Friday, March 31, 2017


Words can’t express how much we count on love

We express love with a smile or a kiss

Compassion is a great gift given to us by God

Compassion comes out of love for another

Without compassion we can live in a dark place

Compassion makes us caring for another that we would not make on our own

This is the reason that compassion is a gift

Compassion will come when we least expect it

We have compassion for those that others would not care about

When we receive compassion than we know the grace of God

This is the why we can’t express the words

Compassion enters the heart and the heart will never be the same

Others wouldn’t understand the compassion you have been given until they receive it themselves

You can’t speak compassion without showing it

The gift of compassion is like no other

When you receive compassion be sure to pass it on so others can know how it feels too

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Loving People

When it comes to being a Christian we are called to love people even those we consider our enemies. What I find difficult are those who consider themselves Christians as well but live a lifestyle contrary to being a Christian. It is a dilemma I am sure most Christians have to live with time to time. So what we do in situations like this?

In this particular situation with this young man he lives and works in Seattle. It is the first time I ever met him and I am sure that I may never see him again. Not because of his lifestyle that I don’t agree with but that I met him through someone else. The truth is those that are close to him who don’t live the same lifestyle he does however consider themselves Christians to should let him know that his life needs to change. I am not trying to be judgmental but if you truly love another person who is not living the life like Christians are supposed to than you must. This is different than someone who lives any lifestyle that is not a Christian.

Like I say it is quite the dilemma for all of us who meet someone who is living a contrary lifestyle to being a Christian. Since the chances are that I won’t ever meet him again unless God brings us together what do I do? The answer is simple I believe and to pray for him. That God would intervene in his life and show him how much he loves him. Bring revelation that he would be much happier if he changes his lifestyle. Have friends that are fellow Christians speak into his life. These are just a few things I plan to pray for this young man and for others who struggle between faith and lifestyle. The truth is that I am and I can say most Christians struggle with on a daily basis. We all have stumbling blocks in our way that does not allow having all the freedom in Christ. So I not only ask for all of us to pray for this young man but for each other as well. We all become free through revelation and love from God to become free. We ask for forgiveness and repentance. In the end that is what we are looking for until the day we meet God face to face. Amen!   

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Enjoy Spring in the Northwest

                             My home town of Gig Harbor with Mt. Rainier in the background

                                        The Hoh River in the Olympic National Rain Forest

We have had several good years where the weather has been very kind to us in the northwest during the spring. This year the winter we had a lot of rain and in the last six months we had around forty inches which is what we normally for the year.

We have heard the saying “April showers bring May Flowers”. I have to say that most people here would prefer not to have showers in April. In fact we should have fantastic flowers in May without any rain.  Right now it is raining and the forecast is for precipitation through Sunday.

I am sure that there were a lot of springs where it rained quite a bit when I was a kid however I remember a lot of good springs where the weather was really good. I spent a lot of time playing baseball during the spring and I don’t remember too many of our games being postponed because of rain.  The Tacoma Rainiers who are the triple A team for the Seattle Mariners play on the road some in April however I don’t remember too many games being cancelled because of rain. Actually rain in the spring is light most of the time and often stops in the late afternoon and evening. This means sports like baseball and soccer don’t get postponed very often. There can be times where games can be delayed for an hour or two. My brother told me while living in St. Louis often his son Daniel’s soccer matches would be cancelled because of rain. If we allowed the rain here to cancel soccer and baseball we would never have any games at all. This means to that spring is a good time to vacation in the northwest. It is not perfect and not as great as summer where little rain happens but there is a great opportunity to visit places like the Seattle Space Needle and Portland’s Rose Garden to name a few.

I do know some of the people living here in the northwest have issues with allergies. In fact it is very difficult to deal with in the spring. Fortunately I am lucky that I don’t have any allergies so I stay pretty healthy during the spring.

Though the northwest is the greatest place in the world to live in my opinion the weather does give us some challenges in the spring along with winter and fall the summers are fantastic. You have the opportunity to visit please come. There are many places that you can go hiking in the northwest. There is the Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington State along with Olympic Rain Forest and the Washington Coast. Oregon has a great coast line as well along with visiting Crater Lake and Mt. Hood to name a couple places. Want warmer weather there is Eastern Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Most likely you will have to make several trips to get in some times.  
                                                            Crater Lake Oregon

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Put Our Mind To It!

                                                        Relax by the Mountain Stream

When it comes to our lives often we have to put our mind to it for us to succeed. The trouble we have is not having faith or not believing in ourselves enough. This is where everything begins for us to succeed in anything we do.

The important thing is that God has given us the tools to succeed. We have to realize what the right tools to be used in the right circumstances are. For example if we have a plumbing problem it is important to have the right tools to fix it or hire someone that has the right tools along with the experience. We may have adequate tools but they could take us a lot longer to finish the job when we should get the proper tools to finish the job a lot faster.

