Monday, November 30, 2020

Having Gloves

Now that winter is starting to settle here in
Western Washington I figured I need to have
gloves to keep my hands warm.

I am sure my gloves from last year are around
here somewhere but I decided to go out and
buy a new pair. It is much better than going
through the aggravation in looking for them.
Must likely they will show up real soon. Most
likely they in the back of my car.

Having two pair of gloves will work out just
fine. My next agenda might be to get warm
sox since my feet are getting cold as well.

Our governor's latest mandate we have to
sit outside if we buy coffee or tea at a coffee
shop. Currently we can't sit inside though 
very few are catching the virus.

Yesterday I was talking with a gal at church
who caught the virus along with her husband
and son-in-law. She and her husband are in
their 80s. Like me she has heart issues which
her husband does not. They caught it about
six weeks ago. 

She says she is feeling much better now. She 
says for her and husband has been what has
done with their minds. She is still working out
on it. Her son-in-law only had it a few days. 

Anyway the holiday season is going to be 
interesting. We have to see whether the 
mandate continues in a few weeks. The
governor's mandate was for only one month
and then wait and see. 

 I live my life as normal as I can with restrictions
implied. Working on the next step of my life
purpose for sure. 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Prayer and Meditation

I believe prayer and meditation can work
together. They are a good combination.

We all have areas in our lives we struggle in.
We can pray first about those areas then
meditate on the positive side. We can
meditate first if it works better then pray.

When thoughts come back in those areas
of struggle then we pray followed by
meditation. I believe over the long haul
those areas of struggle will not happen
as often eventually going away all together.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Sunny Day

We are in the midst of our rainy season here.
Yesterday we had a sunny day and clear skies
for the first time in two weeks.

Can you imagine how people feel when the
sun comes out compared to it raining.

People are out walking enjoy the air and
one another .

The weather is expected to be partly cloudy
today so should expect some sun and the 
temperatures in the forties. If you use 
Celsius then about eight. Actually no
rain forecasted the next ten days. Three
days all sun. I think we will take it.

So December will start out as a bang for
weather. The mountains have had some
snow so good time to travel. Amen!

Friday, November 27, 2020

Planning Ahead

It is so hard to believe it just over a month
left in 2020. This means we have some
planning for 2021.

For most of us it has been a tough year 
whether it has to do with the Pandemic
or a loss of a loved one.

We are being told the vaccine is supposed
to be out real soon. I know there will be
some who won't want to take the vaccine
for health reasons. Also, being told if
at least 70 percent of the people take the
vaccine we should be OK over the long 

So what it means for 2021 I am sure none
of us has any idea. We have to live by faith
for one thing and not have fear though the
media seems to want us to be in fear everyday.

We should plan as though things go back to
normal and have other set of plans if they
do not.

I hope to be able to go traveling sometime in
2021. I am thinking of the places to travel.
I will have to set up a schedule to do so.
I figure to start my digital travel writing 
business in 2021. 

My plan is to travel throughout USA and 
Canada. Visit my brother in Virginia while
seeing my sister in Quebec, Canada along
with her two son. Also, my cousins in 
British Columbia. Seeing friends throughout
USA as well plus meeting new people.

I will let you know how things go and when
the plans will set sail. I hope you to be able
to go on the adventure with me here or on
my travel site. 

My encouragement is you setup your plans 
for 2021 knowing adjustments will have to
be made along the way.

Not only is my plan to write you wherever
I am but to come on Facebook Live and 
Instagram Live as well. I want you to be
a part of my journey. Amen!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
Even those of you that don't celebrate the holiday.

We have things to be thankful for though it has
been a rough year for most of us.

It is going to be odd because this is the first
Thanksgiving without my mom. Also, at this
time I won't be celebrating with anyone other
than those I meet at the coffee shop or the 
grocery store.

The grocery store is going to have a cooked
turkey breast so I will be picking up one of
them this morning.

I know there will be others out there who will
be alone today as well. So  go out for a walk
or go to a coffee shop that maybe open so you
can wish others a happy Thanksgiving.

The importance of saying hello to someone when
you are alone at least you can take a focus off of
yourself even for a minute or long. 

Peace with you all. I will be thinking of you all
that come here and wish you the very best.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Living In Gratitude

This week I have heard the word gratitude a
couple of times. I looked up the meaning of
the word and what we can do with it.

Thursday here in USA is Thanksgiving Day.
Families traditionally get together for the
day and have dinner together. It is a national

Gratitude means your grateful or thankful for
others especially those you are close to you.
Circumstances can lead you into being grateful
as well.

