Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Ferry Ride

I find one of the great enjoyments in life is to take a ferry ride here in the great northwest. I usually take the Bremerton to Seattle ride when family is in town. It does take a little bit longer than driving to Seattle through Tacoma however do not have to worry about traffic or where to find a place to park.

The ferry does allow you to take your car but I usually just go on as a passenger. Parking in Bremerton is not to expensive compared to Seattle and the ticket to ride as a passenger is not very much as well. Also you can just relax and have a good time. The ticket you pay on the return from Seattle. On the Bremerton side you don’t need a ticket so you just walk on.

Bremerton is a nice place to visit if you want to before taking the ferry. The Naval Shipyard is located there so you view some ships going into Bremerton from Gig Harbor. The drive from my home town is about a half hour.

There are coffee shops and restaurants right by the ferry terminal in Bremerton so you can get a drink or a meal along with relaxing before going on board if you have the time. On the Seattle side you go off on the waterfront. Looking to your right you can see Safeco Field where the Mariners play and Century Link Field where the Seahawks and Sounders play. Great ways go to a game as well. Not a long walk or you can take a taxi which is not too expensive. The same goes for going to the Pike Place Market or the Space Needle the two most known places to see in Seattle.

There are a number of other ferry rides you can take all over Western Washington. The summer time it is very busy so I recommend going on as a passenger instead of taking your car unless you really have to. Port Angeles which is another hour drive north of Bremerton along with Seattle you can take a ride and a day or a few in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. Also north of Seattle you can catch a ferry to the San Juan Islands.

The great thing about riding the ferry you can relax and see a wonderful view. Below I show a few pictures I took while on the Bremerton to Seattle ferry.  

                                          Waterfront property coming out of Bremerton

                                          Century Link and Safeco Field

                                          One of the other ferry's

                                          One of the buildings on Seattle Waterfront
                                          Below looking into Seattle

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Important That We Stand Up

I have been writing how important it is the majority stand up as well as the minority. If our purpose and destiny is to change the world we must give all we have.

First of all we live a life by example however we must speak up when necessary as well. I probably have been like a lot that I haven’t spoken like I should have however now is the time. We have to stand together and be unified. We have the minority speaking out all over the place and the shootings all over the world are becoming very disturbing.

If we take the guns away from people than they will find another way to kill like the one where the guy used his truck to kill people in France; I am not sure the solution is to have everyone carry guns. The first thing must do is to take down the radical group ISIS. I am sure most Muslims do not care for them either. Gives them a bad name that is for sure; also need to isolate individuals who are shooting or doing other crazy things to.

I am not sure whether we will get back to total peace however we must try the best we can. I am ending here with a quote by Albert Einstein that says it all.  

Friday, July 29, 2016

What Should We Accept

Being who we are meant to be what should we accept? I look at the political arena right now and we have two candidates running for the President of the United States who I don’t feel fits the criteria that I am speaking about.

I am not going to get into those areas that I feel that they don’t fit being the President because everyone knows what it means for both of them. We have a third party candidate however most never considers them as an alternative and likely won’t get a lot of votes.

So what I believe is that the republicans and democrats need to change their minds on what is best for the country. In both cases they accepted candidates who would end up likely winning the race instead of who would be best for the country. I especially say that to the republicans because they have had eight years to put in a valid candidate into the race instead they have gone with the guy who could defeat the democratic nominee. Actually at this point I would be surprised if the republicans do win the race. If they do win it will be by a small amount. Of course the important thing to them is they win not by what margin.

I know that the majority have not like who has become the President in the last several elections however this could change this time around. I still believe the majority could vote a viable candidate. Although I don’t know much about either the Vice President nominees I think both of them are better than the President candidate. Now that the two conventions are over we now will hear over the next several months leading into November why you should vote for me. I still believe the majority do not want either candidate to be President so someone needs to come out and say I am the one. Although it has never happen before people can vote for a write-in candidate.

