Thursday, April 30, 2020

April See Yeah

Though I stayed at home for the most
part like many Americans the month
of April seemed to go by fast.

The weather has been pretty good for
the most part. In fact, yesterday the
temperature hit seventy in Seattle.

Depending how much rain we get
today it will be lowest rainfall here
in ten years. The temperatures have
been in the sixties for the most part
during the day.

I have gotten out some going to the
grocery store and stopping to get
a cup of coffee otherwise sweet

I haven't gotten gas in almost four
weeks so I figure need to do so
tomorrow. I have a trip to the grocery
store plus the pharmacy so do the gas
thing at the same time.

Oh yes I forgot to mention I do go
out for walks almost every day.
Where I walk depends whether
I get coffee as well. There is a
trail near where I get coffee.

Enjoy your last day of April and
I will check you on May day.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Grateful (What does it mean to you)

I am sure we all have our own definition
of being grateful. I think grateful is the
cousin of thankful or thanksgiving

Most of us put thankful ahead of grateful.
Thankful is higher than grateful. It means
more to us depending on the situation.

So the definition of grateful is appreciation
I hope that helps you out more for what
it means to you.

Here in Washington state it rains a lot
especially this time of the year. So we
can be grateful or thankful when the sun
comes out.

If it has been raining for a solid week I
am thankful when the sun comes out.
I am grateful when it comes out for a
short period of a day.

Be grateful for some things while being
thankful for others. I hope this helps
you out. .

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Goodness Comes From

We all want to have goodness in
some manner, however, it isn't
natural for us.

Even when trying to be good our
natural way is to be bad. It is not
that we want to be bad it is natural
for us.

The answer where does goodness
come from it is God that gives us

You take one of the o's out of goodness
then you have godness. See how
this works.

Having true goodness is to be godness.
In another way be God like. We can
only be this way when we ask God
for it. Amen!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Life Purpose How You Look At It

Every religion has a look at what life purpose
should be. What religion you belong to has you
to see it through its own eyes

As a Christian I know my life purpose is seen
through the eyes of Jesus Christ and His father

Though I have been a Christian for a long time
I really didn't look at living a life purpose at all
until a few years ago.

Often we see being loved by God not the purpose
we have unless we are in the vocation of ministry.
Actually we are all in the vocation of ministry.
We have to find out what our ministry is God
has given to us.

Want to know your life purpose ask God. Still
not sure the answer you have been given or not
ask someone you believe in their opinion.

You will flourish in your life purpose when you
find out. Most of all your purpose is unique. No
one else has the same purpose you have even if
it is close to yours. Others may have similar
purpose, however, not exactly the same. Amen!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Being a Blessing

Our number one reason we were created was to
to life a life of purpose giving our life to God

Going along with it is being a blessing to others.
Being a blessing means we will be blessed
as well.

Our lives will be fulfilling in doing so. Naturally
we live to please ourselves but being a blessing
will be even greater.

Though we might not feel as selfish blessing others
we are still selfish in a way. Instead of thinking
about our needs all the time looking at other's need
our needs will be met as well. Doesn't that sound good.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Making Lists

We should all have a booklet like one being
in school or an organization we belong too.

We should have several lists in the booklet.

We should have a page listing are gifts and
talents along with our strengths and weak-
nesses. You don't have to list all of them
at one time. You can add on when one
comes to mind.

List those people you mentor or have ongoing
relationships with. Include their phone number
along with areas you talk about. You can have
a separate list of people that you would like
to mentor and have relationship with. They
can be friends of those you already mentor
or relationship with.

Last but not least have a journal where you
can write what your day was like and any
thoughts. Also, the people you worked with
or ran into that day.

When it comes to mind you can look back
or add to your lists as well.

Make it fun not just something you have
to do.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Hello Rain

Here in Western Washington the sun
has been out a lot this April. I know
that I have mentioned it before.

Well for the rest of April we are
expecting to have a lot of rain or
just say it is going to rain everyday.

We certainly do need the rain
especially with summer coming
up real soon. We are expecting
to have a hot summer.

