Thursday, May 28, 2020

LIfe Purpose: Places Opening Up

Here in Washington State the governor has deccided
Churches are going to be able to get back to services
real soon.

In the beginning, the plan is to have no more than
one hundred people at a service  taking place outside.
Inside services would be no more than fifty people.

The church services would need to be social distancing
at the same time. Pews or chairs would have to be
at least six feet apart. Everyone would have to wear
a mask.

A good way to have things start to get back to becoming
normal anyway.

This will allow us to have relationship back as well in
person than on line or over the phone.

This means we can begin to get back to living a life
of purpose as well. It isn't like we haven't but it has
been a struggle to do so. 

Though the church isn't the building it is nice to have
the church meet together no matter where.

God bless you and may God's face shine upon you.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

What I Do Know

I understand what  I know. What I don't
know I don't grasp at all.

I can seek out what I don't know if I
desire to know.

I ask for wisdom for such things.

I do know I was created for a purpose.
I do know some things in that regard
while other I may not.

Time will tell me what is true about
my life purpose.

My gifts, talents along with my personality
I know is part of the plan. I do know to
I am here to encourage others. Even those
who may not want to know from me.

I do get discouraged at time but it should
never slow me down. I battle against
loneliness on a daily basis, however, it
makes me want to have my hearts
desire even more so.

I hope this helps others to who struggle
each day to be the person they want to

I salute the least of these because they
have no other place to go than up. God
says the greatest of these is the least and
the last will be first. Something I am
counting on when I arrive at heavens' door.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Life Purpose: the battle

Monday we celebrated Memorial Day in the
USA. To remember those who fought for the
freedoms we have.

Though the military is there to keep our
freedom there is a battle within us too.
My pastor says there are two realms the
physical one we live in every day and the
spiritual one.

The spiritual realm is where the battle happens.
We may feel it in the physical but takes place
in the spiritual.

When  we feel depressed or lonely means
we are involved in a spiritual battle. There
are other areas in our lives we should battle
against as well. If there are areas you have
struggled in for years means it is a spiritual

I am not going into depth here since it is
a big subject along something not to take

In Christian circles the battle is called
spiritual warfare. There are books on
spiritual warfare. Also, there are blogs
on it as well. Just do a search on spiritual

You have friends who are mature Christians
then talk with them. Our lives can change
dramatically on fighting the spiritual battle.

Monday, May 25, 2020

How to Live a Life of Purpose

I am sure everyone has some idea what it means
to live a life of purpose. I give my ideas from God
who gave us a purpose to live.

God created each one of us a purpose. I did a search
on life purpose. There are several books written on
life purpose.

I know there are those that agree with me that life
purpose begins with God's original design. How
he created us to be. If we are not meeting our
original deign it is likely Satan has side tracked
us from doing so. He has put self doubt in our
minds as well.

I am sure I will tell you over and over again that
life purpose has to do with the gifts and talents
God has given each of us as well as the original

A good way is to ask close friends about your
original design. Those who you trust well.
They will be honest with you. Also, you can
ask God directly. He will have the answer for

Until next time have a good and blessed time.

Memorial Day

Here in USA we celebrate the last Monday of
May as Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is where we honor those who
have fought for our country allowing us to
stay free.

For many years we have honored those who
fought in World War One and Two. Most
of those who fought in World War Two
are no longer with us. There are still a few.

Next will be to honor those who fought in
the Korean War and the Vietnam War.
The Vietnam War was not a popular war
in the USA at the time. Many were shamed
at their return. Now is the time to honor
them though it was a war we shouldn't
have been in.

We honor those who are serving in our
military today continue to keep us safe.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

USA Opening Up

Much of the USA is beginning to open
things up back to normal life or close
to it despite there are those still having
the corona virus.

What they call social distancing will
still be in effect and many places asking
people to wear masks.

I wear a mask when I go into a grocery
store, pharmacy, or coffee shop. When
I go walking I don't unless I am in an
area where there are a group of people
which isn't happening very often where
I walk.

