Monday, August 31, 2020

Happens On Sundays

I woke up just fine on Sunday, however, about
an hour before church talking with a couple at
the coffee shop I didn't feel as well.

I decided to go to church anyway since it was
only five minutes away. I could go home if I
ended up feeling worse.

I was distracted during worship to some degree
since I wasn't feeling well. I even made it through
the sermon as well.

The sermon was about being prepared. Since now
we are going into the new season of fall. Pastor
Mike said many of us were not prepared for the virus
as we should have. He mentioned those with oil
were prepared for Jesus return while those not 
with oil will not be.

After the service I spent a little time talking with
a fellow church member then I saw three young
girls. I decided I would talk to them. Just to say
I haven't talked to three girls that age in a long 

I think the four of us had a good time talking. I
am sure they are not used to talking with adults
outside their parents very often so they were
excited to do so or at least they showed it that way.

I asked the girls what they were going to do for
the afternoon. They told me what they were going to
do. One had chips figuring she was going to eat
them all afternoon. The second was going to visit
a neighbor friend and the third was going swimming.
I would think they are pretty good choices though I
am not sure I would eat chips all afternoon but if
you not other choices I guess why not.

It was interesting after the girls and I finished are
talk which which was longer than I would have thought
on my way to the car to leave I walked right by their
three dads. I stopped into their conversation.  

I went home to relax hoping to feel better. I feel 
being sick on a Sunday is a spiritual attack since
it does only happen on Sundays to me. Prayer and
fasting is the way to go to get back on track. 

I still feel a little under the weather so prayer and
some fasting since I am not real good at it is in
order. Want to get back on my feet continuing on
my journey doing my life purpose. 

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Summer Flying By

We know summer isn't officially over for
another three weeks it feels as though it
has flown by once again.

This summer though is different than any
we have had before because of the virus.
At least we have been closer to normal
than we were for two or three months. 

I remember as a child summer was longer
back then. We got out of school early June
instead of late June.

The trip our family took across Canada
and eastern USA would have been cut
short two weeks now. We may have taken
the trip now but would not have been the

The few years we went to YMCA camp
now would have felt like we were gone
half of the summer though it was only
two weeks. 

What I remember about camp was swimming
where we had to go a certain length so we 
could use the boats.

We had classes to take  like archery, painting
and making items to. Right now I can't think
of the word. lol.

Another thing I like about summer besides
the nice weather is thinking about the
summer pasts. 

This week when I was a kid didn't have
good meaning it meant I had to go back 
to school. I know some kids like school
for several different reasons  but it wasn't
my favorite thing to do. 

Anyway those were the days and now
summer coming another end. At  least
with the good weather I can still do 
some traveling around the area without
it raining.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Going Back In Time

One of the barista's at the coffee shop I go
to was hanging out while not on her shift.

I teased her initially saying she spends all
her money she makes working on coffee 
and doughnuts. She laughed and said it was

Later when I was about to leave I said wow
three different guys sitting at your table.
She told me two of them are neighbors and
the third which she came in with is her
boyfriend. I told her it made sense.

It made me go back in time thinking when 
I was her age which is 17 the girls I spent
most of my time with were neighbors as well.

There were four of them. We got on the bus
at the same spot at least in high school anyway.
One of the girls was in my class while two 
were older and one younger. 

The one in my grade I had some classes with
her to so more time with her than the others.
Made me remember though saw other students
those in the neighborhood spent more time with.

Two of those four gals still live in the area at least
I think so though I haven't seen them for a while.
One got married and moved to Spokane on the 
other side of the state and the fourth one I don't 
know. I will have to ask someone I see semiregular
who was in her class whether he has seen her or
at least at reunions.

It is always nice to think about those you grew up
with. They are still special in your heart. Amen!

Friday, August 28, 2020

Strange Things Happen

I am sure we all have had issues we haven't
liked when it comes to wearing masks. Of
course, breathing is right up at the top of
the list I presume.

I find recognizing people is a problem 
wearing a mask. Many people I do 
recognize though on occasion I don't.

