Friday, June 30, 2017

Oh Canada!

 On Saturday July 1 is Canada Day. They are celebrating their 150th anniversary.  My mother was born and raised in Alberta. She went to University of Alberta and worked for the Canadian government during World War 2 before coming to USA so her side of the family are Canadians so besides being an American I feel Canada part of my family too.

When I was twelve years old our family set on a summer vacation that none of us would ever forget. I wrote early on this blog about our time traveling throughout Canada on this trip. For you to read here are the links to our story that I titled the Three Musketeers


Enjoy this story and hail to Canada and the 150th anniversary. Oh by the way in twelve days I will be heading to Canada to visit some relatives for relaxation so you may not here from me for a few days however I will update you how things went.  Until then I have some more writing and you have some more reading.   

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Highs and Lows

When we watch sport competitions we see highs and lows all the time. The same thing can happen in our lives. The key is to have more highs than lows. Not always what we can control that is for sure however we do need to try.

A lot of it has to do with our attitude and faith along with our choices. I have had times of loneliness and despair. During those times I had a lack of faith and hope. I realized after a while I had to have a better attitude to get through it. It does take time to get there though.

It is important for us to keep our eyes and ears open for our family and friends when they are in their times of lows. We should be available to help them out in the same way we hope others will be for us when we are going through something.

Usually when I come out of the lows I tell myself this will be the last time however that never happens. I just hope that the lows are less frequent than the highs. This is why I feel so good about writing this blog because I can share things with the reader. These days I don’t have a lot of lows but not many highs either; other words right in the middle.  I realize that I can’t control everything in my life. The hardest thing is when disappointments come along but the discouragement last only a little while and I look to the bright side instead. Enjoy all the things that are good and hope for the things that I wish in my life.

Today bring joy into someone’s life even if it is only a smile and saying hello. Often all anyone wants is that another person cares and is paying attention. God bless you today.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Battle Within

Here in my town of Gig Harbor there is a lot of developing going on. There is a question how greedy that the developers can be. In north Gig Harbor they are building homes for families and seniors where they clear cut a lot of land and the houses are right up to each other. Other words one step and you are in your neighbor’s yard. They are promising to add trees but I don’t see how.

Now another project is in the works in downtown Gig Harbor to build at least 55 units of apartments. On Monday Night the city council voted to approve the building of the units although there were a lot of objections from citizens. Actually there was a tie between the councilmen so the mayor had the deciding vote in which she voted on the side of the developer. What makes it really sad is the land is not zoned for such a development and clear cutting will take place there as well. In my mind downtown Gig Harbor is almost already maxed out on development however those who have money can do whatever they want while the normal citizen would not be able to do so. It shows that the laws don’t belong to everyone to follow. If you have enough money you can do what you want. Sounds wrong to me but what can the normal citizen’s do except complain and vote to replace the city council. They certainly don’t care what the citizens want.

Of course this is happening probably many other cities or small towns like Gig Harbor and those who have lived in those places for many years are seeing their towns being overgrown with developments. Gig Harbor is a beautiful small town however everything is changing not all for the good. I am sure those who are moving in like the small town feeling but the feeling isn’t going to be like that for long. What will Gig Harbor be like in the next ten years?

So this comes to my mind that there is a battle within. Not just among those who have been long time residents against outsiders but against ourselves. What I mean by that is that our minds are strong and we have to fight against the thoughts that come into our minds. Regardless how right we want to be there is a force of evil that comes in as much as good. We may feel that we are good people however evil does creep in to. So we must allow the good to overcome the evil. We must fight for the goodness. Even when we want to be unselfish a part of us is selfish at the same time. So our battle is within us as well as the forces that come against us from the outside. Don’t let the developers come into your land and take over. A word we all need to listen too.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hello Summer

                                           How Gig Harbor looks most of the summer

This last weekend the temperatures hitting records for June felt a bit different that is for sure. Usually we feel that summer doesn’t go into effect until July 5th however this year it went into the upper 90s. Now this week the temperatures are in the mid-70s which makes me feel better about it.

I have always enjoyed summer especially as a kid because I was able to be out of school and do different activities. Most people around here like the fact we will have sun for a while. This year the winter and spring we had so much rain when we did see the sun it was for a few hours maybe a couple days a week. Even when it isn’t raining the days are cloudy.

I like that we have four seasons here in the Pacific Northwest. I know that places like Southern California and Arizona the seasons don’t change much. The only difference is that the summer it is really hot in those places.  Although we do get a lot of rain especially in the winter we appreciate the sun when it comes out.

I won’t be surprised if we get a little rain before the end of June however the sun will be around in July, August and a lot of September.

I am thinking the change of seasons gives us hope when they come around. Life is a bit different when the next season comes along.

