Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Being Affirmed

Being encouraged by others is a good thing to hear however being affirmed is even better. I know that there is really not any difference between encouraged and affirmation but I think there is a little.

Being encouraged is for someone to tell you that you can make it regardless of the circumstances while affirmation is someone telling you how wonderful person you are. Being affirmed you may hear words that you have never heard before from another person or not in a while.

Often we have heard words about us that have been lies. These words we heard first when we were young. Other words we believed in lies and now we are hearing truth about us.

I guess you could say that we are being encouraged because we are being affirmed. Whatever the case we are hearing positive words in our lives and for some it could be the first time in their lives as well.

Actually the definition of affirmation is speaking or hearing truth. Encouragement definition is inspiring someone with confidence. So when you are affirming someone you are inspiring them as well. You are putting confidence in them that they can build on.

Another way to look at it for you to encourage someone affirms them. What mighty tools to use. A couple weeks ago I was affirmed by someone. I have felt better ever since because of truth. I no longer have to believe lies.

What my encouragement is that we affirm others. I know that we all have not heard the truth all the time. If we have then we are in a small group. Keep your ears open to hear what others maybe saying about themselves. When a negative word comes out of their mouths respond back to them. This is especially true if the negative words are about themselves.  You wonder what you should say to them. Start off by saying “wait a minute I have something to say in what you have said or that you want to respond to what they have said”.

This all could be a new world to us. Affirmation may bring us new friends or change the lives of old friends. Whatever the case I think it is exciting to have this as part of our life of purpose. I am sure whatever you do in this area you will be a happier person as well. God bless you in helping change others’ lives.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Travel Be An Adventure

                                             The Hoh River

 I have mentioned before that I will write about different places to see in the Pacific Northwest besides about life and purpose. Travel is a great thing to do and be a part of our purpose. I have seen people here from other parts of the United States as well as the world. I have met people from Russia, Japan, China and nearby Canada during the summer months. Seeing other parts of the world is not only good idea for fun and relaxation it is a good way to have an adventure. We can learn about people from different cultures not only visiting where they come from but having them come here as well.

It is important to put our stamp of purpose on those we meet every day that live where we do but it is as important to meet people from other places as well. The more the merry I would say.

There are many places to see in the Pacific Northwest. Of course Seattle and Portland are both well-known however there is so much more to see in Washington and Oregon. Of course if you have the time you can visit British Columbia up in Canada as well. In fact I plan to spend several days up in British Columbia this summer myself.

A place I want to mention now is the Hoh River Rain Forest. It is located in the Olympic Mountains and is twenty miles southeast of Forks, Washington. The town of Forks is now known because of the movie series of “Twilight”.  It has been known for its logging though the industry of logging has had its downfall in recent years. I spent six months when I was twenty years old living in Forks. I actually worked as a DJ at the local radio station. It was a really good experience for me. It did rain a lot while I was there. The Hoh River being a rain forest means it does get a lot of rain. Seattle gets around thirty-six inches of rain yearly while the Hoh River gets around two hundred inches a year. So you can see that most likely when you visit it will be raining. As a youth I did some hiking in the area in August. It did rain some however not like other months. So if you come visit I recommend August to see the Hoh River and the other areas in the Olympic Mountains. There are many trials that you can hike in the area whether for the day or a week. From Seattle it is around a three hour drive. Also you can drive from Portland along highway 101 to reach the Hoh River. On the way you can enjoy the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. You will find that it will be worth your visit to see this region. Whether you come this year or in the future put it in your plans; remember life is an adventure.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Thank You

Although we have a three day weekend that we call Memorial Day today Monday May 29, 2017 is the day we observe it and thank you to all that serve our country to keep it safe.

John 15:13 says “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.  There is nothing more to our lives than love and those who do the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe and allow us to continue in our freedoms again thank you.

Also want to thank those who are serving now for our country and people in many different ways. I know that everyone is willing to lay down their lives for those they love and many of you do that each day.

May God give you strength to make it through each day and allow his love to cover you. Let you know that God loves you even more than you realize. Psalm 23 says “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; he leadeth me beside still waters. He restoreth my soul; he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” What a great promise. I wish you all a great day along with peace. Thank you for your love and what you do every day of your life.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mind Intact

I know that the older we get the more we forget. Some people when they forget say it is a senior moment. That is fine as long as it doesn’t happen a lot. We don’t want to go into the area where we lose our minds altogether.

So I believe it is important to keep our mind intact. I mentioned before exercising our minds is as important as our bodies. Meditation I have mentioned before is a good way for us to be thinking. Whether you are a big reader or not think on those things that you read about. I read a lot of the Bible and then think on what I have read. I read at a good speed and then something that perks my interest I slow down on. I think more about what I have slowed down on however I can still think about what I have read on good speed or what may be better called normal speed. After you stop reading I believe you can think or meditate on what you have read. You can do that for a few minutes or even longer. If you have something that must be done when you finish reading you can think about it during what you are doing or when you finish the task depending on whether you think you can do both at the same time. I find that days later I will think about what I have read earlier because I was meditating on it.