Not recognizing someone on Thursday
was stranger than anything I could make

I went to the pharmacy to pick up a couple
of prescriptions as well as getting my flu
shot. It took a little longer to wait for the
shot than normal. In part, there were more
people getting shots than I have seen before.
Usually I am the only one or one other person.
Anyway I was last of several people to get
my shot probably why it took longer.  I talked
to a gentlemen before me saying wow this is
taking longer. He told me he had been waiting
for an hour and a half.  I wasn't even half that
time though I wondered why we had wait 
several minutes for the pharmacist to get 
back to the two of us since the previous two
people were take care of quickly.

Ok to make the story shorter. About an hour
after getting home I received a message on
social media. It was from a friend I grew up
with. He said it was really good to see you
today Herb. I thought he saw me today. It 
turned out the guy who had waited for the
hour and half was someone I had gone to
school with but we hadn't seen each other
for some time.

He said he didn't recognize me but realized
it was me when my name was called. To be
honest I wasn't paying attention other than
hearing my name so I didn't hear his name
being called which now I had. Actually it
was a mix up by the pharmacist but I won't 
get into it.

Had it not been needing to wear the mask
there would have been a better chance of
me recognize him or he at least would have
recognized my face or at least my voice.

Anyway, this is why it is so strange to me.
I hope I am able to see him again. He recently
moved back to Washington state from Georgia.

Until next time  have yourself a good weekend.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Heart Of Man

I don't think social justice is working.
No matter how many are out protesting
or in some cases louting isn't changing.

Our natural man the heart is wicked.
We can't change no matter how hard
we try.

Only God can change our hearts. He
is the one for us to go to ask for our
hearts to change.

We may believe we have love in our
hearts but really only God can fill us
with love. 

Spend the day meditating and thinking
what we can do. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Getting Better At What You Do

I am sure we all remember when we
competed in sports growing up or
classes in school we always looked
at getting better

Our parents encouraged us in both
sports and school. It was hard in the
areas we had difficulty in, however,
we still tried.

Being parents of children the same
goes; we are excited when they excel
and when they get better each day
whether it is hitting a baseball, scoring
a goal or getting high scores in a subject
they had problems with before.

Things haven't changed even we are
getting older with children or for
ourselves as well. Let's keep on pushing
and become better at what we do. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Making a Difference

I suppose it is in our nature to make
a difference or feel important or being
on top.

A lot of people have scars because of
their  childhood. In some cases have to
do with family while others in school.
Also, disabilities as a youngster can
hurt as well.

Many people are still trying to get over
their scars. Those who have overcome
scars by making a difference and living
the life purpose God gave them when
they were created.

Making a difference doesn't mean you
have to be popular you just do things
others would enjoy. A difference can
be small well as large. 

I am sure we have all heard about being
a small fish in a big pond or being a big
fish in a small pond. We can figure making
a difference in one or the other though
a big fish likely have a bigger impact.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Meeting A New Friend

I always think it is nice to meet a new
friend. It happened to me on Sunday
at the coffee shop.

We talked for more than an hour then
she had to leave. We said pick it up
again next time. 

We covered a number of subjects in 
the hour. She happens to have grown
up in St. Louis, Missouri where my
brother and family lived for 17 years.

I told her about the loss of my mother
while she talked about her job as a
occupational therapist. 

She has lived in the Gig Harbor area
for a year and a half. She is not sure
how long she will live here.

Again it is nice to meet a new friend. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Teenager Playing Cards

Saturday morning my visit to the coffee shop
I saw a teenager boy. It wasn't unusual to see
one at the coffee shop, however, he was playing
cards with his grandmother. A few minutes
later I saw his grandfather too.

I am not sure how many other people noticed 
him but I certainly did. He was doing something
I don't see a lot of here in the USA spending time
with his grandparents.

I am sure there are other teenagers who do so.
The ones being raised in the right way. What 
has been going on over the last several months
it is nice to see something in a positive way.

So take your time and enjoy your family and
friends. Spend as much time with your elderly
parents or grandparents they won't be around
forever. Actually we won't be either. Amen!