We may not realize that we have the tools to get the job completed however God does and he will have them available when we need them. All we need to do is ask him for the tools when the time comes and the wisdom to use them as well in the proper way. This is where we put our mind in action. The first thing we must do is ask and have the faith along with belief. This is hard when we are trying to accomplish a task that we have never done before. The amazing thing though is when we finish a task that we have never done before. We can be excited and to know that next time God will give us another task we can complete it as well.

This is what so exciting about life is doing something we have never done before and completed it. This is really true when a friend is going through a problem and asks for our assistance even if it is just to pray for them. I know that I have gone through experiences like this and when the task is completed I think to myself wow did I really do that. The truth is that God did it through us. You see we are God’s handyman and he wants to use us as often as possible. All we have to do be is available and he will do the rest. It doesn’t matter how big or small the task is we are available to get it done. In many cases he has given us the tools to complete the task we just put our minds to it and say yes. Try it sometime you may surprise yourself. Also tell others how God used you to do something that you have never done before. You may give them the faith and belief to do it too.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Here I am Now

Many of us start out on a slow track before we realize that we have something to offer the world. This is the reason we have to press on to our goals.

As a little boy I didn’t start talking English until I was five years old because of having a hearing problem. It was one of several area of my life that took me a while to get where I wanted to be. I am sure if you knew me back when I was five that the chances of me writing a blog someday were near impossible. Of course there was no blog back in that day but you know what I mean.

My parents knew that I was discouraged and did not want to read however they knew how important it was for me to do so that they signed me up for a subscription to Sports Illustrated because t I was interested in sports. It would be something that I be interested in reading about. Of course they were right though I did not get to my reading level until I was in tenth grade after taking a spread reading course during summer school.

This showed not only that my parents were interested in me learning to read that I could excel if given the opportunity to do so.  I know to that there were other areas I had to work on to become the person I am today. There still areas that I would like to press on in. I know that this can really happen.

I encourage that we all press on to be the best we can be. Also to encourage others to do the same especially those who are behind because of circumstances. This includes young children no matter the difficulties including learning disabilities that they can actually overcome. We can name a lot of people who became successful after starting off slowly, It is important to know wherever you are at in your development that you can make it in the end. Other words the story is still being told and your book isn’t finished yet.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Being Healthy

The older we get the more we have to consider our health. In the last five years I have come down with congestive heart failure and blood clotting. I am not here to make people feel bad about getting older but we must do something to stay healthy. I currently take about eight pills a day for those things that will keep me feeling better. Also I am starting to do stretch exercises that I should have done when I was younger.

Another area for all of us to do is watch our weight. I know that I want to change my diet even more than I have. Not an easy task I have to say as well. There are so many temptations when it comes to eating. Much more than when I was a child that is for sure. We had no fast food stores in Gig Harbor and now we have at least half a dozen such places. I am working to eat less food as well as continuing to walk every day.

If you have young children or grandchild I would not only recommend that they spend as much time outside to get their exercise but you are out there with them as well. It is not like we have to do a lot of exercise but a half to an hour each day would be good for us all. Also when it does come to eating to cut down on desserts and other unhealthy foods; it doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating them all together however to do so less often and in smaller portions. What I try to do is when I buy a hamburger and fries to split it up. Other words I don’t eat it all in one serving. I save the remaining for later on in the day or for the next day. Not easy to do at all though. It is still tempting to eat all of it. All I know is that I have to persevere and that my eating habits will continue to improve. Depending on your weight it is good to stay where you are at if you are not over weight and if you are to lose the weight over a period of time. I see people who lose weight however they gain it back because they haven’t maintained their eating habits. I have heard that it is OK to eat smaller helpings more often in a day too. Buy some fruit like a banana or orange to have when you would eat a milkshake instead.

I know that our families will appreciate us improving our health and we will be able to do the things we are meant to do. We will be able to spend more hours doing what we are called to do in this life. Amen!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Weather Forecast

  I figure though I will continue to encourage everyone on life and the purpose we have in it to be a bit less serious. At least this is the way I think it should be. Occasionally I will still write seriously but not so often. I enjoy writing about my childhood to so I will write about that some as well as different places in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.

A few days ago I was reading about the weather forecast in the local newspaper. They give the forecast for the next five days and often the weather doesn’t change a whole lot in the those five days whether it is winter when it rains a lot or the summer when the sun comes out and no rain happens. In the spring and fall there is a mixture of both. What I found interesting is that the forecast being shown can be the same for the five days but they use different words to describe the same thing. For example partly cloudy, partly sunny, cloudy with some rain and cloudy with a bit of rain; I am sure they mean the same thing but naming it different may make it seem different. Anyway I find it humorous to some degree. In fact last night on television the two news anchors laughed after the meteorologist gave the weather forecast that it all looked the same. So you see they agreed with me.

