Saturday, October 31, 2020

Always Thinking

I believe it is a good idea to always be thinking.
In a way it is meditating on something.

In some respects it is talking to God at the same

I spend some of my time thinking about my
life purpose and what I am going to say here.

I think it is a good idea to think about other
things that are not so serious as well. If I 
think too long I feel like it is time to quit.
I am sure other people have the same idea.

At some point it is good to think about silly
things or for that matter silly people. I am 
sure you have friends that are silly.

Anyway this is my thought for the day. Oh
yeah I was thinking this for all of us how
about that.

Enjoy your weekend and think up something
you hadn't thought about before. 

Friday, October 30, 2020

Our Niche

For us bloggers or writers it is important to have
a niche or a few for that matter readers like you
can depend upon.

Here I write about our life purpose along with
what is happening in my daily life. I desire to
encourage each other.

Besides this as my primary nice on this site is
to write about sports and travel.

I am passionate about all three niches. I hope
you are able to get the most of this to make 
your life more enjoyable. 

I would appreciate when you have the time to
write in the comment section how you feel about
this blog and any testimonies if you have any.
Also, anything you would like me to write about
as well.

Have yourself a wonderful and joyous weekend.

Thursday, October 29, 2020


Right now I have a few hours left in a short fast.
I am fasting before having blood being taken to
check to see where my cholesterol level is at.

Usually my cholesterol level is within range. 
The important thing next is to find out what
things not to eat or say not as much to keep
or stay in range.

There are a number of reasons people fast 
whether for several hours like I am or for 
a few days or even a few weeks.

Some fast for how I am doing it while others
for spiritual reasons. The hardest time is the
first couple days after that it does get easier.

I have never gone on a long fast primarily
for my health and it be difficult as well.

There are different kinds of fasts as well.
Other words you can fast off certain foods
or drinks. For example, you could stop 
drinking sodas for a period of time or

Besides fasting spiritually it can be for
health reasons. Maybe you have to go
into surgery and fasting may help you
in that regard as well.

Going on a long fast is something that
should be gradual. Also, a good idea to
ask your doctor as well especially if you
have had health issues.

Remember it is important to continue
drinking water if you are fasting off of
all foods. I have been on short fasts where
I only have soup as well as water.

You do decide to fast I wish you the best.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Large Homes

These days they seem to be building large homes right
next to each other. I like people but I would prefer having
a yard.

The cost of the homes are quite expensive as well. I 
don't know how people afford them especially right now.

Even if I could afford these homes I would rather spend
my money on other things. I guess people want to spend
the money on the homes.

Where I grew up the house seemed big to me, however,
these days it would be considered moderate. 

The house is still there. Buying it would be very expensive
because it has waterfront property. The current owner has
done remodeling over the years, however, the outside looks
the same as when I was growing up. 

It is really only a few left in the neighborhood where the
same houses are there when I was growing up. All the 
other houses have been replaced by a lot larger homes. 

These days the land where my old house stands if it were
more developed would put a lot of more homes on it. The
thing is it is on a hill so having more homes would be limited.

There isn't much room either at the top of the hill of the 
property or at the bottom near the bay so building another
might nearly be impossible which is a good thing in my 

We had the greatest view in the house. There is all glass
in the living room looking out to the harbor. You can see
from one end of the harbor to the other. It is spectacular 

Anyway I hope you enjoy where you live. Amen!

The home in the center back is where I grew up at. It is a bit larger than I remember. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Learn From History

Continue word of encouragement for all of us.
It is important to learn history whether it has to
do with our country, world or even our own lives.

Learning from history means we won't repeat 
some things while other things we will want too.

It isn't though we dwell on history especially
our own but to know in certain circumstances.

The most important thing is to  lean on to God
and his understanding. None of us is perfect
and our own strength isn't good enough. 

In a devotional today came up Matthew 14:30
Peter stepped out on to the water next to Jesus.
He had doubt then screaming "Save me Lord."
No matter the situation we have to do the same.


Monday, October 26, 2020

Doing Our Best

I know there are those who like to be
perfectionist. I think it would be a hard
thing to do. I know I am far from it.

When it comes to our life purpose 
important to be as close to being
perfect but even then we fall short.

