Sunday, July 31, 2022

Seeking the Truth

Another part of living the life
of purpose  is  to  know the truth.

In Mathew 7:7 Jesus Christ said
to ask and to seek after the truth
and you will find it.

There are  many paths but only
one truth.  We can be busy in so
many ways.

It is important  not to be so busy
in each area of purpose.  Also, we
can be tangled up in the circumstances 
and cares of the world. Amen!  ❤️❤️❤️

Saturday, July 30, 2022

A Very Hot Day

Friday was probably the hottest day of the
year so far. It was expected to hit one hundred
degrees. I am not sure it actually did but came
close otherwise.

I spent most of my day indoors though early
on I did go out for a walk. I went on one of
my favorite trails where there is shade as 

I spent a few hours helping a young woman
from church who is in the process of moving.
As of yet she isn't sure where too.

She asked around including a few churches
in the area.  My thought when she told me
since our church among others in the area
say they are a New Testament church helping
someone to have a place is a good idea. 

In the book of Acts the believers helped out
by selling their goods including homes. The
cost of homes and rent these days mean people
need to assist one another.

The weather is expected to continue to be 
hot here through Sunday then down to the
70s next week which sounds really good to 
me.  Blessings to all. 

Friday, July 29, 2022

Trusting One Another

The number one  rule when it
comes to our life purpose  is  

Not only  to trust in our gifts 
and talents but those we share
them with. 

We are a mentor or being mentored
we have the trust  whatever is shared
won't  go outside the two of you. The
same goes for  ministry or any  other
setting where personal information 
is given  out. 

You  may use an example without
giving  out names but be careful. 
My recommendation  in this case 
not to if the person  you are sharing 
with knows the person and could
guess who it is. 

We know that  we would never want
other people  to  know somethings
about us so should never do the same
to another.  

Have a blessed  weekend.   ❤️❤️❤️

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Being Hot Everwhere

Here in Western  Washington  the  temperatures 
have been  in the  80s and now into  90s.

I  would prefer  the upper 70s to mid 80s. I 
go for walks early  morning  or  at the YMCA.

The importance  is  to drink plenty  of  fluids
and stay inside at least when the temperatures 
rise. Put on sunscreen  if you plan to be outside 
for any significant amount of time.

We all are effective  in  different  ways  when
it gets hotter outside  but good tips anyway. 
Enjoy and  be safe. Amen!  ❤❤❤

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Being Natural

Nothing better than for us to be
natural in all we do. Doesn't mean
we won't have difficult times with 
others and trying to understand
our life purposes.

We might be challenged on occasion.
Be in awkward situation to help
another person. In those times we
are meant to be there to help even
though may not be our strength.

Be safe and be blessed. 😊😊😊

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Feeling Good About Ourselves

The state of the world with covid
still sticking around monkey pox 
now happening it is important to
keep a positive attitude. I am
sure the government might want
to keep us in fear. At least a good
reason I don't watch a lot of news.

I was hoping to see my sister and 
two sons for my niece's wedding
in September. They live in Québec
Canada and restrictions at the 
airports are again in force. They
would have to drive a long distance
so they are not going. I wonder if
I will ever see them again. 

Again it is important to stay positive.
I know those who have health issues
need to stay cautious. 

As the heat increases here in Western
Washington and I know in other parts
of the USA stay safe. Goes for everyone elsewhere too. 🤗🤗🤗

Monday, July 25, 2022

Fine Tuning Our Gifts and Talents

On Sunday at church one of the women
in our prayer group said that God wants
us to work on our gifts and talents.
This be both our natural and spiritual 

Our natural gifts would include job and
occupation.  If you are a baker work at
becoming the best, you can be. You don't 
have to be stressed about it, however 
improving each day.

In my case is to become a better writer along
with speaking to others. Yesterday I interacted
with five different people while I was out walking. 
Each one I spoke to for a minute or less. 

People these days are busy so talking is at a
premium. I took someone's advice recently to 
listen as well as speaking. All depending on the
person most want to talk for a short period of
time. When talking I am looking to see how long
they are listening.  I end the conversation or
move to talking about something else. 

I hope this is helpful to you and may your gifts
and talents be a joy to you.   ❤❤❤

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Feeling Good

It is important we feel good
about ourselves and others.

The number one reason we
are here and created is to
worship God and be in relationship
with him and his son Jesus Christ.
Also the Holy Spirit. The trinity, the
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Beyond that our purpose has to do
with our family, friends, and others
we meet along the way. We know by
our experiences we won't get along
with everyone but we must do the 
best we can. 

We most get along with people who
are a lot like us. They have their own
purpose but they have similar character and interests.

I am interested in everyone no matter
what they are like or interests, however
I expect most are drawn to me by 
similar interests to. 

