Thursday, May 31, 2018

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

 For all Christians who believe in Jesus Christ have all been gifts by the Holy Spirit. No one has all the gifts but each one has at least one gift. The purpose is to build up the church.

Looking into the gifts I noticed that in Catechism of the Catholic Church doesn’t indicate all the same ones mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12. I am not here to judge the Catholic Church however the two that are not mentioned is speaking in different kinds of tongues and the interpretation of tongues. It is probably not a surprise because even in the protestant church there is controversy about tongues.

In 1 Corinthians 13 Paul says though you may speak in tongues but you don’t love than it is just clanging noise. Although he doesn’t mention the other spiritual gifts when it comes to love I expect it applies to them as well.  So my interpretation is whatever gifts and talents that we have comes down to love. We must have love to give the gifts and talents away to others. I can tell you everything that I believe and encourage you here but I don’t show love than on my part I won’t receive award. You may receive all that I have given you and benefit from it however I won’t.

I pray that I will love all and receive love not for the gifts and talents given to me but that I want love. In my mind nothing else matters besides love. I hope that you feel the same way and that love will cover you. Amen!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Let’s Do It

At the beginning of the year I mentioned that our purpose we should just “let’s do it.” I think that there is no better way. We can think about doing our purpose but getting out and do it is the best policy otherwise we can think too much about it.

Last year I made pressing on as the goal and that is still good as well and the year before being on an adventure. Put all three together by let’s do it because we are pressing on and we are on adventure. Actually that is really what life truly should be an adventure. It can be exciting if we think it that way. It doesn’t mean that we won’t have troubles because that is what comes along in life but works out better when we think life as an adventure.

Often people consider their jobs as the purpose in life but that is only part of it. We enjoy our job than the purpose of it really does help however you don’t enjoy the work as much as when you started than it doesn’t feel right at all.

My last job I enjoyed for a while but the last few months it became stressful and lack of enjoyment so when I left I found it too be a good thing. There were some parts of it that were enjoyable because I liked dealing with people but restrictions were happening that put the stress on. I felt like I had to be perfect in everything I did and I knew that really wasn’t going to happen.

Now I look at every day to be an adventure because I can just do it. I can see who comes my way and put some sunshine in their lives even if it is just for a moment. I hope in the future to put wisdom into other’s lives along with boldness. Yes that is what I was created to be with my purpose and destiny. I want everyone who walks away from me thinking wow I am a special person. I hope you feel that way to when you finish reading my posts. Amen!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What Does Life of Purpose Mean to You?

I am sure we all have asked this question at least once what does life of purpose mean to me or what purpose do I have living here. If you have been a regular reader of this post I hope that you have answered the question and you’re trying to live that way.

Most of all if you know the Ten Commandments the first two are the greatest in loving God and loving your neighbor. So we were created to love God and to love those around us beginning with our families. God did not leave it at that for our purpose though they are the two reasons we are meant to have a purpose.

I do know that we don’t always live our lives to fulfill our purpose by loving God and others. The gifts and talents we have are to glorify God and to help others around us. Other words I am here to give my life to God and to others. We are not to live a life of isolation so these gifts and talents are to show how glorious and loving God is and to help others. The great thing is not only am I here to help you are here for the same thing. Every one of us to make others have a wonderful life until the end; I am here to help you at the same time you help me. Unfortunately it isn’t always working out. The world is full of people who want to do their own thing. I am sure we have all been there whether right now or in the past. Often we do things to see what we can get out of others. We take our gifts and talents to put over people. Another way can be said to control others. We see that every day with politics, religion and business.

I hope that you have answered the question about your purpose and I am able to help give you any insight. All I know to is everyday use our purposes and hopefully discover new ones. Not only will we be able to help others we will be helping ourselves by having happier lives.


Monday, May 28, 2018

Having Patience

I believe one of the hardest things to maintain is having patience. If you are good at being patient it likely is a gift from God. At least that is my opinion anyway.

I am probably more patient than I realize however it isn’t something easy for me. It is important to be patient because darkness and negative thoughts come in. The lack of patience can bring self-pity, anger and bitterness to name a few negative thoughts.

It is important to have patience and it will take time to do so. Sort of a funny thing to say in a way because patience means it will take time.

I know that there are desires we have sometimes takes years to materialize. I have had friends say that you must be patient. I know that is true but how long do we have to be patient? They may not understand that the desires have been going on for ten, twenty or thirty years or even a lifetime. The answer to go with patience is faith. We must believe the desires will be fulfilled someday even if it never happens. Faith is what we must have for those desires that we have longed for many years otherwise anger and bitterness could rule our lives.

