Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Being Burned As An Infant

I am sure we have all had experiences that we want to forget. Actually I have when I was almost four years old I was burned on my chest. Fortunately I was not burned on my face. I don’t remember the experience at all and I only know what my parents and sister told me.

I wasn’t burned in a house fire instead I was actually cooking an egg on the stove when my pajamas caught on fire. My sister was a little far away and screamed for my mother to come and she smothered me with a blanket. My father than drove me into Tacoma to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. In those days pajamas were not fire retardant. I spent six and half weeks in the hospital with a temperature of 104 degrees. It was a blessing that I lived besides not being burned on my face. Mother has told me that if she had not gotten to me when she did likely I would have been burned on my face. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for those who have burned on the face and having to live with the scar. Like I say I don’t remember the experience which is a really good thing because I have been told that living with having been burned and knowing that what you have gone through is not good.

Most people I know or have encountered over the years do not know that I have a scar on my right chest. Obviously you would know if I took off my shirt so many of the boys I grew up with and were in physical education would know. I have shared the experience before to some people and back last August when I wrote about miracles. Yes this was a miracle that I lived through this experience.

At that time that I had my burn Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital was very good but I don’t think that they had a burn center at that time which they now have for many years. If you have the chance to donate to a cause like this I would really appreciate that you do. I can’t imagine the children that get burned at an older age than I was what they go through each day with having a burn. I am sure they have to go through counseling as well. At the very least pray for the children with burns and I thank you very much.  

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Today we honor every man and woman who has fought that we would still be free today especially those who gave their lives on the battle field.

Not only for those in United States but from other countries who are allies. Those who fought in World War 1 and 2, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars, Afghanistan and now against terrorism.

We solute you and never forget what you have done for freedom. May you be in peace! Also for the wounded soldier and those who were able to come home alive! God bless you all!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Going Through Struggles

We all go through struggles time to time and if we know that there are others doing the same helps out.

This time of the year with summer coming up can feel depressing sometimes especially if you are single and your desire is to have a family like I do. This weekend celebrating Memorial Day can be one of those times even though the purpose is to remember those that fought for our country so we would be free. Though I am feeling depressed in a way I start thinking about the positive things going in my life. On Friday I had a coffee date with a woman I went to high school. We plan on meeting again as well. It doesn’t mean that we will get serious and have a serious relationship however it is a good place to be. I had not been on one of these in a while so a good being. This may allow me to stretch my wings out further.

My struggles do not happen all that often though certain times of the year or buttons that other people may push sends me that way. Most of the time the struggle happens first thing in the morning after getting up out of bed; actually I may still be in bed. Anyway I start thinking about other people who may be going through the same thing or even worse. The important thing I feel is to start fighting against the thoughts that come into my mind. Writing this here on the blog will help me too and I hope those of you that go through the same thing. Of course there is not a remedy though some people are given pills. I know that there are those that have conditions that lead to medical depression however I am not one of those kinds of people. For me it is more has to do with circumstances than anything. Also I have to meditate that I am OK.

Growing up I didn’t think of myself as being smart. In part because I had a hearing problem as a small child and when it was resolved still took time for me to learn how to read. Also I had two brothers who were smart however I have come to learn from talking with a few people including the one I had coffee with on Friday I was considered to a smart person. It is comforting to know although I struggled through childhood on how to read and learn English I was still being was thought of as smart. Most of them to remember my sense of humor as well; the important thing even when struggling in your life put a big smile on your face. I hope this helps us all and continue enjoying this weekend along with the summer coming up. Yeah!!!!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Being Me!

I have been pondering what to write today here. I don’t want to be too serious but help all of us out as well.

Like I have written before and I will continue to we have a purpose and a destiny. It does take some time to figure what our purpose and destiny is. If you haven’t figured it out yet there is a reason why we are on this planet besides having a good time or being miserable sometimes.

The most important thing is that we have to be ourselves. This has to do with our personality and character. I am one that enjoys having a good time and using humor as often as I can. Of course there are times to be serious and compassion as well. This all happens depending on the circumstances.

I believe that some people can take this whole purpose thing way too serious. As a Christian it is my duty to be a witness to those who do not believe. Some are called to foreign lands as their mission field while the rest of us where we live are our mission field. It is not that we may never go on a mission trip our home area is where we spend most of our time in. I know that some will make their purpose into a spiritual thing which is OK as long as you do not overdo it. This is really why I say we have to be ourselves.

Yesterday I had a coffee date with a gal I grew up with and I had not seen her since so a lot of years for sure. This was a time to get reacquainted and where life had taken us both. We not only talked about ourselves but news about other people we grew up and some who we may have kept in touch with. There were some who are no longer with us in this world too. She is not a Christian so I could have tried to talk to her about the Lord but I did not. She knows that I am a Christian by what I have posted on line. She just recently came on line with her kids giving her a smart phone. I could have tried to be this cool guy to impress her too however instead I was just me and she seemed to be the same being herself. She seemed to be different than what I remember which is fine and it has been a lot of years too.

I feel as a Christian it is for me to water and plant. For another Christian it maybe to do the harvesting; the most important thing is that the laborers are few so we all need to play our part. In the end it is truly God’s job to get things done and bring people to the knowledge of him. We are to be ourselves and do the best we can. I can’t tell you what to do but just be yourself and be ready when people come to you. Enjoy your time in the purpose you are called to and have a great time doing it. God Bless!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Now It Is Friday

Yes the day a lot of people look forward to its Friday. Though I like Friday like most everyone else still in my mind important to enjoy every day because we do not know how many of them we have in this life.

