Saturday, June 30, 2018

Being a Writer

We all have a story to tell that is what makes us being a writer. I am here as you know to encourage others in living their life of purpose. Your story can include what your purpose in life is and how you go about doing it. You don’t necessarily need to have your own blog unless that is what you like to do. If so write about what inspires you. Also you can get started by posting on social media. This can get you to know how well you are doing and what others think about what you are sharing.

When it comes to writing everyone has their own style. I write like the way I talk and think. I have a cousin Jennifer who just finished writing a book that she is looking to publish. Also she is involved in a writer’s group where she lives in Oregon. The purpose is to have contacts and become a better writer.  Recently she posted a poem on Facebook. It was very good though the writing was different than mine. I realized that not only our writing is unique we pick up our style from others that we have read. It doesn’t mean that we copy the style exactly but we learn from writers we read from. Also I am sure we do it without realizing it. Jennifer reads a lot of books so I am sure she writes with a combination of writers. I read the newspaper and other blogs primarily. I read mostly the sports section of the paper so when I write about sports I am sure that I write in the way those that I have read. I am sure my style of writing about sports is different than I do here. I would like to write my sports more like I do here in the future.

I believe to when talking with other people especially when using your purpose with the gifts and talents you have been given use your story with them. I believe the most effective way is too share with those who have gone through a lot of the same things you have however you can share with those who haven’t had similar experiences still by sharing your story. This is what writing is all about however so is conversation wherever you are. In fact writing really is conversation in your own way.

Whatever level you have decided to be a writer whether as a blogger or in books people will read to what you have said. I want to encourage you to give your life to others in whatever form it comes. Best to you and until next time.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer Means Joy

I believe for most people summer means joy. I am sure everyone feels that in different ways.

Here in the Pacific Northwest summer means sunshine. Yes I know that summer means sunshine everywhere however in the Pacific Northwest we don’t have a lot of sun except in the summer. It doesn’t mean we don’t see the sun at all other times of the year it is just not as frequent although we seem to see more often than we used to. For instance in May we had a lot of sun and higher temperatures. It actually felt like summer although I knew when June came around we would have to wait for summer. Actually June has been like May this year in the last few years. I feel as though climate has changed at least here anyway.

Summer means joy for at least a couple reasons to me. When I was a kid because I was out of school; I didn’t have to spend most of the day inside sitting at a desk trying to figure out what I am doing or being out in the hallway because I was talking to loud.  The second reason is the sun. I believe people do feel better when the sun is shining. I do to even other times of the year. The sun may only come out for a few minutes but it has come out.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we do get rain but not as much as people elsewhere think however we do have a lot of cloudy days. Other words a threat of rain which happens sometimes while it often stays just cloudy.

I believe joy is a choice that we make. We can have joy whether it is sunny or not. As a kid I had joy long as I was outside whether the sun was out or not. It was tough when raining but I did the best I could anyway. Being indoors was fine when it was raining to some degree though I preferred the outdoors. I think it all depended what we were doing indoors. If I was sitting at my desk looking at a math problem ouch that hurt or on the other hand we were at a table working on a project that felt much better.

I know that you will have joy and fun during the summer because you will probably spend a lot of time in the outdoors however choose to do so when the weather is not so nice as well. Even look to have joy when you are sitting at a desk. Have the joy of helping the person or persons that are next to you. Use the gifts and talents God has given you with great joy.  

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Our Purposes Can Change

We may have purposes that we are involved in right now but they can change over time. Our gifts and talents will not change.

Right now my main purpose is taking care of my elderly mother however that won’t last forever. Her health has been good for someone her age but the possibility she could use help that I can’t give her or she will pass away. Of course it will be difficult when she is gone and I know that will mourn for a little while like my sibling but I do have plans what to do next as well. My plans though could change depending what is happening at the time. I still will use my gifts and talents beyond my mother now and in the future.

On Friday I hope to drive mother to Mount Rainier. It has been a while since visiting there though can see the mountain every day. By car it takes about two hours get to Mt. Rainier depending on the traffic.

She isn’t very enthusiastic in going to Mt. Rainier but I think it could be her last time. She felt the trip to British Columbia in May take a lot out of her however I told her that it won’t be a long trip and we will be able to stop more often. Also the temperatures shouldn’t be as hot either. A good time to go before summer happens. How she feels though decide whether we actually go or not. I told her that all she has to do is relax while being at the mountain and that she won’t have to do a lot of walking. We will have her walker available as well though most of the time she uses her cane.

While we were in British Columbia her legs were in good condition however recently they haven’t done as well. Her legs have swollen up to where they were before going on the trip. I hope that this trip even though it will be for the day that the swelling in her legs will go down. The belief is that they got better because she was higher above sea level then here and hope this will help again. For a couple weeks after returning home they did fine but have gotten worse as I have said. Although I can get her shoes on it is more difficult than it was for the last couple months. I take her to a specialist once a month and we see her again next week. I hope it all works out on Friday. If not we will have to see what else to do.