Most likely the desires we have still looking to be fulfilled others are going through the same thing and this is where our purpose comes in as well. We can help others who are going through the same thing and we are strengthened at the same time. We can put faith into others that will make our faith stronger to. I am saying these words for encouraging others but to encourage myself to. Often we have to hear the words over and over again. Please comment if you have some encouraging words and you have overcome areas of impatience. Thank you!


Sunday, May 27, 2018

Memorial Day

Here in the United States of America we celebrate Memorial Day the last weekend of May. The purpose is to remember those who gave their lives serving in the military.
I go a step further because I know that most of us have ancestors who served in foreign services as well so I want to honor them as well. I had a great uncle Alan who was my grandfather’s (on my mother’s side) brother who lost his life like many during World War 1 in the Canadian Army. My grandfather fought in a couple wars for Canada as well however he stayed home for the Great War because they didn’t want families to lose more than one.

I honor those who I remember who didn’t serve as well who are no longer with us however as a nation this weekend is for those who did serve.
An appropriate scripture to read and meditate on this weekend out of the mouth of Jesus Christ John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”  Amen!


Saturday, May 26, 2018

What We Can Learn

When it comes to those who are in our lives whether family or friends or people we run into there is a reason not only for our purposes but for theirs as well.  

Not only are we supposed to use our purposes to encourage them they are here to encourage us as well.  Our children whether young in age or older we need to teach them about their purposes. For the young ones to discover their purposes and what their gifts and talents are as a lifestyle while the older ones encourage in their gifts and talents.

When it comes to others for us to listen to them where we can give and receive. We should not be looking at just living a life of purpose for ourselves but to learn and receive from others as well. Whether they know it or not we can learn from them in the same way we can give without them possibly not understanding our purpose.

I believe that not only can we mentor those who have asked of help from us we can do so with those who don’t. What I am saying may sound strange or different but people can learn from us as much as we can learn from them. Listening is a very good tool along with speaking. I realize in the past I mostly talked about myself and now I want to hear about others in their speaking. We will learn more about them by asking questions. It doesn’t mean that we can’t talk about ourselves but to have them talk about themselves. We can learn about the similarities and differences with them. We can reply back with the similarities by saying I have done the same thing while with the differences we can say I would like to know more about it. This is really important with those who don’t talk often and are not open to sharing how they feel. We likely will open ourselves to a new world that we have never seen before. It is something to think about anyway. The more we learn the better person we become in the eyes of others.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Living As A Miracle

We are all miracles however do we live are lives like we are one?

I am sure most of us don’t even think that way. Although I know that my life is a miracle in more ways than one I try to live it that way but most of the time I don’t think about it.

A while back I posted that I believe in miracles.  I am still here because of miracles in my life however just being born is a miracle in itself. I am sure that most mothers feel that way when they see their child for the first time after being born.

In my case I was burned on my right side of my stomach as well under my right arm. It was a miracle that I lived after being in the hospital for twelve weeks having several operations of grafts along with the fact  that my sister was real close and she call to my mother who came with a blanket to stop the fire. I was cooking an egg on the stove. At the time I had a hearing problem so I wasn’t able to communicate very well either. A second or two I could have been burned on my face as well. I am not sure how much longer that I could have gone without surviving. I am sure others can testify to miracles in their lives beyond being born.

I have decided and I don’ think it is easy to do because in ways that I don’t really understand is to live our lives as a miracle. We should be thankful for every breath that we take. We have no idea how long our lives will be.

Not only should we think that about ourselves but we should about others as well. We need to look at one another as a miracle and live that way. Not an easy task because it is not how most of us think however I am sure our lives will be different in doing so.

When we wake up in the morning we should have a smile on our face thinking about another miracle day ahead and when we go to bed at night that we have made it through another miracle day. Amen!



Thursday, May 24, 2018

Strong Faith

Whether we know it or not most of us have strong faith otherwise we would have crazy lives.

I am sure there are things that we don’t have much faith in but there are plenty of things we do.

We have faith our cars will get us where we want to go. We have faith in the pilots and the ground crew when we are in a plane. We have faith that when we are in a chair it will hold our weight. Those are a few examples of many things we have faith in without even thinking about it most of the time.

I know to that we have faith in the talents and gifts that we use a lot of as well. What we probably have lack of faith in is the unknown. What I mean in the things we have never experienced. I am sure that I am weak in faith when it comes to jumping out of an airplane for instance. I am not great with heights so I am sure that I would be shaking when doing so. The reason I probably will never jump out of an airplane unless it is a matter of life and death where I had to.