Today could be the last day we have and tomorrow may never come at all. This is true no matter how old we are. We could come down with an illness or fall asleep to never wake again. When I go I have to say that second one is the best choice.

My idea is that we make every day be Friday or maybe the better be Saturday. Today is one of those Friday’s that is special because it leads into a three day national holiday so I know some will not work today and make it a four day weekend or get off work early.

I have found the longest or hardest Friday’s in my life have been where a vacation comes up. I am looking forward to time off it just drags on and on. I have taken vacations where the last day before going was a different day than Friday and the same thing happens. Of course there are Fridays like other days where everything goes wrong and wish that you were anyplace besides work. One of those worst days I remember going to work and my car broke down. I was able to get where we could get the woman who I car pooled with her car. You see we were not far from where she lived so we actually made it to work on time since we always gave extra time to get there. I don’t really remember the day at work went however on the way home her car broke down and we called her husband to come get us. I wonder what the odds are that happens where both cars we drive in the same day break down. Of course I had to take care of my situation when we got back into town. The fortunate thing my car was not in that bad of shape we just did not want get to work late that is all. I am sure everyone has gone thru days like that if not worse. The hardest days are when you get off work and you get to your car a tire or the battery is dead. I have gone thru both fortunately not at the same time. I am covered where I can call for a tow truck which is a good thing it is the hassle and the time you have to wait for them to help you.

This weekend being a national holiday they anticipate nearly half a million people in Washington State will ride a ferry. This is like almost the whole city of Seattle can you imagine. You figure there will be a lot of people on the roads anyway with some going to favorite holiday hangout or to the airport. We are all familiar with TGIF we say it every Friday anyway I am using this time as short version for “I thank God that I am not going on a ferry.” I do enjoy a ferry ride under normal circumstances but this certainly not the case. Most of the time I go on as a passenger only and leave my car to pick up later however there are some places that a car is needed. I know to that there are long lines where you have to wait for at least two to four hours to get on the ferry. This is not my idea of a fun weekend though I know those who do so believe it is worth the time to wait. This is very common to take the ferry to the San Juan Islands. In fact go to the Islands you have to make a reservation ahead however does not guarantee a place on the ferry. I know that because a friend of mine complained to me about it just a few weeks ago. What a great way to spend a Friday. Of course you have to return as well so go thru the same thing on the other end. The best thing is to return on the Sunday and not on the Monday. So whatever you are doing this weekend I say TGIF.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wow It’s Thursday!

I am sure you are wondering why I am so excited it is Thursday. Why shouldn’t I be? I am just kidding on the whole thing.

I know that Friday is the day of the week most people are excited about because the weekend is about ready to start. I think that a lot of people take Friday’s off and do not work. Those are the ones work at least ten hours per day unless you own your own business, in the medical field or you just love to work. There are others who do not work on Monday’s beyond the national holidays like the one coming up this weekend with Memorial Day. Those people usually have to work on Saturday. Not really a bad idea though working Saturdays can get old after a while. My previous job I had worked on Saturday’s for a while because I was a new employee and they needed people working on Saturday. Most working Saturdays were new employees. When I got the chance I was able to get Saturday’s off. I went to a Monday thru Friday schedule. During the time I had Saturday off I had either Tuesday or Wednesday. I would not say the most exciting thing to happen because I could not go somewhere for a couple days. On the good side I was able to make appointments where I did not have to get off work early.

Ok back to the whole exciting thing about Thursday. I am really kidding about the whole thing. Actually what happened and I am sure everyone has gone through this a few times in their lives I was thinking that hump day also known as Wednesday was Thursday. In the back of my mind I knew it was Wednesday but it felt like Thursday though I was not doing any normal Thursday things. You see there are some things I do on Thursday I don’t any of the other days of the week. I do meet for coffee with a couple guys every Thursday and I did not mistaken by accidentally going to meet up with them. Also the second and fourth Thursday night I meet with another group of guys from church and I knew this was not happening. So why did I think it was Thursday except in the back of my mind. I don’t really care however it means that I have two Thursday’s this week though today I do my normal Thursday while yesterday I did not. I know it sounds crazy. Maybe I was excited that the first Thursday which was actually Wednesday I was not doing normal things for a Thursday.

Like I say people do mistaken a day for another all the time however they are not like me knowing it is the correct day in the back of my mind. They actually believe it is that day and they get all mixed up.

Last week I went to the barber shop on Monday to get a haircut. When I arrived I realized after reading the sign they were closed that barber shops are not open on Monday’s because they work on Saturday’s. This was not exactly the same thing as forgetting what day it is however there are times we all forget when places are closed. At times we forget when we have an appointment scheduled for as well. We either miss it all together or we go on the wrong day. In the end it makes a good twist to our lives. So embrace today as the second Thursday of the week. It beats believing today is Friday.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Dating Scene

The whole dating game or scene or whatever you want to call it can be difficult. This is especially true for older people like me.

Why I am even mentioning this is because it is part of life and if you want to get married whether the first time or again you have to go through with it. This is at least the impression that many people believes will happen. I am not really sure that is the case. I believe the most successful way is where couples meet at church or in a social gathering. I know a couple at church who just starting dating or at least spending time together anyway met right there at church. I am not really into the know so I can’t be sure they just started talking or his sister introduced him to her. I know that he is interested in getting married again and I am sure she is interested as well. How serious they are is hard to tell other than they sit together at church.

