Friday, July 31, 2020

What Will August Be Like

To be honest my last post was supposed 
to be for today but I accidentally already
posted it which is Ok.

Now we have to see what August has
in store for us. Of course, it is still 
important to take one day at a time.
Like I said before we can make plans
but we can't worry about tomorrow 
while it is still called today.

The only plan I have right now is I 
will meeting up with my cousin Peggy
on Wednesday in Burlington Washington.

Burlington is a small town about an hour
drive north of Seattle. We are going to 
Everson Washington just past Bellingham
near the Canadian border. It is about an
hour drive from Burlington.

Peggy and I our cousin Ray passed away
in April. They had a limited amount
of space for people to attend his funeral
which took place last Sunday. I wasn't
able to attend since it was mainly immediate
family. I am going to see Linda his widow
to give my respect.

I didn't know Ray very well although I
did see him at some of our family reunions.
He was into farming just like his parents.

It is important to give respect to anyone
who is family or we feel like family.

It will be a long day but it will be nice
to catch up with Peggy as well.  She
lives on Whidbey Island which is west
of Burlington. She grew up in Bellingham. 
She is ten years older then me or at least
around that mark anyway so I really have
known her as an adult.

I do remember going to her wedding as
a young child. It was quite the trip having
car trouble on the way not making sure
we would make it on time which we did.

This was before the interstate was put in
so took a lot longer to get there as well.

I only remember pieces of the trip since
I was so young. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Good bye July

Hard to believe July is wrapping up. I just
realized how to spell it right. lol

For the first half of the month here in
Western Washington we were wondering
if summer was ever going to happen.

Now we can say yes it has.

I don't let my life be dictated by the
weather but certainly a lot better when
it is sunny. I don't want it too hot though

Next Wednesday I am going on adventure
going up north  near the Canadian border.
I am meeting up with my older cousin Peggy.

Our cousin Ray passed away in April. They
finally had his funeral on Sunday, however,
I wasn't able to attend since they only allow
50 people to attend. 

Peggy and I will be meeting up in Burlington
Washington which is almost two hour drive
for me. Peggy lives on Whidbey Island so
closer for her. 

We will be meeting Ray's widow Linda. So
it will be nice to hear stories about his life.
I had met him on occasion primarily at 
family reunions.

It will be nice to chat with Peggy as well.
The drive will be about an hour from 

It will be a long day as well I know for sure.
Pray and wish me well. 

Finding Our Way

When it comes to our life purpose
the road isn't always clear so we
have to find our way.

It isn't easy road for the most part.
There will be turns we won't expect.

A good idea is to go to someone 
we have known for a while and
we trust to ask why we were 
created and the purpose of our

We may even be surprised. Every
one of us has strongholds from
long ago keeping us from fulfilling
our purpose and destiny. 

We must pray and repent for allowing
these strongholds. Actually believing 
in them. 

It doesn't mean we won't stumble any
longer but we will have a more of an
idea what to do. Amen!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Meeting Strangers

There is nothing better for me than to meet
strangers or someone I have never met before.

I figure it has to be part of my life purpose to
meet people I have never met before. 

Whether we spend a few minutes talking or 
several minutes in either case I enjoy doing so.

I am not sure whether it was what I wanted to
do at an earlier age but certainly do now.

On Tuesday I had my second car recharged
since it had a dead battery after not driving
since February. 

I am actually in the process of selling it. So
anyway I took it out for a drive to get the 
battery to continue running.

I stopped by the trail where a lot of locals
walk, run or ride their bikes.

I ran into an older gentlemen or at least
older than me I believe who was going
to take his bike for a ride.

He told me he hadn't been on it for 
nearly a year. He like this trail because
the hills it has.

Although we may never meet again I 
hope I rubbed off on him in a positive

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Life of Discipline

Those who have played a sport or have
or currently in the military knows what
it means to have discipline in their lives.

For those of us wanting to live a life of
purpose discipline is an important part
as well.

For us to accomplish anything we must
have discipline to succeed. It doesn't 
matter whatever we want to have success
in it does take some discipline as well.

So if you are a mentor or a leader it is
important to teach discipline to those
under your care. 

Monday, July 27, 2020

Summer Has Arrived

Here in the Pacific Northwest it has been
a tough summer with a not a lot of sun.
Also, to be able to get out because of
Covid-19 hasn't been easy either like
for most everyone.