The important thing is to have the
perfect standard and make every
effort to reach it.

All other things I do my very best
to reach after the perfect standard
know I won't reach it. Amen!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Our Inner Voice

I am sure are those like myself who believe in our
inner voice while others may think it is crazy or

I believe we have several inner voices. At least
three depending on the person.

The first inner voice which I believe is the most
important one is God's voice. He is either reaching
out to you or speaking directly to you.

The second one is your conscious speaking to you
on matters that can be either positive or negative.

The third one is Satan speaking lies or condemnation
to you. Not a good one for sure. This is where spiritual
warfare comes in.

I suppose their could be more inner voices but these
are the three come in mind to me. Having more than
three you might be crazy.

If you do a search on inner voices you will see differ
of opinions on the subject. There are psychologists'
well as other people including what religion you may
practice what inner voices are or what they mean.

I think I come up with the three, however, I am not
an expert on the subject. I believe this is what God
told me. Amen!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

A Cold Front

Here in Western Washington we are looking at
cold front. The temperatures to get down to

This is unusual for October to get this cold.
So the same goes for not as much rain as 

This year has been unusual for all of us so
anything different shouldn't surprise us.

My deal is to figure out my next trip to take
place in November. I figure to go to the 
Washington coast. 

What I have heard is not a lot of people have
traveled to the coast. In part keeping people
away has happened as well those who don't
want to travel.

There has many who traveled well as many
who have decided to stay still. I know some
who go to Arizona as planned while others

Recently Hawaii has opened up for travelers.
Anyone going has to be tested first. I know 
a few who want to do so. 

The cold weather along with rain is what 
pushes people to travel. Personally I like the
change of weather.

The weather here is more mild than other places
though cold compared to tropical spots. I like 
the change of seasons.

I do plan on traveling but I prefer to do so in
the spring and fall. Summer is so nice here it
is best to see the sites in the northwest. Amen!

Friday, October 23, 2020

Zoom Time

Friday afternoon my family and I will have our
monthly video chat.

Since they live on the east coast and I on the west
coast of the United States it is nice to not only talk
and catch up but able to see other's face.

You have the opportunity to a video chat on occasion
I recommend it very much so. You can have the chat
not only with family but long time friends. These
friends are as much family as your natural one.

We schedule ours at the same time every month
We not always able to  get everyone there at the
same time usually because of work.

I find it so good to be able to video chat with
family. They are the most important people in
my life though I do care and love many others
as well. Amen!

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Excitement Today

We should be excited when we get up. See what God
has instore for us. Let his Spirit get hold of us. His love
for us is great, however, at times we allow other things
get in the way.

At the end of the day, I sometimes think why did I get
into the way. Why do I let my insecurities and sin give
the better part of me. 

So today let's see what will happen by letting go of 
everything. Let God surprise us. He wants to very 
much so all we have to do is let him.

I hope this helps you out I certainly know it does me.
I just hope I can do so. Amen! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

What Happens


Above happened to me on Tuesday. It wasn't planned but I ran into someone from
church. He was gathering with two of his friends where they were being involved
in a bible study. I joined in for a couple  hours. We even talked about this scripture
above. Jesus told this to his disciples 

What this means whenever we are with others who believe in Jesus Christ we are
doing church or being the church. In either case church is where we are with 
other believers and not a building we meet at on a Sunday, I am sure
you have probably heard this before and it is really true. 

So when someone ask you how often do you go to church? You maybe able to 
answer them by saying everyday. Probably get a funny look in return.

Whatever the case important to meet with others as often as we can. We 
will  be able to grow in maturity. Iron sharpening iron. Challenging one
another. Encouraging everyday.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Things Are Changing

I find it interesting though some people in my
area are staying pat because of the pandemic
there are others making moves as well.

I have met several people who have moved
into the area from out of state while others
are moving to another state as well.

I am sure there are those who decided to 
move after the pandemic while others 
had it in their plans before but decided
to go ahead when the pandemic hit.

In most of the cases they didn't move
right away, however, waited a couple
months before doing so.

