Thursday, June 30, 2016

Walking Early

Last weekend I decided I would start walking early in the morning at 6 am instead of 9 am like I had been doing. I have found that it is better though early because I have committed myself to the time than when I was going at 9. At the later time things come up where I can’t always walk while at 6 I am able to walk regardless of what is happening that day.

I am encouraging that people go walking for good exercise and 6 am is a great time to do so. Not a lot is going on at 6 am and another thing I see a lot of people in their seventies do not walk very well and I want to be a person that is able to walk fine when I become that age. Of course there is no guarantee that my legs and feet will be fine then but I want to increase the odds in my favor. I believe walking is better than either running or jogging. I believe running is OK if you can keep up the speed however over the long run you likely will not and you may have to start jogging or walking. I am no medicine expert but I have heard that jogging is hard on our knees so why not walk instead since I will have to do so at some point in life anyway.

I like walking to because I am able to see what is going around me especially in Gig Harbor where I can hear the birds chirp and see ducks in the harbor. I can view the homes and the flowers that are planted around. In the next few days I should have at least one walking partner and it is a lot easier to talk when you are walking. The down fall of walking is that I am not able to go as far the distance that I may or take longer to do so but the plan is to walk about an hour every morning.

I have found that at 6 am there are other people who are out at that time either walking or running. Actually more than I really expected to be at 6 a.m.  Wednesday morning I was able to talk to a mother with a young boy who was getting ready to run with her friend. I asked the little guy why mother would get you up so early. Her responses are you sure that he did not get me up early. We both laughed over her answer since she was probably right.

Most of all at 6 a.m. I find a lot of peace and quiet. Monday and Tuesday there was no wind like on Wednesday but still a good way to walk. The view of the harbor every morning is really nice as well. Looking over to the east side of the harbor I am able to see my old house and neighborhood. So this brings me joy and memories to. In my case I am used to getting up early in the morning. I do know that is not the case for everyone.  If you are one that has a hard time to get up at that time of day I recommend going for a walk around 5:30 or 6 pm after getting off work. If you are not working or go to work later maybe anytime between 7 and 9 would be better for you. In any case go out and walk as part of your everyday life. I am sure you will have a better day especially when you are in your seventies! God bless!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


On Tuesday I had coffee with a friend. I would not call her a close friend but someone I have come to know and enjoy time with her when I see her.

We talked about several different subjects which I could write about here on each one and may do so in the future. Of course I will have to remember them as well. I am sure that I am like a lot of people I forget what I have talked with other people about in a few minutes after talking with them. Like I say in our case we talked about several things.

One of things she brought up was having friends who make judgments about other people and think that they are awful. She feels that they speak with hate instead of with love. Yes I agree with her that we need to love everyone even those who do not agree with what they do or their lifestyle. In fact I will go even farther to say that those we have trouble with their lifestyle we need to love them more. I know that there are reasons why they live like they do. I am not one to analyze people like some really enjoy doing. I am being sarcastic here.

I know that every one of us make judgments everyday about others whether we realize it or not. I try not to go very far with it myself because life is too short and I have enough to deal with outside of judging other and besides I am not perfect either though I am pretty close to it. I am being sarcastic once again.

In my case if I make a judgment about someone I try to have it go out of mind as fast as it came in. I believe it is easy when you see someone to make a judgement of them. I have to say it is not always negative it can be positive. For example if I see a man or woman dressed in a business suite I probably think that person has everything together which is probably the farthest from the truth and they are dressed for how they go to work or meeting with someone. I can say the same thing for someone who dresses casually. I am sure we make judgments of people who have short or long hair.

I have to say those who have tattoos on their bodies are the ones that I feel the most uncomfortable around. If you have a small tattoo I am not so much but I don’t understand those who have tattoos across the whole arm or legs or any other part of the body. I haven’t gone so far to say that I figured out what kind of person they are because of their tattoos. Actually the truth the kind of person they are because of their tattoos is really not my business in the end. I know to that tattoos have become more common these days regardless where you live or the people you spend time with. I think to that someday they will pay when older what those tattoos look like over time but that should not be my concern anyway. I can look at it this way for other things people have or do in their lives as well.

So what I come to say with ending this here is to love people regardless of what they look like or if you don’t agree with their lifestyle. I have a purpose and destiny to live out that over shadows my judgments. It is time for us to take off the judgments we make of others and make the best of life we can. In the same way we make judgments of others they are doing the same of us and what does it really do for us in the end. Have a great day and enjoy those who are different from us too.  

P.S.  I just have to say this that I forgot to say and that is God’s job to judge and not ours. He knows the hearts of men.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Visiting Oak Harbor

                                          Deception Pass Bridge

                                         Oak Harbor with Mt. Adams in the back

I have decided to write about different places here in my home state of Washington at least once a week. Many will be where I have visited as well as other places I would like to see as well.

On Saturday I talked with my cousin Peggy who lives in Oak Harbor. She recently did a mission’s trip to Africa with a group of young people. So we talked about her trip along with my family and other cousins. She and her husband Cal live a few blocks from their daughter Erin, husband Dan and three children. For a while they lived in Winthrop, Washington which is in Eastern Washington and I will write about it another time though it is a very popular destination for people here in Western Washington to go visit.