This weekend it was a lovely weather
along with Monday as well.  I have 
heard different people and families 
taking trips though the weather not
ideal until now.

I figure spending time with others
especially family is a good thing
no matter what the weather is. I 
am not sure whether everyone 
would agree with me.

So I hope you had a good weekend
and be able to get out even if you
have to social distance. 

Life Purpose Means To Lead

When God created us for a purpose
he put us in a leadership role

What that means is different for 
each one.

I know there are those who have
the personality to only be a follower
which you might do a lot of the time
but it doesn't stop you being a leader

Leading means someone is following
you in some form or other. You are
a father than you have your children
to lead or you own a business than 
you have employees and customers
to lead.

Leading doesn't mean you have to
take on a lot of responsibility though
it might as well. Leading just means
someone wants to follow you in some
form or another.

It is important live a life others do
want to follow. I have mentioned 
before others watch what you do.
I am sure you have done the same
as well.

We can both be a follower and a
leader. It is not one or the other.
So just lead the way you think
you should or how others that
have influenced you. 

In the end ask God how you 
should lead. He is the greatest
leader of all. 

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sometimes Words Are Not Enough

There are days when it is hard to give
out words and this is one of them for
me anyway.

Sometimes we have to give action.
It is by faith and example. 

The world needs change but words
not enough sometimes. 

Love is the most important thing
we have even when others don't
see it. We must treat others as
we want to be treated even
when they don't see it.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Great News Saturday

I found out a little while ago I became
a great uncle on Friday. Her name is
Eleanor Kirby Nightingale.

Now we find out what God  has in stored
for the life purpose of this beautiful young
girl in the years ahead. 

They will call her Ellie though. 

Looking Forward To Next Trip

After last Monday's trip for the day
I have to plan my next trip.

Not sure exactly when or where,
though I know will again be in
my native state of Washington.

There are so many places to see
here. Some I haven't been to in 
awhile or I haven't been to at all.

There really isn't a bad place to
visit around here. From Seattle
you can go north, south, east or west.

Right now we are required to wear
masks whenever going to any restaurant,
bar, coffee shop and grocery store.

Outside we don't have to wear a 
mask long as we stay in a group
no more than five people.

Life has gotten back to close to
normal besides wearing a mask.
Most people are abiding to wearing
a mask while some complain they
think it is foolish to do so.

Although I am not a fan of wearing
a mask I feel it is important to protect
others. It isn't about me at all. Some
people just don't get it.

So here I am trying to live out my
life purpose the best I can. This is
all any of us can do. Until next time
stay safe and be blessed. 

                                           Cascade Mountains viewing from I-90

Friday, July 24, 2020

Turn Things Around

We all have weaknesses the key is how 
to  turn things around.

We should be able to take our weaknesses
and make them our strengths.

The number one key do we really
want to make our weaknesses
into strengths or not.

How do we change our weaknesses
into strengths? Well the first thing
we must acknowledge our weaknesses.

We must repent of our weaknesses.
We must ask God to turn these
weaknesses into strengths. 

After that we see what happens. For
our weaknesses have been with us
for a long time so won't change overnight.

We can't change our weaknesses on our
own only God can do so. This why we
wait to see what happens.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Continue to Press On

I have mentioned before though it has
been a while how important it is to 
continue to press on.

It is easy to be discouraged especially
in these days we are living right now.

Though we will have our ups and downs
it is important to keep our faith in God
along with ourselves.

Our purpose should continue to be
our view. It is what makes us and 
keeps us happy and have joy at the
same time. 

Pressing on means we continue on
the path we lead despite the circumstances
that come our way.

Remember to continue loving others
as well as ourselves. Walk the path
we are to lead and don't stray far off
of it. Amen!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Gifts Given To Us

When it comes to gifts given to us there are
two categories the natural and supernatural. 

We can have a gift like wisdom. In our natural
we can be be naturally smart. For instance, in
my family we are all to some degree to be
smart. Some are more smarter than others 
though it is hard to really know since everyone
is smart in one fashion or another.

Wisdom for the most part is a supernatural 
gift. Those God has given the gift of wisdom
allows it to be used at specific times. For 
instance, you may need to hear a word of 
wisdom so God will give the person who
has that gift to give the word of wisdom 
to you.  This will go for other gifts as well.