The beginning of fall isn’t much different than the summer other than the temperatures are lower. We have some rain however the sun is still out a lot and the trees change their colors. The last month or so of fall is when the rain comes on a regular basis and before the temperatures start to go lower. The winter doesn’t feel the same now as I remember as a kid. We didn’t have a lot of snow then however now we see little of it during the winter. Besides the rain we have a lot of wind storms beginning in November.  Often February the temperatures get warmer and we see some of the sun before heading into spring. This year we had record rainfall in the spring. We had about ten inches more rain than we are used too. It rained really hard for a few weeks. This is unusual because though we have some rain it usually very light during the spring. It was nice to see the beauty of the trees once again. Fall and spring feel almost the same.

Yesterday I saw three boys with their mother at the coffee shop. I asked them if they played baseball or soccer. They said no that they were more into football. I then asked them whether they were going to camp during the summer. They said that they were having Bible Camp real soon.  I told them when I was around their age I went to Camp Seymour. One of the brothers had been at Camp Seymour. I told him that the last time that I was there which was only five years ago I believe that Camp Seymour had not changed much since I was their age. I told the brothers I had enjoyed my time at Camp Seymour. I met other boys from Tacoma. Not many kids in Gig Harbor went to Camp Seymour probably because it is so close. It is less than 30 minutes from Gig Harbor.  Those who live in Tacoma the camp feels different than their living most of the year while for us in Gig Harbor it is so much of the same.  I liked going to Camp anyway though the feeling wasn’t much different at least I was away from home for a couple weeks.

When I was in high school I did go to summer school for a couple years. Although it was school it didn’t feel the same as when I was in school the rest of the year. I guess because less students and I took classes that I wanted to instead of what I didn’t want to take.  Also I would work some for my dad so I save some money. This was especially true when I turned sixteen years old so I have some cash to do things and get gas. I started driving a car that was once my mother’s than passed down to my sister and older brother.  It was interesting to work around adults and feel responsible too. Before my senior year of high school I worked for my dad most of the summer though I did take a few days off to relax and do some activities.

I am thinking to about the nearby neighborhoods around Gig Harbor. I will get into them in some posts coming up. Whatever you are doing for the summer enjoy the other seasons as well.  

Monday, June 26, 2017

Put a Word Down

I am sure most everyone is familiar with the game of scrabble. I used to play it a lot when I was a child especially during the holidays. Anyway my thought today we should all look at doing a word association game.

What we would do is write down a word and then any other words that associates with it. For example I could write down “house” and then “new” and remodel”. What would that mean to me? Do I consider buying a new house or remodel an older house. Maybe I think of making a new life or remodel my current life.

I think it would be something for us to do for a week everyday put down a new word and associated words. Think about the word throughout the day. At the end of the week look at all the words that we have put down. We can play this game with someone else as well. Discuss the words we put down with one another.

This could be a fun game and one that would change our lives for the better. We could continue this game every week or at the very least look at the words we came up during that week. We can see how our lives continue to change. I hope that you consider doing this either by yourself or with someone else. 

Another idea would be to play the game of scrabble and write down each word on a piece of paper. See if there becomes a pattern with the words and how they may fit in your lives. Anyway the best to having a healthy life.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

It’s Windy!

                                            Pictures I couldn't resist

This winter and spring we had record rainfall here in the Pacific Northwest. It matched what we normally get by October 1 though we don’t get a lot during the summer however it felt like we have had a lot of wind as well.

In fact so much wind that even when it hasn’t rained I have felt it windy when I am out walking in the mornings. Also in the afternoons when I make errands or I take my mother to doctor appointments I have felt the wind as well.

Most people don’t use umbrellas around here when it rains. Usually those who do are not natives to the area. Actually a lot of people don’t wear rain jackets either although I do. I find that strange though when it is a downpour. When I come out of the grocery store I see people not concerned about the rain when it is pouring.

The wind is the primary reason I don’t use an umbrella. Most of the time when it is raining it is windy as well and the umbrella just gets in the way. In fact I feel that I would be like Mary Poppins and fly away with the umbrella.

I grew up on the waterfront where we had wind a lot however it feels like more wind this year than I have every felt before. It could be that I was so used to it when I grew up on the waterfront while now where I live the wind isn’t a regular occurrence.

I do hope that the wind will continue throughout the summer so I will feel cooler that way. I have heard the temperatures are supposed to be more normal this year than the last couple years where it was more in the 90s than I ever remember before. A normal year the temperatures usually are in the upper 70s to mid-80s. Until recently the 90s were not even thought of really ever happening. Already today it is supposed to hit the 90s or at least the upper 80s for the second day in a row. The temperatures are supposed go down into the 70s during this week though. I will feel much better that way.

Another thing happened while I was growing up my mother always made sure that I always wore a shirt and had suntan lotion on because she felt that I would get sunburn. Being fair skinned the possibility being sunburned was going to happen without the suntan lotion. I know that I rarely ever got sunburned unlike other children. Today I only put on suntan or sunscreen on occasionally. I do watch how much time I spend in the sun and usually when I am walking or sitting for that matter I am wearing a baseball cap.