Actually we can be examples to others
on how we respond to them. We show interest in them or not. I use humor 
often in my interactions with others.
Even those I may not say a lot of words
to I will say hello at least.

I find when I am out walking some people will interact with me even 
for a moment while others have no
interest at all. This is how some
people are.  

I hope this is helpful to you. May you 
have a blessed day. Amen!

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Summer Is Here

Here in Washington state it took
a while to have at least warm weather.
Most days in July so far have been
warm with the sun coming out in the
afternoon and sometimes in the
morning. Want to get anything done
begin early morning.

This coming week it will be hot mainly
in the 90s though supposed to hit 100
on Thursday. Until last year we never
had a day reaching 100 or above. In
fact until four years ago we never reach 90. I prefer high 70s to mid 80s.

I went out for a walk just after 4 pm
on Friday. Though I was in the shade 
for much of it I still felt hot. I won't
be walking at that time this next week
for sure. I will go early morning or 
late evening. I hope this hot time will
last a week only. A good time for 
visitors who like hot weather.

May you be blessed right now. 😊😊😊

Friday, July 22, 2022

Having Friendship

Our two greatest desires for most of 
us is friendship and love.

Often people  get into trouble because 
they find the wrong people  for either 

As far as friendship  goes  we should 
have as many friends  as possible.  In
fact I  would like to be friends  with 

I know having friendship  with  everyone 
I meet  is almost impossible. Friendship 
doesn't  mean you put all your energy 
into caring for them. Not everyone  will
be good for us and some will want to
take advantage  of  us. 

The key is  to  have friends  but only
be emotionally attached to  those who
care for you  in return.  😊😊😊

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Our Life Experience

To go along  with  our life purpose  is our 
life experience.  We all have something 
to share.

You may not feel  your life experience  
is not made up of anything  someone 
would want to  hear. In fact you may
feel  ashamed of your life even if the
worst is behind you.

You feel that way  you are  mistaken.
You don't  have  to  be a counselor
or a speaker all you  have to  be who
you are.

There are others and likely more than
you realize. They can hear and learn 
from you.  Even better you learn as well. 

Whatever your talent or gift share your
life experience.  It might not be speaking 
to a few hundreds or  thousands but it
might be one  on one. What you have
will impact others. 😊😊😊

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

In a Routine

Most of us like staying in a routine.
Most  people don't  like  change either. 
Though I  am  in a routine I have  changed
things up to.

I  enjoy meeting  people  as often as I 
can.  I  have found another place  to
meet people.  Now going to  the YMCA 
since February. 

I  started out walking and working out
on weights. Though I  still do both but
not as much by joining exercise classes.
I  do the same things  but a whole lot
more fun.

Though it is important for us to live
our life of purpose  it is good to live
outside the box though a routine is
good as well.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Bring It Back

I heard a guy a couple days ago
complain there was no sun. I was 
a bit relieved that it was cloudy
for a couple days.

He should be happy because he 
was heard the sun came back
Monday afternoon and should 
be here for the next week at least.

Though I love having the sun out
for one good reason people are
in better spirits.  I for one like to
see the clouds in the morning.
I can only be out in the sun for
short periods of time. I wear a
cap to help me out.

Have a blessed day and may the
sun shine on you each day. 🏖🏖🏖

Monday, July 18, 2022

Turning Things Around

It is amazing  in sports when a team
can turn their season  around after 
getting  off to  a  terrible  start. It usually 
happens when getting over injuries or
the players  start playing  to their potential 
or both. Also, can depend  on who they
are playing. 

So in life are we able  to  turn things  around 
as well.  I think, so though can take some 
work along with  blessings. Also, does help
having a core group  of  family and friends 
as well. 

Are you going through  some trouble right 
now and want to  turn it  around go to that
core group  for help. ❤❤❤

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Never Ending

When you have to  move or something 
comes up it feels never-ending. I  have
to move in six months so I  am beginning 

I have a suggestion  whether you know 
your going to  move or not begin now.
Why I  say that is we often have a lot of
stuff we shouldn't keep  any longer. So
start throwing  them out.

You  don't  have to  spend a lot of time
getting  rid of stuff. Maybe just a few 
minutes every  day.  Say  you have a room 
that you have stuff in you can get rid of.
Take a bag or box and go into the  room 
and clear something  out. You may only take 
a minute or five.

Say this is a room you go into several times
a day. When you leave take something out
each time.  This will allow the unwanted junk
to be clear and in the long run you won't be
stressful  or less anyway. 

Best to you in taking never-ending time
and use for your benefit instead. ❤❤❤

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Positive Over Negative

The  world  is  becoming more negative 
every  single  day. 

Outside of  withdrawing from the world 
is to be around positive  people.  Also, 
we can have a positive attitude  and 

Sometimes it is important to read or
watch the news. I  would recommend 
to limit how much you  hear or read.