You may know both the natural and supernatural
gifts God has given you. The natural gifts 
you will use a lot of the time while the 
supernatural gifts will be given when needed.
The most important thing is to be prepared
to use either the natural or supernatural gifts.

Has Your Life Purpose Changed?

Has your life purpose seemed to have changed
over the last four months like everything else
seems to have.
I hope you are doing much of the same things
for your purpose. You just might be doing it in
a different fashion.
There is a member of my church who led several
small groups where he did Bible teaching. Most
of his groups are still going strong except he is
doing them on video chat instead.
Sometimes we have to change things up in our
life purpose and that is what he did. He still felt
strong doing his Bible teaching so like many in
the business world he decided to do it from
home and on his computer.
We should think more about what our life
purpose will look like in the future and adapt.
Best to your in your journey and life purpose. Amen!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Prayer and Meditation

Yes I finally was able to get some
sleep after praying and meditation.

I am sure some Christians don't
believe in meditation but Christians
have been doing so since Jesus

Just because other religions plus
those who do yoga shouldn't stop
Christians to do so.

I began praying then went into
meditating on some of the scriptures
before falling asleep.

I may decide to do so on a regular
basis now. Also, when I wake up
as well.

Every morning I read two different
books of the old testament and new 

Right now I am in the first chapter
of Samuel and starting on Jeremiah.
I am in 2 Corinthians and Revelation.
When I finish Revelation then I will
go to Mark.  I finished Matthew a few
weeks ago.

I have a routine to my reading of the
Bible. It allows me to read the Bible
two or three times a year. 

Hard To Get Sleep

This doesn't happen to me having
problem getting sleep at night.

Tonight I slept for a couple of 
hours but now don't feel like it.

Maybe writing here will allow 
me to get back to sleep.

Monday was a beautiful day
and a hot day while I drove
over to Eastern Washington.

I didn't go as far as I intended. 
Where I wanted to go was farther
then I remember but it is was 
still a good drive.

I made my first stop at Snoqualmie
Pass. It certainly didn't look the 
same in summer as in winter.
I wasn't expecting to but took
no pictures there.

My next stop was about 20 miles
east of the pass at Lake Kachess.
What a beautiful spot. Met a woman
with her young son camping at the
foot of the Lake.

My next stop was another 20 miles on Highway I-90 at Roslyn.
It is known where the scenery of the television show North

Roslyn was founded in 1886. Though it has some modern homes it
certainly looks like it is back quite a few years as well.

My next and lost stop was at Lake Easton National Park.
I didn't take any pictures. What I saw a lot of families
camping out. It looked like a popular spot for such
a thing.

Final picture returning going west on I-90 is Keechelus Lake

Had I continued there are so many places to see going north off of
I-90. I hope to take trips to those places again. 

A popular spot is Lake Chelan. A large group from my church
spent the weekend there. Several miles from Roslyn and Easton
is Cle Elem. 

Check a map of the whole north area east of Seattle you will
be impressed.

Now I am going to see whether I can get back to sleep. I am
not that confident right now. 

Monday, July 20, 2020

Getting Ready To Go

I am going on another road trip today.
I will be leaving earlier than on the 
previous trips for two reasons.

It will be a longer trip plus the
weather will be hotter especially
where my designation is.

It will probably be one hundred
degrees where I am going as the
high so hopefully start driving back
before it gets that hot.

I will put sun screen on before I 
leave and take it with me as well
if I need to add more.

I will end up on I-90 going first 
over Snoqualmie pass before 
entering eastern Washington.
There temperatures are usually
ten to fifteen degrees higher
than here during the summer.

I expect to make several stops
especially on the way back home.
If I am tired I hope to find some
shade to rest.

Enjoy your day with many blessings. 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Thinking Positive

Hasn't been easy over the last four
months, however, it is important
to think positive.

Faith is being challenged but it
is what we have to hang onto. 

It is so hard to know how long
the coronavirus is going to be
around for.

Right when we hear the virus
is going down it starts peaking

We have to remember more testing
is happening so what we thought
before isn't true. With more testing
more positive results will happen.

This doesn't mean we are in trouble
in the way the media wants us to 
think. We have to remember they
are wanting their ratings to go up.

