Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Goodness and Mercy

How passionate people are in what they
believe it is as important to give them
goodness and mercy especially if they
don't agree with you.

Since many people have stayed at
home over the last three months
whether they are working or not
frustration has built up along with
the issues.

I can understand how people feel,
however, like many I wish it were 

Last night I turned on the news
they were talking about the riots
and the shootings. I thought enough
is enough The media is pushing this
on us day after day.

Whether you agree with me or not
I give you goodness and mercy where
it is needed. I hope the same from you.

We Still Won't Agree

The social media shows most people don't 
agree what is going on in the world.

It has been a tough year that is for sure.
A lot of people want to give out there
open on a regular basis.

I personally think it has been overdone
so I am not spending as much time on
social media anymore. 

It is OK to disagree but it is important
to be kind to each other as well.

Not enough of it going around for sure.
The reason I am not spending as much 
time on social media is not because the
issues are being mentioned but peoples
opinion they give over and over again.

They want to be sure I and others have
gotten the point. My mind once is  enough
or twice maybe. 

So still be nice to each other though you
don't agree. Amen!


Monday, June 29, 2020

Believe In Yourself

We may have a lot of talent and gifts
however we need to believe in ourselves
as well.

Sometimes others will tell us the wrong
thing about us so we have to decide
they are not right.

It takes faith to believe in yourself.
Faith means believing in what you 
don't see.  This goes for us as well
as things and circumstances around

It is something I am still working 
on let you know. I don't have it
down to an art.

Other people may not believe in us
but we can even if it takes hard work
So meditate and speak saying "Yes
I believe in me".

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Different Summer

The weather has started off well for summer,
so it won't be different, however, the type
of summer will be having for many will
be different.

I am sure those having planned to go
on a trip out of the country will have 
to make it different. 

My family had planned to celebrate
my mother''s life, however, we have
decided to postpone it for a while.

My sister lives in Quebec, Canada
there is no travel between Canada
and the USA until at least August.

My plan is to take more small trips
around Washington state. I know 
some will take their vacation in the
area as well.

Those who travel other parts of the
country may do the same depending
on the virus is happening where they
are going well as where they live.

One thing for sure going on nice walks
enjoying the sun will be the way to go.

So whatever plans you have I wish 
you a good time. 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Walk the Walk

We all have heard it before to walk the walk 
and to talk the talk.

Jesus said it best "let your yes be yes.

There isn't a lot of people doing it today.
They let the cares of the world get in the

I know I try to do my best while failing

None of us is perfect however we can
be with God's help to get close.

We should ask God to change our hearts.
Be what we want to be and not who we

Our purpose will be so much better if
we do so. Amen!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Development Of Our Purpose

We are all created for a purpose, however, when we s
tart developing the purpose is different for each one.

You would think our life purpose would begin at birth
for all of us. In a way it does but circumstances can
cause our development.

For instance, in my case I was not able to hear correctly
until I was five years old. So it meant I wasn't able to talk
English correctly like the other children my age until five
years old.

This meant I had to go to a speech therapist for a little
while then it took me several years to reach my reading
level. I made it to my life purpose though delayed in
a way.

Although I did my life purpose eventually I didn't really
realize I had a life purpose until a few years ago. I am
sure many people are in that boat. The importance is I
do know I have a purpose making it a lot more fun.
So with your children recognize their purpose, help
them to develop it. Amen!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Encourage Ourselves

A reminder we should encourage ourselves
as we do others.

Often our lives can get busy we forget 
about our own needs at the same time.

We should encourage ourselves in the
same manner we do others.

Life is too short not to forget about
our own needs.

Speak truth in our minds and spirit.
Today can be a good day for it. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Joy In Our Purpose

Joy should be a major part of our purpose.
You are not having joy in your life then
there is something wrong going on.

Joy is a choice we can make plus it is
a by product of our purpose. So if you
are not having joy then you need to look
into finding out why.

When you find out why you are not having
joy then you have to decide what you are 
going to do about it.

Your life and the purpose you are here
will change for the better. Amen!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Went Traveling On Monday

Summer arriving the whether is really nice 
this week. I decided to take a day go for a

Here in Western Washington we can go so
many nice places within two or three hours
each way.

