Monday, June 29, 2015

Changes Happening

Last Friday the U.S. Supreme Court decided it was time to make Gay Marriage across the whole land. I am sure everyone has an opinion from one side to the other. Here in the state of Washington Gay Marriage is on the box for a while.

I have to say that I am against Gay Marriage. For someone who is straight, a Christian who struggles with being single it is hard to deal with; however, now gay marriage is a reality.

I hope that those who are getting married in the gay community they will have the same struggles, and obstacles as straight people do. All relationships have their ups and downs. Playing with words gay marriage does not mean that you will be happy. I hope you get the pun I just said. Anyway, I am not going to put judgment on them. It is there sort of already. As a Christian I am called to love the sinner. I am sure some will disagree that it is a sin, however, I am calling it what it is. So in other words I will love them, respect them, and act toward them like anyone else; however, if they ask I will tell the truth.

The thing is we all have issues that we deal with on a daily basis. The thing is how we handle them. I know often I don’t do a very good job. I need God’s grace like everyone else. The most important thing is deal with the issues, repent, and move on. I desire to love God with my heart the best I can. I know regardless how I act he loves me. He loves the gay person as well; however, they need to deal with it and realize that it is sin. They are like the rest of us in bondage to sin.

What I desire for all of us is that we become champions. We live out the destiny and purpose God has for us. Be truly champions we have to deal with our issues like I had already mentioned. I believe part of my destiny and purpose is to speak truth with love. What kind of love is it if we don’t speak truth. If I had children and they were doing wrong things what kind of parent would I be if I didn’t let them know of their wrongs. What kind of parent would I be if I didn’t discipline them when they needed it. Love does not mean that I allow those things that should not be.

I am sure in the future there will be other changes happening that we all have to deal with whether we agree or not. The world continues to get darker though there will be light as well. The important thing is for us to keep going know that truth will win in the end.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Beginning of Hot Summer

This year the weather here in the northwest has been mild more than any year I do remember. We started off with winter feeling more like spring other than a few days. Spring was above normal as well. There were days that became warmer than usual and felt like summer.

Now we are into June and the weather has been summer weather. Usually the summer in the northwest doesn’t begin around July 4; however, this year the temperatures have been into the high 70s and into the 80s the whole month of June. We have had on sprinkles of rain for maybe four days at the most.

I have never seen so much of the sun during the year like it has in 2015. I am sure the rain fall is far below normal. Usually the rain falls pretty regularly during the first half of June and the sun will show its face in the second half. Often it will rain just before July starts. I always considered summer jumpstart was Fourth of July weekend. This year there is no rainfall forecasted through the holiday weekend.

Growing up before school was let out for the summer the last few days the weather was nice and I like many kids did not want to spend the time indoors. We were not really studying very much at all either. In my case I tried to study the least that I felt was required throughout the school year anyway. In elementary school the last day of school we had field day. We had all types of activities throughout the day before be let out early afternoon.

Though I certainly enjoyed the summer the rain seem to always happen as soon as we let out school. It was frustrating because I wanted as much summer weather possible before heading back to school. In elementary school many of the years my parents sent off my brothers and I off the YMCA camp. Like many things I complained about having to go; however, I always had a good time. My mom new it would happen with me every time. I am not sure about my brothers because like you can imagine I never really thought much of what they were doing or saying.

When we were not in camp or going to summer school often we would go in work with our dad. It was a way for us to earn money. Our parents were not into giving us an allowance. We were either given money (make it clear not allowance) or we had to earn it. In the early years had to do chores or look for pop bottles that we could turn in for cash. I would say child labor at its finest.

Now back to present time I wonder if this hot summer weather will continue through September. You see here in the northwest the summer weather can last for maybe a couple weeks when we are back in school. I can say another gripe for kids. Every year in the second week of September we were let out on half day go to the Puyallup Fair if we felt like it anyway. All kids in the area were given free passes to get in. Of course the rides and food cost something. Another frustration happened going to the fair I am sure you can guess often it would rain. What can I say the life of a kid.

So everyone enjoy your summer and we will continue on the path here in the northwest. I sort of wonder though if rain will come in July or August to say don’t forget us.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Something we all want is relationships. We begin first with our parents and our siblings. When we are a little older we have friends in the neighborhood and then at school. Depending where we live and the people surround us our relationships are either good or bad.  Most often they are a mix of both.