Let you know more about Oak Harbor it is located on Whidbey Island and is about an hour a half drive north and west of Seattle. The population is in the mid twenty thousand range; so more than twice the size of Gig Harbor. There is the Whidbey Island Naval Station located nearby which I have visited a couple times. I find that to be a great place to go when visiting Oak Harbor and the vicinity.

There are a couple ways you can get to Oak Harbor by ferry. Just north of Seattle you can take the Mukilteo to Clinton and on the Olympic Peninsula Port Townsend to Coupeville. Port Townsend is another good place to visit as well. Both ferry rides do not take that long to Whidbey Island.

Another way get to Oak Harbor is drive north from Seattle on interstate 5. Take exit at Burlington that heads west toward Anacortes to take the ferry to the San Juan Island. About the same location to head north to Anacortes you can go south to Oak Harbor. Actually the drive from Seattle is probably faster than taking the ferry. Also it is a very nice scenic drive as well. When you get onto Whidbey Island you will first go over the Deception Pass Bridge. A very nice place to stop for a little while to relax and eat a meal; however the bridge is very deep and Oak Harbor is only a short distance from the bridge.

Besides Deception Pass and the Naval Station you can take a lovely drive around the island including going through Oak Harbor. Also if you have a bike a really nice place to find some trails to ride as well. Definitely a great place to visit for the day or longer. Let you know to that it does not rain a lot there either. The annual rainfall is about twenty inches a year. 

There are a lot of other nice places in that whole area of Western Washington to visit if you are spending several days in Seattle. So come and see the western part of the state of Washington anytime especially in the spring, summer and fall. Next week I will write about another place in western Washington.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Love Is A Great Gift

The great weapon God has given us against evil besides himself is Love. The problem we have being humans is what is truly love and what might be more described as lust.

I know that there will be those who will disagree with me what is love and what is lust. So I am not going to debate about it because then I am not showing love like I should. However true love we must speak in truth as well.

When we have love ones like family and friends and we know they are doing something wrong than we must speak truth into their lives even if we are taking the risk that they may hate us or leave us; if we don’t want to hurt their feelings than are we truly loving them. I know that if I am doing something wrong and I am told the truth I may be upset for a short time but they are probably telling me what I already know.

The difference between love and lust can be hard to be identified. You may identify lust as love but I believe that lust won’t last while love will. Also you may begin with lusting after someone that may turn into love over time. It may not be anyone else’s opinion besides mine but I believe that many young people get married because they think that they are in love while they are really in lust. The marriage doesn’t last long because of lust though may think in their minds that they fell out of love. It is possible that love was part of the equation as well but we must realize that though we love someone that at times things will be difficult and they leave that person thinking love has ended. This could be true however love is more than a feeling it is something we have decided to do. We choose to love or not to love.

Regardless whether we fall in love or out of love I still believe it is the greatest gift we have been given by God. Like I began with love is the greatest weapon we have to fight against evil. We can decide that love will overcome whatever obstacles come our way. If you are in a place where you are looking at ending a relationship whether it is in marriage or not think it over very carefully before you take the next step that you may regret in the end. I have never been in very many relationships but I do know that for me love is the most important gift in my life. I am fortunate to have family and friends who love me like I love them. For me love is greater than winning the lottery however love is between two people so no matter what we think the other person has a choice too. Besides loving the person in the relationship is sure to listen to them and let them know you are doing so by your actions. There is more to it than saying the words.  Anyway take the weapon of love and us it to your advantage. Also spread love all around you even to those who may not return the love to you. God Bless You in love!  




Sunday, June 26, 2016

Thinking of You

Twenty years ago we met for the first time

I had no idea my life would change forever

A beautiful young French gal cared so much for me

Though life did not go the way either of us thought it may my thoughts are always of you

I do have some regrets that things did not go our way but I know we can’t go back in time

My life though became new that day

Happy anniversary my French gal

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Funny Papers

I know millions have similar routine when getting up in the morning. It is ready the morning paper. I still enjoy reading the paper copy though I know many read on line now.

I begin by scanning the front page seeing the top stories. With the internet and all we know the stories have already happened. After scanning the front page I read the comics and the sports pages. This is what I have been doing for many years. Peanuts, Dennis Menace and Garfield are still among my favorites. When I finish reading the sports section and I go back to front page to read further on those that interest me. Some days I don’t read any of them. I continue on scanning the rest of the paper and read whatever interest me. Occasionally I will read the obituaries unlike my mother who reads them every day. There are days where someone she has known is listed there. I tell her at least her obituary is not there.

Throughout the day I will read stories on line primarily from local television stations that I follow on Twitter or Facebook. Also I follow several sport writers as well. This is really great way to keep up with what is going on in the world.

When I was a kid the daily paper did not arrive until the evening except on Sunday mornings. On Sunday’s I had to make sure that I was up and going before dad or I had to wait for some time to read the comics and sports section. Though dad did not read the sports section they were together with the comics. Dad loved the comics so much he took several minutes reading them all and laughing the whole time. If I did get the paper before he did I was able to read the comics. As soon as he showed up in the living room I had to give him the comics no matter whether I was done reading them or not. On the positive side I at least was able to read the sports as long as I wanted too.