So make plans in your life when circumstances change. It doesn’t have to be like what I am doing now but I can guarantee things will change they always do.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Often it takes motivation to get where we should go.  Sometimes we feel that we should be doing something but the motivation gets us there.

Though I knew that I was supposed to write this blog it took me almost a month to get the motivation to get started. A person who makes a decision to do something and does it right off the bat is a rare breed in my mind anyway.

An example is going on a diet to lose weight. It can take time to get motivated to start. The motivation usually happens because of health scare or you are now tired of seeing how you look. I am amazed where I see some customers at the coffee shop I attend buy a breakfast burrito every time they go in along with their coffee. Every once in a while it is OK to have a burrito but every day or so is unbelievable. They must be hooked on them. I have had people tell me that they really like them. I tried the burrito once and I was not impressed so not another one for me. They have breakfast sandwiches as well which I think taste better but my stomach doesn’t like them along with not being very healthy either. Those two items I am not motivated for eating but the opposite of not having one.
Right now I am working on my diet. I have set up a diary or journal or whatever you want to call it writing down the weight I am in the morning and then putting the time along with what I have eaten. I figure this will help motivate me to stay on the diet. Also it will allow me to see what I have been eating and the success or lack of it. Another thing it will do is tell me what I have eaten that I probably shouldn’t be at least on a regular basis. For example if I eat a dessert like a piece of pie or cake then I will wait for a couple weeks or so before having another one if I choose to do so. I don’t think we have to cut things out all the time unless told otherwise by a doctor. I hope to be able to fast at least once a week as well or go without eating for ten to fifteen hours. My thought is if I have dinner at 6 pm I won’t eat breakfast until 6 am or later.

Another way to look at things we need discipline to go along with motivation. So whatever you need to do right now with motivation best to you I hope that you will succeed.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Make People Feel Good About Themselves

Our purpose in life with the gifts given to us is to make people feel good about themselves.

I am sure those who isolate themselves haven’t had a lot of friends or anyone that will care for them. It is a sad place for those who feel that way on a regular basis. With my past history I have felt that way when I am in depression however when I snap out of it I know to that is not true.

Those who have a gift of compassion or encouragement can help those in isolation however everyone has a gift that can be used even if those two are not your strong suit. Actually any gift you share with others at some degree or another shows compassion or at least encouragement.

A very good gift to have that others can benefit from is hospitality. Those who have this gift have friends over at their place on a regular basis and make them feel at home. Next time you have a party invite someone who doesn’t look like they get invited out very often. Also have your friends bring along someone like that to. I know that you will make a big difference in their lives. This way they can get out of their life of isolation and be free.

I know that there are other ways that we can make people feel good about themselves as well. A good smile, a laugh or asking them about themselves is a few ways to get going. So much we can do even in small ways. All we have to do is be creative in what we do.

Monday, June 25, 2018


Recently we heard of a couple celebrities that committed suicide. It has become a sad story in USA well as around the globe.

Here in my home town of Gig Harbor Washington this week a young man committed suicide. It wasn’t the first time and I am sorry to say probably not the last. I have mentioned before that I had to deal with depression when I was in junior high and high school. I didn’t consider it a disease at the time. I considered it something I had to deal with. I even thought at times about suicide but then I though better.

I found though I had went into depression and a dark place at times life was still better than death. We can’t do things over if we end it. I almost died when I was four years old. When I was going through the times of depression I would say to God why you didn’t take me when you had the chance instead of me living in depression. I can say now that his plan was much greater than mine. It doesn’t mean that I don’t deal with depression now because I do at times. I want to shout out to people that life is worth living despite what you are going through. Sometimes it is easy to forget. We can’t do it on our own we have to have family and friends to help out along with God. He can give us the strength to make it through. Want to know more read Psalm 23 where he is our shepherd he will help us live in green pastures though we might walk through the shadows of death.

So I want us to shout to everyone that life is great and that you can make it despite what it looks like now. I know because I have been one that has been there. If you know someone that is dealing with depression and has suicidal thoughts let them read this. You can overcome and that you are special despite what some people may say or the thoughts that will come into your mind. I hope to be here for a while where I can make the noise about living a life of purpose. Yes and Amen!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Using Our Gifts

Saturday morning my church had a men’s breakfast where one of the pastor’s spoke about finances. His main point was that we can have freedom in our finances. We don’t have to live with a poverty mentality. This doesn’t have to do with prosperity in general but we are still meant to live with healthy finances. We need to live within our finances where our income is higher than our expenses. Also we can use excess funds to increase our income by investing. The ultimate goal is to have enough money to help others in need.