We do find some people are easy to have a relationship and others very hard. When we were kids especially we all had problems with what I would call bad kids with bad influence. Even today I still feel the hurts of those who loved to tease. In my opinion they lack security in their lives. Some of them have grown up and no longer act that way while others still live in the same way.

What parents can do the most is to keep an eye on their kids to see who they spend their time with. The things though some parents do not have clue who their kids spend time with.

When I was growing up I did not want to say what was happening with other kids. I have to say most of them were OK but as the saying goes the bad can ruin the spoil. We look at what those bad kids are doing. It is important not only to let our parents know or someone close to us that speak to them on our behalf.  I finally told my parents when I was all grown up.

I have forgiven those bad kids and I do not remember exactly what they did in the most part. It makes me feel a lot better of myself. I do sometimes detract; it brings back the dark places in my life. I do not feel or in the dark places as much as I used to be.

I am not sure what else to say because I want to encourage everyone. I am not here to put guilt on anyone what happened to them or their children. The most important thing is to have friends we can spend time with that can lift us up and encourage us especially when we do not feel like it. Other words our real friends are those who still love us when we are at our worst. It is important that we choose the right friends.  Stay away from those who can drain us. This is especially true if they encourage us to continue down the wrong road. I am thinking about those who may have a drinking problem or some other addictions.

Even those who are part of our family brings us down we need them know that we do not like what they are doing. Unless it is a family gathering stay away. Sometimes for us to be healthy we must give out tough love.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

My dad has been gone for some time now but he is never forgotten. One of my first writings at end of 2013 was about my dad.

Like all fathers my dad was not perfect by any means but I have to say I could not been given any better one.

We did not have a lot in common as far as interests; however, he wanted the best for me, my brothers, and sister. He did things that interested me like taking me to ball games and one season was my little league baseball coach.

Probably the greatest honor I got from my dad was being named after him. Having the same name keeps him alive. My brother continued the honor by giving his youngest son Danny the middle name Herbert after both dad and I.

In the natural I am not a father; however, I hope that there are some young men and women who consider me a second father.

I want to wish a happy father’s day to all fathers but also to the men who are uncles as well since there is no official day for us. This is especially important to those fathers who only get to spend some of the time with their children. Also, those who act in place of real father because the dad is not around or is gone for whatever reason; all the fathers who are serving in the military, and not able to see their children today.

I see often that the mother’s get a lot of credit which they do deserve; however, the father should have as much credit as well. It is important that mothers and fathers should have the same credit and the same burden for the children; also, the love from the father as well. The strength and the boldness should come from the father.

I know that some will same you are not a father so you do not have the right to say some things; however, I am one that would love to be a father. If you are not standing up to do your father duty it is the time for you to do so. Your children need the best father around. A mother can’t take the place of the father. The mother has a role but so does the father. If you haven’t taken your place as a father it is time to do so. It does not matter how long it has been since you have seen your children. Be sincere, and ask forgiveness from your children. Let them know that you are now there for them. It does not matter how long it has been, and what the circumstances that has not allowed you to be the father they need. Also, it does not matter whether the situation was your fault or not.

 Last and certainly not least all men in United States should stand up strong whether you are a father or not. It does not matter how the media, movies, or television portray men.


Happy Father’s Day.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Going Fishing

I believe one of the best experiences a kid can do is go fishing. This would be true even if he only does it once.

I recommend that you take your child or children fishing whether you like to go yourself or not. It will be something they will remember the rest of their lives.

I haven’t fished as an adult; however, I went fishing when I was around thirteen. I did most of my fishing off our dock in Gig Harbor. I enjoyed being by myself and to see if I could actually catch a fish. It did take a while to catch something but I finally did. Not only did I catch one fish I caught a lot of fish over lots of time fishing. Of course, it was convenient for me because I just had to walk down to dock.

There were two types of fish I caught which was flounders and bullheads. The flounders my mother would skin and cook for dinner. They were very delicious to eat. The bullheads were not made for human consumption so I gave them to our cats. They enjoyed the bullheads very much. I would say that I was popular with the cats.