In my case right now I am going to meet a gal that I went to high school with and it has been a lot of years. We recently became friends on social media and I decided that I would ask her out for coffee to catch up on her life. I don’t know for sure but my impression is that she is interested in me. I have no idea however I know that she is a widower so obvious she lost her husband. I know she is interested in meeting someone to start a new relationship and I am open for it. We will see in the next few days where things go. Right now I am up for it because she is a nice gal and we know each other those many years ago. Also I am tired of the internet dating game which is a whole other way of meeting. What I find on the dating sites you have people who don’t really want to meet in person just want to chat. In this scenario most likely they are married and looking for a fling or actually not the person they say they are and want to scam you. In both cases not a good thing at all. If they are single looking to chat only because not sure of themselves coming out of a bad relationship and they are carrying luggage you don’t want any part of. I know that there are sites where people do meet and in the end get married.

There are sites that are getting very popular today focus is on where you go to meet groups of singles who do activities together. One example where the group goes out hiking and camping during the summer when the weather is nice and people want to get out doing things. This can be good because there are those who have similar interests however you have a lot more competition and you could get your feelings hurt. Also you may have those who are out on the prowl for a mate. These kind of dating groups could be good if your intention is to get out there to meet people and not date. In the end you may become involved in a relationship because you were not looking for it and the right person came along. Depending on what happens with the coffee date I may try this next and get involved not for dating but relationships with all kinds of people. At the very least I have gained new friends. If you are trying to get into a relationship like me I would try different ways or sites to see what works. Also remember meeting people in social gatherings like coffee shops, grocery stores and athletic clubs will give you better odds to find the right person. In the end that is the most important thing is to find the right person and not settle for someone less because you feel lonely. Just like me I give you the best of luck and I hope things work out.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Meeting Up With An Old Friend

Today (Tuesday) I will be meeting for coffee with a woman I went to high school with. I won’t say classmate because we did not graduate together. I remember that she was a sweet girl. She says that she doesn’t look the same as in school but how many really do. I know some from school do not look much different than way back when other than older however there are others who look a lot different.

It will be really great to catch up with her. Find out what her life has been like since high school. I look forward to giving out how things have gone in my life too. What I do know is that she has at least a couple kids and she lost her husband. I don’t know the details however I look forward to finding out.

Most of the people I grew up with I do not see at all and the ones I do not that often. I hope that changes because life is getting shorter and I have already lost a few classmates. I know that some classmates have kept in touch and are still best friends. I feel they are the luckiest people in the world. I would say next to couples that have stayed married until death.

The most important thing though is we can’t regret what has happened in our lives however if we are able to reunite with old friends the better. Though I enjoy the friends I have today there still nothing more special than those I grew up with even though times were sometimes not so good. These friends know who you really are. Being in your life from almost the beginning and being a part of your extended family. I really do hope anyone is able to catch up with old friends than they should take the opportunity. In this case with the woman I am meeting we are both available for a relationship so who knows something could happen. I will let you know in one of the next chapters of life. Now time to go and look forward to post you next time.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Freedom Should Reign

Next Monday here in the United States we will be celebrating Memorial Day. This is the day we remember those who died in all the wars so we as a nation can be free.

Today it seems there are those who want to take our freedoms away. Probably been going on since we became a nation; I am not a conspiracy man but there are little hints here and there. I am sure the majorities of the people of the United States do not realize or maybe do not care that the freedoms are going away. At some point the majority will have to stand up to be sure the freedoms we have will stay. I agree that the minority have rights as well but in the end it all has to do with freedom for all citizens.

Where I see losing the freedoms happens in those who say that they should not be offended or we should not offend anyone. If you disagree with them they come out and say that you hate. I may not agree with people on certain issues but it does not mean that I hate them.  In fact if I did hate them I likely would not say anything at all because why I would I speak to anyone I hate. My opinion is that they are the ones that hate. What I hate is not them but what they are doing and their lifestyle. I speak up because I actually care for them. If you are someone that feels offended by others than I am sorry for you; the truth is that you are not living in freedom but in bondage. You truly believe in your lifestyle you should not care what others think of you at all. When it comes to freedom though right now we are in a free nation we all live in some type of bondage. We all allow something to rule over us. What I am saying here most of all is to live in freedom. Do not let others or circumstances rule us. I declare today that we have a new understanding of freedom and live in it. Ring the bell “freedom reigns”. Have a great week and be free.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hello Everyone!

This morning I am wondering if I have anything to say or write about. My friends would say I always have something to say which I have to admit is true. If nothing else happens at least we get a lot of laughs happening.

I am sure there are those who would like to talk about politics however I decided to say nothing about it at least on social media because I am so tired of people posting their opinions. All I know I have no one to vote for right now. In my opinion none of them are good candidates. Who will be the next president of the United States just flip a coin I say. In the end we must pray something will change. An unknown candidate comes forward. I am amazed that the republicans had eight years to bring a good candidate forward and they did not do so. At least no one who decided to run that is.

When it comes to life it is the best we get the most out of it. Circumstances a lot of times rule what is going on in lives. We must decide that we will rule the circumstances instead of them ruling us. Easier said than done I have to say.

Yesterday (Saturday) rained for a good part of the day so I hung out at the coffee shop for a little while longer meeting and talking with friends. I am wondering why we didn’t have coffee shops earlier. So nice to have a place to meet up with people to do some chatting; speaking of chatting some people want to chat on line but not meet in person. I don’t understand that at all. Oh I have to say that is on dating sites that is. Maybe they feel that they have to commit to another person or not sure whether the person maybe crazy. I try to let them know that I am not crazy and we can meet in a public place like a coffee shop. What an amazing idea.