Are you a reader then take the time
to read authors or about people who
have made a difference  in  a positive 
way.  ❤❤❤

Friday, July 15, 2022

Being Grateful

It is so important in what we have
gone through to be grateful.

Though I am a distance from my
family I am grateful for each one.
These days not everyone acts or
feels this way about their family. 

We should be grateful each morning
when we wake up. What can be 
helpful is to make a list of what 
makes us grateful. We can add those
who we know feel grateful to.

You have trouble feeling grateful 
speak to a friend that are greatful.
Those who have gone through
terrible situations and still are

If you are grateful for even one
thing or person it is a good place
to start and you can add each day.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Election Process

On Wednesday night  I  went  to my first
debate in person for elected position.  I 
found it quite fascinating. 

This was for Pierce County  council 
position 7 the district I live in. The debate
was between  the four republican  candidates. 
I  personally  know one of the candidates but
I wanted  to be informed  and see those who
are running. 

Looking  at the democratic party there is
only one candidate  running.  August 2 is
the primary and whoever has the most 
votes for Republicans will run against the 

At the beginning the point was who do you
think has the best shot at  beating the Democrat
in the general  election which is a good point.
I have no idea how many democrats are in the
district  compared to republicans.

The major point was who will fight for the
people in the Gig Harbor  area as most of 
the residents  are in Tacoma and the other 
out lying areas of Pierce County.  Gig Harbor 
is separated  from the rest of  the county by
the Tacoma Narrows  Bridge.  

I could go on and  on , however I  thoroughly 
enjoyed the  debate and the thought process 
for what will help the community  I live in.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Our Purpose Stays The Same

Our circumstances  may change, however 
our purpose should  stay the same.

I found on Tuesday  my apartment  building 
is going to  be  renovated around the beginning 
of next year. So I  will  have  to  find a new
place whether in the apartment  complex or
elsewhere.  My building  isn't  the only one.
Six all altogether so fifty  people or so will 
have to  make the same decision as I  do.

There were items I  plan to  sell or give away 
already  but the urgency  makes it more so.
This doesn't  change my purpose  just where 
I am at.  😊😊😊

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Lovely Time

This last weekend my brother, his
daughter and youngest son were in
town. We had a lovely time.

The weather cooperated for us. 
On Friday we went to Mt. Rainier.

On Saturday we spent the day around 
Gig Harbor. On Sunday afternoon we
rented a boat and went around Lake 
Union in Seattle.  Also, a great time.

If you are familiar with Seattle, you
can see the Space Needle in the 
background. You ever want a nice
vacation this is a wonderful place 
to visit in the summer. In fact, Tuesday 
is expected to be a very hot. 

I can't complain to live in a wonderful
area though rain in the winter does
get tiresome. A good place to live
my life purpose though look forward 
to see other places and meet people.

Monday, July 11, 2022

More About Listening

I have mentioned before about listening to others. 
Well person we should listen
to is ourselves as well.

I am sure we can get a lot of insight
by listening to ourselves. I believe God
gave us the insight to do so. Listening
to ourselves we end up listening to
God at the same time.

I remember when taking tests most
of my wrong answers was when I
changed the answer from what I
Put down the first time. I was
over thinking then which we can do to.
Often what comes to mind at the
beginning is a good thing. Try it if
you haven't before, however you
probably have without realizing it.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Always Memories

Every  day  can be a memory.  Some days
are more memorable.  We can make each 
one special. 

Over time memories will fade. I  know 
some trips I have been on have been 
special  but only some of  the memories 

Though we should  live for today we can
still look back on the memories.  For those
that stick it likely  are a special  memory.

I  know my high school graduation much
has faded,however  there are still  bits
and pieces that remain. It feels like another
life and that is  okay  too.

Make today special though  time where
the memory  won't be  there or a thing
or two remain. 🤔🤔

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Going Forward

With family  in  town for a few days
makes me feel  an emptiness as well. 

There are options  to  fix the emptiness 
but it really  can only be fulfilled by God
and his purpose. 

Mainly  only God can fulfill the emptiness 
but doing  what he ask which is where
our purpose comes in.

We must search our heart and listen 
to God.  Going  forward  will  fill the
emptiness.  ❤❤❤

Friday, July 8, 2022

Hearing the Unexpected

In sports fans will go crazy when their
team does something  unexpected 
whether positive or negative. 

In business we we do the same if they 
did something  unexpected especially 
in regards to  us one way or another.

Our personal  life  the same thing can
be true  as well.  Hopefully good news 
over bad news.

With our gifts we can encourage  others 
with good news which might be unexpected. 
The best kind in my book. It  is  never good 
with our gifts to  push bad news. Amen!

Thursday, July 7, 2022


These days safety is a big concern 
here in the United States.