Saturday, August 22, 2020

A Little Bit Of Rain

August has turned out to be a hot month.
A bit hotter than normal that is for sure.

Last Sunday we had the temperature hit
mid to high 90s depending where you
lived in Western Washington. It was the
hottest temperatures on record.

August the temperatures usually are in
the 70s and 80s which we had for the
most part which I like for sure. The 90s
not so much.

Late Thursday and Friday we had some
rain. A nice change for sure and the grass
certainly needed it.

The weather will be back Saturday thru
Monday in the upper 80s. I am OK with 
it though high 70s and low 80s more my
comfort zone. Won't complain. Enjoy
your weekend. 

Friday, August 21, 2020

Iron Sharpens Iron

I am sure most people have heard the
term "iron sharpens iron". It is mentioned
in the New Testament of the Bible.

It means you can debate or encourage
others in words being spoken.

If you are in a group of men or women
whatever you are discussing you are
sharpening iron.

It is a good way to learn from others.
The age of the person isn't important
either. On Thursday I was in conversation
with a younger man. I learned some things
from him while I hope he did from me
though he did most of the talking.

Another important thing is when you
leave you have learned something and
your a better person for it.

Right now with social distancing it isn't
easy thing to do but it is possible. The 
young man and I were social distance at
the coffee shop.

Sometimes it is hard to hear in the coffee
shop so I had to ask him to repeat himself
a few times. 

So for the challenge find someone who
can lead to iron sharpening iron. 

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Viewing Mannerisms

I would say I don't do it very often,
at least not consciously, but I do 
find it interesting when I see someone
with a similar mannerism of a friend.

It happened to me yesterday when I
saw a gentlemen with similar mannerism
to a friend. In this case it was very
interesting to me this gentlemen looked
Latino while my friend is Caucasian.  

The mannerism of this gentlemen 
reminding of my friend was how
he talked or at least how his lips

I wasn't close enough to this gentlemen
to hear his voice so I am not sure if
they sounded alike or not just the 
look got my attention.

I know a number of years I was looking
at my brother's wedding picture. Me and
my siblings including my brother have
the same smile. I am sure this happens
in many families.

Another thing when I laugh I feel as though
it is like my brother's laugh as well. I am not
sure whether we sound the same or not it 
just feels that way.

I am sure our laughs are like our dad as 
well. I am sure looking more into I would
find this is common with families.

I find interesting in my town I find people
look similar to other people I know or I 
have seen. In fact what makes it real 
interesting I have seen both of the people
at the coffee shop I attend at the same time.

I am sure these people have no clue someone
else is there that looks like them. I have been
told on a number of occasion that I look like
someone else as well. So I have a double 
here in town somewhere.

Anyway, I just want to mention this sort as
a phenomenon. Though we are created uniquely
there are similarities in people. Even those who
may look alike, have similar mannerisms we
are still unique for other things we are not
alike at all or we don't have the same gifts 
or talents. 

The important thing is for us to love and 
enjoy who we are. I guess this is my conclusion
about mannerisms too.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Overcoming Our Troubles

As life continues to go on we know troubles
will continue for us too.

We are blessed to live another day however
trouble can intervene at any time.

The importance is for us to lean on God
during trouble time. He is sufficient for
us. He is here to watch over us.

It is important we help out others when
they are hurting or going through something
because our time can come up so soon too.

Be encouraged during these times. Trust in
God and not in our own understanding. Amen!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Still Missing Mom

It is now six months plus since mom passed
away. I feel lonely without her at times.

Mom would be one hundred years old in
a month from now. We were planning a
party, however, with covid-19 still around
the party is likely not to happen.

Our family will have to plan the party
and remembrance of mom sometime
next year. It will be so nice to hear her
stories. She had one for every occasion.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Another Time To Listen

I was looking at one of my posts from
September of 2017 so almost three years

What I wrote about was the national anthem
being played at the NFL games and the players

As we can see times haven't changed
a lot in this time. We still need to listen.
With the pandemic and then the shooting
in Minneapolis of a black man then the
whole Black Lives Matter.