With many jobs being done on line these
days people are making choices to move
where they want to not only where the job

My nephew Ian and his wife decided to 
move back to St. Louis, Missouri where 
they both grew up. They had lived in
New York recently over the past couple 
years or so. Her parents had moved to
New York for a job he dad had taken but
they decided to return to St. Louis. Ian's 
job and his wife's as well is on line for
the time being so work from home. Also,
they had a baby in July so wanted to be
close again with her family. 

I am sure many people who moved wanted
to do so be close to family. How long the
pandemic last or working from home are 
both in question Whatever the question 
life is not going to be the same again. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Pray For America

I don't write here about politics to often, however,
I am asking you to pray for my country USA for
the election of our next President.

It is a tricky situation. Do we vote for current
President who has obvious character flaws or
for the values his party stands for or his opponent
whose character on the outside doesn't have so
many flaws but his party doesn't have the same

Personally I wish we have another strong candidate
we could vote for who has the same values as our
President but not the character flaws he has. 

Please pray the people will vote for the right person
to be President. This has been a very unusual year
to say the least so it is important the people make 
the right choice. The election takes place on November
3. Thank you!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Being By Rivers

For me there is something special about being
around mountains, oceans, and rivers.

As a child I felt the mountains and oceans I
was close to God. The sound of rivers is

It maybe hard to explain but something so
good visiting all three. The rivers are a bit
closer for me so I can see them more regularly.

Mount Rainier I can see almost every day.
The ocean is about two and half hours away
by car so it is very special to see. I figure I
will need to visit next month.

Just the thought about being around any of
the three feels so good.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

How About Dreams

I do know dreams have meanings. In the Old Testament
there was meaning about dreams. Some good and some
not so good.
Joseph interpret for Pharaoh what was going to happen
for the future of Egypt in his dream. Also, Daniel
interpret for the King of Babylon

I am sure dreams have meanings today as well. I knw
we dream most every night, however, I don't remember
most of the dreams I have.

If I get anything usually it is a thought when I wake up
in the morning. I am not sure a good or a bad thing.

If you have a dream that has well meaning but you don't
understand ask a friend or mentor they may be able to
interpret the meaning of it for you.

Don't be afraid of dreaming they can be a very important
for your life or someone close to you. Amen!

Friday, October 16, 2020

Thursday Visit To Mount Rainier

On Thursday I took a trip to Paradise on Mount Rainier. 
Since we have restrictions still in many ways I figured it 
was a good place to go. I am not sure whether I have been
 there before in October so I thought go for it. I figure one 
of my purposes is to get out around the country to meet 
people. I wasn't able to talk with many but I was able to 
see the sites on the way to and at the mountain.

The weather was quite beautiful. I took a lot of pictures, 
but not as many as I would have liked with bright sun. 
It was hard to see to take pictures on a few occasions. I 
took a few on my way up to the mountain, at the 
mountain, and my return home. I did it all in one day.

A major reason I wasn't able to talk with more people 
was the Inn at Paradise was closed and so was the
 visitor's center. I am sure they wanted limited access 
because of the virus.

There was some snow there at Paradise. I hope to return
 in December when there is more. Of course, it does
 depend on whether I can drive there for the amount 
of snow.

Meeting and talking with people is part of my purpose.
 Making people feel more comfortable and upbeat as 
well. My brother finds it interesting I can talk with total 
strangers. I feel strangers may turn into friends or at 
least they will go away with feeling meeting someone 
for the first time.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Onto Another Adventure

Today I am going on another trip in the area.
I am going to visit Mount Rainier. It takes a
little over two hours to get there. The last time
I went was August 2019 with my mom and
my niece Leslie. We had a very good time
for the day. It was my mom's last trip.

I was reading on website to visit Mt. Rainier
some of the roads might be blocked so I will
have to see whether I am able to get to the
mountain or not. Regardless it will be a good
day and adventure.

According to website many of the park roads
are open. Usually I go to Paradise where can
see much of the mountain. It is the most popular 
spot to go. Let you know how it all goes for sure.

Until next time have you a blessed time. Amen!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Looking at Life Purpose

How do you define your life purpose. Is it something
you find as part of your everyday life or something
you think about once in a while.

I know people see their life purpose differently
depending on their religion if they have one
or from a natural way.

I see life purpose on who God did so from the
beginning. We are created each for a purpose
in a unique way. 