Often I will think about what I plan to write here on this blog. I find it easier and faster to write what I want if I am thinking about it before hand. I don’t have all the content however the subject and some points.  I have a journal to where I can write main points down to think about at a later time or what to write about.

Whatever way that you want to do it important to think throughout the day and the thoughts that come into your mind that are positive is what you should think about. Other words anything that is negative get it out of your mind as fast as you can. Often this is how stress comes upon us. We think about circumstances that are negative. Stress if we hold on to it too long will be bad for us. Release the stress when you feel it come upon you and a very good reason to think about the positive.

I don’t think we have to think about a lot of different things or subjects but think about little things. Also speak out or laugh about what you are thinking. Let you know that your mind will thank you.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Memorial Day

                                      Haven of Rest Cemetery Gig Harbor Washington

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend here in the United States of America. Every American remembers all those who fought and died in all the wars. Memorial Day began being celebrated after the end of World War 2. It did not become a federal holiday until 1967. Although many Americans take three days off the holiday celebration takes place on the last Monday of May.

Here in the state of Washington more people travel on the Friday before Memorial Day than any other day of the year. Many Washingtonians in the Seattle area travel over to the eastern part of the state. It is a tradition that many families have done for years. This year the temperatures will be in the eighties. It is the hottest Memorial Day Weekend in nineteen years. The normal temperatures here usually run in the upper 60s to middle 70s. Many people consider Memorial Day weekend the last holiday before the start of summer. Students from kindergarten through high school don’t get out for the summer for another two to three weeks. Here in Washington we don’t consider summer started until after July 4 Independence Day so a good holiday to celebrate on Memorial Day until July 4 and then there is Labor Day weekend at the end of August that most celebrate the end of summer.

Many of the cities and towns of Washington have celebrations throughout this weekend. Seattle has the Folk Life Festival which takes place at the city center near the Space Needle. There are several parks in Seattle where people spend time as well and can’t forget Pike Place Market.

Port Orchard which is fifteen miles from my hometown of Gig Harbor has the Kitsap County Harbor festival every year. Another small city Port Townsend where you can take the ferry over to Whidbey Island has a food festival. I can go on and on about what takes place in so many cities and towns in Washington State.

Gig Harbor has a celebration next weekend called Maritime Festival. It includes a parade through downtown and a time to send off the fishing fleet up to Alaska. This has been going on for about fifty years though the name was changed in 1980s.

All the cemeteries across the United States will have flags on all the plots. Many people visit them to see the veterans who fought and died in war along with the love ones. In Gig Harbor the primary cemetery is called Haven of Rest. It is located off highway 16 and looks down into Gig Harbor. My grandparents, father and brother Dick are all laid to rest there. Someday my mother and I will lay rest next to them. Of course I know many others who are there as well.

Memorial Day is a great holiday to remember our veterans and loved ones. A day that I enjoy every year and for those of you no matter where you are from I think of you and your loved ones that are here or gone now. God bless you!   

Friday, May 26, 2017


I spoke about laughter and that brings joy. What we must do is to have joy in our lives.

Just like laughter joy is a choice that we make along with happiness. All this makes life a lot more to handle.

The world seems to throw things at us that will bring depression and hopelessness. It could be the reason some people are not living as long as they would having joy instead.

I found recently that as a young child fear, rejection and bullying were a major part of my life. They kept joy from being part of my life on a regular basis. It is amazing that I have had some joy in my life. In fact I didn’t love myself very much because other’s didn’t love me or at least that is how I felt anyway.

Now I am going to love myself and others too. I have encouraged others the last three years to be the best they can be and myself not always having the same freedom. Now I believe that I will receive the same fruit of joy, hope and love others have experienced whether before or finding out through my messages.

I knew that this all was part of my purpose to life however to live it as God has promised will be even more so. I am not saying that at all times these gifts will be with me but surely more often.

I look forward to love being in my life on a regular basis. I am loving myself, others and God. The last being God is the most important thing. I know that God loving me most of all will give me a great life and allow me to love others and myself.

If you are having trouble in the same way I have and you want to be free to love yourself and others ask God to forgive you for listening to the lies that have come upon you over the years. Accept who God has made you to be and love yourself. This will allow you to live out the purpose and destiny God marked on you way before you were born. Pray and ask God for all these things. You will have a gentle and loving heart. God bless you in all things. Joy, peace, hope and love to you. Amen!