Though my brothers were into reading the paper they were not excited as much as me. Usually they slept in where I was done with the paper when they got up. At that point they could fight over the comics. My younger brother would read the sports section to if he had the time or he would just ask me what happened. My older brother had no interest in the sports section however he loved the comics as much as dad but not as much as sleep; boy do I miss those wonderful times.

I just finished reading the comics and sports section before writing you. I now go and scan the rest of the paper. Have a great day you all.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Times

 I feel very blessed and fortunate to grow up here in Gig Harbor when life was less complicated than it seems to be now. The struggles I had in learning to read along with some of the kids I had to deal especially with bullying seems so much less than what is going on today.

In some ways the kids today do have advantages over what I had as a child with the technology but the pressure seems so much more as well. Also the danger living today is more than what I experienced as well.

Living in Gig Harbor in those times my brothers and I were able to walk and go see friends without even a thought of danger though I am sure there was some back then too. When I was in elementary school my father sometimes would leave my younger brother and I off at school early to play on the grounds. We had a really great time together and I am sure a lot of the reason we are best of friends along with being brothers today. Now no one would leave children by themselves at school being worried what may happen. When we rode the school bus we would wait outside our house only for a few minutes. The bus would go past our house and we would catch on its return. I am sure either our mother or father who was at home keep a look out through the window but now the parents are with the kids when waiting for the bus. Compared to many other communities Gig Harbor is safer however the opportunity for something to go wrong is still there for the parents to worry.

Another thing has changed is little league baseball. When I was a kid we had one team in the neighborhood for our age where every boy played no matter how good or bad they were. Today they have tryouts to see who makes the team. Those boys that are not good now either do not play or even put on a team. Parents act like the kids are playing for them and not for themselves; a lot of pressure even for those kids who are really good.

Just recently the football coach at Bellevue Washington High School was fired because he took payments from boosters for summer camps. The city of Bellevue is east of Seattle and many of the residences are quite wealthy. The school’s football team was charged for recruiting 8th grade boys outside the district and now the team cannot participate in the playoffs for several years. Private schools often go looking to recruiting players but Bellevue High School is a public school.  I found it so ridiculous that parents no matter how wealthy would do such a thing. This really shows how life is like for children today. Again I am glad to have lived in the happy times that I call it. Important thing is let your kids grow up to be what they need to be and get out of the way. I am so thankful to have parents that let me be me.  

Thursday, June 23, 2016


I have found on social media that a lot of people who have moved since graduating from high school that where they grew up especially in the high school years feel still as home.

Most of those people however have been ones that I grew up with in Gig Harbor so sampling size is small but I do believe this to be true. Many of the kids I grew up with I went to school at least junior high so I knew them for at least six years anyway. Those who moved into Gig Harbor when entering high school or later so I knew them four at the most still feel strong about the area as home.

Both my sister Barb and brother Jack have lived elsewhere a lot longer now than then growing up in Gig Harbor however they still feel like it is still home even though they may never return to live here. Gig Harbor is still a small town but it is larger than when we were kids and a lot more places to go shopping.

When we were kids you knew almost everyone in Gig Harbor at least by name. A lot harder to do so now instead just those in the neighborhood and the people you meet. Growing up we had no places to meet other than possibly the City Park and going to your friend’s house along with the grocery stores. There were only a couple restaurants to go eat at and we did not do that very often. Now there are several coffee shops on every shopping center. There  are the places to go hang out with friends old and new. If I were growing up today in Gig Harbor I would like the combination of the old and new. Other words having the small community like it was with a few coffee shops to hang out in although my friend’s place was good to go as well.

I know some of the old classmates that have moved away have said it would be hard to move back now since it is bigger and of the traffic. I have not left the home area myself though I don’t live in the same neighborhood. I go back there once in a while and I can see it from downtown Gig Harbor. Almost all the old houses have been replaced by new and larger homes. On the plus side my house is still standing along with maybe a couple others. When my sister was here last year she said it was hard to find or see the old neighborhood. Not only have the homes been replaced so have the people. Only a few have remained.

I am sure many of you feel the same about the old home area whether you left or stayed. You go home for a visit but the feeling is not the same. This doesn’t apply only to small towns but the same for the large cities too. One thing though doesn’t change is the memories though they may fade over the years. Always nice to run into old friends where you can remember the good old days. What you may not remember they will and vice versa. We can’t live in the past but still a part of us for sure.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Places to See

                                  Mt. Rainier standing tall behind my beloved Gig Harbor

                                         The sign says it all

Here in Gig Harbor and   surrounding area of Western Washington there are so many places to see. I could take vacations and weekends without going anywhere else in the world.

Looking east I can see Mt. Rainier every day and west there is the Olympic Mountains. Going north toward Seattle and even further to the Canadian Border well as south toward Portland Oregon. Each place you could spend at least one day if not several days to have a good time.

Traveling to Mt. Rainier is about a two hour drive from Gig Harbor. There are places you can visit on the way well as spending time on the mountain itself. There are a lot of fine small restaurants and coffee shops that you can stop in on the way. You can wait to and visit Paradise on the mountain as well. Great place to hang out. I have been there many times throughout my life. There are a lot of small trails you can walk on even if you are not a mountain climber during the summer.

