Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trick or Treat

It is hard to believe that another Halloween is here. I have to say it becomes the start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving come up in November and then Christmas followed by the New Years.

The trick is how we pull all these holidays without a problem. Most likely something will go wrong during the process. The treat is that we get to spend time with our families and friends on these days. Also the presents aren’t bad to get either.

My family is a distance away so we haven’t had many holidays together for a while. So it is up to have fun and make memories with friends instead.

I am sure everyone remembers what they have done on Halloween in the past. Of course I know that not everyone celebrates Halloween and if so they likely do in their own way. So I don’t want to offend anyone that doesn’t celebrate Halloween at all.

I know the reasons that most people don’t celebrate Halloween and that is fine with me. I understand the reasons behind them all as well. Personally I don’t take it very seriously at all. In fact I haven’t dressed up or down for many years. I enjoy though seeing both children and adults who decide to get into a costume. The kids because they look adorable and the adults for being creative; so whatever you do or don’t do for Halloween have a good and enjoyable one. Life is too short to not enjoy the day in whatever manner you do.  The holiday season begins and let it happen. Also I know it is not an easy time of the year for some as well. Help out those who are alone and invite them into your family and friends. Peace and amen.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Hear and Act

I find recently that I hear more from God than I thought I would. Actually many people do however he often speaks with a small voice. The key is that we are not too busy to listen.

I am not sure for others however his purpose for me is to share my words with others. They may be the words that I share here or they can be words that I will share in person on a personal note. I believe that God can give us words that we are to share with another person. Actually the words can be about their lives. This is where the act comes in. I can have words from God about certain people but I must tell them this is the act. I am not using the gift that God gives me if I leave it to myself.

On last Saturday while I was out on my daily walk God gave me words for about a half a dozen men I see on a regular basis at the coffee shop that I visit daily. In these couple days I haven’t seen them yet however when I do I will act and give them what God has given me. They are not something that is life changing however that they are living out what they have been called by God. This is what true encouragement is to share what God has given.

So when you hear the small voice of God and act on it; I know it won’t be easy because what I do this week with what he has given me won’t be easy either. I figure this is what my purpose in life is with the encouragement to lift others up with words from God. I may not get these words on a daily basis however I feel that is the plan of my life. So whatever the small voice tells you go for it. Amen!

Sunday, October 29, 2017


One of the most important things we find in life is trust. Unfortunately trust is lacking in the world today. We often find that a lot of people are trying to take advantage of us. This is especially true of those closest to us. Many of the crimes that you read or hear about are by people who have taken advantage of the trust given to them.

The internet is a place where we can find scammers try to take advantage of us. They have down to an art. They know to that most of the people they go after will not fall for their tricks but they know all they have to do is find a trusting soul to take advantage of. They are successful if they can find one person in a hundred. That may sound like a small percentage however if it is for a lot of money they have done their job.

I have to admit that I fell for a scam a couple of times. You would have thought that I would have learned the first time but it is so easy to believe and trust even in those you have never met before.

I would have to say in person is where you can be taken advantage of very easily. Most of the time you are on your way to the grocery store or a friend’s home when you are stopped by someone who says that they need money for food because their family is in need. Another example I read last night on a local site to be careful because someone was broken down because they had run out of gas. They asked for money however a couple people on the site said they offered to take them to get gas and they refused. They wanted the money instead. Another person commented that their parents were stopped by someone that they gave a ride to, were taken to their home and robbed. These are just a few examples it is no wonder people have a problem trusting. The thing is that most people are still trustworthy the problem is we have to look for the signs on those that are not. Don’t be paranoid where you think everyone is out to get you just be careful and trust those who you call friends. Trust is still an important part of life and if we don’t I think we can go crazy. Amen!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fake News

I don’t know about you but I sometimes find it hard to know what’s fake or real news is. I am not really sure it really matter sometime either.

I expect that when I am ready it in the newspaper it is real news. It still hard to know the difference however I am not sure whether I care that much anyway; the reason I say that is some news just doesn’t seem like really news at all or doesn’t make a big impact on my life. I heard a long time sports talk show host say that news seems more like someone’s opinion instead of actual news and he probably is right. I am sure to those that listen to a lot of news talk radio they opinion as fact. Not a good thing at all. We can easily be persuaded what is true or not.

My blog here when I post I look to encourage others. I am sure everyone is aware of that when reading my posts.  I am not here to persuade anyone necessarily but to come to their own conclusion. Whether you believe me or not I feel that I have a heart to help others into a better life and know their purpose in life.

