Sunday, October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween

I figured I better say happy Halloween
before November arrives. For some of
you November may have arrived already.

My brother today reminded that next
Sunday is "All Saints Day". A day to
remember all of our family and friends
who have moved on beyond this world.

I have started a journal in writing down
what I am eating to help with my diet.
Whatever you like it is a good idea to
start a journal.

I wish you a good start to November
and many blessings as well. 

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Hey Saturday

Whether it is work or play a
Saturday is a good time to do
more relaxing than normal.

Work is good for your body
while relaxing is good for
the mind.

Just think relaxing is like
clearing out unwanted files
and making sure you don't
have viruses on your computer.

Some good advice for the
week. Whatever you do enjoy
it totally. Remember we have
only one life to live. 

Friday, October 29, 2021

Starting to remember

For a long time I did not remember
dreams at all. Well in recent weeks
I am remember dreams now. In
fact this morning (Friday) I am
remembering two of them.

The first dream about a man I
don't know at all. He seemed to
be in trouble or had an accident.

The second dream seems I know
the man. I am not sure what is 
going on in this dream.

I believe there is a purpose behind
dreams. Not always but many of
them anyway. 

I am sure over time as I start
remembering dreams more often
I will understand. There is a 
process in dreams knowing what
to know and what not to know.

I will let you know what I find 
out though over time. I am sure
some of you have had same

Thursday, October 28, 2021

A Gloomy Day

We are now in the days of late
October where the weather makes
the place so gloomy.

Though it was gloomy when I
was out walking was not raining
the whole time.

Gig Harbor still looked beautiful
despite the gloomy look. Those
who come to live here that are 
not used to can get depressed.
A reason some retirees live
in Arizona during the late fall
and winter.

I know some who are leaving
right for Arizona or will shortly.
Some are moving from here
because of the politics and taxes.

I still hope to be able to travel in
2022. See other places but still
come back to this lovely place. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Our Animal Friends

Tuesday afternoon I went out for 
a walk, I could hear a woman 
around the corner of my apartment
complex. When I went around the
corner her dog was carrying a tree 
stick in his mouth.

It had been windy for the last couple
days so there were plenty of sticks
for the dog to pick up. I thought it
was funny of course. 

The dog dropped the stick and look
at me like what is so funny. I had
to laugh even more.

While I kept going on my walk
leaving the woman and dog behind
made me think what I have heard
a lot of animal owners any whether
there is an animal heaven waiting 
for them or not.

I don't really know, however, I 
wouldn't be surprised. We may
even see them ourselves too.

Made me think about their purpose
in life. They don't live as long as
most of us, There is exception 
like the turtle and a few others.

As far as I know or at least think
their purpose is for our enjoyment.
Those who are pets purpose for
sure but I believe other animals
do as well. Not just enjoyment 
but pleasure as well. 

We won't know for sure until we
get to the other side but I still
believe they are here for us. The
world would not be the same 
without them. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

A New Start

This morning I start a new change, 
I will be beginning my cardiac rehab 
this morning.

I will be put on a new diet along with 
exercise. Today they will go over the
diet along with going on treadmill to
see my heartrate. I may go on some
exercises as well. What I will do over
the next several weeks.

This is what happens when you get
older in life. You see I didn't say old
just older. lol

I will still do my walking on the 
days I am not there. Some exercises
may do on my own as well.

This certainly be a new change to
life. We all have to do it at some
point unless have been doing so
for a long time. Amen!

Monday, October 25, 2021

A Reminder

Starting another week it is always good
to have a reminder.

I know you are good at looking out for
your friends and others you meet. We
can all use encouragement especially
when things are not going well for us.

Going to spend time with a friend is
good even when we are not doing well
ourselves. We think less of ourselves
when we are thinking of others.

If you are unable to visit a friend 
which is ok you can send a thinking
of you card. I know others are 
thinking and praying for me right
now and that is a good thing.

I know you are doing this right now
and I ask you to continue. It is always
a good thing to think of others above
yourself. Amen!