I really wondered why I never was able to catch a salmon. They were frequent visitors to Gig Harbor. In fact, at the north end of the harbor there are two creeks. The salmon will go up both creeks to spawn. One of the creeks is on the east side and the other is on the west side. The one on the west side there used to be a hardware store next to it while I was growing up. Several years ago when the hardware store closed they turned it into a park. So people can actually view the creek now. Last year they added a bridge and cars go over it one direction; I found out back in the 40s there was an original bridge but was taken out I believe when the hardware store was built.

The creek on the east side goes through Crescent Creek Park. When I was a child it was known as Gig Harbor City Park; however, now that Gig Harbor has several parks they changed the name. I used to spend a lot of time at the park when I was growing up. We had picnics as well as playing football after school when I was in junior high. The park was on my way home from school. Also, the baseball park was our home field for little league games. One of my friends Paul lived on Crescent Valley where the creek went through. We had Cub Scout meetings at his house, and the creek went through his yard. We could see the salmon go up stream.

I had another experience at around the same age when I went over to friend’s house in Vaughn, Washington. It is located north and west of Gig Harbor. It is on the Key Peninsula and takes about a half hour to drive there. We went and fished along the Vaughn River. It was not very deep so we were able to walk in the river though it was quite cold. We actually used spears to catch a bunch of flounders. We were unable to find any salmon there either. I expect it was probably the wrong time of the year for salmon. It may have been the reason I never caught salmon in the harbor either.

I believe whether you want to go out fishing or not. I think it is a good thing once in a while to put a sign out that says “Gone fishing”.  You do not have to go to a harbor, lake, or river to fish. Just go out and have a good time doing whatever. Others won’t know they just think you are out fishing.

In Gig Harbor we have a couple public docks where you can hang out and not even fish if that is what you want to do. It is just nice to feel the breeze and enjoy the weather.

I never did fish with my dad or my brothers; however, he did say he went fishing when he was younger. Most likely he did not fish with his dad either. Most of the time dad spent his time sailing which was a good thing to do as well. I didn’t always like it when there was no or little wind but still a good time. Sailing is what my brothers and I did with our dad. So I guess could put up a sign that says “Gone Sailing”.  

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nearby University Place

This week The U.S. Open is being played at Chamber’s Bay Golf and Country Club in University Place, Washington. So the United States and the golf world will learn about this small suburb of Tacoma.

Doing a little research I found that University Place in a census in 2010 to have a population of just over thirty-one thousand people. I expect it is a little larger than that now since some construction of businesses, condomin- iums, housings, and shopping centers have been added in the last few years.

University Place is southwest of down-town Tacoma. Though there are those living with low income, and middle class there are quite a few upper middle class as well. University Place takes about ten minutes for me drive to. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge is what separates University Place, and Gig Harbor.

If you look out toward the west and the south from the Chamber’s Bay course you will see the southern part of Puget Sound. Just off to the south of the golf course is Steilacoom which is the oldest city in the state of Washington. The population of Steilacoom is a little smaller than Gig Harbor.

During the U.S. Open those coming from Gig Harbor area will have to park at Steilacoom to be bused to the course; however, a shuttle will be available as well to go directly to the course. Also, throughout the tournament there is a shuttle boat that will bring people close but will only be there for a couple hours and then return to Gig Harbor. Other boats are only allowed no closer than one thousand feet from shore.

Growing up in Gig Harbor I did often go to University Place. It was smaller city in those days as was Gig Harbor. When I was little my mother would take my brothers and I to Titlow Pool in University Place to learn how to swim; this was important since we lived near the water on the east side of the harbor. By boat East Gig Harbor is off to the right after entering into the harbor. You will see many homes on that side as well.

I have heard from those who are older than I that when they were kids it was quite popular for teenagers to walk over the Narrows Bridge to Titlow Pool. I understand the pool is no longer there but a park is still in existence.

Most of the golfers arrived by private planes at Narrows Airport which is on the west side of Gig Harbor after crossing the Narrows Bridge. Other than by boat it is the only access to Gig Harbor coming from Tacoma.

My brothers attend Charles Wright Academy which is a private school that is real close to the Chamber’s Bay golf course. Also, Curtis High School is the public high school in University Place. While I was in school we played Curtis High School often in sports. So growing up between Titlow Pool, Charles Wright Academy, and Curtis High School I spent a lot of time in or going through University Place.