Onto other things on Thursday I went to a physical therapist because my back has been hurting along with my neck and arms. I feel like humpty dumpty that I need to be put back together again. The therapist checked me out and let me know my neck and back have a lot to do with my hips being out of joint so she gave me about ten stretching exercises to do at least twice a day along with moving my neck up and down along with sideways a few times a day. For my arms do some waving and massaging. It has been a couple days but I find to be good so far. My encouragement is that everyone should do some stretching everyday even if they feel totally fine. This looks like something I will have to do the rest of my life if I want to feel good all the time.  No pressure at all from me. A stretching joke by the way.

So now I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to relax. Go out and have yourself a good time. This is even true if you are planning to do shores around the house. Oh yes even if it is raining like it is doing here. Peace and Amen!

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Season of Lent

Many Christians during Lent decide to give up something like possibly a type of food or not watching television.

What I see the benefit is what you receive more than what you give up. The importance of Lent is to spend more time with God whether it is praying or reading more of the Bible. Also remembering what the season is leading to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What most people know whether Christian or not and that is Easter.

Personally I am trying to add and remove things in my life all year long however I think it is a good thing that Christians are doing something to help change their lives whether it is for the Lent season or for the rest of their lives.

On Thursday March 23 I went to a physical therapist because my body in many places seems to be falling apart. The therapist gave me several stretching exercises to do. I will be seeing her for a few weeks to see how things work out. I figure though these exercises I will do the rest of my life. The key is to continue on and never let up. I don’t want to be someone who walks or feels bad in my mid-seventies into eighties. My mother feels pretty good other than a few aliments in here nineties.

I want so much to keep a very simple lifestyle for the rest of my life that keeps me healthy so I can encourage others whether they are young or old. I will do the same with my mind as well as my body. It is a reason that it is important to meditate on a regular basis as well. We should be responsible with what we do as much as we can. Of course circumstances happen where it is hard to do though however whatever I can control I will. Many blessings to everyone and enjoy this time of the year. Amen!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Give Up

What does giving up mean to you? I believe it depends on what you are talking about.

I am a competitive person when it comes to playing a sport so in that area giving up would never be an option to me though I do believe in team work. Other words in a team sport no matter how we are doing whether winning or losing we must work to accomplish the outcome we want which of course is winning.

If you are in a leadership I believe giving up as in your position is very important. Similar to playing a sport team work comes before anything else. Often teams fall apart especially at the top because the person in charge forgets it is not about him or her but about the team. Giving up your personal ambitions and desires are important. The leader must get the point across to the team that each member must put his personal ways aside for the team. This goes to if you are mentoring someone else as well.

I have found in some cases that the person in charge has a way they have done things in the past and they have a new team still believing every circumstance it will work and doesn’t necessary happen. You have to look at each member of team.

Another area is if you have become a member of a team and you no longer the leader it is important to put your ego aside. In fact this is the most important thing we all must give up is our ego. It is never about us no matter the situation. Not an easy thing to do however success happens only if we can put our self out of the equation. I have known those who have left situations that they were asked to take a lower position because of their ego. Remember that we have something to contribute even when we are no longer in charge. So give up what has been successful because in the future you will have more success.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Arrival

Here in the northwest everyone is looking forward to spring because it has been a cold and wet winter. February and March have been record months far as rain goes.

We didn’t have much snow except in some areas west and north of my home town of Gig Harbor. The temperatures have been in the 30s and 40s instead of being down in the 20s. So not too bad as far as I am concerned; however we have had a lot of wind that has lowered the wind chill factor.

What I believe the problem has been in February and March is that we have had most days where it has been cloudy instead of sunny.  The last couple weeks the sun came out a couple times and then the rain would return. Even when it doesn’t rain we see a lot of cloudy days. It is a way for people to get depressed. Since I am a native I have been accustomed of this weather happening almost every year. In fact what hasn’t made me happy is that we haven’t had a lot of snow except in the mountains. When I was a kid we had snow a few times a year with four or five inches at least and occasionally ten inches.

Portland, Oregon did have a pretty good amount of snow this year. In fact in February they had around twenty inches of snow. It is unusual because twenty inches of snow happens about every twenty years. The last few years Portland has had more snow than we have. I figure the reason is that we are planted between two mountains ranges with the Cascades on the east and the Olympics on the west while Portland only has the Cascades. Whether I am right or not they do get more snow than we do.

The positive side though is both the Cascades and Olympics have had more snow this winter than they have the last few years. There has been concern about the lack of precipitation but this year they have recovered. Also lets those who like to ski the opportunity to do so.

Most of our rain comes down from Alaska and British Columbia or comes over from Hawaii as well. Once in a while we get rain coming up from California but that happens very seldom.