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Unexpected Catch Up

On Saturday afternoon at my favorite
coffee shop I saw a friend I hadn't seen
in several years. He still has family in
the area so came here for the weekend.
He lives in southern California these

It is always nice to catch up with someone
especially when not seeing them in a while
and you don't expected to. I would call it
a God moment. Other words God set it up.
I didn't expect to be there at that time until
a few minutes before going. 

When he had to leave I spent time talking
with another friend who I see in the coffee
shop about once or twice a month at the
most. Also, met two women who are good
friends along with one a little girl a couple
weeks older than my grandniece Ellie. 
Since I haven't met Ellie yet it is nice to
meet someone about the same age.

I have to say these encounters made my
day or weekend for the very least. These
people are all people persons as well.
What I mean is they enjoy talking to
others whether they are old friends or
new friends. 

Whether you are a people person or 
not I recommend talking with others
even if your not comfortable in doing
so. Amen!

Friday, October 22, 2021

Being Reachable

The state of the world right now it
is so important that we are reachable.
With so many having to stay home
for a reasonable amount of time we
need to reach out when we can. It
is not just for their benefit but for
ours as well.

Late Thursday afternoon I was out
walking when I met a man and his
dog. The dog startled me in the first
place. He was very friendly dog but
I wasn't expecting it. I was fine after
that for sure.

The dog owner and I got into a very
good conversation though now I don't
remember all we had to say to each 
other. All I know is when I got home
I felt so much better. For me this was
the point. Not what we talked about
but how we felt when done. 

Interaction with other people is so 
important no matter how long. It
can be five seconds or five minutes. 
We have to do it. Amen!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Our Own Story

I know I have mentioned it before but we all
have our own story. Those who are writers
whether on a blog or a book use their story
when writing. This is whether the book is
non-fiction or fiction.

As for me my greatest satisfaction is able
to make a difference in other people's lives
whether large or small.

I find hearing about other peoples stories
is mine isn't as bad as others. We sometimes
think we have the worst of it. This is until
we hear others life experiences. It doesn't
devalue our experience but makes us 
realize that others are in tough situations
as well. 

Whether you are a writer or not it is good
to write your feelings down in a journal
at least. If you have thought about doing
your own blog it isn't real hard to do. All
you have to do is a search by putting in
blog and there you will find a way to
start a blog. Setting up a blog isn't very
difficult as long as you have some computer

A blog is sort of like a journal depending
on what you want your blog to be about.
Again I wish you the best and thanks again
coming here. Let your friends know about
me here. Amen!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Don't Be Anxious

Again I woke up this morning with
don't be anxious about anything. As
we know easier said than done.

I hope this will help someone out
today. This is one of the reason I
write these posts is to help others 
along with myself.

Being anxious I expect doesn't
really changes anything. In fact
it likely make things worse. So
whatever you have going on today
don't be anxious. Amen!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

9 to 5

It is interesting how the days go
together when you don't work a
9 to 5 job any longer. I had to
think about today being Tuesday.

I usually do my writing first thing
in the morning when I get up and
have fresh ideas. I wonder those
who are working remotely now
have trouble keeping track of the

My nephew Ian his wife Helen
just went back to work after doing
remotely for 18 months. I am sure
it is an adjustment going the other
way. She actually has a new job
so not working for the same company
she had when going remotely.

Actually they had been in New York
but went back to St. Louis where 
they both grew up and met. They
had gone back to St. Louis because
her parents who had been in New
York went back to St. Louis. I 
believe before the pandemic.

It is interesting how life gives us
curves and all. We don't know where
changes may happen. Now with my
heart I have to stick around here for
a few months before doing some 
traveling. I am going to call today
about starting a cardiac rehab class.
Since I have been walking that part
of rehab will be fine. Also, go over
my diet as well. So changes for me
that is for sure. Thanks again for
your prayers. Amen!

Monday, October 18, 2021

Begin Our Day With

Whether we want to know about our
life purpose for the day or the week
a good idea to start with prayer.

