Saturday, April 30, 2016


I am sure everyone has their own meaning of what loving or love means. Personally I am still trying to figure it all out.

One thing I know in my mind is that love is the most important thing on the face of the earth. I know a lot think money but in my mind it is still love.

I am still searching for the love of my life or soul mate if you want to call her that. Of course I have had first love experience before and I want love for all time. I have experiences love with parents, siblings and friends but I want even more. For the one I want to spend the rest of my life with I would call it winning the lottery. Love is the greatest gift on the face of the earth as far as I am concerned anyway.

Love is more than just a feeling it is action. You have decided that someone else is as important to you as yourself. In fact I would have to say that you are likely thinking about them more than you do of yourself. I have to say that is a good sign because when we think of ourselves too much we can land into a dark place. I know because I have spent time in a dark place much more often than I would really like too.

I am sure how we feel about love comes from our initial experience of love from our parents. Unfortunately not everyone has a good experience when it comes to their parents. If you are blessed with siblings you have additional love on your side and then there are friends. The greatest gift is having a best friend for life who you love in a very special way.

Another reason why love is so important or great is that most of us would not be here if it were not for love. In most cases our parents wanted us because they loved each other and wanted to share it with children. The sad part though love does not always last. At least the feeling of love doesn’t anyway. This is where action comes in where the feeling ends. What I mean by this is that you chose to love the other person even though the circumstances may have changed. I am sure the love for our parents and siblings change over the years but it doesn’t mean we stop loving them. I am sure we can say the same for our spouse or soul mate. I believe there is not a greater way to love someone than in a different manner. Life gets so busy and the feeling of first love goes away however it doesn’t mean that you have to stop loving the other person. Who knows you may love them greater just in a different way. In other words what I am saying is that couple should not divorce just because life is now different between the two of you. Learn to love in a new way or rekindle the love you had when you first met. I don’t think a new person on the other side of the fence will be better. Show yourself some good old fashion action.

Of course I am no expert on love. The one thing I do know is that it is way above me and I want the full measure of love. I want it about the other person then myself. I could say that I am tired of hanging around myself though I do spend time with others. Let love be the most important part of your life. If it isn’t right now change and take action. Oh yes let it grow too.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Wonderful Weekend Coming Up

So hard to believe another Friday has come. Time flies by so fast. Monday and Tuesday seemed to drag on because of work. Wednesday being hump day at lunch break let co-workers know what my plans are coming up this weekend. I am not sure what happened with Thursday but now it is Friday and going out of town this weekend.

After work going to dread the always terrible Friday traffic that takes twice as long as it should. Some people take Friday’s off and others leave early to get away but the traffic is still terrible. When I get home have a quick dinner and then drive to Portland, Oregon to visit a longtime friend.  It is only a two hour and half hour drive but we only see each other twice a year. The last time I saw him was in October where we spent Halloween weekend together here and now I go see him there. This is what we do go to each other’s place once a year.

It seems like we just saw each other and we will start talking leaving off where we ended our last conversation. We e-mail and text messaging primarily with a phone call about once a month we still continue to stay in touch however there is nothing like spending time together.

We will go see the local sights of Portland along with going fishing. We usually catch a couple fish or so on each of these trips. The weather will be nice too so we will take in a picnic as well. While we spend this special weekend together his wife will be spending her weekend with her best friend. This is how we work it out each time.

There is nothing better than spending time with friends no matter how many times you are able to do so and where you live. The same goes for your family as well. I do have many good friends that I see on a regular basis however there is nothing like my best friend. We know no matter what is happening in our lives we will be there for each other. So enjoy your weekend and make it special too even if you are not going out of town or meeting up with sometime.  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

What I like about Thursday’s is that on social media sites family and friends love to show pictures from the past. My cousin Jennifer showed pictures from her parent’s wedding. It was really nice to see them for the very first time. They looked so fantastic and happy at the time. My Aunt Patty and Uncle Bill are no longer with us however I think of them often just like my dad, Brother Dick along with grandparents and others that are no longer here.  I will be putting a few pictures here one that includes my dad and Dick.

I wonder if our loved ones can see us looking down from Heaven. I expect that they do. They love and encourage us from the other realm. Look forward to the day when I see them again. I am not in a hurry because I still have much more to do here. So here goes with some pictures. I hope you enjoy them and go ahead add some pictures of your own on social media. I am sure family and friends will enjoy them.

Dick on the left followed by sister Barb, me, brother Jack and Dad. I am not sure exactly where taken and when however I may have been a senior in high school.

My mother and friend last year taking a helicopter ride  celebrating her 95th birthday. Mother was thrilled by the experience.

My niece Leslie in Paris a few years ago. I am sure you can guess that.

Going way back my dad on the left followed by Dick, Barb, Mother and I on her lap.

I will share more pictures next Thursday.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review of a Movie

 Yesterday I went to a movie with my mother after picking her up from playing bridge. I knew she wanted to see a movie but I didn’t know she wanted to see it that day. Anyway I asked her if there was some place she wanted to stop before going home. She replied to see a movie. So that is what we did. I was not sure the next showing of the movie took place so when I arrived I went in to check the time. Found that it was actually just starting with the previews for it was great timing.