On the positive side with spring coming we should start seeing the sun more frequently which is a very good thing. What I do like living here in the northwest we do have all four seasons instead of just a couple like some places do. Although we haven’t had cold winters in my definition we have spring, summer and fall as well. I do look forward to seeing the sun for a few days in a row at least. Let’s come soon please or if not snow you can still come for us too.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It’s Life

 We all know that life has its ups and downs. At times it is not fair either. There are those whose lives are cut off before getting started while others live a long life.

What we can do is the best no matter what comes our way. We have tests and trials that generally are to build character in us. For some of us we pass with flying colors while others fail miserably. Those who are the ones that fail the deal what we do next with our lives? The importance to get back up and move on in our lives; it is not where we are right now it is where we are going and how we finish the race. Life is a marathon we just don’t know when it will be finished.

Along the road we face many troubles and great victories as well. All we can do is live today for what this time is and learn the lessons toward tomorrow. Although the times can be tough we must smile and persevere. Other people are counting on finishing the race strong. Love, hope and faith should be are greatest strengths especially love. In the end it is these three things that make life worth living.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Going Wild

One of the worship songs at church on Sunday had the words going wild in the lyrics; made me think about saying something about it.

Often when we participate or we are fans of a particular sport or team we go wild or celebrate the victory. We may go to church or a religious institution or nothing at all in that matter however we only celebrate on Sunday if at all.

The lyrics of this song begins with come let me in. I wonder how many of us let God in on Sundays only and the other six days of the week we do our own thing. God isn’t even in our thoughts the other days except Sunday or in another way we have put him in a box.

It looks to me in this song the songwriter is saying that God wants us to allow him into our hearts and for many of us out of the box.

We allow God to be who he is and wants to be in our lives by living in our hearts we can have a wild life. Not only can we be excited when our favorite teams win we can be excited a lot of the time. We can so be that our lives will never be the same again.

You see God has given each of us free will so he will only enter in if we give him permission to do so. Although he loves us a whole lot he will not interfere in our lives unless we ask him to do so. Often we talk to God when things are going wrong and we want him to fix them. So let’s go wild and see what God can do in our lives every day and not just on Sundays. He may surprise us a lot and the thing is we will benefit from him being with us every day. Who better to have on our side than the creator and ruler of the universe. Something for all of us to think about that is for sure. Amen!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thinking Positive

I am sure that most people are like me where it is not always easy to think positive all the time.  Even when I know that I have a purpose and destiny in this life doesn’t mean that I will be positive and happy all the time.

Being positive and happy are both choices we make despite the circumstances in our life but again it is not easy to decide to do so. I know that I try to be often as possible but again not easy to do all the time.

Here in Western Washington we have had rain almost every day for two months. On Thursday we had a nice day where the sun came out. It seemed like it was a while since the last time saw rain and I am sure it has been. The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s weather station said that they had just over thirty-six inches of rain from October 1 till March 15. That comes to five and half months for their normal rain fall. February usually has little rainfall had a record for the month of over ten inches. The previous high was two inches so you see what we had to deal with. Other than Thursday it had rained every day in March. I am sure it will be another record month. Sunday and Monday is expected to be sunny and then rain will come back again for the next three days at least. We always hear about a five-day weather forecast.

Since I am a native of Western Washington I am quite used to a lot of rain however so little sunshine the last five and a half months it can make us feel depressed. In fact talking with a lot of people there is a lot of depressed people around here. I try to be as positive that I can be but not easy for sure.

I believe it takes faith and hope to stay positive as long as we can. Throwing love in the equation is a good thing too. Since we are at our yearly rain fall in six months we should start seeing the sun more on a regular basis. Also it happened October 2015 through March 2016 where we met our yearly rainfall and we had only a little more rain from April 2016 through September 2016. So history shows that we should feel positive about rainfall for spring and summer.

Last couple years we had high temperatures in spring and summer which can make us feel good however I am a person who enjoys the temperatures to be normal. It has to do being fair-skinned and living here.

Anyway whether the weather is good or bad I will try being as positive as I can be. You like me writing whether and weather together. Ha ha.  Being positive is not only good for ourselves but our family and friends along with others we run into. Smiling will help us go along ways too. When you wake up in the morning lie there for a few minutes and meditate with positive thoughts.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

At The Ocean

                                      Clam diggers on the Washington Coast what a memory

I am not sure about a lot of people however I am sure there have been others who have felt or had similar experience as I have going to the ocean.

As a young person before my teenage years when my family would go to the ocean I thought that God’s spirit or maybe he lived or spent time there. I did not know him at that age other than he was the one that created me and every other human. It wasn’t just the ocean I felt the same when going to the mountains as well.

I am not sure whether my feelings were because there was some awesome about the ocean and the mountains but there was a difference that I felt than living my life in Gig Harbor, Washington. There was something about roaring waves or when it was quiet. Nothing that was the same in my regular daily life and it seemed that I could talk to God in either place. The only other times were in my bed ready to go to sleep. Now that I am older I still feel that those times were special to me.

