Friday, April 30, 2021

Investing In Others

There is several reasons why we have
a life purpose. One of them is investing
in others. I am sure there are more than
these however, going to list three.

1. Makes us feel good

We feel good when we spend time
with others and giving to those in

2. Natural

Some people it may not feel natural
to invest in others but really it is a
good idea. You do so you will become
more natural about each and every day.

3. A good return

When you invest in others it is like
investing your money you will receive
a nice return in the end.  Though it may
be a sacrifice in time you will see the
return being worth it. Amen!

Take your day to think investing in 
others is a good thing. 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Be Kind To Yourself

These days it is so easy to buy into what
others are saying. The important thing is
you can think for yourself.

We can be kind to ourselves by encouraging
ourselves. It is so important to be encouraged
so if it takes us to do so that is we must do

We wake up in the morning look outside
say what a beautiful day it is. Have a smile
and say it is going to be a good day.

We have made it so far and we have no
idea how many days we have, however,
do what we can to make the world a
better place. Amen!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Unity Cost Us Something

The democrats believe the republicans or
another name the conservatives should
look to be unified. 

I don't really believe they do want unity 
they want the conservatives sound like
the bad guys. There is even more to the
story but I won't get into it though.

The far left of the democratic party has
an engenda and they want us all to fall
in line. They don't mind we speak our
minds or better to say free speech as
long as it meets with their ideals.

I was reading  in the local paper a church
was having a conservative speaker coming
in, however, they decided to cancel because
they were afraid of riots. That is the problem
right now they will let you be ok as long
as you think they are OK.

Everyday our freedom of speech is disappearing.
Is it in our constitution we have that right.
I understand you can't speak your mind at work
about certain subjects like religion. That's fine
because you are there to work. The question is
how many work places will allow the left to
speak what they feel without saying a word,

Anyway that's all I say right now. Just know
we need to watch our step. We can't let the
left push us.  Speak up what you feel. I don't
mind if you think different than I do and speak
it out, however, I have the same rights to.

Monday, April 26, 2021

What I am thinkin about

I am thinking not a whole lot
about faith. I wonder how many
people really do.

This is one of the times I am
thinking about faith. The thing
about faith is believing in what
you don't see. 

Jesus Christ said those who have
faith as small as a mustard seed in
Mark 4 verse 30-32 you can move
mountains. Other words you don't 
need to have a lot of faith just a 
small amount. I don't know about
you but I haven't seen too many
mountains moved.

Thinking a little more about it I 
guess those who use faith have
other things than a mountain to

We may not use faith either in
the proper manner. I am not sure
I just thinking about it.  Maybe
what I have to do is exercise the
faith that I have. So you hear
about a mountain moving maybe
that's me or someone else you
may know.

I am probably like most though
I have other things that I want
to do with faith.  Jesus point 
wasn't to move mountains but
we could with a small amount.

Doing a search the mustard seed
is used often as a spice in dishes.
So in small doses it brings flavor.
Another thing to think about. I 
suppose I think more about faith
and the mustard seed I will have
really something. I will get back
to you if I come up with something.

In the meantime exercise your faith.
Believe in something bigger than
yourself. Let faith grow in you just
like the mustard seed. Amen!

We are sometimes matched up

On Sunday at church I had prayer.
My pastor asked for anyone who
wanted to have something changed
in their lives come forward.

God matched me up with the right
person. Someone I have known for
a long time and understood what I
came up for prayer. 

I had never asked prayer for this 
before, however, it was the right

I asked to pray for depression. I 
deal with depression at times. I
don't mention for the most part
because government or medical
professions or whoever consider
depression as mental illness.

I think depression can be mental
illness but not all the time. Sometimes
circumstances can make you depressed.
Also, depression can be more times
than not a spiritual battle. Other words
Satan wants you to feel depressed. 

