Saturday, July 31, 2021

Think About the Positive

I know there are those who think negative
about technology well as social media.

There are reasons for us not to let things
get out of wake when it comes to both
technology and social media. I don't
spend as much on social media as I 
used to because of negative remarks
people often say. 

Just because there is negative things
people say doesn't mean it is all bad.
I get some good things I hear to though
not spending as much time.

We all have to remember every thing
in the world has both good or bad or
another way good and the ugly. The
important thing is to keep it in perspective
A major problem is believing the negative
or maybe a better term evil.

The important thing is to filter out the
negative. Use the positive to help out
social media to become even better.
At the same time limit your time 
because we do have other things to
do as well.

August Ready To Come

First thing I hope July was a blessing
month for you. We do have one more
day left and we can't enjoy tomorrow
before today is done.

We are expecting a little bit of rain 
on the first day of August. How and
dry July has been any bit of rain will
help I hope anyway.

Fortunately we haven't had a lot of
wild fires here though in eastern part
of Washington state has kept the 
fireman busy. The important thing
is not to have flash of lightning or
careless people to make things worse.

I haven't made any adventure plans
for August yet. Let God surprise me
day after day. Let each day be joyful
and good. See what God has instore
for us as we live out life of purpose.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

A Good Time

Wednesday was an eventful day on my adventure to Westport Washington.

I am pretty sure I had not been to Westport before. It is about a two hour drive without stops. 

Most of the Washington coast is beaches where Westport is an inlet. There is is a marina there where you can charter  a fishing boat. 

My purpose is to talk to as many people I see. Not everyone is into talking with a stranger. OK with me I just do my best.

Following are a few photos I took.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Another Adventure Travel Day

Our days should be an adventure all the
time whether we go anywhere or not.
Today I am going on a travel adventure
to the Washington Coast.

The first or primary place I am heading
for is Westport Washington. It is on the
southern part of the Washington coast.
It is known for surfing and fishing. You
can actually charter a boat in Westport.
Many people do it at least once a year.

I am not sure whether I have been to
Westport or not before. If I have it was
as  a child and I don't remember. I will
find it a good experience. 

I have been on the Washington coast
a number of times so be interesting 
how much a like or different Westport

Next time I will let you know it went
and what I learned along with people
I meet. Until next time let your life
purpose reign with joy and blessings. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Continuing Encouraging Words

I am wondering if I should cut back on my
posts here. Should I go every other day or
go once in a while when I don't have an
encouraging word or something else.

I know I certainly enjoy posting here 
everyday. I wonder how the word of
this blog can get out there more. Could
you get the word out and tell your 
friends about this site. 

I know there are those who are being
helped here and that is what I want to
for you.

I have a group on Facebook where I
put a scripture on everyday. It is called
Edify. I could do that here sometimes
to if you like. If there is something more
you like me to share about (subject) let
me know.

The main thing is life purpose here 
however I like to share more other
things as well. In fact other things
have to do with life purpose right!

Until next time may you be blessed.
May God grant your prayers and 
requests. Amen!

Monday, July 26, 2021

Praying For Healing

On Sunday I went up front after the service
for healing. Nothing major however God can
heal whether major or minor.

The fellow who prayed for me we discussed
some things where he gave me advice to help
out as well. I do feel better after the experience.

As I have mentioned before God gives us all
gifts as part of the life purpose experience.
Healing is one of those gifts. It doesn't mean
you can't pray for someone if you don't feel
you have the gift. God can use you because
your willing and you have the faith the person
can be healed. 

The person with the gift of healing will pray
for someone because they feel the person needs
the healing whether they realize it or not. Healing
though can be emotional or spiritual well as

You see someone has a physical ailment you can
ask them that you want to pray for them. You
might be amazed whether you have the gift or
not. God is always looking for someone to be
used through. Amen!

Sunday, July 25, 2021

A Story With Irony

Friday night had family zoom meeting, however,
most everyone was busy so just my sister and
high. We actually had a good time and used up
every minute.

An amazing thing I didn't forget one thing
I had to bring up either.

One thing I mentioned was visiting our 
home growing up and who I had talked
to as well. 