Monday I went to Port Townsend under 90
minutes. It is on the Puget Sound. We can
see Mount Baker and Mt. Rainier in the 
cascade mountain range well as Olympic
Mountains here on the Olympic Peninsula.

Port Angeles isn't very large town, however,
nice to spend time seeing the view. Here is
a few pictures. 

                                           Port Townsend Ferry to Whidbey Island

                                          Whidbey Island in distant

                                           Fort Worden 

                                           Downtown Port Townsend 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Blessed To Live Here

The USA isn't perfect, however, I  am blessed
to live here.

I know other countries the people are blessed
to live as well. I appreciate all you who read
my post from all over the world.

I hope you are learning something well as being
encouraged each day.

This week I am planning to take another local
trip. I may do it today for that matter.

I have my camera all set to go.

I haven't driven a lot of miles the last three 
months. In fact most of it has been on the two
trips I already took.

Highway driving the mileage is really good
and my car needs to get out on the road.

Enjoy your day and count your blessings. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day

I want to wish you men a wonderful Father's Day.
It takes a lot of responsibility to be the best at
the job.

Remind you as well it is at the top of your
life purpose to be a father as well.

My father has been gone now 27 years. I still
miss him every sing day along with my older
brother and now my mother. Three of the most
important people in my life.

My father passed away right around Father's 
Day so not something great in that regard.

Though we didn't have a lot in common he
did show my brothers and I how good a
father he was. Give a tip off to you. I
look forward to seeing him again. 

Love Your Neighbor

Jesus Christ commanded us to love our
neighbor. It wasn't a suggestion or when
you feel like it.

I am not here saying I do a very good
job of it myself.

What has been going on over the past
three months or longer hasn't made it
very easy either.

We can blame the news media or the
politicians but think about it they are
our neighbor too.

So take today loving your neighbor no
matter how hard it is. Amen!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Keeping Posts Shorter

I have been ready where fewer words are being given
when it comes to writing for businesses. In the same 
manner as text messages.

I figure do the same thing here. I will write more often
when I think of something or possibly on the same subject.

The importance is to get to the point. A good way for
everyone. It allows not to get bored. So here we end
it for this one. Until next time. 

Zoom In

Friday afternoon I video chat with my brother
in Virginia, my sister and her two sons in 
Quebec Canada.

Since the Pandemic began big time in March
video chat has become big time both for 
business and personal.

My eldest nephew Ken works for the largest
telephone company in Canada. He lives in 

The telephone company daily has to install
more equipment because of the increase of
video chat along with more access to the

It is interesting though here and I know in
many other places in the country and the
world traffic has become busier once again
as some people have returned to work. 

One of the traffic lights has become real
busy in my town around noon time anyway.
For three months not many on the road now
have to stop for the next light up because 
of how many cars are there. 

People are trying to get their lives back to
normal. however, the pandemic isn't over 
yet here anyway. It has reduced but could
come back harder if people stop social 

This means to our life purpose though it
really didn't end just took a little vacation
in some regards is as important as it ever
has been. We have been created for these

Friday, June 19, 2020

Prayer Walk

Thursday evening my church had for the second week
in a row a prayer walk.

We gather in small groups walking around the city
I live in. My group were five of us. We spent an hour
prayer for our city along with the nation.

We prayed for the mayor, police department, fire
department, and the people who live in the area.

This was a wonderful time to enjoy. There were 
other small gatherings of families enjoying the
nice weather. People are so happy to get outside
for even a few minutes.

I recommend for you to do the same thing for
your city and country. Amen!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Strong Conviction

Maybe it has changed over the years it could be
social media allowing people to speak their
strong convictions or opinions.

I believe we need to be wise when it comes
to speaking. We should wait before speaking.
Knowing exactly what we want to say first.

Many are speaking what they feel in their
emotions without realizing how thing may
work out.

I know people have lost friends along with
family in the way they have spoken. I know
my family and I don't agree on the same things
but we still love one another the same.

So be wise speak slowly let your words speak
in the manner where you don't offend others. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Sink Or Swim

When growing up new experiences happen so
we either sink or swim.

Our parents or friends may help us out, however,
in the end we have to decide whether we going
to enjoy the swim or sink. I will go for swim.

