Monday, February 28, 2022

Good to hear

I have  mentioned  before  and
probably will  many more times 
I enjoy  hearing about people's 

When in it comes to our purpose 
we have three area our job or 
profession, family, friends and 

In our job we should  enjoy our
talents that  take place for purpose.

Family we have a strong  purpose 
whether we are parents or  with
our siblings.  We all have a place
in family. Often we get our hobbies 
and our likes from our parents. 

Friends and others we can take our
talents in our job or family to help

Circumstances like our health can 
hurt or postpone our purpose.  The
key is to do our purpose regardless 
of the circumstances.

May you  have a good week and
stay safe.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Thank You February

Here in Western Washington the
weather  was kind for the most
part  in Western Washington.
We have had some cold weather 
for the last week.  Expecting to 
warm up  in the beginning of March.

The sad news to end the month is
what is going on in Ukraine with
big brother Russia  invading. What
is happening with Russia we know
things are back to  normal when
known as the Soviet Union. Makes
us wonder whether things changed 
at all.

This is all I will  talk about  it for the 
time being. If you have any 
thoughts please write in the comments.
This is especially true for those in
Eastern Europe. 

One thing for sure please pray for the
people of Ukraine. Also, do so for the 
Russian people  as well. Amen!

Saturday, February 26, 2022


Welcome to  Saturday. This might
be one of the last Saturday's of  
winter  depending where you are

In our family zoom meeting Friday 
afternoon  my sister said it was 
snowing  all afternoon  at her place 
in Quebec. 

Here in my town in Western Washington 
we had sun with cold temperatures below 
freezing in the  morning.  In the afternoon 
in the mid 40s Fahrenheit. 

It should warm up  some over the next 
few days along with  rain. February has
been mild for most of the mild. Here
you never know. A couple  years ago 
we had a good snow storm.  The only
one of the winter.

Many blessings to you  this weekend. ❤

Friday, February 25, 2022

Destiny Day

I believe  everyday  can be a destiny
day, however,  there are days that
turn out this way than others.

I know most people  remember the 
day they met their spouse or best
friend. That day was  destiny for

On Thursday I  had one of those 
days of destiny though  not for
spouse or  best friend. 

I decided to go to grocery store  
right by where I  have physical 
therapy. It  really wasn't  my plan 
initially. Anyway,  I  was looking 
at yogurt at the time when I  heard
a  voice saying my name.

It turned out be a woman I  knew
from high school. We are friends 
on social media but only the second 
time we have seen each other since 
high school.

We both know what each other has
gone through in regards to our health. 
We updated how things were going 
right now. She mentioned where she
saw me at the health club a few days 
ago but didn't  have the time to say
hello. She said  that  she is at the
health club  on Mondays, however,
still  figuring  out what other days
during the week.  I  do go on Mondays 
so likely see her. I certainly will look 
out for  her.

This I would call  destiny for sure. Keep in mind today might be destiny day. 

Thursday, February 24, 2022

The World Changing

As we know  covid-19 has changed 
the world the last two  years.

If you haven't  heard yet Russia 
attacked  Ukraine Thursday morning. 

If your Russian don't  believe your 
leader at all.  A bad time if there is 
any good  time to do so.

I hope  my country USA will  put on
high sanctions on Russia.  Whether 
it will work  or not we will  see. 

The people of Ukraine we are  behind 
you and our prayers are with you as well.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Purpose Today

Having  a  purpose  can start today. 
This can be whatever  even having
a purpose  yesterday. 

This could  sound funny but today's 
can be different  than yesterday. 
Though the  purpose  could be the 
using  your talents  can be different. 

We have several  talents and gifts.
Some maybe used on occasion. For 
example,  wisdom  might be  used
on occasion  though you  should be
ready  anytime. 

I  believe  encouragement can be a gift
at the same time  we can encourage 
others anytime  as well.  Ask God to 
encourage  someone  today! Amen!  ❤❤

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

A Cold Front

At least for a few days  it is going 
to  feel  like  winter.

Since we had cold weather  and
snow right after  Christmas the
temperatures have been above

Tuesday  through  Friday  the
temperatures  be around and 
below freezing.  No snow 
expected though. Could happen 
north of Seattle  though.