Example: my cousin Rob Shaw his son Michael
had a skiing accident seven years ago when he 
was hurt with a spinel cord injury. Fortunately
he recovered quickly unlike others who come down
with the injury.

Michael talks with many people including young
people about being grateful. His life has become
better for being grateful and he wants others to 
know the same.

Being grateful isn't always the easiest thing to come
by but those that do live a healthier life to.  Jesus
Christ said to forgive others. His disciples asked how
many times a day. His response "seven times seventy".

Forgiveness isn't easy especially if you have been hurt
by someone or a member in your family has.  Gratitude
for our lives can help in this matter too.

We can't live a life of bitterness. Most likely we won't
live as long and we will have regrets too. So while you
live a life of purpose live in gratitude too. Amen!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Word For The Day

You probably won't be surprised the
word for the day is encouragement.

My encouragement is for each of us
to go meet a stranger whether it is at
the grocery store or coffee shop.

Give this stranger a word of encouragement.
We may even be surprised by their response.

The baristas at the coffee shop I go to on
a regular basis usually ask a new customer
where they are from and what are their plans
are for the day.

On occasion they will ask me what I have 
going on for the day. Some times we might
meet someone new to the city and they don't
know anyone. 

See how it goes. May turn out to be something
you do on a regular basis. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

One On One

I have mentioned small groups recently. The
smallest is one on one.

My pastor has been speaking over the last
several weeks about small groups especially
with the pandemic happening.

Sunday he spoke about one on one as much
Church as any size. He recommended having
someone to mentor well as someone for us
to be mentored. We need both.

I hope here I am able to do some mentoring
for you or at the very least encouragement.

On Tuesday I meeting fellow from church
for coffee. I am not sure whether I am 
mentoring him or he me but it doesn't
really matter we have a good time.

So find a few groups of one on one where
you can encourage one another well as other
groups of two or three. Enjoy be blessed. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Pressing On

Over the years I have mentioned several
times how important it is to press on.

I could say this year more important to do
so over any of the past years for sure.

Regardless what life has given us this
year it is important to press on to do the
things God has for us in this life of purpose.

I hope your health is good and family is
going fine as well. Many blessings and
knowing there are those out here encouraging
you on. Amen!

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Great News

On Tuesday I went for the test of covid-19
because I had a cough. I figured it was
important for my clear of mind and for
others being out in public. 

I am sure some friends would think I had
lack of faith by taking the test. Just like
wearing a mask I do it for others and not
myself though many stores require them
to enter. 

On Friday morning I got the call from
doctor I didn't have the virus as I expected.

I went out for coffee and the grocery store.
The mandate this week by our governor only
25 percent of occupancy could be in the store
at one time so I figured I would have to wait
outside to go in. To my surprise there was no
line so I was able to go right in to shop

Our high school in town on Friday was giving
testing for the virus. I could have waited until
Friday because the results would have come
right away, however, since I had a cough it was
a good idea I stayed home anyway.

There was another good reason not to go to
the testing as well. I heard the lineup to get
tested was over two and half hours waiting.

Going into Friday we haven't had many 
positive tests for the virus all along. I hope
this testing stayed the same. Within the 
county I live in the amount of cases has 
gone up. 

My town is across the bridge from the rest
of the county so what effect the virus has
on the rest of the county hasn't hurt us.
The only reason would be if those who
go over the bridge get into contact with
someone carrying the virus.  

Anyway enjoy your weekend and be safe.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Who Is In Charge

Often we think we're the ones in charge
of our lives. Actually God should be in

Often we let other people or circumstances
be in charge of our lives without realizing

Right now I have a cough. This means I 
am staying home until it is over. I have
been tested for covid-19 so I am home
as well until I hear the results. So who
is in charge?  

I am giving my life and this cough over
to God. I don't think God gave me the 
cough, however, he allowed it so I realize
who is in charge of my life.

So something for all of us to think about.
Having God in charge means our life will
be better. He only wants the best for us
regardless of what we may have heard
or think. 

Whatever or whoever is in charge turn
it over to him. God knows what to do 
with it. Amen!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Continuous Rain

Staying home on Wednesday because of my
cough I did notice it rained all day long. At
least when I wasn't napping.

November around here it rains a lot along
with December and January. We have had
rain for eight straight days including today.
We have five days this month where it didn't
rain at all. 

