especially true when we find someone who really likes us a lot. A good start is to be friends, in the beginning, to see where things lead. Otherwise, you may find the relationship isn’t long-lasting and was a mistake.

One thing for sure we don’t want to have heartache. Unless it is long-lasting the relationship will turn into a heartache for one of the couple if not for both and none of us want that for sure.

Taking our time in a relationship is especially true when we find the other person really likes us. I know I have been in a few relationships because the other person likes me. I found out I didn’t like them as much as they did me.

I have had friends tell me about someone who likes me or they think we would be a good couple. In most of those times, I haven’t had any interest in them at all. I had learned just because they liked me I didn’t like them in the same way. I thought they were nice people but I didn’t find them to be attractive to me.

I don’t think we have to be picky when it comes to a relationship, however, we do need to find the other person to be attractive to us. What we find attractive in the other person doesn’t have to be all about their looks it can be in other ways as well but this is an important factor though.

Anyway, this is some free advice to you even though I am not an expert at all. Have a great day and may you be blessed in your relationships in whatever manner they are. Remember some relationships can be just as friends though you have to be careful if that is all it is meant to be. Amen!

Monday, August 19, 2019


When it comes to our purpose relationships is one of the most important parts.

First of all our relationship with God is at the top of the list. Next would be our relationships with our spouse, children, parents, friends, and others.

God desires to have a relationship with us in the same way our spouse does, however, at a higher level. How we relate with God and our spouse tells us how we will relate with others as well.

Our relationships are what drive our purpose. Without having anyone to relate we have no real purpose. So make sure your relationships get better every day especially with God. Amen!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Going Forward

We have four months remaining in the year.

What do you want to finish you started at the beginning of year?

Is there something you would like to begin now you can finish at the end of the year?

Do you have goals you wanted to accomplish for the year and how are they going?

Do you have plans you began a few years ago and you are continuing to complete the next stage?

Are there people you want to mentor or someone to be mentored by before this year is over?

Do you have plans for next year you want to goals for or begin to implement right now?

These are good things to think about for the next four months. Best to you as you do all things in your life.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Meant To Be

We are meant to be a lot. What amount of success you have accomplished you have only scratched the service.

We are not meant to fail. The reason the three main gifts given to us is hope, love, and faith with love being the greatest.

Tell yourself every day I am a success. Today I am loved. I have hope and faith in myself.

Enjoy your weekend. May what you hope for come true. May love be the center of your life. May you have faith in what you don’t see right now. Amen!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Cares Of The World

My home meeting on Wednesday evening we discussed our life purpose and the influence we should have.

We realized and talked over the reason many of us don’t live out our purpose in the way we should is because of the cares of the world.

The cares of the world can be politics, news, worries, and everything else taking priority over our purpose.  It is important we have our eyes on the things that should matter in our lives.  Beyond the issues, we can be so busy not to enjoy what we should find enjoyable.

So let’s take the focus off the things we are troubled about and focus on what will make life good. Amen!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Life Is Interesting

Off and on for several years, I have thought about this older man what he has been up to or whether he is still alive. Not expecting anything different last night I went to my home group, and I saw a couple who I hadn’t seen before.

When we came to introductions I found out the man was the guy I had wondered about off and on. I didn’t let him know I had thought about him for many years, however, I was glad he was still around.

A couple reasons I didn’t recognize him and his wife it had been quite some time so he was much older and the last time I saw him he had a different wife.  I knew he was divorced because I see his ex-wife at church but I didn’t want to pry into her life by asking where he was or if he still were alive. I certainly know now so I can relax and to know him again. By the way, he doesn’t really remember me either which is OK.  It may take time for him to do so.

So this is my story for finding life interesting on occasions. I am sure everyone has gone through similar situations before. Enjoy your day and many blessings to you. Amen!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Heating Up

The weather is heating up for the next couple weeks as summer is coming to a close in five weeks though the children will go back to school in the next two or three weeks.

As usual, summer seems to go by so fast. This year the temperatures have been going up and down here in Western Washington along with an occasion time of rain. I don’t mind at all though the sun is always welcome.

This all comes to our lives where we should have a positive attitude regardless of the weather and the time of year it is.  As we know not an easy task at all.

We may look and act like we are happy and joyful on the outside but not necessarily on the inside. It all leads to where our relationship is with God and others.  We encourage others with our gifts and talents or keep them to ourselves.

Circumstances happen where it feels impossible to share our lives with others but it is an important thing to do. May your life increase while you decrease. This means you serve others above yourself. Amen!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What Is Important?

I figure the most important things we should make a list of.  They should be recorded not for our benefit but for the history of it.

My dad didn’t make lists very often so when he did you knew it was important. He kept most things in his mind. He was a sharp guy for sure.  I try to do the same thing but I am not sure I have the same success rate.

I remember as a kid a slogan I saw on ads often. They said, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste”.  It was put on by The Negro College Fund. Of course, they were trying to raise money to send black young people to college. It was catchy because I still remember it.

Yesterday I decided to do a search for it. I found the slogan came out of the Bible. They referenced Romans 8:5-8 which speaks of living according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires, but those who live in accordance with the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.  It makes me not want to waste my mind on unimportant things.

This is really something to think about. Go ahead write and put down on paper what is important. Amen!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Not An Ordinary Summer Weekend

Here in Western Washington most would not call it a summer day. We sometimes have these types of days in August though.

Late Friday night we had thunderstorms with a heavy downpour of rain. It lasted until Saturday morning around 7 am. We needed the rain and having it at night isn’t a bad thing.

Though we didn’t have any more rain after Saturday morning it was cloudy most of the weekend. The temperatures did reach the low 70s some would not call it summer.  Several times I felt hot, however, it was because of humidity which we don’t get a lot of either.

Though it wasn’t the normal summer weekend I was fine with it. I did miss seeing the sun. This made me realize regardless of the weather or other circumstances we should and can live extraordinary lives. This is what our purpose is all about. We were created not to live as ordinary people but extraordinary.  Often circumstances get it in the way of what our lives are intended to be. The importance is to take one step at a time and enjoy the ride of being extraordinary.