So the winds keep doing your thing so I will feel cooler that way and I am refreshed. The wind is my friend unless it is raining at the same time. I will be going out for my morning walk soon so wind come and get me.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Adding On!

 A reminder that this year is for us to press on toward the goal we want to meet. If you think about a championship team they never stop wanting to get better because other teams are wanting to become champions as well so they have to add on to their team.

Adding on may have to do with getting another player or more or improving their offense or defense. This is what we must consider doing as well. In our purpose and destiny we have been given talents and gifts. We can’t just stay with the ones that we have been given we must add on more talents and gifts. We have to discover what those additional talents and gifts are. Sometimes it is going out and trying new things. We might not realize that we have certain talents and gifts. We actually might surprise ourselves by trying new things.

The most important aspect about our purpose and destiny is that it is not about us at all. The purpose and destiny is about other people. What we are accomplishing is for the benefit of others. This is sometimes hard to comprehend because the world tells us we have to do things for ourselves. Others may benefit but when it comes down to it all about us which not true at all. Even the best of us when helping others fall in the trap of helping ourselves too.

I hope this helps us all out. What I am writing here is for my benefit as well as others. I have to take my own advice as well. Have a wonderful weekend and continue pressing on toward your goal.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer Here?

                                                  My home of Gig Harbor, Washington

It is officially summer in the Pacific Northwest however the question always is summer here? 

This year it does look like summer in the Pacific Northwest. This weekend the temperatures will be in the eighties and it will hit ninety on Sunday.

This doesn’t happen often in the summer where the temperatures will get to high eighties or nineties. In fact the temperatures usually will vary between mid-70s and 80s. Next week the temperatures are expected to be in the mid-70s which is just fine for me.

You see I have fair skin and I am a natural Pacific Northwest resident so I don’t care for the temperatures to go into the 90s. I don’t mind a few times during the summer but not for several days in a row.

Like many other residents of the Pacific Northwest I believe it is the most beautiful place in the world during the summer. I am sure most people feel that way where they live as well.

There is so much people can do in the summer around here. There is hiking, camping, kayaking, and sail boating to name just a few of the activities. We have the Mt. Rainier National Park, the Olympic Rainforest and the Wenatchee Rainforest to visit. There are a number of hiking trails that can be hiked on either for the day or a week. When I was in Boy Scouts every August we would go on a fifty mile hike in the Olympic Rainforest. We usually took ten days to hike figuring a couple days to relax if it rain too hard and it usually did. I had a good time though my feet often said otherwise. We usually played cards on those days that we took time off to relax.

Also I can’t forget to mention the Oregon and Washington coasts are wonderful to see as well. There are a lot of spots to stop at along highway 101.

For me summer is not only good to enjoy the weather it is great to meet people whether old friends or new friends. I enjoy being around people and there are a lot of them during the summer. This is especially true when it comes to kids. I love watching kids and what they do.

In a month I will be up visiting a couple of my cousins in central British Columbia, Canada. I expect it to be very beautiful and I will report back here how things all go. I look forward to seeing some of their grandchildren as well. It has been four years since I was last there so the children will look different and most likely won’t remember me from four years ago since they were small.

So enjoy your summer wherever you are at. Have a great time with your family and friends. Many blessing to you.  

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Finding It Again

When growing up life feels like an adventure and often as adults we lose the adventure at some point. Some find it again because they have children of their own and with their grandchildren too.

Often as an adult we get wrapped up in our job or career. We can become very busy so adventure becomes secondary in our lives. Some don’t lose the adventure because of their interests and hobbies while everyone else has to discover it once again.

Adventure I find because we are discovering new things or the return of old things. Children make life an adventure because they are discovering new things all the time. It can be what they find or what they have been told or learn. Adventure can be going back in our memories from years past as well.

When I am watching the Seattle Mariners baseball team on television one of the announcers mentions some player from a long time ago. I find it interesting because many times these players are those that I saw on baseball cards. They were well-known names in some cases while other times players that few ever remember again. I used to read the backside of the baseball card to see which hand they threw the baseball with and what side they hit the ball whether right or left handed. Also I wanted to know where they grew up at as well. Of course now with the internet you can find that information easily.

This brings me back to a memory I had of a fellow kid who I played baseball against in little league and he played on the high school team as well. What was unusual about this kid is that he was left handed and he played shortstop. We were always told that left handed throwers could play first base, the outfield and pitch but could not play second, third or shortstop. This kid’s name was Joe and he was a very good athlete. I played basketball with him as well. He was a good basketball player as well. He wanted to play shortstop though he was left handed. He didn’t care whether he wasn’t supposed to or not. He didn’t care that he was unconventional and he wanted to play the most important position in the infield so he did. He probably would not have been able to play shortstop if he was average or below however Joe was an exceptional defensive shortstop. I enjoyed watching him play shortstop though he made plays in a manner that no other shortstop did. This was one of my favorite memories of growing up and I would call it an adventure as well.