My sister said when talking about grandfather
Nightingale who lived with us until his
passing. She said as a young kid I would
be the one sent to call him for dinner. He
lived down stairs. I was sent because he
had trouble hearing and my voice could be
loud so he could hear me while he couldn't
hear anyone else. The irony is when I was
little I couldn't hear very well either. It was
for a lot different reason then his. I was able
to hear right when I was five years old. 

I told you there was irony in the story. 
Have a great day and tell your friends
about this site. Though it is about life
purpose I do try to throw other things
as well. God bless you all. Thanks!

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Alexander Hamilton the Play

On Friday at my favorite coffee shop I saw
an acquaintance come in after being there a
while. I spoke to a couple other acquaintances'

He was sitting at the bar next to where customer
pick up their drinks or other goodies. I sit
there quite often myself. He had a copy of
a book on Alexander Hamilton. After our
greeting I ask him whether the book was the
history or the play.

I was told it was about the play. I ask him had
he seen the play yet. He told me he had seen
it on Disney + since the play had been cancelled
because of covid-19. Plans to go see the play
in May when it opens on Broadway.

The book I saw he was in the middle of it. He 
told me he was skimming through the book.
He does love reading books.

I asked him about his wife and family as well.
Everything good going on there. I feel it is
so important when chatting with someone to
meet them right where they are at. I expect
people to do the same for me. 

We said our goodbyes and look forward to
seeing each other again. What a wondaful
time of sharing.

Friday, July 23, 2021

We All Have A Story To Tell

Recently on one of my posts I received a comment
from a young woman who told her story about having
contacted HIV which she had to suffer through for
six long years. She lost her man of her dreams because
of HIV. Now she is healed by God and now has a
son who will be two years old soon.

God used herbal medicine to help her be healed
of HIV. She contacted Dr. Itua who was the one to
help her out. You have any similar issues you can
contact him at

You have a story to tell you want to share with 
me. You can place in the comment section or
email me at herbnightingale@gmail.ccom

Have a great weekend and may God be with you.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Being Crazy

I believe God has a good sense of humor. Many 
people think he is serious all the time. Of course 
there is sin he isn't to happy about but doesn't 
mean he is mad all the time.

God created us in his image. Since do have a 
sense of humor means he does do. I am sure
characteristics we have God has to. He is a 
lot better at it than us. 

I know heaven will be greater than we can 
imagine. God says those who loves him 
besides him loving us is building a place 
for each of us to live in. Since he has been
 doing that for several thousands years 
must be something else. 

For God a thousand years is like one day. 
This means he has taken a week or less. Amen!

Sadness and Happiness

My mother passed away on March 6, 2020.
It certainly was a sad day where I grieved for
over two months during the Pandemic. For
most people covid-19 was something they
lived with on a daily basis as for me I didn't
think much about it to be honest.

I did the social distancing and where the mask
along with getting the vaccine shot. I know 
there will be some who think I was crazy to
take the shot while others good for you. I 
have cousins and a sister in Canada knowing
they would require having the vaccine for
anyone entering the country. Though Canada
is allowing people who have been fully
vaccine to enter the United States does not
for a month anyway. It will be interesting to
see what happens.

Last Sunday my mother's church had their
first service since her funeral on March 12
2020. The church was remodeled during 
the time as well. In their program along 
with mentioning during the service they
had all those who had died during the 
Pandemic whether related or not. My
mother's name was mentioned first.

Now we come today Thursday July 22
2021. The family decided to wait to
have our mother's ashes in an urn to
be put next to our father's. I haven't
seen either my sister or brother since
March 2020. We have had monthly
zoom meetings though and have 
another planned for tomorrow. Anyway
today going to have my mother put
next to my father today. Unfortunately
with covid my sister and brother can't
be here. This is where sadness and
happiness come together. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Those Who May Wonder

 The big question "What is my life Purpose".

What are you doing with your life? What do
you enjoy doing? Those are two questions
when answered will tell you your life purpose.

God wants you love him and worship him 
as he loves you. God has given you gifts
and talents to use as well. Those are part
of why he created you. The next is what
you do with them. 