I expect some people don't report they
are depressed because they don't want
to be labeled to be mentally ill. If you
do get depressed at times go to a friend
or have prayer. I have to say that I feel
a whole lot better. It isn't like I won't 
be depressed again though I hope less
often. Now I know to fight it and not
let the Satan play mind games with me.

I am sure everyone has issues besides
depression they deal with. The same
go to someone you trust. It is possible
they have gone through the same thing.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Being Refreshed

There is something refreshing about
having some rain after sun for a while.
It is like going in the swimming pool.

It works in reverse when having rain
for a while to see the sun out. I guess
you call natural.

I like to think the perfect thing would
to have rain at night then sun during 
the day. I know there are places that
get close to that. We on occasion it
does happen but not frequently enough.

Putting this into our life purpose. We
can be refreshing for others. We can
be either rain or sun for those we meet.
The same goes in reverse where they
can be for us too. Isn't it a wonderful

Actually our family and friends refresh
us a lot without us realizing it. We can
take them fore granted. Let's not do 
that anymore.  Thank those you see
for being refreshing to us. Amen!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Fun While It Lasted

We had at least ten days of sunshine
and temperatures in the seventies.
Beginning Saturday we will have
rain here in Western Washington for
the same period of time.

I can it was fun while it lasted. We
will have sun again sometime in May
along with June then July we will see
it on a regular basis for two and half

We say here summer begins on July
5 since it rains on July 4 most years
as we celebrate national independence

What I hope during these next ten days
the sun will show up at least for a few
minutes each day. We can't count on it
but the wish is still there.

Since I have lived here all my life I
am used to this weather. I know not
everyone is. For me it is still to life
out my life purpose the best way I

Since I am a people person I will 
see people indoors at the coffee shop
and the grocery store. I will have to
take my daily walks when it isn't 
raining or the rain is light.  

If there is a day that the rain doesn't 
light up I will go to the grocery store
or somewhere else where I can walk
for several minutes. The importance
is to walk on a daily basis and a long
the way see people as well. Amen!

Friday, April 23, 2021

Let It Shine

I thought Thursday we have to let
our light shine even when our life 
is cloudy. 

We all know that life isn't going to 
be right everyday so we have to make 
the best of it.

You a follower of Jesus Christ you
 know he shines in you and you are 
a light shining as he was when he 
came into the world. Christ is in
your heart so who he is you are as 
well. His power is within you as well.

Every person you meet they get a touch
of that power. Those with faith will
believe as well. Amen!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Beautiful Place To Live

When you have had beautiful weather
like we have had in Gig Harbor, Washington
there is not a better place to live or visit.

For seven day we have had weather in 
the seventies with blue skies and sun.
People are out and about keeping social

The coffee shops are busy in the morning
 where people can enjoy friends. What can 
you want.

The temperatures are supposed to stay for
a couple more days while the clouds stsart
coming in.  Saturday we are expecting rain
so indoors will be what we will be doing for
the next seven days.

Unlike many places we don't high humidity
for the most part, however, we have wind
at the same time to keep from feeling so

It certainly a great time for spring weather.
It is the type I like during the summer. I don't
mind getting up to the eighties but the 90s
I am not a big fan of.

Enjoy your day in whatever fashion you 
have.  Make it to Western Washington
sometime in the spring or summer or 
even early fall a great place to spend
some time. We might even meet up.
Bless you all.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Making A Point

Often bloggers will insert points to
let their readers know what they are
wanting to talk about. 

Recently I see points made on videos
as well. Giving the points they bring
on their subjects. 

Here I will put three points in regard
to the talents you were given for your
life purpose for an example.

  • administration
  • encouragement
  • working with your hands

There are many other talents and 
gifts we may have. If you are one
that writes in a journal making 
points of your gifts and talents 
would be a very good idea. 

If you wonder about what some
of your gifts and talents are you
can look at what you have written
in your journal. Most likely they
are mentioned there.