The Pacific Ocean on the Washington Coast was about two and half hours to drive by car. I remember the first time when my parents, brothers and I went to the ocean. We dug for clams and then cooked them at fire place. I enjoyed so much going after the clams. I wasn’t a big fan in eating clams but since I felt that digging them gave me excitement I had to eat them too.

Another experience going to the ocean that I remember was when my Boy Scout troop took one of our fifty mile hikes in August the end was right there at the ocean. Most of the hike was through the Olympic Mountains however seeing the ocean was a thrill in a couple ways. I knew the hike was at its end and I would hear the spirit of God hoping to words from him. At that point I was at the end of a tired hike and my feet were aching too. I was so happy not to take another step and seeing my mother along with other parents picking us up to return home.  I still wondered why I would go on those hiking trips other than I was with close friends. It meant to that summer was almost over and time to get back to school. Still nothing better than going to the ocean unless it is visiting the mountains too.   

Friday, March 17, 2017

One Word

 You may wonder what I am saying about one word. I believe that we can encourage and build others up with one word spoken in the same way we can tear down someone by speaking a negative word into their lives.

I expect over and over again I will speak one word that can help others to become the person that they were expected before even being born. Today’s word is one of those kinds of words. So here we go. I want you to know that you’re “special”. What that means is that you were created and born unique so makes you very special indeed. Out of the millions of people born and living there is no one like you before and there will not be another after. You are a unique person so you are special. You may look like one of your parents but your personality and gifting is all you.

What I would like you to do today if the opportunity comes up and you are smiling let other people know that you are special. Also let them know that they are special to. Nothing better to know we are unique and special. Let your wife and children know the same thing too.

Have a wonderful day and weekend. Let it be special in every way. God bless you Amen!   

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Travel to Canada

There is something I really like about traveling. I have had to admit that I haven’t done as much as I have liked to do. I hope in the future to be part of my purpose and destiny. I know that sounds weird but true at the same time.

If you go back and read one of my early posts you will find that when I was twelve years old our family spends the summer traveling through all of Canada and eastern United States. It was an experience I have never forgotten. My mother grew up in Edmonton, Alberta so most of my relatives on her side of the family live in Canada and my sister Barb has lived a lot of her life in Quebec and works in Ottawa, Ontario.

I would love to travel again to the places we saw that summer when I was twelve. I am sure my perspective would be different than I was back then. We made stops in every province of Canada including all those on the east coast like Nova Scotia and Prince Edwards Island. My mother’s mother grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia while my grandfather was in Montreal. They met in Alberta. My grandfather was a banker while my grandmother was a school teacher. She was asked to come out West to be a teacher. I have only been to Edmonton once and that was as a little child. It would be really nice to go visit to see where my mother and her siblings grew up.

Although it would be nice to see the snow of winter in Edmonton it gets quite cold that time of the year so I most likely visit in late spring, summer or early fall.

A great route is to travel along the Trans-Canada. You can visit all the major cities like Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.  I would love to spend time on Vancouver Island. I was talking with a friend the other day where we agreed it would be easy to spend a couple months on the Island if the time was available.  If you are fishermen there are a lot of nice places to fish. You will find a lot of people traveling with their motor homes. What a life I have to say.

I believe that the United States has the most beautiful national anthem in the world however Canada’s is a very close second. When I hear either one tears sometimes comes to me. I am not familiar with the other nation anthems however I would like to listen to them. I am sure they are all very beautiful as well. There is nothing like being proud of where we were born even though the country may be far from being perfect.

Oh Canada I look forward to seeing your beauty once again in the near future. If my plans work out I hope to visit in August or September. I will see my cousins in British Columbia and smell that great fresh air and look forward to meet people on the journey. Travel you indeed to be part of my destiny.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Being One Together

When a team in any sport become champions it means that not only are they really good but they have a spirit of being one together.

Although we haven’t met I believe that all of us here have the same spirit. We may have a different purpose and destiny we have the same spirit to press on to meet what we want to accomplish just like any championship team.

Some of us may be mentors while others are managers where we work but we want to lift up those that are around us. We want others to be successful in whatever they are into. You may be a player on a team where you are just one of the guys however you see yourself going further. The important part is accomplishing your purpose and destiny along with making sure those around you does the same.

The important thing is to be the best that you can be however making sure those you encourage will be even better. So many people feel that they have to get where they want to be by jumping through many hoops. In our case is to forget what want and making sure others get where they need to be. We are successful because those around us are successful. It all has to do with our attitude much as anything. In the end it has to be denying our self for the better good. We are a team of champions who know what they want and the same spirit to get there. Hooray!  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Building Ourselves Up

Since this year I have dedicated to pressing on toward the goal an important part is building me up. To become the person I want to be in the end I must give positive reinforcement in whom I am and who I can become as well.