Actually not a bad idea to end the day
with prayer thanking God for what
happened. This would include if the
day didn't work out the way we thought
it should.

Our lives are not going to always
go the way we think it should, however
it goes according to plan. Amen!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

We Should Look Ahead

Whatever is happening in our lives
it is good to look ahead. Not to far
as Jesus Christ said "don't worry
about tomorrow today has enough
problems". Not a better statement
to read.

Looking ahead is to make plans.
Since we should live one day at
a time plans can be set up for 
short term as well as long term.

On Friday I went to my cardiologist
she basically said what I pretty much
knew already and made plans for 
what comes up next.

I have an appointment with the top
cardiologist in the county. Since I
have PVC's causing my heart to
skip a lot I have an appointment
in late November to see him and
what comes up next. He may go
in and see about putting in a
fibulator like him tried seven 
years ago or do nothing.

My cardiologist suggested that
I get into a cardiac rehab class
to exercise which would help
me to be more healthy and to
go over my diet for changes.
This will depend whether my
insurance will cover it or not.
I am sure it will so should know
in a few days.

This is where I am at now in 
the plans for my heart. I am
sure you all have plans set up
for the rest of this year. God
bless and Amen!

Friday, October 15, 2021

Knowing Ourselves

Whether we are chatting to others
in the real world or on line we all
have at times whether a lot or a
little act like someone else.

My opinion we all have a bit of
an actor in each of us. I believe
it goes back to when we were
kids. We wanted those who 
were popular or didn't like us
at least in our minds so we
acted different than ourselves.
Other words we put on another
person instead.

I am sure adults today still do
the same thing because in some
ways we view others as we did
when were kids.

On line chatting is popular and
there we can act anyway we 
like. We can be someone different.

Those who live their lives acting
for the most part like they are 
really strong people. For the most
part overcame awkwardness as
a child.

The most important for us to 
realize those who love us like
us for who we are. The rest of
the people we can like them 
but if they don't like us back
we have to accept that. I am 
not saying it is easy because
it really isn't but that is how
it is at the same time.

So take the day enjoying those
who care for you. See someone
that you know that doesn't like
very well to still be yourself
at the same time. They may 
not like us for some of the 
mistakes we have made but
we have to accept that as well.
The best we can do is ask for
forgiveness and they don't 
accept it we move on. Amen!  

Thursday, October 14, 2021

October Rains

After not having much rain for four
months here in Western Washington
we are getting a full share now.

Drivers have to watch their distance
for breaking because of the rain. It
isn't the same as without rain.

Last Saturday an older gentlemen
in our home group had a seizure
while driving. Fortunately his 
grandson was able to get the car
to stop or they both could have
been dead and who knows about
other people who could have been
in the accident to.

He won't be able to drive for at
least six months so his wife will
have to take him wherever he or
they need to go. 

I saw him last night at the home
group. He did look a bit tired for
sure. He explained what had 
happened. What an experience
and we are glad he is still with 

Life is like that sometimes when
things happen and we are blessed
when God makes everything work
out good. Amen!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

We should look at gratitude

Another word I have seen more of going
around social media is gratitude. The state
we have been in since March 2020 shows
people should have gratitude.

The problem was those who had judgement
regardless of the side they are on for the
Presidential Election in USA or the pandemic.

There are so many things we should be
grateful for and that is where gratitude
comes in. Though my health isn't the
greatest I am still here and God isn't
finished with me either.

So today have gratitude and thanksgiving.
You have a right to your opinion but not
always to let others know to. Amen!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Remember A Dream

I have mentioned at least once before
I don't remember dreams very often.
A dream I do remember usually has
to be extraordinary.

This morning I woke up with a 
dream on my mind. I expect I was
at the end of the dream.

Two guys were at a gate continually
working on the pass code for visitors
to enter through. The problem the
pass code was not working and these
two guys had to enter a new code
several times. 

It seems these two guys didn't know
each other before this experience. So
I expect working on this allowed them
to get to know each other or they were
frustrated in the process. My thinking
is they got to know each other.