There are a lot of other places you can visit near Mt. Rainier like Snoqualmie Pass and Crystal Mountain. Snoqualmie Pass is on interstate 90 and on the way to Spokane in eastern Washington. Crystal Mountain is the most popular ski resort in the area and many skiers do their skiing there during the winter. Both are very nice to visit during the summer as well.

Traveling north from Gig Harbor is the Olympic Mountains. On a clear day you can see the mountains on highway sixteen heading out of Gig Harbor. Throughout the Olympics there are a lot of small and long hikes you can take. It would take me about two hours to be close and enter the different areas of the Olympics. When I was in boy scouts we would take a fifty mile hike every August. One of the hikes went along the Hoh River which is fifty-six miles long in itself. You can meet up in different spots along the Hoh River as well. My brother Jack and his family visited one year we went out to the Hoh River. His son Ian wanted to see it so he could tell his classmates because they had studied the Hoh River in school. Ian was going into fifth grade that year.

I have actually seen more of the Olympics than the Cascade Mountains except for Mt. Rainier. In future writings I will tell more about both mountain ranges. There are many spots north and east of Seattle that you can visit along the Cascade Mountains.

Another drive you can take is heading north from Seattle to San Juan Islands. About an hour and a half from Seattle you can take an exit to Anacortes off of interstate 5 and head west to catch a ferry to the San Juan Islands. You have to make a reservation to get on one of the ferry rides if you take your car.  I recommend though giving yourself a lot of time if you decide to go on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends. The ferry rides are quite popular on those weekends. My recommendation would be visit in the spring or early fall when school is in session.

Another idea would be to go sailing throughout the San Juan Islands. I believe I was around fourteen years old my dad borrowed a good size sailboat from a friend and our family along with some cousins we sailed from Gig Harbor north up to Victoria, British Columbia and then east to the San Juan Islands. One of the great adventures of my childhood for sure.

No matter whether you have a short period or a  long  of time to spend in western Washington there a lot places to visit. I just named a few. Come see us sometime. Who knows you may run into me too.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We Can Do It!

Right now the world does not seem like a great place to be right now and it is going down very fast however I still believe we have a purpose to change our part of the world.

I am sure there are Christians who believe so strong that we are in the last days that they have given up hope to save the world. They are looking at the signs these are the end times which they could be however the disciples believed the same thing and it has been two thousand years.

Of course each day means we are closer to the end but does not mean we can’t help make our world the best it can be even in the darkest of times.

When I mean our world I am beginning with the area we live and the influence we can make in our area. For me it is Gig Harbor, Washington and the surrounding communities. Also I can say the world of my blog. To each person who reads this today. One thing we can do is to be an influence to those around us. It can begin with one person who can add on another and so on and so on.

God has not asked me to change the whole world just the area that I occupy. My purpose and destiny is to give hope to the hopeless. I am a member of God’s Army so this means I have to fight and bring some light no matter how bright into a dark world. The question is if I am not here for this what is it I am here for besides worshiping him.

All this takes is faith even as small as a mustard seed. Faith is believing in what I do not see. I have come a long way in this life wondering if anyone cared for me to one that doesn’t care who does but I care for others even those who walk by me without an ounce of response.

The greatest gift we have is love. I am still learning what truly means however as a good soldier I am going to release it into this dark world. I hope that you join in and see what we can do in our corner of the world.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Who We Are!

One thing I do know in this life that a lot of people have problems among other things. I feel the more I get to know who I am the more I can help others too. I know that many people do not feel the same way or more would be doing the same.
One of my old classmates mentioned on social media how angry and mean people are since social media came along. The truth is people have been angry and mean for a long time however social media has given an outlet for everyone to share it. This year has been more because of the presidential election coming up. I have decided not to read what others are saying on social media about the election. For one thing too much is being said and I just plain got tired of it. I don’t really like any of the candidates and the chances right now that I won’t be voting for anyone. I know some will say you have to vote. My response is to vote for the less of two evils? In fact I am not sure who the less of the two evils is. I am not going to bash anyone other than then what I have said here. Another thing our country can overcome whoever becomes president all we have to do as people do so.
My idea is to be the best person I can be and make a difference as much as I can. Right now I discovering more of who I am and what changes that I can make to be the best the world sees.
Russell Wilson the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks says that he plans to play in the NFL for another fifteen years to make it a total of twenty years. Not only that he wants to be recognized as the very best and he is a good role model for our youth however for him to get there he has to work at. He will not make it if he just show up it takes a whole lot of work. This shows to me that I have to do the same if I want to accomplish and be a champion, meet my purpose and destiny.  I hope that everyone reading here is up for the challenge as well.
Remember whether we say a word or not people are watching what we are doing. In the same manner we watch others. Oh yes I look forward this to continue to be an adventure and a whole lot of fun on the way too.
Recently meeting and talking with old schoolmates I have heard them say things about me that I did not realize. Each one has said that they thought I was shy, smart and funny. Two out of the three I already knew however I did not consider myself being smart. Mainly because of the obstacles I had to overcome as a youth and because both my brothers were very smart. So I am taking everything I learned from overcoming too be the best champion.  