Over many years others along with myself I have thought that I could not do a lot of things. I had nothing to offer others and the world along with myself. It is easy to be convinced when you hear negative words that your life is going to be about. Other words I accepted what I believed.

I have to say that there is a ways to go in building myself up into what I believe I can be however I know to that will happen. A key is for me to believe those closest to me in what they say. I have to let it go over and over again in my mind that my purpose on this earth is for noble purposes. I am here for more than my own good comfort and action but for others too.

No matter what you have gone through in your life believe those closest to you have said about yourself.  Don’t believe the negative things people may say about you. If you need positive reinforcement look for others that will give it to you. Most of all believe those who speak positive words into your life and give your mind exercises saying over and over again that you are important and special.

Those who you speak to in the future will appreciate who you have become and the positive words that you speak over their lives; press on to meeting your goals.  







Monday, March 13, 2017

My Memories

We all have good and bad memories over the years. They can be about us growing up along with some in our adulthood as well.

All the memories have made who we are today. The importance is what we have made with them.

For some the memories have been more bad than good. Often they show us how we think of ourselves.  We are not chosen what family we are born into and for some it can be really bad.  I had some not so good times growing up however the good did out do the bad.

I don’t remember most of the bad times anymore. I have forgiven those who made the bad times in my childhood. That has helped to forget those bad times.

I am glad that I am able to think more about the good times growing up. It is good to have memories of my brothers and sister along with those who I call my friends.

My younger brother and I talk on the phone almost every Saturday. We mostly talk about what is happening right now however we do get into our childhood once in a while.

Growing up in a small town of Gig Harbor, Washington I find to be a good experience. The area has grown about three times as much so the children now don’t know everyone as much as we did in our day. We had several elementary schools however only one junior high school and high school. This meant that we knew each other for a long time except the few that moved in and out in those years. There were half dozen that I grew up with from kindergarten all the way through high school and many others that I started in first grade with. I figure there were at least forty students  that I knew that whole period not counting those who were older or younger as well.

I don’t see most of the classmates anymore that I grew up with though there are some that I communicate with on social media. There are some that still live in the area so once in a while I will see several when grocery shopping, eating out or going to the coffee shop.

Although I don’t see many on a regular basis I find it very special when I do see them. They are very special to me because I am who that I have become.

The good and bad made me know that I have a purpose and destiny in this life. To encourage those of all ages that went through similar experiences as I have.

Most of my memories I only remember bits and pieces most of the time. I only think of them to help me out and give positive meaning to my life.

Today the kids have more to do than when I was a child. I would not trade today for my childhood at all. I didn’t have video games, smart phones, computers or any other technology of today but I was able to enjoy the outdoors a whole lot. I would play baseball, football and basketball along with an occasion doing tennis. It was fun go to the neighborhood park that was about a mile away to play games with my classmates.

In those days we didn’t worry so much about bad people being around that could take advantage of us like now. I see parents who wait with their children for the buses to take them to school. In my day we waited for the bus on our own or we were dropped off at school. I see more children being dropped off at school now than in my day.

It is harder to know the children at school these days except those who live in your neighborhood. Even Gig Harbor has more schools than when I was growing up.  I take what I learned from those days to apply to my life today and hope to help others whether close or far.

If you are a parent be involved in your children’s lives. Give them reassurance all the time. Though they may know that you love them show them as well.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spring Ahead

 Here in the United States at least on March 12 we are turning our clocks ahead one hour except in Arizona and Hawaii where they stay on the same time all year long.

Now in Washington State we are on the same time as Arizona for the next six months or so. I really wish we would keep the same time all year long instead of changing it. I know the initial reason was for farmers that the times change however I am not sure it is as important now as when it happened originally.

Actually in the fall where I believe the time should not change. For a period of time it is dark when you get up in the morning and dark when going home from work. Tough on the kids who have go to school early in the morning; also hard when you are trying to find someone’s home that you are not familiar with.

I do like the saying though spring ahead and fall back. That is how to remember the time change very easy that way.

Of course spring ahead means that we lose an hour of sleep that we had gained back in the fall. So you either have go to bed an hour earlier or lose an hour of sleep if you wake up at the same time every day or at least every Sunday.

I don’t have anything more profound to say about spring ahead however it is quite interesting anyway. Despite it life goes on for us all. Whether you observe this or not I hope that you have a wonder day and may your week coming up be fruitful. Your purpose in life is fulfilled in the manner you want it to each day. Also for every one that meets you each day. Remember they are the one that gets the benefit of meeting you. On the other hand you benefit in meeting them too. God Bless you!



Saturday, March 11, 2017

Always Good To Relax

 Life’s circumstances often make us stressful so it important for all of us to take some time out once in a while and just relax.