In Washington state where I live there
is still stay at home orders until the end
of May. We will have to see if the order
continues into June.

We do have ten counties where things
have opened up to some degree for
instance going to a hair salon or
barber shop.

Also, allowing more businesses to
open up including restaurants where
people can sit down for a meal instead
of just take out. There are protocols
businesses have to follow before
opening up.

We will have to see whether this
works or have to shut places down
once again. Amen!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Success Breeds Success

Often one of the children follows the same
professional path as one of their parents or
works in the family business.

Sometimes the children have more success
then the parents or not. It might have to do
with the climate of whether the nation is
doing well or not.

Parents can pass on what they have learned
to the children or the children has more
gifts or talents than the parents. The
children might not have the same gifts
or talents as the parents so might not
do as well financially. They might not  feel
success at all.

Just because you don't have the same gifts
or talents of your parents doesn't mean you
can't be successful yourself. Those who might
go into the family business find to struggle
financially in a way their parents did finding
employees with talents and gifts they may
not have is a good idea.

Whatever your parents have or don't have
do not compare yourself with them. Your
success along with purpose might look different.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Weird Dreams

Although this is about life purpose it is
somewhat of a diary or journal for that

Usually I don't remember dreams unless
they are weird. I am not sure why it
works out this way.

Maybe there is a purpose why I don't
remember dreams for the most part.
Some people do remember dreams
on a regular basis.

Last night I had a dream where I along
with a couple others were caring lead
pipe along the interstate highway.

I am not sure what the significance
is about the lead pipe or the highway.
I do sure hope I will remember dreams
in the future more often  being good
instead of weird.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Right Or Wrong

These days I find it hard to know what
is right or wrong. In another matter of
speaking who is right and who is wrong.

All I know there doesn't seem like a lot
of mercy or encouragement going on.

Many people just want to slam each other
while others say go by your conscience.
To me it sounds like you follow the way
you go while I go the way I feel.

I just leave it at this right now. Since I am
not sure about people these days.

I want to remind you to continue your
purpose. Also, let your yes be yes and
your no be no. 

Enjoy your day. I check with you 
next time. Blessings you are a
special person. Amen!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

my first video here

Hello everyone I started my first video on my blog here. I hope to do some
future ones as well. So you can hear me. I wouldn't say it is great since it is
my first one. Let me know of any future ones whether you like them or not.
I think hearing can be as good as reading.

Being Happy Right Now

In these times we are living it isn't an
easy task to be happy.

It is a choice we should make everyday
to be happy. 

Happiness is not something that comes
naturally to everyone. 

We can be someone who uses humor
on a regular basis, however, it doesn't
automatically make us happy.

Since many of us are spending more
time at home then we are used to right
now choose to be happy.

Yes this is really the answer being
happy is a choice. Do it today.

By the way, happiness comes in
many flavors. What makes me
happy can be different then what
makes you happy. 

Oh yes, God wants us to be happy.

The happiness does come him as well,
however, we still have to decide to do
so. Good day to you as you discover

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Held In Place

Right now life feels held in place.
The media has called us living
a new normal.

I am sure most people say the
new normal sucks.

It is understandable many are
wanting to get back to the
old normal.

It is frustrating whether you
want to stay at home all the
time or go back to the way
it was.

It is important to talk to your
friends whether it is on line
or over the phone.

Whatever you do keep your
attitude in hope and faith.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Mercy Triumphants Over Judgement

These days people feel so often they are
being judged even though for the most
part they are not.

When you are doing something wrong
and someone calls you out on it doesn't
mean judgement. In fact, they are doing
so because they love you.

At least this is the case for those who
are close to you.

Everyone has faults so the best thing
is to show mercy to someone has done
wrong whether to you or not.

Mercy is a characteristic of living
your life of purpose. People will
see how genuine you are when
you show mercy. A good reason
mercy triumphants over judgement.