I know there was a party going on at
the house but I am not sure how many
were there and who they were. My
dream was centered around these two

Was there a message in this dream. I
expect so. It might mean two people
can become friends under unusual

Monday, October 11, 2021

Encouragement is a good thing

I read from one of the someone I follow on
Instagram last week. She said we need more
encouragers than critics. What she said made
a lot of sense. These days we seem to have a
lot of critics and we all can use encouragement.

Yesterday after church a woman gave me a
word of encouragement. She said that I was
going to be used speaking boldness in the
days ahead. No longer would I fee inadequate.

Boldness is actually an area many of us fail
to be good at and I am one of them. She said
God has given me that gift of boldness and 
this is the time you will begin to use it.

I am sure I given boldness here but it is 
different writing using boldness instead
of speaking it. So we will see what happens
won't we. Amen!

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Home Again

My time in the hospital wasn't
to long. I was there for five hours.
The procedure nothing was found
that was hurtful. My arteries were

My heart is still skipping pretty
frequently still. The nurses said
going all over the places. Next
Friday I will be meeting with my
Cardiologist. She will let me 
know about the next course of
action. She will be consulting
with another Cardiologist who
specializes in that area. 

My heart is strong so with God's
help I will continue to be ok even
if nothing else is done.  Makes me
trust God more to keep my heart

We all have issues we have to 
trust in God to help us through.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Getting Ready

Tomorrow (Friday) I have to get up early
for my angiogram procedure. Today means
I will relax. Go out for a walk a couple of
times I hope.

I am sure everyone has their own way of
doing things before going for surgery. Like
me I hope not to often. It is best not to 
remember what the routine is. lol

I won't be here tomorrow since it will be
early. May God help you in whatever you
have to do. Amen!

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Life Purpose A Buzz Word

It seems to me this year life purpose
has come out more. Is it because
people are discovering their purpose
or it is a buzz word.

I do hope the primary reason people
are discovering their purpose and not
just a buzz word. Actually a buzz
word is ok because it means it is
being mentioned and it out there
which is a good thing.

Once in a while I will do a search
on life purpose. This morning I
found the first thing it is a reason
to get up in the morning. I would
say that is right in a way but much
more than that. Our life purpose
should be something we do all
the time not something we look
forward to though it is a good
thing to.

A lot of people have options what
life purpose means or what it is
all about. People will see it from
different angles for sure. I see
life purpose as a gift from God
and to worship him in the midst
of it as well. I hope you feel
the same way. Amen!

Monday, October 4, 2021

It isn't over yet

On Sunday at church I received prayer.
I heard though the devil is whispering
in my ears it is over nothing more for
my health. God said it isn't over until
I say it is over and I have a long ways
to go.

I don't consider myself old though my
heart isn't what it should be, however,
before or by Friday it will be in a new

I want to encourage those who have
health issues that life isn't necessarily
over for you either. I will pray for you
God restores you. Amen!  

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Quarantine Coming Up

This is going to be a long week coming
up. Not only do I have my angiogram on
Friday I have to take a covid test on Tuesday.
I am told to be quarantined after the covid
test until after the angiogram to be sure I
don't get covid.

I know I will try to go for a walk at least
once a day. The weather is expected to be
good. I can walk where I won't be able to
see anyone or at least cross the street if
I do see someone.

Not any easy thing to do however had 
do so in the past as well. At least I can
do some writing and be encouraged on
my own. Enjoy your weekend until the
next time. God bless you!

Friday, October 1, 2021

The gift of faithfulness

One of the gifts God can give us in
our purpose is faithfulness. God
wants us all to be faithful but there
is an additional faithfulness put on
certain people as a gift.

Faithfulness is not only to God but
to your family, friends and acquain-
tances. Also become faithful to those
you may have just met. They may
become friends for years ahead.

God purpose is for us to have as
many people in our lives. For the
benefit for them as well as for you.

Those who have the gift of faith-
fulness will touch a lot of people.
They will know you have the gift
by touching their lives in a special
way. Amen!