Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Overcoming Odds

These days living a life of purpose is overcoming
odds. It is easy to be distracted by outside forces.

We are living in a world where life is so busy that
we can be distracted by other things that do not
apply to our life purpose. It isn't as those things
can be important or fun or exciting but they are
not what we were created for.

It is okay to spend time in other things outside
your life purpose but don't let them become
a major force instead. These days the media
has become a major area in which people spend
a lot of time and energy in. Personally I stay 
away from television media as much as I can.

In recent times I don't spend as much time in
social media either.  I primarily look at social
media I feel is part of my life purpose. Most
is in the area of travel. This gives me ideas 
where to go in the future and to know those
who are traveling at this time as well.

I am not saying to stay away from any form
of media because it is important to be informed
but not let it consume you. The media these
days can make it easy to do so. Amen!

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Summer Excitement

Having last summer off where many of us
had to stay at home people are now excited
things are opening up in many places.

Some will travel internationally while 
others will see family they may not have
seen for some time.

We all the option or freedom to take
the vaccine or not. The problem though
you likely won't be able to travel out
side the USA or tested and quarantined
before being able to enjoy the travel.

I hope to see my sister and brother along
with family in August. The thought right
now is to go to my sister's; this depends
on going in and out of Canada. 

Now we can get back to as much normal
as we can. I hope you have been able to
do as much of your life purpose as possible
despite the pandemic. Enjoy your summer
and do the best you can. Amen!

Monday, June 21, 2021

Summer and All

It is hard to believe it is summer already.
Like we know time flies when your having
fun or getting older! lol

Hard to believe the year is almost half
over as well. The question is where does
the time go.

We are expecting here on Monday the
temperature to reach 91 degrees. Hard 
to believe until a few years ago we 
never had the temperatures get into 
the nineties at all.

I would prefer 81 degrees myself if
not 71 degrees. I am glad the sun is
out though I have to be careful too.
I try to find the shade after a bit

I hope  you all have a great summer
day unless you live where winter
just began and best for it as well.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Circle of Friends

We all have friends whether close
or not. I call them circle of friends.
They can be family as well. In fact
some friends are closer than family.

Whether it is Sunday or Monday
thru Saturday we should take the
time whether short or long to pray
for them. Let God lead their lives
and be close to them along with
keeping them in good health. Amen!

Saturday, June 19, 2021

It Does Take Determination

I am looking to change my diet and
lose some weight. I know it will take
some time, however, it will work in
the long run.

I took salt out of my diet for the most
part several years ago so I know this
is possible as well as long as I have
determination and have sense at the
same time.

Friday we had our family zoom meeting
and we could see my sister lost a lot of
weight from getting sick along with
having to go through surgery.  She is
determined to keep the weight off. Of
course, to do so she has to change her
diet as well. 

I am sure we can all do things we do
not realize we can as long as we have
determination and the will to do it.

Whatever you want to change in your
life I wish the best for you. I will pray
for you and ask you to do the same
for me. Amen!

Friday, June 18, 2021

What Day Is This?

We all know this Friday unless you 
live where the time is 24 hours ahead
of me. What I am mentioning is 
everyday seems to be a day that
is made up. I am not sure what today 
is and usually don't find out until later.

Often I will find out the next day 
when someone posts something like 
it is twins day or funny grandmother 
day something like that.

I figure if I did find out early enough
in the day and I fit into the category 
it would be a good way to use my 
life purpose. So  whatever today is 
or you make one up use for your life 
purpose. What do you think?

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Change of Weather

I am sure not many will complain
about the change of weather. We
were expecting rain for the next
few days; however, has changed
to no rain with temperatures in the
seventies and eighties.

There will be days with clouds but
as I say anytime we see the sun it
is a good day.

Our lives anytime we hear about
good news makes it great. This is
especially true when our health 

Many blessings to you and great
health. May today be a joy. Amen!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Lifestyle Changes

On Tuesday I had a in home visit nurse
from my health insurance company. I
had a physical and mental examination.
It went well though like many I will
have to take make lifestyle changes.

Making lifestyle changes will not be
easy task as those who have gone 
through it know. One thing for sure
God wants us to be in good health
physically and mentally to help his
kingdom come and live our life of

As far as physical I will have to 
change my eating habits to go along
with exercise. My eating habits will
come down to not eating as often
well as the right foods. 

Mentally I feel in good shape however
important to continue that way by 
fighting the good fight. I will spend 
more time meditating and in prayer.
Reading scriptures to lift me up.
To know who I am in Christ. Amen!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Thoughts of the day

 We were created for a purpose

To worship and honor God most of all

Our purpose is unique to us

No one else has the same purpose

We can choose to do our purpose or not

We will likely not be happy if we choose
not too.

Our purpose is bigger than we know

Act on it today in whatever manner you know

Monday, June 14, 2021

Looking Toward This Week

Here we are its Monday so what are
we looking forward to this week. We
should take each day at a time. Life
is too short to look forward.

We should begin Monday by loving one
another. Jesus Christ said his Kingdom
will come by forgiveness and love. 

None of us does it right we are not
perfect by any means. If you are 
perfect then you have the right to
throw the first stone but we are not.

People will think highly of you if
what you do is showing love and
not judgment.  Ok they may sin
in a fashion you don't believe in.
So what again life is too short.
You don't have to agree in their
lifestyle but love anyway. Amen!

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Summer Coming Soon

Like you hear in some of the old
movies "read all about it summer
is coming soon".

Not exactly however I am sure 
you understand what I am saying.
Summer is arriving in just over a
week. Here in Western Washington
we are expecting a good rainfall
going into summer. Most likely
we will have some rain into the
end of June and early July. 

The temperatures will be summer
like but still rain will come. We
expecting Sunday to get a lot of
rain. Our rainfall already is more
than what we had in April or May
for June. We are right about half
the rain we get for the year so we
should be about the average this
year too. 

I know many here are looking 
forward to everything opening 
up once again. Here in Washington
everything is expected to open
except gatherings over ten thousand
indoors are expected to wear masks
and social distance. 

Though most people will look 
forward to taking off their masks
for most occasions I am sure we
will still see some still going around
wearing their masks. Those with
health risks I understand the rest
I shake my head. The most important
thing though we are able to make
the choice ourselves which is a 
good thing and should have been
done some time ago. Amen!

Saturday, June 12, 2021

When You Struggle

When you struggle my advice is stop
take a deep breath then move on. Do
so as many times as you can.

Struggle usually happens when you
are playing a sport or hiking. There
are other times we can struggle too.

This is my advice for today. We all
have to overcome things on occasion.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Being Private

This morning I woke up having a dream
where someone was nagging me about
a friend and where they live. I told them
that it is not my business to give out this

The truth is some people are more private
about their lives then others. Some don't
want to give out their information at all.
We should respect people when they tell
us they are private.

When you pray or counsel or even just
talk with something they need to know
what they tell you others won't know
be told to others. We have to be  in total
confidence. I know none of us want to
have private business spread around that
is for sure. In other words let's respect
one another.