I believe the most important thing though we have strong faith in many things and for other things small faith is OK as well. Mediate on this and see where it leads you. Amen!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

On The Way Home

My mother and I made it to our half way point home arriving late afternoon in Hope British Columbia. The temperatures were in the 90s which is way hotter than normal for May. We plan to get home today(Wednesday) where the temperatures are more bearable in the 70s. We found our stay in Central Cariboo exciting and good with my cousins however the travel has been something to deal with that is for sure. Of course that what life is about isn't it to deal with circumstances that we are not used to. On the other hand the time in Cariboo was exciting to experience new things like me riding a horse. I don't remember the experience the first time I rode a horse when I was nine other than that I did ride a horse so this time will be something I will remember for a long time. Not only that but I can ride a horse with success.

Like I have said before we can't always know what we can do unless we try for the first time. What we think is impossible might turn to be possible. When we find out one way or another than we know that it is something we can or cannot do. If it is something we can do than we look forward to the next time or we cannot do it than we don't experience ever again. 

Sometimes doing something takes time to accomplish; we must do it over and over again. For example for me I had trouble driving a car when I took lessons to get my license. In fact it took me four times to get my license. Amazing thing happened though when I got my license I became a very good driver. I figure it must be that I relax and that driving by myself made me a good driver. I don't know for sure other than that I became a good driver. Not all talents we have come together right at the beginning we must practice to become good. Anyway that is a word of thought.

I feel being a writer I become better and better over time because I make sure that I do it on a daily basis. Of course being writer makes you a better thinker as well because you must put thought into what you are writing. Also I believe to be a really good writing you have to take responsibility in what you are writing as well. I have mentioned though we have freedom of speech in the USA according to our constitution what is written or spoken can still make someone accountable. Other words though you have the freedom to say or write what you want doesn't mean that you won't be found responsible and be in trouble for it at some point.

Anyway mother and I will be back on the road in a few hours and should be home safe in the midafternoon. Look forward to writing to you all once again tomorrow and see what the future says in my writings to encourage everyone in their purpose and destiny. Have a fantastic day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Going Home

Today is Tuesday May 22 and it is time to return home after arriving last Tuesday the 15th. Like I have said we can learn about new gifts and talents anytime. This works when we are on a trip as well. I found out Saturday evening that I am able to ride a horse. I only rode a horse once way back when I was nine or ten years old so the challenge was whether I could or not and I found out that I can. My cousin Susan’s husband David went out with me and he said that I am a natural. It felt really good as well. At first I wondered if I could or not but it didn’t take long to find that yes I can. Also I was able to call the cows as well. It is not as easy because the cows don’t always listen very well. I found it funny to me that one group of cows were at Sam’s place (Susan and David’s middle son) I asked them to come forward to move into another pasture  and they were listening to me very well however the calf’s to right of me I glanced over and they were right there ready to go for me. I yelled at the cows how come you can’t listen to me like the calf’s. The key though is to get one cow to go forward than the rest will follow. Eventually we got them over. They will stay usually a couple days until moving to another pasture.

Mother and I will take two days on our return. We will take another route home from the original to have another scenic view. It might take us an hour longer than our trip up but that is OK. I have never been on the route that I remember unless we went at the time going across Canada when I was twelve.

So even though we may not have great talent at something we can always learn something from the experience. Make every effort to do something different and exciting.

I am sure you enjoy my experience well as me giving a bit of advice and encouragement. The plan is to drive until we reach Hope British Columbia which is about the halfway mark. A lovely place to visit if you ever get a chance to come this way.

Monday, May 21, 2018


Most of us would say that we are a good person and I am sure most of us are most of the time however we are not good all the time at least that is how I feel about it. Being a truly good person we would have to be all the time. Have we ever lied or swore any in our lifetime I would say that almost everyone has at least once so that would disqualify us as being a total good person.

What I am coming to say here is that goodness is a gift given by God to us. Having goodness is not naturally part of our dna  no matter how much we say that we are good. What makes things as good as possible is that we have a conscience and we are able to use that to our highest ability. Those who we would consider bad people don't have a good conscience most of the time. Those people do things we don't even like to talk about most of the time. Our conscience keeps us from doing those things and we have laws to keep ourselves in order along with being accountable.

Being a gift from God means that we have goodness when it is really necessary to help other people. It is right there with grace, sympathy, hope and love among the gifts. It is not like we don't  act like good people most of the time because  I believe most of us do however goodness raises us to another level. 

