Monday, May 31, 2021

Day To Remember

May 31 2021 Here in the USA we celebrate
Memorial Day. All over the country veterans
are remembering those that died during
World War 2, Vietnam, and the Gulf War.
 In fact, the Gulf War this is the 30th 

Today we are in a battle but it isn't with
flesh and blood like those wars. We are
in a spiritual battle. We must pray for the
victory. At times we will see the war being
lost, however, in the end the battle win be
won. Amen!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

A Beautifiul Day

Saturday was a beautiful day here.
The temperature reached the low 70s
which I think is perfect.

Down in the waterfront where it was
a bit more crowded I saw some people
wearing masks.  I am not sure why
for one thing a crowd there isn't that
big but each their own I guess.

Personally if I felt I needed to wear
a mask especially outside I would
stay away  but that is me.  

I went stopped by the house I grew
up in. When I got out of the car a
woman asked my if my name was
Ross. I told her my name was not
Ross. She was expecting a man by
that name. 

I told her that I used to live in that
house right there.  She says "oh a
Nightingale". I said yes I am.  She
moved in her place right after I got
out of high school. I didn't expect
her still living there. 

She said Scott who bought the place
from my parents said this is a 
Nightingale. Oh yes nice to see you

Scott and I talked for a while. He 
wanted to know when my parents
had bought the place. I told Scott
my grandparents bought the property
about a hundred years ago.  They
were the third persons to buy over
here. It is across the bay from the
town of Gig Harbor. The government
owned the land after the natives then
sold the properties. 

Scott continues to do work on the 
place. It is only the third house that
is still there in original design. All
the other homes have changed a lot
and have gotten a lot bigger. 

When we finished talking I talked
with the woman again across the 
street. They have remodel the 
place it doesn't look anything like
it did before at least in the front.

We talked about the man who lived
there when my grandfather was
alive. He had bottles along the 
rocks. The bottles are not there
in sight anymore but still has them
because of the history of the place.

I drove down to end of the road and
then headed back to go home. I 
stopped at the coffee shop before
arriving home. What a wonderful
afternoon indeed. 

Saturday, May 29, 2021

memorial day

This weekend when many are off
to travel for the first time in over a
year we should remember the
holiday as well. Those who fought
and died so our country would be
free. Something many have
forgotten recently. Of course, there
have been those who haven't done
the right thing as well.

What has saddened me along with
many others is those that have
made it a political statement as
well. In fact, it seems everything
has become political in our country.
It is time to forgive and move on,
however, I think it will take some
time to do so.

It is important we all move on and
get back to the country that this
holiday stands for. I have the
feeling it will take a lot of time to
do so if it really ever does. Anyway
I wish the best and remember all
our blessing. Amen!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Life Style Changes

The older we get the more we have to
change our lifestyle. It is really true if
we want to live in a manner to fulfill
our life purpose as well.

The older we get the harder to do those
things we used to do when we were 
younger. We often put on weight and
we are not in the same shape either.
Our health will change like a heart
condition. So we have to do something
ourselves for this to happen. 

For one thing we should do a certain
amount of walking otherwise we won't
be able to walk like we used to or want
to for that matter. I see some people who
are in their mid to late 70s who can barely
walk. Of course, health issues come up 
making it hard to do.

What we must do is cut back in eating
well as getting more exercise.  Not only
am I trying those things I am going to 
try to go further. I plan to change when
I eat certain foods and how often at the
same time. Can't stop having fun in the
food department on occasion. 

I figure to walking is my main exercise
though I will do some other things as 
well. Right now I am going to walk at
least twice a day if not three times a 
day. I will begin with a walk in the 
morning and again before the sun sets.
I will walk  in the late afternoon when
I can or a day when I can't walk in the
morning or evening. 

Another thing I am going to do is go
to bed a bit later which means I wake
up later as well. I have been going to
bed earlier than I should so this will
change effective tonight.

I really hope these little changes in
lifestyle will help me out in the long
run. Thanks and safety to you as well.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Inspire Others

Near the top of the list when it comes
to our life purpose is to inspire others.

Most likely when we are inspiring 
others we are mentors as well. We
may not be mentors as others may
say us but still we are.

I hope that I am mentoring to some
degree right here. I know someone
who feels I am a mentor to them and
I feel the same for them to. We get
together every couple of weeks over
coffee or tea. We have a good time 
catching up to life. We go to the same
church so we each other regularly but
to talk outside of church is a good thing

I know I am sure you are inspiring
others even if you do not realize it.
Living our lives in the way we want
to others will follow our example
believing we are inspiring them.