When it comes to your life do you enjoy
what you are doing? If so then you are 
doing your life purpose.  If you are not
enjoy what you are doing then find what
you enjoy and do it. 

We are not here on earth just to get by
until our lives end. God wants us to 
enjoy what we are doing and to enjoy
him too.

You have a family with children and 
grandchildren then they make a good
part of your life purpose. Raising your
children and loving your spouse is
your purpose too. Amen!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A Busy Life

It amazes me life is short and goes so
fast at the same time. I think being
Tuesday weren't we just here.

Being busy I guess is our lot in
life. Even as children we were busy
having fun. 

We do need to take the time to
enjoy one another. With the
pandemic it seems we have
taken more shots at one another
then anything else.

Let's enjoy our difference as well
as our sameness. Our creation as
well as our individual purposes
shows how important is to enjoy
one another even if we don't agree
on some issues. Amen!

Monday, July 19, 2021

Only One Thing

When comes to your life purpose God
created you be one thing and that is

There are a lot of people out there
trying to make you into someone 
you are. If there is no advice I can
give besides this it is forget them.

As children we listen to adults
especially our parents. They don't
know everything either. Also, they
were told by others including their
parents. So it is a vicious cycle
we life in.

You have parents letting you be
yourself your one of the best ones.
It isn't like they didn't care they
didn't know anymore than we know
for that matter.

Take your gifts and talents wrapped
in you being the best you can be.
Of course you have flaws we all
do that is the beauty of it all. Amen!

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Love Is

Last night the thought came "falling in love
is good; staying in love is great."

I am sure most of us have fallen in love;
however, often they don't last. At least 
the first time anyway. 

Nothing greater than two people who fall
and stay in love. Those who have been
married for many years and feel the same
always. We can all use one of those right.

Enjoy your day and tell the person you
are with how beautiful and loving they
are to you. Amen!

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Seeing An Old Friend

I think I have decided to walk the waterfront
of Gig Harbor every Friday night I am in
town anyway.

A lot of people are walking around the area
or spending time at one of the parks downtown.
So there is a good chance to run into someone
you know. Meeting someone new or a couple
is good to.

Last night (Friday) I was walking back and I
had just passed one of the parks. I saw a 
classmate from school. I hadn't seen him 
in years.

It was wonderful catching up; finding what
he had been doing all these years. We talked
about some of our classmates. Many of them
he hadn't seen in a while as well. 

It is interesting he has lived in the Gig Harbor
area all this time. Now he is retired he does
spend time in Arizona during the winter and
plays golf. He has a daughter that has a house
he built on the same property as his.

What a great night to spend catching up with
them. We have a school reunion the next
weekend after labor day. He says he does
plan to attend so a good thing right.

Nothing better than seeing old friends while
meeting new ones as well. Amen!

Friday, July 16, 2021

Something To Think About

When I was out adventure driving on
Thursday on the local sports radio they
were talking about how hard it is for
many of the athletes when they retire
what to do next.

Athletes retire at a young age and 
for the most part because they have
lost or slowed down on their skills
or someone better comes along.

This is why so important to have a
handle on your life purpose so when
you retire no matter what age you 
have an idea what to do next.

I took care of my mother as a caregiver
for seven and a half years when she
passed away last year. At the beginning
was hard because of the grieving process
and covid-19. 

I had plans already figured out when 
my next stage of life would happen
though came a little earlier then expected
but when is it really expected anyway.

I figure to do so traveling along with
writing. I enjoy spending time with
people to. The travel part has been
difficult because of covid-19. 

I have gone on a number of adventure
travels or driving if you want to call
it that like I did on Thursday. It isn't
exactly what I want to do but has
given me some ideas.

I did stop in a cafĂ© at the first destination
in Quilicene Washington. It is a little
more than an hour drive from my home
town of Gig Harbor going north on
highway 16 than over the Hood Canal

Quilicene is a very small town which
I expected. They have a ranger station
where you can purchase a pass for a
live time visit to national parks. The
Olympic National Forest and Park 
is nearby. I purchased a national park
pass four years ago there but never
went into the town as I went there
in a different direction and returned
the same way.

