Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Good Day

I want to thank October it has been a wonderful month. The weather has been interesting here in the Pacific Northwest to say the least. It started out raining then for a couple weeks temperatures higher than normal then foggy now ending with rain once again.

I wonder is this how our lives work as well where things change over the month. I believe so anyway.

My mother falling early Monday morning having her go to go into the ER for a couple hours. She says her head has been hurting from the fall and she is dizzy at times too. She had been using a cane however now has decided to use her walker full time which is a good thing to keep her balance.

Tuesday we had a woman from hospital services come by to see how we can make life easier for Mom. Although I do cook both of us our meals however they have services where they provide meals for the elderly at a reasonable price. In fact the first month is free to see if it will work out for her. Going to try it to see if we like it for her benefit; we do decide to go forward with it be a good change.

What a wonderful young woman having a job like this to help out the elderly and those having spent any time in the hospital to make everything easier. It is a wonderful calling and purpose in this young woman’s life. We will be hearing back from her with more details on everything we discussed. This is what I believe we all should be doing on one level or another.

Enjoy your day as we roll into November. I wish you the best and many blessings for the month ahead. Amen!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Lord My Shepherd

David who wrote Psalm 23 among many of them said the Lord his God was his shepherd and he lacked nothing at all. I know we feel at times we lack a lot but with God being our shepherd we don’t.

David when he killed Goliath and before becoming King of Israel he was a shepherd taking care of his family sheep. He knew his job was to take care of every sheep he was shepherd of. He knew every verse of this psalm he wrote about. He knew about lying down in green pastures, taking the sheep to quiet waters and being refreshed. Also he knew what it meant about walking through the valley of death and knowing God was with him. He knew he didn’t have to fear evil either. He knew his enemies and God set a table for him in front of them. He knew God’s love and mercy would follow him every day of his life and finally he would live with God forever.

What a powerful message for us all to hear, understand and life by. Not any easy task at all but this is how God wants to take care of us. Amen!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Call to the ER

I am sorry today’s post is a bit later than normal. My mother fell early this morning so she had to go ER. She spent only a couple hours. Affection she had in August returned. She is going to be OK though.

Right now her care is my highest priority and purpose in life. We all have situations where there are those we have to watch whether our parents, children or other family members.

I want to thank you all for not only reading my posts but what you are doing with your life to help others in a greater way. Even if other people don’t know you are helping out the world only time will tell. Doing the small things is as important as the big things. Keep up what you are doing in the life of others. Amen!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Don’t Get Burn Out

The important thing no matter how busy take time for yourself and your family because it is easy to get burn out. I have known friends and others who have gotten burned out.

Getting burned out usually happens to those who drive themselves. Keep being affective in your purpose taking time out for even a day or two will be a benefit.  Relaxation can help us out a lot. A change of scenery is good as well. We all need a recharge once in a while. Our batteries run down after a while.

I feel a good time is when joy of doing anything is being taken away. Another time is when you are questioning what you are doing as well. We can be effective for a longer period of time taking a break. So do it.  

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Walking In Someone Else’s Shoes

We can’t always know what people feel however having empathy can begin with us sensing things by walking in their shoes. I am not sure it is easy task or how they may feel or act because everyone reacts in their own way but it does help to understand better if we think how we would feel in the same situation.

There are some situations where we have experienced the same thing but I believe people can react in their own way. I believe this is why empathy comes in. We can share our experience without telling them how they should feel. Most of all we can let them know we are there for them. We may not know the answers fully but being interested and caring for them is how they can get through their circumstances. I guess it would be called “a shoulder to cry on”.  Often people just want someone to open up to without giving opinion unless asked for.
Walking in someone else’s shoes isn’t easy either. It can always bring up circumstances in our lives that we may not want to deal with however we can be strong along with being vulnerable. The most important thing is loving the other person.  

Friday, October 26, 2018

A Life Group

At the church I attend we have small groups which we call life groups.  Every group works out different than the others.

The life groups can be all male, all female, adults, couples or families. They may meet once a week or twice a month. They meet on different days of the week, time and location area. It is set up this way so people can go where they prefer or what day of the week bests suits them.

The life group I attend meets on Thursdays so just had our meeting this week. We have adults only and we meet the second and fourth Thursday of the month. We actually talk about life issues and do a lot of laughing as well. This week we talked about our relationships with our fathers.  Some had good relationships, not so good and none at all. At the end we prayed for each other’s needs. Also we had pumpkin pie to eat.  Another thing with life groups have the option of eating a meal together or bringing desserts or goodies.