So be careful when you read stories. Often I will pass on many stories because I feel they are not true or at the very least something I should not read. A part of maturity is to learn right from wrong and make our own decisions. When you do this than you are in a better place and you can help others out as well. My idea is to help others to become what they were meant to be when they were created. Peace and amen!

                                         Do you feel this way sometimes!!   LOL

Friday, October 27, 2017

Being Friendly

We all know whether it is in business or pleasure it is important to be friendly especially in our first time meeting. Also we know it is not always an easy task either because of personalities.

I know I try to be friendly all the time because that is part of who I am but I know to that other people might not like me as much. I can feel offended by what others think however I figure what is the point. I know to that it isn’t easy for some as well.

We all live with a life of garbage so we can be lit on fire by some even with their lack of knowledge. Other words people can push our buttons even without intention. Most of us have a word or two or even more that makes us go off.

It doesn’t happen to me often however if someone says something to me very personal or my character I can go off in a heartbeat. In these cases I have to apologize and move on.

So remember to be friendly to everyone even when it is difficult. We all know people that don’t like us very well so we have to be tolerant anyway. I call it putting on an act. In many ways we are all actors even though we are not in theatre or a movie. Other words we have to play another part. We have to be someone that we are not. This is true for someone that being friendly doesn’t come natural like it does for me.

Anyway this is free advice you can take or choose to ignore. I hope that you have had a good week and enjoy weekend. Cheers!!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Let It Happen

This year the theme for this blog has been pressing on toward the goal and I hope that everyone is doing the best they can.

It is amazing to think that 2017 is almost over. Every year seems to fly by fast. Anyway my thought for next year the theme will be “let it happen”. Of course this could change before January hits.

Sometimes when we make plans like pressing on we forget to have fun in the process as well so to me let it happen means that everything has a purpose in life so we should have in our mind that they will happen. We make plans when these purposes come along however we shouldn’t over think them either. So I not only want us to continue pressing on next year but have the idea let it happen will be a good thing as well. Life is too short to complicate things that are for sure. This will help us to fulfill the purpose and destiny that God has given us. Amen!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mountain Passes

I have been thinking about what Western Washington has to offer during the winter months besides rain. It is a good place to visit during the winter months for vacation if you are someone that enjoys snow and skiing.

White Pass and Snoqualmie Pass are the two places where skiing is very popular for the locals to ski. Also Mt. Rainier is where many visitors come each year to see. Paradise is the main spot on Rainier to spend time at. Most years when I was a kid our family would go up to Paradise for the day. In fact once we went up there and my older brother Dick was injured while on a toboggan. He actually slid into a tree and had to go to the hospital. My parents who didn’t want either me or my younger brother Jack to be disappointed had my sister Barb escort him to the hospital; we asked him later why he didn’t roll off the toboggan before hitting the tree. He had lost his glasses before hitting the tree and couldn’t see.  Actually Paradise is very safe though an accident can happen once in a while. Barb had been at Paradise for a few days before we came out skiing so she was a young adult with responsibility to be sure Dick was OK.  In our twenties Dick, Jack, his wife Anne and I went up to Paradise and went snow shoeing that was quite a nice adventure as well. A lot that can be done at Paradise besides skiing especially for kids; of course we liked throwing snow balls as well.

In Western Washington we have the Olympic Mountains as well like Hurricane Ridge near Port Angeles; another great place to visit along with the Olympic Rain Forest.

Of course Seattle is still a good place to visit during the winter if you aren’t interested in the snow. All the sites that are enjoyable in the summer can be visited in the winter as well you just have to step between the rain drops. LOL

Come see us sometime if you have never been here before whether it is summer, fall, winter or spring. It is a beautiful place that has the joy of all four seasons.

 Gig Harbor Washington with Mt. Rainier in the background

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

More Words to be Spoken

I sometimes wonder if I am going to run out of what to say. Those who know me well will say most likely not. Here though I find it may be important to say things over and over again. We often have to hear the same thing multiple times for us to actually believe it.

An example is if I tell you how wonderful you are and you haven’t had a lot of experience being told so hearing it over and over again until you truly believe it. We often have heard negative words over our lives hearing positive words will take the time to sink in. In fact we most likely have to hear the words from a lot of different people to actually believe it.