There is one way we have a purpose; it is to
love God and serve him. To worship him with
all our heart, mind and soul. The way we do
it is unique to us in the same manner as everything

We have been given specific gifts and talents we
don't share with anyone else. It seems so interesting
since there are millions of us here right now and 
billions throughout the ages but God didn't make
a mistake making each of us unique.

We are to worship God with these gifts and talents
well as using them for a purpose. The purpose 
besides worshiping God is to help one another.
We can do so in our own way. In fact we do so
without realizing we are doing so.

These gifts and talents you are using right now.
You may have other ways to use them besides
how you are right now. 

When you retire from work doesn't mean you
retire from the human race. The gifts and talents
you used at work will be used in a different way
when you don't have a job to go to. 

There is a good possibly you will enjoy doing
the work you have after retiring. If you are 
retire find out how to go about doing so. Doing
so will be different for you then other people
since you are unique.

I know I have said unique several times over
here but it is true. So go out and do what you
feel is right. God will let you know whether
you are doing it right or not. Your life could
change in ways you didn't expect. Amen!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Keeping Secrets

Nothing big here maybe sound advice. Last night
I was watching a new television show on the Canadian
channel. Popped into my head about keeping secrets.

Made me think we should never keep secrets from 
our spouse or significant others. The only exception
would be getting a gift or a special travel plan for
an anniversary or for Christmas.  I would recommend
not telling anyone else though there could be someone
you had assistance in getting the gift. A surprise for
your spouse would be even greater if no one else knew
about it either. 

When it comes to relationships honesty is the most
important thing; keeping secrets means you are not
being honest.

Another thing if someone shares something with you
it is important never to tell anyone else even if another
puts pressure on you.

Anyway that's it. May your day be blessed!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Great Night Sleep

I don't remember having a night sleep
like this one on Sunday night.

Usually I wake up at least two times
during the night. This time when I
woke up I was surprised to find sleeping
over six hours. 

This means I was able to get up and not
go back to bed. I hope this means to 
this will happen on a more regular basis.

My heart has been getting better over the
last four years as well according to the 
Cardiologist and recently going to the
doctor my lungs are in good shape as well.

Now having to wear a mask when going
out it is good to have strong lungs. Now
all I have to do is figure out where my
glasses don't fog up.

Does this mean I will have a pretty good
day. It will be interesting to see I know
a good start for sure.

So I sign off wishing you all a blessed 
day. Amen!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Canada's MIke Shaw

Mike Shaw is a former ski coach who inspired
and coached Half Pipe competitors making their
way to the Olympic. A tragic accident happened
when demonstrating something he had done many
times over, however, he ended up breaking his neck
and was paralyzed for several days.

These days Mike can't coach in the same manner he
did back in December 2013. He is able to ski again
but has to take it easy so another accident like that
can't happen. He does coach in a different manner 
these days. The coaching has to do with mental 
toughness where you less likely get injured. Whether
it was like his accident in 2013 or something less

Mike is a inspirational speaker as well. He not only
will talk about his accident but talk about how we
should be grateful for everything we have. This is
from a man who almost lost everything. We can be
discouraged by our circumstances, but we should be
grateful for what do have.

Now Mike Shaw has a life purpose greater than he
expected though a lot different than he had inspired

Why I am writing about Mike Shaw is how we can
inspired, coach, and mentor others in whatever field,
gift or talent we have even if we don't have those
talents any longer. Another reason, Mike is the son
of my cousin Rob. He lives back home in Vernon,
British Columbia. I look forward to seeing him
again I hope in 2021 in Vernon. 

Thank you Mike for what you to inspire others
especially the youth of Canada.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Future Is Now

When I lost a love one I went through the
grieving process. Now what happens?

I knew this day would come and I had 
made plans  but it doesn't seem the same.
Like most I didn't know the Covid-19
would hit. In fact I never heard of a
pandemic before. 

Having a roommate moving in today so
it means the future is hear starting.
I plan to do some traveling, however,
it will probably not start until February
at the earliest outside some small trips.
There are many places to see here in
Washington State.

I have already been to a few places 
already like Port Angeles, Port Townsend,
Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Everson, 
Roslyn and Oak Harbor.