I find it interesting the Black Lives Matter
has turned into more of a political issue.
It is still important to listen to one another,
however, let's not put politics into it. I 
suppose there are those will say politics
will always come into situations like this
but I don't really think it has too.

If you are white and you have a friend who
is of another color it might be a good idea
to sit down and talk about what is going on.
Actually let's go further and say you are
any color sit down with someone with 
someone who is different whether it is 
color or have other issues. We all have
a story to tell.

I am white, however, I haven't always been
treated well especially by those who are
white. I grew up in a small town made up
of over 90 per cent white. I am not sure
they were racist or not this is just how it
was. My parents never told to treat someone
of another color or race different than I would
any of the same color.

The truth is we don't know anyone else's 
story so let's sit down and listen. Amen!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

A Very Hot Day

I have to admit I don't do well on hot days
like Sunday was here when it hit into the 90s.

I guess jokingly my life purpose wasn't to
spend hot days anywhere. We are lucky though
it only happens three times a year on average.

The temperatures were in the 80s when I arrived
at church at 10:30. I could feel it hot at the time
then a nice breeze came in. This did help  for a
short time. After the service while talking with
others I did find a place feeling cool and I thought
it would be nice to stay there for the rest of the day.

We are having the church service outside because
of Covid-19. We have a grassy area we meet at.
There is another church meets at 2:30 pm while
their church is being renovated. I am sure it was
a bit warmer by then. 

The weather is supposed to come down over the
next several days which will be more to my liking.
I look forward to being able to share things with
people at a more comfortable time. 

Beautiful and Hot August Day

We have had temperatures in August anywhere
from the low 70s to upper 80, however, Sunday
is expected to hit about 95.

Sunday will be the hottest day of the year here
in Western Washington. This means across the
state in Eastern Washington they will probably
have temperatures between 105 and 110.
They have temperatures usually ten degrees
hotter than we do during the summer.

The temperatures here don't reach the 90s
very often. In fact it happens three times
a year on average and up to five years ago
we never had it in the 90s. 

I am happy with it being in the 80s instead.
I am sure I will look for shade. I don't mind
being out in the sun but I don't want to see
it too directly when it is  this hot. I just hope
we have some wind to satisfy me.

It is possibility I will have to find water
to help me out. Fortunately it won't be
muggy here at the same time.

Whatever you are doing today enjoy it
and be blessed. Remember today only
comes around once.  

Saturday, August 15, 2020

A Beautiful Drive

On Thursday it was such a beautiful
day to take a drive and visit family.

I took a drive up to Everson,  Washington
which takes about three hours to do
not including stops along the way.

I met my cousin Peggy in Burlington
which is two hours north of Gig Harbor
where I live. Burlington is just over 
100 miles from my place.

Seattle is 35 miles from my place so
took 45 minutes to get there with traffic
slow in a couple spots.

When I got about an hour and a half
into the drive is when I start seeing 
farm land, lakes and rivers. The rest 
of the trip it is mostly that along with
a lot of trees. 

In Everson we visited Linda our cousin
Ray's widow. Ray had passed away in
April he was 86 years old.

We visited the church where his funeral
was a couple weeks earlier before going
to Linda's home. 

We talked about Ray, and about family
Before leaving we prayed for Linda.
God giving her rest. We left returning
back home. The whole trip took
eleven hours. What a wonderful day.
I look forward to a return visit. 

                           Goshen Community Church Everson Washington founded in 1915. 

Friday, August 14, 2020

A Wonderful August So Far

I figured to change things up now so
the weather has been summer like here
in Western Washington.

This week continuing the temperatures
to be in the seventies. It seems to dip
down to the low 50s at night.

Thursday I headed for my trip to 
north part of Western Washington
near the border of  Canada. The
border is still closed so can't enter
into Canada.

I will have some pictures here on
Saturday's post. Just remind you I
do have a new website called Herb's
look at travel.  So I will have
additional pictures shown there as
well. The link there is

Enjoy your weekend with much pleasure
while living your life of purpose. Amen!