It is a really good thing to have gifts like goodness because everyone needs to have a touch of goodness bestowed on them at least once in a while. I would say in a way it is like getting a good hug when we need one. Actually it is something we all could use on a daily basis.  Life can be hard a lot of the time and having someone throw goodness our way makes us feel much better at the time. So when you have that super duper goodness let others have a touch. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

High Healthy Level

Here I am still in the Central Cariboo of British Columbia at least for a couple more day. I did get in my first riding of a horse in years and it went off without a problem and it was fun at the same time.

Anyway the Cariboo area is between 3000 and 4000 above sea level. It seems to healthy place to be excluding the mosquitos. My mother has had issues with her legs for a while now and they look so wonderful being here. I hope they are able to stay that way we get home. I hope that my body is able to get more healthy here as well. I wonder how long that people live who live in high level places like this?  Anyway it is something to ponder.

I know that I want to live as long as I can to fulfill all of my purposes in life. Of course eating healthy food along with exercise is a good start to living longer though not guarantee since our geans  has a lot to do with our longevity as well.

I figure our purpose in life where we live doesn't matter so much. We can do them wherever we are long as we have determination. Of course some talents and gifts  will be determine where we live. The importance is just keep going on and pressing into our purposes. I continually want to encourage everyone how important our purposes are in our lives. They make us who we are and gives us the total joy we are always looking for. They are not our total life journey but do make up an important art of it. So keep doing your purposes and those around you will benefit. Amen!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Ranch Style

Today I am at my cousin Susan's place on her and husband David's ranch. It certainly different than what I am used to and a lot Americans I am sure. 

I actually arrived Friday around noon. After lunch I went out with David around the  ranch. He has a younger man from Germany working for him during this season. He was working on the fences. It has only been ten days since the snow was thawed. I got to have my first experience calling the cows. They were being moved from one pasture to another. Also on Thursday one of the cows had a calf so David and the young man had the calf marked. After that we returned to the house which is located on a lake.

Today I plan on another adventure and that is riding a horse if everything works out anyway. They are going to have two son's around along with seven grandchildren. I am not sure whether their oldest son will be around or not however he his two children will be. I have met six of the grandchildren so I get to meet the youngest for the first time. I will return to cousin Christy's sometime on Sunday. It will be a fun experience for sure.

I feel we all should try something at least once that we feel is not part of our gifting or talent. I have mentioned before sometimes we don't always know all of our talents until we at least try. The unknown often for us not to try but it can be rewarding.

I will let you know for sure how things go with riding the horse and what other experience I come up with here. Be blessed very much today and try something new as well. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

Moving On

These days everyone seems to stay pretty busy no matter the situation. I believe it is important to relax once in a while. Take a day off once in a while and do something different. Even those have retired seem to stay pretty busy as well.

I have some friends wonder how I write this post on a daily basis. Well I find it somewhat easy because I think and meditate on what I want to write. It doesn’t come easy all the time but most of the time it does. I believe writing all depends on what you want to say to those you write to and what the subject you are writing about. Also the more often doing it gets easier as well.

So I say it is important to enjoy the gifts and talents God has given you. Things that you may do that are more difficult I recommend to do them less frequently or not at all. There is a reason that you were given the gifts and talents that you have plus life will be more enjoyable as well. So move on to those things that give you pleasure. Although you may have a purpose in those things that you are getting tired of doing. You can always get back to them at a later date. In fact you probably enjoy them better after taking a break.

Right now I am on a break of my everyday life spending time up in British Columbia with my cousins. They live way out away from a lot of people so it is really easy to relax. The weather has been warmer than I am accustomed to in May but I try to spend some time out of the sun. The temperatures have been in the 80s and 90s which is more like July and August weather. Not complaining that is for sure it is just that I can only spend a few minutes at a time in this weather.

Anyway my encouragement is if you are tired of doing something right now take a break and try doing something different. I am sure you will be feeling much better. If you can’t take a total break at least take a little time away. Let you know this is always free advice from me. Until next peace to you all.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Join Together

Talking with my cousin Christy Wednesday afternoon I asked her whether she likes her life in British Columbia compared to when she and her husband spend time in Arizona. She said that she likes them both though they are different.

In British Columbia they are more isolated so they don’t see other people as often than when living in Arizona. Both worlds they enjoy however their two oldest sons live in Edmonton, Alberta. The oldest son is married with a daughter who is almost a year old and the second son’s wife is now pregnant with their first child so they spend more time there and less in British Columbia. Also their third son along with wife and daughter live in Fredericton , New Brunswick so they have to go visit there as well. So they jungle their personal lives around.