I personally hope it stays in the
eighties. I am not a fan of it
getting into the nineties except
once in a while.

I am sure with the coronavirus
we will be expected to keep our
social distancing for a while so
that means when getting outside
we have to stay at least six feet
apart. I have heard from some that
we should stay even further apart.

The distance to me isn't as important
as seeing someone well as able for
both of us to hear one another.

The difficult part is not able to hug
or give a handshake or high-five
or whatever you do when greeting.

Enjoy your weekend in whatever
manner you plan Stay safe.

Thursday, April 23, 2020


On Wednesday I received a link from one
of the leader's wife in my church where
a pastor and his wife from another church
were speaking about grief.

She being a counselor did a lot of the
speaking  She mentioned that grief was
more than a loss of a love one. As you
may know my mother passed away in early
March. It has been a difficult time since
I was her caregiver for seven years.

So anyway she mentioned that grief
can be a loss of any kind. It is our
response to loss. How everyone
reacts to grief is unique to each

In a way it is like our life purpose
where we are each unique, We were
created not only unique when it comes
 to our life purpose so with grief.

Her recommendation which I thought
was good is not to shut down our grief
holding it inside. Important to let it
out. I certainly have done that.

I realized that I have spent a lot of
my life grieving over loss and not
a lot of it has to do with death.

She recommended writing down
in a journal how you feel or do
anything that you enjoy doing.

I hope everyone is doing well
right now. I hear from you whether
your in Europe, Asia, North or
South America. If you feel it is
important to leave a comment
please do so. I am sure others
would like to hear from you
besides myself. Peace!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Right Now

What is happening in the USA and
around the world isn't something
any of us has experienced unless
you have been around a long time.

I am sure those who grew up in the
depression then World War Two
have an idea where something is
happening across the world.

Many countries have been shut down
for a month or longer for the most part.
Only jobs that are considered essential
is happening.

The question now when can we open
the country back to being normal or
at least close to it.

In the United States it will be up to
the individual states. Here in Washington
state the plan is to start opening things

The governor says it will depend on
what the data about the virus will
decide the situation.

There are people who are demanding
to go back to work. They truly believe
their jobs are essential and they might
be right or the very least should be able
to work.

I am thinking of jobs where people can
work outdoors like construction. There
has been some construction going on
but not home building.

The governor continues talking about
data to decide when to return back to
work; however, he never mentions
God or faith.

I am not sure whether he believes in
God and faith or not. We have in the
constitution the separation Church and
State. Often people misunderstand or
misquote what that means.

Separation of Church and State actually
means that no state can have it's own
religion. Everyone is free to practice
whatever religion that they want; however,
often people will object if you practice
your religion at a government building
or you are a government employee.

Anyway when this over I hope we do
learn from this experience. As a country
or the world as a whole I would be
surprised if we did though we should.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Pretty Lawns

Here in Western Washington we have had
a beautiful April with little bit of rain. We
are expecting some rain today.

With so many people staying home whether
not working or doing so with their computers
I am expecting the lawns to be very good
this year.

Though we are expected to stay home for
the most part they want us to get outside
for fresh air as well. Staying in doors all
the time would drive us crazy I expect.

Going for a walk is a good idea as well.
This way you get exercise plus can
meditate and pray at the same time.

We can think about the things we want
to do when this stay at home order is
lifted. We can know even more what
our life purpose is.

I hope you are having a good start to the
week along with staying healthy.

Monday, April 20, 2020


With the coronavirus happening it seems
social media is oversaturated along with
the news media.

Blogs like this one is not getting its
normal readership. I do want to let
you know how appreciative I am
that you check with me here even
if it once in a while.

I know we are all looking for life
to get back to normal or at least
as close to being normal as can

Here in Washington state at the
capital in Olympia a crowd of
a few thousand showed up to
protest the stay at home order
on Sunday.

Many people especially those
in home building are upset with
the governor because they are
not considered an essential job
or business.

I can see their concern because
they are primarily working outdoors.
There is some construction happening
but not in home building.