Last Saturday at church I was involved in praying for four different individuals two men first and then two women. Like most of us they had some trouble in their lives and needed to be ministered by two others besides myself and by God. You see sometimes though we might put words of encouragement into people only God can help them have their lives changed around. This is actually OK. We sometimes feel that things won’t change or we have to do it ourselves for the changes to happen. The only thing we have to do is confess that something did happen to us. Often others are here for us to intercede with God. Although it isn’t easy most of the time it is important that we forgive the other people who have hurt us and put us in the state we are in. Our lives will change for the better when we do so. One last thing though forgiving doesn’t me that we forget. Unless we are in a position to forget we most likely won’t the importance to forgive. Remember to that forgiveness is not for the benefit of the other person or persons that hurt us it is for us. We will live in more freedom forgiving others. Bitterness and unforgiveness will never let us become whole. Until next time live in a life of forgiveness and wholeness. Amen!

Monday, October 23, 2017

It’s Monday

I am sure different countries and cultures have their own ideas about Monday’s. Here in USA you have some people who can’t stand Monday’s because it means that they have to go back to work. There are some Monday’s that are holidays so Tuesday’s feel like Monday’s. Also there are those who don’t work on Monday so the Tuesday’s feel more like Monday. I hope you got what I just said.

My previous job just before I left every day felt like a Monday. Actually I couldn’t wait until the work day was over as soon as arrived. Not a great way to live for sure.

As a kid I wasn’t a big fan of school so I couldn’t wait until the week was over as well or at least when I was dismissed from school anyway. I know some things in school were fine but just the whole thing as a package I could have done better without.

The most important thing to do on Monday is to make it feel like any other day of the week. I know for some that is easier said than done. Life is short enough as it is even if you live a long life so it is important to enjoy each to its fullest. We all know that each day will be full of its own challenges and not just Monday. When we wake up we have no idea how the day is going to work out no matter how many plans we make or what is on the schedule. This makes life the extraordinary time we have so you don’t care for Monday’s find a way to get around it. Remember Tuesday might not be any better. God bless you and enjoy every second you have. Amen!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Words Are Important

When we communicate it is important to use the right words otherwise others can get the wrong idea. Often when there is an argument it has to do with the words being used or the person you are speaking with isn’t clear what you said. They may have thought you said one thing while you meant another.

When an argument is started instead of allowing it to continue ask the other person to stop talking in a kind way. Then ask them to repeat what they thought you said to them. They may have misunderstood or thought you said something that was not your intention.

It may have not have been the words you said that upset them. It could be the inflection that you used behind the words. You may have sound harsh in your speaking instead of kind. Whatever the case is it is important to get things clarified before neither of you can take back the words that have been said.

Anyway this is my free advice and you can use it or not. We want to use words in a kind way to lift others up instead of putting them down. I am sure we all recall how unkind children are when speaking to their peers. We still remember words that were given to us as children and I am sure the words we used as well. I hope this is helpful.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Being Me

I am not specifically speaking about myself however I think we all have to believe in ourselves by “being me”. If you want to use a hashtag this is what you should go for.

Often we try to be someone we are not because we want others to like us. The real truth it doesn’t really matter how much someone likes us or not. Why I say that the most important person we have to please our self. Those who care about us and want to be with us accepts us for being ourselves. We don’t have to pretend to be someone we are not around those who care for us. It is easy to be actors playing a part of someone else besides ourselves. Let’s be the person we know that we are. Those who don’t like us that way we probably wouldn’t want to be friends with anyway. The reason is that they are artificial and most likely aren’t playing themselves anyway. Oh yes remember to do it with a smile and you will be a lot happier this way. Being me is when I am the happiest I can be.

Friday, October 20, 2017

What Are We Looking For?

We all have something in common we are all looking for something in our lives. It begins as infants where we want acceptance from our parents and siblings. We enter those school years and want to be accepted by classmates. It continues on from there.

For some they stop looking for what they want because they have found it or give up trying. The truth is even if we have found the right partner and family we continue to look for more. We are not satisfied with what we have.  In fact divorce happens in marriages because people haven’t found what they are searching for.

The answer to what we are looking for is in God. Majority of people don’t realize it so they keep trying to find God in relationships. Even those of us that have found God and in good relationship with him often keep on searching anyway. I am not sure why other than our natural way at looking at things we want even more when we find God. The likelihood is that we may not ever be satisfied or accept the fact we have indeed found God the true answer to our quest. The selfish part of us wants it all is my conclusion. We want family, friends and God. The thing is when we find God we do have it all except possibly one thing and that is loving ourselves. Yes that is the missing part. So if you are still searching for more and you have those three parts look toward loving yourself. When you do so everything will be complete. I know because I am still working on loving myself.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Building Relationships

We have all gone through relationships that have gone sour. We can say that is part of life however we need to be able to think positive about relationships as well.