Thursday, May 25, 2017


On Tuesday afternoon I picked up my mother at a senior housing office and center where she plays bridge twice a month. I saw they had a sign up for several different activities going on. One of them was for a woman’s wellness class and the class was called laughter.

I found that to be interesting that there would be a class where the women spend their time laughing. Thinking more about it most of the time I see a group of ladies together they laugh a lot already. My mother’s bridge group they laugh when they are not participating in their game. Otherwise they take their bridge very seriously.

What was written on the signup sheet let them know that the laughter class would allow them to release stress in their lives. Sounds pretty good to me I have to say. We can all use a class where stress can be released. I think it would be the perfect class to go when finishing the yoga class. This way you get exercise, meditation and release all that stress. If you have the opportunity to take a class like that in your community I would go for it. Otherwise I find a place to shout and laugh as loud and as long as you can. When I go walking in the mornings I try to either shout or laugh. Often with the circumstances in our lives it is easy to take things way to serious.  Oh yes add some jumping to the shouting and laughter. When the opportunity arises smile at other people too. Remember at worst people may think that you’re crazy. Nothing wrong with that and enjoy you’re crazy day.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fighting On!

It was really sad to hear about the explosion that happened Monday night at Manchester Arena. At least twenty-two died and at least fifty were injured. It has been considered a terrorist attack.

This really shows where are world is at right now with religious groups believing that they need to attack people. This is happening so much right now in Europe.

This shows right now how religion gives death. The only sure way of having life is getting into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is beyond playing the game of being religious. There are those who call themselves Christians however they live life without a true relationship with Christ. There are churches especially in the Western World where pastors try to control those who go to their church. They allow money to be a forcing way to deal with those they call their disciples. The true way of living a Christian life has to go through love.

If you are going to a church who only way of doing things is through control I recommend to find a church where love is the driving force and where the members truly believe in that love. Other words they are living out what Jesus Christ speaks in the Gospels.

As long as we have extreme religious groups a war will be happening and where bombings will be terrorist attacks. They use religion as the driving force behind hate. We must continue to give people the love of Christ. This is what most people are looking for. Along with love comes faith and hope. Whenever you meet a new person give them your attention. Also give them a hug if they are one that looks like being comfortable with one. A good handshake for the rest of them and pray that God will bless them. Give them the desire of their hearts.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Being Fruitful

Whether it is our main purpose or not in this life we are meant to encourage other people. Everyone is called to encourage in their own unique way.

Whatever talents or gifts that we have to give away to others it still comes down to encouraging and loving other people.

Doing our purpose leads to being fruitful. In the same way that fruit trees must produce fruit we are meant to do so as well. Like a fruit tree we will die inside in the same manner they do if they don’t produce fruit.

How we produce fruit will depend on the individual however we must be willing to change and become a better person in whatever manner that is. We all have issues that we deal with. The more we are willing to do so the more free we become to be the person we’re meant to be.

Right now I am working on loving myself just like God loves me. I have been deficient when it comes to love. I believed lies as a small child that I could not possibly be loved. I have asked God to forgive me for believing in those lies. It is not easy however every day I am looking to love myself more and that means that I will love others along with God more as well. In the process I will be fruitful. I now no longer live in the lie that I am not loveable. I choose to love myself no matter what others may say about me.

We all have to be honest with ourselves to be fruitful or we will die within ourselves.  Whatever you are going through accept the truth about yourself. Many blessings with you. Amen!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Rain or Shine

                                             A rainy day in the Pacific Northwest

                                           A sunny day in the Pacific Northwest

This year we have had more rain in the Pacific Northwest than any year. Our rainfall is right now where it would be at the first of October. Our normal rainfall from May until October is five inches so that is about the difference. Other words we have five more inches of rain. This can change depending on the rainfall between now and October.

This weekend we had temperatures in the seventies and supposed to reach eighty on Monday though supposed to cool down for a couple days into the sixties and then back to the seventies. It may reach eighty a couple times too. Many areas that have spring weather like this  however here it is more like summer so we are having temperatures that you would see in July and October though we have had temperatures like this before.

I know that everyone here in the Pacific Northwest is really glad to see the weather turn to sunny skies after having so many rainy days from last October until now.

The whole thing about the weather it can affect us physically, psychologically and spiritually. I am fortunate not to have allergies however I know a lot of people here that deal with them during the spring time especially however can happen during the winter as well. It can be unusual because I know those who have allergies when it is raining while others have them when it is sunny. My Aunt Marion when she moved to Los Angeles and then to Las Vegas didn’t have the allergies like when she lived here; the dry heat kept her feeling better.

Another thing speaking to my physical therapist she told me that more people have trouble with their backs around here in the winter. This year is the first time I have had trouble with my back. It will be interesting how much better it will feel during the summer with the temperatures being warmer. I am stretching everyday along with exercises three times a week so I know my back is getting healthier. Next winter will be more of a telling story since I will continue stretching and exercising.