This comes to our lives where we all do similar things in the natural however there is the spiritual life as well. Some people keep the natural and the spiritual separated however they should be joined together. We have both natural gifts along with spiritual gifts. They can actually work together we choose to do so. In fact God would prefer that we have them work together. I see them come together in the same way when a couple together and get married. Often there is an adjustment time for a couple when they get married. They may have known each other for some time but their lives were still separate before marriage.

Just like marriage bring the natural and the spiritual is not an easy task. Primarily because most people have had those worlds live separately however we should find a way for them to work together. It may odd and strange but willing it can be an exciting life having the natural and spiritual together. I am still working on that myself however every day it is getting better and better. It will take time for it to work out but I believe living a natural spiritual life is a good thing. Amen!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Peaceful Surroundings

Here I am early Wednesday morning looking out bedroom windows at Lake Rose where my cousin Christy and her husband David live in British Columbia Canada. It is such a lovely spot. The last time I was here back in August 2013 for their son Avery’s wedding. It is a fantastic spot on the lake for a wedding. I was staying up at Susan’s who is Christy’s older sister’s place about a forty-five minute drive in the north direction. Susan lives on a large ranch with her husband who is David as well.

Up here in British Columbia the lifestyle is different than the one I live on a daily basis. I live in a small not far from bigger cities though I can travel a short distance to have peaceful surroundings as well however nothing like a change where no large city is around. For the next few days I will see more animals than people. I will be going out for a walk here in a few minutes and I know that I will see at least one deer who I saw last evening.

What all this means is that not only do I get to see my wonderful cousins and hear their stories about what is going on in their lives and bringing up past memories as well I can spend time with nature, meditate and hear from God. Not that I don’t do those things sometimes anyway a lot easier out here for sure.

I recommend here for everyone to take time off and find your quiet peace place to enjoy and reflect about life. Sometimes changes for the good happen during this time of reflection. We may get to know more about our purpose and destiny in life.

Now to say goodbye until tomorrow. Oh yes I can’t forget to tell you tomorrow is my
birthday. What a great and special place to spend my birthday with close family as well.                           

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hope Every Where Including Canada

I have to say that I am kidding with the title. This afternoon I went through Hope British Columbia. It is about the middle of the province. I left my home in Western Washington about nine-thirty Monday morning and I crossed the Canadian border about twelve-thirty pm. If it were not for an accident in downtown Seattle and I had to go east before go north again. The traffic still was heavy but not as bad as through Seattle. I probably saved about a half an hour.  I am saying a couple hours now north of Hope. I will arrive at my destination early or mid afternoon on Tuesday. I had to take a few breaks to rest  in part that it was really hot.  Another funny thing I have to say is that a place a few miles north of Hope is called Hell's Canyon. I am sure that you get it right.

Whether we are American, Canadian, Austrian, Russian, German or any other place on the earth we all need as much hope as we can get. It is a good reason that we share and encourage each other as much as we can. I am actually going to keep it short he re because I am tired driving a long day and because of the heat. I am not writing this in the normal fashion that I do. I probably will fix it when I return back home later.

This trip I hope to be able to have stronger relationships with my cousins who I am visiting. The relationships are pretty good though I don't see them as often as I like to. My three Canadian cousins are all older than I am. They range from five to eight and half years older than me. So you see it is a different relationship than cousins who would be closer in age. It is cool though having older cousins. They are all closer in age to my sister who is eight and a half older than me. So it is interesting how that all works out.  I am sure everyone has interesting relationships with relatives whether it is siblings or cousins along with the distance they from each other. My cousins I am able to keep in contact through email and social media primarily though the do call on the phone a few times a year as well.  Anyway I  look forward to writing again on this journey to know more about my purpose and destiny.

Going On the Road

Monday my mother and I are taking a vacation up to British Columbia for about ten
days. We will be spending time with my cousins along with their children and grand-
children. I figure it is time to relax and to get more knowledge when it comes to our purpose
in life.

Actually family is a very important part of our purpose. For the parents it is give their children the direction to go and encourage they need when it comes to what their purpose is as well. We can all use insight from others well as we give insight too. I will be out in the wilderness to some degree since my cousins live on a lake and a ranch.
So when I am able to go out for a walk I primarily will see and hear animals. It will be a  nice time to mediate and speak with God for the days and years ahead. I hope to be able to write some posts there as well.I will be taking pictures that I plan to download on my website This way you will see some of the animals that I see plus my cousins and family as well.
Remember to continue encouraging one another every  day. It is important that we take our minds off of ourselves and plant it onto others. I know that I feel discouraged when I have my mind more on myself than others. Have yourself a wonderful week while you do what we our meant to do.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day

I want to wish all moms a wonderful and blessed Mother’s Day. I don’t think there is a harder job on earth than being a mother however the biggest reward at the same time. I know it is a job that you are thanked not enough.