When we start a new relationship whether it as friends or being romantic we have to weigh whether it is worth the risk. It is especially hard if we have just ended a relationship to start another. I believe honesty with the other person is a good idea. Like the saying honesty is a good policy.

When we encourage others we have relationships with already and they may ask us about someone they have just met. They will probably ask about starting the relationship. We must ask them back whether they think this person will be good for us and if they say yes than they should go for it. If they are not sure than they should take some time before pursuing the relationship; they have any doubts than they probably shouldn’t go any further. On the other hand if they are friends with someone you already know then they could be running into them or they are fellow workers. Time often makes things right whether it is a relationship or not.

I personally don’t try too hard thinking about relationships because I am willing to meet anyone and I figure it will all work out one way or another. Of course if it is with someone that I might be interested in being more than friends than I do have to do more thinking about it. The key in this situation is the other person wants to be in relationship with you or not. If they do than you have think carefully how you feel about them too; on the other hand they are not interested than I would stay away no matter your feelings are and so in the end here best for you in all your relationships.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Back to School

                                            Peninsula High School Purdy Washington

On Tuesday night I went back to my high school for the first time in many years. My church decided to have their Tuesday night prayer meeting there because a couple weeks ago two young men students were both killed. The first one was on the Thursday night where he was hit by a car. He was walking along side of the highway in nearby Key Peninsula. The second young man was in a car accident as a passenger in another nearby town of Olalla. It took place on the Sunday morning.

A school and city can be rocked enough by one young person being killed however two is even worse. Most of the students at Peninsula High School where I attended new both them and I am sure many were close to both. I can’t imagine what they all have gone through along with family and close friends.

So my church asked and received permission to pray for the families of these two young men along with the students of Peninsula High School and the other high school Gig Harbor in the community along with the middle schools and elementary school. We prayed about their sorrow and grief along with the questions they have. Also that none would consider suicide either. We spent about eighty minutes for them all. We met in the school’s library because we felt it was important to pray where these young men attended school.

It had been many years since I have been in the library of the school. In fact the school has been remodeled at least once or twice. The library looked so much smaller than when I went to school. The original library in that location was built during my freshmen year.

The cafeteria that is a couple minutes away walking down the hall looks much bigger than when I attended. Off to the right of the cafeteria and then left is still the same classrooms that I used to spend my four years of school there. My English and history classes were in that spot. The only difference is the school office is no longer located there.

So many memories came back to me during that time on Tuesday night. I would have to say the good, bad and the ugly. I am sure most of you remember you high school years. Trying to figure out life and dealing with the other students especially the opposite sex. Most of my four years at the time were spent in that big box. Some of it I liked while other parts I have no problem forgetting though they helped build me into who I am today. So Peninsula High School it is nice that you are still around shaping lives with the good, the bad and the ugly. I am sure the walls have a lot to say if only they can speak.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Global Warming!!

I am sure everyone thinks about global warming at least once in a while. I am not sure whether we are in global warming or not however the weather here in Western Washington sure has changed over the years.

This year the temperatures have been warmer than before though last year was as well. We have had high temperatures early October however has now been closer to normal though we have had less rain this month. Last year we had record rainfall between October and March. Generally the amount that we have for the year but July through the middle of September we don’t get much rain at all. That’s why it is a good place to visit in the summer.

I am hoping that we will get some snow this year. I am pretty sure that I am in the minority though. I have been told if you want snow go to the mountains. A lot of people are afraid to drive in the snow and we have a lot of hills.

So I am not sure that I have answered the question about global warming however the climate sure has changed her over the years. Have yourselves a great day. Signing off

Monday, October 16, 2017

Being a Strong Person

I believe we all have an idea what a strong person is. I am talking more than how large or tall they are or powerful. A lot of people think that is how people are strong. I believe that it is or can be the opposite.

Most everyone have heard the story out of the Bible about David and Goliath. David was a young boy the youngest of his brothers in a small country. Goliath was a giant living in a country that had a mighty army and he was going to take down Israel where they would never be anymore and no one would ever hear of them again.

Goliath didn’t know that God was beyond the Israel Army and had the full attention of taking him down. You may wonder why because God does have powerful men however they look at things different. The Israeli army was afraid of Goliath and was ready to retreat however this boy David had the faith to take this giant down. You see Goliath insulted both God and Israel which David didn’t like one bit. He knew that God was stronger than any army or man. His faith was so strong that he took down Goliath with a stone that he had placed in his sling shot. In his humility David eventually became the King of Israel.