I almost forgot Sunday our temperatures
will go up to the low to mid 90s. It doesn't
happen often around here. The summer is
usually very comfortable being in the 70s 
and 80s. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

How To Be Successful

I am sure we all want to be successful
in some kind of manner.

What came to my mind businesses are
successful because they have products
people want and need. Also, they give
customer service above their competitor
and the price is right as well.

This is how we can be successful as 
people. We have what others  may want
and need to. We are able to give them 
the service too. The price is right because
we give ourselves to them.  We are 
available at their time of need.

Sounds pretty good to me if we follow
this way of thinking. Try it and see what

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Being Passionate In Whatever We Do

I hope whatever I am writing here you feel
I am passionate in what I am saying and doing.

Tuesday I found out a new sports website I 
am writing for I was
named writer of the month for July. I show
the passion in the teams I am writing for.
It is so good to be honored in this way.

I  hope we all can get honored for what
we do in life. People recognize us for the
work we do in our life purpose.  Our
gifts and talents stand out.

I just want to remind you of my new 
site herb's look at travel. I hope to go
to as many places in the USA and other
countries I can. A lot of it will happen
depending on you. The link to the site is Right now
I am at home so I will be showing places
I have been to and will go to around in
the state of Washington before heading out
to other places.

Even while I travel I still plan on writing 
to you encouraging you in your life purpose.
You can be the best you can especially with
passion coming out of you.

Have a great rest of this day doing what
you do best. Amen!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Positive Words To Use

I believe it is important for us to use
positive words when speaking to others.
I know I have mentioned it before, however,
these days it is more important than ever.

Most people want to talk negative and
so much is wrapped in politics. At least
here in the USA..

I was looking at my note pad where I jot
things down sometimes to use here.

I just want to say how much I appreciate
those who take the time to read my blog.
Not as many people are ready this like 
they used to. A lot of that has to do with
google making changes a couple years ago.

What I found is some of the words in the
English alphabet from A-Z. I just looked
at  a few today. In the a's coming to my
attention are the words abundance, accommodate,
and achievement. Those are three strong words
we could use every day or often any way. 

We should pray for abundance while accommodating
others and achieving a lot in our lives. 

I will mention other words shown here to for
encouragement. Again be sure to tell your
friends here about this blog. Also, I have
a group on Facebook "Living in your life
purpose".  I write something on Monday's
Wednesdays and Fridays. Sometimes I
write something I have mentioned here
however different as well.

Write in the comments if there is something
you would like me to write about or you
have criticism as well. Thank you so much. 

Monday, August 10, 2020

Make Our Life Better

I am sure what has been happening for almost
five months a lot of people are struggling with
their life going on.

In many cases it is fear that is ruling their lives
and the possibility of discouragement as well.

We must stand up not letting what is going on
in the world to get the best of us.

To be honest what is happening is from hell
itself. We must have hope and faith along with
love. It is love for one another to get us through
what have to endure.

I don't always feel strong at all but I do know
it is so important to do so with God's help
along with family and friends.

Let others know you no longer going to
live with this. Tell them to join the fight
too. Amen!

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Many Promises Given To Us

I was thinking about this yesterday
afternoon while I was sitting having
my americano.

I was opening the Bible to do my
daily reading. The thought came
we have over a couple thousand
promises for us by God.

I am sure many of these promises
have been fulfilled while many more
to do so. All we have to do is trust
and have the faith God is going to
fulfill the rest.

The ones we have fulfilled right now
we may not realize them or just 
take fore granted because they have
been with us for long time already.

I am not mentioning this because
we will be granted a lot of riches
or such things.  God wants to give
us our hearts desires. They may 
come in different forms then we
may want but doesn't change the
fact we will get them.


Friday, August 7, 2020

Be Shaken and Trust

What has been going on this year is
God is shaking us and for us to trust
in him.

The world is in a place to go one way
or another.

We need faith we will make it through
or we will feel miserable.