So what came to my mind during that time is for us to use our gifts that we have been given to produce more money. For example in my case is to become a better writer where I can make money in the process as well; it is not my main focus at all however if I am able to then I will be able to help others out.

So we should figure out the gifts that we have where we can produce money in ways that we don’t right now. Those who are working and drawing a salary have gifts already being used right now however these same gifts and more of them can produce more money. Again the purpose is not to be wealthy rich unless that is God’s desire but have the money not only be secure in our lives but to help others to be secure in their lives. Think about it and see where things go.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dealing with Grief

Locally on social media I find some people don’t have sympathy for those who are crying out with grief. Everyone deals with grief in different ways and sometimes it has to do with anger.

Although I don’t think anger is the best way I understand it as well. Also I amazed how people used swear words to give out how they feel as well. It seems so immature to far as I am concerned.  I can understand those who are grieving but it is the one that respond back. In fact it isn’t just in posts that people who are grieving it is other posts as well. It is shameful that people have to use swear words at all. They sound like they are back in junior high school. I never use those words at all.

The world is in a sad state of affairs especially here in the United States. It is where anger happens on a regular basis. It is though many people are living in grief all the time even if they haven’t lost a loved one.  Proverbs 17:22 says “A joyful heart is good medicine. But a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” That says it all doesn’t it.

Interesting a few hours after writing this to post I saw a post from cousin Rob Shaw son Mike who spoke about grief as well.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Seeing the World

When we discover our purpose in live we start seeing the world a different way. Our purpose becomes the most important thing. It doesn’t mean we can’t do other things but the purpose is still the number one thing in our lives.

I know a few young people who have written about their struggles before they found out the purpose in their lives. They came from good, loving Christian family but it didn’t keep them from going through the tough times as youngsters. It is how life is for most of us. Even when we discover our purpose doesn’t mean won’t go through trouble still we have a perspective that is different than we knew before.

After we find our purpose likely trouble will find us we hopefully are mature enough to handle it. The world is not an easy place to live in however our purpose will help us live through it. The question then why live a life of purpose if it can bring trouble. The answer is trouble is going to find us whether we live in our purpose or not so we might as well because we will be happier and more fulfilled living in our purpose if that makes sense.

So today I will live my life again with my purpose in mind. None of us knows what today brings and we may not have the opportunities to share all of our purpose but still we must be open to it.  We must keep our eyes and ears open to see what is out there. The person we least suspect could be the reason for our purpose for today. Also that person could be out there for us too. Not only can we change another person they can change us as well it is something we always have to remember. Amen!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

School’s Out

On Wednesday I was again at my favorite coffee shop with a bigger crowd. It was obvious that school is now out. Actually it was the first day here that school is out for the summer.

Being out of school for the summer seems to get shorter every year. I am sure some if not all parents thought where did the school year go by? This year the kids have only nine weeks to have fun and play. I remember it being twelve weeks. I am wondering if it will get shorter and shorter every year where school will be all year round. Of course school will be the same amount of days but they will have more breaks during the year. Using our mathematical skills a week off every month would turn it into all year school. If you are like me who didn’t like school that much being around all year long would be not that much fun. Also it would mean that there wouldn’t be any camps around for kids go to either. I enjoyed going to camp. It wouldn’t work so well for high school students who work during the summer either.

I look forward to hearing what the kids will do for the summer. I am sure some will go on long trips to visit relatives in another state or go to a foreign country. Although they will have fun it will be a learning experience as well. Other words you don’t have to be in school to learn. In fact these days with the internet we can all learn something all the time. We all know now that information comes out pretty fast these days.

I don’t really have plans to go anywhere this summer since I had my major trip in May to British Columbia seeing my cousins. I figure to take some trips in the area that will only be for a few hours. I will take my camera with me as well. Something I want to do for the summer is getting better at taking pictures that I can share on line. We can all use self-improvement in skill areas. Getting out will give me more things to write about as well.

Kids might be out for the summer however I hope to learn more during this time by observing others and talking with some as well. Education is an ongoing tool even when you are not in school. Actually life is an ongoing tool if you think about it along with being an adventure. We can learn in the summer to use all year long. Let’s do it!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wherever You Are

I have said it before but I want thank you all for reading my blog wherever you are.

It is quite amazing I think that some of you take the time to read and I hope that you get the best out of it.

I know some of you have to go some distance to read this blog and in many cases have to pay a lot for access to the internet. Makes me feel so good that you want to read what I have to say.

I know to that some of you come from countries that a majority of the people don’t think the same way I do or feel that they have a purpose and destiny in this life. I hope you are able to share things with others around you.