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father’s Day

                                                             I am a cute baby aren't I

Hi Dad I miss you very much

The world is not the same without you

Hard to believe you have been gone since 1993

You passed away around Father’s Day so this is not easy

I do think about you almost every day and you are my inspiration

I am so honored that you decided to name me after you

I don’t look a lot like you though I have your family hair and my voice is like yours

I look forward to seeing you again someday Dad!

In the meantime I will keep moving on with you in my mind

This your day Dad so Happy Father’s Day



Saturday, June 18, 2016

Make the Best of Life

Life does not always give us a fair shake that is for sure. There are days where we can plainly say it sucks however we need a way to make the best of it under even the worst of circumstances though not easy to practice.
When life decides to make it horrible for us this when we should rise up and say we challenge you. We are champions and we have purpose to live this life out and no one or circumstance will keep us down for long. Again I know easier said than done but what else can we do sometimes.
When we have those days that are horrible and really suck to the extreme I have decided this will not define me and I am going to keep my eyes open to see if someone comes across my path that I can make a better day for them or they for me.
Part of purpose and destiny is for us to look for divine appointments. You see we usually run into someone that we don’t know or we haven’t seen for a while. There is a reason for it beyond what we know sometimes. I know that part of my purpose is to give hope to those who are hopeless so the idea should be that each day I may see someone who needs hope. They may be have one of these days that just sucks and need to be reassured that things will get better whether for the rest of the day or for tomorrow. Remember each day is a new one and we can forget how yesterday went. Everyday can give us new comfort regardless of how we feel or things went today.
Another thought just came in my mind when the day is being tough to look into the eyes of people. You don’t have to stare just look for a moment and see whether you can see something that will make you feel better. Another idea is laugh and think I am an overcomer. I am going make this a wonderful day. I am not sure about those days where one thing after another happens other than take a deep breath and keep moving on.
My day is just starting so I will have to see if I have to take some of my own advice or not. In the meantime think positive even though everything sucks. I am going to make the best of it.

Friday, June 17, 2016

When I Was Ten

 Earlier this week I received an e-mail from my cousin Christy. She was updating what had been going on in her family for the last few months. We do keep in some contact however she wants to do more of the same on a regular basis.

Three years ago I spent time with Christy and her husband David down in her part-time home in Arizona during spring training. I spent a week there and we went to four Seattle Mariner spring training games along with going to my first hockey game. It still sounds strange to think my first hockey game would be in Arizona. I really enjoyed seeing the game though I do not really watch the games on television. I do know that the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup and that there were no Canadian teams in the play offs either.

Ok this all takes me back to when I was ten years old. That year Christy who was fifteen years old spent the summer with us in Gig Harbor. I don’t remember a lot of the details I do remember enjoying the time with one of my older cousins. Actually most of my first cousins are older than me. Christy came to watch over my two brothers and I that summer while mother was in Portland, Oregon taking classes at Lewis and Clark College. I am sure it was a challenge and learning experience for a teenager. The time in Gig Harbor I am sure was much different for her than the time living in Vancouver, British Columbia. We lived on the waterfront on the east side of Gig Harbor so you could look over and see the town of Gig Harbor. Though I don’t remember a lot of that year being ten I am sure she enjoyed taking us out on the boats along with swimming in the harbor and lying on our dock. We did not swim a lot in the harbor because the water was quite cold even during the summer. I am sure all three of us were a handful that summer especially me. When I was ten I liked talking a whole lot may be even more than I do now. I am sure there are those who may question that. For this turned out to be training for Christy because later on she had three boys of her own. I am sure at times over the years she has thought about our time together when she was raising those boys. Now she has her first grandchild who is seven months old and is a girl. I am sure she is a delight for them. They do not live close so they talk and see each other on facetime a lot.

I do remember one day during that summer when walking along the main road that goes past our house we found some cigarettes. It was interesting because the place we found them the house had burned down and we found them in the fire place that was still there. At least that is what I recall anyway. It was the first time I decided to try smoking a cigarette. By the way I don’t smoke. When I offered my younger brother a cigarette he totally refused because he thought the one cigarette would cause him cancer and he would die. I guess you could say that is the thinking of a seven year old. So I have to say he never has had a cigarette his whole life.

So you see not a lot of memories but good ones anyway. I look forward to reading more e-mails from Christy. I could ask her to fill in some of the memories of being ten. A very good thought for sure. This way I can update at a later time.  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

New and Old Come Together

                     Mom and I outside old  Cutter's Point Coffee Shop Flagship Store  Oct 2015

                        Opening of the new Cutter's Point Coffee Shop Flagship Store June 15 2016

On Wednesday June 15 my favorite coffee shop Cutter’s Point Flagship store in Gig Harbor re-opened with remodel and new addition along with a grand opening. Cutter’s Point enlarged by taking over the hair salon next door that moved in where Baskin and Robbins had vacated a couple years early in the Olympic Village Shopping Center.

They not only have a little more than doubled the space they had when closed down for six weeks to make it into a brand new store they have a new look as well. Though it is new it has an old style look to it and they have expanded their menu along with adding a fire place as well. With the new added space a great place for people to hang out with their friends. Besides great tasting coffee the customer’s service of their baristas no place else matches.