Quilicene besides being small it is
very old looking as well. Other words
can use a good remodel. lol. After 
spending time at the cafe where they
only serve drip coffee I went west to
Fort Flagger which you see the San
Juan Islands. It is one of three forts
that are now retired but were used
one hundred and twenty years ago.
I previous had been at the other two
forts before. Fort Flagger wasn't as
impressive to me as the other two
though has a beautiful view which
was worth the trip in itself.

A good way to have an adventure 
day and think more about future
travels in the area and across USA
and Canada.

So if you are working make plans
what you are going to do when you
retire. You can use the same gifts
and talents you have used when 
working but in a different way.
Remember those gifts were given
for a purpose. 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Amazing Days

Here in Western Washington we have gone
almost two months since having any rain.
Quite a feat for sure. No rain indicated
for the next week.

We certainly use some rain. Have to
worry about brush fires. Over in the
eastern part of the state there a wild
fires like most years where firemen
all over the state go to fight the fires.

Today I am going on another adventure.
I am going to a town called Quilicene
which is a little past the Hood Canal
Bridge going north. 

I have seen the signs for Quilicene 
however never have spent the time
there so figure why not.

I have other adventures in my mind
to go on. There are so many places
to see in a two-hour radius of my

Quilicene is just a little over an 
hour from my home. Think about
going on your own adventure.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Short or Long

When it comes to writing it is okay to write
short or long though I believe short is better.
It depends a lot on who is going to read it.

When it comes to our life purpose we have
a short life so we must do all we can do to
achieve it. Also, we will be happy in doing

The long version those who life a long life
like my mother did she was able to achieve
a lot, however, those who go for it all can
achieve as much in a short life too. Amen!

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Meaning of Tuesday

Have you ever thought what the meaning
of Tuesday. Until this morning I really
never thought much about it. I don't
spend my life thinking behind the
meanings of the day. Of course,
when the calendar was put out each
day had a meaning.

Most of the days are picked way 
back when to do with the stars.
Personally a bit crazy in my mind
but whatever. I am not sure why
I mentioning this today but what
came to my mind.

In German Tuesday means second
so considered for the day of the 
week. Of course, this all comes
down to Monday being the first
day of the week while many 
consider Sunday the first day
of the week. I suppose we can
debate this a lot.

I found one meaning of Tuesday
interesting where the day means
shining. So I can say a good shining
day. lol

Whatever Tuesday means to you
have a great day. 

Monday, July 12, 2021

A New Me

We all know this is a new day none
like it before, however, I believe there
is a new me today as well.

In the same manner today will be
different then yesterday the same
will be for us to. 

I am sure I have thought about that
before but it came to my mind this
morning when I woke up. I wonder
if I was thinking of that in my dream
or not. It really not important whether
in a dream or not it is what it is.

I am sure the new me or extension
of the old me or whatever as well
yesterday played a part in it or may
not have either. I am not going to
dwell on that at all or I hope not

So do you feel yourself new or
different then yesterday or that 
today is a new day. I hope so 
because I don't want to be the
only one or does that really
matter. lol

Enjoy your day as it is today
and enjoy your new self as
well. Amen!

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Summer Memories

I am sure everyone has memories of
past summers well as making new

We should never live in the past,
however, thinking of memories
on occasion is good for us.

Most of my favorite memories
did happen in the summer. You
can actually go back to one of
my early posts where I wrote
about our family trip across 
Canada and Eastern United
States. I was 12 years old and
we spent the whole summer
traveling staying primarily in
parks living in a tent trailer.
Most mornings we had to put
the trailer down to move on to
the next destination though 
there were places we did stay
more than one night. 

Other memories I remember
going to YMCA camp for a
couple years. The camp wasn't
very far away though as a kid
it felt further then it actually is.

Most summers as a child we
went to Twanoh State Park on
the Hood Canal. We went at
least two or three times. One
occasion we took the tent 
trailer and stayed over night.
We really enjoyed  going 
swimming where there a dock
we would swim out to. My
brothers and I would play
tennis as well when we got
a bit older.