I feel to share honestly with you. In the same way I do with those around me that I meet in the coffee shop, grocery store or on the streets.

I have friends on social media who continue to post about our current president and his policies how much they dislike his actions. I let them know they have the right to do so but I don’t read their posts whether I agree or I don’t.  It is so tiresome I believe to see it day after day. I get their point and I feel they continue rubbing it in others faces. Also it is hard to know what is true or not these days on social media.

Anyway I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate you day after day. Whatever I write that you take it to heart and to know that I am working on things myself; I am far from being perfect in all ways. I work on to being better as well. I want your friends to know as well. I pray that those who read my blog continue to rise for the benefit of all. I hope that everything is going well and that you are having a wonderful week. Where summer is starting enjoy it very much and those where winter is beginning enjoy it as well. Relaxing and having a clear mind is important to live a life of purpose. Amen!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


What the really good thing about life purpose besides knowing we are here for a reason are the friendships we gain.

These can be people we have had friendships for a long time or someone brand new. We can always gain more friends. Whether these friends are close or not joy does happen in this way.

We have to remember that they are here for a purpose as well. So these friendships can help us well as we helping them. In fact we can gain understanding and peace along with love for having more people in our lives. Not all these people will be close to us however spending time with them will be good for us too.

I know that not everyone wants to have a lot of friends just a few but I think it helps me out to gain friends in numbers.

There is a group of guys who meet at the coffee shop almost every morning. They meet at other times as well at different members’ homes. They first met several years ago at a car show. They were all interested in classic cars. Now they are close friends where they talk about other things besides cars. At their homes they meet over a beer or dinner and play some poker. We can call it community and we all need it at some extent where we accept it or not. It is never easy being a lone ranger isolated from others.

I don’t spend a lot of time with the car group which I call them. Some mornings I just say good morning or hello but I do sometimes sit down and chat with them. They are older than me but I still enjoy their company. There are other guys and gals that meet at the coffee shop at the same time so I will chat with them too. Even though I wouldn’t call any of them close friends I do still consider them friends. I know that I learn as much from them as they do from me.

You don’t have to make a big deal out of your purpose in life just go out and do it. Share your life with others and give the gifts God has given you when the time comes along. I am a talker however I am learning to listen more to others. I figure not only to get something from them but to figure out what I can give to them. This can happen not only at a coffee shop but out shopping or other places you may go. If you are a member of a church I suggest getting involved in a small group if you haven’t already. It is important that we set our priorities. You will get the best out of it well as they getting the best of you.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Good Morning!

While I was walking Sunday morning before going to church a man that was standing by his car said going morning to me. I didn’t really see him until he said good morning.

I thought it was such a good thing for him to say. We all need to say good morning or hello or hi to whomever we see. I know that I felt so good that this man said good morning. It lifted up my spirits even though we didn’t talk any further. I don’t know where he lives or anything like that either. I don’t recall ever seeing him before.

On my way back from the walk I looked over to see if he and his car were still there. Not at all he moved on wherever his next distention. I do hope that sometime I will be able to see him again or he will remind me by saying good morning again.

In some respects saying good morning or hello is not a big deal however it really is. I believe we all feel significant when someone sees us and is willing to say something to us. It is though we have importance in this life.

I have said good morning or hello to some people in the past and didn’t get a response. I am not really sure the reason why. It could be that they have issues in their life or not really listening at the time.

In my deal with this man I really wasn’t paying attention because not often anyone is walking along this road. He made such important statement to me though I wasn’t listening very well I did hear enough that I responded back telling him good morning as well. I am sure he was glad to hear the words too. I wish that I had stopped to ask him how his day is going and what plans he had for the day. I didn’t do that however I did acknowledge his presence which is a good thing. I figure that I learned enough from this experience that next time I will stop and find out how the person is doing. Who knows I may have been able to use my purpose in a greater way. This was a test that I passed but likely didn’t get an A which I hope for next time or at least a B. We all need to be ready to response to others regardless what is happening or not in our lives at the time. Also it doesn’t matter the time of day either. Today I will keep my eyes open and ears more alert to meet a person that could make a change in my life and hopefully theirs too.  

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father’s Day

On June 11 it was the 25th anniversary the passing away of my father so you can imagine how tough it is every year for father’s day. I am sure that I am not the only one. I am sure many are thinking about their father on this day that is not here any longer.

The unfortunate thing when we have struggles a lot of them go straight back to our relationship with our father’s. My dad was not perfect by any means however I have to say that I am blessed to have him as my father. He wasn’t a big fan of baseball but he took me to some games along with being the coach of my little league team one year. In fact some of the other guys on the team still think of my dad being our best coach. The importance was that he was interested enough to take his time out to be involved in our activities.