So think positive and let your faith
be strong. Amen!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Read Proverbs

One of the best books to read in the Bible
is Proverbs. It is right after Psalms in the
Old Testament.

Proverbs is like poetry where they are
two lines or possibly.

There are 31 chapters of Proverbs so
you can read one chapter a day for a

There is a lot of wisdom in Proverbs
well as talking about wisdom.

Your life can change reading Proverbs.
You may even realize your life purpose
more in depth as well.

Enjoy and have a good time with Proverbs.

Positive Relationship

Most relationships feel positive at the 
beginning but they don't turn out that 

We can learn from positive relationships.
Those are truly positive last a long time.
I have found on occasion a long running
relationship have ended as well.

Temptation comes before the fall. One
of the party believes it is greener on 
the other side so they decide to jump
the fence not realizing or in some cases
don't care they won't be able to return.

The other side of the fence is usually
not greener than the side you come 
from so why even try. Even if it is
greener you leave disaster when you
jump the fence.

We all want positive relationships so
when you have one stay there. It doesn't
mean the relationship is perfect because
none are but still is positive. 

Friday, July 17, 2020

Spiritual Battle

What is happening in the world right
now is a spiritual battle. Another way
to call it spiritual warfare.

The world is such where so many
people are wanting us to think different
than we used too.

I know there ae those who think we
are in the last days. Be honest we have
been since Jesus Christ was raised from
the dead.

We are closer to the end then we were
yesterday. Whether it is the end times
we don't know even though it certainly
looks that way.

The important thing is to be ready and
not listen to other ones words when it
comes to end times.

I could be wrong as well so don't listen
to me as an expert either. I am never
going to pretend Christ is coming soon.

The important thing is to know we are
in a battle where our minds are wanting
to be changed. Stand firm on what you
have believed. Don't let evil become good
and good become evil. 

Old Friends

I find it good to run into old friends and 
classmates in the same fashion as seeing

In many ways old friends are closer 
than relatives.

In either case they are special for sure.

Old friends remember things about
you that others won't or you don't
remember yourself.

Later today I will be on video chat
once again with my sister, brother
and nephews. 

It will be nice to chat again and get
up to date My brother and I talk on
the phone every week, however, 
seeing each other's face is special. 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

What Leads To Our Life Purpose

The number one thing for us to live a life
purpose we must have a relationship with
God.  He is the one that leads us to the
purpose  our life is meant to be.

We may believe we have a purpose without
God but it doesn't go anywhere until we
live for God.

God is the one that gives us the gifts and
talents when we are born. We may not
discover these gifts and talents for some
time though. This can even be true when
we are using them before knowing him.

As I have mentioned before the happiest
of times for us is living with our purpose.
When we know about these purposes allows
us to live a more fulfilling life. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Going After It

Regardless what you want to do go
after it.

Your gifts and talents identify who
you are. They make who you are.

There maybe those who don't
recognize your gifts or talents
but it doesn't change things at 

People will look at you. The most
important ones will think highly
of you. 

When you are humble others will
think greater of you then if you 
are not.

Working Together

For our life purpose to flourish is to have
someone else to work together.

Those who are married then your spouse
would be your partner. They don't have
to be the only one, however, should be

The other person should be someone 
with similar gifting or another gift
balances yours.  Jesus Christ even 
said it is important for people to go
out in twos. In other words not be
a lone ranger.

Here in the USA everyone looks
at being independent as being a 
good thing, however somethings
it is best to be two.

Working together you can change
the world. 


Tuesday, July 14, 2020

My Next Trip

Next week I will be taking another trip in 
the state of Washington.

I will take a trip to eastern Washington.
I haven't been there for a long time.
There are some lovely places with
some lakes included.

I will take some more pictures on
this trip too.

Going traveling even a short way
from home will allow more to
discover about our life purpose.

Our life purpose is a journey as
much as anything else.

Monday, July 13, 2020

How We Should Feel

We can have doubt when pursuing the 
right direction we feel is going to happen
next in our lives.

It takes prayer and confirmation by others
to know for sure we are going the right
direction as we think.

We won't know for sure until we are on
the road, however, we will be trusting
God along the way.

The right direction wouldn't be in our
hearts if it really wasn't supposed to
be the road to be on 

I am sure we will be surprised along
the journey as well. 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Humor Good Medicine

When life knocks us down there is
nothing like humor to help us back
up again.