You may wonder why an odd name for a place in University Place. Actually when the city was founded in the 1800s the private College University of Puget Sound had property there and was planning to build the school; however, the school ended up being built in north Tacoma which it is still at today. University of Puget Sound sold the property back to the city.

You will see watching the U.S. Open that University Place is a beautiful place. You see a picture below showing a picture of Chamber’s Bay. I heard a residence say that they should change the name of University Place to Chamber’s Bay because of the tournament. I guess we will see if it happens. In the meantime, University Place will never be the same ever again because of the tournament.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Being a Teenager

Whether you are teenager from a small town like Gig Harbor or a large city like Seattle it isn’t always easy.

I found living those teenage years being quite difficult. It is hard to realize who you are. Often you believe what others think of you. Actually it likely a very small group of other teenagers; we think that we are what they say we are when in fact we are not. We are closer to what our closest friends say we are. It is so easy to take things what others throw our way.

I know that I let others say get the best of me. It was really not fair to me. I was more than what they said.

I wish I knew then what I know now about myself. I was insecure, shy and nervous around girls. I think that they believed the same about me as the guys who bullied me and spoke ill well of me. I found out recently that there were girls that liked me whether it was my looks, personality, or whatever. Though I was unable to speak the words then I now can say them with confidence. Now that teenager that still lives inside of me you are a great guy. There are those that liked you a lot.

What I find sad and mad at the same time hearing about teenagers who decide to commit suicide. They do so because of bullies and those call them names along with other things. Teenagers of today who are thinking of suicide need to realize that over a course of a lifetime being a teenager is actually only a few years. Suicide is not the answer and you can’t take it back either unless by some chance the suicide did not work. So from someone who had to deal with a lot as a teenager you will survive. You are made for greater things no matter what others may say. You are a great young man or woman. If those thoughts are going through your head, and you don’t know how to stop it find a friend or a mentor. In the end you will be alright. I want you to know that.

For those of us that are past those teenage years remember the really good times and not focus on the negative. Whether you see them often or not the closest friends in that time period are your friends forever.

In the end despite the negative things Gig Harbor was a great place to grow up and still is a great place to live. It is more than the beauty it is the people. Great are the ones that I grew up with.  

Friday, June 12, 2015

Being Friends Forever

I read on line what a couple people wrote that grew up in Gig Harbor at the same time as I did. I found what they said being interesting as well. Also, a couple others have written stories on line growing up in Gig Harbor too but I still need to read them.

The two that wrote stories that I read were very good. They were different from each other; however, I got out of what each said was how much they enjoyed growing up in Gig Harbor, and most of all who they grew up with.

One was Dave who I mentioned on the blog about one of the best weekends in town. He wrote with a lot of description on living in Gig Harbor along with the type of person he was. Reading it would have been difficult in some respects until you were one that grew up in Gig Harbor at the same time. He mentioned it later in comments that those of us living here would understand it. He identifies that he comes from the things around him. For example: I am from fishing boats, net shed etc…. So everything in Gig Harbor is part of us; a very good way for us to be looking at things. David actually got this from his daughter Becky who wrote an essay writing from in a way that I came from…. It is a really good way to look at things.

The other one who wrote on line was Denise. She was a little older than me so I did not know her very well; however, I do remember liking her very much. I was shy and nervous entering high school so talking with girls was hard enough but older girls even a year or more was harder. Anyway, she now lives in California but remembered the great times growing up in Gig Harbor. In fact, she referred Gig Harbor as the Harbor. I found on her post that she actually lived not that far away on Peacock Hill which was near the city park that I visited a lot of occasions and had the baseball field I played home games on in little league. Also, she mentioned that she could see Randall Road ( what my brothers and I called  the low road that started at the city park), and Goodman Drive the road I lived on. Her writing style was not like David’s it was more like mine. She remembered Gig Harbor as a great place to grow up.

One thing David, Denise, myself, and others agree upon that not only Gig Harbor was a great place to grow up it was also those who we grew up with. I found growing up in Gig Harbor was not always the easiest but it still was the best. Not only it was and still is a beautiful place it was a great place to roam and spend time. I did not really enjoy school that much but play time and after school hours were great. Another thing we could agree upon as well is that we were spoiled in so many ways. Though we had all our ups and downs and trying to figure out who we were life was better in the Harbor than any place else; I not only want to thank my parents for such a good place to live but those who I grew up spending time with.