I know that I miss my dad each and every day. I am sure most of you whose dad is no longer around feel the same thing. If there isn’t a greater purpose in life than being a father I don’t know of any. The problem is that often father’s take other purposes over that of their children which is a shame. I am not sure why that is but the world would be a much better place if fathers took their responsibility to the highest level. If you are a father not only enjoy this day take the time to be with your children. If your relationship isn’t in a good place at least take the time and call your children remember time is short and we don’t know how long any of us have left. May be you have been far from being the best father but that can actually change today. Ask your children for your forgiveness and that you want to be in their lives. This is really important especially if your children have children of their own. You can make up for the past by being in the present. Remember being a father is highest calling and purpose you have.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Summer Coming Up

Less than a week and it will be summer around here. Actually we have had some rain in June however this weekend it will be summer weather. Often the saying around here summer doesn’t happen until July 4.

The reason I am bringing up summer here is that we often stay busy because children are out of school, take vacation trips whether it is for a week or longer and other activities. I believe we can still live our life of purpose during the summer though it does seem too busy. We might belong to small groups where we are able to use our gifts but we don’t meet as often or at all during the summer. Even when we do meet some of the other members might not be attending and we may not be able to meet all the time either because of our summer schedule.

I believe wherever we go we can use our gifts. In fact we might be able to use them even more so during the summer. We may not do so with the same people but that doesn’t change that we can’t. I figure in the future to do some traveling and I will use my gifts then as well. Summer is traveling even if we may not go far off track where we live. Whether we stay at a hotel or go camping we will see other people. That is the time to learn about them. This is especially true of someone we may not know at all. During these times it is a good exercise to use our gifts. It doesn’t take our time away from relaxing and seeing sites where we are at it will may the trip more enjoyable. Anyway it is encouragement on my end for all of us to enjoy others while doing our gifts.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Looking Back a Month

We all have times we look back on in our memories. Some of those times can be difficult situations we have dealt with and other times we have sweet memories about.

It is hard to believe it already has been a month since my mother and I went up spent a week with my cousins Rob, Susan and Christy. I spent time at both Christy and Susan’s places while my mother was at Christy’s. She did go over to Susan’s to help leave me off and see her. This happened the day after my birthday. Rob lives about five hours from Christy’s so he spent three days himself at hers.

I spent two and half days on the ranch that Susan and her husband David own. I was able to ride a horse that I hadn’t done since I was ten years old. I wasn’t even sure how it would even go before getting on the horse. I was surprised how wonderful it was to ride and how well I was able to ride. It happened beyond my expectations and I look forward to riding a horse again in the future. Also I was able to call out the cows as well moving them from one pasture to another. It was a bit harder since cows are not that bright and don’t listen very well. It was really nice to have two days living like a rancher. I learned a lot about it from David as well. I returned to Christy’s for two more days before driving back home. The temperatures were hotter than normal for May so had to adjust to them. I certainly didn’t mind the hotter weather except when driving. We did have the air conditioning on to help out though. Up in British Columbia there aren’t a lot of places to stop for rest though better than five years when I was up there last. Not many shady spots either to help with the stops.

The time up in British Columbia not only allowed me to try something new like riding a horse I was able to spent some time reflecting on the gifts and talents that I have. Also has allowed me to be energized to get back to sharing my gifts. I have mentioned before that we all at times need to take breaks to focus on what is important. Often getting a way to a different place helps us to focus and know what is important. We all should do that on a regular basis especially when we get run down physically or emotionally. Always good to share with others where you are at in this moment. It is important to share the victories long with some defeats.

So look back to the last month and further to remember the good things along with some bad moments as well. The importance is to learn and be encouraged. Amen!

Thursday, June 14, 2018


I am sure there are those that think persuading others is a gift. I am not an expert by any means however I believe it can be a gift under the right circumstances but can be detrimental as well.

There have been cults that have risen up because of men who are charismatic and know that others will follow them with persuasion. This is not a good thing as we know. Persuasion should be used only when needed. I prefer encouraging others and if that persuades them so be it but that is not my purpose.

I believe there is a thin line between persuasion and encouragement. You may persuade someone because of your encouragement but it doesn’t mean that they will necessarily be encouraged by you trying to persuade them.

I am sure there are examples when persuasion is necessary however it would be if nothing else works and it is a serious enough situation.

I believe that we can persuade others by the kind of life that we live. Often it isn’t what we say but what we do.

I believe to that persuasion can be done by someone who has a kind heart. A person that doesn’t have a kind heart can hurt another person.

I am sure I will speak again about persuasion down the road as I continue thinking about it. In the meantime encourage those who need encouragement. Amen!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I believe the two things as human beings we want are to be loved and appreciated. I certainly know that I do.

I know some generations depending on the culture showing happens more than hearing the words. Many of my friends who are the same generation said that they seldom heard the words though they knew that their parents loved them.