When it comes to psychology I do find people very depressed during the rainy season. I have known people who have moved to other parts of the country or spend winters in Southern California or Arizona. This is a great place to live May through September however October through April is a challenge for sure. During late spring and summer the temperatures usually run in the seventies and eighties. Not often does it get into the nineties which I am very thankful for. Last couple years we have had higher temperatures than I have ever remembered. With an unusual winter this year it will be interesting to see how it works this summer. At least this week we will enjoy the nice weather.

Spiritually I believe works a lot like both physical and psychology. I believe a lot of people here in the Pacific Northwest live in dark spiritual lives to. The depression that comes on people because of the weather in the winter is a spiritual phenomenon as well. I have heard in church on a number of occasions the physical comes and then the spiritual. They can go hand in hand very easily.

So when it comes to encouraging people it is important to know all three areas with the physical, psychology and spiritual. During the raining season encouraging others here is more important than during the summer though we can’t loosen up any time of the year. It is important that others realize that we are for them regardless the time of the year.

I am sure if you come for a visit here to the Pacific Northwest you will see more smiling faces now. God bless you and have a wonderful week.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Thinking of You

When someone passes away I think of you. Not just at those times because my thoughts of you happen most of the time. Also I think of the person who has just died.

I think about the kind of person they were and their laugh along with their smile. I look forward to the day that I see them once again along with you. I ask that you look after them and be there friend even if you had not met in this life.

I look forward to the day that I can see all of my friends and those I consider family. In the meantime we all need to make an impact on other lives no matter how much or little we know them.

I tip my hand to you and love you with all my heart. Life is difficult however thinking of all my loved ones that are no longer here makes it easier.

Death is not the end of it all. We will spend hours, days and years together since the next life we will be together for eternity.

I don’t know how things go in heaven and whether you see us on the other side or not. If so keep us all in your mind. Thanks so much for being a part of my life. Though it has been a while the day we meet face to face once again will be joyous. Good bye for now love you.  

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Being Scammed

There is a fight going on when it comes to our lives. I am one that wants to encourage while there are others that wants to take things away from us.

Recently I have been threatened by a so-called company that I owe them money and I don’t pay up they will call the police to have me arrested. I am sure a lot of other people are going through the same thing. Remember this is a scam and don’t believe them. One thing I have never heard of the company so I know that I have never borrowed money from them. This is actually the second time they tried this on me. About six months ago they did the same thing. Last time I called the state attorney general’s office. They said that they couldn’t really do anything however to have their number blocked. The problem is that they call from more than one number. They continue to have the number changed. Never take this serious and pay extortion. There are other scams that are as dangerous. If you wonder about any calls that you receive though they are not able to do anything about it call your state attorney general’s office because they can confirm the scam.

Another thing if you start falling into depression call a friend to help you out. So many people are dying of suicides. Remember life is short however depression will pass. I know because I have dealt with it over the years.  I know there are those who consider depression an illness however I am not sure of it. I know that people need to understand what is going on but really an illness may be over simplifying it. There are illnesses like bipolar that bring on depression and can lead to suicide. Get help for yourself or someone that you know that has the symptoms.  Most of all call out to God when you go into a dark place. The world and life is not an easy to deal with at all times. God bless you and encourage your friends.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Making Plans?

                                                  Gig Harbor, Washington

                                               The Space Needle Seattle Washington

Summer is coming soon. It is hard to believe that May is half over. Have you made plans for your summer as of yet?

Right now I am in the process of making my plans for the summer.  I am looking to take about ten days and go visit my cousins up in British Columbia, Canada in July so I may be off the radar during that time however I will write about it when I get back. British Columbia is a wonderful place to visit so if you have never visited there I would recommend it. You have Vancouver one of the largest cities in Canada that is very international as well along with Vancouver Island where Victoria is at along with many other places to visit especially if you enjoy camping and fishing.

In September my sister Barb will be coming home to Gig Harbor, Washington to see me and our mother. Besides Gig Harbor there are many other places to see as well. Another great place to camp and fish along with boating; Gig Harbor has a lot of small shops that you can take a look at along with renting a kayak for a couple hours or go out on a boat.

Seattle has a lot of places to see well as going north into the San Juan Islands. There are ferries that you can take all over the Puget Sound. If you have a bike a great way to get around seeing many sites so your plans still up in the air consider coming our way. We will enjoy having your company.

                                                       One of the Washington Ferries

                                                     Big Ranch British Columbia

                                                      Owen's Beach  Tacoma Washington

                                           Hoh River Olympic National Forest Washington

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Yes I Can

 I figure we can all use a boost once in a while. Although we may be an encourager for others we need to be encouraged ourselves. Not at all times are we in good spirits. In fact for some of us it is not a natural thing to do.