I believe it is important we all belong to some small group whether it is in church or not. Everyone needs to have relationships with others in a small setting. A great way to encourage each other.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Somethings Just Amaze Me

In my home town I read on social media how bad some people drive. In the last decade we have added a number of roundabouts and people still don’t know how to drive them. I know in Europe and other places drivers have no problem driving the roundabouts. In fact more drivers are on those in Europe then in my town for sure.  It makes me shake my head especially when people say they don’t like them.

They have built the roundabouts so traffic will flow better instead of having traffic lights which makes sense to me. I believe the answer is for drivers to learn how to drive them before traffic gets heavy.

The other thing though we have a lot of accidents in the area. I am sure my insurance is higher because of other people.

Oh well it is how things go so like everything else must just deal with it. I actually don’t think about it that much but I do use a lot of defensive driving tools. There are some people who don’t pay attention in shopping centers either. I wonder why there aren’t more accidents happening. All by the grace of God I expect.

It would really be nice if we had more bus transportation to help out as well like other countries. Even though they do spend millions on public transportation still most drive cars. Someday I hope things do change but like everything change seems to take a while to happen. I enjoy driving however I would take public transportation if it were available where I live.  I salute everywhere public transportation is alive and well.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bigger Than Us

Whatever we believe in it takes faith to do so. Also takes faith that we have a purpose in life beginning before we were born. Our purpose is bigger than us.

Whatever your purpose in life encompasses more than you; every person you meet in this life journey there is a reason behind it. There has been no one like you before and there will be no one like you after.

This is where faith comes in. Faith believes in what you don’t see. Knowing whatever happens there is a reason behind it even when you don’t know the answer. This is how we should think each and every day.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Holiday Season Approaching

Next Wednesday being Halloween it is so hard to believe the holiday season will arrive.

 I do know some people don’t celebrate Halloween while others do. I haven’t actually celebrated it much since I was a kid. Here in Gig Harbor things have changed where kids don’t go knocking on people’s door much anymore. They have a celebration downtown where kids can come all dressed up in custom get candy and see other kids. This happens right after school is let out.

Right after Halloween the stores will be showing off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year November has five Thursdays so Thanksgiving comes early on November 22; Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday of the month.

It is so hard to believe with the holiday season coming up how fast this year has gone by. Of course we say that every year and this certainly not the exception. Just right when we get used a year another one follows along. Also another decade is almost over as well.

However you celebrate the holiday season I wish you well to you and your family. Much peace, joy and happiness to everyone; look forward to see what happens over these next weeks and what the new year will bring as well.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Believing In Yourself

I find in my experience ministering to others believing in yourself is a big obstacle for all of us. Those who have had a life where this isn’t an issue is very blessed indeed since most have to overcome the problem.

We all have at some extent not believing in something and it goes for in ourselves as well. The problem is often we have been criticized by others especially those close to us that we can’t possibly do that much.

The important thing for us to do is forgive first those who have hurt, criticized us and not help us believe in ourselves. After forgiving them we must forgive ourselves for believing the lie that we are not good enough.

Forgiveness in this way is not to get them or ourselves off the hook but to give us freedom especially to do the purposes we are meant to do. We may be involved in our purposes however we can do even greater things with true freedom and believing in ourselves.

It is a work in progress to get us where we need to be. So forgive and believe in yourself. We will be amazed how much farther we can go.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Walking Along the Waterfront

It had been a while since I walked the waterfront of my hometown of Gig Harbor. I have been walking in other areas. It is nice to walk there once again.

The fall weather has been different this year with less rain and warmer weather however the trees have lost some of their leaves. The last few days we have had fog so I wasn’t able to see the homes on the other side of the harbor.  Actually so foggy I could only see several feet ahead of me.

Another thing happening for a short distance one of the lanes is closed so traffic is going only one way. I wonder how many towns have one street partly closed in an area having some traffic. With the road going one way I had to cross the street too. Most of the people I saw were walking their dogs. I stopped in a bakery as well. I wanted to see I was going to meet. 

You may call it my purpose to meet as many people as I can and get into conversation.  I find some who say hello back to me while others don’t say a word which is weird to me. I guess some just like keeping to themselves. Another thing making us unique and I look forward to my next walk along the waterfront without fog though. I will likely go again next Saturday. Make it once again a regular routine.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Making a Difference

We all want to make a difference in the world. There are times where we think we’re doing the job while other times question whether we are.