So if you truly want to be a strong person you must have faith and humility to begin with. You might be surprised how strong you will be. Maybe not to a lot of people however to your family and friends you will. They are the ones that count anyway.  

Sunday, October 15, 2017


                                          Like looking in the mirror for sure

We all have memories that we remember over time and they are ones that made an impact on our lives. Reflections often are taking those memories and decide why they are important to us.

I go back only a month ago when my sister and brother were visiting my mother and I. It was important because they came around our mother’s birthday. She turned 97 years old and none of us how much more time she has left. Currently she is in pretty good health however we never know how that could change in a hurry.

I wrote one of my popular posts about us going to the Hoh River Rain Forest. It took us about five hours with three stops including having lunch in Aberdeen Washington. We spent about an hour and a half at the Hoh River. We did the trip all in one long day. This trip would be best to do in two days however our time was limited because of church on Sunday.

During the trip because the drive was so long we had a lot of time to reflect and remember the past along with present time. We even discussed what we may do the next time they come to visit.

My sister’s oldest son Ken posted on social media that he may be coming out here possibly in January or February from Montreal, Quebec Canada. I haven’t seen him in about five years though I do know some of what he has done because of social media. Also during our drive my sister talked about him and her younger son Connor. I know look back at the memories of spending time with Ken and Connor. Most of the time was spent when they were young living in Port Moody British Columbia before heading to Quebec. I have seen them a couple times in Quebec as well and a couple times when they visited here too. Ken and Connor though I haven’t seen them together since they were kids.

Reflection can be a very good tool for us all. Allows us to remember the good and the bad; we can learn a lot through reflections. Often the bad over rules the good so we have to reflect on the good as well. I expect that we feel better knowing the good because often we can feel wronged with the bad. Anyway something to think about for sure and our lives will be happier and stronger for reflections.  

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Traveling Man

We all have been called by God for a purpose in life. For some it is a family to have and to love while others it is to go out into all the earth. There are those are called by God to do both.

Luke 14:23 says to go out to the highways and byways to compel for others to come in. I figure at some point that is what I will do as the traveling man however right now I am taking care of my elderly mother well as encouraging others right here. There will be a time when my mother will go and then it will be my time to actually to hit the highways and byways. Not only will I continue to encourage others right here but on the road as well. There are hurting people who need help to be brought in to the kingdom. It is all our jobs though we are each called to do it in different fashions. I am not sure this is the way I want to do it but this is the way it looks right now. I figure that is what I am called to do.

In a way I am to be a caregiver to others in the same way I am doing for my mother right now. I am on the job training for the future working and with that will come adventure and reward. Whatever we do in this life nothing really better to do than have an adventure and a reward. So whether you are meant to be where you are at right now or to go into the corners of the earth in many ways we are all traveling through this life of ours. Amen!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Life is a Journey

We can describe life in many different ways. One way is as a journey. We find along the way there is a lot of twist and turns. In some ways it is like when driving my car I plan to go another way however the car decides to turn the direction I usually go and then I have turn around to go the direction I had planned in the beginning.

We can all agree that our lives are short however each day has its own unique ways. We can make today a journey in itself not knowing how it will turn out and whether tomorrow will come. So far I have had plenty of todays. When that will end it is anyone’s guess including my own but I will continue to enjoy the journey the best I can.

I look back to the memories of yester year some that are strong in my mind while others are vague. Even the strong ones have holes in them as well. The most important little journey’s we remember whether it was a trip or a birthday party or a holiday. I remember the journey our family  took across Canada and Eastern USA when I was twelve during the whole summer. Much of that trip I don’t remember but there are certain things that I do remember. The things that I remember still make that journey so vivid in my mind. Most of those places we journeyed into I haven’t been back however I hope that I will someday.

A couple weeks ago having breakfast with a group that my mother and I meet for breakfast every Friday one of the guys told us about his trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia. He went there because his father and grandfather were born in Halifax. He told us the places he saw around Halifax which brought me back to the memories I had visiting there on that trip. One of my favorite spots was Peggy’s Cove which is real close to Halifax and running on these large rocks. It was so much fun for my brothers and I that still remember that to this day.

What is so good about social media not only we can tell our stories of journeys we can read about our friends and their friends about their journeys as well. So today make the most out of your journey and have it remembered in your mind to tell others about.    

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rest in Peace

The one thing we can guarantee in this is life is death. The importance is to run the race to finish in good standing. This is the reason we need to encourage and edify others so we can all finish the race on top.