In boy scouts we would go
hiking 50 miles in August.
I think I went on four hikes.
We would add two or three
additional days to our trip
in case of rain where we 
would stay additional days.
I remember playing cards
and sitting by the fire place.
Also, quite tired when the
hike was over. I am sure if
it were not for childhood
friends in scouts I would
have found a better way
to spend August.

So those are the memories
I remember quite fondly
in the most part. 

Saturday, July 10, 2021


One positive not we can inspire others
to do the very best they can. It is by
our example we inspire others.

Another area which is really important
is being a leader. A leader can inspire
those who he or she leads to be the 
very best they can be.

I think of summer weather which is
the best we have can inspire us as
well. It is the time of the year where
we feel better then any other time.
Emotionally  I am sure we feel real
good as well.  The fall season can be
good to for a while before the rains

It isn't the big things that will inspire
others it is the little things. Think 
about the little things you may do 
on a daily basis. Amen!

Friday, July 9, 2021

Freedom Of Speech

Here in United States we are blessed
in our country to have freedom of
speech provided to us in our Constitution.
Many countries people don't have the
same privelege.

There are those who believe we will
lose some of our freedoms including
freedom of speech. I am not sure we 
will lose the privelge of doing so, how-
ever, some special interest groups will 
make it hard to do so. 

These days I am not on social media
as much as I used to be because of
people giving their opinions on politics.
Everyone has a right to give their
opinion but I have the right not to
hear or read  what they have to say.

I believe there are those who are called
to speak out on social issues on a regular
basis whether I agree with what they 
have to say or not. Where I have trouble
is those I don't think do and they still 
go ahead and do it. Of course, they have
the right to their opinion, however, my
belief is that they don't have to speak out
every single day on social media the same
thing over and over again. This is especially
in the area of politics. They do have the 
right but I have right not to listen or read
as well. This includes those who I agree
with as well.
When it comes to freedom of speech there
is wisdom of using and watching your words
carefully as well. There will be those who
may hate you for what you are saying while
others will respect what you have to say
even though they may not agree. 

So take your freedom of speech and use it
really wisely. Be a voice where people need
to hear it. Amen!

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Summer Weather

July is so beautiful here in Western Washington.
The best month of the year.

We had the heavy heat two weeks ago getting
as high as 113 depending where your were.
It is nice to be back to normal in the high
seventies to mid eighties. 

The difference so far then most July's it
is cloudy in the morning then the sun
and clear skies comes out around noon
or early afternoon. The high temperatures
hit around mid to late afternoon.

The plus side it allows me to take my
walk anytime in the morning. The 
visitors depending where they are from
a sweater maybe a good idea. At night
a blanket is a good idea as well. No
air conditioning needed. 

I have been back to walking the waterfront
more often. I walk on our main trail the
Cushman trail for the most part plus in
my neighborhood as well. I try to vary
where I walk. 

The waterfront though I am able to see
more people that I know.  On the trail
it is often just me with bikers going
by. The trail allows the bikers to get
through town without worrying about

Anytime I see people whether I know
them or not is good in my book. It 
doesn't matter whether I say hello or
talk for a minute or five. Having a
positive attitude even when I don't
always want one is a good thing.
I want to use my life purpose as
much as I can. See I threw that in.

Many blessing and encouragement
as you enjoy your day. Amen!

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Goodness and Mercy

There are four things we can all do
with our life purpose. Show goodness
and love while giving hope and mercy.

We just do these four things then we
do a pretty good job. People including
ourselves should feel goodness and love.
Waking up each morning with hope and
mercy is good thing too. Our lives will
be better even without adding anything
more. Amen!

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Interesting Having Dreams

Not often do I wake up remembering dreams
though it seems it is happening more frequently.
I am still not sure what the dreams are about
but I am having them.

We must remember dreams do have meaning
for us even when we don't understand them.
I hope the days ahead I do remember my dreams
more then only a few words. I still don't know
the subjects or the content just the ends of them.

I believe it is important to write down what 
comes to my mind when I wake up. There is
a possibility there could be a theme to the

If you are one that has dreams you remember
very well please send in comments about 
them. Have you a theme to them or are they
different. Have they made a difference in 
your life to. Thanks!