We must live like we have with some
limitations at the same time.

Home, faith and love must keep us
in place. Do not let the things of the
world put you down. Amen!

Who We Are

Often we are our hottest critic. There are things
we don't like about ourselves. It is OK I say.

This all goes back to when we were young and
other children criticized or made fun of us.

I am sure some parents think kids are being
kids. Sorry it isn't right in my book The parents
who think this way need to get their children
straighten out.

In the end we are who God says we are. He
loves us for who we are and let's accept it.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Life Purpose: Another Key "Relationship"

With the world being shaken by Covid-19
it has become how important relationships
are in our daily lives.

God gave each of us our own unique purpose
for the reason of relationships.

I am sure we are more aware how important
relationships are since the pandemic came
on board.

We must have connection with others. Though
you may have to stay away from a lot of people
it is important to know those we are connected

Even when we can't see them in person it is
important to call them or go on video chat to
see their faces as well.

There are those we mentor or being mentored
by well as family and friends. These connections
play a major role in who we are. Amen!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

My Plans Changed For Today

I was supposed to be going to Everson, Washington
today, however, the plans have been changed. My
cousin Peg said she couldn't go today something 
came up.

I was disappointed at first, however, I am sure 
something else will happen. Actually there is an
event happening tonight I wasn't going to be able
to attend so now I will unless it gets pushed back
as well.

I could still take a trip up that way but I figure
I will wait until Peg has a new date. It will probably
happen in the next week or two.

There is another possibility is to go visit her on
Whidbey Island. She mentioned it already even
doing so today but then thought I wouldn't want
to be part of the company coming for the day.

She had company over the weekend so is tired
from it so a major reason postponing the trip.

We all find times of disappointment don't we.
Life has changes happening all the time we 
just have to figure to go with the bounces.

Anyway have yourself a good day. God bless you!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Living With A Code

Many of us have read detective stories or seen
them on television. All seem to live with a code.
Often they struggle with the code they live by.

The same can go for us. Most of us have a 
code whether we realize it or not.

As a Christian I live with a code or at least
try anyway. Not always successful as well.

So try to stick to your code or change it. LOL

Monday, August 3, 2020

Living Life With Gratitude

When living our life of purpose we should
have gratitude included.

The big three is hope, love and faith with
love in the center.

Gratitude will help us with those three
along with forgiveness.

There are more things to work in the
equation; however, they certainly are
the way for us to live our life of purpose.

I hope everything is going well with you.
Life is getting better everyday. Amen!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

A Key To Life Purpose

I know there are several keys to us living
a life of purpose. I am not sure how many
though I have mentioned some over a long
period of time.

Important key is being passionate. Whatever
you are passionate about whether work or a
hobby it is a major key to your life purpose.

You spend a lot of time involved in your
work and hobbies so it does mean they
are not only important but a major key.

There are other keys as well, however, 
passionate key will lead to the other keys.
Try to find ways to use your hobbies to
bring out your purpose even in a greater

An idea would be to teach others your
hobby if you feel comfortable in teaching.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

A New Blog

Hello Everyone I have added a third
blog to my list of blogs under google.
It is Herb's Look At Travel. 

I hope for the blog to be quite successful
especially when I am able to get out and
travel beyond the home state borders.

I plan to add pictures they show as much
if not more than the words.


Vacation Time

Most years people of Western Washington
take their vacation in August. As we know
this isn't most years.

There a lot of places to visit right in our
backyard so this good time to do it. 

Eastern Washington is very lovely as
well, however, I find it too hot this
time of the year. Often hits hundred
degrees. I don't consider it much 

I have mentioned before using your
life purpose vacation is a good time.
You maybe getting away from normal
routine but still using your gifts and
talents is a good thing. Of course,
I am going by my experience.

August is starting off weather wise
as July ended very warm. We have
had years where it has been cloudy
for a good share of the month.

Most people would say they don't
like it because so much of the year
it is cloudy  here so why August.

So you are off on vacation enjoy 
wherever you are going. Don't
forget to check here once in awhile
thanks and God bless you.