Wednesday a school classmate Dave lost his father on Wednesday. His dad was fighting against Parkinson’s disease for seven or eight years. He fought it off for all those years however it was his time to go and be with his father God. He was welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven by all who went before him along with the angels.

Dave and his whole family will miss their dad and mourn for some time. Like for me it has been a long time since I saw my dad in this life however I remember him on a daily basis. When I heard about Dave’s father passing I chocked and cried not only for Dave, his family and father but about mine too.

Dave reflected all the important highlights in spent with his dad and I started to for mine as well. I remember when dad coached my little league baseball team for one season. You see different fathers coached the team one season every year. Many of my old teammates still think of him as the best little coach we had. My dad wasn’t a big baseball fan however he knew I was and wanted to spend the time with me doing so.

My dad and I worked together for a few years in his business. When he decided that he wanted to retire to work on building his new boat he gave his job over to me. Also he built the boat in my yard. He finished the boat shortly before his death. I think he took it out once or twice. He loved sailing a lot though he loved his family greater.

This is the best part of life is to enjoy it with those you love whether family or friends. When the time comes to end to rest in peace and be with the Lord Amen!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


We are all so familiar with injustice going on in the world today. Actually it has been going on almost since the world began however with modern technology we hear and sometimes see injustice. In fact we all have experienced injustice at some point in our lives.

Recently with the shootings in Las Vegas and the NFL players kneeling during the national anthem injustice comes to the forefront of the news. None of us can believe the mass shootings in Las Vegas which is much more serious than the kneeling at a NFL game. Of course I am sure many might feel equal about both. Personally I think people are taking the kneeling of the players more serious than they ought too however I am not here to debate that.

In some ways where I feel my purpose in life beyond encouraging others is to stand up for injustice. I am sure there will be those who feel that I might be on the wrong side of the injustice however I am OK with taking the heat. It is real important that do stand up for what we believe in even if it against the status quo.

I feel though standing up for injustice doesn’t keep me from encourage others either. In fact it will be the encouraging along with the injustice that will drive me. I am not going to use my blog though to give out my side of injustice unless I feel it is necessary because there is social media where I can stand up or object about injustice.

I don’t really like how many people are using social media on politics and other issues so I will be using that sparingly. In fact I will mostly respond to what others are saying on their posts when I do.

Remember I am not asking others to follow what I do because we all have a purpose and destiny unique to ourselves. So use whatever that purpose is to the fullest. Amen!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Have a Plan

I figure since I write about life and the purpose of it most of us have a plan when living our lives. Whether that is good or not I would say deals with the person themselves.

I think that a plan is a good idea though we can decide to go away from it time to time.

Most adults have a plan because that is how each one got a job unless someone hired you before the plan happened. We have a plan when we are working as well. We try to accomplish certain things throughout the day though they can go awry as well. Since we don’t live in a perfect world plans can and often not work out the way we planned it. LOL

Even when we are not working we make plans as well most of the time. In fact often they can be protectable. Usually you plan your weekend in advance most of the time and your vacation as well. You may not go down to every detail however the plan is still in effect.

I believe that plans are essential in our lives however we have to be flexible to when they don’t work out as well. For example I twice this year had plans to visit my cousins in British Columbia however neither one worked out. The first plan was to go in the end of July for about ten days. It takes two days to get there and two to return so I figured at least six days visiting them. Because of the wild forest fires that trip was postponed. The next plan was to go at the end of September so just a couple weeks ago however two days before the plan leaving my cousin Christy called saying we had to postponed again because her daughter-in-law was in the hospital and they had to leave to be sure she is OK. So both times I just went back to what I do on most days anyway. I had no scheduled appointments made until this week. Living life without plans is nice once in a while but a lot easier to manage when plans are made.

So make sure that you do make plans knowing at the same time they could change and likely will at the last moment. Peace and amen!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

You are Beautiful

What we need to hear every day is how beautiful we are.

It is the uniqueness in us that makes us beautiful

Hearing how beautiful we are begins within us. We must believe that we are beautiful even when we are not sure those around feel the same way

It is not an easy task because we may have never been told so but it doesn’t change things

Yes I am here to declare encouragement that you are beautiful and to love yourself as you are

Of course none of us are perfect and we have things to work on but doesn’t change the idea we are beautiful

Next time you go into the bathroom and look at the mirror. Say to yourself I am beautiful. If you have to scream it loud and do so every day even when you believe

Ask your friends for an honest opinion what makes you unique and beautiful you may be surprised

I hope this encourages you whether you are in the good times or bad times right now

God bless you and amen!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Gig Harbor Sunrise

Growing up here in Gig Harbor it is easy to take for granted the natural beauty of the place. I have had friends move away because they got tired of the rain.  I figure days when waking up and going for a walk during sunrise makes it worth living here.