So what we can do is encourage ourselves when no one is around to do so or don’t know we need encouragement. I hope that most people do have someone to encourage them along with doing so for others.  So my answer to it is saying over and over again “Yes I can”. Often in our lives we have been told “No we can’t” so we have to train ourselves in “Yes we can”.

Encouraging ourselves is like any kind of exercise. It takes time for us to get into shape to do so. Our minds need to get into the same shape as our bodies do. So my idea is that we start the day saying “Yes I can.” We most likely have to repeat it several times a day especially at first. This is true when negative thoughts come into our minds or possibly doing something that we haven’t done before or haven’t been successful at.

This could be a good idea to put across to those who we encourage as well. My idea is to the other person or persons first thing “Yes I can”. They may ask “What are you talking about”. You let them know the process of encouraging themselves when no one else is around.

Remember there are a lot of people that need encouragement and the more we can reach with our positive approach the better.

I am not saying this from the same approach that others may come from. I am coming from a Christian approach where God loves us and wants the best for us. The more we can say things like “Yes I can” the more we can believe God in his word. I pray that we all take this and be better encouragers. Amen!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Birthday Time

I have to admit today is my birthday. I don’t have any big plans of yet. Just let the day go the way it should.

It is so easy to think negative wanting to have the things I have desired for a while that have not come to pass however it is important to remember and be thankful for the things I do have.

Besides being my birthday it is Norway’s Independence Day! So everyone in Norway or your background is from there I salute you.

I am sure like every day those in heaven are saluting my birthday and everyone else who was born on this day along with those being born today. I am sure every day is a big party in heaven.

The only thing I do know is that I am going think positive and wait on God. Feel the love that he has for me. Not always an easy task but I now know it must be done for me to become a better person.

My day is just starting. I know everyone is on a different time schedule. I begin with doing my exercises to help my back get strong and then go for a walk. At least I hope that the rain doesn’t come down hard. Yesterday after we had a heavy down pour for a little while. It has been a strange year for rain. I am used to rain but not at the rate it has been happening this year. This weekend though we are expecting to have high temperatures getting into the 80’s. A bit hot for me but having the sun come out for the day is nice to. Everyone here feels much better when the sun is spending the day with us. Also there isn’t a more beautiful place on the face of the earth when the sun is shining.

Have yourself a great day and sheers to you on my birthday. I expect that I am wiser well as older. God bless you!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Travel to Other Nations

Whether you are an American or someone from another country I believe it is a good idea to do some traveling to another country besides seeing more of your own country.

The age of the internet has made the world a smaller place. I enjoy not only reading about other countries but seeing where those who read my blog are from. It is nice to see people from Russia along with other eastern European countries and those from Asia and Africa. I hope someday to be able to afford to see many different places.

The church I go to in my home town of Gig Harbor, Washington gives money to mission organizations in different parts of the world and some members of the church go on short visits as well. One member of my church Paul is currently in Nepal. He is there helping out the people and an organization that has an orphanage. Nepal is different than many nations because it is against the law to be a Christian and a person from another country can’t enter on a mission visa. Paul and his wife Tabitha who I have known for over thirty years were originally planning to be missionaries to Nepal though you can’t use the term there anyway. Paul and Tabitha along with their children went to Nepal a few years ago when the big earthquake happened. They found it satisfying because they were able to help survivors of the quake. Both of them have medical training so it was something they could do to help out along with building homes as well. The homes are not like the ones here in USA they were metal buildings that I would call temporary though the people may still be living in them. Paul and Tabitha now take turns going to Nepal on trips helping out orphanages along with bring home goods from Nepal. They have a business where here in the Gig Harbor area they sell the goods brought back from Nepal. A very good idea though the business is taking time to be built up. They save the profits of the goods to help return again to Nepal. I find that to be an interesting idea to do wherever you go.

Another couple at my church he is American and she is originally from Russia. Often they sell goods that are made in Russia. What they do is sell the goods at farmer markets. If you are not familiar with farmer markets most of the goods sold are vegetables and other products people grow on their farms however there are couples like I know that will sell clothing as well. Also you can buy something for lunch too. These farmer markets usually happen once or twice a week.

I have always thought it would be nice to go on a mission’s trip myself whether it is for short term or long term. I know several couples that are full time missionaries and others that go on short mission trips each year. The youth in my church each year go for about ten days each summer on a mission’s trip. This year they will be going to Mexico. A good thing to do because not only they are telling people about Jesus Christ they are learning about a different culture.

I am looking forward to learning more about different countries. My idea right now is to adopt a country and learn as much about the places and the people along with hoping to travel to those places in the future. So whatever you do whether it is traveling for vacation or on a mission’s trip learn about the places you want to visit before going. There is something real special about doing so. I hope to meet some of you someday whether here in the USA or in your country.