The wood beams they have around the store remind me so much of the beam my father put in our house when he changed it from a cabin into a house when I was a small child. My father found the beam out in Commencement Bay outside of Gig Harbor. He hauled it back into the harbor and into the house. Dad thought it was the greatest thing. Also the wall behind where the baristas make the coffee looks like old brick. In fact Harbor Ridge Middle School (known as Goodman when I went there) has the same look in the cafeteria and was left when the school was remodeled. Just like I say the new and old come together.   

Cutter’s Point has three other locations not far from the flagship store. They have one in Uptown Shopping Center along with a drive thru at Chevron Station on the corner of Pt. Fosdick and Olympic Drive. When Main and Vine opened up in February (still under the same ownership but the name change from QFC) a kiosk in the store; they also plan to build another store in the newer area called North Gig Harbor. They have shops in Port Orchard, Tacoma and Lacey Washington to name a few spots.

I look forward to going there on a daily basis while visiting the other Gig Harbor locations once in a while. I was able to get some gifts they gave away to the first one hundred and fifty people visiting when they opened at 7 am. There normal hours though is 5 am till 8 pm Monday thru Saturday. They open a little later and close an hour earlier on Sunday.

I met a lady Leslie Wednesday morning by the fire place which will be really nice during the winter. Meeting Leslie I found that she lives in my old neighborhood of east Gig Harbor. So here is the old and new coming together again. She lives right next door to where my best friend Gary lived while we growing up. Also she knows several people that I grew up with. I am sure even more than whom we talked about even. So now I have a new friend and she has invited me to see her new studio. You see she is a graphic designer and the studio is almost right across the harbor from my old house. What a day indeed.



Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Picking Yourself Up

 Last week falling down I had to pick myself up or I would not get any help. This is what we all need to do over time regardless of the situation that made us fall.

You may have fallen like me or circumstance happened that is making it hard to pick yourself up. We can look at the people in Orlando who lost their lives or are recovering from the shootings. I know it will take some time get back up and move on. My encouragement is that you will stand again though it may take some time. We are all in a different place so what works for me may not for you. The families in Orlando who had loved ones that died will be affected for some time. The healing that takes place will be different for each one. The important thing is to take the time no long how long. If you know someone who is going through a hard time my suggestion is to be there for them and let them take the time they need. Don’t push them to get up faster and you may have to help them get up. Another thing is there something you can do for them. It doesn’t have to be anything big it can be small too. It could be just a hug or a kiss on the cheek. What I found in my case when my brother died in 1992 and then my father the following year both in June I needed friends to be there. They did not have to say anything at all.  I have realized that after losing both of them how everyone deals with mourning can be different. I can’t understand what they are going through though the circumstance can be the same.

When someone falls help them up if they like you too. They may fall many times over but you are there to help them up once again. Are you in the place where you have fallen and you can’t get up by yourself let your family and friends help you up.  I am here in spirit with you and my thoughts are with you if you’re dealing with a very tough situation. I remember a couple years ago when I found out I have a heart that skips and before that I came down with a blood clot. Neither easy at all and then last year I came down with kidney stones. Now I am doing OK with them all being treated however I do still go through testing.  In fact this week I have a test after two years to see the state that my heart is in. These things are not easy at all but I still must keep on moving because I don’t have a lot of other choices though not always easy. Again let your family and friends know so they can walk beside you. Many blessing to everyone wherever you are in life.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Next Chapter

Every day is a new page in our lives. What defines a new chapter all depends on us. I have lived in Gig Harbor, Washington all my life except a few months where I moved to Forks, Washington when I was twenty. It was the first time I lived on my own without family or friends around. Actually I met a few new friends for that period of time. They were a lot like me living in a new town out in the middle of nowhere. The city of Forks is now famous because of the Twilight series. It is the farthest west you can go in the United States on the Washington coast and it rains there a whole lot.
What did I do during the months I spent in Forks? I worked at the local radio station as a DJ and doing the news too. Though it was not the greatest of times I still enjoyed my time there before returning to Gig Harbor.
Though both Forks and Gig Harbor are small towns there is a significance difference between the two. Gig Harbor there is a lot more to do than in Forks. For one thing there are larger communities that surround Gig Harbor like Tacoma and Seattle. The one thing that hasn’t changed a whole lot since I was a kid that many feel that they are disrespected for living in a small town although Gig Harbor has a higher standard of living than many of the places surrounding it.
The thing that makes it hard to live in Forks is that the town is very isolated from the rest of the world. Also it rains there a lot since it is real close to the Olympia Rain Forest. When I lived there truly not much for me to do outside of working besides meeting new friends; at the time logging was the major industry. I am sure they still do logging but the industry is no longer what it used to be. What I would say Forks is a good place to visit but I really would not want to live there. Gig Harbor on the other hand is a great place to live. It has the atmosphere of a small town while you can drive to the city if you like. Those who work outside of Gig Harbor can go home and have the feeling of a small community.
When I was growing up everyone knew each other. At least we knew each other names anyway. There were some kids that moved in during my school years to Gig Harbor however the majority I grew up with and new. There were three elementary schools along with one junior high and high school. So if you did not know someone in elementary school you did when you reached junior high.
That period of time was a large chapter of my life and I have had many others since. I figure in the future to do some traveling so that will be included in my chapters ahead. Right now for me is to keep plugging away and adding more pages. For each of us is to figure how the best we are going to do in filling those pages out. Enjoy your days whether you are in the same chapter or you have moved on to the next chapter. If you are in planning stages for the next chapter I wish you the best too.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Love Thy Neighbor

You may ask why I am bringing up about loving my neighbor. I believe for anyone to embrace the life of purpose and destiny it has to begin with love. Without love what truly is our purpose.