On Mother’s Day my brother had the idea to hire someone to come in and organize the place for her. She thought it was a very good idea however she started organizing herself. Sometimes it takes someone to suggest something for us to get off our you know what. I went out and bought her a three level plastic container to put in things in like pencils and scratch pads. Already has made the place look better. We may not need an organizer after all. The important thing is to keep things tidy. What a novel idea! LOL!! Doing little things can go a long ways that is for sure.

What is great about today? It is another day we can enjoy and make a difference in other people’s lives. It allows us not to be so selfish or at the very least not as selfish. I don’t know about you but I find it pretty easy to be selfish because it is part of our DNA. In some respects I find being unselfish is selfish too. That may sound strange but I think it is true. You become unselfish so you don’t have to be selfish which is selfish in a way. Now I am wondering how many times I can write selfish in a sentence or a paragraph. Instead of moving on because it could be selfish on my side I am going to end it right now. Have a great day and I will write you the next time.





Saturday, May 21, 2016

Writing About Stuff

Here I am writing about life and that is why blog is called herbslookatlifeandsport. I realized just right now that part of life is just stuff. In fact probably a good part of our life is about stuff. The good and bad stuff; we need to figure how to throw away the bad stuff though. Of course it is easier said than done.

What do I mean saying stuff? It is everything that is around us; all things that does not include us. Yes it could include people too. This is especially true of those who can keep us sidetracked to what we are destined to do in this life. I feel love is the most important part of life however it doesn’t change some people who should not always be part of our life. We can love them at the same time. We can be there for them when needed but not all the time. I am sure there are some people we want to fix however there are those who can’t be fixed because they don’t want to be fixed. A lot of fixing there just kidding! This is part of the stuff we must decide to put into another pile and go into a storage unit. LOL Other words we don’t want to throw it away but we don’t want to see it all the time either.

This morning I was reading a story in the sports section of the local paper about the Seattle Mariners centerfielder Leonys Martin. He is an outstanding defensive centerfielder one of the best in all of the major leagues. Anyway he is sharing about his hitting which he has been struggling at. His batting average has been around .200. Because of his defense he is worth a lot to the Mariners however he says that talking with hitting coach Edgar Martinez and the manager Scott Servais he has to stop swinging so hard and just put contact on the ball to be successful. We will see how he proceeds through the season however I thought this is a good philosophy for us all to stop swinging so hard and just have contact. Swinging so hard is one of the stuff we should throw out.

So the ending to this blog or story we need to get rid of all the bad stuff so we can enjoy all the good stuff. Life will be so much happier for us all if we do so. The stuff is not just people like I mention or belongings we have it can be our attitude too. Let’s begin today and get rid of all the bad stuff. We can begin this with a smile. Have a great weekend everyone!  




Friday, May 20, 2016

Moving On

 My last post I wrote about being a new person the one that we are created to be. So here it is about moving on from the old one. Actually the person other people may have said we were instead of who we truly are.

I have mentioned before that we need to be mentored along with mentoring others. This is part of the process of moving on. We must be encouraged by a person we admire that we see being like in some ways. We are our own person created in a unique way however there are those who are like minded though a bit different. Moving on is finding someone to that has gone through many of the steps we are working on right now. The one we mentor is someone who admires us and is in the place we once were. They allow us not to be totally focused on ourselves. Also our purpose and destiny includes helping others.

I believe though some of those friends we spent time with in the past we may have to leave in the past for a period of time. Right now they may be hurting us to move on to being the person we are meant to me. Other words they could drag us down and back into the place we once were. This does not mean we won’t be friends with them in the future just not right now. There is a good possibility of hard feelings however you can communicate that you are no longer wanting to do the things you did before that you are looking to be a better person. Even though this is hard on them and you to that   that they understand where you are at right now; let them know that if something comes up that they will get your help but you can’t spend as much time with them any longer. Another name for this is called tough love.

We need to realize to that this change in our lives is a marathon and the change can take some time. This all depends on the individual because some can go faster than others. I believe the problem in many ways that got us in the position we are being not the real us is comparing ourselves to others. We so much want to be like them or we have been told that we will not accomplish anything. We are a no good thing which is a total lie. We all were created for a purpose no matter what others have put on us. Now we have to move on and live the life we are destined for. If you haven’t found a mentor I would go to a friend that you trust and ask them to mentor you or someone they know that can. We are on this earth only for a short period of time and we must make the best of us. Remember my purpose is to give hope to the hopeless. I hope that I have helped you to move on to the next step. Also remember to take tiny steps to it doesn’t happen all in one day. Look back to today in six months and a year to see how far you have come. Best wishes from Herb.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The New Us

Right now there is so much talk about our identity specifically sexually. This is not what I am referring too. I am more into improving on our old self becoming a new self.

To be the person we were created to be in the first place we become a new person. You may say that you like the person you are however none of us are perfect. In fact I have to say we have been evolving into the person we are. Parts of us are truly the person we were meant to be however there are parts of us that we were not intended to be. It may sound confusing because that is how it started out in the beginning. We were born with our own personality and character which we still have whether we know it or not.  For many of us we became a different person than we were intended to be. We were shaped by our parents to act in a particular way or those in our lives telling us we are losers.  Maybe you are quiet and shy because that is how people made you feel. On the other hand you became loud because of how people treated you. Hopefully over the years you have become more like the person you were created to be.