Monday, May 15, 2017

My Younger Me

For many older people they are now writing in their journal to their younger self while younger people are writing to their older self. What a great idea to do. The younger person can see what they perceive for the future while the older person how things will be.  So here I go for myself.

Hello my younger self. Let you know that life is going grand now. I know it was not easy for you and that life just hasn’t felt fair for some time. I want you to know that things are going to get a lot better for you in the years ahead. Not everything will be the way you would like things to be. You will be surprised that you went to college and got two associate degrees. The purpose was to get a better job and have the tools to do so. You received a degree in business management and computer science. I know it is a surprise because you think that your older brother Dick would be the only one to use a computer in the family. Actually most people use a computer now and most receive their mail on the computer as well. They do still send mail the old fashion way but this mail comes instantly. The future has on the computer called the Internet where the mail is sent to and stored. Also you can learn about anything on the Internet. You will be writing to people all over the world encouraging them to be the best that they can be. I know that you may not believe that because you wonder if anyone cares what you have to say along with the fact your English isn’t that good either. You will be a different person in the future than who you are today. I know to that there will be disappointments as well. In your later years you still won’t have a family of your own however you will have the hope that someday it will happen for you.

Further to say there will still be those that won’t care for you but those that are important will hear your every word. They will let you know that the words you speak will give them life and that will allow you to thrive. Keep doing what you have been because the time will arrive when you will reach your goals. You will realize that God has walked every step with you although you have been in dark places at times. He created you for a purpose for this time. You will have peace that few others will ever know though storms will continue to be around you. Let you know that I am proud of you because you will finish the race.

Pretty good I think writing to my young self. If you haven’t done so give it try and see where it lands. God bless you all. Amen!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day

                                                       Mother and I  a couple years ago

Today we honor our mother’s that gave us life and spending hours sacrificing their time caring for us. Currently I am taking care of my mother as she is now ninety-six years old. She is pretty good shape for her age though she does forget things and time once in a while however as many of us are in middle age ourselves we can understand about forgetting something. I am thankful that mother doesn’t have dementia or any other illness that would be difficult to work with right now. I admire those who take care of one or both of their parents especially when in very bad health. I pray that you are able to get through the tough times seeing your parents the way they are instead of what you remember.

My mother like many her age has a story to tell. She grew up in Edmonton, Alberta Canada during the depression when things were not easy. She started college at seventeen. Her birthday landed on the last day she could enter the college. In those days you had to be seventeen go to college. If her birthday would have been the next day she had to wait another year go to college.

Another thing is that college education for a woman was not on the same level as it is now. Her father didn’t think it would get a woman to get ahead by going to college. It was her mother that college would help her to succeed.

My mother went to University of Alberta in Edmonton so she was able to live at home and walk to college. It was the depression so money was hard to come by for college. Her eldest brother Bob helped by paying her first year of college. Mother majored and graduated in French and minored in German. When she finished college World War 2 was happening. She received a call from the Canadian government about having a job in censoring. Other words she read the mail of the prisoners of war who came to Canada. When the war was over so was the job.

Her next adventure sent her to work at the Canadian embassy in Paris, France where she spent two years. She married her first husband who became   the father of my sister. This is where it is a bit funny or unusual she married and came to the USA as a French bride although she was Canadian. She had my sister not long after arriving in Seattle, Washington. The marriage to my sister’s father only lasted a few years and because of issues in his life my mother and he divorced.

In a short period of time my mother than met my father and then they married. They had my older shortly thereafter than me a year and half later and then my younger brother two and half years later. I can’t imagine having to raise three boys along with my sister.  Also my father’s parents lived with them when they moved to Gig Harbor. Before getting married my dad was living in Tacoma. My dad’s mother died when I was thirteen months old so they still had grandfather living with us. He passed away when I was nine.

When my younger brother Jack entered school mother and father decided that she would go back to school to get her certificate to teach.  My father had a drapery business but they didn’t want to rely totally on his income. So after getting her certificate at University of Puget Sound in Tacoma she started her career as a teacher. After one year at Jason Lee Junior High she went on to Wilson High School where she taught primarily French however depending on how many students were taking either French or German she taught some German as well. She taught at Wilson High School for twenty years and then retired.  For a few of the last years at Wilson she was the girl’s swim coach. They were in need of a swim coach and she was a swimmer at college too. Her age now she has been retired longer than she taught.

Like I say she has had an interesting life. Of course it is not over yet. She continues to have a fruitful life playing bridge a couple times a month and belonging to a book group as well. Also is a member of a couple other groups as well. The activities keep her mind going along with having a good social life that includes still going to church. 