Enjoy today and the rest of the
week as you are pressing on.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Always Interesting People

Late afternoon I went to my favorite
coffee shop after my doctor's appointment
before heading home.

I sat at a table with three benches. It
used to be five before covid restrictions.
Anyway there was a women who was
sitting at the other end of the table. 

What was interesting she was doing
fractions. You don't see adults doing
fractions very often. In fact I am not
sure when the last I every did.

I said to her so you are working on
fractions. Like me she has a good
sense of humor and laughed. She
then told me is going to school to
be an elementary teacher. I said 
that makes sense you are doing
fractions because I don't see adults
doing that very often.

So struck up our conversation until
a young man who I have talked to
on occasion. He is an interesting guy
for sure. For the most part he is quiet
though was willing to talk.

First said hello to the gal and then
to me. He and I got into conversation
while she went back to doing her

The young man is a long shoreman
who has put in overtime recently 
though not today. He had come 
from working out at one of the 
local health clubs. 

Anyway we got into conversation
about the stock market especially
it had gone down on Monday. He
mentioned about losing some money
after just investing in a particular

He is a wise young man as he said
though he lost money today he is
in for the long haul and has many
years of him ahead to invest. Also,
he said one of his stock had gone 
down at the end of the day it had
gone back up where it had been.

The coffee shop was going to be
closing in a few minutes so I said
to them both how much I enjoyed
chatting with them and have  a
good evening see you next time.

While was leaving the two of them
got back to chatting. What a great
way to spend between thirty and
an hour of time with two different
people who are different ages from
me as well as one another.

Now today I will be back at the
same coffee shop. I will see and
talk to some of the same regulars
and to see who maybe new to the
coffee shop or someone I haven't
seen in a while. This always makes
the day worthwhile. 

Monday, April 19, 2021

Looking Forward To

Welcome to another Monday. We have
made it to another beginning of a week.
I hope we all learned something about

Everyday we should wakeup counting
our blessings we have made it this

Someone I see at times at my favorite
coffee shop last week said everyday
is a miracle. It is a miracle every time
we wakeup in the morning and that

We have all heard I expect we should
live everyday as though it was our last
day. I am not sure how true that should
be. We should live a life with eternity
as our perspective. We will not live
here forever since we all meant to die
once, however, there is a new life
afterwards and that should be our

Take every step looking to use the 
gifts and talents God gave you when
you created. Don't waste your breath
on anything that is not worthwhile.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Learning Lessons

We can all learn lessons from playing
or watching a sport on Television.

I have heard opinions from some it
doesn't matter what the score is if
your team is shutout. Other words
what is the difference losing 1-0
or 10-0.  

I think there is a difference in those
two scores. The 1-0 game you had
a chance to win though the other
team was just a little better. In the
10-0 game you had no chance.

I believe you can learn something
from the 1-0 game. If it is baseball
you can learn about a better job 
against the same pitcher next time
or how you can score runs when 
you are having trouble with hits or 
scoring. The 10-0 game you just 
say it was one of these days. 

Teams will look at video to see
what they can do better next time
when they lose or even if they win.
Watching a game we may learn 
what the players could do better
as well.

I figure at the very least we can 
learn life lessons. We can do the
same at the end of the day. What
could we have done to make the
day better than it was and go out
the next day and try it. Go Us!

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Up Early

My brother doesn't like waking up
early on the weekend. I have to say
it is a tough thing to do.

I am sure most people wake up on
Saturday as they do during the work
week. The key do you go back to 

I have gotten up early for years so
stay the same for me. Good time
to get some things done before the
day begins.

I do my writing early in the morning
and I am able to think and pray before
going out.

The weather continues to be really
nice this week. On Thursday I bought
a new jacket for the spring and summer.

Being positive and grateful are to thinks
to work on early in the morning too.
Whatever you do today be blessed.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Lost Phone

On Thursday I lost my phone so I
had to get a new replacement.