I know in my life I am becoming more and more like the person I was intended to be. My personality hasn’t really changed and I will stay that way the rest of my life however I am more than what others told me. In my case the negative ideas of myself had to do with circumstances beyond my control. Actually it works that way for all of us to some degree or another. As a young child I had a problem hearing so I did not really start talking until I was five years old. I did not catch up to my reading level until I went into tenth grade taking a speed reading class during the summer. Up to that point I never really considered myself very smart because I was not a normal child at least in my mind anyway. I know to that some other kids did not make me feel that way either. Now I see myself as a smart person that knows about a lot of different subjects. It doesn’t change the fact that I started off slow however at least I have now made it. This is the new me or maybe the improved old me. Doesn’t really matter does it. I now know that my purpose and destiny is to give hope to those who are hopeless. Although I wished my life would have started in a more normal fashion (how I see it anyway) if it wasn’t’ for how things have gone along the way I would not understand how to give hope to the hopeless. This is what makes it all the more exciting we are the person we were created to be and we learned both from the good and the bad. The most important thing now is to live as the new person and we will involve each day more like this person. It is OK that you like the old you because it is part of the new you. If you haven’t up to this point shown off the real you or better known as the new you let the world see it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mt. St. Helen’s Eruption

Today May 18 is the 36th anniversary of the volcano eruption to Mt. St. Helen’s in 1980. The mountain is in the southwest part of the State of Washington.

I have to admit that I have never gone and visited the site since it happened however I plan to do so. Since I write stories once in a while about events happening in the area it would be a good idea to do so.

I remember that day working for my dad and we were all talking about it. I don’t think it happened that day however we did have some ash that landed on the grown. My dad’s business was in Tacoma and we were hoping the ash would not affect us which it did not. It is the only eruption occurred in this area since I have been alive. I don’t recall whether we had any ash in Gig Harbor or not. I believe we did just not as much as Tacoma. The ash actually covered most of the state of Washington. Now you can go on guided tours to see Mt. St. Helen’s. I am sure that there will be a lot of people visiting the site today.

I remember the anniversary very well because it is the day after my birthday. Also I know a gal who was born on May 16, 1980 two days before the eruption. It is easy to keep track how old she is. Of course I don’t say anything to her about it.

I don’t remember how many people who died on the mountain that day except there was an old man named Harry Truman. He actually was a relative to the President of the same name. He refused to leave the mountain though he was given plenty of time to go. This was the same for any others who died that day.

There were people who evacuated from nearby towns as well as the mountain. Though there was the ash the eruption did not cause much damage in the rest of the state. I am sure there were people who left for a little while besides those living in the evacuated towns. It is scary to be involved in an eruption that you have no experience in before and you live two hours away. I can’t imagine those who lived even closer. Anyway these are my memories to the eruption.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I appreciate everyone that you are enjoying with me my birthday

It is the anniversary of my purpose and destiny put on this earth

I finally figured out to give hope to the hopeless

If you are living today in darkness and depression I know where you are since I begin in the same place most every day however I know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Let you know that I am there with you and so is God

There are days that I am not sure whether God is next to me but he is my best friend and he is yours too

Though I don’t always feel his presence there is no doubt he walks beside me

He has a purpose and destiny just designed for you

Again remember there is light at the end of the tunnel.



Monday, May 16, 2016

Being Bold

Right now a lot of people think the world is going to hell in a handbasket. It certainly looks like that in many ways. Everyday another issue seems to come up that makes me shake my head. I don’t have to mention exactly what they are because most people know them without me mentioning them. I get amazed that some of my relatives think some of these people are at the top of these issues have so much courage. They are admired by so many people that are for the issue and those who are accepting.

These same people will say that those who speak up against these same issues are being judgmental which a wrong thing to say. In my mind these same people who are for the issue are just as much judgmental if not more so than those against them. Though I am against these issues myself in my mind what issue should stand up for and those we should not. Other words we have to pick our battles.

I have spoken before about our purpose and destiny. This is where I want to go with being bold. I believe the reason I was put on this earth is to give hope to the hopeless. I have had to struggle through living in depression and dark places at times in my life and I know that there is hope at the end of the tunnel. I know to that I may go back into those dark places in the future however I know to that the battle is on and again I will make out of the tunnel. I have to recognize the dark place and say in my mind that I am not going to live there again.

I believe the boldness is not just speaking out about the issues we take seriously or about our purpose in this life. Boldness is acting out on our purpose and destiny as well. For example in my case is not only to speak hope to the hopeless it is to show hope in my life to those all around me. It is in my action and how I life that people will see the hope that I live in. Often people see our actions more than they do what we say especially with a loud voice. We all need to live the life of our purpose and destiny. It is in us and through us. We are our purpose and the purpose is us. Whatever you have found to be your purpose in life it will give hope to those around you. The most important thing I believe is whatever you do must be with intention of love. If you are involved against any of the issues that are happening right now show those that are coming against you a whole lot of love. The love will overcome come evil with good.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hearing From Old Friend

 I have thought about it over the last couple years but like so many things I have put it off. Yesterday I responded back to a post I saw on social media. The post was from a son of my dad’s business partner. He is the same age as my sister and I have not seen him in many years though we are friends now on FB. I am sure you can figure what this is.

I have to say we have been on FB as friends for about a year. We haven’t said a lot to each other but I see what he is up to these days being a real estate agent and is married. I thought very good on both because I am sure he is really good at being an agent and he was single for a long time.

Anyway I asked him how his older sister and younger brother were doing. Also, I said we should get together in person and catch up since it has been many years. In some ways his family and ours were like a second family. At one point or another we all worked in the family business so knew them quite well. I worked with his brother as installers the summer before my senior year of high school. He was doing the job so he could afford to go to dental school. He ended up being a dentist up in the Bellingham, Washington area. In fact he was a very good dentist. A few years after high school I worked in the business for twelve years before it was sold; I worked with him and sister for a couple years while my dad was recovering from a heart attack and their father had died a few years before.