So today is such a great day for us all to honor our mother’s for the sacrifices they did for us. Happy Mother’s Day to you all wonderful women.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Firing Lines

Being someone who wants to press on in my purpose and destiny it is important to know that I am on the firing lines. Other words there are or will be opposition to what I do.

If you are a Christian you know and believe in Satan or who some people call the devil. Even if you are not a Christian and want to do good things Satan will attack you or discourage you in what your purpose and destiny is. Often the reason it may take us a long time to figure out what our purpose and destiny is. Satan will put us in a vulnerable position to make us think that we don’t have a purpose or we won’t succeed if we do.

Often he will use other people to make us doubt what God has put in our hearts to do or we won’t succeed when we first try. This is why it is important that we press on even when success is not happening in our purposes. We have to live in our faith and continue on.  We may not have success when we first begin however we will after a period of time. Often our purpose takes experience.

We have to remember that not everyone is going to accept our purpose especially those who we are supposed to help. In fact they may be the hardest ones to accept us. The most important thing though we must remember it is not about us because our purpose is for others. We were created to make a difference in the world and it may take a lot of time for the world to recognize us.

Another thing is we have to accept others purpose and destiny. In the same we have one everyone has one although they may not recognize it!  So press on though the firing line may be hot for the moment in the end we will succeed for no other reason because of our destiny.  

Friday, May 12, 2017

Speaking Our Minds

In our lives it is important that we speak our minds however we have to be confident in ourselves.

People need to know what we stand for and it is confidence that will get us where we need to be.

To press on in our lives to be the best we can be a lot will be because of the confidence.

Helping to change lives has a lot to do with the confidence we have in ourselves and how we speak. The person who does this knows how to speak their minds and get it through to others.

It does take planning like so many other things to get the confidence in speaking along with experience. It can take years of experience usually for this to happen. I know that in my case I am way ahead of where I once was at and I know to that more time will have to happen to be where I would like to be as well however we do have to start somewhere to get where we want to be.

Write down what you would like to speak and rehearse many times over. It is like being an actor or someone who speaks in front of a group. The more we do it the better we will be at it.

Speaking our minds is more than just speaking the words if we really want others to receive our message.  In many ways it is like writing this blog where I have to continue doing so that I get better every day. I know that I will make mistakes but that is how we each learn. Remember to speak what you believe in no matter how many times you may fall in the process. You will be respected in the process. The world needs more people that are willing to speak their minds.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Short Spring?

This year has been unusual in the Pacific Northwest. More rain than I have ever seen before in my life.

The last few days it has been sunny with the temperatures in the seventies however rain is expected again for the next several days.

The rainfall has been nearly thirty inches and that doesn’t happen until October. At least the positive is that we did have sun for a few days.

The Pacific Northwest is a wonderful place to visit when the sun comes out. Hiking in the mountains and walking along so many waterfronts. My hometown of Gig Harbor is a wonderful place to walk along with other places like nearby Port Orchard.

                                                    Port Orchard Waterfront Park

I hope that the spring will not be short and that the sun will come out once again. The wind has been blowing a lot this year as well. It is nice and feels good when the sun is out however when it rains the opposite feeling occurs.  For us that have lived here a long time we are accustomed to the rain and wind to some degree but those who haven’t lived here long are having trouble with it. This year the rainy season being long has made it tiresome for us all. What we look forward to is the summer season. No place more beautiful than the Pacific Northwest during the summer. There are many shops to visit along with the trails where you can walk or ride a bike. No problem getting coffee or a smoothie too. Spring we look forward to more sunny days. We don’t want you to be short.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What’s Up Doc!

For millions of us over multiple generations there is nothing more positive and made us laugh during our childhood than the cartoons.

Bugs Bunny was one of my favorites especially hearing over and over again “What’s up Doc”. Of course another one was the Flintstones with Fred saying “Yabba daba doo” and Bam Bam with of course “Bam Bam”. There were many others like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Disney still continues many cartoons today along with animated movies. Parents enjoy them watching with their children on the big screen. Nothing more joyful than watching cartoons especially with so many negative distractions we have experienced over the years.

When I was a kid my family did not have cable television and we lived in front of a high hill so our television rotated frequently watching on a black and white television. We had a great time anyway though the rotation was distracting to some degree. We didn’t know any different along with only having three channels. What a difference when a young man knocked on the door offering to sell cable television. Of course my parents did not hesitate at having cable. Something new with many channels where the television did not rotate either and went out bought a color television set.

Getting our first television and then later color television along with getting another car were among my highlights growing up. In those days with technology being limited every occasion were happy moments. Today we often take them for granted.

Besides enjoying every good gift today remembering your childhood when you didn’t have them or they were not a high priority. Outside of watching a few programs every day I spent a lot of time outside. Everything seems so simple back then. I am sure children have their simple things as well though it is hard to believe.