It was fun to take in a movie with my mother. You see it is probably only the third time we have seen a movie together. Growing up my parents did not go to movies. I am sure mother may have taken us to a movie but dad really didn’t like seeing movies so it never happened. So the first movie with my mother was after my dad died and I was an adult. At this time I don’t remember what movie we went to. Yes I did see some movies growing up however it was my sister who took me and my brothers. I believe the first one was Hello Dolly followed by the Sound of Music.  The next two were Mary Poppins and Fiddler on the Roof. Of course, it was the period where a lot of musicals were happening; all great movies for sure.

So the movie mother and I went to see was The Jungle Book. I am not sure it is considered a remake or a new adaptation. I would say the second because the original was in animation. Whether you are a child or an adult I found The Jungle Book to be a fantastic movie. I recommend everyone to go see it. There was not as much music in it as the original however there was some. The action of the film looked so real. I say the animals looked real with animation thrown in. All of the animals looked real with very delightful personalities. The exception was the tiger who hated the man-cub Mowgli. I liked him to it was just that he was not very nice. I especially liked Bill Murray as the voice for Baloo the delightful bear.

The Jungle was as real looking as you can imagine and seeing Mowgli making his way through it was delightful as well. I am sure the movie isn’t perfect and you could throw some bullets at it I found it to be very wonderful to watch. I look forward to see it again some time to see small parts I may have missed or want to see again. So I give The Jungle Book an A in my book.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A New Life

I am so thankful you gave me a new life
Each day I wake up gives light instead of darkness
I go to sleep at night with joy in my heart
My friends ask me why I look so different
I am a new person the old has gone away
I want everyone to know a new life is instore for them
The future especially today can be different than yesterday
I encourage others by living my new life
I don’t say a word unless I am asked for this new life says it all
Peace is so much better than war
The light takes the darkness away
I am thankful every day for this new life
Your love makes my life new
It is nice to be a butterfly


Monday, April 25, 2016

It’s Monday

How everyone feels about Monday’s is different I am sure. It is the beginning of a new week and most are off to work which can be good or bad depending how things are going at work. Of course, there are others who may take all Monday’s off too. The next three day national holiday is Memorial Day in five weeks. I am sure most have plans all made for that weekend. Also a good time for us to remember the soldiers and veterans who died for our country in war.

Another thing it’s Monday reminds me of a popular song I remember when I was a young child by the Mama and Papas “Monday Monday”. I am sure most people of that era as one of those icon songs. I sure remember the wonderful voice of Mama Cass. Just like another woman of that period in Karen Carpenter who tragically died to soon before her time too.

The third woman singer I remember of that period that has sang for many years in Cher. I really liked the getups she wore on the Sonny and Cher show. What a funny pair who made us laugh for several years along with their singing. What was interesting to me was trying to figure out who was singing which part since their voices were so much alike.

Also reminds me of the other variety shows in the 60s. There was the Dean Martin Show and Andy Williams where we were all introduced to the Osmond Brothers and the Jackson Five. Seeing a very young Donny Osmond then later on we were introduced to Jimmy Osmond and their sister Marie. Donny and Marie then had their own variety show later on.

Another one that came along from the United Kingdom in Tom Jones and the era ended with Rowan and Martin. I know that I am missing a few other ones as well.

The music was so wonderful in the 60s with California girls, Yellow Submarine among the many Beatle songs we heard over the years. My first 45 was All We Need is Love with I am a Walrus on the flip side. Really loved that song and other ones I liked were Mellow Yellow by Donavan and Puff the Magic Dragon. I can name so many other ones from the 60s. What a great time to grow up when it came to music. Being introduced to several British groups like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Hollies just to name a few.

Two television shows that brought music to the season were the Monkeys and the Partridge Family. You could see Beatle cartoons on Saturday mornings as well.

So you see Monday’s can’t all be bad since it gives so many memories for us all growing up in the 60s. I am sure most parents were shaking their heads wondering what this world was come too. All this music will be remembered way long after we are gone and the generations ahead will enjoy them too.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Making the Best of Our Lives

Like I have said on several occasions I am no expert however I look to make each of us feel encouraged.

This time of the year for all of us whether spring or fall depending where you live brings some life into it.  Spring makes us happy because winter is now over and you no longer have to feel the cold weather along with the rain or snow. Fall has a different feeling because you have just come out of a wonderful summer or if you live where it is really hot you are glad that it is cooling down some though you know winter is on the way.

Here in the northwest the spring brings sun out on a regular basis after having a lot of rain for the winter. We still have some rain in the spring however we do see sun for several days in a row. This last week our weather was more like summer with the temperatures going to record highs for spring being in the mid-80s. Over the next few days more rain is expected but right now I am looking out my window and the sun is shining though I can see rain clouds off to the south. What I like about the spring is hearing the birds chirping and the flowers coming into bloom. It is like new life coming to being.