As adults these experiences don't happen as
often but they do on a rare occasion. Use
these experiences for growth. We all become
better people. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Getting A Hair Cut

Here is the USA barber shops along with salons
were shut down for covid-19. Where I live now
they have been opened for a week. I had to make
an appointment by phone, today I will have my

I haven't had a haircut for a while. I was going to
get it cut when they were ordered to close. So you
see it has been a while. I have cut my bangs at least
once so I can see. I will receive a text message
letting me know when to walk in.

I was thinking to put this post together about the
Lord's Prayer. Let heaven come to earth. With 
the protesting "black lives matter" there has been
some insanity happening. 

I do agree their lives matter as much as mine does.
What the police officer did  was very wrong murdering
the black man, however, most police officers do their
job right.

The insanity is cities like Seattle, Washington is looking
to dismantle their police force. What will a city do
without policemen even for a day or two. 

So as Christians our purpose will bring heaven to
earth as the disciples did after Christ died. It will
happen with words and prayer. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Makes Up Who We Are

I have mentioned before we are all created unique.
Not one of us is alike.

What makes us who we are? We do know we get
our physical appearance along with personality 
from our parents.

Everything else that makes us who we are will
come from where we live well as where are 
parents came from.

My father grew up in the same area as I have.
His father came here as a young man from
England while his mother was from Nebraska.
So not only living here brings social and culture
to him so does what his father and mother had
while growing up.

My mother grew up in Edmonton, Alberta,
Canada where it winter for more than half
of the year. She came to Seattle in 1946 after
being in Ottawa, Ontario when she finished 
college during World War Two. She spent
two years in Paris, France as well.

My mother's father was born and raised in
Montreal, Quebec while her mother was from
Nova Scotia. Both grandparents came out west
as adults. My grandfather was a banker while
my grandmother was a school teacher.

So you see I am not only different from you 
in appearance but where I lived and my parents
too. I grew up in a small town in the pacific northwest
of the USA  I have influence from my grandfather
Nightingale being from England and grandmother
from Nebraska though I didn't really know her as
she died when I was only 13 months old. 

Besides being born in the USA I have influence
from Canada as well because of my mother. So
this makes up why I am different from you in
many ways. 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Trusting One Another

These days trust is a big thing. When it comes to
relationships it is at or near the top.

Most people when they have something real
important to say to you they want to be sure
you won't say anything to anyone else.

Relationship that break up usually happen
because one of the parties broke the trust.

Trust is an important part of our life purpose.
God gave us our life purpose because he
trusted us to do so.

When trust is broken it is hard to get back
as well. It takes a lot of hard work.

So let trust be important to you. 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Thinking Positive

The way things are going on in the world today
it is so important to think positive.

I am glad that I don't live in a large city in the
USA because of the protesting. Seattle, Washington
which is about an hour drive from where I live
not only protesting is happening every single day
they are wanting to dismantle the police.

The mayor of Seattle thinks it is a good idea. 
What will a city do without a police department?
It is like allowing the prisoners to run the prison.

Just because of a few bad apples you going to 
throw it all away. The answer is making new 
rules then train the officers. Also, need to train
the citizens the police department is your friend.

So whatever is happening where you live think
positive though everything around you may act
and look negative.

Thinking positive is like happiness it is your 
choice. Circumstances may come in but decide
in your mind that you will be positive and happy.
Also, rely on God who is the author of both.

A part of our life purpose right now should give
hope to those who are lacking the faith for it.
Those who are allowing the negative to rule
their lives. Amen!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Pulling Our Hair Out

What is going on in the world right now
it isn't hard to believe anyone would
pull their hair out.

Whatever experience we have had over
the last three or four months makes life
feel so much different.

At the very least we have been educated
like we have never done before.

I expect our lives will never be the same
again as well. 

I wonder how many more people have
relied on God like they never did before.

We are getting back to normal to some
extent. Whatever we do still important
to interact with others. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

What We Are Capable Of

Did you know we are capable of a lot more than
we accomplish.

We use a lot less of our brain than we are capable
of. It includes the smartest person in the world.
Could you imagine if we used more of our brain.

We don't accomplish what we are capable of 
because of our sinful nature or what I may call
our selfish nature. We should rely more on God
as well. In fact, we would accomplish more by
relying on God.