If you are a Christian Jesus Christ commanded that you love your neighbor as you love yourself. In fact he went a step forward saying to love your enemies. Both are difficult to do especially the enemy part. This is especially true for what happened in Orlando, Florida on Sunday. I am not here to throw a political or religious spin on this however what is the alternative to love; like I say not an easy thing to do for sure.

I could say that I like people and not love them. This is true and I am sure most of us live in this area more than love. What I can say is that love is the next step up from like. A very high step for sure. Also I have to say that I am still working on love though it is a commandment. Jesus did not say it would be easy either just do it.

The hardest part is feeling the love from fellow Christians. Often I do not feel the love even though love is really not a feeling but a choice. Love is something you have decided to do. So I could say I am not sure some fellow Christian have made the choice to love me. Of course it is not easy to love someone you don’t know at all. Again this is where choice comes in.

Another angle is that we are to love but does not mean that we always like what other people do, stand for or live. For instance I am not a big fan of the major candidates for the presidential election. I can go so far to say that I won’t be voting for either one for what they stand for; however it does not change that I am still to love them. I have heard sermons on love and what always comes up is that we do not have to like what they do sometimes just like we don’t like what our children do always. We love our children or other members of our family even when we do not agree with what they are doing.

What happened in Orlando shows not liking what people do and turning the dislike into hate. This is why so important to separate love from like or dislike. If you dwell so much on what a segment of society that you do not agree with than you can go mad like this shooter. Our nation needs to recognize those who are going too far and become radical in the poor sense of the word. I am saying that because radical is not all bad or good. I am radical in my beliefs but doesn’t mean that I am being bad. Other words our country needs to recognize those who maybe looking toward being terrorists or going mad. Not everyone who kills 50 people and injured even more are terrorists that may have gone mad. In this case the shooter was probably both.

Without trying to go really extreme on love thy neighbor we will meet our purpose and destiny if we choose to do so head on. I hope this helps us all and let us love someone new today. Remember the families of those who were killed in Orlando and the whole city.   

Sunday, June 12, 2016

In the Clouds

A common cloud cover in Seattle Washington

I am sure you are wondering what I am going to write about today. Actually about clouds that is. Very simple yes.

I am sure most people take clouds for granted most of the time and I have to admit I do as well. More and more though I am looking at the clouds; right now out my window the sky is full of cloud. They are looking the typical way in the morning deciding whether to rain or not.  In the distance looking toward Seattle and Tacoma I can see a peak of sunshine as well.

Last night coming out of the grocery store the sky was mostly clear with light clouds. Nothing really too excited about other than knowing it wasn’t going to rain at that point.

Actually the grocery store is a bit different than most. They specialize in organic even though you can get some of the staple foods as well. They have hot pizza where you can buy a slice or two along with a whole pizza. They have a coffee shop inside as well where you can buy a beer or a glass of wine too. Friday and Saturday night’s they have music performing by local artists upstairs. So I got myself a glass of wine. I already had dinner so I did not get a pizza. They also have salads and sandwiches as well already to go. Easy place to have lunch or dinner on any day you like. They have specials to so like pizza you can save money on the slices on Fridays. They usually have the standard pepperoni, cheese or a healthy pizza. I find them to be very tasty.

Back to clouds anyway; I believe we can use our imagination in seeing the clouds. Sometimes the formations of the clouds are very interesting and you can use your imagination. For example on Friday morning returning back to Gig Harbor from Tacoma going over the Narrows Bridge the clouds was quite interesting. The cloud straight in front of me looked like an old man. I could see a nose and eyes along with a nice smile. Since driving can be boring sometimes it is nice to use my imagination for entertainment purposes. I look up into the sky often when I am walking as well. Most of the time the clouds are standard but I always want to look to see if something is different in them.

Every morning especially I like looking out at Mt. Rainier. It is so majestic and awesome to see. There are days once in a while where you can’t see the mountain because it is totally covered by clouds. There are days to where a cloud seats right on the top of the mountain while other times in the middle of the mountain. You see I always try to be entertained in so many different ways.

 Update on my fall from Friday. Generally I am doing pretty well. My left leg and elbow are doing just fine; the right leg and elbow are still a little bit sore. The leg hurts a bit because of my sleeping last night and the elbow hurts when I lay my arm on the chair or table. Neither look great but should be all healed in a few days. I am fortunate that I wasn’t wearing shorts when I fell or there would have been more damage. Also I have hard bones like my mother.