Spring means to those kids get out of school for a week to enjoy the weather and families taking a trip somewhere. Those who can afford it will go to Disneyland and while the rest the kids can ride their bikes and enjoy the sun being outdoors. I think it is nice not to be indoors so much of the time. Recess and lunch hour was my favorite times of the day.

Another thing you are doing is planning your summer vacation while at the same time doing yard work and spring cleaning. Nice thing to get rid of those unwanted items you have sitting around for some time.

This does all sound pretty good to us all however I believe we can make every day regardless of the time of the year the best of our lives. Like I said before we can decide to be happy regardless of our circumstances. It is nice when things are going well for us however how do we work things out when the times are not so good. For example, how do we handle things when our or our loved ones health is not so good. Having fun or being happy doesn’t feel like in our cards. Though it is hard in these times we need to think about all the good times we have had. We may have to get a way even for a little while. It maybe only an hour however it is still better than letting the circumstances keep dragging us down. What do we do during the time away? I am sure it is different for each person however find a place to get away or do something that you enjoy during the best of times. Maybe you need a good beer and listen to some music. Another option is to find a good friend and let your frustrations out to them. I am sure the answers are within you.

Sometimes or even often life is so routine; so what do we find to make life feel better? My idea is to find something to do that you have not done before or something you haven’t done in a long time. I know our lives get busy and complicated so you may have to add one new thing in a day even if it only lasts for a few minutes. What I may call it is an adventure. In fact I want the best of times to be an adventure. If you have today off though you have plans may be you should scrap them and do something totally opposite. Whatever the plans are for today you can still do them on another day unless the plan is already for an adventure and go for it all steam ahead. So have a great day and make the best of it. Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today. Yeah!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Look At Life

I try to put a positive look at life on each of my posts. The most important thing I believe is that we all must look at life with a positive attitude.

I know that it is not always easy to have a positive attitude if you come from a life that you were never given assurance or love. So what do we do in such circumstances where love was not part of the equation? I believe we need to realize that people in our past whether family or so called friends did not get it right. In other words they were not telling us the truth. If you are still struggling with negative thoughts and you are still around those people that do not give you positive thoughts or encouragement leave them behind and find those who do.

If you have already moved to the right side of the track; other words you have friends that give you positive encouragement however the thoughts still come once in a while it is OK. I still go through this myself now and again with negative thoughts. I realize the problem is that I am thinking too much about myself than about other people. It is important to think about other people above ourselves. Again I have to say it is not an easy thing to get past however we do need to do so.

If you find yourself around people that continue to give you negative thoughts it is time to let them go. You don’t need to get rid of them totally out of your life however spend less time around them. For all of us need friends even those who act negative or don’t deserve friends. The important thing is to be with them when you are in a good place. In fact my idea would have them join up with your friends that give you the positive encouragement. These friends would be able to rub off on them.

In all of this is to realize that we are in a battle over our mind and we must decide that we are going to have victory. When the negative thoughts come we recognize them and we start the battle knowing we will have victory over them. Begin by telling the positive things in your life. Do it over and over again than those thoughts will be less frequent. You see we have had these thoughts for years so it will take time to have the new positive thoughts.

One last thing to remember is that you are not alone in this fight. Actually most of us are in this fight however we try to cover them up primarily by joking or putting on a fake smile. If you have overcome this in your life find others that need the same positive encourage. Until next time happy and positive thoughts.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Being Happy All the Time

I have to say not the easiest thing to happen in our lives however being happy all the time is something we should try to achieve.

Of course circumstances don’t make it easy to be happy but I think we should be able to achieve it if we possibly do so. Being happy is something that can truly happen.

I have never been to a third world country however friends of mine that have say the people seem to be happy even though their  circumstances we would think be contrary to it. Most of them have a hard time finding something to eat and they have to walk many places as well. They don’t have the things we would think would be required to be happy.

Growing up I found times where it was a struggle to be happy however all the pictures I am in shows me with a smile. It is possible I did so because I was told to smile however I believe that I was happier regardless of what was happening in my life. I have found all the things that made life tough have made me a stronger person too. I believe those who go along in life with few troubles have problems when trouble does come their way. I have figured out that the troubles I went through were normal way of life so what happens is part of life.

I have to say though I don’t have all of the answers to being happy but it sure beats being unhappy though. I sometimes wonder those I see that have frowns on their faces whether they are unhappy or this is a natural look for them. I have never had the chance to ask them. Of course you don’t want to offend someone either. It is possible they are not aware that they frown most of the time.

I know that I like it when people say that they like my smile. I am not sure how often I smile but it is nice to hear compliments like this. I know that I joke and laugh a lot but that different than smiling? What I know is that I have decided to be happy regardless of the circumstances happen in my life. I know that my life is not exactly the way I would desire it be however I make the most of it. Being happy sure beats being unhappy; I believe so many things can change for us if we are happy. Also I believe being unhappy means we have more focus on ourselves than on others. We are selfish in so many ways already than be all the time. I go into deep depression when I keep the focus on myself too. I am glad though I am not in that place often or for very long either. Being around others helps me out too. When we spend too much time by ourselves it is so easy to get depressed as well.  