I can understand not getting a
regular paycheck as well; so
having a lack of money is a
big concern. Most of the workers
are on by the pay check.

The sad part not only are they
not getting a paycheck when
all people are able to get back
to work will the builders be
able to sell the homes.

The market here was strong before
the virus but how strong will it
take to get back along with the
economy is the question.

Of course the workers are
concerned about now instead
of later.

There are jobs available in the
essential businesses so people
could go to work some one else

Anyway, I hope things are going
well with you. I want to continue
encouraging you that life will get
better once again. Amen!

Sunday, April 19, 2020


What we remember as children were the
adventures we went on. At least I know
that I remember several anyway.

My greatest adventure was when our
family went across Canada and eastern
USA for the summer In fact, you can go
back into the archive where one of my
earliest writings was about that trip.
My brother Jack and I still talk about
it on occasion.

Of course, I had other adventures as well.
I remember my friend Gary who lived
up the street he and his dad built a
treehouse for him.

Gary and I spent many of times in that
treehouse. We both loved baseball so
we were at the age where we collected
baseball cards.

Gary and I would look at our cards
talking about the players on those cards.
We would look at duplicates of the
same cards we had to see if the other
had the card at all. Often we would
trade the duplicate cards.

I was in boy scouts as well. My idea
of adventure was going on hikes in
August. It was tough on the hikes
but enjoyable with my scout friends.

I think adventure can lead into our
purpose of life. We can tell others
what we went through and they
can tell us their stories as well.
During the tough times these
stories can help us through. Amen!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Water Faucet

This might seem strange about water
faucet to write about but it is what
came to my mind when wanting to
write today's post.

The pressure of my water faucet in
the kitchen starts out well in the morning
however, by evening it isn't as good.

I figured it has to do with the use of
water through out the day.

Last year the water faucet in my
bathroom wasn't running well at
all, however, the maintenance man
was able to fix it. There was a
problem with the fixture.

In the kitchen  there isn't the same
issue since the pressure varies.

I am sure there are issues in everyone's
life like this on occasion.

That's it have yourself a wonderful
day and weekend.

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Future

It is so easy especially right now to
worry about the futures whether for
us or our children or grandchildren.

Jesus Christ said not to worry about
tomorrow it will take care of itself.
We have enough problems today.

It is very wise words to follow for
sure though I think it is natural for
us to do so.

We have to believe God will help
us through. We do know life can
be short or long depending on the
person. Important to enjoy the
ride the best we can. Amen!

Thursday, April 16, 2020


Most of the time decisions have come by
very easy in our daily lives.

The hard ones were buying a house or
a car or letting our teenagers to go out
at night.

Now we have to decide whether to go
outside or not. If so, for how long.

Those who are working because their
job is considered essential do still be
able to go work.

So many people are itching to get
back to work. Now the government
whether national or local have to
decide when people who are not
working can go back.

One thing for sure it looks like 
social distancing might be around
for some time. I have heard anywhere
from a year and a half to four years
we have to social distance.

One thing I do know is that most
people have no idea to answer
any questions to the virus at this
time. My governor says it all 
depends on the data. 

Anyway whatever decisions you
make be sure to be safe. Amen!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Going Out

I was listening to a radio station on Tuesday for
a few minutes that I wasn't familiar with. I 
believe it was a news talk station though it
may not have been either.

The two announcers were talking about
the Coronavirus specifically stay at home.

One of the announcers said he knew people
who had stayed home for the last three weeks
without going anywhere. He thought they 
figured that is what they were supposed to do.

Though the governor of Washington state
asked us to stay at home he knew to it was
important to get out some as well. The 
importance was to social distance at the
same time. 

I have been doing a good job doing both 
going out and doing social distance. I am
a social person by nature so I have to see
people even if it is at least six feet apart.
Actually I have tried staying even further
distance then that if I can do it.

I know those that are getting groceries
being delivered to their homes which is
a good idea. I personally go into the 
store however I go when the crowds
are small. 

The stores not only now have marks for
social distancing they have a block between
the cashier and the customer as well.