The new phone is better than the
old phone and it isn't really costing
me anymore on how I updated my

What I don't like is wasting time
especially it is my own fault. I was
talking to a gal with two small
children then I showed her picture
of my grandniece Ellie on the
phone screen. That was the last
I know about having the phone.

When I got home I realized the
phone wasn't in my coat pocket
and not in the car. I borrowed my
roommate's phone to call to see
if I could hear it and no success.

I went back to the store first seeing
if it is in the parking lot where I
had parked. Not there so went into
the store to lost and phone. There
was a similar phone but not mine.

I went and got another phone as
a replacement. I don't have insurance
however it was OK. They ask if I
wanted to add insurance on the account.
I said no. I just have to be sure that
I don't lose this one in the next year
or at least six months.

Make me wonder about hearing from
God. Not a big wonder but I can hear
about what is happening in others live
and give them their original design or
what is called here their life purpose.

There might be a time I will find out
about the lost phone or God wanted 
to bless me with a new phone and how
to deal with frustration along with 
wasting time. 

I am sure I am not the only one in
this whole world who deals with
frustration in this way. So how do
you deal with frustration. I hope 
better than I do. I hope you are
encouraged today. Amen!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Spring Weather

The last couple days we have had good
spring weather, however, we will see
even high temperatures over the next
week here in Western Washington.

We are expecting temperatures in the
low 70s. I don't think there is not a
more beautiful place in the world
when it is like this. The problem
it isn't like this during the winter.

Everyone's attitude changes when
we have this weather that is for sure.
At the coffee shop a lot of people 
will be able to sit outside.

The schools are on break this week
so made the perfect time for that too.
With covid I am sure families are not
traveling like they are used to. May
go somewhere in the state.

I will pray that God will provide you
with his blessings along with the love
he has for you. Amen!

                                  An older picture but shows what it is like
                                  when we have sunny weather. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Day By Day

Every day we live our life of purpose. It
is who we are. It is the reason we live and
have our being.

We share our gifts to others. I find it is
important that we encourage others, even
if it isn't our primary gift. 

One word of encourage to another can 
change their life forever. All the gifts
we have is to encourage others.

How I encourage others most likely 
different than how you encourage,
however, the point is we do it.

So today find even one person to 
encourage. I hope your gifts will
be a part of it. The person you give
encouragement will remember you
forever. Thanks and Amen!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


I don't know about you, however, I don't
like being frustrated. This happened to me
yesterday and this morning.

I gave a gift card to a friend. They message
me the card had already was redeemed. I 
found out to get customer service or support
you have to do it on line. 

I got hold of a so called "expert" however,
they not only couldn't solve the issue they
couldn't even help me. 

I did not have an account which I didn't
want to have, however, I had to create
account anyway. 

Other words I had to an account up. They
don't have a phone number to call at all.
I submitted the code which came back it
cannot be redeemed so I had to submit
an order through support along with a
photo of the card.

Something that should have only taken a
 few minutes to resolve took a couple hours.
 No longer going to purchase another of that
  gift card. I am sure you understand. I just 
hope to get a refund.

I wonder they realize their system how do
they expect to get new customers especially
if they can't activate a card the first time

Now I go on with my day having faith 
everything will work out. Again no use
of that gift card company. Thanks for 
reading my frustration. I am sure everyone
has gone through this on several occasions.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Beginning of another week

I woke up this morning feeling I need to
make a change in my life. Actually God
was going to make the change in my life.

We all have issues in our lives that can
actually be changed especially when they
are reveled to us. In my case, I said I would
never get heavy like others I have seen. 
Turned out I have primarily because of 
my heart. 

Often we all put curses in our lives whether
how we are or can be. In this case I came
against the curse of obesity. Now I will do
what I can and leave the rest to God.

I know this isn't the only curse I have put
on myself like we all experienced so I look
for more revelation in this area. I ask you do
the same as well. Our lives can change when
we take off curses willing or not willing we
made. A major thing is to forgive yourself 
for doing so. Amen! 