Over the weekend it will warm up
and we will have rain. We do have
snow in February  but this year I 
guess not unless we are surprised.

Have to go to the mountains like 
I did last Friday.  Peace be with you.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Attain Purpose

A beginning  of another week . What
would you  like  to  attain to?

Do you have a project at work or
at home that you want complete. 
Is there something  totally different 
that you want  to attain to. Something 
for all of us to think about.

We all have a purpose in life that goes
beyond  us. We can fulfill  it if we desire 
to. It is  all up to  us. 

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Lead to commitment

A relationship  should  start as friends
then lead to love then commitment 
followed  up  marriage.

Commitment to  marriage  likely  the
hardest  of all. Of course,  it could be
love to  commitment though.

I am sure we have heard stories about 
couples  who have been  together for
sometime without committing.

I  have to  say  comes down to each
relationship.  Since commitment and
marriage is so important it can take
some time. 

With divorce rate so high shows to me
that there is more  to  a relationship then
love. The couple  needs to  know in their
hearts commitment  is for a lifetime.

You been married  a long time then you
should  speak to  those who are looking 
to commit and be married. They need to 
know the struggles  going along with love. ❤❤❤

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Trip To Paradise

It may not be what you 
think, however, on Friday
I drove to Mt. Rainier the
local mountain I can see
most everyday.

It takes about two hours
to get there. The place to 
land on the mountain is
called "Paradise".

Friday was the day to go
because Saturday and
Sunday expecting a lot 
of new snow. I spoke to
a gentleman who is on the
ski patrol . He said the
mountain likely be closed
because of too much snow.
Have to depend the timing
for sure. 

Here is a few photos I took.
     most everyone were snow shoeing

.   Peaks looking the other direction
    of the mountain. Looking East.

         Creek on my way back down 

Friday, February 18, 2022

Plan Adventure

As covid-19 seems to  be  drawing to
the end though we do not know for sure. 
Most people  figured it would be over
a long time  ago. No one had the idea
Covid-19 would last this long.

There is a good possibility Covid-19 
will be around for a while longer just
not so severe;  much like the flu.

This means we should plan adventure 
trips whether locally, nationally or
international. Whether the plan is for
spring,  summer or fall we each have
to decide. 

Most likely we will have to be vaccinated
to take  trips nationally or internationally 
unless restrictions are lifted. 

King County in Washington state where
Seattle is located going to  lift where
businesses no longer have to ask 
customers to show their vaccination 
card unless  they still desire to on March 1.

As long as Covid-19 continues to  decrease
Washington Governor Inslee announced in
late March masks will no longer be weared
in gyms, and grocery stores along with
other business establishments. Large events
like sports with still be asked to wear masks.

There has been  other states that have already 
stopped  the need of wearing  masks.

This means we should be able to travel. Not 
only to see places we have wanted to for a 
while  but family  as well. We can meet new
people and share the  gifts and talents God 
has given us.  😊😊

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Diet and Exercise

I have to say I am enjoying my diet
and exercising. It has become my
lifestyle to say it better.

Currently I am going to health club
three days a week while going to
physical therapy twice a week.
Every day I go for a walk as well.

My diet is eating fish, fruit and 
vegetables. Some bread with
high fiber as well. On occasion
I will have chicken as well.

I am thankful that I am able to
eat. I know many people are 
starving around the world so
being able to eat regularly is
a good thing. Amen!

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

A Relationship Begins

I wouldn't say a romantic or serious
relationship should start with friendship, 
however, it should be part of the package.

Young people who become boy and girlfriend
likely were friends first or new each other at 
some degree which is a good thing.

Those who are older or into a new relationship 
should have friendship so during the tough 
times they make it through.

All other relationships friendship will be part 
of the equation. If you are looking for a mentor
a good idea you tell them if you consider them 
a mentor.

Best to you in whatever relationship you are in 
or want to be in. 🙂🙂

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

An Odd One

Waking up this  morning  I remember 
having a dream. Like most I remember 
it was an odd one. 

I had the sense I was in a Chevy Chase
movie. I  never saw him, however, other
characters. I  thought  these people look
really  familiar.

I ask one if I  could  meet Chevy Chase,
they laughed and moved on. I realized 
then I was part of  the  movie.