If I go to a place where there is more 
people than I think to be able to do
the best at social distancing I don't stay.

So get out even if it is being by yourself.
The thing is you can discover places 
nearby that you have never seen or 
explored. So enjoy yourself OK.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Sun Keeps Shining

It really seems like every day is the same
however the sun has been shining for the
whole month of April.

They say April showers bring May flowers.
So far not the deal. They are forecasting
rain this coming weekend but I am not
sure about after that.

It is nice to get out for a walk on a daily
basis though. We have been having pollen
on the trees recently as well. Of course
they blow onto the cars.

My car is under a carport when I am at
home so most of the pollen ends up on
the windshield.

I figure at some point like so many others
I will have to wash the car.

When the rain comes on Saturday it should
take care of the pollen on the car.

Right now I am still getting rid of stuff and
thinking of the future too.

What is the next step on my life purpose?

Monday, April 13, 2020

The Day After

I am sure most had an unusual Easter this
year. Nothing like it is most years.

Now we would go be to the normal
the day after Easter but I am not
sure that happens this time.

I was able to talk with my brother both
on Saturday and Sunday. His family
situation was different as well. Just
like me he caught his Easter service
on line. His probably a little closer
to normal than mine.

It was nice to see videos some of the
children who spoke the story of Jesus.
It was done family by family. Other words,
each family of kids spoke out a verse or
two of scripture from one of the gospels.

Enjoy the day the best you can. Remember
to get outside for a few minutes though
don't leave the neighbor if you can.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter.
I know some prefer calling it Resurrection

Though most enjoy Christmas it is Easter
that Christians feel stronger about.

This is the third day where Jesus Christ
rose from the dead after being crucified
on the cross for our sins

Jesus Christ spent 40 days with the disciples
and others before going up to heaven.

May your thoughts be joyful this Easter.
Although most of us will be celebrating it
in a different way. In a way most of us
would not like but we have to. Amen!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Going Forward

I am not sure why viewership is down
however I hope it will change in the
days, weeks and months ahead.

Living a life of purpose I am sure
most have figured it out where
God has given each of us a purpose
unique to us. How it works out
depends on us.

On occasion I will remind us
of the fact it is true. It is easy
to forget on occasion because
we get to busy sometimes.
Right now it doesn't seem to
be the problem though.

If you have a question that you
would like to ask put it in the
comment section.

I figure an important thing now
is to write about what I am doing
and how purpose is part of the

I know to that I am a Christian
and an American so my prospective
is likely different from Christians
and non-Christian of other countries
who I hope can benefit from me.

Until next time enjoy your day.
As Christians this is Holy Week
so important what Christ did for
us. Amen!

Friday, April 10, 2020

The Overpass

Thursday morning I decided to walk the 
overpass of the highway. 

It is real close to where I live. I usually
turn right outside the apartment complex
but this time I decided to go little left
then straight to the overpass.

I don't walk on the overpass very often
only on occasion. I am not great with
heights but I decided to do that on
Thursday morning.

The sun was already out. It was a bit
cool but it was to be the hottest day
of the year so far being in the sixties.

Walking west on the overpass I look
south by turning left I see the Narrows
Bridge. It is how I go when I go to

Behind the tall trees is Mt. Rainier.
It is so beautiful especially on a day
like Thursday. 

Nothing better then seeing the majestic
Mt. Rainier on a beautiful day. 

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Holy Week

For Christians this is the most important  week
of the year. Most call it Holy Week.

Our lives, faith and belief all come down
to Easter and the resurrection.

Jesus Christ was sent to the cross, died,
buried and came back to life  resurrected.

Easter and the resurrection symbolizes
what our lives will become. When we
die we will be resurrected into new bodies
and forgiven for all of our sins. Of course,
we ask forgiveness each day for our sins
however that time we will be new.

The greatest news that we have. Enjoy
this week knowing what it means to
us all. Amen!

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Never Be The Same

Right now we are living what the media
is calling the new normal.

I don't know about you but I a ready to
get back to the old normal or as close as
it gets.