Regardless who becomes the President of the United States I still believe we can be a powerful nation. The importance is that the majority stands up and make themselves known. It is important  that the minority are heard but still the majority still needs to be counted. I believe especially now the majority have allowed the minority be heard with a loud voice and they have not responded back. I call that in another term that we have become known for being politically correct. Whether very many back me up or not I still believe in the majority and the true champions.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nothing Comes Easy!

Wednesday I did go to Seattle to visit my cousin who is in the hospital. She actually looked better than I thought she would. I wanted to talk with her but I found it not easy to do. Both because I was somewhat uncomfortable and she had a ventilator in her mouth most of the day. It was taken out in the mid-afternoon so she was able to talk a little. She didn’t want to see anyone or talk on the phone because of her voice and lack of strength which is understandable. Also did not want visitors unless family like me.

I really appreciate everyone who is praying for her. The Doctor says that her x-ray showed that she has improved and went over course of action what to do next. The medication did not allow her to fully understand so Thursday morning the Doctor will go over options once again. It is possible the next time I see her she maybe back home. The Doctor will make that decision in the next few days I expect.

Like I said it is not an easy experience to see a loved one in the hospital. Her husband and a sister were there at the same time. So I spent time comforting and encouraging without speaking many words. Just talked some about family and what is going in life.

We have a strong and close family so it is very tough when a family member is in a situation like this. She had some poor health in the recent past however had been doing well for a while so becoming sick was a surprise. The three of them had spent time together over the 4th of July weekend. She was doing quite well then so this came on very fast. We do hope especially with prayers that she recovers very soon so she can get back to her normal life.

I have said numerous times that family and friends are the most important people in our lives. We need to look after each other and give love as often as possible because we do not know how long the time can be for any of us. So when things do become tough and uneasy like right now this is when everyone has to gather together even more so. Again thank you for your prayers, many blessings and good health to you too.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

On My Way To Seattle

I am going to Seattle to visit my cousin Bronwen who is sick and is in the hospital. According to her sisters she is doing better than on Saturday when I got the news. I will give further news in the days to come. I ask that everyone who reads this to pray for her.

Now I am going to show some pictures that I took on previous trips to Seattle in the last couple years or so. Just like my home town of Gig Harbor visiting Seattle is really good to do except that it is much larger. Like Gig Harbor I recommend to visit the waterfront. In fact many cities in Western Washington are great to visit because of their waterfront.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

More Pictures of My Home Town

Today I am showing more pictures of my home town of Gig Harbor that I took recently though the computer showed an earlier date.

Gig Harbor is larger now than it was when I was a kid. It will always be a small town though it is larger primarily because of a second Tacoma Narrows Bridge and more shopping centers that are giving additional grocery stores and restaurants.

Since the second bridge was built Gig Harbor have added stores like Target and Kohl’s where people can shop for clothing. Usually people had to go into Tacoma to shop for clothes especially for men. Many years women clothe stores were open to buy but not for men at all. Although houses are being built in Gig Harbor there are a lot more in the area that is called Gig Harbor. I have to say the population there is as much if not more than in Gig Harbor. Personally I would not want to live in that area because there is not water around it like in Gig Harbor and other surrounding areas. The housing there is a mixture for families and senior housing. Also shopping centers are being built to help out the population as well.

Wednesday I will be showing pictures that I took before in Seattle since I will be going to see my sick cousin. The good news is that she is doing better however she is not out of the woods yet. We really hope that she can stay around for a while longer. This would be for our sake as well as hers.

                                          Main street going along the waterfront

                                          Looking across the water to East Gig Harbor
                                         One of several public docks in the harbor

                            Below is a trolley where you  can by lunch and boat yard in the background


Monday, July 25, 2016

When One Hurts Everyone Hurts

I have heard this quite a few times at church when one member hurts everyone hurts. Right this truer than I have felt this in some time. I have a cousin who I found out on Saturday that she is very sick and the chances are not good that she will recover. Other words she needs a lot of prayer and we hope that God in his mighty grace will heal her.