Anyway don’t keep your mind in the clouds too much. Enjoy the rest of the day and have a great week coming up.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Falling Down

Though I enjoy writing about purpose and destiny to encourage us all it is important to write about everyday life. Sometimes things happen that don’t expect and it is not always good either. The most important thing is to make it through all of it. This is where we can help each other out as well.
I am sure we all remember falling down numerous times as kids. This was part of being a kid that is for sure. We would do so even when our parents told us to stop running or playing around. I don’t remember any specific occurrences right now in regards to myself but I do know it happened. I do remember my brother Jack though was riding his bike once to the next neighborhood when he crashed his bike. I am not sure whether he was going to fast or not but he crashed on gravel. He was not a happy camper that is for sure. I don’t remember whether mom went and got him or he came home screaming bloody murder. Whichever the case he never crashed his bike again. So he learned his lesson for sure.
I have to say things do not get easier when you’re older. I have never got hurt much as an adult except a couple times playing tennis until recently. When my sister Barb visited last October after leaving her and mother to go shopping I went to drug store to pick up some of my prescriptions. I parked at the beginning of the row so there was a curb there. Well I wasn’t thinking or paying attention and fell over the curb into some dirt. I was hurt on my knees and my elbows. I went into the closest bathroom to see how damaged I was and then went to buy bandages where Barb and mom were after getting my subscriptions. They were still shopping so I went to the coffee shop we were to meet and went into their bathroom to apply the bandages.  After applying the bandages I saw they had not come to the coffee shop yet. It is right down a little bit to walk from the grocery store. So I decided go back to see how they were doing and they were almost completed so I stayed with them and then took the groceries to the car while they went to coffee shop. Went home after our time at coffee shop to heal my wounds and pride; I thought that I will never do this ever again.
Now on Friday I parked to go into a different grocery. I parked next to the curb by where the shopping carts are left. Anyway I saw someone I knew a short distance. I said hello with a loud voice to him. He had his wife and grandchildren with him. So he said hi to me and said to the grandchildren there is Herb. So a short conversion; anyway without thinking about it I stared walking to head for the grocery store. I walked and then fell over the curb. Not a pretty sight for sure and stayed down for a couple minutes. An older couple asks if I needed help to get up. I said no because I figured likely not strong enough to get me up unless I need help at the end. So I got up with pain on knees and elbows once again. I went into the store to their bathroom to see how bad it was. No bleeding but a little bruising for sure. Came back out of bathroom to get some first aid which an employee was able to help me; went back into the bathroom to apply a couple bandages. Also she gave me a pack of ice because my right elbow was feeling worse than when I fell.  I decided go to my doctor’s office since it was only a couple blocks away. I had to wait several minutes to see him and his nurses. I figured since I have problem with blood clotting it was a good idea to see them. The doctor checked my elbows and knees to be sure no additional damage. One of the nurses put on better bandages on right elbow and right arm. The left side was OK and sent me on my merry way. I went back to the grocery store to do what I was intended to do in the first place and let them know that I was OK. Also I had an hour to wait for picking mom up from playing bridge. I said to her when seeing her that I hope her bridge went better than my afternoon.
I know likely will not be my last fall. The older we get the more we are like when we were kids. Actually we will probably fall more later on in life. I have decided not to park next to a curb ever again. I hope to remember to do so. Ha ha! A good listen for all of us to learn and have yourself a great day; no bad experiences please!  

Friday, June 10, 2016


We all know that there are two types of dreams. The ones we have while we are asleep and the other is our hearts desires.
As far as the dreams we have at night I am told we dream almost every night possibly multiple ones. Is anyone else like me who does not remember any or most of the dreams you have.
I wonder to if we get older the more dreams we remember. My mother seems to remember a lot of them. She says the ones she remembers are more like nightmares or very strange. It means something I believe though going to a dream specialist we would get the answers. Oh by the way is there someone called a dream specialist. It sounds like a good idea anyway. There must be one around somewhere you would think?  
One dream I remember since I was a teenager I was up in a space ship with a bunch of monkeys and we ended up crashing in the ocean. All the monkeys died while I was saved.  I am not what the significance of the dream was but the important thing was that I did survive.
Ok the second type of dream is what our hearts desire or what we want to do with our lives when we grow up. For example we might want to be a policeman, fireman and doctor to name just a few. We know many of those dreams come true though many kids moved onto other dreams. When I was a kid in elementary school I wanted to be a sportscaster. When I graduated from high school I actually went to local technical college to become one. The school was the highest rank in the state of Washington for radio broadcasting and one of the top in the country.  Pat O’Day who is well known in Seattle as a DJ went to the school and he is in the rock and roll hall of fame too. Everyone around my age and a bit older knows who he is. Almost all of us listen to him growing up and more. Anyway I went for two years and then got a job as a DJ and newsman in Forks Washington. It turned out that I did not have the talent like many others who made it a career however I went after my dream. I wish now that I would have gone on to be a sports reporter instead. Now though writing has become a major part of my life.
I recommend that if your children or grandchildren have dreams of what they want to be when they grow up for them to go for it regardless of how much talent or lack of it they have. You see if they don’t go for it they may wonder the rest of their lives. Besides who knows they could become the greatest in their field.
So I end here for you to keep on dreaming whether at night or in your heart. Amazing what may happen and if I remember one while dreaming in bed I will let you know. Have a great weekend to. TGIF!