I am not saying these things to make us feel
guilty at all. I just think we can all do a lot

We all keep a busy schedule, however, what 
would it be like if we could add one more thing
to do each day. We might be able to change the
world or at least put a dent into it.

I know not everyone can do so, but those who
can I am sure the world will change. So do your
part the best you can. Amen!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

LIfe Purpose: Our responsibility

We may not think about it on a daily basis, however,
our life purpose we have to take responsibility for it.

Much of what we do each day does surround our life
purpose or we wouldn't have one would we.

Worshiping and praying to God should be at the top 
of the list since it is main reason we were created.

Parents responsibility to raise the children in the fashion
we feel God wants us to. We will be judged on how
we raise our children. Also, how we treat our spouse
be right up there as well.

Our job or occupation be there as well. It is how we
take care of our families. Also, being an example to
others in the work place as well.

These are our most important responsibilities. We may
have others as well. They may go along with the talents
and gifts God has given us.

We have thoughts or dreams about other people then
we have responsibility to let them know as well.

Anyway, this is my word for the day. Amen!

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Staying At Home

Today looks like I will be staying at home
for the most part. I will have to make a
short trip out for a few minutes.

It looks like it is going to rain all day long.
So staying at home inside looks like the
best idea.

I have things to do inside anyway. So I 
will get at getting some things done.
We all have days like that don't we.

Staying at home seems like what we
have been doing for the most part the
last three months. 

The little time out will be refreshing
though it will be raining.

Enjoy your day and think about what
you will do with your life purpose 
as well. 

Monday, June 8, 2020

Some Times Things Happen

Odd things happen in the middle of the
night once in a while.

For  me last night just before midnight
I hit my foot on my shoe on the way
to the bathroom. 

It was bleeding pretty good I say
before I put on a band aid. 

So I had to clean up the blood after
putting on the band aid.

Now I will have to go to the doctor
to have it checked out in the morning.

Not a great way to start the day, however,
it could be worse. Just thankful it isn't

On the positive side I will get to see
some people while waiting for the doctor.
It is always the best time for me when
I can talk to someone wherever I go.
I just hope I have no problem getting in.
I will see. 

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Free To Speak Our Minds

Here in the USA we are given freedom of speech.
Sometimes people get into trouble when doing so.

It happens sometimes when you speak what you 
think is the truth or what you believe. Other times
people can misinterpret what you are saying as well

We do have some people who just hateful so they 
will express the hate. Those are the ones that they
believe in their own truth or beliefs. 

Those who are misinterpreted because people want
to believe something they actually didn't say. For
those people I say keep on talking. Some people
will believe you. You are not saying it out of hate.

I wrote on Facebook the other day we should have
black and white officers working together. Some
figured black cops for black people and white cops
for white people. I didn't say that at all.

Black people shouldn't be afraid so having a black
police office along with the white officer will help
in the situation. This could help the white people
as well.

I only said it as a suggestion as well. All I know there
is a problem; we must find a way to solve it. 

Either white police officers need to change how they
act around black people or have a black officer to
be sure nothing dangerous happens.

If I am wrong so be it. Again it was only a suggestion. 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Going Forward From Here

We had good news on Friday in our county
where we have gone to phase 2

This means more businesses have opened 
up. This includes restaurants, coffee shops
both can have customers sit down now
though not at full capacity, hair salons,
and nail salons. 

On Friday it was nice to catch up with
a couple guys to see how things were 
going. I felt like I was doing my purpose.

With phase 2 works in three weeks we will
go to phase 3 then phase 4 where everything
is back to normal.

I hope you are doing well wherever you
are living. To be able to get outside and
see friends.  

Friday, June 5, 2020

Reasons Why We Have A Purpose

We are created to worship God

To show off his glory

We are created to be loved
by God

We are created to have a purpose

We are created to show an example
to others.

We are created to give our lives
for others

We are created to reign over the
animals and all creatures

We are created to reign over the
whole earth

We are created for a purpose to
enjoy life with the gifts and talents
God gave us. 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

June Has Arrived

I am sure everyone  realizes it is June now. It means we are
almost half way through the year.

I am pretty sure most people are hoping the second half of
2020 is better than the first half. Certainly the las three
months anyway.

The slogan lately has been the "new normal". I am not
sure about you I am ready to be back to normal. It
still may take a while to do so.