The important thing is for all of us choose to be happy regardless of what is happening in our lives. We can’t control circumstances however we can control how we feel. Just like the song “Don’t worry be happy.”  A good motto for us all; have a happy day that you have decided on.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

On-Line Dating

Being a single man I have tried on-line dating. It has not been very successful I have found anyway. It is not that I have been given requests because I truly have but most of the women are flakey or at least not sure what they truly want.

I hope this true for sure or something is wrong with me which I don’t think really is the case. The few cases that I went on dates for lunch or dinner they women were real nice but they were not ready for a relationship. I know it was a small sample size so these women had just gotten out of a past relationship.

I am not saying anyone should decide not to try on-line dating because you may meet the love of your life just be careful. Another thing I recommend is not going for a long distance relationship without first putting things on the table. I found most of these long distance relationships are scams and they end up asking for money. This is especially true for anyone out of Africa and Eastern Europe however it can be within United States as well.

Most recently I have been on a couple sites where the women want to chat only. Since we are in a world where people first emailed and now text message that is what all they want to do. In other words they are not really looking for a true relationship just some fun. I am not saying this is true for all on-line dating sites just many of them. I am not sure why anyone wants to pay money out just to chat however they find that to be a way of entertainment. I figure if I want to chat only I can do that on social media sites with friends.

I do still figure to do some on-line dating however I expect that I may never find the woman I want to spend the rest of my life this way. Of course who knows even if it is only one in a thousand chances the woman does exist this way than it will happen. Also I am keeping my eyes open to the possibility the woman is right here in my town of Gig Harbor and we will meet at a coffee shop or grocery store. Who knows I may know her already.

So for you who are looking for the love of your life, soulmate or whatever names you want to stamp on it good luck in whatever manner you use. Just remember not to lay everything down and go chasing after it across the country or in a foreign land. It may happen that way however the guys I have known doing so have failed. Of course again it is a small sample size. May love win out! Amen!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Summer in April

 A view  from the space needle

The last three days here in Western Washington temperatures have been broken. The previous highs on these specific days have been in the upper 70s and now the new record is between 86 and 89.

It quite amazing to think the weather is more for the summer than spring. El Nino has broken records here for the last couple years or so for temperatures and rainfall. It is expected to get normal rainfall by the weekend. So I have to say that everything is abnormal around here. We can’t really complain though when it has been sunny. After having such a wet winter everyone is happy about this. The temperatures in the winter were above normal as well though the rainfall broke records. We had over forty inches of rain between October 1 and March 31. The normal rainfall for a full year is less than forty inches.

We expect that next winter will be lower temperatures with more snow than normal however the hot weather expected through the end of September though. Winter has been mild over the past three years so those who are not accustomed to the colder weather around here will be surprised and likely will not know to handle it especially those who have moved here in the last few years.

I am probably in the minority however I am looking forward to having more snow. I know that I can visit the mountains but having snow around is very nice I think.

I am sure many places around the world will have to get used to the change of weather. This week Colorado has had some snow and parts of Texas around Dallas and Houston have had a lot of rain. I am sure places like Los Angeles could use some rain however they get a lot as well when it rains. It would be nice to have consistency in the weather even when it rains.

In the meantime I will enjoy the weather here in northwest whether it hot, cold or rainy. What I like so much about the weather here we usually have all four seasons. Come for a visit here I can guarantee that you will find a wonderful part of the world.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Positive Look at Life

For many of us we have to look at having a positive life. Things usually do not start out well for most people as children. It is not like in some of the movies.

The problem is we do not get to choose our families though I have to admit my family has turned out to be a very good one. I have been fortunate to come from a very stable family. It is not a perfect family however I would say it turned out perfect for me. Our parents loved us very much though they did not always say it. They showed love by example and treated my sister, my brothers and I in the manner we each needed. We did not have to worry about going unfed and got some things we liked to have. I was able to get a baseball glove and play little league baseball without objection. Also I was able to have a basketball hoop in the front yard too. Many evenings in late fall and winter when it did not rain I spent hours shooting baskets. I wasn’t a great player however I was decent and played on basketball team though I spent most of the time on the bench. Also, my best friend Gary and I would exchange baseball cards during the spring and summer when we were not playing baseball. We lived on the waterfront and we had several sailboats so we got to spend some time on the water. Dad was really into sailing and often was in races so we could go out with him on many occasions.

I know that some people come from families that are not as blessed as mine. It is hard to come from an abusive family or one of your parents is an alcoholic. What even makes it really hard is that you love them very much however you don’t get a positive look at life.