Right now she is in a hospital in Seattle and I plan to go see her on Wednesday. She is quite sedated right now so not sure whether she will be awake and be able to talk with me. I will be seeing her husband and two sisters as they spent a lot of the day with her. Regardless that I have a chance to talk with her directly or not I will be praying over her that God’s grace, mercy and healing powers will allow her to live longer.

I was real chocked up and tears when her sister told me that she said that she wanted to know how much she loved me. So you see as she hurts the rest of us close to her are hurting to. She is a part of us as we are a part of her. It is important that everyone knows that whether it is family or close friends that they are part of others that whenever anyone is hurting the whole group hurts. This is truly what it is all about.

If you are having issues with someone else in your family whatever the problem is I recommend that you go to them and reconcile with them. It does not really matter whose fault whether yours or there’s that you ask forgiveness. I am saying this to put a guilt trip on anyone however you are family and that you both are hurting. We do not know how long each of us will live on this earth. Our days are number so we must reconcile to bring back the relationship to wholeness. Remember that you are the big person to forgive first no matter who is at fault.  You do not want to feel bitterness and one day hear that they are no longer around.

I know that my life will not be the same if she is gone soon or she is healed to live out longer. Everyone right now in our family is hurting as she is hurting. I thank you for your prayers. Amen!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Listen To The Trees

I have to say my favorite interest in life is sports especially the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Seahawks and the University of Washington Huskies. If the Cougars of Washington State are doing well I pay attention to them too.

My second favorite is history whether it is local, USA or World History. I have to say that I don’t read up on them as much as I really should. Like sports I spend time thinking about it more than reading about them. I do watch some actions of the team depending what else is going on. I am part of a couple groups on social media where I keep up with other sport fans to and I think that I will start doing the same with history.

I have a mind that keeps thinking a lot and I am able to remember things pretty good this way. Having problems reading as a small child keeps me from reading as much as I really should. My mother and sister both read a lot. My dad used to read the newspaper a lot. I do so as well however I do more skimming and read only the articles that interest me.

So about the tree thing well I wonder what it would be like to listen to the trees since they have been around the block for quite some time. I am sure they have watched and listen to the history of our great lands over the years. One thing they know the truth and not what historians want us to think. They have what we call seeing the good, the bad and the ugly. Often we only hear or read what other people have said about the times and we take in what we want to know too.

Since we can’t talk to the trees the next best thing would use our imagination. As children that is what we did when we were told stories or read about them. I am sure we were all gullible to some extent believing a lot of what we heard and read.

I love living here in the great Pacific Northwest, the state of Washington and the wonderful town of Gig Harbor however someday I would like to spend more time on the east coast especially around Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. It would be great to see and hear about the history of the early years of the United States where it all began. I believe this is the best part of traveling is to learn about the places well as seeing them. The best part is to hang out with others especially those who have been around for a long time. I get great stories from my mother about growing up in the depression and World War 2. She has a different perspective to because she grew up in Canada. Though I love to talk I am starting to listen as well. Finding out about other people and their history whether about they or their family is quite festinating I believe. Not only we learn but we can become better people too. Listen to the trees to however if they talk back you may have something else going on.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

I Call On You

There are times I feel in despair and loneliness however you are there when I call on your name

What has happened in our world since Sept. 11 2001 has given us so little hope and I call on you once again

I do go here and there with my thoughts however you are always the one I can call on

Sometimes at peace while at times war I can call on you

My closest friends may think different of me but they are not like you

Whether I hear you or not I know that you are always there and I can call on you

Right now I feel loneliness however I know to that this can change in a moment because of you

Whatever happens I know that I have a purpose and destiny to help those who need hope even when I am in a dark place myself because I let them know to call on you

No matter what happens today or even tomorrow I know that you are right on my side

So I conclude right now saying “Thank You”

Friday, July 22, 2016

Setting Goals

I believe for all of us to get where we should land  we need to set goals. I have to say that I am still working on it myself.

The goals can be any part of our life from walking to planning a trip. For example I walk about forty minutes a day and my goal is to increase the time of walking and the distance. I would like to be able to walk up to an hour a day when walking and go faster than I am doing right now. So my goal is to increase a couple minutes at a time and go a little further until I get up to the hour. I know that my time at this point could not go beyond an hour. When I reach that hour than the distance would be next.