What I really like right now since I take care of my mother she says thank you for everything I do for her. I don’t think that I have to hear it every time however it is still good to hear.

So when someone does something for you at least say “thank you”. It may not have a lot of meaning to you however I am sure it does to them.

I know there are other ways to show people how much you appreciate them. Doing things for them in return would be a good idea as well along with giving a hug and saying “I appreciate you”. Also saying “I love you” is an added plus as well.

The more we appreciate one another the happier we will be to. I am sure we can get a jump in our step. In our heart we can say yeah that feels good.

Let’s appreciate each other on a daily basis. I have been told having a hug a day keeps the doctor away. I am sorry I should have said apple but a hug is good to. LOL.  Anyway saying thank you or I appreciate you at least once a day is nice as well. It would be good to skip along the road of life every day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Being Selfless

Truly living a life of purpose does begin with being selfless.

The world is full of selfish people however those who are selfless are very attractive because people don’t see enough of them around.

I know that I am selfish at times though I am trying to be selfless more often as I can.

I want to be known for more than be a nice and a kind person. My purpose is to be as much like Jesus Christ as possible. He is the one we should live our lives like much as possible though actually it is hard to do so unless we have him in our lives.

Selfless doesn’t mean that we let others run over us but instead to treat others like we want to be treated. The beginning of selfless we love others. This doesn’t mean that we accept everything that they believe in. We live in grace and forgiveness as well however if others are not living a loving life themselves it is important to share the truth. 

We do let them know that we love them but we do not accept their actions. An example if they are drinking or on drugs we must let them know that it is not the right thing to do; it is like they are living outside of the law.  True love lets them know that they are loved by us and that will never change but we don’t accept their behavior either. There are other things that people do they believe we should accept however it is not true. We don’t tell them what we believe than we don’t really love them at all. It doesn’t mean that we abandon them however there are consequences for their actions.  I know that there will be some who won’t believe what I am saying but this is the truth.  Let us live a life of selfless and love without compromise.  


Monday, June 11, 2018

The Gift of Knowledge

In the world we know a lot of smart people who may even seek out knowledge.

There are two kinds of knowledge the natural and the spiritual or may be known as supernatural.

Both are gifts however the supernatural only happens on an occasion. There can be those who have the gift of knowledge in the supernatural use more often because they pursue it more. This gift is where you learn knowledge of a situation happening in someone’s life whether right now, in the past or the future.

It is important if you do have this gift to live a life of humility as well. Wisdom goes along with the knowledge as well. Letting the person know that the knowledge you have received can be good or bad depending on the situation. In fact if the knowledge is not good you should speak with someone that you trust that has experience in this area as well what to do. Giving bad word or news can hurt the other person. This will depend whether the knowledge in the past, present or future. Speaking this to them for the past and present can be a good thing while knowledge of the future can be harmful and strange. All depends on the person that you plan to give this to whether they are someone you have known for a while or not. So caution is still good thing to do in a bad situation. Also the timing is important as well.

On the other hand giving good or positive knowledge is always a good thing. In these situations the other person needs to be confirmed about something they already know about. Also it could be a decision they are looking to make like moving to taking another job for instance. In this case wisdom is always good work with as well.

If you are someone who has been given a word of knowledge it is important that you judge it for yourself. Other words it is something that has been on your mind before or feels right to you. Just because it is knowledge that has been given doesn’t mean that it correct all the time. This is why important for the person who gives the knowledge has humility and wisdom because you do want to be right.

It is OK to seek for natural knowledge however even greater to seek after the supernatural. This can change your life well as the persons that you share with.  

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Happens Often?

I am sure it happens with a lot of people besides me. On Friday I saw a young woman that I know twice within a few minutes. Actually I saw her earlier in the week as well.

On Friday after leaving my favorite coffee shop I waved to her from my car and then just five minutes later in the grocery store she walks right by me. She stops and says this is weird meeting this way and we might as well spend more time together. I told that wouldn’t be a problem with me. She is very attractive, outgoing and good sense of humor. We spoke for a couple more minutes or so then she said goodbye. I said I will see you again real soon somewhere.

This is an example that has happened with me on several occasions. In fact someone else I saw in the coffee shop and then again in the grocery store earlier in the week. Gig Harbor is a small town however the odds of seeing someone twice in one day has to be up there but it happens with me more often than I would expect. I know others that I see around town about once a year often at the grocery store.

I guess we could say this happens randomly but I think there is a purpose behind seeing someone more than once in a day or week. What the purpose is only a guess. I know with the young woman she is fun to talk to so the purpose could be for both of us needing someone to talk with and laugh. I certainly have no problem seeing her and I look forward to our next encounter.