June in the northwest means summer is coming soon.
We will see some signs of it in June when it isn't 

The last few years June has been another extension
of summer. It used to be it would rain the second half
of the month plus early July.

The saying was 4th of July was the beginning of summer
and most year it is true.

I have been used to rain in late June for so many years
I am fine with it raining since the sun will be out for
the most part the following three months.

I am sure it is hard to plan what summer will be this
year at this point. Places are starting to open up around
here though it hasn't quite done here as of yet.

The important thing is to enjoy each day for what it is.
We can't be sure how many more of them we have.
Let your life purpose be the reason for your success. Amen!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Every Life Matters

Not to diminish the life of George Floyd the black man 
who died in the hands of the Minneapolis, Minnesota
police office we still must realize all lives matter.

Right now we have to make every  black person  treated
with respect the police as well as everyone else; however,
in the long run everyone needs to be treated by the police
in the same fashion.

Actually it is more than just the police everyone needs to
treat others as equals no matter what they are like.

I have a friend who spoke out about those with special needs.
They to need to be treated no differently than anyone else.

I can understand that fully when I was a young child I couldn't
hear very well and I didn't talk until I was five years old. I 
had to go to a speak therapist for help. I fortunately wasn't
treated differently at the time. At least I don't remember anyway.

When I reached ninth grade in high school there were several
who tried to bully me. I didn't take what they dished out by
fighting back myself. If I were to tell anyone who has been 
bullied is to defend themselves.

I am not saying you have to cause violence as a youngster
but you should fight back. It doesn't mean to pull out a gun,
or a knife. I fought back with my hands. I didn't cause a lot
of damage to those who bullied me but they knew that I 
meant business as well and I wasn't  going to accept what
they were trying to do to me either.

I feel to that most of those that have done school shootings 
were bullied when they were in middle school or high school.
They had anger built up in the end wanted those who hurt 
them pay for it.

I know some will  say you should go to your parents, teachers,
or principal  but that is easier said then done. I have to say most
of those who are being bullied don't want anyone to know and
that goes for any adult  I certainly know I didn't want anyone
to know. 

We should   let  others know especially those who are being
 harmed in any manner whether physically or mentally that they do
matter. They can make a change in what the world looks 
like to. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Greener On The Other Side

We have always hear the saying : always greener
on the other side".

Here in Gig Harbor, Washington we have a lot
of green for sure. In fact, the whole northwest
has a lot of green. 

Though there has been a lot of construction over
the last several years with new homes there still
nice to see a lot of green trees as well as plants.

I was reminded once again while I was out walking
Monday morning. I know there is a purpose for 
the trees. Primarily for our enjoyment along with
building homes. 

In some ways, it is like people having cats and dogs
as pets. Cats though they are lovely seem to be 
independent while dogs love to be with their owners.
Both good depending on what you want in a pet.

So not only we have a purpose for life so do the 
green trees, cats and dogs. Good to enjoy them all.

Monday, June 1, 2020

We Want To Be Listen Too

Last Monday in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA a black man
George Floyd was killed by a police officer while being
arrested. Floyd was on the ground with the officer having
his hand on him where he ended up not able to breath.
The officer is now charged with murder.

Throughout the USA there has been protesting along with
cars being set on Friday and looting of businesses. For your
understanding there has been several groups in the cities
including Seattle which is near where I live.

The protestors have been peaceful for the most part while
there was a group of looters who didn't care about George
Floyd. They went to stores taking all sorts of things. 

In Seattle this happened on Saturday while nearby Bellevue
had it going on Sunday. Seattle had protesting on Sunday
as well however it was peaceful for the most part while
Bellevue had a group being peaceful while others were

Interesting the police chief of Bellevue was able to speak
with the peaceful protestors. He and the leading protestor
exchanged phone numbers so they can talk in the future
as well.

What I got out of all this is those who came to protest 
wanted to be listen to. In Bellevue they were listen to.
It comes down to the fact we all want to be listen to, and
for some of us it doesn't happen. It doesn't matter whether
you are black. brown or white or whatever you are sometimes
you want to be listen too.

When it comes to our life purpose part of our mission should
be to listen to others and for them to listen to us. Not just
hear the words but actually listen. Amen!