Today I try to do as much as possible that I would call an adventure. Doing something new or learn about something I haven’t before or tried something I haven’t before either. We should all return to finding what we lost at some point in life. What is life like if we don’t live it as an adventure? Something we all should think about.   

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school in the district that I grew up in. It seems like every year school gets out later and later. When I got out of school it was at least two weeks earlier. Now they have at least two school breaks in the spring while we didn’t have any.

What I remember about the last day of school we had Field Day. I can’t remember exactly the year it started however it was during my elementary years. Field Day was like track and field except that we had more events besides running the 100 yard dash and throwing the discus. I remember running the potato sack race. It was a challenge for sure. The other well-known one was tying your legs together with another student and run for hundred yards or further. Of course we all know the key was not to fall over and hurt yourself. There were other events as well however those two were the ones I remember the most. Whatever the results were sure did a lot of laughing in the process.

Of course the best part of it all was the last day of school. I felt any time I didn’t have to go to school the better I felt. I know that there are students that enjoyed going to school but I wasn’t one of them. I did have some fun like the Field Day and whenever recess happened along with lunch time. Anytime I was able to get outside the better.

Other good time in school was when we went on field trips like going to the zoo. That has been locked in my memory for years. I didn’t like the early years of school especially having to deal with my skills. I wasn’t good in classes like English and spelling. I felt real insecure back in those days. I know that most students don’t feel secure in school whether it has to do with studies or social skills.

The positive side of school it did teach me life skills that I still have today; skills that I can pass on to younger people now.

Summer vacation was great times as well whether I went to camp or on a trip. Although I didn’t seem them often in the summer it was always good to see my close friends as well. It was always nice to go to the park play some baseball or tennis. There were a couple years that I had to go to summer school as well however it never felt like school the rest of the year. Also there were fewer students and we were there only for a few hours. It felt like recess most of the time.

So now summer officially begins and everyone can enjoy whatever they want to. Enjoy every single minute because the fall and school will return quickly as well.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Being Ourselves

 I find it hard sometimes being ourselves which is OK. Often we try to be someone we are not.

Other words we are good actors a good part of the time which is OK as well.

It is important that we discover who are real self truly is but in the meantime we can be whoever we try to be.

I find out this not only is OK to be whoever we are that others can feel the same way as well. Sometimes it may take our whole life to discover our true self.

The important thing is for our family and friends to know who we truly are or at least the closest we can be. The saying “honesty is the best policy” is a good thing to live by though not always easy to keep in practice.

The best thing to do when you wake up in the morning decide to be the person you think that you are or get as close to it as possible. Another thing is we should not take ourselves too serious. Of course this isn’t always easy because everyone is unique and we all have our own personality.

I enjoy watching people throughout my day. It is interesting to find some look serious while others do smile. I know in my case I try to smile as often as I can. I have been told before that I do look serious sometimes which in my case I prefer not to be.

The people I am most concerned about are those who look sad and unhappy. I wonder if their outward appearance shows what is inside them. I think it would be awkward to go up to them and ask “are you sad or is something wrong”. I hope someday to say something to them.

When I watch people I wonder what they are thinking and what kind of day they are having or kind of life. There are those who I see regularly so I don’t have to think too much about them. I am thinking and observing those I haven’t seen before.

Another thing I find interesting while watching people is how some of them look or have mannerisms like other people I know. I find this happens at least once a day. Although we are unique there are ways we are like others too. I often am told that I resemble someone that they know. I figure that person has to be a good one. Anyone who looks or acts like me has to be a good guy. Laughing inside right now.

It is OK to act not exactly like yourself. It does make life interesting. I enjoy life as an adventure. Along the way though discover who you are and love that person.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Telling a Friend History of Hometown

 I have been seeing a gentleman named Les who is a member of my church for the last couple years. He is about thirteen years older than me and he has lived in the Gig Harbor for the past fifteen years. His wife has been a longtime resident of the area like me however he has been asking questions about Gig Harbor when I was younger whenever we see each other in a local coffee shop. In fact last week I saw him four days in a row.

Coming up next month on July 15 will be the 10th anniversary of the opening of the second Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The original bridge opened July 1, 1940 however it collapsed on November 7, 1940. The bridge was known as Galloping Gertie. The replacement bridge opened almost ten years later in 1950. For the residents they had to take a ferry if they wanted to go back and forth between Gig Harbor and Tacoma. It was the same way before the original bridge was built. My dad used to tell us all about traveling between Gig Harbor and Tacoma. Actually he moved back to Tacoma after the original bridge went down. In fact he went over the bridge that same day.