Those who use humor on a regular
basis have a good gift.

Humor can lift us up  like no other.
Humor can be a saving grace.

Use humor whenever possible.
Those who receive humor will
appreciate it. 

Saturday, July 11, 2020

You Are Extraordinary

You may feel ordinary. Others have told you
that your not even that.

Let you know God says you are extraordinary.
Who are you going to believe. 

I would go with the third choice. He created
the heaven's and the earth so he knows more
than anyone else.

Often we believe others before believing
God. He knew who you were to become
before the earth was created.

Take God at his word.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Do Our Best

I know many of have been through this 
four at least four months when it comes
to Covid-19.

I encourage all of us to do our very best
during this time. 

I know people have their own opinions 
or concerns, however, keep a positive

Love your neighbor even if they have a
different opinion or doing something 
different than you are.

We have to remember not everyone is
going to agree with us. Keep your smile.

Here we are asked to wear masks indoors
or outside unless you are more than six
feet apart. For those who have health issues
they are exempt.

I am not sure masks are helpful as much as
the social distancing but I follow the guidelines.
Not for myself but others.

So encourage others with a good word. Let them
know they are important regardless who they


We all know about investments from
the stock market to real estate. We
go to an adviser to help us find the
best for us.

When it comes to our life purpose
we should invest in people. It is
one of the most important parts
of our life purpose.

If you have been at your life purpose
for some time then you can be an
adviser for others how to become
mentors. We all can use a mentor.

Let people close to you that you
want to invest into their lives.
What a difference you can make. 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Weather Complaints

Since July has started here in Western Washington
the weather hasn't been what we are used to when
it comes to summer.

About every seven years the weather is like this
in July when the temperatures are lower and clouds
are in the morning.

I don't have a problem with it since the sun does
come out for at least half of the day and what I
like is the temperature gets no higher than 70.

I figure we should be thankful for being alive.
With the virus we should limit our time outside
anyway. Recently more people are catching the
virus as well. 

We are supposed to wear masks whether we are
inside or outside. Businesses are not supposed to
service us if we are not wearing a mask.

I know it isn't easy to wear a mask I know for sure.
When I do it is usually only for a few minutes

So if there is a year where it doesn't look so much
like summer this is a good one.

The important thing is to enjoy life and live our
life purpose to the best we can. Amen!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Always Family

I would say life wasn't always good
however, family made it a lot better.

I fortunately had a good family. What
a blessing they have been.

I miss my mother along with dad and
my brother who both have been gone
for a while.

A classmate died Monday from a car
he was in three weeks ago. I hadn't 
seen him a lot as an adult but still
feels like family.

I didn't get along with some of my
classmates but I still feel  they are
family to me.

I have new friends who feel like
family but there is something about
those you grew up with even when
you don't see them very often.

So enjoy your family as much as
you can even during the hard times.
Remember they all won't be around
after a while. Amen!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Pictures of Monday Trip

I made my trip to Bainbridge Island and
Poulsbo on Monday.

Much of Bainbridge Island is residential,
however, I finally found spot to see Seattle
from a distance well as where the ferry leaves
for  Seattle.

It isn't easy to get close to the ferry unless you
ride the ferry to Seattle. Maybe one of these
days I will  take the ferry ride.  

Poulsbo is a small city founded by those
originally from Norway. I was able to take
some pictures from the old part of the town
though not very large.

I was able to walk the streets there to get
pictures there wasn't a lot of people around,
however, most of them were wearing masks
as I was.

                                              Seattle Washington

                                            Bainbridge Island

                                            Bainbridge Island to Seattle Ferry

                                            Poulsbo, Washington

                                              Poulsbo, Washington

                                            Taken at Poulsbo Yacht Club 

Monday, July 6, 2020

Hello Monday

Here in the good old USA it is the last
day of the 4th of July weekend celebrating
Independence Day 

I have decided to take a drive today to
Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo Washington.
It is about an hour drive away.

I have been to Poulsbo several times in
the last few years but a while since 
Bainbridge Island.

Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island are 
connected by a bridge. Poulsbo
is a small town recently enlarged
by new homes though you can get
into the old part of town which is
on the waterfront.