He posted back to me giving me the bad news first that his sister had died of cancer ten years ago and his brother died last year of Parkinson’s. The good news was that he wanted us to get together. Hearing the news about his sister and brother brought tears to my eyes and the memories we shared. I am sure when we get together we will have a lot of laughs because that is how our relationship was most of the time. I am sure glad that he is still around to talk too.

This tells me how important it is for us to get back in touch with those we have lost contact with in the past. I know that there are others that I haven’t seen or talked to for a long time and it is so important to rekindle those old relationships. We have no idea how much time any of us left on this planet so we take advantage of getting together even if it only once in a while. Another great thing about social media and email is that we can keep in contact with those that are not close in distance. The thing is even those that are close in distance we often don’t keep in contact with either. So I am going to make a list of those who I want to get back into contact with. I look forward to the day I see him and others that I have lost contact with. I will have a nice smile on my face.  

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Starting a Relationship

Being in a relationship we all know is not an easy thing so starting one is not either. Again I have to say that I am far from being an expert on a subject however I am going to try with my life experience.

In fact I have to say that I haven’t started very many relationships if we are talking about between a man and a woman that leads to dating that leads to marriage. So I will be going by a limit of experience but observing what I have seen with other couples. Again this is from my view and chuckling a little bit I could be wrong but I might as well throw my two cents in.

My belief to start a relationship is to begin as friends. What I have observed with successful married couples though they are lovers most of all they are best friends. At some point you are going to go through a rough patch in your relationship and being best friends helps you out. Not that it solves anything or makes it any easier during the rough patches you should make it to the other end. My belief despite what I see going on in marriage across the board it is for the rest of our lives or at the point one of the partners passes away. On the other way you could say though we are both are alive our marriage is dead. I think that marriage and relationships can be saved if you think of yourself as best friends because love may no longer be part of the package but friendship can be. Also I believe couple can rekindle their love for one another. Unlike some people I can’t say how many because I really haven’t asked anyone but love is more than a feeling it is a choice by us to or not to love. Right here I will let you laugh if you have read up to this point.

Back to starting a relationship yes begins being friends. First of all don’t think about dating at all unless you both feel ready to do so. Don’t go into the whole thing thinking about marriage but being friends. Easy to do not all because I know the next time I start a relationship I may not follow what I am saying here at all but I still think it is good advice. Another thing is do not take advice of friends who  want to hook you up especially if you already know the person unless you have thought about them before your friends have told you. I have been suggested this before by a few friends that say we think this gal would be right for you. She is really nice and we think she likes you already. In these cases I don’t want to sound unkind however though the gals are nice I am not attracted to them. They don’t have to be beautiful in my mind but I still feel the need to be attracted to them. Other words though my friends feel they are doing me a favor they actually are not. On the other hand if it was a gal that I was attracted to but being afraid to approach her because I am thinking she may shoot me down than that is something totally different. I feel I should not go out with someone just to take the chance to see that something could happen. Actually once I did go out with someone and we spent time together because friends told me that she like me which was true however it turned out she had some hang ups and troubles she could not get through. She must have worked through the problems because later on I saw her and she was married. She looked very happy as well so she met the right person. I haven’t seen her now for many years so I do hope that they are still together.

Personally I feel that I am going to take advice from another close friend that I am going to meet as many women as possible and not try to be romantic just be friends. Without trying that special person the one to be me my life partner will come on the scene because I will not have expectations. Whether this will work or not I will find out and I will tell you when it does. So if you are looking to go into a new relationship take my words and work through them. I am not saying you will take my advice but I hope it works out that way.



Friday, May 13, 2016

Happening This Weekend

Like so many places around the world things do happen in Gig Harbor, Washington. If you happen to be in the area this weekend Gig Harbor is having a show being put on both this Saturday and Sunday sponsored and at Tides Tavern. They will be showing a reenactment of the Wilkes Expedition when they discovered Gig Harbor and the outlying area in 1841. Besides the reenactment of the expedition they will have a replica of the Gig that Charles Wilkes used to get into the harbor. The mouth of the harbor was not wide enough and too shallow for his ship to enter in so he kept the ship out on Commencement Bay. This is the bay that surrounds Tacoma, Washington.

During this weekend they will be having older boats being shown off as well. For those who want to will be given the chance to go out on the water in one of the boats. I will be going to see what is happening with it all and I will report back. I will be taking my camera as well to see if I can get pictures of these ships and the reenactment of the Wilkes Expedition.

For a history lesson Captain Wilkes was on expedition for the United States Navy also known as the United States Exploring Expedition. He started off in August 1838 where he left Virginia set off for South America where he also visited Australia, Fiji and Hawaii Islands before heading to the west coast of North American. This is when he discovered the Puget Sound which Gig Harbor, Tacoma and Seattle Washington is part of. Also, went north to the Strait of Juan de Fuca as well as the Columbia River near Portland, Oregon. His job for the Navy was not just to explore but to survey. This is the reason so many places in this area he named; however, there are quite a few places in the area that were named after Native Americas for example Seattle, Tacoma, and Puyallup. There will be other activities that will take place in the area as well this weekend. The only places in Washington that were not named by Wilkes or Native Americans are those that were named by Captain George Vancouver of the British Royal Navy who came and explored this area fifty years before Wilkes. Among the places he named besides Vancouver, British Columbia and Vancouver, Washington named after him were Puget Sound the body of water that Seattle and Tacoma are part of. Also he named Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Hood. So many places are named after men who many now do not know who they ever were unless you’re someone who is interested in history. I look forward to learning more about the history of the northwest. I did take Washington History in high school however that was many years ago and I have forgotten most of it. Like it is commonly said if you don’t use it you lose it.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Good Exercise

I am sure everyone believes all exercise is good so why more people not exercise than. The reason some people do not exercise is they don’t have the time or they don’t like exercising. I expect the main answer they don’t like to exercise. I know that there is a true way to get more people to exercise and that is good exercise. What I mean by this is that there are exercises people will enjoy doing besides being good for them.