Anyway our purposes in life can come in different forms however seeing someone multiple times in a short period of time I find interesting and welcomed.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Special Day!

I find it interesting that on social media that they have a national day for almost everything. Each day I find out though after I write my blog. I figure now to say something.
I believe every day is special. It is special when we wake up in the morning and then when we go to sleep along with everything in between. It doesn’t mean all things happen are good but that doesn’t change the fact it is a special day.
So all these national days to hug your best friend day or national brother’s day have meaning but wouldn’t it be nice to make every day with kind gestures. I am not saying we don’t have to celebrate certain things but I feel that making every day a national this or that makes it not so special. I hope I am coming across with that. Of course if people want to celebrate each of these days that are fine too but I am going to enjoy each day for how special it is for all things. So whatever today is enjoying with the fullest joy and special it is for us to be alive. In the end we were born for this period of time. Not only to enjoy but make a difference in a world that needs change.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Age Is No Problem

When it comes to our purpose in life we should remember that age has no boundaries. Other words whether you are young or elderly you have talents and gifts to share with others.

I am sure we have seen little kids on television performing acts that most of us would enjoy having the talent to do so as well. With the elderly they have wisdom and experience that we can learn from. This is even true of my ninety-seven year old mother who doesn’t always remember things she has marvelous stories to tell. She remembers things from the past more than today. Her memory though is still intact pretty well. It is the little things like the day of the week and so on. When she had her last physical a couple months ago she knew the day of the week though not the month however she did know it is 2018. She was asked to say world backwards and she said it faster than me thinking how to say it. LOL. The nurse said that she never heard anyone say it so fast. She is still a smart woman even at her age. She taught both French and German at high school level. She can still speak both though she doesn’t use either that much.

It is important that we encourage everyone in their gifts and talents no matter how old they are.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Relaxing Time

I realized I mentioned a month ago about taking time to relax. Well this time I figure we need to relax before, during and after any time we spend with others when it comes to our gifts and purposes.

Relaxing before will help put ourselves to ease well as the other person or persons. For some of us that is easy to do while for others not so much. It is important not to put pressure on ourselves especially to perform.

Feeling relaxing during the time is important so the other person feels comfortable. Whatever reason we are meeting with them this puts the pressure off for all the parties involved. Remember that your gift is the reason you are doing it for them.

When you return home or wherever you go when you’re done than spend some time resting and relaxing. I know it is important especially what you have been doing is very emotional.

When that is all done than you should get back to your normal way of life of course relaxing should be part of your daily routine as well. It is easy for us to put stress on ourselves however these steps will make things a lot better for us and for them.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Making Plans

We usually make plans when it comes to our vacation or other important activities in our lives so how about our purposes in life?  Personally I think it is a good idea so I am ready to get started how about you?

I believe making plans should start with making a list. This list could begin with people we could influence followed by those who do the same for us.

We should make a list of our gifts and talents as well along with what we are doing right now. Are we mentoring anyone or are we being mentored ourselves.

Making a list will help us get where we want to go. While we are making our lists likely people, gifts and talents will be added that we never thought of before.

I know that I remember things more when I write them down. I am sure there are more things we can do when we finish our lists. We can set up schedules along with priorities of our purposes.

If you feel that your too busy to make lists than either you are on the right track or you need to lists those things that you can discard as well. I am not saying that you have to spend hours right now making your lists. You can spend five minutes writing some down and then later write some more when they come to mind.

Anyway I hope this is a good start for all of us to get going where we need to be.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Keep on Going

Whatever our purpose is we need to keep on going. It is easy to give up at times but we must say yes regardless of the circumstances.

Often unbelief is what makes us stop along with the circumstances in our lives. It is those circumstances that keep us off the trail. Even though we may get tired and weary it is still important to keep moving because other people are depended on us.

Whether we know it or not other people keep their eyes on us. They are looking to see us fail and fall if they are not our friends.

I enjoy watching other people seeing what they are about. I am sure these people look at me in the same way.

At times we are not going to do the right thing however others will see us to see whether we pick up ourselves up and keep moving. This is really what makes the person of purpose.

The joy of doing our purpose even under trying times shows others what we are made up of at the same time being examples as well. It is the tough times that make us who we are.

When you need the help there is only one you can call on and that is God. He is there to help us. He gave us the gifts and talents however he has given the free will whether to use them or not.

Remember in the bad times that you want to be a faithful person in all that you do and in the end you will finish the race.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Fountain of Youth

I am not sure whether I have found the fountain of youth however for us to help our fellow man is a good start.

Of course feeling younger I am sure starts with genes along with how we take care of ourselves. I know that some people think that I look younger than my age but I feel that if I can lose some weight it will do me even better good. I believe our attitudes will help us coming to feeling youthful. I to know we who are on the last end of life now can’t believe how time has flied by.  The last few years I have heard of those who I went to school with have died. It is sad though part of life as well.