I am sure everyone had good and bad points growing up. Sometimes it is easy to focus on the negative things that happened instead of the positive and good things. They all made me who I am today.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sunny Weather

This year is the first time that I have seen so much sunny weather in the northwest in June. Not only has the sun been up the temperatures have been in the 80s for several days.

If you are a native son or have lived here for some time you know it is quite unusual for the sun to be out so much already in June though the month is not quite half over. Most June’s it rains the first of the month and at times good weather in the second half.

We are all enjoying this weather because it does happen rarely in June. I always figure that summer begins on July 4.  This year is an exception I see. The temperatures are supposed to cool down into the 70s over the next few days but we will still see some of the sun. I am sure it will be cloudy first thing in the morning for the temperatures to lower. According to meteorologists rain is not expected in the near future. We can say it is nice to have an extended summer but we could use the rain as well. It is hard to think that way since rain is very accustomed around here.

Since schools do not get out in the next week or so if I was a student I would find it difficult go to school right now. For me growing up though going to school was always a challenge. I can say it was not one of my favorite activities. I am amazed how much my nephews and niece enjoyed school over the years but they even like it when school gets out. I would say it is part of being a kid.

School though now gets out at least a couple weeks later than when I was going. I see more holidays happening during the school year. I found anytime getting out of school was a good time; however, I really enjoyed having a long summer.

This last weekend In Gig Harbor we had the Maritime festival which I showed pictures and mentioned on the last blog; the weather was so great that many families were out. The traffic at times was hard to deal with. I am sure those who decided to stick around home spent the time working in their gardens.

This summer will be a very good time for me. Early July we will be having a family reunion in Bellingham, Washington and in August my brother Jack and his family will be coming out for a week. We will likely spend a day up at Mount Rainier or in the Olympic Mountains. I have mentioned before that there are so many wonderful places to go in Western Washington. It is a great place to visit especially during the summer. Not only is it sunny it is cooler than many other parts of the USA. I know that it is hard to see everything in one trip so I recommend coming again and again over the years. This is a great place for kids to do things as well.

Though I have lived here my whole life I have actually not seen every place in the state. I hope to discovery more of Washington state. Also, the other states in the northwest are really wonderful to visit as well.

You can see that the pictures shown on the last blog post how beautiful it really is here. No matter the location beauty is all around us. I enjoy not only soaking in the sun but the beauty too. Whatever there is to do I enjoy just hanging out. Wherever you go for the summer enjoy it to the fullest.  

Monday, June 8, 2015

One of the Best Weekends in Town

The weather in the northwest was one of the best I have seen especially in June over the weekend. The temperatures were in the mid to upper 80s. People were out and about all over the place whether by land or water.

My hometown of Gig Harbor had its annual Maritime Festival. It has been going on since I was in high school. Originally it was called Harbor Holidays; however, because of some trouble going on the name was changed to Maritime Festival. Not so much trouble since the name change.

The Maritime Festival happens the first weekend of June whether sunshine or rain. This time of the year the rain is quite common but not this year. The festival begins with the Maritime Parade at 10 am on Saturday and goes until around noon. There are floats, bands, churches and businesses that participate in the parade. Other words it looks like most parades that you would attend. I will show a few pictures to give you an idea how many people showed up. I believe this year may have had the largest attendance ever because of the weather.

I love going to the parade because I figure to run into someone I haven’t seen in a while. This year was no exception I saw Dave who I grew up and attended school from elementary through high school. We played against each other in little league baseball and sang in high school choir. It was great to catch up with him. Also, I love seeing babies and little kids. Of course, the weather made even more spectacular.