Here I write about us discovering our purpose in life. Being a mother is no question the number one purpose in your life. For those who have been mothers for some time you can teach the young mother’s. You can show them the ropes if you call it that and you are a grandmother than you have the honor to help and teach your daughter or daughter-in-law along with loving your grandchild.

So bless you mothers especially on the days that the job is really hard. May you have rest when you need it. Also it is very important to have other mothers as friends as well. God bless you every day as you raise your children and those who have adult children well-done. Amen!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Our Health

I know that I have talked about our health before however it is hard at the same time. Recently I was at my cardiologist and she told me that I need not to eat dinner and make breakfast my biggest meal. I find that is really hard to do despite the fact I am trying hard. Also ok to eat a light lunch. My thought right now would be to eat a late lunch so be so much easier not to eat dinner. I have been exercising, stretching and walking almost every day but it still hard to take off the weight. I haven’t been gaining any weight thankfully unless I go up a pound or two for a couple days and then back down again. The reason for that is I retain water so I take pills for that and then I take an extra one later in the day when I do gain the extra pounds. I hope that I can get to not eating dinner at all or just a very small amount. I am expected to take three pills during dinner so the reason to eat at least a little or the idea might be too with the late lunch. I may try that to see how that works. Not an easy task at all for sure.

The importance of it is to be able to stay healthy and live longer so I can continue doing the purposes I am supposed to do in life. I have known about ten people around my age who have died that I went to school with. In fact just this week a young brother of a classmate died of a heart attack. He was a couple years younger than I. It is sad to think that he died younger than he should have. He had a lot to offer though I don’t think he lived a life as he ought to have. I am not judging him I just feel that way. Everyone is responsible for the way they live and we can only help those we can to go the right direction. In the end it is all up to us isn’t it. I know that I haven’t always lived up to what I should. I am making every effort to do so now though I know that I still have ways to go like we all do. Like I have said before we must press on toward the finish line as though we are running a marathon and not the one hundred yard dash. So keep health good and do your best. Amen!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Sense of Humor

We have in our lives a personality along with gifts and talents. I believe that sense of humor fits into all three. I would have to think more about other traits that would be part of our personality but I expect they would be included in gifts and or talents too.

I believe that having a sense of humor can help others at the right time. What I mean people at certain times need a dose of humor. Situations can happen where humor can be a release point. For example someone you have been close with has died you go through a period of mourning and grief. I find that at funerals or memorials when sharing about the person  laughter happens. It doesn’t take the grieving away but it does make us feel better for a little while to think   about occasions in the person’s life that were funny. In fact months and years later when we think about the person funny things will come to mind again. We most likely remember what was said at the funeral or memorial and bring up other special occasions we spent with the person.

Though I see having a sense of humor being part of someone’s personality along with talent and gifting I see it most for being a gift. A gift we think of something we give on special occasions like a birthday, a wedding or Christmas though  humor is used more often than what we would identify as a special occasion I think it is a gift that keeps on giving. Those who use humor may not even realize how much it can affect other people around them. You can make someone’s day very good that wasn’t having a good day before you saw them. Humor is a gift that can bring healing to someone.

When my nephew Ian was in high school one summer he was a counselor at camp. Actually he attended the same camp when he was the same ages the kids that were attending. After the camp was over he received a letter from a fellow counselor and she told him to keep using his humor because it is special. She was able to make it through camp despite circumstances because of his humor.

I know to there are other gifts and talents that do the same thing to help others. So my encouragement is to use your gifts and talents often as you can. This was the reason you were given them as a purpose. Amen!

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Everything and everyone has value. Most things are valued by how much someone wants the item. We have great value because there is no measuring stick by what the value is measured by in human terms.

God has a plan for us and he created us for a purpose so his value for us goes beyond what we could pay for. Whatever item like gold has a value stamped on it we do not. We can set a value on ourselves and others but it really doesn’t mean a thing. Sometimes we think less of ourselves but we are not thinking correctly at those times. I know because at times I go through depression where I don’t put much value on me. Whatever goes through my mind is not true. We should say to ourselves that we have value higher than we can comprehend. A value so much that when we die we can never be replaced. Think about your life and that of others. I am sure we will all live a better life when we think this way.