Staying indoors is the way to go for these
next three months. The mountains are getting
their snow so for those like skiing the place
to be.

A friend of mine I saw on social media she has
already out skiing. Not surprising at all. I think
skiing must be one of her life purposes. I am 
sure I won't be seeing her much other than on line.

Again today I will be relaxing hoping this cough
will end in the next few days. In the meantime I 
will be thinking and planning about the future.
This of course when I am not sleeping.

I look forward to feeling better so I can mingle with
people when I can. Right now it is limited by the 
mandates of the virus. 

Let you know I do think of you all wherever you 
are at. Things are going well and you are blessed.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Be Home A Few Days

It looks like I will be home for a few days not going anywhere.
I have a cough and a sore throat. 

I am drinking herbal tea specifically supposed to help with sore 
throats. I hope it isn't something lingers on for a while. 

I will be wearing my mask even outdoors when I go out. 
Interesting to find I feel better with the mask on though 
hard to keep on for more than a few minutes.

During this time at home I will be planning on what the future 
looks like as far as travel and live purpose. For me I feel they 
work together. 

I look forward to my friends like you will be on the journey 
with me. When the travel begins will depend when this 
pandemic is over or at least we have a vaccine  to take.

I hope to travel around the USA and Canada for the most 
part though other parts of the world would be great as well. 
It would be nice to meet up with friends in different places 
I know along with meeting new friends. Also, visiting family
 in USA and Canada as well.

While I plan and get better over the next few day I wish you 
all the best to in body and spirit. Amen!

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Being Faithful To A Few

This year being what it is being faithful
to a small group of family or friends is a
good idea.

All depending on where you are at for
some have spent all their time this year
at home. I encourage you to get out and
spend time with a small group. Being
there for each other. 

We really do need each other especially
in this time. When not together you can
call, text or email. Last week I had a 
really nice call with my cousin Lorna.
We plan to get together when a vaccine
comes out and we can take it.

She lives about an hour north and east 
of me, however, she and her husband
Al have decided to quarantine for now.

Anyway, whatever you have chosen to 
do I wish you the best. Amen!

Monday, November 16, 2020

Here We Go Again

Here we go again in the state of Washington
where the governor is telling the grocery stores,
restaurants and coffee shops to limit the amount
of customers at a time.

I am sure other countries have or going through
the same thing as well. The governor says the
cases of Covid-19 has gone up to where it was
back in March. I am sure it has to do with how
many people are in the hospitals once again.
The reason I say this is we have testing now
which we didn't in March so the measure of
cases has to be the hospitals. Right? 

I know I sound skeptical and it is true. Where
I live we don't have a lot of cases in the first
place.  Also, we are told to where masks when
we go to the grocery stores and other places
including hospitals along with doctor offices.
Unless you have been tested which I haven't 
you don't know whether you are carrying the
virus or not even though have no symptoms.

Back to the masks they are supposed to be
able to protect other people from you in case
you are carrying the virus and now they say
you are protected as well. This is where I am
skeptical is about the masks. If what they are
saying for protection with the masks it isn't
working now requiring amount of people
going into grocery stores and not having 
indoor sitting for restaurants and coffee shops.

The bright spot I haven't really though a lot
about the pandemic in the first place and do
what I can do as close to normal under the
government restrictions. I know people will
scream and complain as I am doing a little
here but we can live the best we can.

The hard part for most is the holiday season
is about to start. Here in USA we have
Thanksgiving next Thursday. It won't be
the same as our governor has asked people
not to gather together. You can have family
living together to have the holiday together
but requiring masks.

Those having family coming from elsewhere
the governor is asking to quarantine before
coming especially from out of state. 

I guess we will see how it all goes over the
next month. This is what the governor has
asked for the next month and then he will
see from there. 

The people have done well following the
governor mandates though I am sure many
are skeptical like me. Anyway, in the meantime
life will go on despite the mandates. 

I am sure we are all waiting for a vaccine to
come out. I know there are some who are not
planning to take the vaccine for different
reasons. I do plan to take the vaccine at some
point but not at the beginning. I want to see
how it goes first. 

Until next time stay safe.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Keeping Our Head In Focus

It is hard sometimes or I could say a lot
to keep our head into the game. We can
often get discouraged by the circumstances
we may do things we regret later on.

We must focus what is important in our lives.
Often people do things not only regret but 
can't change as well. We must not get side
tracked and keep on doing what we know is
the best things in our lives.

