Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Recognized For Our Accomplishments

We all know about award shows among places where people are recognized for their accomplishments. It is a good thing for those who would not be recognized otherwise.

My sister Barb retired at the end of 2018. She not only did a job faithfully for like 30 years but so with little fanfare. The last couple of years or so she was given the title of mentor to help others doing the same job at the law firm she worked at.

Barb never cared much about being recognized for the job she did faithfully for so many years, however, her co-workers did so.  At the law firm’s Christmas Party they named her employee of the year for her faithfulness and contributions. They also surprised her by calling a board meeting which she was invited to for a surprise retirement party.  I would likely never have known except one of her co-workers posted on Facebook.

When it comes down to it there are millions every day who do things that will never be recognized; this is OK as well. I want to thank them for the things they do and the purpose for which they were created to do.

Before writing this I realized everything around us has a story. There was someone who invented the materials that make up the building I live in and those who put this building together. I have the computer I am writing on right now then there is the bed I sleep and the lights that are on. This doesn’t count the television I watch or the food that I eat.

There are again millions of people behind all these stories that are being told each day. Most of them we don’t know their name at all. Thank you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Believe in Me

I am not here to promote myself however it is important to believe in me.  This is my encouragement today is for you to believe in yourself.

Believing in you is the first step in accomplishing your purpose. Others will believe in you because of you do believe in yourself.

Believing in yourself or another way to say having confidence in your purpose will direct others your way.  They will see what you have and want to get some of it.

So if you are accomplishing a lot in your purpose already this does mean that you believe in yourself and your purpose. It doesn’t mean though you won’t have opposition because you will. There can be those who won’t believe in you or your purpose and you have to be OK with it as well. So keep marching on in your purpose Amen!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Brothers and Sisters

                                                      My brother Jack and sister Barb

This week my brother Jack will be visiting from the east coast. We only see each other once or twice a year although we talk on the phone on a regular basis. Being blood brothers we will always have a connection.

If you are a Christian we are brothers and sisters in our connection with Christ. Those who are friends often have a connection as well. I know those I grew up with though I may only see them once in a while there is a connection too.

So we should consider each other here as brothers and sisters because we believe that we have a purpose in life which even began before we were born. We may come from different countries and cultures, we don’t look anything alike however we are still brothers and sisters. 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

How Life Plays Out

In many ways, life is like playing a sport. We know getting off to a slow start in a game isn’t the end of it often though it can be depending on how far ahead the other team gets.

The sad thing we don’t all get the same tools; just like in sports the other team has more talent. Getting off to a slow start doesn’t mean we can’t come back and win. Unfortunately, some have a short life span because they had really bad tools that couldn’t be developed while others had to overcome them.

I am a person who had a bad start however in the second quarter I was able to overcome that bad start. Now I am in the fourth quarter and what I do with it can determine how the life ends.

There are those who started out well but poor decisions and management along with turnovers didn’t up well. Also, there are those who started out well and made a lot of their lives. They are recorded in the history books how they affected the world but tragedy ended their lives short however they accomplished more in their short life than many of us who live a long time.

The question too is do we have anyone who can assist us where we can finish the game of life in a good way. We can assist others to so they can finish well. So wherever you are in the sport of life make sure to make it a good finish.   

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Like A Child

I wonder what happens to us when we get older. We do mature in some ways but we lack faith often along with not compromising. This is especially true when it comes to politics.

Currently here in the USA, there is a government shutdown because of a Wall that President Trump wants to build to keep people out of Mexico and those who find their ways through Mexico. I am not sure we need a wall or not however this whole thing is hurting those working for the government not being paid. It is time for a compromise far as I am concerned. The politicians are hurting those who help run the government and those having important jobs within the government. They are acting in what we would call childish ways. So time to get together to accept a wall or not; if there isn’t a solution right now at least pass bills where government employees get paid.

This comes back to where Jesus Christ said the only way to heaven you must come like a child. He knew children have the faith. They don’t always act kindly because most of us have had experiences as children getting hurt by other children; however, they are willing at times to ask forgiveness when told they are wrong. So grow up those in charge of the government.  

Friday, January 18, 2019

It Takes Faith

When we hear bad news it takes faith for us to get through it. We won’t know what our measure of faith is until we do hear bad news.