There are so many parts of our life
purpose but we should never be 
dependent  on one. All the parts
make us one. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

A New Day

Always good to have a new day. Allows
us to get over any mistakes we made
yesterday along with making new things

We should be thankful we have another
day to be good.  We don't know how 
many days we have. Our days are numbered
so we must take advantage of them.

We should have gratitude for today as
long as it is called today. When we wake
up in the morning have a smile on our
face. The day will be what it is. Amen! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Going Somewhere

It seems a lot of my friends are on
vacation. A good time of the year
to go.

The weather here in Western Washington
is hit and miss in May.  This year more
of a miss. So good idea to go somewhere.

July is the best month to stay home and
have a good time. It is almost always
sunny with the temperatures in the 80s.
There is not a more beautiful place either.

When you go o vacation still remember
to be yourself. Those you meet during
your travels can use the best you around.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Being Strong

In this day and age we find it is
becoming more important to be
strong. Our strength is not in
ourselves because we don't have
it whether we believe it or not.

Our strength must come from God.
He has strength we are not aware
of. God is the one that will give us
the strength we need. 

We do have strength because we can
handle more than we know. The
strength comes from God when we
we need it. The important thing is to
ask him when the time comes. Amen!

Sunday, May 23, 2021

It's Sunday

I am not sure of my titles however it is
Sunday which is usually a good day.

Get to go to church and worship with
my brothers and sisters in the Lord.
Hear a good word to make the week
feel good.

Every day should be like Sunday.
We should meet with a brother or
sister each day. Worship the Lord
and hear a good word.

Enjoy your Sunday and make it
prosperous and a blessing to
others well as yourself. Amen!

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Morning Time

Hello weekend! I woke up early wondering
what to say so I had to meditate and pray.

A lot went through my mind though how
much beneficial or not. The important thing
is for us to be encouraged each day by
someone or ourselves for that matter.
I know that I have mentioned it on a number
of occasions which I think is a good thing.
I need to remember well as everyone else.

I had to listen to the song "It is well for my soul".
This was given to a new friend when had a group
meeting on Wednesday though my birthday was
Monday. He said God him the song when thinking
of me. The words I was given on Wednesday night
I will continue to look at. It is important we have
them written down to look at.

There is a woman on Instagram who is a writer
always giving encouraging words. Sometimes
she writes only a few words while other times
a lot more however they are always good. Makes
me know I am important and so are you.

Spend the day knowing God loves you and you 
are here for a purpose beyond yourself. The world 
would not be a better place if you were not here. Amen!

Friday, May 21, 2021

Review Friday

Here we are another Friday. How has your
week been. This week started off with my
birthday on Monday, followed being
encourage on Wednesday night at the
church home group I go to. I wouldn't
say the week was all full of roses but 
pretty well.

We have to look at what's been going 
around the country of the USA and the
world. I am not sure about other countries
though the increase of covid-19 in India
I am sure has increased fear in some 

A couple weeks ago President Biden
announced that the CDC said it was
OK to throw the mask away if you 
had the vaccine for at least two weeks
except in real crowded areas which 
makes sense to me. The state of
Washington has taken the mandate
pretty much except in King County
the largest population where Seattle
is located. The King County health
department still want people to wear
their masks indoors and outdoors 
when you are not social distancing.

Pierce County where I live has 
dropped all restrictions though 
many are still wearing masks. I am
not sure this is good still wearing
masks for those who have taken 
the vaccine or have a good immune
system. I can understand those with
underlying conditions would still 
want to be careful though they have
taken the vaccine. Has fear gotten
these people so much they will wear
a mask the rest of their lives. I guess
time will tell. 

I know for me I don't like wearing a
mask for a long period of time. I 
can handle the mask for maybe
30 minutes or so though I don't
like it. I wear glasses so they get
fogged up real quickly no matter 
what I try and then my breathing
isn't the best either. For me not
wearing the mask is a good thing.

There are other issues happened
after the beginning of covid that
have put fear in people as well.
Anything you would consider
political be in that category. For
us that are not dealing with fear
we need to help those that  do.
It isn't our job to tell them they
don't have to be fearful instead
listen to them and share where
you are at. Like everything share
our life experience. Also, pray 
that fear would come out of 
people's lives and be free once. 