Relationships is probably the number one
problem we have where we can get off the
mark. We lose relationships because we 
decide something else or someone else 
is better for us.

So before we regret in doing something
let's think things over first. This is my
encouragement to us all. Amen!

Saturday, November 14, 2020

What Is Important To Us

This could go along with what I wrote on Friday.
What is important to us. Sometimes we have things
that are important but shouldn't be as well.

I have been waiting quite some time for what is
important to me. For example, I would like to be
married. Have someone joining me in this life
whose purpose works with mine.

I don't think your wife or soulmate has to do 
exact same things you do, however, someone
whose purpose comes along side you is important.

We all have gift and talents God has given us. 
Our partner's gifts and talents should be ones can
help or compliment ours.

We all come from different parts of the world
as well. How we think and act can be different
from each other. I would say in the same manner
men and women are different so can those from
different countries. 

Here in the USA we are beginning to be like our
European counterparts where we are learning to
be in relationship with one another. 

I see couples or even small groups meeting daily
in the coffee shops here. It is sort of like meeting
in the town square. 

Not everyone drinks coffee. I often have one coffee
drink a day. I don't really like coffee so add something
extra like white chocolate for me to take the bitterness
out of the taste for me. Sometimes I will have tea
instead of coffee. 

I go to the coffee shop for meeting up with people.
Seeing friends and meeting new ones. On occasion
I will see someone I haven't seen in a long time as

For me meeting other people is important. I will
chat with almost anyone and any age to. I really
like seeing little kids coming with one of their 
parents or both and siblings too.  Sometimes I 
won't say anything just wave and smile.

Whatever your culture is like I ask you to take
full advantage of it. Make it an important aspect
of your life. It doesn't matter whether you are
talkative or not. Do whatever you can. Amen!

Friday, November 13, 2020

Like Your Life Purpose

Do you like your life purpose? An interesting question
to ask yourself.

You really should like but love your life purpose. If not,
then you have to think whether you are actually living
the life God gave you. 

It doesn't mean we have to like or love everything going
on our life. None of us has a perfect life, however, for
the  most part we do love it. 

You don't like or love your purpose than ask God on
how to change it. He should give you the answer or
go to a close friend and ask them the same question.

This friend knows you enough he can ask you interesting
questions to turn things around. One of the questions is
what do you enjoy doing. You know the answer but you
are not doing so then start doing what you enjoy. 

What you enjoy doing doesn't have to be a job. It could
be a hobby instead. A hobby could turn into a job but
I wouldn't look to giving up your job until you know 
it will work out as a job if that is the direction you want
to go in. 

You enjoy your job but not as much as your hobby this
is understandable as well. The important thing is you 
still enjoy job and it allows you to making a living as
well which is important. The hobby then can turn into
a job when you retire from your current job unless 
the time for retirement is a ways off. A hard decision
to make for sure. 

Right now though you can enjoy your job and your 
hobby. They are probably both part of your life purpose
then you have your family which makes up an important
part of your life purpose as well.

Don't forget God plays a major part in your life purpose
as well. In fact, God is your main life purpose mission.
Don't forget that is the important matter. Worshipping
and loving God is your two most important life purpose.
Regardless of your job and your hobby God being the
center of your life will make you happy more than 
anything. Being happy like many things is your choice.
Don't forget it. Amen!

I am not saying all this for your benefit only. I have
to take my own advice as well. I will be happier and
more fulfilled as well. My relationship with God will
be better too. 

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Looking Up

Wednesday night came on my mind to look up.
This morning not only looking up to look inside
as well.

I believe God wants us to look up and appreciate
what he has made. We look inside into our hearts
for him.

God is looking for relationship with us. He loves
us dearly. Seek out his love.

He wants us to look up for our future as well
where we will spend eternity with him. 

God dwells within us and around us. Wherever
we go God goes too. Think about it and meditate
on it as well. Amen!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Trip To The Coast

I found my trip to the Washington Coast interesting
to say the least. The weather turned out to be all kinds.

Other than no snow started out from my home in Gig
Harbor as a little drizzle. Most of the two hour trip
to the coast it was overcast with an occasional sunbreak.

I thought will this isn't too bad to have, however, when
I got to Ocean Shores it became very windy. I was able 
to get out to take a few pictures. 

The regular road turned into dirt and sand. I didn't go 
to the beach as far as a few others did. For one thing 
I didn't want the car to get stuck. So I did walk to the
edge of the ocean beach. Not at Ocean Shores, however,
another location a little further north on highway 109.