I know that most people schedule a time for a vacation and often it is scheduled ahead going somewhere during the year. I have several friends who have time shares where they go to Hawaii every year. Also I know those who go on retreats to various places. Here in the northwest Cannon Beach in Oregon is a very popular spot to visit and I recommend going there if you have the opportunity to do so.

I believe outside of scheduled vacations and retreats it is a good idea to go away once in a while without a scheduled time. Other words go somewhere on the spur of the moment. If you have had one of those weeks that you have really stressed out leave and go anywhere for the weekend. This includes where you have already have plans for the weekend. Scrap the plans and go away. This will allow you to feel good and free because you didn’t plan ahead. We all need to do that once in a while.

You don’t necessarily have to go away for the whole weekend.  What you can do is to do an activity that you enjoy and you haven’t done for a while. An idea is to get into your car and just drive for a while. Stop off at a restaurant you have never visited before or take food with you and have a nice lunch at a park. Doing anything at the spur of the moment can make life so much easier. 

Another idea would be to take a hike and walk for a while. Get your mind clear over what has stressed you all week.

I know that some people find it hard to relax however it is important to do so once in a while. What makes it so important we won’t go crazy and we can live a lot longer this way. Just think about it and enjoy all things in life. Peace and blessings to you.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Be Strong

When it comes to pressing on part of the package is that we need to stand up and be counted by telling the truth.

There is so much going on in the world that is not truth any longer and is lies. Those who know the truth need to stand up and speak it. Not an easy thing to do because there is a thin line speaking the truth and sounding judgmental. It is important to have wisdom and do it all in love.

It is like when you discipline your children. You tell them that they are doing something wrong and they will come back saying that you don’t love them anymore.  They know what they have done is wrong but want to manipulate you and say what they are doing is right. Well adults can be the same way. They know what they are doing is wrong and don’t care however you put them on the spot they will come right out and say that you are judgmental. Like a little kid they will say that you don’t love them.

There are groups that have strong agendas and are willing to get as many people on their side including children. So we can’t let them get the best of us. I have no problem letting them know that what they are doing is wrong and if they speak that I am being judgmental so what is what I will say in return.

I know that it sounds harsh however there are times where we have to be because the love we have for them. On the other hand we have to know when and what battles to fight. Again that takes wisdom on us. We need to pray and ask for wisdom so when we are confronted we have answers to come back at them.

When it comes to social media I am so tired of what many people are saying and I have decided not to say anything except in a few occasions. This is especially true when it comes to politics because most have their minds already made up and to be honest I am tired of it all. In fact if I did speak more often I am saying words to a bunch of dead horses. That may sound wrong way to say it but it is the truth.

I am amazed that so many people will say what they think on social media or link stories that they are repeating the same thing over and over again. What is truly the point? I guess they really believe that they can convince and change people’s minds.

I know what I just said is contrary to about standing up and be counted however there is times where we have to. Again the wisdom is when and what to say. The thing is we can’t get into a shouting match with someone who doesn’t have the same beliefs we have. I believe it all has to do with the timing. Today may not be the day to stand up and speak however tomorrow could be.

I believe the important thing is to live our lives in a consistent and loving manner.  This way we will have those who are looking for hope will come to us for the answers.  Enjoy pressing on and God bless you. Amen!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Battle

 In our world today the battle is increasing that is the reason we must press on. There is so much negativity being pushed our way whether through the standard media or social media. There are so many agendas going on and we have to recognize the good from the bad.

It is not only what we read it is what we hear and watch too. I hear the word fear being spoken especially among older people and those who are raising children.

The question is what you are allowing your children to watch. In our society today sexuality is the big one.  I remember as a kid being confused about my sexuality and now groups are giving children options on who they can be. They should really be ashamed of themselves in my opinion. It is one thing to choose your lifestyle as an adult although I may disagree with it another to push children in that way. Let children be who they are and not they have to choose a lifestyle at their age.

I can really see where fear is so big right now and that is where the battle is. The important thing is to think on all things positive and faith. Yes faith is a strong where we can overcome the battle and fear. Faith believes in what we don’t see and not what we see. We believe so much what is seen.

Another thing we must do is pray for our children and grandchildren that those who have an agenda wherever they go and when they are not with their parents that they won’t be swayed. We have to battle for ourselves along with our children. The most important thing to do is to instill positive things along with love into their lives. Let them know that there will be those who will try to instill negative thoughts and have agendas of their own.

Another area that will help in the battle is hope. We need hope to go with faith and love. All three of these are powerful weapons we can use in the battle. May God bless you while pressing on fighting the battle. Amen!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Continue to Encourage

Here in the northwest we have had quite a cold and wet winter. At this point in March it continues to rain a lot after having a record February rainfall. I am not even sure right now when the rain will stop. I know many have gone elsewhere on vacation however when returning it still is raining. What does that mean? I am a native to the northwest so accustomed to seeing a lot of rain over the years however those who moved here from somewhere else may not be so lucky.