Thursday, May 20, 2021

A Good Wednesday Night

Three Wednesday nights a month I go
to a home group from church. This week
was my birthday so not only was I the
first one in line for food I was given
words of encouragement as well from

All the words were put down on paper
so I figure to look at one a day and when
completed I will start all over again.

Another thing they sang Happy Birthday
to me and everyone was in tune. They
make a pretty good choir.

One gentlemen had two songs in mind
for me and the group sang one of the
songs and the other was a video on the
phone by Larry Gatlin. 

I have to say can't beat that often that
is for sure. I hope that I encourage you
in the same way. God bless and have a
really good day.   πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Being More Than Happy

I mentioned on Monday about being
happy has a good part of your life
purpose. Also, I said about making
a list to.

Our life purpose is beyond being 
happy. Of course, it includes our
gifts and talents. Also, another 
area is our hobbies. I am sure
your list making you happy 
includes hobbies, however,
you can have a list of them 
to and put them right next
to the happy list.

We have joy to which I am
sure is the same thing as
being happy or at least 
pretty close. Our hobbies 
gives us joy along with
being happy. I leave it
all at this right now I
don't want to confuse
ourselves. lol

Tuesday, May 18, 2021


A strong point of our existence is communication.
This is whether positive or negative.

I am many people like social media because they
can say negative things or shock people at the
very least.

I like those who encourage others. Relationships
come and go depending on how communication
goes. Often relationships end either by negative
or lack of communication.

We need to think before we say a word or we
need to listen as well. I have to admit I am not
always good at either one though I do try.

Today communicate with someone you don't
know or listen more to someone else you do
know. Let's make communication a positive
experience. Amen!

Monday, May 17, 2021

A Wonderful Weekend

Here in Western Washington we have had
good weather along the way in May. We
are expecting some rain and clouds this
week though. Other words back to normal.

I hope during the weekend you learned 
something new or you are able to get 
things going. It is important to make
plans though not too far ahead since
we know life can change in a moment.

We need to deal with things to. This is
especially with our weaknesses. The
things we want to control but realize
we can't. 

Enjoy your day and be blessed. Let 
the things that trouble you be resolved.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Happiness is

Over the last couple years about life purpose
I realized this morning though I know I have
mentioned it on a number of occasions.

What makes you happy. Make a list and put it
on your refrigerator. What it comes down to
it what makes you happy is your life purpose.

I am sure there is more to the story, however,
you work with what makes you happy than
you got it for the most part. 

I will try to remind you on occasion. My pastor
said that he has to preach the same sermon or
something that is like the same sermon at least
seven times for it too sink in. 

I am not sure I have written this seven times or
seventy times seven or not. This is also what
Jesus Christ said when he was asked how many
times we should forgive someone the same day.

So your life purpose is what makes you happy.
Go out and enjoy being happy. 

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Happiness and Freedom

We have to remember life is short so
we have choices though others are trying
to take them away.

1. God 

2. Happiness

3. Freedom

4. Family

5. Free speech

6. Friends

List here is some things we can choose to decide
to have.  Not in any order of importance except
number one. 

Friday, May 14, 2021

CDC ha ha

Our leader here in the USA President
Biden said on Thursday the CDC says
you have taken the vaccine and it is
more than two weeks you don't have
to wear a mask indoors or outdoors.

Those who bought into it I feel sorry
for them. One day they say the virus
is increasing now they say you don't
have to wear a mask if you have taken
the vaccine. I knew that already.

Be free whether you are have taken or
will take the vaccine and be free if you
choose not too. Don't buy in.

Enough said have a wonderful day and
don't wear the mask no matter what. 

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Get Back On Track

Life has been crazy of late. I think my
Instagram was hacked. I setup a new
account and not as many followers either.
I put it on private as well which I didn't
want to do; however, social media will
be back to normal I hope.

Living a life of purpose not everyone will
like you; however, the ones that do will
be friends for life.

Another thing never give up your life
purpose. God created you not only  for
this purpose but this time. Other words
the world needs you even if they don't
realize it. Amen!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Family A Good Thing

Our number one purpose in life is our
relationship with God. Number two is
family and how we interact with each
other. God wants us to honor our family
in the same way we honor him.

A good reason since three of the ten
commandments is about honoring
mother and father along with children.

Tuesday night I went to a baseball
game in Tacoma. It was a good time
meeting several new people. Made
me feel like family to.

A father and son had drove from San
Diego. The son is going to stay here
while the father will go back to San
Diego at some point. Oh by the way
the son is middle age and said he had
lived in this area before and they have
family still here.