I believe to that we can set more than one goal at a time as well which isn’t the easiest thing either. My thought is the goals we can try to achieve will make us better people and get where our lives should be. I would only try to achieve only a couple goals at a time because more could be hard and we may decide to give up. At that point we would not set any goals. After we set these goals than move onto finding other goals to achieve; this could do for work as well in our personal lives. Best of luck in meeting all your goals over time!

P.S. Waking up this morning at 4 am because of lightning and thunderstorm along with an amazing downpour. It has been an unusual weather around here in the Pacific Northwest that I have ever seen this year. We have had hot weather in April, May and now this we have never seen in July. It will be interesting to hear how much rain we will have in a short period of time. So to go with this message above must be setting its own goal for rain, thunder, and lightning.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Vashon Island and More

                                                McNeil Island

                                               Ferry Terminal on Anderson Island

Since I mentioned before that I will write about many of places around here in Washington State Vashon Island is sort of between Seattle and Tacoma. Whether you go south from Seattle by water or north from Tacoma you will see Vashon Island.

Getting to Vashon Island other than by water is to go there by ferry. There are two ferries that will get you to Vashon. If you are in the Seattle area the ferry ride would come from West Seattle and in Tacoma the ferry goes from Pt. Defiance Park. Both rides take no more thirty minutes to get there.

Vashon Island is a place for older people to retire and for others to commute to Seattle or Tacoma. If you are bike rider Vashon Island is a great place to ride the ferry and ride around for a while. They do have public schools having elementary, middle school and high school.

I remember when I was in high school my parents, younger brother and myself we spent a weekend with other Gig Harbor Yacht Club members on Vashon Island. They have several inlets where you can stay at. I am sure in the early years boats would go into one of those inlets when a mighty storm come along in the Puget Sound. Vashon Island was discovered by explorer George Vancouver who named it after his very good friend James Vashon in 1792. The island is about thirty-seven square miles and the population censored in 2010 was just over ten thousand people. The island is slightly larger than Manhattan.  


The South Sound has several other islands around too. McNeil Island is one where the federal government had a prison from 1879 until 1981 and then state of Washington made it a prison for state prisoners until 2011. I have friends on Fox Island which is only about fifteen minutes west from Gig Harbor where you can drive over on a bridge. McNeil Island can be viewed on the west side of Fox Island. The general public can’t travel to McNeil Island without permission.  If you were watching the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay in 2016 you could see both Steilacoom to the south and McNeil Island in the background.

There are several other islands like Anderson that are not large either and can only be reached by ferry. It is the most southern island in Puget Sound and can be reached either by boat or ferry. Just like McNeil Island the ferry ride to Anderson goes from Steilacoom. The population for Anderson is around one thousand people.  

Like I say so many nice places to visit and life in the Puget Sound area; Gig Harbor my home town population increased when a second Narrows bridge was built and opened in July 2007. For more than a decade the traffic was really heavy with the one bridge. Often I had to take different routes depending how heavy the roads were on the Tacoma side. You do have to pay a toll that will run until 2030 to pay for the new bridge. I will write about the bridge and the history of it in the future along with the memories I have of it.  Over the years ahead the populations will increase but by how much depends on the roads and new bridges that will be built. Though larger than when I was a kid still a great place to live. Outside of Seattle and Tacoma places like Gig Harbor and Vashon Island are still small towns. The only way Vashon would have a large population if the state government decided it would be good to build a bridge instead of just ferry rides. At this point there are no plans for building a bridge and I hope it never does happen. I am sure the cost of a bridge would be very costly. Only happen if it was necessary.

I love the whole Puget Sound but I hope people want to visit and not live here. Come and see this lovely area. 


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Be Giving

Ever since we were young children the natural thing for us is to take whatever we want. The most common word for a small child is no whenever they don’t get what they want. The parents have to try to get that word out of their vocabulary. I still hear it today and I am sure that I used that word a lot myself.