It is natural to think negative about our life time to time then we do snap out of it.  Make a list of what you have accomplished this week. If you don’t remember them all it is OK as well. 

Your accomplishments this week means you have made a difference. I am sure you have helped a friend or loved one so it means the world to them. Also you have made a difference in your own life as well which is a good thing. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Equipping Others

One of our great purposes should be to help equip others to do the purpose they have been created to do.

Although we have been created uniquely we still have talents and gifts similar to others even if we use them in a different manner. If you are a teacher whether it is professionally or not equipping others is your goal.  It is important to put others on the right track.

Besides equipping others it allows us to exercise our gifts and talents at the same time. Like the saying says “you don’t use it you lose it”.  An athlete continues working out even when he is not in season so he doesn’t lose his sharpness.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend and peace to you.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

What’s On My Mind?

When I woke up this morning a lot of things started throwing through my mind. I hope it isn’t one of these days. It is tough when thoughts continue coming along. I just hope it stores in my data base for later on.

The one thing I am going to say it is important when talking to another person to keep it simple. We all know people who can complicate things with a lot of words. In fact we could be one of those people. Often people want to hear a few words so keeping it simple makes it easier.

Maybe all this data coming through will allow me to share a lot of things here over several days or weeks. It is hard to say right now. So I am going to end it right here. Keep it simple and enjoy your day. Amen!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


On Monday October 15 Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft along with Bill Gates passed away in Seattle Washington. Among a number of businesses he owned the Seattle Seahawks football team and the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team.

A lot of what we see around Seattle has a lot of Paul Allen in it. He donated billions of dollars for different things including medical research.

I would call him a visionary who put into action what he saw. Bill Gates said after the passing of Paul Allen he is person without him we would not have personal computers. He knew what his purpose in life was and he did it. Our lives today wouldn’t be the same without men and women like Paul Allen.

We can have a vision to help the change the face of the world as well. I know to there will be others who we will see change the world in the next decade or two.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Amazing October


It is incredible how warm it has been here in the Pacific Northwest this October. It rained early this month but the sun has been shining a lot for this time of the year. The temperatures are expected to be in the upper 60s all week. I am not sure why this is happening other than global warming possibly.

Monday morning grocery shopping it was cold inside the store when I got outside it felt warmer; amazing to feel that way for sure.

Everyone feels more positive when the weather is this way instead of the rain. I know when it rains for a few days’ people will wonder what happened to the sun. We should feel fortunate whenever the sun is shining I feel. I don’t have any problem with the rain. Of course I have been around it all my life here.

It is really good to talk with people when the weather is like this because of the positive approach everyone seems to have. Circumstances do happen so not everyone feels good all the time. We have to choose joy regardless of the weather and whatever else is happening. Peace and joy to you all. Amen!

Monday, October 15, 2018

We Can Change the World

I have mentioned it before however I feel it is worth repeating we can change the world.

Each one of us created for a purpose. We may not understand however we are meant to be used in a manner greater than ourselves.

There will be those that will oppose us and not believe in our purpose but it still doesn’t change why we are here. It does take faith to believe in a great purpose.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Enjoying Your Weekend

First of all I hope you are having a good weekend. No matter how much you like your job there is still something great when the weekend comes.

Besides relaxing after the week I believe it is a good time to use our purpose. We should do our purpose every day of the week however the weekends the opportunities should be greater. Of course this may depend what our purpose is. The job may well be the main purpose so the opportunities will be greater than. Since our purposes should be involving other people I know that I have a better chance to see more of them on the weekends.

I know many want to use the weekend like a vacation and get away which is fine but I still believe opportunities can still happen during the time of relaxation.

Our purpose should not be depended on how often we do it but the impact we have. The impact though can take time to be realized. Enjoy it all every day whether during the week or the weekend.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


I wonder how many people remember their dreams. I don’t remember mine very often at all. Usually if I do I have just woken up during the dream.

If you are someone that remembers your dreams regularly you will find a pattern to the dreams. It is possible the dreams are speaking to you about your purpose or what you should be doing with them.

Whatever the case may be you should be doing something about your dreams. This is especially true if you find someone in the dreams over and over again. You know the person the dreams may be telling you to contact them. You don’t necessarily have to tell them that they are in your dreams just ask them how they are doing. During your conversation there could be time to let them know about the dreams.  The most important thing is to know what the meanings of the dreams are.