The reason the second bridge was built the traffic between Tacoma and Gig Harbor was getting very bad. There were times that it took me an hour or longer to get home from work. People living in Port Orchard, Bremerton and the Key Peninsula went over the bridge as well.

Since the second bridge has been built the traffic has been great with very little heavy traffic. Only time traffic is heavy is when there is an accident which doesn’t happen too often. Also there is a toll on the new bridge going from Gig Harbor to Tacoma. The toll is expected to be on the bridge until 2030 depending on when it is paid off. The law in the state of Washington you can’t have tolls on bridges that are already paid for.

Since the second bridge has been built the population of the area has more than doubled in these ten years. There has been another shopping center built along highway 16 called Uptown with a movie theatre and several shops. The shopping next to that was there before the second bridge has been expanded and another shopping center is being built right now and it will be completed by the end of the year.

North of Gig Harbor is another shopping center along with a hospital and multiple housing. Currently they are building a lot of new homes in that area. The big question right now is how to deal with the traffic in that area. They have round abouts right now without light signals. The round abouts will be harder to deal with more traffic.

Anyway Gig Harbor is three to four times larger than when I was growing up especially the growth in the last ten years. We had one stop light back in those days with one shopping center downtown and another one off of the highway. Also there were no overpasses like there is now. The whole area was more laid back in those days.  Shopping for clothes you had to go into Tacoma to do so.

It is nice to talk to someone about the days more than twenty years ago. I am sure most people have memories of where they grew up and how different it was more than twenty years ago. It will be interesting to see how things look in the next ten years. I just hope that Gig Harbor still has that small town feel to it.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father’s Day

                                   My Father and his four proud children with me in the middle!

I start out saying Happy Father’s Day to you awesome men.

There is not a bigger responsibility than being a Father. He is the head of the household who should love his wife and children. The sad part not all families have Father’s.

I feel for those families where there is no father and the father’s that have no family to be with on a regular basis. It is bad that not all families have father and mother around. I feel for either father or mothers who have to raise their children on their own. This is where other family members have to step in. In many occasions there are parents, aunts and uncles who do their part. The major deal is that the children know that they are loved and that there are those who will be with them at any time.

My father passed away June 11, 1993 so he has been gone for some time. I still think about him every day. Although I have been adult all these years it would still be nice if he were around. He wasn’t the perfect father who is however he did coach my little league team one year and took me to some professional baseball games though he wasn’t a big fan himself. He knew that I had the love of the game and wanted to experience that with me. My younger brother he used to go to his wrestling matches. It meant a lot to both of us.

The most important thing about my father he was there any time I needed him. Although I am not a junior I do have the privilege to carry on his name. My nephew Danny his middle name is Herbert after my father and me so he carries the name forward as well. Danny was born after the death of my father so he only has the chance to be told about him. He was a father who took his responsibility of one very serious and did a good job. Miss you dad!

So today we honor all you wonderful father’s where you are here or not. Cheers and a toast to you all. Enjoy your day that is meant only for you.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

What Is Your Goal?

 When it comes to your life whether professionally or personally what is your goals?

Another way to look at it have you met those goals or do you feel that you have more to accomplish. I know for me personally I still have a ways to go. The importance is to press on and never give up no matter where you are on those goals.

If you have met your goals do you feel that you can further or that what you have done is enough? I think we can all go further however I would never want anyone to have high expectations that no one can meet. Your goals should be realistic in every way. I don’t think the goals should include making a lot of money or putting in a lot hours if it is professionally. Your personal goals should be additional to your professional goals. A lot of the personal goals should include your family and friends.

I feel this year is for us to press on toward the mark and what that mark will be each individually. Also I think you should be happy about accomplishing your goals and that the goals are more about others than yourself. I have mentioned before our purpose and destiny should always be about others who we spend time with and help them become better people. We can mentor others and at the same time be mentored ourselves. We can give and receive from anyone. Other words we can learn something new every day. If we can’t than we have no worth to anyone. I know that sounds harsh however I believe it is true as well. I am sure everyone has heard about the Good Samaritan. This is the kind of person we should be. Good luck in meeting your goals and have a great weekend.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Choose Love

Whether at peace or war love is the greatest weapon we have. There are issues that we battle over that often there is no winner. For instance politics is one of them. I am amazed how some people are still so upset over the Presidential election in the United States. They throw insults often as they can. I am sure this happened under other Presidents but not at the same rate. I try to stay out of it as much as possible. The emotions run so deep on both sides. I happened not to vote for either major candidate and I got some heat for it. Like I have heard the saying if you can’t handle the heat stay out of the kitchen.

There are many other issues that are under what is called politically correct however I have decided to stay out of them as well. Showing love to people whether they agree with me or not I find to be the best way to go. I will give my opinion on an issue if I am asked but I am not going to go out of my way to do so since often those on the other side of the issue from me will say that I am judgmental. I feel even those on the other side are judgmental as well.