Amazing thing though they have the
same middle name though different 
first name. The father actually goes
by his middle name. That really isn't
the amazing part it is their middle
name is the same as mine. What is
the chances of that happening.

I met a little boy sitting in front of
me. We  had a good time as well.
The seat he was sitting in was 3
and he told me that is how old he
is. His father is stationed here in
the Army however he is being 
transferred to Colorado next month.
I pray they have a great life together.
The boy has such wonderful joy.

The home team lost in ten innings.
Quite a pitching match the first 
nine innings. Both teams got runners
on base but couldn't bring them home.
Each team had a home run.

Many blessings and remember to
honor your family. Amen!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Thoughts In The Morning

I am sure my thoughts in the morning
when I wake up are like most everyone

First of all I try to be positive and thankful
I am still here. Sometimes negative thoughts
do continue from the night before. I try not
to happen though.

On occasion I think of a dream I had though
I don't remember many of them.

I check my email and then start writing here.
Text message I received this morning from
a classmate who is retiring and moving to
Arizona. I told him I will look him up the
next time in Arizona which might be next

Monday was a beautiful day here with only
a few clouds and the temperature was perfect
when I went out for a walk. Today is expected
to have more clouds but we will see. We 
haven't had a lot of rain this month. In fact
none since the beginning of May. 

Anyway many blessings to you all and let
your friends check this out. I want to encourage
you and remember your life purpose too.  πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Monday, May 10, 2021

Look At Community

Over the last year not only we have had
to deal with covid directly or indirectly
plus the protesting over the deaths in
shootings by the police. Many large
cities have either or looking into defund
the police. I am not writing here whether
I agree or not, however, it is important we
look at community as a part of our life

#1 Pray for our community leaders and 
those who want to take an active role in
the affairs where we live and elsewhere.
For the people of  Minnesota especially.

#2 Those who have the heart and the 
time to take an active role in the place
you live.

#3 Take ownership of our communities
whether we have time to take part or not.

#4 Love the community we live in.

These are four areas we can do to take
part in our life purpose for community. 
I am sure there are more we can add to 
the list, however, this is a very good 
place to start. 

Sunday, May 9, 2021

A Different Night

I find it strange when my sleep pattern
is different than most times.

This happened to me Saturday night.
I woke up thinking I had slept for a
good period of time. I shook my head
when I looked at the clock and it was
just after midnight. 

I am sure we all have done something
like this on occasion, however, not
very often for me. I usually know that
I have slept two or three hours at this
point. Do you have a moral to this
story?  lol

I was able to get back to sleep and
finish my sleeping. Now see what
this day will bring. 

Saturday, May 8, 2021

A Cloudy Day Here

The weather here in Western Washington
for the most part the last few days has been
cloudy and expected the next several days.

I have mentioned before the weather can
dictate how people feel sometimes. Here
there are many with allergies which the
weather says how they feel.

This all comes back to encouraging one
another even when health is an issue. I
know I have to deal with my health now
and then.

May God's peace be with you this weekend
and always. Amen!

Friday, May 7, 2021

For the Long Term

Thursday was a pretty good day for the
stock market. A couple of my stocks had
been in the red since I bought them five
months ago and for the first time in the
black. Also, I have mutual funds now
as well.

For many using the stock market like
myself it is for the long term while for
others there is daily trading. Makes me
think about our lives. 

There are people we invest our lives 
into for the long term, however, it is
important to see how they are doing 
on a daily basis. It is important though
not to trade them in even when might
be a bad day once in a while.

We have investment in our own life
well as for others. A good reason we
are here for a life of purpose.

Have a great weekend and may your
blessings continue. Amen!

Thursday, May 6, 2021


First of all what does it mean to be honest.
It is more than not telling a lie it is about
speaking truth under all circumstances.
Other words you could be in front of a
firing squad and you still speak the truth.
You have a strong belief in what you are saying.

The word honest is used as an adjective and
as an adverb. As an adjective the person is
sincere without deceit and untruthfulness.
Example: "I haven't totally been honest with you."

As an adverb used to persuade someone of the truth of something
Example:  "you'll like it when you get there, honest".
Both the adjective and adverb definitions and examples
come from the Oxford languages.

Honest is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as
good and truthful: not lying, stealing, or cheating : 
showing or suggesting good and truthful character :
not hiding the truth about someone or something:
not meant to deceive anyone. 