Many leaders today still believe that for them or their businesses they have to selfish. I always felt those who were in management over me that acted in a selfish manner gave me stress. Actually the most successful businesses are the ones that come from the opposite approach where customer service is the most important part of their business and they treat their employees with high respect along with paying them a good salary. The coffee shop I go to everyday treat their customers with high regard. If they feel that the drink or food is not up to their standard they will replace it without a question. They will do even if the customer says that they don’t have to. The employees always have a smile on their faces as well and I see them working hard all the time. They give even when people are not looking. The employer and the manager are always treating their employees with respect as well. They explain without being harsh when the employee is doing something wrong. The coffee shop is the reason I go there and I am sure the same for almost everyone who goes to it. Though they have the idea of serving the best coffee it is the service that is the highest.

Whether you are in business or a person dealing with others it is important to be a giver; like I say not the easiest thing to do because our natural way is to be selfish.

Since we are called for a purpose and a destiny we can’t be selfish and be more of a giver. There are times where we have to be selfish but that is rare as far as I am concerned. We have to assert ourselves when others try to take advantage of us. We have to be wise though because there are times we have to let others have their ways but it is not true in all circumstances. This is especially true when they are being quite selfish in their regard. I would say this would be when we have to look at the better good. There are times for us to look the other way or turn the other cheek. Wisdom will give us the idea what we must do. I first would go with experience and caution. I would then ask those who we have relationship with and have high regard. It is not that they have all the answers but help us to the answers we are looking for. True champions give more than receive. In the end you will receive as much as you give away however not the reason you are doing so.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Funny Things Do Happen

I am sure we all have been involved in funny things that happen unexpectedly or at the very least watched them happen.

Sunday night I was involved in one of those situations. My church was having an evening potluck on the grassy area on the church property when the sprinklers came on. I have never seen people move so fast including myself. Actually I did get sprayed after someone else moved where the sprinkler was under their chair. I did not mind getting a little wet since it was warm outside. The reason I got wet was I didn’t realize that the sprinkler was set for my direction. I had already finished eating like most of the other people however it did end the potluck pretty much. I almost was ready to leave anyway. We had several people that were either first time attenders, visiting family or new to the church. It is always nice to meet new people at a potluck.

This reminds me that I attended an opening to Safeco Field where the Mariners play in 1999. They allowed people to go all over the stadium including the player lock rooms well as on the baseball field and throughout the stands. Being a big baseball fan I made sure that I saw everything in the stadium. Anyway I was out in centerfield where a lot of other people were at when the sprinklers went off in the same manner as the potluck. Again it was a pretty nice day so I didn’t mind except that I was carry some papers in my hands so I had to put them under my jacket to make sure they did not get wet any further.  I know that I have been involved in at least a couple other instances with sprinklers.

Also reminded me another instance when our family was on a sailboat trip and we were docked in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We had sailed all the way from Gig Harbor including stopping in Seattle to pick up several of our cousins, Aunt and Uncle. My older brother Dick had been taking a computer class in summer school so he and mother meet us in Victoria. I am not sure now how the car got back home but that is not the best part of the story. My mother brought with her some additional clothing she had washed before coming to meet with us. Well she trusted my younger brother that he would be able to deliver the clothes to the boat. You see he was around ten years old carrying the clothes basket he had trouble seeing ahead of himself. Though mother trusted him to make it to the boat safely she did not realize that the basket was too big. I was carrying some things to I am not sure whether clothes to or something totally different. Well on the dock he should have made a left turn which he did not realize because of the basket and he walked straight ahead right into the water. I tried to say something but I was too late. Oh was mother upset to say the very least at my brother though really wasn’t his fault. Seeing him walk off the dock into the water was very funny though mother did not think so. Now she can laugh about it when we mention the story.

I am sure there are other ones I can come up with thinking a bit harder. I know that we all have watched videos over the years of funny things happen not only to people but animals too. Be happy and enjoy funny things even those that happen to you.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Having Fun!