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Standing on our identity

I was thinking about one of my friends
mentioning on social media not trusting
God like we should. Not giving our life
over to him.

There are several reasons for that among
them is our identity. We don't know our 
identity in Christ or in ourselves. 

I have to say most people care about
what other people think about them.
It goes all the way back when we were
kids trying to figure all things out. It was
important to be liked by others and if we
not popular with the other kids made it
really difficult.

So this is why important to know our
own identity and the love God has for 
us. We should realize it really isn't that
important what other people think about
us as much as what God thinks of us and
he thinks of us a whole lot.

Let's take today and think about that. What
should be important to us. In our nature we
do care what others think so we have to 
change around believing what God thinks
about us. Amen!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Remembering Camp Fires

This morning came to my mind how much
going to the coffee shop reminds me of
camp fires.

The guys I chat with at the coffee shop
tell stories of the past or current affairs.
Made me think of sitting by the camp fires.

Most of the camp fires I was involved in
was as a youth in boy scouts. Every 
summer for four years we would go on
a 50 mile hike in the Olympic Mountains.
Each August we would be out hiking for
about ten days. 

We hiked a different trail each year. We
had two extra days for hiking jut in case
it rained which it usually did. Those days
we would spend in a cabin or have covering
where would not get rain on us. We would
spend the day playing cards after and between

Depending on how much it was raining often
a few of us would go down to the river to see
if we could see any fish. Most of these days
where we rested away from the rain we would
not see anyone coming by on the trail.

During meals we would sit by the camp fire
hearing stories from the adults about their
experiences hiking. These stories would make
us laugh. Now I hear similar stories at the
coffee shop. What a great way to spend time.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Get On Board

Early every morning a train goes by that I
can hear if I am awake that is. I happened
to hear it this morning. A train does go
several times a day, however, early morning
is when I really hear it. Not really loud at
least for me.

This reminded me that God's train comes
along every day several times asking people
to get on board. I know it isn't scriptural 
based in the Bible but a good med fore. 

One of our purposes is let people know 
about Jesus Christ. He loves us and is
here available for us any time of the day.
They should get on board today. We are
never promised another day besides today.

Our job is not to cram it down their throat
but to let them know Jesus is available
right now for them regardless what is 
going on in their lives. Jesus has the  ticket
take it from him and your life will change.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

April Showers

We have all heard "April Showers bring
May flowers".

So far here in Western Washington we
haven't had a lot of rain the first week
of April. In fact less than an half of
inch. Of course  that can change.

I always look forward to May; in
particular because my birthday is
in May. Of course, the older you
get don't want count birthdays any
longer or May can take it's time to
get here.

The older we get health issues do
creep in. Last night at a church
home meeting a gentlemen having
health issues said his days are 
numbered. H doesn't think he
has much time left. We told him
all our days are numbered. We
just don't  know when the number

Life as we know brings struggles
the point is how do with deal with
it all. I figure I was blessed surviving
a fire when I was four years old
every day now is a blessing. My
time like everyone else's will end
however, enjoy each day and be
a blessing to others. All we can
do for sure. 

The April showers may come but
let's be the May flowers to others.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Wake Up With Motivation

When we wake up in the morning our main
motivation is making money. It is how the
world works we have to use money to do

Another motivation is helping others or in
Christian terms our ministry. Most of our
gifts will deal with making money and 
helping others. Your job likely is or was
something that motivated you with your
talent and gifting. This works with both
work and helping others.

So if you are still trying to figure out 
your life purpose well the answer is
probably your work and what you do
to help others. Yes our ministry is 
helping others to. 

I know my primary gifting is to encourage
others with humor thrown in. I enjoy
using humor whenever I can. Humor
will make people feel better and make
them feel comfortable as well. 

So whether at work or play let your
gifting be working at all times. Actually
I am sure it is working right now even
if you do not realize it because it is You!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

How To Start The Day

I figure to start the day we should begin
with examining ourselves. What I am
mean is how are we going to improve
our lives and be a better person.