I believe that love is emotional though it is a choice just like being happy, sad or putting a smile on your face. You can consider them emotional as well. Also I believe that not everything that people put love on is actually love at all. So often the word love is used when they are being lustful. I believe often young people when they get married they are in a lustful relationship not in love. If you ask them whether they are truly love the other person or in lust they have to say lust. I am not saying that is all bad because a relationship can turn from lust to love however you must be truthful with yourself. I believe many marriages fail because of the difference of love and lust. It is important to recognize the difference. By the way I am no expert I am just giving my opinion.

So when you are in a situation where emotions will run heated my suggestion is to turn the other way especially if this is with someone you care a lot about. Often you can’t take back what you have said. If you have I recommend that you ask for forgiveness whether you believe you are right or wrong. This will show love at the highest level. Important to stay in a strong relationship than have one that fails. Like I said before some issues there is never going to be a winner and even if you are the winner at what cost. Peace and love to you all.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hello Judi and Scott

 A couple of my friends Judi and Scott are traveling around the United States right now. They started their trip around last Thanksgiving and probably won’t return until the fall. They began their trip in Oregon and went along the west coast. They made stops in Oklahoma, Texas and Tennessee on the way and currently are in Rhode Island.

They are on a trip I would call once in a life time. I am sure most people who travel a lot still don’t take about a year off on one trip. Also Judi and Scott are not retirement age yet so this makes it quite unusual as well.  They are selling products on line as well during this time to help with their expenses.

Judi and Scott are planning to buy some property in the Gig Harbor area when they return. They had lived near Seattle when they sold their home.

What has been exciting to that their family and friends including myself are able to keep up to date with their travels. They show us pictures and do videos updates where they are at. I have talked to them on the phone a few times as well.

This trip I am sure has made their relationship stronger as well. I am sure at times things haven’t been easy and that they miss their family and friends as much as we miss them. We all look forward to hear more about the trip on their return. The parts they haven’t mentioned already.

So if you run into them while they are on their travels give them a good handshake or a hug for me.  I look forward to the time where I can take a similar trip as long as my health stays good. There are so many places in the United States I haven’t visited before either. 

For those of you are traveling this summer have a safe trip and have yourself a great time. Let your family and friends are included in your travels. Best wishes and be safe.  

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Be At Peace


Whenever anyone is asked the question what they like in the world they answer having peace. It does sound like a great idea however peace must start with us.

It is so hard to believe that a lot of people have lost relationships over politics especially the last Presidential Election.  I have never seen anything like it before. Whether you are a democrat or a republican or you voted for Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton losing a relationship over it is not worth it at all. The thing to do is agree to disagree.

I have seen friends post so much anti-Trump stuff on Facebook that I am tired of it. I have said so but it doesn’t mean that I am going to defriend them. I have let them know that reading about what they have posted is getting tiresome. The main reason in my opinion is that they are repeating the same thing over and over again. I have gotten the point they don’t like President Trump. The fact is he is President of the United States and that is not going to change these four years or possibly eight years so let it go. Since they haven’t listen to what I have said I have gone ahead and skip over those posts. Also I have blocked many of news stories as well. Oh by the way I didn’t vote for either Trump or Hilary Clinton.

I am sure there are a lot of other areas that people disagree on however I have chosen to have peace with my fellow man and for all of us to do so. My opinions are not as important as getting along with others. Also if my purpose in life is to encourage and edify people than giving my opinions have no room. Someone may ask me a question I may choose not to answer them. Really has no place in our relationship.

Anyway let peace on earth and let it begin with me. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Enjoy Where I am Going!

What I like doing is enjoy where I am going. As of yet I don’t do a lot of traveling but I hope to in the future.

The thing I want to see most about traveling is the people that I will meet. Learn about the culture and the people of the city and country. Other words hang out with the locals and others who are visiting as well.

My home town of Gig Harbor, Washington USA is a great place to hang out though the rain sometimes gets tiring. Now that summer is getting ready to arrive I know that the weather will be much better.

I know it is not always possible but I would love to hang out with everyone in their town. It would be nice to hear the stories of their lives along with the town. Find out the best places to see.

I know that some people enjoy visiting museums wherever they go however I am not a big fan. If I am in a city for several days I don’t mind visiting a museum or two for a day however seeing other sites would be more my style especially if the weather is really good.

I remember a year when I visited Washington D.C. while my parents went to the Smithsonian I took a bus tour instead. This way I was able to see all the cool spots in one trip. Now that my brother Jack lives in the Washington D.C. area when I visit I will see many different sites over a longer period.

In five weeks I will be traveling to British Columbia, Canada for about ten days or so. I will be taking a short break from my blog. I don’t have a computer to take with me however I do hope that my cousins will allow me to use theirs. I will spend a night in a motel both coming and going so I will find a way to get on computer.  I hope to update you on my travels along the way when possible and all the details on my return.