There are cities and towns I have seen 
their names but I have never visited those
places. I guess it is time to do so. These
will be one day trips. 

I look forward to the border of Canada 
opening up. This way I can visit my
cousins in British Columbia. Most likely
it won't happen until May. Right now 
would be fine but the weather will start
getting really cold soon where there will
be snow. I would love to see the snow,
however, getting there is the trick, 

My cousins generally leave their homes
during the winter for a little while anyway.
The snow often doesn't leave until late
April if not early May.

I would love to see my sister and brother
too, again winter isn't really the best time
though spending Christmas would be nice
in either places.

So why I am working on the future is now
I will be keeping in touch with you. I will
let you know when and where I will be going.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Place To Be Safe

We all need a place to feel safe at.
I have mentioned small groups before.
There are different places you can meet.
It can be in someone's home, a coffee
shop, or a restaurant to name a few.

I belong to a small group meets once
a month or twice sometimes. Every
day I go to a coffee shop where I see
people there on a regular basis. 

Some are meeting for business, while
others are for the pleasure of it all. Some
meet everyday while others once a week.

I have met people I would have never
met if I hadn't gone into the coffee shop
in the first place.

There are young and old people alike.
Those who laugh and those who don't.
The important thing is having friends 
to spend time with. They make us feel

Having A List

I have mentioned having a list at least once
or twice when it comes to our life purpose.

This time I am thinking of a list in a different
manner but it may turn out the same way when
I get done writing this.

When I was in high school I had a list, at least
in my mind anyway who the prettiest girls to 
me were.

Now I think these girls were important to me
for more than their pretty looks. I think they 
had a lot going in their lives as well. At least
many of them did anyway. They had talents and
gifts some others didn't have or were unique
to them anyway. 

Circumstances happened  where they were 
not able to fulfill those talents and gifts
 primarily because their lives were shortened. 
What a tragedy for sure.

I know a particular gal who was a couple 
years behind me in school named Robin. 
She actually lost her older brother Rick
who died younger than he should have.
Anyway Robin ended up being hooked
on drugs primarily. 

The good part of the story Robin was
able to hook her drug problem with the
help of God. Now has she been off the
stuff for a while now Robin is a drug
counselor helping out others. Not an
easy job because sometimes those 
people are not able to get off the drugs
like Robin did. 

My point is not only did I have a list
of pretty girls in school I find out I
was on some of their lists as well.
I had no idea at all.

The most important thing is we are
on God's list. We have been on the 
list before we were even born. 
Though we made mistakes and still
do doesn't change how he feels about
us. What God wants us to know is
how special we are to him. He loves
us so dearly. 

Those gals who I knew that never 
were able to accomplish the gifts 
and talents along with other things
like raising a family were still on
God's list as well.  They are with
him forever, no matter what.

So jump for joy being on God's 
list and let other's know they
are on his list as well. In fact,
God's purpose for you in life
is for those people to know.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Thoughts For Today

You were born for today. Yesterday you no longer
have to think about and tomorrow isn't here yet.

You are a wonder; created in God's image. 
No matter what other's may say he loves you greatly.

God has promises for you. Read your bible 
and you will see.

Today the world wants to put fear into our lives. 
God overcomes fear with truth, hope and love.

Be grateful for the things you have and for the .
things that will come.

Those in medicine say it is all about science. 
We say it is all about faith. Science and faith 
can work together. We don't need to go without 
faith when it comes to science. Amen!

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Change Our Diet

Getting older is not an easy thing to do
we find out. Actually being old is the
problem which I don't have to worry
about for several more years. At least
I hope so anyway.

My mom worked into being old very
gracefully. She died in March in a good
way to falling asleep for the last few
days.  She was 99 and a half so almost
made it to that special number of one

Mom did well until about 96 when 
several falls were probably her undoing.
The thing though she kept on going. 
Often those in her age bracket one fall
is what ends it all. 

Her memory the last couple years or 
so was not like mom at all. She remembered
some things but had trouble with others.
She could still live a pretty good life though.

So continue on the story while getting older
we have to start changing our diet. Some
refuse which is everyone's right to do so 
though not easy.