Important to live each day however good to look back in time as well. Memories are so good when difficult times are happening. I hope that you are having a wonderful week. God bless you very much.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

One Step at a Time

When it comes to our lives it is important to take one step at a time. We all have made mistakes in our lives however we must move on and forgive ourselves along with others.

Forgiveness is a power tool. It allows us to release stress and anger that we have against others. It is important thing for each of us to do. I am not saying that it is easy however doing so will make our lives must easier to cope. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that we forget what happened in the situation we forgive and move on. Forgiveness allows us to heal as well.

Taking a step for us each day will make life much easier to deal with as well. We must learn from the past so we don’t repeat it. We must remember that yesterday is gone and now we are living a new day. Also don’t worry about tomorrow either. Today can be hard enough in itself than to go back or forward.

The trouble that is happening in our lives we can only take care of those we can today. I am speaking of those that we are aware of. Whatever comes up tomorrow we will take care of them then. All that we take care of today will make us freer and allow us to live in joy. We have the right to choose happiness in our lives. Remember that there will be new issues that may come today that we have to handle as well.

The importance of it all is to be able to help others who need assistance to walk one step at a time. Many people don’t realize that they are not taking the right step or they are using a cane to do so. Again we must choose the steps to take today. Worrying about things won’t change them either. The person you are meant to be can only happen when you allow distractions to go away. Enjoy each step that you take today.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Being a Winner

When it comes to our lives, purpose and destiny we need to think of ourselves as being a winner. This doesn’t mean we are perfect or better than anyone else we just are meant to win. Also we need to see others as winners too or at least on the road to become winners.

Growing up our mentality was that there were either winners or losers and often others would tell us that we were losers unless they were our best friends. Most of that had to do with jealousy or how children acted.

I know as a child I didn’t feel like a winner most of the time and I was not told that I was one either. At some point or another we would come across a bully or be one ourselves; I know the experienced of being bullied. Not very fun that is for sure. Bullying has become even a bigger issue now than when I was a kid. Of course now there is the internet and social media where people can really be mean and let others know it about you. They can lie to the world besides doing it to your face. My solution at the time was that I stood up to the bullies in my life. I believe still today that is a good solution as long as you don’t beat up the bully. You see most bullies I had experience with were very insecure in themselves. They intimidated because they were bigger than the other kids and they had other kids come along side of them. Depending where you live weapons can become part of bullying. I didn’t have to worry about weapons or at least I didn’t think about them anyway. In my time I didn’t think about going to anyone about me being bullied. I am not sure if I thought anyone could help me anyway. Now there seems to be more awareness and caring about bullying so I believe children can go to someone to help them even if they are not their parents. Of course many that are bullied may not feel that they can get help. So if you have children that in the age when bullying happens make them aware not to be part of the problem but the solution.

  Again as a child I played sports where there was a winner and a loser. Today the children being taught that there is no winners and losers. I am not sure whether that is good at all. I believe most kids know whether they are good at a sport or not even if scoring isn’t being taken. They need to be assured that they are winners whether on the playground or not. Emphasize what they are good at and minimize what they are not good at. For those that don’t have the natural ability in what they are trying to accomplish it will take extra work for them. It is important to know what is real and not stay away from it. Like me some kids may take a while to get where they are in their gifts and talents. Help and encourage them. This can go for adults as well. We are all winners or at least on the road to becoming one.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lifting Each Other Up

We all go through things almost on a daily basis. Life isn’t fair a good part of the time so it is important that we lift each other up.

It doesn’t what form it is whether it is in prayer or saying a kind word.  The effort along with caring is what the most important thing.

Yesterday talking on the phone with my brother Jack he mentioned that his daughter-in-law Helen lost her grandfather last Monday. She had a tough week because my nephew Ian her husband was out of town on business and no one close to comfort her. The death of her grandfather was expected but it still hurts no matter what.

Often people will say that they understand when someone loses a relative or a close friend. I believe no matter who you lose in this life saying the words I understand is not what to say. Everyone has their way of dealing with death and grief. I lost my older brother Dick and my father one year apart almost to the day. In fact when my dad died I was just over my grief for Dick. You see Dick was in his upper 30’s when he died so it hit our family hard however how I felt was different than Jack and my sister Barb not saying how my mother and father felt at the time.  Others have lost a brother and parents but doesn’t mean we feel the same way though circumstances are the same. The best thing we can do is comfort and love the person who is going through tragedy in their life. If I spoke any words to someone would be that I am with them and if they need anything let me know.

I believe this is good advice for anyone who needs help no matter what the circumstances they are going through. We can pray and comfort them. If you are going through something right now let you know that my thoughts are with you and that God loves you. He is the comforter that you need. Amen!