I have been up to their places twice for family weddings. This time it will be just to see them and hang out.  It will be nice to see the culture of their area. I probably won’t see many people while visiting just on the way up and back. They live out where there is not a lot of people are out. Certainly will be a different kind of feeling for sure.

Whatever your plans are this summer enjoy the people along with the places you visit. Make the most of it and try doing something different than you have done before.

Monday, June 12, 2017

You’re Awesome

There are many things we can accomplish today. They can make the world a better place as well. We can feel very satisfying in whatever we have done however at the end of the day if we are told that we are awesome and loved then I believe that is the greatest accomplishment of all.

Yesterday I received a hug from a woman that I don’t know. I am sure she doesn’t know my name as much as I don’t know hers. I am sure if she does know my name she ask someone what it is however that doesn’t matter at all because she was willing to give me one anyway.

Receiving love and sharing it with someone is the greatest gift in the world in my mind anyway. We have been told lies often about ourselves that we often believe in them. The truth is that we are awesome despite what some people may say whether directly or indirectly to us. Whatever does happen today whether positive or negative you need to believe that you are awesome. It all begins with loving ourselves first. Others will feel the love because we show it to ourselves first.

My parents’ generation showed love in their actions however did not speak out the words “I love you”. No matter how love is shown in actions we still need to hear the words “I love you”. A hug or a kiss helps however the words still the most important to hear. Have children tell them that you love them over and over again. Be positive in your approach to them whether they are doing something right or wrong. They make a mistake show them how to correct it. True love is unconditional in every way. If you have put conditions on your love let you know that you do not love at all. It does sound harsh but that is the truth.

So today tell others how awesome and loved they are. Tell yourself as well. Many blessings to you today.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Come From Behind!

All of us that play sports at one time or another or watch a sport as a fan know about come from behind wins. There is nothing more satisfying than that in my mind.

The players will throw Gatorade on the one who made the final play to win and fans will give high five or hug.

Why I am bringing this up is that we can think of our lives that way. We came back from what looked like a sure defeat and we won. We made life a victory when all the odds were against us. Those who thought they had beaten us did not know us as well as they thought they did. Whatever the circumstances we never give up and we know that we are the comeback kids. This is where true champions and pressing on toward the mark comes in.

Our purpose and destiny may have looked a far way off at one time however we knew that given the chance no matter how small we would make it. There are those who throw in the towel however we know a lot better.

We all know the story of David and Goliath. No one even his own family thought he could stand up for a whole nation and defeat the giant that would take them all down however David had the faith along with the slingshot to take down Goliath and that is what he did. Faith can take down giants and mountains. All we have to do is believe in the unbelievable. This is truly where coming from behind comes in.

Remember no matter what others say about you it is not the end of the story. Your destiny and purpose is ahead of you. There are those who reject you but the truth is that you are a mighty man or woman. You have talents and gifts that others don’t possess and know nothing about. Put on your armor and play until life ends.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

June Means Rain

Here in the Pacific Northwest we don’t have as much rain as in other months however I have always considered it a raining month. Actually the rain falls more in the first half of the month than the second half. This is the reason we say that summer doesn’t begin until after 4th of July (Independence Day).

Although we do get rain in June the sun does come out some of the time as well. For instance the sun is out right now though it is expected to rain today as well. I usually go for my walk when the sun is out or at least when it isn’t raining.

Another reason that it seems to rain in June is that we have a lot of cloudy days. Actually it is the reason that people think it rains here more than it does. So there are days and I expect today to be one of them where the sun starts out then the clouds come in and then it rains. Days like this happen a lot. So there is a saying around here wait five minutes and the weather will change again. This is a very true statement indeed.

Despite the uncertainty of the weather there are few other places I would want to live than in the Pacific Northwest.  The rain is the reason the grass is green most of the time while the sun allows us to have beautiful flowers and leaves.

I would have to say our lives or a better way to say our moods can be like the weather where it changes every five minutes. This is OK as long as we don’t go crazy in the meantime.

We have a lot of weddings in June around here which is sort of surprising since the weather can change anytime. I would book an indoor wedding however most couples still prefer outdoors. Like I say the weather can change and it will so have a backup plan for a wedding.

If you like to visit the Pacific Northwest June is a nice month to come just expect the unexpected. I remember to being let out of school in June and it is raining while September going back to school and the sun is out. It would be nice if school started late September or October and run through June however I am going to enjoy the weather whatever it does. About time I go for my walk before rain dumps on me. Enjoy your wonderful weekend and stop by here sometime.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Fun and Games

Now that summer is ready to arrive it is time for children to have fun and games. It would be easy to ask parents to relax and allow your children have a good time however since they are not mine you must do what you must do but I recommend that they have fun. They are only children once in their lives.