 I figured since the last writing it could be good to stay on the same theme some times. Going with using one word so having fun is a good thing; this is especially true what is going on in our country and world these days. We need to feel good and have a lot of hope under these circumstances.

When I see pictures of myself as a kid though there is not many around these days I always have a smile on my face. Not everything was perfect growing up that is for sure. I had my challenges which actually turned out to be good in the long run however I did have some fun along the way.

I see children quite often whether it is at the grocery store or at the coffee shop to name a couple places. I know that there life is not perfect just like mine was not but most of them have a nice smile and get along well with their brothers and sisters. Here in Gig Harbor they say that most of the population in the next twenty years like me very retired however there seems a good percentage of families around for sure. Though the middle class has been decreasing over the years there is a good number here because the cost of living is higher in Gig Harbor then even the towns’ close by. Seattle for instance is still higher.

I think as adults we can be more like children and enjoy having some fun. Life is stressful in so many ways as adults with work and keeping things going but we must have fun among the problems. I know to that though there is a purpose and destiny in my life having fun should be part of it as well. Without fun our lives could lead to being cut shorter if we do not change things. Stress could lead to a lot of unhealthy living which is not good for us or our family. We can’t leave our spouses or children without us and this includes the grandchildren too. They make our lives feel real good. So whatever you consider being fun go out and do it whether it is a round of golf or going for a walk. Important to slow down and smell the roses as what could be said. Let’s not have the children have all the fun.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Enjoy in Fun of Writing

The more and more I write this blog I enjoy and having fun in writing. Right now it is 2 am Sunday morning and I find myself not able to sleep. I believe it is because I am excited in writing and so sleep right now is down the list of importance. I believe after I finish writing this I should be able to get right back to sleep. If not that is how it is and I will get sleep at some point.

I do really enjoy writing about life along with encouragement and purpose. Giving all of us a purpose especially when it comes to hope; I believe at some point we all need hope whether it is early in the morning like it is where I am or sometime during the day or week.

The thing about writing it is just one type or expression of art. Some people can get into painting, photography or acting. Each has an expression to be used. When I was in my thirties the church I was attending at the time decided they would help support one of the men in the congregation in his love of acting. He enjoyed directing and what put on a play so the church helped financially in putting this play on. The pastor and those on the eldership felt it was a good way to get people come to church that would not come any other fashion except to see a play. So in the announcements on a Sunday they announced that there were going to be tryouts for a play and any interesting parties who want to act or help in the production to show up at a particular time. At that time they would explain the play and the parts available. Also would announce the time for tryouts for each part in the play. So I decided to go for a tryout though I did not know if I had any acting skill and there was a possibility that I could be rejected. I had not been in a play since I was in junior high and I played a very small part in it. Actually in the end I did not perform in the play because I came down sick and missed school when the play happened. Anyway I found that in this church play I did not get the leading male role however I did get a role of a major character. I was not only surprised that I got the part but I was very good and successful in the part. I was told by so many people who saw the play how much they enjoyed my character though he was mean and not liked by many. The play was so successful that the church put on several more plays where I had roles in them too. In fact a couple of the plays I was asked to play the leading role however I was going to school at the time and I knew that I did not have the time to do the very best to play the roles so I declined though I did play a couple minor roles. So you see sometimes without trying we do not know how good we can be at something. I have to say for us to jump in the shallow end and start swimming. Who really knows we could end up being a great swimmer.

So my encouragement is for everyone to start writing even at small steps. Who knows what you are capable of? For instance you could write about bullfrogs or about a single word like special. In fact I figure to do a search and see if anyone has a blog or written about bullfrogs. I think it would be exciting and by the way you are special. We are all special in our own unique way. So if you needed to hear that one single word special go run with it.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Gig Harbor Art’s Festival and More