This picture as you see it was cloudy along with the wind.

Going north it rained really hard and it was getting dark at 11 am.
Also, hailed along the way. I wondered if I could stop and take any
more pictures. Fortunately the rain stopped and became clear for
a few months near Pacific Beach. 

I figured I would be alone, however, a couple of other cars followed
me in. I guess I wasn't the only crazy person. Not a lot of people out
doing what I was at the time.

A much better picture of the Pacific Ocean along the Washington Coast.

Early afternoon the sun did come out but I was ready to head home. Primarily
I was hungry and there were not many places I could see to stop to eat on the
coast. There were several hotels in Ocean Shores and some new homes just
near Pacific Beach. 

So I stopped in at Taco Bell when I got back to Aberdeen. It is about a half
hour drive to Ocean Shores on highway 109. You can also take highway 101
however, it by passes Ocean Shores along with Pacific Beach and Moclips.

I did go a bit further passed Moclips but there was a sign you had to turn back
or take the road which goes up to highway 101. I took that road without really
knowing what it was other than it was getting me to 101. Not many travelers on
that road. I believe the turn back was because of covid-19. Local residences could
go but not visitors. 

Ten miles south of Aberdeen I stopped at Lake Sylvia. It was a place my dad took
my younger brother Jack and I a couple time when we took trips with him to 
Aberdeen on business. It is a lovely lake though it isn't like I remember so much.

                                               Lake Sylvia with a bridge in the background

                                                    Lake Sylvia the other direction

The weather was nice at Lake Sylvia as you can see; however, I could tell
it had rained a little before I arrived. The road was wet and water dripping
down among the trees.

It was a wonderful trip, however, I would say it would have been better
to have come in the summer or in September or in the spring. I will do so
next time for sure. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

I Am Sticking To The Plan

Today I am going to the ocean on the Washington
coast. The likelihood it will be raining, however,
I figured it is important to stick to the plan.

I decided it is important to go today because if I
wait for it not to rain I could wait for some time.
I will see how it works out and if it is raining I
will enjoy anyway. 

I plan to take some pictures whether it is raining
or not as well. I look forward to seeing the water
from the ocean splashing away.

As a kid I figured God spent time at the ocean 
well as the mountains.  I didn't really know but
I felt his Spirit was around there.

I now know his Spirit is everywhere and I can
feel it any place I go. Amen!

Monday, November 9, 2020

Trusting Others

The hardest thing to do today is trusting others.
This is either in person or on line.

On line it is difficult especially if they ask for
something from you without meeting first.

Most of the time they will ask for money or
something equal to money. Do not give them
money. Possibly a gift card but only in a small
amount you can afford to lose. Don't do it often
either. They start asking for higher amount stop
right there. 

When they start complaining that you don't trust
them then explain you haven't met them as of  yet.
They say a sad story it is a good time to stop.

My best advice is not to start a relationship online
with anyone you haven't met before. If you do or
have you will find the problem pretty quickly most
of the time.

Trusting someone in person may work the same way,
however, you have met them. You still should be careful
with them too. Listen to how they talk. Are they wanting
to get something out of you besides friendship.

These days trust is hard to come by and it is earned.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Staying Inside

The rain weather has started here now it is
November. We usually get rain in October as
well. We did have three inches of rain but it
came over a couple of days or maybe three.
It was sunny for some of the month too.

We have had sun for a couple days so far this
month but I have the feeling not happening 
very often the rest of November unless I am

I am spending some time at home well as
at the coffee shop. It is the good time of the
year to talk with others. Encouraging and 
seeing what they are up to. Enjoy the rest 
of your weekend!

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Life Goes On

I have to say the presidential election isn't
quite going the way I was hoping it would,
however, life will go on.

My faith is such no matter who is president
of the United States won't change that. I am
not a big fan of President Trump but things
could be dicer than it is right now.

The race isn't over yet but it does look like
Joe Biden is going to be our President. I 
don't have as big problem with him as I
do his running mate and the democrat
party. I hope he is able to make it through
all four years.

Our largest city here in Washington State
Seattle is terrible and it is run by democrats.
I don't get how they don't see it. The democrats
at the state level are not much better. At least
in my district people had more common sense
when electing representatives to the state

I know there are those having a hard time with
what is going on in politics but life has to go
on or we drive ourselves crazy. 

Wherever you are from whether you like your
government or not have the faith to push through.
Life certainly has its ups and downs I wish the
ups be with you always. Amen!