I am  sure  there was a meaning to the
dream but whether  I  will ever know I 
will have to  see.  😅😅

Monday, February 14, 2022

Love Story

Happy  Valentine's  Day  everyone 💗 

I know it is a special  day  for many 
while some have thoughts of their 
loved ones in their  hearts who are
no longer with  them. 

A special day  to  for those experiencing
love for the  first time  or with someone 

May love reign in your heart  daily for
those close to you. Amen! 

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Good Day

Saturday  was a good weekend  day with 
the sun out and feeling like spring. 

I saw kayakers out on the Harbor as well 
as other walkers, runners, and bikers.
I am sure  plenty of  people  at the beach
and mountains. 

Sunday we are having  fog, clouds and
occasional sun. The temperature is
expected to  be a little  warmer than
Saturday so a great weekend to 😉  enjoy.

Saturday, February 12, 2022


Waking  up  in  morning starts new day 
with mystery. 

We have no idea how the day will go 
no matter  the plans.

It is what makes each day interesting 
to say the least. 

E joy your day and may the mystery 
be good.  😊😊

Friday, February 11, 2022

Now About Two Years

It is amazing to think we are into the
pandemic for two years. It is tough not
to see others especially family even if
you are someone who isn't a social
person by nature.

My family had to deal with the loss
of our mother in early March 2020 with
her passing. I know here in Washington
state most places were closed for at
least six months. I went out for walks
well as grocery stores. There is still
people who have chosen to be on their

My hometown of Gig Harbor was 
fortunate where there were not a lot
of cases of covid for the first year.
Last year some people started getting
covid through their children and now
the omicron variant. I would say 
compared to a lot of places it has
still been a small percentage and 
most who did the whole family
caught it. 

I am not sure about the mask debate
one way or the other.  I am not sure
mask really work but wearing one
is still a good idea. If you had a cold
and you were around people who you
are concerned about wouldn't you wear
a mask now though over two years ago
probably not that concerned. 

It looks like many places are removing
the mandate for masks. I am sure for
indoor seating for large gatherings may
stay put depending on whether covid
is widespread in the area or not. 

Regardless of the mandate taken off
or not I feel important to still wear a
mask around those who still be in 
danger by catching covid.

Be safe and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Freedom of Speech

Has been a while however decided to
mention freedom of speech once again.

I know a lot of the world doesn't have
freedom of speech like we have here
in the USA.

It doesn't mean we can't be careful 
because people can hold it against
us. This is true on social media 
where businesses can see what you
have written and not give you a job
if they don't agree with what you
have to say.

I find it okay for people to speak
their minds even if I don't agree
with what they say. 

Have freedom of speech is a good
thing though at times I choose not
to listen or read.

The main reason I choose not to is
some people say the same thing 
over and over again. I know their
point already. 

I wish the rest of the world would
have the choice to have the same
freedom we have here in speech.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022


Over the  centuries women  have 
been  abused in many cultures 
being like slaves or maybe  worse.

Women  have the same  capabilities 
as men though  not always given
the  opportunities. 

Each culture  today leadership has a
different meaning  between  men and
women. Some  cultures women may 
have great opportunities while others 
none and still abused.

Fortunately  in Western culture many 
women  have opportunities  to  succeed.
I would  say in the work place then the
home. Of course,  there is still  a  ways
to  go.

Growing  up  my father was a business 
owner and  my mother a teacher and coach.
Mother for the most part in charge of the 
finances. Prior to teaching  she worked
as a teller in a bank she knew how  to  reconcile 
bank statements.  I  think to dad had enough 
dealing with  finances  of work  he had no 
problem leaving it to mom at home.

As a kid I  didn't  know  what was going on
finances. All I knew I  had three meals a day
and clothing  as well. I  am  sure with larger 
expendures there were  discussions  between 
mom and dad. 

When I  was  12 the family  took a trip during 
the summer across  Canada and eastern USA.
Mom and  dad  purchased a tent trailer for us
to travel and live in. I am  sure  they had hours 
of discussion before  purchasing the tent trailer.
I  am  sure  dad made sure the car was in shape 
for the trip. 