In the afternoon on Saturday they had blessing of the fishing fleet that goes up to Alaska along with music and food. The festival finished up with more music and food on Sunday. Next I will show some pictures of the parade and the fishing boats. I believe you can agree that there are not many places more beautiful than Gig Harbor and the northwest when the sun comes out. Enjoy pictures.
Part of the crowd in middle of Gig Harbor before the parade begins.
The police car  starting off the parade
The first participates after the police car
Star Wars had to show up of course

I had to show a picture of a little girl

A canine friend who participated in the parade

The fishing boats in the blessing of the fleet

The funniest one in the parade that I was unable to get a picture of was a goat that was riding in a truck. I wish I could have gotten his picture.
Everyone have a really good week. Come to Gig Harbor when you have a chance.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Funny Things in Families

We all figure that family is important to us all.  Some families fight, and we all have heard that is ok but if someone from the outside comes in to fight a family member you better watch out.

Within families there are stories that can be considered funny, and others that are not wanted to be told either. Other words all families have their secrets.

There are those who may be known as a black sheep.  They may have done something that the family considers bad enough that they do not want others to know are part of the family.  It could be third cousin Fred who spent time getting in trouble in his youth and spent time juvenile hall.  By the way I don’t have third cousin Fred if you were thinking of it.

There were times that I thought of myself as a black sheep though I did not do anything that would shame the family. The truth is that I walked to a different drum beat then the rest of the family. Being different though makes you feel insecure at times; however, it is OK to be walking at a different drum beat. I am sure all of us have felt that way at times.

I am not sure if I remember a lot of funny stories in the family but I know that there were some. I will give a few of them but will protect their names.

One summer our family took a sailboat trip to Victoria then through San Juan Islands. While being in Victoria mother had come up by car and ferry with one of my brothers who had been going to summer school. Anyway she had spent part of a day washing clothes to bring up to join us. Of course we need to have some clean clothes at that point.  She gave a basket of clothes to my other brother to take to the boat. While walking to the boat my brother could not see above the basket of clothes so he walked off the end of the dock instead of making a left turn right into the water. All the clothes our mother had spent hours washing and drying landed in the water along with my brother. I yelled out trying to warn him but he did not hear me. It was funny to see my brother walk off straight on the dock. Of course, mother was furious at the time which was understandable. Now she can laugh about it but was certainly not funny to her at the time though I thought it was funny. Nothing better than happen to a brother who seemed to be perfect up to that moment.

 I would say that story is one that I remember the most. One of my Uncles though would tell a Groucho Marx bit and he would say it over and over again. The first time was OK but by the fifth time it started to get a bit annoying. When I first heard it from my uncle I had no idea he got it from Groucho Marx. At that age though I probably never heard of Groucho Marx anyway; the bit was about the bear and my pajamas. If you never heard the bit it ends with what was the bear doing in my pajamas. Like I say the first time funny but repeat several times you want him to stop.

I know that there are other stories that happened in my family that were funny just like in your family but all I can remember at this time. When I do come up with them in mind I will pass them on.

Besides funny stories and black sheep of the family there are always odd balls in every family. Of course the uncle I mentioned with Groucho Marx is near the top.

I believe we all need colorful people in our lives or life will be dull. At the very least we need to be able to laugh at ourselves. It beats the alternative where others laugh at us with the wrong motives. Life can be very mean if others laugh at us the wrong way. I find it a lot better when I can be funny for the right reasons.

The important thing is to remember the funny stories even if it just one. We all need to laugh out loud often even over the same thing.

Laughter is very good medicine. It is even better than giving your favorite teacher an apple first thing in the morning.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Writing Shorter Paragraphs

I have been wondering for a while how important the length of paragraphs should be when writing.

Is it important to the reader what length the paragraph is? I find myself writing some long ones and not enough short ones.

The reason I am writing this is it really a big concern or not.

In many ways it is a lot easier to write longer paragraphs but I want to be sure it is good for the reader as well.

The length of the paragraph I believe has to do with the thought being put into it.

I am writing short paragraphs here for a purpose.

It may not make a difference at all how long a paragraph is to some degree that is.

Thinking more and more about it I am no longer going to worry about how long the paragraphs I am going to write except I do not want them to be too long either.

I realized after thinking about this for some time the most important thing in writing is the reader going to enjoy the subject and the content. Even writing about the size of paragraphs should make the reader interested.

So what I am going to do is not to worry too much about the length of the paragraph. The important thing is the reader enjoys what I am writing about.

Again I want to thank everyone who reads my blog. I appreciate each one of you to take the time to read it. I am amazed that so many people around the globe enjoy reading a blog from someone in United States of America from a small town who writes about his life whether the story has to do with the past or the present.