I was reading a post this morning from a classmate of mine in high school showing the rise of prices of homes in Seattle. It showed a house that was in very poor condition and I am being kind saying that which is on the selling market for over a half a million dollars. Prices on homes and rentals are skyrocketing right now. It is a seller’s market for sure. A lot of it has to do with all the high tech jobs around here.

Gig Harbor though it is a small town under ten thousand people has more technical jobs outside of Seattle and Kirkland where Microsoft has their headquarters. That was what I heard anyway.

So maybe it is getting hard to afford seeing such natural beauty often. It is unusual to see in October because this when the raining season begins and so far we have had temperatures reach into the eighties in these first few days of October. I know it hasn’t happened before however the weather has been changing.

We are expecting rain this weekend. I am not sure for how long but it could last for quite some time with an occasion sun break. It is during the sun breaks where I can enjoy the sun rises and sets along with viewing our awesome mountain.

Even if you don’t like rain like my friends who moved away you can come during the spring, summer and early fall to enjoy the natural beauty as well. Rain usually falls for six months of the year. I like the fact we have four seasons here or at least three anyway. We haven’t had much snow here in Gig Harbor in recent years and that is what I call winter otherwise it is continuous of fall. The rain keeps the natural beauty as well. On a nice day when the sun is out you can rent a sailboat or a kayak for a few hours. It is a great way to enjoy the Puget Sound.

Very nice to wake up to another day to see what is in store for us. No days are quite the same even if you try to make that way. God bless and amen!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Family Talents

We are all created as a unique person however we get things from both of our parents and grandparents along with generations before that; not only in our physical appearances but in our talents and gifts.

For example if you are a talented musician either your parents or grandparents like were as well. In my family on my father’s side we can go back to my great grandfather and his grandfather before that when it comes to writing. It was not their profession however they did write down history of the county they lived in England. Now I am not only writing my cousin Jennifer just finished a story that she hopes to publish. My brother Jack intends to write a book himself and his son Ian has written a book along with a couple plays when attending Harvard. His older brother Robby wrote a book to but I am not sure he has had it published.

On my mother’s side my grandfather had a really good sense of humor I have been told. Both Ian and I use humor a lot in our daily lives. So does my sister and her son Connor though a bit different than mine.

These are only a couple of the talents and gifting that I am aware of when it comes to being passed down from previous generations. I am sure I carry some from my grandmother’s as well.

So the important thing is for us to discover all the talents and gifts we have been given. We have them deep down inside of us those we may have not used at this point. We all have been using some of our talents in one form or another. We may not even realize it as well. Again this is a major part of our purpose and destiny. Get out there and use these talents. More maybe added daily or you may lose them if they are not used. Until next time have a wonderful weekend.  

Thursday, October 5, 2017

A New World

Over the last several years with the tragedies of mass shootings and terrorism we would think that we are in a new world. In some respects we are only because of new technology. Social media has allowed us to hear and see such things in up to the minute time in many ways however the world hasn’t really changed that much.

Over the centuries mass shootings and terrorism have been going on. We may never have used these words but it is the truth because all you have to do is read history books.

You see God has given man the reign of the earth because of free will. I am sure many wonder why and the answer is that he loves us. He didn’t want to be slaves he gave us a choice that is what true love is about. We decided though to turn our backs on God and that is why the world is in so much torment now however the choice we still have is to turn back to God. At this point it doesn’t look that way however it will happen at some point because we will have no other reason not to.

What we can do on an individual basis is to make that choice is return to God along with making a difference in this world. Again like I have said on many occasions on this blog and I will many more times that we are here for a purpose and our destiny. One person at a time we can make the choice of turning things around in this world. We may not let it happen in our life time but our children and their children may be able to. The answer is do we have any other choice to make. What will make the difference has to do a lot with our conscience. Our conscience is why the world is not in more bad shape than it is. We all have evil or may be a better word to say sin in our hearts however our conscience gives us choice to decide not to do evil.

Again I mention that we do have a purpose and destiny. We can decide to make changes and make this world a better place. This will make it feel like a new world. It is our choice though it feels like a hard road to climb. The best to us all.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

More We Can Do

Every day we all realize what a small world we live in now and that there is more we can do. The tragedy in Las Vegas and the other ones before that shows us the way.