Have yourself a great day and use the dreams to help yourself and others.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Missing Those You Love

Something we all have in common is missing those we love. We think of them all the time. It is part of life however we can encourage those going through it now.

The most important part of encouraging someone who has lost a love one is to be there for them. We don’t necessarily have to say words but to help them in whatever manner they need it.

My older brother and my dad have been gone for a long time now however I still think of them a lot. I figure it won’t change long as I live. The same will go for the love ones in the future that will leave this world before me. So our loved ones are always with us even though they have died; they can help us be stronger and better people as well.

Missing our loved ones will help us to continue our life of purpose. We can do great things with the drive behind us. This will be our legacy as well.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

What Is In A Name?

Depending on our culture there is meaning to our names which can lead to our purpose.

Example of my name Herbert means bright warrior. Also my middle name is Norman (after my mother’s father) who were warriors. So you could say my purpose is to be bright and be a warrior at the same time.

I think it would be a good idea you find out the meaning of your name. Although some cultures don’t use names any more concerning our purposes finding out the meaning of your name may confirm what you already know about your purpose. It is something to check out any way.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Seeing Locally

I believe if part of your purpose is to travel doing so locally is a good idea as well.

Tuesday I decided go to Port Orchard, Washington which is only about 15 miles north of Gig Harbor where I live. I have gone by their several times on the highway but this time intentionally.

What makes these types of trips interesting you never know what to expect. I had planned to stop in a particular coffee shop for a few minutes. My plans didn’t quite work out the way I had intended it to go. The reason they had road construction going on through where I had exited. Originally I was going to take the exit before that one but thought why don’t I try this one. Changing your mind can get you into trouble some times.

Anyway I made my way through the construction. Actually I was surprised they let me through. I wasn’t able to go all the way on the road and had to make a detour. This is where I got into unfamiliar territory and why I couldn’t find the coffee shop. I should have a better time finding it the next time I go since I will take the exit I originally intended to take however it did make the time interesting.

Is there a moral to the story? Try it once but forget it the next time unless you want to see update on the construction. LOL

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Hear A Good Story

It is always nice to hear a good story especially if it is about someone who has recently found out her purpose in life.

A woman I have known now for many years at church Sunday night said her youngest daughter recently found out about her purpose in life and is real excited because she got a job helping those with disabilities. She told her mother this doesn’t feel like a job and her reply it isn’t a job because you are now doing what God’s purpose and original design for you is.

Always great to hear stories from people where their lives have changed because they are now living the purpose they were intended to be.

I look forward to hearing more stories like this I can pass on here to encourage us all. 

Monday, October 8, 2018


Every day we make decisions sometimes without realizing it.

Some of these decisions is all in the timing and can alter how our days turn out.

For example I have made a decision go to the grocery store at a particular time, depending on the stop lights among a few things I may run into someone I know. If I had been a few minutes earlier or later I would have missed seeing them. The same goes to someone I might have missed. I have had several occasions at the grocery store seeing someone I know leaving at a distance when I am arriving and they are going another direction so they don’t see me.

I am sure this has happened the other way as well when someone sees me. I think if I had only arrived ten seconds earlier we would have had a good conversation.

Of course we can’t ever alter our decisions however I find it interesting to think how our days could be different depending on them. Certainly something to think about.   

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Honoring Others

I have to say not an easy task however we truly want to live a life of purpose and love others than honoring others is important too.

This means we have to forgive them for their shortcomings and how they treat us as well.

This is truly tough when we are not honored by others however this is part of loving people.

I know not everyone will love me but I do know showing love to others is important in my life. Since this is important to me I must honor them even when I am not honored in return.

It is interesting thing to know though we have to act different than others to be an example and to live our lives in the manner we want to. It is something we have to work on every single day of our lives. Some days it will not work out the way we want it to be however we know that we must try.

As we forgive others we must forgive ourselves as we. The same goes for honoring. We must honor ourselves as well. We will never be perfect however the best we work at it the more joy we will have.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Won’t Always Agree

We should know others won’t always agree with us and that’s OK.

All we can do is the best we can. Use the knowledge and experience we have.

I hope others will accept me regardless of agreeing or not. It is OK to when we are not accepted as well. Rejection is never easy however does happen sometimes. We have to do what we are called to do.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Gift of Kindness

One of the great gifts is to be kind to others. There isn’t enough of it going around in the world today.

Many people think they are being judged though they may not be at all.  While there are those who are being judged for how they act.