I know I have to change my diet to a degree.
Cut out the meat for the most part. I plan to
go on a vegetable diet. 

Thing is some vegetables I can't have and
they happen to be my favorites. Other ones
I can have I don't really like. Right now I 
have cereal or eggs for breakfast while having
a salad for lunch. 

I like tomatoes so I can throw them in with the
salad or eat a few for dinner. I figure dinner 
will be my light meal.  

I am not sure exactly what I will have for dinner
though I may have soup on occasion. The problem
with many soups they have too much salt which
I have to watch as well. So I look for soup with
low sodium. Not something I will have regularly
but on occasion as I said.

It will be interesting to see how this works out.
There are a few vegetables I like where I can
chop them up. So let's see how this diet works 
out. Amen!


Monday, October 5, 2020

A Change Around Here

I am having a roommate. This will help out
financially since my mother passed away. I
am sure in other ways as well.

He is a young man who goes to work around
noon at a local grocery store. Since I do go
out for walks, coffee shop and grocery store
in the mornings it will give him some alone

I will have time at home in the afternoon while
he is at work. Being a young man who seems to
be real quiet hard to know how much talking
time we will have.

Over a period of time I could lead into being
a mentor for him as well. I am not sure he has
much influence from older men or not. I will
find out over the days and weeks ahead.

It is important to take advantage of new 
circumstances coming into our lives.  This
will give me an opportunity to travel when
I feel like it as well. Please pray for me for
this new time in my life. Amen!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Life Purpose: Our Statement

Most businesses have statements stating who
and why they are in business. Gives you the 
idea whether you want to do business with 
them or not.

We can do a similar statement for ourselves
too. This is a good idea to do even if you never
show anyone the statement.

Example for myself: I am a man with a sense
of humor. I do have joy at times sorrow and
depression as well. I may be someone of 
contradictions like many others. I have a
purpose to encourage and edify others in
their purpose as well. I enjoy the company
of others.

Write down how you feel and how you
believe your purpose in a statement.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

What Do You Keep

Whether you move or lose someone the
big question is what do you keep and
what do get rid of.

I am not sure I have the answers to the
question at all. 

One thing for sure you can't keep 
everything. So keeping the most
treasured items I would say be the

They could be items you have had
for a long time. All would depend 
on home much room you have as 

There are items you can check with
family and relatives to see whether
they would want them.

The dining room table is an item
I have to keep. Been in my mother's 
family like 150 years. 

These days items like the dinning
room table and china we can't get
much for these days anyway. They
have more sentimental value.

I know one of these days I will 
likely move. The dining  room
table is the only sure thing to

Friday, October 2, 2020

Foggy Mornings

The last three mornings fog has returned to
our area. I heard from some though I didn't
look myself the sun was red.

I could smell the smoke on Wednesday so
may have been the reason I felt a little sick
as well.

Thursday the fog was heavier than Wednesday
however was gone before mid-day which is
refreshing. This morning Friday it isn't as 
foggy when first getting up, however, it 
does look like Thursday it will be heavier
than Wednesday

The good news the fog is going away during
the day. Not sure about the air quality though
I have smelled the smoke. This morning I will
go out for another walk so I will see how it 

Life continues to be interesting. I am sure for
everyone. Continue to do the best you can 
under the circumstances. I am sure it was 
good advice before but certainly now.

I encourage to fight the good fight. Don't 
let the negative bring you down. Enjoy the
best of times and endure the tough times.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

A Bit of Rest

Now we are in October it only makes sense I
come down a little sick which means I have to
take it easy for a few days.

I don't have a cold yet but my history it is coming
real soon. This means when I am around people
I have to wear my mask more than I usually do.

I know wearing a mask isn't the easiest thing to
do. I will have to lower the top every few minutes
to breath. 

Being sick doesn't keep me totally down but I
still have to rest some so I don't stay sick for
a while. 

Since I am a baseball fan gives me an excuse
to watch the playoffs which just started. It is
too bad my team is not in the playoffs so I will
have to see who I root for.

My brother used to live in St. Louis; I enjoyed
the Cardinals as a child to so they will be the
team I root for.

Remember everyone stay as healthy as you
can. Be as normal as you can as well. Have
the right attitude and encourage yourself.