There were people who saved lives and may have lost their own during the tragedy. It shows me though we are alive we must lose our lives in the midst to help others. Every day I read where a fellow student that I went to high school Janet is working in Florida as a first responder and the difference she is making in the lives of those who had to live and lost homes because of a hurricane.

Our country or even more our world is smaller however many are losing their lives though they are not dead yet. We must be first responders to hear and listen to others. We can make a difference no matter how big or small it is. Remember we were born for this time. People may not always remember our names but they will remember what we have done. Continue to press on and do many things. You maybe the miracle someone is looking to find. God bless you in whatever you do. Amen!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


I am sure many have heard about the tragedy with the mass shooting the largest in modern US history in Las Vegas Nevada. I am not here to give my opinion other than something must be done because what is the point of it anyway. Also I won’t be reading on social media what people think about it either. Why because it is like politics I am sure that I wouldn’t change anyone’s mind anyway.

I have a lot of friends that are pro guns so I always ready know what they will say. I am not sure who or how many that I know that anti guns. I don’t have a gun myself and if I did it would likely be used for target practice because I would never go hunting and that would be the only reason for me. I don’t see having a gun to protect myself.

The only reason that I am even writing and posting about this is that we need to encourage each other not to have fear. Also the laws have to change who and the circumstances someone has a gun. I know where my friends who are pro guns will say to this so I will not go further on that other than what is the answer?  What upsets me is the pro-gun people don’t have an answer other than we have the constitutional right to have guns. That’s fine however who shouldn’t have a gun. This is where a debate would happen so nothing more on that for sure and the major reason I wouldn’t read the social media about it.

Monday night I watched a national news program on the Canadian channel for another perspective. They were pretty sure that most Canadians don’t understand our laws concerning guns which are understandable to me. I heard them interview a young woman who was at the concert and how she had to run from the scene. She actually saw people dead when trying to avoid being shot herself. They interviewed a man that was in the same hotel as the shooter to. His life I could tell changed that night as well as the young lady.

One thing I know is that likely the laws about guns wouldn’t change and no knew answers when the next one happens. I would not be surprised either if the next tragedy happens in a few days. I am sure some crazy person is already planning his or her shooting or bombing. This doesn’t count the terrorist groups that will want to take advantage of this while the USA is vulnerable. Again my encouragement is not to be fearful. Is there really anything we can do anyway? Thanks for ready this and may peace be with you.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Having a Good Time

I believe that there is nothing better than having a good time. I am sure if you have read my posts before you realize that.

Encouraging others is what I find to be the best part of having a good time. This morning I chatted with a couple young ladies on line who are both single mothers. They both told me that they have a child which isn’t easy on your own that is for sure but they are put down for being single mothers. I let them know that they do have a lot to offer and they will find the right man for them and their children. I didn’t quite expect that when I started chatting with them but it made my day as well as theirs. It is amazing how lonely people can be especially those who are single.

At church last night I was talking with a fellow single man and he told me even at the best of times it is not easy to be single and I agree. At church especially there are so many married families often the singles are overlooked.

Remember to have a good time whatever that you are doing in life. Another thing keep smiling. It helps us all out too. Until next time many blessings to you all. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Change In Sunday

It has been sometime however I wonder how many remember what Sunday’s used to be like. I remember that the stores were closed on Sunday so everyone could go to church and then have family time afterwards. Now stores are almost all open on Sunday’s. There are a few exceptions and I do see some that are closed on Monday’s instead. Those are usually small shops that are closed on Monday’s.

Fewer families are going to church on Sunday’s because of other activities especially soccer or football. I know my brother was upset when his youngest son had soccer matches on Sunday mornings. I am sure the reason because there are limited fields to play on or at least that is the excuse they give.

All the different activities happening on Sunday mornings wouldn’t be going on if the parents would say no however I figure many probably don’t care and their kids put pressure on them as well.

I am not saying that stores should close on Sunday though doing earlier wouldn’t be a bad idea. It is important that the children get to go to church and that there is family time in the afternoon and evening. Very few families spend quality time together anymore so setting one day a week together would be nice. It would be nice to go for a drive out in the country and even stop by to visit other families whether friends or relatives. If a sport has to be played on Sunday do it around 3 pm. I have heard some teams practice on Sunday I would forbid that all together. Children need to know family is more important than doing a sport on Sunday if you have to make a choice. Enough families are willing to do so then the times will change. Let Sunday’s get back to where they were when I was a child.