An example of a good exercise that people can do and not think of it as exercising is walking or riding a bike. Both of these exercise allows you to get place to place. You can do either if you live close to where you work or grocery store. It may take a little extra time than what you are accustomed to but it feasible. I know someone who rides his bike to work a lot. Driving his car to work is faster for him however he enjoys riding his bike too though it takes about twice as long to get there. If you ride a bus too work than a bike is a good alternative. Depending on the distance too work you can ride the bus and take the bike with you. At some point you can get off the bus and ride or ride for a distance before getting onto the bus.

Grocery shopping is a good way to get some exercise. I have two approaches on how to get a little exercise from shopping. First approach is to park some distance from the grocery store in the shopping center. It doesn’t take a lot of extra time however gives you more time to walk. If you are buying a lot of groceries this is probably not a good approach however you can walk a little extra in the store. On the days I go into the grocery and I haven’t had the time to walk like I usually do I go down as many aisles as I can. I may spend five or ten minutes doing so which isn’t a lot however it is more than I would have done otherwise. I do the same thing when I go to the coffee shop I park some distance. One of the shopping centers the grocery store and the pharmacy are on opposite sides so I park near one of them and walk the distance to the other. Another example that it will not take a lot of extra time however I am still get a little of exercise without really thinking I am doing so. If you are doing several errands a day this is a good way of getting some exercise.

One of the guys in the coffee shop I see in the morning his wife walks about ten miles a day which includes doing errands. If she is grocery shopping than she walks from their home and then goes to the store by the coffee shop. She buys the groceries puts them in his car for him to take home and goes on her way to her next destination. She carries a pack on her pack sometimes with books that she takes back to the library and getting other books. It is amazing the places I see her at times driving around town or when I am out walking myself.

Another exercise you can do is go swimming. My apartment complex the swimming pool is now open so yesterday I went swimming. I did it for relaxation as well as the exercise. A good way to get more exercise I figure. My brother goes swimming every day at a local pool to get some exercise. I am sure he is good at swimming or at least better than me. His pool likely is bigger than the one at my apartment complex. Other things like playing tennis or basketball are good exercises that you can do because you enjoy them. For me this is what I call good exercise those things you can do because you enjoy them at the same time. I am sure a lot of people quit exercising because they don’t like what they are doing so try something that you actually enjoy doing. Remember when you were a kid and you did things all the time. You got a lot of exercise out of them without thinking of them as exercise. I am sure there are other things you can do as well. Use your imagination to find out what they are. Exercise without thinking of it as exercise. You have a good time and staying fit too.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beautiful May

So far this month the weather has been really nice here in Western Washington. The temperatures have varied between the mid 60’s and 80 however the sun has been out most of the time which is very nice.

I believe there is no place on face of the earth that is more beautiful when the sun is shining. Of course we can only guarantee it during the summer however spring sometimes has great weather too. What I like is that it does not get too hot most of the year. Once in a while we may hit 90 but that doesn’t happen too often.

Because of my fair skin I go around with a cap on almost all the time regardless the time of the year. It protects me when it hot and helps me out when it is raining too. Growing up my mother always made sure I had a shirt on all the time and wear sun screen during the summer. I found it to be frustrating at the time however I now am thankful she did that and I don’t have to worry about skin cancer. I hope anyway.

This morning I was able to see Mt. Rainier outside the window. There is nothing more beautiful to see first thing in the morning. I miss it when the clouds are out and the mountain is covered but very magnificent most of the time. I get amazed that it takes two hours to drive to the mountain where you can look so close to it. We are so blessed to have a beautiful site to see every day.

 There are so many different activities you can do around here when the weather is like this. I enjoy going for walks along with hanging outside at the coffee shops. My favorite activity is to talk with people. I call it the least expensive way for entertainment. Along with talking with people I enjoy seeing small children. On Monday a young girl about three years old while mother and grandmother were getting a drink she decided to play hide n seek with me. Love it a whole lot. I hope to see her again soon.

My nephew Connor and his girlfriend are coming to town soon from Quebec so it will be good to out and do some things. Not sure how long they will be around but it will be a good time. Along with my mother we likely go out for dinner at one of the local restaurant that serves seafood and has a great view. It is located at the end of the harbor so you can see most of Gig Harbor. I hope that there will be people out kayaking or sailing. When visiting here you can rent a boat or a kayak.

Another great activity is taking a ride on a ferry to Seattle from Bremerton. On the way to catching the ferry in Bremerton you can view Navy ships in the bay. There are other places in the area you can take ferry rides as well. This is a good time of the year to do so before kids get out of school. During the summer you can wait a while to get on a ferry if you plan to take a car. In fact I recommend going on as a passenger.

Going to Seattle on a nice day is a great way to spend the time. The ferry ride lets you off on the waterfront and Pike Place Market is pretty close by. Also you can take a taxi to the Space Needle. The cost is about the same as paying for parking and is inexpensive if there are three of you in the car. This is something I have done with family in town. The Space Needle is not far from the waterfront. The view from top is fantastic too; another way to see Mt. Rainier to the south and see the San Juan Islands to the north.