Friday, November 6, 2020

Working On Our Craft

Someone who enjoys sports and has played sports
not at the level of professionals they continue working
at getting better everyday. In other words, they are
working on their craft.

We actually do the same thing when it comes to our
life purpose and our jobs. We may not realize it but
what we do is working to improve on our job and

Everyday I am here writing a post to encourage 
you on your life purpose or what is happening 
around me means I am working to improve

In another way it is like exercising. We only get
fit if we are exercising everyday or at least three
or four times a week. I go out for walks or I do
some type of stretching. 

So just think about it whatever you are accomplishing
today you are living your life purpose at the same 
time. What to improve your life purpose ask a friend
or a mentor to help you. 

Don't measure yourself against others because God
isn't and he knows you better than anyone else. Amen!

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Getting Close

We still don't know who the next President of the 
United States of America is of yet. Right now it
looks to be Joe Biden!

I am not sure it is a good thing for Biden to be
president however it is what the people want.
This election is the largest turnout in many years
if ever.

I have to say I am not a great fan of  Biden,
however, it is the democratic party I  am 
even less of a fan.

We have a democrat for governor here in the
state of Washington. I think he has done some
good things like the pandemic be sure people
are safe. 

Though many people were upset closing down
businesses for a while including some permanently
just reelected him as governor.

I have the feeling we are going to go more into
socialism with Biden as President. Here in 
Washington state our taxes continue to go up.
I see the same thing happen with Biden as

The important thing though the republicans
still control the senate so Biden and the 
democrats will have to find a way to get
past them.

The important thing right now I will live
my life the way I have. Of course, the
votes haven't all been counted so it could
still turn around but it would take a miracle
to do so.

Please continue to pray for our country. Let
still be strong making a difference in the world

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Be Yourself

I have had several things go through my mind
this morning so I landed on being yourself.

Reminds me in high school to impress a girl 
you tried to be someone else. You didn't know
they liked you for yourself and if they didn't
trying to be someone else wouldn't work.

We could do the same thing today realizing
those who like us because we are being 
ourselves. Trying to be someone else isn't
ever going to work no matter how hard 
we try.

I hope this is some common sense for all
of us to live by. Have a wonderful and 
blessed day. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

A Change Of Pace

Today is the National Election Day, however, it isn't
what I mean by change of pace. I don't want things
to the stay the same as it is now but change of the
party for President isn't they way to go.

Actually I am writing about the weather here in 
Western Washington. It has been really nice over
the last week or so with sun shinning. Usually 
doesn't happen in October or November. 

We are expecting some rain this week so this is
where change of pace comes in. I know there 
are those who like sun all the time but I like
some rain well as cold weather. I hope for
some snow this winter.

Next week I plan to go to the ocean. I haven't
been there for some time.  I hope to pick a
day the weather is good.

Back to our election. No matter what happens
God is in control and his purpose for our lives 
and that of our country and world hasn't changed.
God is still in control. Amen!

Monday, November 2, 2020

Hope and Faith

Hello it is morning of November 2 here in the
Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Tomorrow will be the election for the President
of the United States of  America. In my state
of Washington we have election of our governor
well as other positions.

First of all I want to thank any of you who have
been praying for our elections. It looks like it
maybe a record election as far as how many
people will be voting.

The important thing though whoever wins even
if it is the person you did not vote for is to be 
sure to keep your hope up along with your faith.

Don't be discouraged thinking life has ended and
we have no where to go. The USA is still a strong
nation though this year like for most places has 
been tough. Also, continue to pray for USA well
as the other nations. Amen!

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Gained An Hour

For many of us here in the United States anyway
and Canada as well we gained an hour as the
clocks were rolled back early Sunday.

This meant we could stay up an hour later or
sleep an hour longer, It worked well to with it
being Halloween too,

I wish where I live they would keep the time
the same always but it is nice to be able to use
the extra hour for whatever reason we choose,

Now we have entered November so it means
the holiday's are ready to start. Here in USA
the Presidential election happens on Tuesday.
We will have Trump returning or a new president
in Joe Biden. To be honest neither one is a good
choice in my mind I am hoping for Trump only
because what the democrat party represents. 

Late November here in USA we have Thanksgiving.
Families have to decide whether they will gather
in small or large groups. Whether tradition of who
comes will live on or not. Wearing a mask should
be in the agenda whether you agree or not.

Anyway I am wishing you a wonderful day as we
begin another month as the year of 2020 is coming
near to the close. Amen!