What I am saying it is real easy to become depressed during this time of the year. I have been depressed before but I am sure not so much because of the weather but regardless studies have shown that depression can happen when it is cloudy and raining for a period of time. Some retired people here do go down to Arizona or California for a period of time living three to six months.

I believe we all need encouragement on a regular basis however it is even truer this time of the year. If you are one knows that you deal with discouragement or depression go and get some help. I don’t think you necessarily have to from professions unless you have a medical condition otherwise those that you consider friends.

This is where this comes encouraging one another that we can make it. I believe it takes faith along with family and friends. Very easy to isolate ourselves from others but not a good thing either. Being around others that you can encourage along with them encouraging you too; I am not saying it is easy because for some it is not so easy.

I have lived in dark places in my mind many times and it is easy to think that no one cares or can help you. I have been fortunate that it is has been a few years since I last experience deep depression. I believe the reason is that I know that I have a purpose in life beyond myself. God put me on this earth to help others. The key is to know when and who to help others. I find the most important thing to do is keep a positive approach. Not always an easy thing to do though.   Being selfish and only thinking of yourself is what makes depression an easy thing to slide into. They are the reasons to get into depression. Asking for help from others and God is the answer.

The most important thing to remember is that others are going through the same thing though usually when you are in a dark place others are not really our concern. I hope this helps for those who are working through depression. God bless you and Amen!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Have a Good Time

It is important that wherever you go for travel whether it is for a short or long period you should have a good time.

I know that is what people expect to do however it doesn’t always happen because of circumstances. Sometimes the plane leaves late or you lose your luggage. Both of those take out the fun of it. It has happen to me more than once especially losing luggage. In fact losing luggage happened several times to me that I only carry one bag on a plane now so I don’t have to worry about it.

Although I lost the luggage and it was disappointing at first I didn’t let it bother me. Fortunately my late planes were on return trip most of the time. It frustrating though when you have to stay overnight when you plan to arrive back the same day. That happened when returning from Paris France where my plane left four hours late and a flight from Toronto to Seattle had already gone without me. I had to take a flight to Vancouver and stay overnight before arriving in Seattle. At least I didn’t have to miss work that next day. I planned to go back to work the following day.

Back in the late 80s my parents and I took vacation to Quebec for a visit to see my sister, brother-in-law and two nephews at Christmas time. Also my brothers were meeting us as well. My sister and her family had moved to Quebec a short time before that. The weather at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was such that fog was so bad that were not able to get out for three days. No flights were going out of the airport at all. Talk about frustrating because we could not do anything except wait and it was cutting back our vacation time; we finally got out on a flight on the fourth date however we had to take a bus to Boeing Field to fly first to Dallas and then to Montreal. No flights were being done that day either at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. We did not care that we had to go to Dallas first because we did get out of town. The time at the airport felt long and frustrating at the same time but it did not keep us from having a good time when we arrived.

So whatever is happening on your flight remember the reason for the trip and have yourself a good time while being there. It is important even if parts of the trip at your destination don’t turn out so well either. Have a safe and good travel on your next trip.

Monday, March 6, 2017


Saturday’s post I wrote about the cold winter we are having in Western Washington and many of the people are wishing that spring will come soon.

I had a comment from a woman who lives in South Africa where it is summer time and they are having a drought. It reminds me that often we complain about something and forgetting that others are likely having things worse off than ourselves. This is where being thankful for what we have comes in.

I am thinking where sometimes I won’t eat something because I don’t like it. It is easy to not think about others who go hungry on a daily basis. We know that people are starving to death in third world countries however there are children that go to school in my area without a meal. If it were not for government subsidy many of these children would not have a meal at school either.

The church I attend have donated meals for teenagers in our area that are not getting food at home for different reasons. The  church asked for members to donate to this program.  Originally they planned for ninety meals. Those are amount of kids in the program but then decided to go for one hundred and eighty meals so each child would have two meals. What was really amazing people in the church donated for five hundred meals. What a great thing for the members of the church to do. There are other programs to the church hopes to help out in the community as well.

This really does show how thankful some people are for what they have. It doesn’t matter how much or little you have always there are people who are worse off than we are.

I heard on Sunday about a death of someone I knew several years ago. I had been thinking about him recently however his death was a surprise to all who knew him. His name is Jim so keep his family in your prayers. We never know when our time is up. Another reason we should be thankful for what we have.

Life is so special and does not last long so another reason to be thankful for what we have. There is a time bomb in each one of us but we don’t know when it will go off. We should appreciate and thankful for everything even when the circumstances are not great. So let’s bite our tongue when we are not thankful for anything. It is so easy to complain about something even when we don’t realize it. It is part of human nature unfortunately. Peace and joy to all. Amen!