Growing up for me was not all positive though home life was real good. I had a hearing problem as a small child so I did not start hearing until I was about five years old. Actually I could hear to some degree but could not understand what others said and they could not hear me correctly either. I ended up going to a speech therapist which helped out very much. Kindergarten was not bad at all since it was private and it was my first experience of school; however, first grade though was another story being in public schools. I have to say elementary school especially was not much fun except recess. I was misunderstood by the teachers and I was sent out to the hallways on a regular basis for talking too much and loud. You see I was trying to make up for lost time not able to talk. My reading was not great either however my parents got me a subscription to Sports Illustrated so I would read. I actually did not catch up to my reading level until my sophomore year in high school.

I have to say most of the kids in school were pretty good I did have issues with some. Kids love to tease and there are a few like to bully so I had to deal with both of those. I have to say it is hard to have good self-esteem under those circumstances. I found it hard to let my parents know what was going on as well.

I have to say I do feel pretty good these days far as self-esteem however there are times I do go back to being a little boy thinking others don’t really care. I am sure that many adults still deal with the inner child within themselves. The important things I believe is if you have children continue showing them love much as possible. Let them know they have an important part to play in this world. This is important if you are a grandparent as well. We all need to have self-worth. This is where are purpose in life comes in. Remember to tell yourself that you have something great to offer especially when those voices come in that are contrary and make you not feel so good about yourself. Have a nice smile today! Good bye and many blessings to you.


Monday, April 18, 2016

Truly Living

I am sure all of us at one time another asks the question about truly living. This is especially true the older we get.

It would not surprise me if in the next twenty years we may not have a choice whether our life is truly living or not. What I mean by this is the government or some other group may decide who really will continue to live or not. Other words how are health is will decide whether we live or not. For example if you have Alzheimer’s will this be decided by others or you have stated that you do not want to live any longer with the decease. How about those who are mentally disturbed or have cancer? Even going further those who are considered special needs now will they be given the choice or not?

Personally I would find it difficult to decide my own fate besides those of others. I hope it never does happen where someone decides our fate besides ourselves.

Another question is how sick must we before the action happens as well even if we are given our own permission to end our life. I know personally I would want to wait until there will was no hope left. Another thing would have to do with pain. How painful would we have to feel before deciding to end our lives?

I find it sort of interesting that I brought the subject up because it really was not my intention even with this title however it something at some point we must decide anyway.

Besides the way I went with this in another way what do we consider truly living in our daily lives even if our health is good? There are times where I do feel depressed with darkness at my feet wanting to have life being better than it feels. In some ways I don’t feel truly living either. I do know that the time will pass though. I have gone through this on many occasions in my life. I believe we all live with uncertainty at times. I may call it living in the desert. We struggle in so many different ways being in a wasteland. I truly feel sorry for those who stay there for not only days but months or even years.

I feel glad though I have lived in times of depression I have the strength and energy to get out as well. I know that not as many people who deal with depression can handle it as well. I feel blessed that I have family and friends around that if I truly got into depression where I was not sure to get out others would help me. I do know it is a true battle and I will overcome. Ask for help if you truly need it. I really do hope bringing up this subject will help those in need. So many blessings to you all!




Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happy Weekend

The Skansie Netshed at Skansie Park

Eddon Boatyard

One of the Marinas in Gig Harbor

 I figure we can be serious during the week encouraging one another on to be the best we can be however the weekend is a good time for old fashion fun and having a happy one.

Here in northwest and Western Washington we are having a nice sunny weekend. The temperatures are in the mid-60s up to low 70’s. I know for many places this is normal for April unless you are in Colorado where it is snowing. Here we call it a time for a party because the temperatures are usually more in the fifties. Here we take off our jackets by noon while other places think we are crazy in doing so.

On Saturday morning I took my usual walk around Gig Harbor waterfront. It was nice though slightly cold because of a little wind however something I could handle. I knew by the time I was finished I would be quite warm which turned out to be the case.

First I went by Skansie Park where you see net shed where the Skansie brother’s way back in the day would gather nets onto their fishing boats getting to go north for the summer. The Park is used for people walking around along with having farmer’s market on Wednesdays while having concerts Tuesday evenings throughout the summer. This day I saw the teenagers going through some exercising and getting ready to take out their kayaks onto the harbor. They are one of the best kayak groups in the nations.

Next to Skansie Park is Jerisch Landing where there is boats tied to the dock. People will be taking off soon to enjoy the day in their boats. Walking north along the waterfront next is several marinas with lots of boats. I expect busy places in the next few hours.

Walking another block or two are small shops that visitors can go in and enjoy. Two new buildings are in process where businesses will occupy them in the next several weeks.

Next you come up to a deli where you can get donuts along with sandwiches. There are people hanging out right now. Next to the deli used to be able to get your nails done. They have moved to another location and a new evening restaurant will be opening in the spot in the next month or two specializing in pizza and beer. Not sure of the name yet however they will be open from 4 pm to 9 pm.

 Continue walking north there is another small park you can visit to and then there is a new house being under construction next to another net shed. The next place is Eddon Boat. It is now owned by the city of Gig Harbor and was originally by Ed Hoppen whose son Guy runs it when he is around. He spends the summer fishing up in Alaska like so many others. In his case a family affair since his children are involved as well. At Eddon Boat there is a nice gift shop along with a boat shop. You can actually see people building boats especially on the weekend. Actually if you want to you can get a small boat built yourself all you have to do is ask how.