My mother is still alive and doing well under the circumstances of her age. Our trip to Canada wore her out and she is doing more sleeping than before but maybe that is part of being over ninety as well. Her memory isn’t quite what it used to be either but if I am blessed to stick around long as she has I will take that as well. Mostly she doesn’t remember what is going on right now but she does remember the past pretty well. She is going through physical therapy to keep her balance. She does walk real slowly more than in recent times but better than many ten or twenty years younger than her. Even though her memory isn’t all there at least she doesn’t look confused most of the time though I do see others that do.

Whatever we try to do I do know that we can’t control our health though we can try our very best. If you have found fountain of you let me know. I am sure everyone would like to get the secret. In the meantime just plugging away doing God’s will and purpose in my life. Any way have yourself a good week in whatever you do. Amen!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Open Our Heart!

I am getting ready for Sunday to visit the second day of the annual Maritime Festival. My church is calling it our first annual service day to the community. We will do whatever we can to help whether it is cleaning up when the event is over or talking to people. I am being involved in the street evangelism where thirteen of us will talk to people about their relationship with God. It is fun thing to do when keeping things low key.

So it comes to where we should ask if we have open hearts not just for God but for other people. It is not an easy task because not everyone is open to speaking freely about their lives. Although I want to encourage us all to be open to other people I know it isn’t easy to let people into our world. I believe that one word can change a person’s life as long as they have their heart open to it. The one word isn’t the same for each person though. I believe the universal word though is love. I know that everyone wants to be loved even those who don’t know how to express it. So whatever way I say open your heart to love you may be surprised. Though we have all been created in uniqueness for a purpose love is the international language that can open our hearts. Take the time to share your life not only with friends but with strangers too who knows how our lives will change and we will become the person we have meant to be all along.


Saturday, June 2, 2018

Do What We Can

I figure not only to encourage each other when it comes to our purpose and destiny but give some personal experience including places I am going.

Of course you know that I have been to British Columbia ten days ago so I have a picture of myself below when I went riding on a horse for the first time since I was nine. It is amazing that I was able to ride the horse with ease. I look forward to doing the same again in the next couple years. This is what life is about trying new things to see where things go even those that don’t work out at all. I have had friends who said there is no way that they could ride a horse. In fact the coffee shop I go to on a daily basis have my picture on their refrigerator in the back room.

This comes to me saying let’s do what we can. It doesn’t matter whether it is big or small. Just like this blog whether it reaches thousands or a few daily I want to be able to affect people in a positive way. I hope that I have done so in your life and world. Let your friends know about this blog and share with it with them. Also I recommend that you start a blog yourself to help others as well. I know that we can change the world even one step at a time. I give you a big thank you for your life and how God will use you in whatever way possible. Amen!!

Friday, June 1, 2018

No Motives - Maritime Celebration

The first weekend of June in my hometown of Gig Harbor Washington every year we have a Maritime Celebration that includes a parade that will take place on June 2.  A large crowd primarily families show up each year; I have been going to it since I was just out of high school. It takes place on the town’s waterfront that goes for a distance about two miles. Like many small towns the parade includes high school bands in the area along with other schools and businesses. I will be taking pictures so you will be able to see them later on Saturday or Sunday on my website  The parade starts at 10 am and goes until 12 noon or so. I enjoy seeing people that the only time I see them is during the parade. After the parade they have booths you can visit that includes businesses and food. About 2pm there is a blessing of the fleet. There are a number of fishing boats that go up to Alaska every summer for three or four months. Also included during the festival will be all kinds of music at Skansie Park. On Sunday they will have more music along with the booths. Throughout the summer Skansie Park has different bands playing on Tuesday nights so it is a great place to come during the summer.

Anyway my church Harborview Fellowship has decided to have their first annual Service Day on Day. The purpose is to meet the people of the community at the Maritime Festival including cleaning up after words. Many of us will go to different places to help out. So the Service Day won’t just include the Maritime Festival. Some of our church members will go around the community to give a helping hand. The whole thing has nothing to do with any motives just loving on the people. It is our primary duty when it comes to our purpose in life to help others and to love on them. People can be helped even if it isn’t your primary gifting or talents. We can all spend a little time helping others out. Of course there are those have more of a gifting in the area of helps  whether it is as a carpenter, plumber or a car mechanic to name a few things. When I was up at my cousins in British Columbia two weeks ago though I didn’t have any experience in ranching I did help out with carrying around tools. It is a great thing with limited talent we can still help out those who do have the talent in getting the job done.

This will turn out to be such joy this weekend to help out those who need help without any motive at all except to love on them. I hope you can do the same wherever you are in small ways too.