Wednesday, May 9, 2018


A good gift to have for our purpose in life is to inspire others. Whether we know it or not others need us as much as we need them.

We don’t have to be a superstar in whatever field that we work in all we have to be ourselves most of all. Inspiration doesn’t have to happen in big ways they are most affective in small ways. Those are often the things that people remember most of all. I am sure that you remember the small things as much if not more than the big things. There is nothing wrong with the big things that happen in our lives but the small ones come out better. In fact I would say that the small things are actually the big things in our lives. Our family and friends may think we care most about the big things but is the small mementos we care most of all. The amazing thing is that most of the time the small mementos lead us to the large ones. They are the beginning of things to come. Without them we most likely will never get the larger ones. Others may remember the large ones but we will never forget the small ones. Actually I have to say the small ones will grow into being large. They are like babies who grow into being children then adults. Actually seeing yourself, siblings and children at every stage in life can be highlighted as small turning into large mementos.

Remember those people in your life that have inspired you along with those you have inspired. They are mementos we live and see with every day.   

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


This week is known as Teacher’s Appreciation week. So you should look back at not only on teachers that you have appreciated but others that you have over the years. Although I didn’t like school that much growing up I did have some teachers that I admired. My fifth grade teacher Mrs. Eaton was not only a good teacher she always looked after me even when I grew up. We went to the same church so she always made sure to ask me how things were going. Also there was my high school choir director Mr. Neal who I still have some contact with as well. There were number of other teachers that I still remember to this day.

So remember these people that you have come to appreciate and let them know how much they mean to you. Also I hope that others will let you know how much you are appreciated as well.

This isn’t something we should remember to do once a year it is something we should do on a daily basis. Say thank you to someone today that you appreciate. You are one of the reasons that they have their purpose in life in the same way you have as well. Oh yes keep on smiling too. You will affect others with it and you won’t have to say a word. LOL

Monday, May 7, 2018


Let you know that we are significant in our own way along with being special. The problem though we often think that we are not significant at all. This even happens when others tell us we are. Often at a young age we were told that we weren’t over and over again so it takes time for it to sink in that we are significant.

I know that at times I don’t feel significant. This is especially true when I am in a big group of people. It isn’t like others tell me so I just hear it in my mind. I have to recognize these thoughts are lies that are shouting out loud. This happens even though I have been told over and over again that I am significant. I can be encouraged by others with truthful words but it doesn’t change that these words tell me that I am not significant.

I can’t tell you these voices won’t come in because they will come in. What you must do is speak against these words. Tell them that you don’t believe it and to go away. Whether you believe it or not we are in a spiritual battle on a regular basis. This can happen once a day or hour depending how long you listen. Speak out and rebuke the devil that you no longer will listen to these words. Take the authority that you have over him. It doesn’t mean that he won’t come back because he will however the more often you do rebuke him the less often it will happen. Again I am not saying this because I have total control over spiritual warfare because I don’t but I will over time. This will be for each one of us. Meditate and speak out that I am special and significant. I have a purpose and destiny. Every day we will become stronger not because of ourselves but that God is there for us.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


It was so nice to give words of encouragement to others on Saturday. I along with a married couple was able to speak into the lives of nine people. How much difference it makes only time will tell but we gave what we though they needed.

Now I look forward to relax although I still want to give encouragement words to others. It is nice to tell someone they can make it regardless what is happening in their lives. I find the difficult part is that my life isn’t always what I want it to be however I must give myself hope in the same way I give to others as well.

Now here comes the part of relaxing whether it is going somewhere or being by ourselves. I see at times it is important to take the gifts and talents that we were given to make a difference in others’ lives to put them on us as well. So the one word today about relaxing do for yourself and you can be strengthen to help others too.

I am look forward in eight days to go up to British Columbia Canada and visit with my cousins. Not only to see them but to see the trees, the lakes and the rivers along with animals. I know when I go for a walk in the mornings I may likely see animals more than humans since not many people live in that area. You think I might be able to give them a word of encouragement. At least good practice anyway. Yes I am chuckling right now. Enjoy the rest of today.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

A Warm Feeling

Saturday my church Harborview Fellowship in Gig Harbor we are having what is called the Summit. It is actually the first edition for this and hopes to be a success for many years to come. We will be hearing some teaching plus a time where those are there will receive words of encouragement. I am one of those on the ministry team that will give out words of encouragement. We will have nine sessions going for ten minutes each.