You continue walking around the harbor there are more places to see including small restaurants that you can eat at that have delicious food including sea food. A must whenever you come to Gig Harbor.

There are so many other places in Western Washington to visit on the weekend as well. Many of the towns have waterfront to walk around too. Going to Seattle there is the waterfront and the Pike Place Market is only a few blocks away where you can walk or take a taxi. The Space Needle and all the other places near it are not too far away either. Having a Happy Weekend works well here in Western Washington; enjoy yours too.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

What Do You Want to Understand

We all think at one point or another want to understand our lives? What I mean by this what direction to go in or what meaning our lives have.

This does have something to do with our purpose and destiny. Most people have an idea what they want to do when they grow up in fifth or sixth grade. Of course many change their minds to before high school is finished. Others don’t have the foggiest idea until they are in college. Even when they start a career or job the direction of life is still questioned. This may be even after getting married and having children. The question can be what is the meaning of life or where do I play in this big world. I have said on occasions some of us are still trying to figure all this out.

I have no exact answer other than that God loves us and he has plans for each of us to play. The important thing for us to do is seek him to find out what it is. He has given me some of the answers that I have requested from him however how I get there is another question. For some it may be real clear what the first step is while for many of us it is not. It is real clear if he tells you that you will be a pastor, a doctor or a lawyer however if he says that you will be business then that field is wide open. You first should go to business school to learn how to run a business. Of course there is more to it than that.

There are others he calls to the mission field. In those cases you have to figure what country goes to and what organization you may become part of. This is not an easy to road to go.

Another thing though I believe our purpose and destiny is beyond our job, career and family. You may have other things God wants you to do besides like using your talents and gifts. You may have a job during the day to make money while at night or on the weekends to do other things like volunteer work. Also you could be like me writing a blog to encourage people and to write about your life. I am sure directions and answers to our questions are wide open. I expect the first thing is to ask a question. The answer could be right in front of you. Another idea is go to a close friend. Ask him what he does when he is not working. It could be that you become his partner.

The most important thing to know is the world is so wide open and there are so many needs. We have at the very least to fill ourselves in one of those spots. It is real possible what we try first is not our final destination however if we don’t take the first step we won’t arrive there. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and good luck to find the spot you land in.  

Friday, April 15, 2016

Finding a Grateful Heart

Today I decided it is time to leave my kingdom and my people to the land across the River.

My Father the King said “Did I not give you everything in my entire kingdom.”

Yes Father everything except one thing and I must go search for it outside the River.

“What is it my son” said the King.

I must find the grateful heart. I will return as soon as I do. I have no idea how long it will take.

“Our people are kind and gentle aren’t they my son.”

Yes they are Father however there is not one who has a grateful heart.

“Why must you insist in finding this grateful heart?”

I and our people will not be complete without this my Father.

“Ok if you must go do so; however, remember this Kingdom is yours and still will be in your return. I love you my son.”

I love you Father and our Kingdom will be richer when I return with the grateful heart. Good bye Father and many blesses to you and our people.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Being a Good Person

I have to say something we should all aspire to be is a good person. As we know it is not always an easy thing to accomplish.

These days’ people make it pretty hard sometimes for us to be good to them. It is by their actions most of the time. Fortunately most people try to be good although we all have the flip side too. None of us are perfect and that is trying about being good to. These days our world tries to make us believe in things that are not really good to be good. A lot of it has to do with the term being politically correct. This is something I don’t believe in very much. I know that we need to care and treat people very much on the other hand these days so much is being called good really is not good at all. I am not going to get into those things because there will be many people calling me judgmental at the very least.

What people are doing that is bad doesn’t change the fact they are bad. Everyone wants to think the best of everyone else which is fine however if I am doing something bad I should be told by those who really care about me that I am wrong. I know in my case I would do the same for others that I love and care about. I am not going to do it public but in privacy. What people do that I feel is wrong still will not change the way I feel about them.

It is a sad situation if I feel whatever I do that others are putting judgment on me. It is not really a good way to live. I would call myself paranoid if I felt that way all the time. Regardless I know what I am doing is wrong as well as those things I do right. I don’t have to tell others not to judge me. The most important thing is for me to judge myself. If I am in error again I want to those who know me and care very much about me to do so. All this makes me a better person in the end.

So again in public I may not speak out against what I feel is wrong unless people speak to me directly and tell me that I am wrong. If it is an issue I feel will strong about I will say so regardless if it is politically correct or not. We should be able to still have a freedom of speech though I do know under some circumstances we do not have any longer no matter what some people may say.

In the meantime to be a real good person is to be a trusted friend even though we may not agree with all their actions. I expect others to do the same for me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The City of Destiny “Tacoma”

Here locally Tacoma, Washington is called the city of Destiny. It is the second largest city in Western Washington and the third in the state. The population is around two hundred thousand people.