The word honest in Greek in the New Testament
by Strong's Concordance is  kal-os'; of uncertain 
affinity; properly beautiful, but chiefly (figurative) 
good (literal or moral), i.e. valuable or virtuous 
(for appearance or use, and thus distinguished from
 (18) (αΌ€Ξ³Ξ±ΞΈα½ΉΟ‚), which is properly intrinsic): — x better,
 fair, good (-ly), honest, meet, well, worthy.

 In the New Testament being an honest person you
are good, beautiful, valuable, distinguished from 
to others and worthy. 

In the Old Testament Isaiah had a warning in chapter
5 verses 20 and 21 Woe to those who call evil good 
and good evil, who put darkness for light
and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet
for bitter. Woe to those that are wise in their own eyes,
and clever in their own eyes.

Today often those who are honest are called dishonest
and those call dishonest as though they are honest. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

What Should Our Purpose Be

It seems to me we often discourage others
instead of encourage them.

Since Covid-19 hit us 14 months or so
ago people are more into each other's
business instead of encouraging.

I know those who believe the democrats
are behind this all which would not 
surprise me at all. It doesn't say the
republicans are much better either.

Over the last six months there are those
who are really into everyone to wear
masks. Even now it has gotten worse
when many have been vaccinated. Of
course that is an issue in itself too about
the shot taking it or not.

I feel it is important we encourage each 
other. Not to do with wearing a mask or
getting the vaccine instead in life on its

In another way of putting don't get into
peoples face regardless the side you are
on. In a way it is like the previous five 
years where politics was spread where
are you for Trump or not. We have other
issues to deal with as well.

So everyone should be back to doing their
purpose in life and not hassle others. There
are those whose purpose is to give warnings
to others which is fine but not all of us
are supposed to do that. In fact, we have
to balance those who are giving warnings.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

We Are Worth It

Most everyday I get to see the awesome
Mt. Rainier. It is one of the largest mountains
in North America. Mt. Rainier was created
for a purpose just like us. I am mentioning
this because we are awesome as well.

We may not know all the reasons why 
Mt. Rainier was created, however, for
one thing we can enjoy seeing and going
whenever we want to.

We are here to enjoy each other and learn
from each other. When someone puts you
down don't them have the last word. You
are here and we are happy about it. Amen!

Monday, May 3, 2021

Cleaning Things Up

This morning I decided to clean some
things up. It is amazing what you find
when you are cleaning in an area you
haven't touched in a while.

There are portions of the place where
I try to keep clean all the time while
other spots just don't do.

I know the important thing is to do 
a bit of cleaning every day so things
are tidy all the time.

Makes me think our lives are that way
as well where we keep away from the
places we don't want to touch especially
in our past.

So what we should do with our life
purpose is to help others to do the 
same. We have close friends and
others we see around on a regular
basis though they are more acquittances.

Our lives will be so much better if we
decide to clean up the parts we haven't
touched in a while. Amen!

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Inspiring Others

Inspiring others is an interesting thing.
We all have inspired others no matter
the level as much as we have been
inspired ourselves.

Most of us have our job or profession
because someone inspired us to go into
it. I spoke with a young man the other
day who is studying to be a fireman.
In his case his father is a fireman. At
some level his father inspired him to
be a fireman along with his co-workers.

Being inspired leads us to our life purpose.
Someone we admired we wanted to do
the same thing and we realized we have
the gifting and talent to do so.

We may have had to try several different
avenues to figure out our life purpose,
however, it really happened.

There are those who have the gifting of
inspiring others as well. They likely are
working at inspiring others. 

Inspiring leads to admiring and mentoring. 
You find someone who is inspiring and 
admiring what you are doing than be their
 mentor. Help them do what you are doing. 
You are passing on the torch sort of speaking. 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

May Day

Welcome to May. We call today May Day!
I have to say it makes a lot of sense after
all the first of April is April Fools Day. Do
you think so any way.

They say April showers bring May flowers.
How much showers does it take? This year
and last we have had less rain in April than 
the average. The last time we had a good
showers in April was in 2018 when we had
over six inches, twice the average.

I am not sure what this all means other than
we can go visit gardens and see how beautiful
they are. I have to say that is my intension

Here we are expecting a cloudy day on May Day.
This means a threat of rain but likely none or a
little. The last ten days the weather hasn't been
quite like it was forecasted. I thought we were
going to have a bunch of rain instead here and
there. Not to complain other than we could have
used April showers. 

Enjoy your day to the fullest. Go and see what
the flowers look like and rejoice. Amen!