Self-righteousness is the hardest form of judgment. It is hard to balance especially what is going on in the world today.

We have to realize we are all sinners and we all fall short of the righteousness of God. What makes things difficult though is many people believe they are doing right while they are not at all.

I see so much in the world today people call good was bad twenty or thirty years ago. When they are called on it they believe they are being judged. It is a sad state of affairs our world is in today.

I am not here to judge however people need to realize they are not necessarily doing the right thing or what they believe is right either.

To say all that though is we still need to give kindness to others. It is truly the only way the world can change.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Doing What We Can

The most important thing we can do in life is doing what we can.

Whatever our purpose is the important thing is to help others in whatever manner we can.

We may have gifts to be used for a specific purpose however is important to help others regardless what is happening.

What this means to me we act as the Good Samaritan. There are those who will just past by because they don’t want to be involved. This is the most important thing to do is be involved. We truly will have great meaning to our lives.

We should not just love our family and friends we need to love others as well. Of course there will be times where others will take advantage of us however we need not to worry about it.

We should realize everyone needs help some
time or another. Do we need people pass us by when we need help.

So let’s do things the right way. We may feel inconvenienced but we should help anyway. Today go out and help someone.  

Why Much As What

I recently realized when writing or even talking for that matter why is as important as what.

I have written about what while not so much to why. Now I am going to do why more than what.

What is the subject while why is behind the what. We can understand the subject more when we understand the why behind it.

Doesn’t take away how important what is just allows us to explain the why.

This revelation will allow putting what and the why together. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Hello October

Like clockwork on Monday here in Western Washington we had rain.  We said goodbye to September where we had wonderful weather with temperatures at times higher than normal.

October here is the beginning of the raining season which can last until March. With climate change it is hard to tell whether we will have more or less rain. In recent years we have record rainfall during this period. This is the complete opposite of summer where we have had hotter weather.

Though we know the rain is coming after several months of no rain it does take a little adjustment to get used to. I can see that in the way people drive. Hard for them to change the way they drive.

This time of the year people change the way they act as well. With a long period of rain people can get moody. Frustration starts sticking. The only thing keeps some people going is the holiday season coming up. Here we have the stores selling stuff for Halloween since the beginning of September. We should see things for Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up soon. Someone told me yesterday their house is already decorated for Christmas except no tree yet. I know some who would enjoy Christmas all year long. Actually here in Gig Harbor the Christmas lights are on all year long down on the waterfront except for the Christmas tree.

I try to make every day as close to the same as I can possibly in the way I live no matter the time of the year. Not an easy thing to accomplish though. I do like surprises too.

Something has to be different though. I enjoy watching people well as talking to them. I especially do with children. I want to encourage them even if it is with a smile or saying hello in a positive way.

The whole thing about this time of the year it feels like it will go by real quick. I heard someone say that yesterday January will be here real soon.

I just hope we get some snow this winter for a change here in Gig Harbor. It has been a while since we have had a lot. In the last few years the snow has only been an inch or two at the most. I am sure many are fine with it but I like to see five or six inches plus sticking around for several days. Usually snow comes then leaves in a hurry. We don’t get it very many times during the winter either; most of the time I have to go up to the mountains to get my fill of snow.

Whatever happens in October where you are at enjoy it to the fullest and show others how it is done too. Amen!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Enduring and Never Giving Up

We know our purpose is a major part of who we are however it often takes us to endure and never giving up.

We all go through things to gain experience if you want call it that for the purpose of others. We help others because we have the heart for them and can relate to what they are going through.

Enduring and never giving up can take place in the physical or the emotional depending on the circumstance. Important to know others are going through the same things. Often we feel alone in what we are going through. Something we let those we minister or mentor to see they are not alone in their lives.

Let peace, joy and love continue during the enduring and tough times as well. Amen!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Always Learning

I am sure we all realize every day gives us always a chance at learning.

We not only learn new things but to put off the mistakes we have made as well.

I am learning more about helping others because it will help me at the same time.

Whether I am out walking, watching television, time at the coffee shop, grocery shopping or at church I am learning something new. Our minds tell us what we should be learning.

I am learning by writing this post as well. I am not sure exactly what other than the fact that I am learning. I know to whatever I do learn will be passed on to others whether here or in my daily life.

I hope to continue learning about doing the right things along with what I don’t know right now. Enjoy your day by learning and your experiences. Make every minute count for something as well. Amen!