What we call Mt. Rainier  the native Americans called “Tahoma”. The reason Tacoma is called the city of destiny goes back to the late 1890s when the railroad was established in the city. At the time Tacoma was recognized as the main city over Seattle because of the Commencement Bay that Tacoma is part of; however, the Gold Rush in Alaska turned Seattle into the major city instead. Tacoma continued to think of itself as the city of Destiny.

Tacoma is considered a small city however to us growing up in Gig Harbor it was a large city. Where I currently live it is only a five minute drive going over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. I live very close to the bridge however where I grew up in east Gig Harbor it was about a twenty minute drive.

Both my father and mother worked in Tacoma however I went to school in Gig Harbor and Purdy which is only a few miles north of Gig Harbor. I always felt Tacoma as a very special place to visit as a kid. In my mind it was the city. You talk to anyone I went to school with they felt the same as well. Going to Seattle was even more special to visit. Today it is still a very special place for those who have grown up in Gig Harbor to visit.

Our family visited Seattle several times every year because I had cousins living there well as those in Bellingham, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. As special for our family to visit our cousins it was special for them to come visit us in Gig Harbor. Not everyone had relatives living in Seattle so it was special indeed for us.

Now though Gig Harbor has a larger population then when I was growing up at least twice as many people so we are sort of a breakfast community to Tacoma. A lot of people in Tacoma and Seattle have heard of Gig Harbor though they not know exactly where it is without looking at a map however when I was growing up most people in Tacoma did not know where Gig Harbor was located. I told them it was the town across the Narrows Bridge. Other than my cousins I would have to say most in Seattle did not know or heard of Gig Harbor.

Tacoma has a triple A baseball team that plays at Cheney Stadium. It is only about ten minutes away from where I live. It is the triple A team for the Seattle Mariners. Also they have the Tacoma Dome where some sports events are played well as concerts.

Tacoma has done a lot of work in the last twenty years or so to put its name on the map once again. Downtown Tacoma is where a branch of the University of Washington is located. Also University of Puget Sound is located in north Tacoma while Pacific Lutheran University is in nearby Parkland, Washington. Tacoma has several small towns surrounding it besides Gig Harbor. Primarily there is Puyallup (named after a local Native American tribe) and Lakewood. In fact the Puyallup tribe fished in Gig Harbor and on the Puget Sound before white man came to its shores. Near Tacoma and Lakewood is where Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force bases are located.

Right now there are visitors from China and Germany among different countries visiting the city of Destiny. The state of Washington gets a lot of its foreign business from China since it is the closest place in United States. The same goes for Russia. Tacoma has what they call “sister cities” like Fuzhou, Fujian of China, Vladivostok of Russia and the oldest sister city partnership is Kitakyushu of Japan established in 1959.

Though Tacoma is somewhat not there yet they continue working on being the city of Destiny. A special city that is close to my heart. So if you ever come for a visit to Seattle check out Tacoma and Gig Harbor too. Also you will see Mt. Rainier showing itself in all its glory too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What’s Next?

We all have a purpose and destiny I have shared on a quite a few occasions however we do have a question what’s next.

What do I mean by this? Even if we have discovered what our purpose and destiny is which I am sure most of us are still trying to figure out there is always more we can do. I am not saying that we should do more if we already have a full plate. In fact some of us maybe doing some things we are not really meant to do or time to move onto other things.

Though we are uniquely made and no other is like us there are still many who have talents like ours. What makes us unique then is that all of our talent and gifting’s makes us who we are. Though no one is exactly like us there are those who have the same talents and in many cases better at them then we are so it is important to see what fits us best.

Most of us change careers at least three times in our lives so that leaves what we can do to outside of our jobs. Depending on your situation it could be time to train others to do what you’re doing right now. Actually it could be where you are doing these things as well. Maybe it is time to move on to somewhere else to do the same thing. You have finished the time where you are at and this is the right time to move on to another place.

This can all apply to other things as well. For instance maybe you are doing something because no one else is doing so. Other words you are a stop gap. It really is not what you are that good at but no one else is doing the job. What you may have to do is go and find the person who should be doing the job. Remember you can only do so much. I know it is easier said than done however sometimes another person has to tell you and maybe I am the one who is. It is possible you have already heard this in your mind and need the confirmation. So go ahead and do what’s next.

I do hope this does help everyone out. I have to figure it out for myself as well. Sometimes there is a season where we can’t move and if you are in that place it is OK as well. For example right now I am looking after my elderly mother so I do have limits to what I can do. However someday I figure to move on. I know right now this is where I should be and it will last as long as it should. Taking care of my mother is a very important task and I know that I will be rewarded for it. Fortunately at her age she is doing quite well. I hope that her health doesn’t decline in a manner where she has to be taken care by others. The history of her family most likely this will not happen. She likely will die of old age with her heart going out I expect. I enjoy being around her though at times things are not easy but I have the gifting to do so. Until next time I look forward to us all knowing what is next.  



Monday, April 11, 2016

Taking a Day Off

These things happen sometimes I had to take a day off because I was not feeling well. I think I caught the flu though I did take a flu shot a few months ago. Those things do happen once in a while.