I remember I spent three years going to YMCA camp for two weeks. My parents sent me along with my two brothers. I am not sure they wanted to get us out of their hair for a couple weeks or not but we did have a good time. We went swimming, arts and crafts, and archery among the activities. I got to know other kids who came from Tacoma and areas nearby. One of the kids and I think it was my last year in camp was living in Tacoma at the time. I found out that his father worked part-time in my dad’s drapery business as an installer. His primary job was a fireman for the Tacoma Fire Department and my dad hired several firemen who worked when they had off-days. The kid’s name was Gary. The rest of the story was Gary’s family moved to Gig Harbor when we were in ninth grade. So we were classmates and graduated together at Peninsula High School. It was a great way to hook up once again after camp. In fact at school when we first met again we both remembered each other.  

This is why going to camp for a child is so important they not only get to have fun and enjoy games they meet other children their age. Some of these children friendships can last a long time or one time so whatever the case summer vacation memories will last for a life time.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Walking the Harbor

Skansie Brothers Park and Shed 

I enjoy walking around the waterfront of Gig Harbor. I don’t do it often because I walk more often around my neighborhood that is near the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the Cushman Trail as well.

The beginning of the Cushman Trail is about fifteen minutes walking from my home. The full distance of the trail is about six and a half miles. The trail ends in North Gig Harbor. There are five different points that you can actually enter to walk, run or bike. The trail near my place is pretty straight however it does get hilly in different spots. Often I see couples on the trail or mother’s with little ones.

Cushman Trail does some bypassing of downtown Gig Harbor however there are some nice spots to look east to see Gig Harbor or out into Puget Sound where you can see Tacoma, Vashon Island and Mt. Rainier. So with the five spots to enter in you can walk a short distance or longer depending how much time you want to spend on the trail.

Anyway walking along the waterfront of Gig Harbor allows me to see my home that I grew up in on the east side. My house is one of four that are still remaining while there are a lot of newer homes now. When I start walking I begin near Tides Tavern which is well known locally and I head north. I go past several shops some of them have been around a long time and others are newer taking over older shops.

The next landmark is Skansie Brothers Park that just got renovated. It reopened last week in time for the Maritime Festival that takes place the first weekend of June.

Across the street from the Park is a coffee shop along with a motel.   Very nice places to visit as well and both have been around I would say ten to fifteen years. You can actually turn up Rosedale Street and walk by St. Nicholas Catholic Church and the Church of Latter Day Saints along with a number of homes that are new or renovated.

I continue on Harborview which is the main street along the waterfront.  There are several marinas when you look out onto the Harbor.  Some newer homes are located as well. About mid-point of the walk is Eddon Boat where you can visit seeing boats on display and there is a little park there as well. Actually people can build their own boats on the weekends at Eddon Boat.

I continue on the walk heading north there is another Marina along with a couple sheds that stores fishing boats. Next you come to the Beach Basket on the left side and a mechanic shop on the right side that used to be a gas station as well. Past the shop is a small restaurant and up from the Beach Basket are a couple other restaurants.

Across the street past the small restaurant is the Harbor History Museum where you can go into to see displays that run for a few months about the history of Gig Harbor. Right  there I turn right to continue on the waterfront. Off on the left is Donkey Creek Park which is a good spot to stop and rest. If you have children they can run around a little bit. There is a bridge that you can walk over as well. A couple years ago the road was turned into a one way direction going east. When I was growing up I didn’t even realize that there was a creek there. Donkey Creek Park is now used to be a Hardware store.  

Continuing walking there is Finholm’s Market. It has been there as long as I have been alive. I used to go into their when I was a kid and mother would go into the Market to get Fish or meat; a great place for back in the day when Gig Harbor had mostly neighborhood stores who are still in business today.

A little further down the waterfront is Anthony’s Restaurant. Last Sunday I had lunch with my mother, nephew Ian and his wife Helen. When I was growing up the restaurant was called the Shoreline. Actually you can still see the Shoreline sign when walking along the waterfront. Some of my classmates worked at the Shoreline when I was in high school.

Continue walking along the waterfront there are quite a few homes. Many of them have replaced the ones I knew as a kid or they added later. The road ends up curving to the right and then you come to Crescent Valley Creek Park. It was the only park in Gig Harbor when I was growing up. I have a lot of memories of that park since I spent a lot of time there including my home park for little league baseball; also played football with other neighborhood kids and tennis with my brothers.

Continue around the harbor there are quite a few newer homes. Not many there when I was a kid. Also an apartment building on the waterfront that has been there since I was in junior high; next you come to the boating launch where you can take your boat into the water. If you continue from there you will see my old home and then many others before coming to the end at the spit.

Waling the waterfront not only is enjoyable for me however I can think about the past along with the present. What a beautiful place it was to grow up and still is.

                                                 Blue house the one I grew up in

                                           Viewing point across from Finholm's  Market