I believe children have the strongest faith when they hear about bad news especially if it has to do with their lives. This is especially true when it comes to health. I have known people who have died from an illness with great faith. It is amazing along with being beautiful.

Let faith be strong in us on a daily basis regardless of what is going on in our lives. Be ready to comfort others when bad news comes. Amen!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Having Respect

Whether we agree or not I feel it is important to respect one another. I know it wouldn’t always happen because we aren’t in a perfect world however doing so makes things a lot easier.

I was around a friend who publicly disagreed with me so for a little while it felt uncomfortable being around them however they ended apologizing to me publicly as well. I didn’t have ill will against the person just being uncomfortable. Everything with the person is really good now.

I believe we all need one another; losing a friend because there is something we don’t agree on is sad news. We may never change each other’s opinion but we can still respect each other.

So if you had a friend that you don’t consider one right now go to them and make things right. It doesn’t mean you agree with one another but you respect one another. Amen!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


A very good way to use your purpose is to volunteer. There are plenty of organizations that can use the help. Also, a good way to find out what gifts and talents you may have that you haven’t tried using before.

At my church, there is always a need to have ushers. Of course, it doesn’t take a lot of talent just a willing heart.  Another area is greater which I just started to do. This area does take a little extra talent and gifting where you enjoy being around people. Actually having a gift of service helps too.

I ask to join the greeters because I thought there was a need for someone to say goodbye when people leave well as entering especially newcomers. The purpose is to show them that people care you came well as showing you where to go when you arrived.

So a good way to volunteer is not only to find an organization but to find a need that may have no one filling. Our purpose in life could be plugging a hole where no one has tried before. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Speaking Positive

The best thing for us to do is to speak positively to anyone we see. There is so much negative talk we hear or read on social networking.

You are a very special person no matter what anyone else says about you. The point is you were created for many exploits in the world. No matter how you feel about yourself let you know that you're a mighty warrior. Take your arms into battle to complete what you were meant to do. Amen!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Words to Live By

The scripture above says it all when it comes to us encouraging one another. There is nothing better to do in a day.

Life is short so important to do the best that we can. Often we remember words that bring discouragement than encouragement. The more we can hear words of encouragement the more we can have life of joy. I feel it is better to remember a lot of good words instead of the bad. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Faithful Friend

One of the best things about having a life of purpose is we can end up having faithful friends. There is nothing better in my mind than having a friend or a few for that matter we are close to for much of our lives.

These faithful friends feel as much family as our siblings if not more so because we spend much time with them. There can be others we don’t spend as much time with but have known for a long time as well who are special to us.

I know those I have known since I started school though not seeing very often when I do see them it is very special. We need to feel grateful for those who we spend time with on a regular basis and those we see now and then.

We know when troubles come into our lives these friends will have our backs and be there for us. Amen!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Kindness To Others

Whether we have good relationships with people it is important to give kindness to others. I know realistically we won’t be treated well by everyone however we should show kindness to them as well.

Showing kindness to others even when they don’t deserve it we can hope will rub off on them. I at least try to put a smile on my face to those I know are not friendly to me. Just because someone isn’t friendly to us doesn’t mean we can’t be friendly to them. The odds I feel can become better over time when we can treat with kindness. Of course, it will not work for everyone but we will feel at least a lot better.

Regardless of our purpose in life showing kindness to others should be part of it. I find it interesting when watching people to see how they act. I know too that not everyone is going to show kindness back to me however I have learned over the year it is OK as well.

This really means we have to show others we can be the better person no matter the situation we are in at the time. Not an easy task because some days can be awful and in those days we have to find a way to rise up in the occasion. We most likely will be frustrated or angry at those times. All we can do though is to do our very best. Amen!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Driving Out The Enemy

In the Old Testament Israel was commanded to drive out the enemy and take possession of the land that God was giving them.

Though our country might be at war with another we may not be involved it in personally unless we are in the military we do have areas in our lives we are in war.

We are spiritual beings whether you believe that or not. We have areas in our lives that keep us from totally do the purposes we are called to do.
So we are at war to get rid of those areas we haven’t concord yet. In some degree since we are not perfect, we will have to deal in those areas the rest of our lives. We could have some things we have victory over already. We won’t have total peace and joy until those things are taken care of.

My encouragement is for us to keep battling no matter how hard it may seem to get a victory. Our purpose to help others get through victories in the areas we have the gifts and talents in. Amen!