I know there are those out here who say
or at least that others are judging them.
I am not sure that is happening or not
and if they are judging you what difference
does it make.

Being judged by someone are they a friend
or someone you seen once in a while at the
coffee shop.  

A friend judging you may not be a bad thing.
The importance are they judging you with
love and wanting you to be a better person.
Maybe they see flaws in you that you don't
see or don't want to acknowledge. This could
be a good thing. 

A friend judging you with the wrong motive
then maybe you should be looking for a new

I am sure there are those who judge me on a
regular basis but I don't really know them at 
all. Maybe they don't like me because of my
hair or what clothes I wear or something totally
different. I figure I won't please everyone.

So let's get back to examining ourselves. There
are things we can do to improve us. It could be
what we wear or how we act. Important thing
are you living as yourself or trying to be someone
others will like. I would go for the first. The 
point is not everyone is going to like us. 

Anyway that is today's encourage for us all to
hear and let's see how it goes today then tomorrow
we examine ourselves on how it went. Amen!

Monday, April 5, 2021

Feeling Better

I hope over this weekend you enjoyed
your family and friends well as Easter.

Do you feel a little bit different today?
More joy, more faith, more love and
hope. Maybe some resurrection too.

Some day when we leave this earth,
we will be resurrected live Jesus so
we might have a piece of it right now.
I want this Monday be a bit different
for all of us. Life can change every
single day.

Choose to be happy and raise yourself
to a new level. Amen! 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter

Here we are Easter once again. It seems
so long since we were able to gather
together to celebrate the risen Christ.

Last year at this time we were not
able to attend church and only family
living together in the same home 
could celebrate.  

Covid-19 did not allow us to gather
together for many over a year. Now
restrictions have been lifted to some
degree we can see others in small

We are able to see young women of
all ages wearing their lovely spring
dresses while the young men are
dressed up as well. We can smell
the flowers as they make their way
to full bloom when May arrives.

Enjoy your Easter like we used to
though in small gatherings. Have
a lovely meal with family and 
friends. This is what Jesus wants
us to do celebrating his return to
heaven. Amen!

Saturday, April 3, 2021

The Day Before

Hello everyone I hope you are having a
wonderful weekend. Today is the day
before Easter or some call Resurrection

The day after the tomb was empty 
Jesus Christ met with the disciples, 
and others who he considered as 

Jesus Christ showed us how important
it is for us to have friends. Often
we are closer to friends then we 
are to our families.

My family is on the east coast so I
don't see them often in person. 
I feel closer to friends though I 
do speak with my brother every

Remember call you family well
as having gratitude for friends.
Happy Easter! 

Friday, April 2, 2021

Good Friday

Good Friday is celebration by Christians
what Jesus Christ did on the cross giving
up his life for our sins.

What we don't realize is how gruesome
death that he took to take our sins away.
Jesus Christ took the sins away of every
one who believes in him and accepts 
what he did for him. It is more than that
he did for everyone's sins.

Good Friday is a good time to share your
faith with others who only goes to church
at this time. Let them know what Jesus
Christ means to you and how his purpose
on the cross changed your life too. Amen! 

Thursday, April 1, 2021


On social media on the person's I follow
mentioned we could change someone's
life who works in a grocery store, restaurant
and coffee shop by saying thank you.

I have been saying thank you for sometime
however it is a good idea for someone to
remind us all time.

To add to saying thank you is to see how
they are doing in the first place. Often 
they may ask how we are doing. We 
should respond truthfully besides saying
fine or ok. Also, to  ask them how they
are doing as well.

The coffee shop I go to regularly the 
baristas make sure they know you by
name and your favorite drink for those
are regulars. If you are new they ask 
your name and where you are from.
Certainly a good way to feel special.

Our life purpose should make those
we meet feel special all the time.