This weekend for those who are around in this area Gig Harbor is having an Art’s Festival. It begins at 10 am on Sunday after having it on Saturday. You can find all types of art from hand painting to photographs. I have an old schoolmate Polli has a booth with mosaic tile and there is jewelry as well.
On Saturday people of all ages were able to do chalk art on the waterfront. Each participant has a spot where they can do their drawing on the walkway. There was a prize for each age bracket. I saw some wonderful drawings Saturday morning.  This has been going on in the middle of July in Gig Harbor for many years.
During the summer Skansie Park in downtown has music concerts every Tuesday night. I have seen people putting out chairs early as 6 am. Friday night’s they have movies going on as well. This is just some of the things going on in the community of Gig Harbor.
What is great around Western Washington is you can find lots to do in any small town like Gig Harbor all the way to the big city of Seattle. Not only you can enjoy great events the weather is usually pretty nice. Even a summer like this one where it is cloudy in the morning the chance of rain is very little. Also another thing here our weather is not as hot as in so many other parts of the country. Most of the time the temperatures is the seventies and eighties; not often does the temperatures go into the nineties unless for maybe a couple days.
Another thing around here is if you are visiting from out of state or country you can either rent a car really easily or take other transportation. For example here in Gig Harbor you can get around by trolley during the summer and the cost is pretty inexpensive. Actually can get around Gig Harbor for only $1 all day long; so you can walk where you can and then you can take the trolley.
Western Washington is not only a great place to live it is a really good place to vacation. Not only are there hotels and motels you can stay at but there are bed and breakfast locations you can stay at as well. Come and enjoy this place sometime. Here in Gig Harbor let them know that Herb sent you. Continue enjoying your summer wherever you visit.

Always Good to Have Summer Around

 The last couple days the weather seems more like summer than July has so far. A lot of days have been more like spring and fall with cloudy days but when I was a kid I would have cared less. I know some kids like to be in school but I wasn’t really one of them. Summer could have lasted a lot longer far as I was concerned.

You see school and I just did not mix. I had trouble in school for several different reasons. I am sure that I am not the only one. Being around the other kids was the hardest part of it though but I had trouble with English especially because of my problem with hearing when I was a small child.

I can look back now and I believe that most of the other kids were special to me though I always did not realize it. Gig Harbor when I was growing up had one high school and junior high school with three or four elementary schools. Other than those who moved into the area most of the kids I went to school from seventh grade through twelfth. Though there were some kids that moved away most of those I was in elementary school I went all the way through school. There were about a half dozen or so that I was in kindergarten with I graduated from high school. Along with those I was in class in first grade they are still the most special ones I will always remember. Though there were some tough times in school they help make me who I am today and I think the same thing for them.

Anyway I believe that summer is a very special time of the year where you spend more time with your family and go traveling to visit relatives along with summer camp. I am sure if I went back in time the summer time would be the best.

I am sure the kids that enjoyed school enjoyed summer as much as I did though they liked it when school resumed in September.  Oh would it be nice if life could always be summer.

Friday, July 15, 2016

A Cold Morning

Thursday morning I went for my normal walk around the Gig Harbor waterfront. The difference for July this time the sun was out. Most years the sun is usually out by July 5 if not before. Really has made this year an unusual one. We have had a lot of days where the temperatures been warmer than usual and now this year we wonder where summer has gone.

Though the sun was out this morning I could feel the wind to so it was a bit cool. I did not care that much except in the beginning because I get warm before I finish walking. After a few minutes I was fine with the cool breeze.

I have wondered going walking at 6 am is too early and whether I should wait until 7 am instead. This would allow me not to feel so tired later in the day. What I may do is still walk most days at 6 am and walk a couple days at 7 am.  Since Saturday is the weekend 7 am is very likely to walk on that day. Sunday I can’t walk later unless I decide to make it 6:30. There is a good possibility I may make a week day an hour later except Wednesday where I have to keep the schedule the same. Doing no change at all could be when I get used to the time. It is important to keep everything on the same time schedule besides there are a lot of pretty gals out walking or running at 6 am. I do have to remember my priorities you know.

I do have a walking partner sort of. The thing though she doesn’t show up a lot but since I am a gentlemen it is probably a good idea to stay same time although we don’t walk on the weekends together so that is a whole different story.