Mom did more than  half of  the  driving on the
trip as dad had to fly back  to  get back to work. 
Quite an ordeal with three boys. Mom certainly 
showed off her talent and leadership. Our sister
Barb a college student at the time joined us in 
Montreal and her mother as well. We did our jobs
the boys putting  up  and down the tent trailer 
each day we traveled. I am sure you  understand 
it was a lifetime  trip for us. We met family and 
mother's  friends along the way. Mom grew up 
in Canada.

I am not  sure how Mom actually did it  but certainly 
showed  her leadership skills. While going from 
Nova Scotia to catch a ferry to Maine the car had
all four tires go flat and not at the same time I recall.
I know us boys were no help  in changing flat tires 
and grandmother  was almost 90. Though I  am sure
our sister helped though I  don't recall. I am  not sure 
how it happened  we still caught the ferry.  Mom
obviously kept  a level head.

This shows leadership  comes in different packages.
In a marriage each have to do their part to make it work. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022


It is so important to trust others. It is the
beginning of knowing someone.

Does take time though and you must spend
together and not just chatting online or

Scams usually begin with being asked
to trust. Don't fall for it.

Even be careful when you meet them
in person as well. 

If you feel something isn't right about
it you are probably correct.

Remember school when you put down
a different answer and the original 
answer was right. Trust works the same
way. Amen!  ☝☝

Monday, February 7, 2022

Wisdom Calling Out

I have a woman who wants me to help 
her out on a legal matter.I told  her that we
haven't  met yet so won't help  her. Also 
the only ones I  would  help be immediate 
family and possibly a  few others.

She said don't you trust me. I  said we haven't 
met and we would have to before doing so.
She continues  to say please trust me I trust 
you. She has  nothing to lose where I  could.

Taking out emotion or desire wisdom has to 
take place. The more she says trust wisdom  
tells me less to trust her.

Even if I  did  what she ask I would  have to 
be in video chat at the very  least with her and
her lawyer.  She might not even be who she
says she is. 

I am sure many are suckered in however
wisdom will prevail. Amen!  😊😊😊

Sunday, February 6, 2022

True Friends

I have been thinking about this over
the last few days about who are true
friends are.

The number one answer is they have
faith in us. They don't question our
thinking for the most part.  Of course,
there are times if they feel we are off
track they will let us know as well.

If they question our thinking most of
the time I would not call them our
true friends. Of course, it has to go
both ways as well.

I hope you're having a good weekend
and able to spend time with your
true friends as well. Amen!

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Update On My Shoulder

I have to say  my shoulder  is doing 
much better.

I judge  my status  of the shoulder  
how it feels  when  I  wakeup.

It still hurts  when  I  wakeup but
not as much as it did  even two
weeks ago. 

I press on the  shoulder  and it
doesn't hurt like it did earlier.

I hope  soon no pain at all. I
can raise  my shoulder above 
my head with  little pain. I hope
this means pain free soon. Yeah!

Friday, February 4, 2022

A Follower

Some  people feel they are followers than
leaders. It is okay to be a follower, however,
at times we all need  to  lead.

You are a man you have to be a leader even
if your wife is more of a natural leader.

Most women are looking for their husband's 
to lead. Take their example if you have
trouble leading.

Thursday, February 3, 2022


Wednesday  started out good  going
to  health club then when getting 
home I started not feeling well. 

I went out to  my church  home 
group.  By the time I left wasn't 
feeling good  at all. 

Now waking up  from sleep  I am
not still  well however I feel  on
the way to  recovery.  As you know 
always  a good  thing. AMEN!

Wednesday, February 2, 2022


Came to mind this morning  being 
a mentor  is like  being a physical 

The mentor  works with those
who have issues where things 
 can  change one day  to  the 

My shoulder feels  better  one
day than not the next. The therapist 
has to  encourage me that  it is a
process taking time. The same
goes for a mentor.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

A New Venue

Today Tuesday a new day and a new
month I will be starting a new venue
as well. 

Today I will be joining a health club.
It will be interesting to meet new 
people well as seeing old friends
I am sure.

I am going to improve my health as
I have been working on since November.

Our life purpose should always include
meeting new people every day if we
can.  Not just to pass on our gifts and
talents but to receive from others
as well.

May you meet people today that will
in rich your life as well as you do