Has been a couple years since last saw Connor so it will be real nice to catch up with him and to get know his girlfriend. He loves the NFL to so we will talk a little Seahawks as well. Most of my family I will be seeing in August in St. Louis, Missouri however Connor is not going to make it so this will be our only chance to see him this year. I will let you know how the visit goes when they come.

In the meantime I will be looking at other activities to do during the month of May. I am sure we will get some rain however it will not be like what we are used to during the winter. Another thing is everyone has so much joy when the weather is like this. Having rain for a while people get so depressed around here. I try myself to keep an even keel. I hope you know what I mean by saying that. I try to be more up than down in my attitude. Where ever you are enjoy May.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Being Loving

Many times I get inspired by family and friends on social media. There is not everything that I enjoy on social media especially when people are writing about politics and other social issues. I know that they feel it is important to share their beliefs however I have the right to pass them right by too. This is especially true in a year of the presidential race which I don’t really care much for any of the candidates. Just to put in a little of my view I plan not to vote this year unless something changes. I know some will say you have to vote however I respond back by saying why should I vote if I don’t like any of the candidates. Should I vote for the less of two evils. 

Back to what I really am writing about. Anyway on Monday I read a post from a friend who spent a wonderful weekend with her husband. In another week they will be celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary. Yes I went to their wedding though I was not feeling that well. She mentioned how much she was still in love with her husband and how special the weekend trip they went on. She mentioned how deeply she is in love with him with respect and adoration. I have to say that someday I hope to be married and my life partner will say the same thing.

In our world so many of the marriages are in trouble and couples getting divorced; it shows that most marriages the couples are just not satisfied. In my mind it shows that many couples either don’t know each other very well when they get married or loss of love comes in the feelings. I am not an expert in marriage at all since I have never been married however I know what I want out of marriage. Not only I am looking at love but spending the rest of my life with my best friend. It is obvious the couple I mentioned is loving and best of friends.

I believe many couples are getting married way too early. Since I have waited a long time I understand the whole thing about being lonely however I don’t want to get married so I am not alone. Also I like the couples who are waiting several years before having children. Having children shortly after getting married is not always a good thing; I am sure it works for some however since many are getting divorced it is showing not working for most. It is a no brainer in my mind that children are the big loser when it comes to marriage. I know sometimes it is a good thing because the parents are not getting along and staying in the marriage is not good either. I get amazed that some though don’t really learn and go through several marriages and divorces. This shows me that some are getting married because of lust besides loneliness. I can understand this however you should not get married because of either. In fact you should find a way to get over both of them lust and loneliness. I know it is not easy especially since I have been waiting for a long time for marriage. I hope the time comes real soon and I know it will be a great relationship. I to want my partner posting how much she loves and adores me; the greatest words anyone should be able to hear ever.

So remember this no matter if you do not have the same feeling for your partner you can still make the choice in loving them and be the best of friends. You see feelings can change anytime. Also remember that grass is not always greener on the other side. You have to continually water the yard. Good day and let love reign.

Monday, May 9, 2016

My Story

I find it really nice to write to people who enjoy reading about my story. We all have a story to tell whether we realize it or not. Everyone can learn from each other.

Each day that turns into a week, a month, and a year brings together a new chapter. What I hope to is learn something new each day. Also, I find it important to have as much joy as possible though it is not always easy to find.

It is important that I can pass on every l learn onto others. At the end of the day say yes it was a good day even if the circumstances are not always easy.

I know that my life story did not start out every easy however where it is now I have come a long ways. The first early years were tough to say the least. My parents had to be sure to watch my health. My mother especially made sure that I was able to get what I needed to stay alive. I may not have the story correct but she was afraid as a baby that I could come down with ammonia. She made sure the house stayed warm enough so I would not get affected. You see she had an older brother who died as a baby from the decease and did not want me fall to it either.

When I was four I was burned. My pajamas were caught on fire by the stove. You see I was trying to cook an egg because I was allergic to them. Not a smart idea I would say for sure. My sister Barb was twelve and half saw I was on fire so she screamed out loud, our mother came and put it out. Our father than rushed me to Mary Bridge Hospital Burn Center where I was at for six weeks. I was fortunate not being burned on my face and I was able to survive; if the timing had not been so perfect like my sister not being in the room likely I would not have made it.

During that same period of time I had a problem with my hearing and speech. I could not hear correctly and they found out later that I had wax in my ears. There was other issues with my hearing which I my mother says not sure what they were however removing the wax cured a lot of it. Before entering kindergarten I had to go to a speech therapist to help with my speech. Let you know I was told all this because I do not remember any of this.

The whole issue with speech put me behind in school in regards to learn to read and write English. It wasn’t until high school I caught up with both. I consider it amazing that I am able to write this blog because of the experience at such a young age.

This shows me that we can all overcome obstacles and circumstances from our past. This is really true if you have the determination to do so like I did. You see for a while I felt like I was different than the other kids and I wanted to be like everyone else. In some respects I am different than others however it is OK because I know it is the purpose and destiny in my life. I can relate to others who have had to deal with circumstances that were out of their control just like me.

The chapters now in my life are different than in those days. We do no longer have to think of ours in the same way we did back in the early chapters. Not only that we do not have to believe what others said about us either. We are overcomers and champions living a new life. Not only today but tomorrow and all the days ahead in our lives; only you can make how the story continues and ends.