I believe that when we share our gifts and talents with others we can go away with warm feelings. I know this will be how I will feel at the end of Saturday. I hope that each person that I speak to will go away with joy in their hearts. They may hear words that they have never heard before or words that confirm what they have heard.

Under these circumstances it is easy to think that you are really special or great. We are equally special I have to say right now. We are not greater than another person however in our humanity it is easy to feel that way. What each of us must do than is humble ourselves; not an easy task at all but necessary. Our gifts and talents don’t make us the person we are they are the purpose we are here; our personality along with our hearts, body and soul that make us who we are.

I want each of you know how much I appreciate you. I want to encourage each of you in whatever part that I play in your life.  I have a warm feeling for writing to you every day. Thank you so much.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Why Don’t People Decide?

I was thinking recently that most people don’t think about their purpose in life. The reason most likely is that they just go out and do it or they have no idea what their purpose is.

I know that it took me until a few years ago to realize that I have a purpose in life ordained by God. I was created and put on this earth for a purpose for this time however I believe that I was doing at least some of my purpose before without realizing it. Our purpose can be as natural as eating or talking. This doesn’t change my thinking at all that we should do the most with the gifts and talents that God has given us. In fact the gifts and talents we are using there are more he will give us. The reason for saying this is that God sees how responsible we are using our gifts and talents so the next step is to give us more. I am sure it was his intention in the first place but wanted to be sure we are acting in a responsible way.

I am not saying this because we have to do these things under obligation but we do because we want to and make our lives good and true. For some of us our purpose is to help others discover their gifts and talents. Also to realize they can use them in other ways and manners as well. Think what you can do to maximize the gifts and talents that you have. You may surprise yourself how happy and fulfilled you will be.


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Walking the Path

I mentioned before how important it is to walk on the right path of life. I am not really sure why I am mentioning it again other than it is important thing to do.

Most of us have walked wrong paths on different occasions especially when we were young whether it was as teenagers or in our twenties. Sometimes we still make the same mistakes taking the wrong paths.

I think the problem is the wrong paths are so enticing and in some cases they feel like we are on the right path. It isn’t until we are on the path for a little while we realize that it is the wrong one.

There are paths we know that we should not walk on because they are very obvious or we have walked them before but it is difficult when we walk on a path that we haven’t ventured on before. I believe it takes wisdom to take the right path or stay off the wrong path. Also we don’t always learn our lessons either.

The truth is that we should ask our friends who we trust real well whether this path we should try taking. It is possible they have taken the path themselves with success or failure.  

Anyway a thought to ponder for each of us; if you are wondering what I am talking about when it comes to paths it has to do with decisions we make or our lifestyle. Both of them can be one in the same. I am sure that I will bring this subject about paths again when I may get more insight. That could happen when I make a wrong decision myself and walk on the wrong path. I am sure it will happen at some point since I don’t always listen too.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Being Thankful

What we always have to be is thankful for our purpose and the gifts we have been given. Also we have to remember it is not all about us either. The reason we have this purpose in life is to help others in areas that we have been given these gifts and grace to live by.

I am thankful that I have others who encourage me every day even ones that I don’t know. There are a lot of negative posts on social media but I find a lot of positive inspiration as well. I find the best thing to do is skip the posts that are negative and just read the ones that are positive.

Most of these people that give me encouragement on line I don’t know personally in just the same way we don’t either. However like me I hope that I am getting to know them better each day.

I try to talk to someone that I don’t know every day in a coffee shop or grocery store. We might just talk about sports, the weather or how their job is going. The important thing is I am doing it with a smile and I listen to them. One of my dear friends now told me that is how we became friends because he wanted to know me better for the way I interacted with him and others. Often I will say words that others don’t expect as well. Usually it is in the form of humor although I don’t start out that way.

I believe the number one thing we should be thankful for is that God made us exactly the way he did. I don’t always think that way because of the difficulties I had for so many years but I know now that is true. I am thankful for my family, old friends and the new ones I meet. I figure soon as I meet someone the next time we meet we are old friends. I am thankful for where I life as well along with having a meal every day and place to lie my head each day. It is hard to be thankful for what you don’t have but I am working on that to. I think we all have to work on it.

So when you wake up in the morning be thankful that another day is here, ask that your day is fruitful and that you are thankful at the end of the day. A nice way to go isn’t it. Easier to say sometimes than to put into practice which we should do. I am thankful to for you who read this faithfully even it is once a week, month or year or this is for the first time. May you be blessed for today and the reason you are here along with you purpose in life. Amen!