Bainbridge Island many people 
take the ferry to Seattle for work.
At least when there isn't a Pandemic
going on anyway.  

Bainbridge Island is a good size Island.
Not sure how many miles has to it.
Those who don't work in Seattle are
mostly retired. 

I will be taking some pictures in Poulsbo
and Bainbridge Island so stay tuned for

Sunday, July 5, 2020

I Enjoy Sundays

I hope you enjoy Sunday's as much
as I do.

Get up early, relax, watch a little TV
pray, get into the Bible at the coffee
shop before heading to church.

With Covid-19 my church is meeting 
outside. We have a grassy area so we
can gather a couple hundred people 
with social distancing. 

Not only was our worship music 
wonderful as usual where I can
praise God so was the message
by our pastor.

He spoke about each of us being
priests. Praying for those we know
and don't know the Lord.

I hope I am doing the job where
you feel closer to God each day
along with discovering your life 

On Wednesday my nephew Ken
said on Facebook when I wished
him a good Canada Day he replied
back I was the best Uncle he and his
brother could ever have and their
mom had the best brother a sister 
could have.

I can't take any more than that. He
isn't a believer however my example
I hope he will someday.

So pray for your country that God
will bless it and your family will
know him personally Amen!

Questioning Our Faith

What has been happening in the world
the last four months it is easy to question 
our faith.

Whatever happens we should let our
faith stay in order.

Next to love, faith and hope are the 
two things we have to hang onto.

We must share it with others as well.
Give our faith to those who are 

Saturday, July 4, 2020

The Same Cloth

No matter what we look like we 
are made from the same cloth.

OK to be unpopular for your views.
Those who love you still will.

Ambition is not the same as
life purpose.

Life purpose will get you further along.

Happy Independence Day

I want to wish all my fellow  Americans
a happy 4th of July Independence Day.

I know we have had trouble the last
four months, however, better days 
are ahead.

Those of you from foreign lands 
have the attitude of freedom.

Enjoy today as we do here.

God gives you blessings. He is
the source of our lives. 

Friday, July 3, 2020

Love is the Greatest

There is faith, love and hope. The 
greatest is love.

Today so many are calling good
as evil and evil as good. Sorry 
they are both the same regardless
what many people think.

Have a positive attitude.

Drive out those things you
have trouble with in your life.

Pre 4th BBQ

Thursday Night spent time at a BBQ for 
a pre-4th of July Celebration.

Here we celebrate every year the Independence
of the United State that took place in 1776.

We had laughs along with food learning
what we have been doing as of late.

Enjoying hospitality is the way to go.
It is possible to find out your purpose
as well.  

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Words On Paper

I figure to write words on a pad  that come
to my mind. Words to encourage you all.

I may not do it every day but I will try

It could be the new thing here for me
to put across. I hope you enjoy it,

These are words I get out of the bible
or comes right into my head. So here goes

Take the land. Into their hands. Both I got
from reading the book of Joshua.

Pray and destroy your idols.



Think about these words and meditate
on them. Enjoy the rest of your day. Blessings!

Get A Call

It was nice to hear from my cousin Christy
on Wednesday afternoon. We don't get in a
lot of calls, however, we do so every so often.

She called because she had been thinking
about me since the loss of my mother along
with the coronavirus.

It was encouraging to hear her voice and
catchup on things. How her family is doing
along with mine.

I look forward to visiting with her when the
virus is all cleared up. She and her husband
David spend spring and late fall in Arizona
while rest of the year in British Columbia,

She told me they had a lot of rain in June
and July 1 having a downpour. I would say
they are ready for summer.

It is always a good thing to call family or
a friend. To encourage them with words 
and voice. They know the person you are
and what a difference you make. Amen!


Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hello July

First of all I want to do is wish my relatives
as well as the whole country have a great
Canada Day. This is the day they celebrate
their independence. 

Canada received there independence on
July 1 1767. I remember it well my family
took a trip across Canada and eastern USA
the summer of 1967 while I was a young lad.
It was there Bi-centennial. 

This year we hope the coronavirus can be
stopped in Canada, USA, and the rest of
the world. July we want to remember you
the month the virus stopped.

Most of us are trying to get our lives
back to normal as much as we can,
however, the virus is still rising in 
places once again. We have to be
smart about it. We have to be smart
about wearing masks when we should
and do a lot of praying and repentance.