For two decades we have had mass
gun shootings primarily at schools. 
Those who are pro guns seem to me
don't want to put any limitations on
gun control or sales. President Biden
passed a bill on gun control. I haven't 
really looked at to see whether the  
best solution or not. 

Of course, since the beginning of 2020 
we have had covid-19.  At the beginning 
the government stopped jobs that were 
not considered essential.  I am glad that 
is all done with. I am not sure wearing  
masks have been a good idea or not. I am 
not sure they work anyway though I guess
could say something is better than nothing.
Social distancing, I thought was good 
though now nothing is mentioned about it

Now Roe vs Wade recently was overturned 
by the Supreme Court.  Again, a political 
hotbed. Those who were making money 
on abortions are upset. The ruling has
the abortions go to the States instead of
a national deal. Unfortunately, the leadership 
of my state Washington is prochoice which I 
am against. 

I don't really understand the young adults in
this country is so much for abortion.  I guess
they have lived with it all their lives and feel 
that women have the choice. I look at teenage 
girls who have abortions. Are they really in a place
to make a hard decision or are pressured in doing
so. Also, young adults many of there would be 
friends or family have been killed. Yes, they may
think it as a procedure but these preforms have
been killed. I can understand have a right to choose 
but this beyond that. 

I am sure there are other safety issues that I can't 
think of right now but those are the big three. I hope
we don't have to deal with many more. Amen!

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Being a Teacher

One  of  the big callings or gift of
teaching.  Most teachers do it
professionally, however,  you don't 
have to. 

There are those who tutor.  They
may do it as a job or help someone 
who needs it in a particular  study.

My older Dick did that one summer
when our cousin Judy had failed
in math. With Dick's help Judy
got an A in math the following  
school  year. Dick was very smart
in many subjects , however,  math 
at the top of the list. His gift in
math he knew the subject so well 
he knew more than most of us even
thought existed. 

In the Christian  church the pastor 
does most of the teaching. A lot in
sermons but additional class sometimes
to. There are others who don't  pastor 
but know the word of God very well they
can do as well. 

You have the gift of teaching  but don't 
do it professionally  take  the time  to 
teach. Lead a small group  or tutor 
someone.  Not only you will  bless them
you will  be  blessed  to. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Family Time

It was fun a d worth the drive to
see cousins  on the 4th. 

We introduced  ourselves  to  those 
don't  know  to well and hello to
those know a bit better. Also, caught
up with each other how life is going.

After having picnic lunch those who 
wanted to stay we played softball.
I played first because of my shin
and shoulder. Everyone  batted twice.
I think the game ended in a tie.

I didn't  stay  to watch the fireworks 
since I  had to drive back some 

My brother  and two of his kids come
here for a few days on Thursday so
have some more good times. 

Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to  everyone. The
celebration of United States independence. 

The United States received their 
independence on July 4th, 1776.
Now we celebrate the freedoms 
we have so honored to have. Not
easy these days.

Families and friends will get together 
to celebrate with food and fireworks. 
Many cities will have fireworks going
on as well. 

Remember how blessed we are though
the country is in turmoil in some ways.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Exercising Can Be Fun

I know exercising is work but
it can be fun at the same time.
I guess it comes down to your

From experience it is best to
have a partner if you want to
have fun or enjoy it anyway.

Saturday I joined an aerobics
dance class st the YMCA. It 
was fun for sure and I wasn't
tired when I was done. It lasted
45  minutes. It used every muscle
I had done on weights. Nothing
wrong with weights but certainly
more fun. 

If you don't think you will enjoy
exercising at least give it a month.
Taking a class might be the way
to go since you will be with others.
Don't worry if you make mistakes
because everyone does. You can
start in the back if you want to.
I started in the back on Saturday.
I think next time I will move up
if I can. At least the row ahead of

Best to you and exercise well.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Liberty and Justice

These words are in the pledge to
the allegiance  to the flag of the 
United States. 

I haven't  spoken  these words in
a public event in a long time. When 
I  was a child we spoke these at school 
almost every  day.  Now I  am  sure 
most young people  know what these
are and what they  mean.

Basically  we pledge to the flag the
truth of liberty  and freedom  for all 
Americans.  This means we have 
freedom of  choice, however,  we come
to together  as a nation . With the left
and the right divided so far a part it
is hard to  come by. It does not  help
when many Americans don't  know 
these words or believe them anyway. 

We should pray  for  all Americans to 
become united once again.  Amen!

Friday, July 1, 2022

Gift of Hospitality

It is easy to know those who
have the gift of hospitality.
They usually have a fine home
and have parties often with

With holiday and summer now
they will use the gift often. It
is great for all of us to take
advantage of this wonderful

The hospitality gift isn't just the
parties is the friendship of the
person. They know how to take
care of others. Amen!