Monday, July 5, 2021


When I woke up this morning I was
thinking about a set of brothers I went
to school with. They both died a few
years apart and way to young.

My home town Gig Harbor, Washington
is a small town though twice as many
people now then when I was a child.

Those I grew up in the neighborhood
I knew the most, however, you knew
everyone's name even those you may
not hung around so much with.

When someone comes to your mind
it is a good idea to at least pray for 
them and their families. In this case
of brothers for their families.

You have an opportunity to call them
or see them around a good idea as
well. Some may come to mind you
haven't seen in many years. 

My town those who still live here
I could end up seeing around. It is
amazing in such a small community
many I don't see very often. 

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy 4th of July

Sunday we all know of July 4, 2021,
however, here in USA it is known as
4th of July because we are celebrating
our independence day.

We have our issues but I believe still
the best in the world. Wherever you 
are in the world please celebrate with
us. We should all pray wherever we 
are at whatever is wrong God will
make it right. Amen!

Saturday, July 3, 2021


Here in the United States we have
reopened one hundred percent since
March 2020. Wherever you are I
hope things have gotten a lot better
as well.

Going back to March 2020 my mother
passed away on the sixth. It was because
of old age not covid. I was in the grieving
process for at least two months. It was
frustrating because we couldn't have a
regular service for mother as far as
attendance. At least we were able to 
have one since restrictions went on
just a few days later. I had two classmates
from high school who both lost their 
fathers a few weeks later and couldn't
have a service for them.

Another thing during the grieving process
I was not able to see people either since
the state was in lockdown sort of speaking.
They say during grieving process you 
should spend time with others. The only
time I was able to do so was over the phone
or when I went grocery shopping. I kept 
busy clearing things out of the place. 

So for me the whole time for me over the
next year or longer I didn't treat the pandemic
like others did. It really wasn't important to
me. The restrictions didn't allow me to do
things that I would normally do when a
loved one has died. 

Besides cleaning up, grocery shopping, 
talking on the phone and social media I
went for walks. I didn't wear a mask while
walking as there was no one for the most
part not walking and if someone was
talking I kept my social distancing. So 
you see I lived as close to normal as I
could under restriction.

When places like coffee shops were 
reopened I visited those establishments
to. I got my vaccine shot in March. I
know some who haven't gotten the shot
which is their own business just as mine
for getting one. The main reason I got a
shot was so I can go back to Canada
where I have relatives including my

I hope wherever you are at live is back
to normal or at least as close to it as
can be. Don't let fear be your master
while at the same time be smart and
safe. Amen!

Friday, July 2, 2021

Working Together

Though we are created for a unique
purpose we have others to work together
as well.

There is no other person on the face
of the earth like us we still need one 
another. We are social beings as we
found out more during the pandemic.

Those who are married your partner
is a compliment to what your purpose
is. They have gifts and talents you may
not have to help you out and vice versa.

Those you work with are in the same way
in a professional manner. You are a team
to meet a goal with each playing a part.

The same goes for those you go to church
with. The pastor or minister of the church
has a team he works with to help  run the
church and  the members play a part as 

You are a member of an organization like
a civic group then each member has unique
talents working together as well.

Isn't it exciting we can take our unique
purpose and work together with one another
as well as being there for one another. Amen!

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Back To Normal

When it comes to the weather here
where we had a heat wave for four
days then now back to normal feels

I stayed indoors for most of the time
with the temperatures between 100
and 115 depending where you were.

I got out to go grocery shopping and
the local coffee shop. Both places had
good air conditioning. Go to the beer
section of the grocery store always
feels like your in a freezer and the
coffee shop was cool as well.

I have met a few new people I am 
following on social media that I
would call good encouragers. They
lift my spirits each time I read what
they have wrote. 

They encourage by saying it is ok
to be yourself since this is the person
you are. In another way it doesn't 
matter what anyone says about you.

The big term being around these days
is about being judged by others. I don't
really think much about being judged 
by others though it is nice to liked by
as many people as possible. I know we
will not be liked by everyone but it is
nice by some. Right!