I want to do most of all is share my life with others, and encourage everyone to have a good life as well. We all struggle in many different ways. Though I live in a blessed country does not mean everything is always good. I hope to give everyone though a good fresh air.

Several weeks ago the local daily paper the editor in chief wrote about a survey that was taken by readers. I actually think it was a national survey. The newspapers want to know what the readers enjoyed most about the paper along with what could be improved.

What they found out is that readers enjoy stories that are at least a thousand words long. They wanted to know the story really in depth in what was going on.  Breaking news they were Ok with being short when reading on line than when having more time reading more in depth what was happening.

Those who enjoyed reading the paper about sports wanted to have more analysis than just what happened. Other words why it happened is as important as what happened.

The editor in chief said they would take in consideration what the survey said to write the stories. Other words the news stories would be in more depth and more analysis in sports.

I am sure other things were mentioned as well but I do not remember them at this time.

I am sure that readers of papers enjoy real life stories as well.  News stories can become very disturbing sometimes because there is so much bad going on in the world. It is really nice to read stories that are about real good things as well.

I look forward to writing more to you readers and thank you so much for reading my blog. What I look to do is to continue making the blog better and better each time, week, and month ahead.

What is exciting is to make a difference in other peoples life along with my own.  Too share each chapter of my life. Not every chapter is good but I feel that life is getting better all the time. I look forward to better things ahead. I pray that the same thing for you all as well. If you live in an area that lacks peace I pray that peace will come to your land. Most of all that you have good health and family life.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Early Riser?

My dad was known as an early riser. Also, I have been known as one as well. I am not sure whether I inherit it or just happened.

The thing is that growing up my bedroom was upstairs instead of where my siblings had theirs downstairs. It was a small room and I had no door either. I asked several times but no door materialized. I had a curtain that gave me a little privacy. So whenever my dad got up early I woke up early too. He was quiet but I still woke up anyway. Sometimes I would get up to spend time with dad or I lay in bed for a while.

The nice thing about dad getting up early is that breakfast was ready when everyone else got up. Yes dad was the one who made breakfast during the weekdays. He did sleep in on the weekends so it did help me out a little bit though I was still accustomed to getting up early. He loved my mother making either pancakes or waffles. Of course we had bacon as well. He made our lunches too.

When I worked customer service I took the early shift mainly because I knew that the traffic would be not be heavy, and I figured since I felt comfortable being up early did not hurt either. I was amazed though how many cars were on the road anyway. I am sure those other drivers were thinking the same way.

Being up early is not for everyone either. I found getting up early was harder during the winter when it was still dark outside. It is a lot easier to get up when the sun is coming up.

On Saturday May 30 I went to barbeque at a close friend’s home. He said that he was accustomed to getting up early. Another guy Kurt said that he gets up about 4 am. I call that really early; however, he lives out on Key Peninsula where the animals get up early. So feels fine getting up that early. It helps that he is able to sleep about six hours a night. It is the key of getting up early is how much sleep you need. If you need eight hours of sleep it means that you have go to bed early as well. Personally I enjoy the six hours instead except on the weekend where I can get in an extra couple hours.

I am not sure getting up early is a benefit but saying goes the early bird gets the worms. Of course, we do not need worms but getting the day off early is sort of nice especially when the sun comes up early.

I really have not checked things out to see whether getting up early or not is a healthy thing. Also, the amount of sleep helps one way or another. I am sure doctors would tell you that eight hours of sleep is the most benefit; however, I believe it still depends on the person. Some people need eight hours while others do not. I think if you are able to get in a nap during the afternoon would help but hard to do when you are working.

Older people seem to get up early but go to sleep early as well. I guess they need more sleep than younger adults but I would prefer getting up more like 7 am and going to bed about 10 pm. Again this would depend on the time of the year. When it does get darker early I would go to bed at 9 pm instead. Of course that is me.

I believe that eight hours of sleep is too much but six hours maybe not enough so seven hours would be the best for me. I want the least amount of sleep I can get because life is short anyway so why sleep a third of it away. That is what it would be sleeping eight hours a day. You have to feel alive to enjoy it anyway.

So if you are an early riser great if not great as well. Whatever works for you is what works for you. Just remember that if you do not get up early you may not get the worm.