I do feel a bit better now thankfully. I felt bad not writing you all but now at least back. It is nice to have you as friends whether I saw you yesterday, a long time ago or we just friends right here. I hope to do some traveling in the future where I can actually meet some of you. Also it would be nice to meet you if you decide to make a visit the great state of Washington.

The most important thing is that we all have a purpose and destiny in this life. You are all part of my purpose and destiny. Here not only tell you my stories but to encourage you in as many ways that I can. I feel encouraged by all of you reading what I write too.

Life can be troublesome at times and it nice to know when people are behind your corner. They will be with you every day whether in person or not. I know at one time or another we will all go through health issues long with other personal relationships. We are all not strong so it is important to help those who are weak. Remember in weakness we can become strong. I know I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the struggles I went through especially as a youth. For one thing I don’t take things for granted. We can be on a big ego trip and know that we are not a know it all so to speak makes us a lot more humble.

Anyway I am going to leave it and hope that you are doing well. You are in my heart and prayers always. If you are struggling in any manner or your health is not good we are all with you. God Bless You!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Life and the Outdoors

Here in the northwest there is so much to do in the great outdoors. Growing up here I spent a lot of my hours going sail boating along with rowing and fishing. Besides being on the water I spent a lot of time hiking while in boy scouts and outside playing little league baseball.

Where the park I played my home little league baseball games we had picnics sometimes along with playing football during the fall. The park had tennis courts too so my brothers and I played tennis sometimes to.

In the summer we went several times every year to Twanoh State Park that is on the Hood Canal. It takes about seventy minutes to drive to Twanoh. We not only went swimming we played tennis there to. They had camp grounds to and I remember at least once where we spent several days at the Park.

We only stayed indoors during the winter when it was raining. I spent time shooting baskets in our yard when it was not raining and neither of my best friends Gary and Bob was available.

In those days television was not very good so we only watched our favorite shows. We only got about three channels to see anyway. Now kids have so many different options however I don’t really understand how they spend hours watching videos. I recommend spending time still in the outdoors. They can watch videos at night when the sun goes down. It doesn’t make sense to me otherwise especially here in the northwest where we have so many options to do things.

Now with so many technical options they can still watch videos or listen to music while in the outdoors. They can watch videos when it is time for a good break or listen to music while walking or in the boats.

I see some kids that are overweight and that should not be happening. Of course some of that has to do with eating fast food. Even so they need to get as much exercise as possible. Occasional trip to a restaurant is fine but not on a regular basis. Families should spend more time at home to eat than they seem to do these days. I am not here to preach it but a good suggestion. Remember exercising can be fun besides a chore. Of course I never really thought of things I did as exercise I just like doing them.   

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Biking Around the Northwest

One of the great activities to do around Washington State and the northwest is biking. It is right up there with boating and hiking.  

Here in Gig Harbor we have what is called the Cushman Trail. Coming from Tacoma heading north the trail starts about a half a mile from the Narrows Bridge on the west side. The trail parallels with highway 16. It is about a six mile trail that people ride or walk and can bypass the town. There is five different spots you can enter in. The first two entering spots are pretty flat however three and four has high hills then the trail ends flat again. Stage 3 goes downhill while four is uphill. So it can take some time to either ride or walk. I have never rode the trails however I have walked each stage. I haven’t walked the whole thing at one time because of the time commitment it would take to do so.

Most weekends when I go walking through downtown Gig Harbor I do see bikers in packs coming through too. The morning is good time because the traffic is not too heavy. The view is really great to see either on Cushman Trail or through downtown. I am sure many of the small towns in Washington and Oregon have trails along with riders go in packs.

Every mid-July there is what’s called the STP bike ride that goes from Seattle to Portland. Most participates take two days to bike because it is over two hundreds. The bikers go through many of the small towns on the way to Portland. They allow ten thousand bikers to participate and they are sold out usually by March. It is the largest bike event in the Northwest. My friend Tom and his son Ben ride it every year. Tom’s wife picks them up in Portland on the Sunday. If you want to know more about it do search on STP bike ride.

In mid-August there is another bike ride in the northwest called RSVP which is from Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia. In this ride they have two different starting times. The first one starts on the Friday and goes through Saturday while the second one starts on the Saturday and ends on Sunday. This ride is not quite as long as the STP however it is still over 175 miles. Both rides start at the University of Washington and ends in downtown Vancouver. Another great way to enjoy yourself when you are a biker; you can find the route on line as well.

If you are not up to doing either of those rides or not available those weekends plus you don’t want to ride among a big group I recommend taking a ride on smaller routes in the same areas.

So you can see some people take biking in the northwest very seriously. There are many other areas of both Washington and Oregon to run in. I think biking along either the Washington or Oregon coasts would be something to try as well. The route would be along highway 101 and there are many campgrounds you can stay at. Since biking is very popular there many shops you can stop at for bike repairs as well. I believe it would be a really good way to spend a weekend or a summer vacation.