Most mornings I just hello to the other ones who out and about however this morning I asked one gal who is out running with her dog how far she runs every day. At this point she had finished running and was walking her dog. She said that she runs four miles a day around the waterfront. Each direction around the waterfront is two miles. You can actually go further through my old neighborhood and to the end of the spit however she was talking about the waterfront within the city limits. Whatever the case it is a good run for her and the run that I see most of the runners do. I probably walk more like two and half miles or sometimes three miles. This is more because the amount of time that I walk. I try to walk about forty minutes a day.

Friday morning they expect to be back to the weather has been this month and that is overcast in the morning with a slight chance of rain. This something I am used to except during the summer. I look forward to seeing the usual walkers and runners again.

Like I promised I figured to show more pictures and they will be below so you see more of my home town and yes have a wonderful weekend.

                                                  A calm morning looking over the Harbor

Looking up from the waterfront at some newer homes

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pictures Can Tell Stories

On Wednesday while going out for my daily walk I had my camera with me this time and took a lot of pictures of my home town Gig Harbor, Washington. So you will see the following that I will do a little explaining on each one. These will be primarily ones along the route I walk on the waterfront or across the harbor where I grew up including the house I lived in. My old house has had some work done it but is one of the few still standing. You can see that we had a wonderful view looking out onto the harbor. I am not sure whether I will show everyday however a lot over the next several days. I am planning to go other places nearby to take pictures where I spent some time as a child. Enjoy and thank you very much.

                                  The Blue House with all the windows my childhood home


                                         One of several marinas in Gig Harbor

A group of Canadian Geese including little ones.

                                  I was walking south on Harborview Drive on the waterfront.

                The Skansie Netshed one of several in Gig Harbor

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

You are the One I Think About

Ever since we met all I can do is think about you

When I wake up in the morning and when I go to sleep it is all about you

I hope that you feel the same way

We haven’t talked about our feelings before but I want you to know

I know that we only had one date however my life has changed I hope the same for you

I won’t be devastated if you don’t feel the same but I can’t live this way without you knowing

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pt. Defiance Park

Pt. Defiance Park

                                                                Owen's Beach

                                                                The Aquarium

                                                       Polar Bear  in the Zoo

 The largest park in our area of Western Washington is Pt. Defiance on the west end of Tacoma. I can view the park looking east from my apartment.

When visiting our area next to seeing Mt. Rainier this is the place to see especially if you have children because Pt. Defiance Park has a Zoo and Aquarium. You will be able view Polar Bears, sea creatures, monkeys, and foxes among the animals staying there all year around. When arriving in the parking lot you may see a peacock walking around.

Pt. Defiance Park has a five mile trail where you can bike or ride as well. There are places you can stop off at to eat or relax or see the wonderful view looking over toward the area I live. The Park has a Rose Garden where often you will see weddings and when they are not going on walking through the garden is a nice place to visit.

The park also has a beach called Owens where many people can enjoy a good time strolling along with viewing over toward Gig Harbor and Vashon Island. You can take a ferry ride from Pt. Defiance Park over to Vashon Island as well. The ferries ride over to the Island and return all day long. The beach is used often for reunions and other parties that small and large groups use. If you are lucky a salmon bake could be going on that you can join in.

The park was opened in 1888 after being a military reservation when Captain Wilkes expedition arrived in the 1840s. Captain Wilkes named several places in the area including Gig Harbor. Later President Theodore Roosevelt signed the park over the city of Tacoma. They estimate that over three million people visit the park every year so you can it is a very popular place to visit.

I have visited the park numerous times over the years including Owen’s beach and the Zoo/Aquarium.  Some of the fondest memories I have had especially as a child. When not visiting by car often our family would go by the park in our sailboat. I would say I probably saw the park more often by boat then by car. My visits by car were like many kids were to visit the Zoo and Aquarium. So I do recommend anyone visiting the area to make sure taking the time to visit Pt. Defiance Park like so many people do. Going throughout the day the traffic generally not too crowded. Since there is so much to do spending several hours in the park is recommended. Whatever your age you can find something to do in the park.