I don't think life will ever be the same
again. We will have the faith we have
had going into this crisis but so much
else has or will change.

For some it will be the loss of a loved
one whether the virus was part of it
or not.

We will get back in touch with our
family that doesn't live with us and
with old friends. In fact, we might
gain new friends in the process.

Life will look different because we
will be different.

Whenever we do get back cherish
everyone that you know and meet.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020


I hope everyone is doing well even though
we have a worldly crisis.

I am not seeing as many views as before.
I am sure people are viewing sites about
the virus.

I want to encourage you that as long as
you do things right you should be OK.
Also pray for yourself and your family.

It is hard to know how long this will
go on. Let's pray the virus ends quickly.

Right now in Jesus Christ name we
ask the virus to go away. It no
longer is in our lives or for those
who have it be removed. Amen!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

A Heart Of Gold

Saturday a gal from my church dropped off
bags of groceries for me since she my mother
had passed away.

I have enough food to last me for the month
of April. That is what we can do is be a blessing
to others by having a heart of Gold

This is a great way to use the purpose God has
given you as well. Give yourself a way in
whatever fashion you can.

I don't need everything she gave me. So what
I am going to do is keep my eyes, ears and
heart open who could use it. This is what
it all about.

Someone gives you something no matter
how much you need it or not pass it on
to someone else. The more you do so
the more blessed you are.

She told me that her son is grateful that
his job is still going because it is considered
essential. He is a physical therapist so
those who are having needed surgery
will need assistance so he is going to
give to the food bank and give blood
at the same  time to be sure as many
people  can survive as possible.

Not only does she have a heart of
gold so does her son Amen!

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Time For Encouragement

People need encouragement even when they
don't listen to the truth.

I stated how important it is to do social
distancing. Our governor in Washington
says everyone needs to distance at least
six feet from one other. There were friends
that told me that doesn't apply to couples.

I figure why take the chance. There are
couples that have passed away from the
virus. We don't know for sure however
the chances are good they got the virus
from their partner.

The encouraging word is to be safe.
Our governor says life isn't the same
right now as we have known so we
must take precautions.

Obviously those with children at home
 haveto take care of them even under
these tough circumstances. If
by some chance they catch the
virus they will likely survive.
We can't say for those that are
older so keep your distance even
from those close to you.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Recognize Our Purpoose

I have said on numerous occasions and I am
sure I will a lot more times that we are created
for a purpose.

Our purpose is unique to each of us; however,
we can look at our family including our parents
and grandparents  along going further back if
you want to.

Whatever our ancestry is we will see some
similarities to other members of the family

We will see our gifts and talents will match
up with others In our family but how it
applies will differ between us.

We might go in the same profession as
other family members but it doesn't mean
that we do things exactly the same way.

Most likely we will do things different from
our siblings and parents. In the end we will
find our own  purpose.

Regardless how old you are in the end you
will find that purpose you were intend to do
all along.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Social Distancing

I am not sure everyone knows about social
distancing what it is or whether they care
about it.

Here in the USA we are supposed to be
at least six feet apart. I have heard
arguments we should be even farther
apartment than six feet. I am not sure
who to believe.

I see people when I am out walking or
going to the doctor or to the grocery
store being closer than six feet.

I am not sure whether they care or
they think because they are with a
family member or a close friend
it doesn't apply to them.

A saw a couple who were close
together on Wednesday walking
their two dogs. I am not sure that
qualifies as well. The government
needs to answer the question whether
the social distancing should apply
at all times.

I would say so. I would be interested
to hear from those that have caught
the virus what they doing before cashing
it. Of course, it is hard to enforce the
rules but I wouldn't like if we have
to stay inside all the time except going
to the store.

I hope you are doing fine along with
your family too. Amen!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Having Faith

We might not know what is going on in the world.
We might not even have the answers. The question
do we have faith to make it through.

If God's answer is anything it is having faith.
We have the faith to move mountains then
we can have faith to move the coronavirus
along with anything else.

We do not have anything else to bank on right
now then faith. It is faith that will get us
through anything. Amen!