Monday, August 30, 2021

Let Disappointment Not Keep Us Down

I don't know you however I know
myself disappointment can't keep
me down for a little while.

I had a home group meeting with
church back in May for my birthday
where I was given encouraging
words. They were written down as
well. I read several of them Sunday
night to encourage myself.

If you haven't done so before ask
your friends for encouraging words
about you or write some down about
you and read the on occasion.

This is my thought for the day. Be
blessed and encourage yourself.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Are You Frustrated

I think we can be frustrated these days
can't we with what is going on in the

Many people have strong opinions one
side or the other. I am stuck in the middle
for that matter. I have mentioned it in
social media however those with the
strong opinions think I am wrong. I
am ok with it though.

The reason I am stuck in the middle
is I understand both sides. The important
thing is how do we resolve it is the 
question. For example, I do know
for the pandemic having a vaccine
shot should be taken, however, I
believe people's rights should be
protected as well. 

Here in my home state the governor
has made the mandate of having the
vaccine for those who are government
employees including teachers and 
health workers. If they don't then they
will be fired. I don't think that is right
at the same time the majority of people
should take the shot. How do you do
it with their rights protected. Not an 
easy task for sure.  I believe those 
who have health issues when taking
a vaccine shot shouldn't have to. It
is quite a dilemma isn't it. Also, we
have our religious freedoms as well.
I suppose it takes someone like King
Solomon to solve it. Much wisdom
for sure.

Anyway you have thought respond
in the comment section and you are
a citizen of USA write your elected
representatives too. In the end have
yourself a wonderful weekend.  

Friday, August 27, 2021

What Is Up Next

When it comes to our purpose I
believe we will get new revelation
overtime. What that means is
new things we are to do will be
revealed to us.

You are a parent then raising 
children along with work takes
up a good portion of your time.
Have grandchildren then you 
have a different role to play
depending how much your
children give you and where you
live compared to them.

Children and grandchildren are
real important so your purpose
there is important to. It doesn't
mean you don't have other purposes
as well. Our purpose is more about
others then ourselves. Our purpose
is to share with others and they
with us. 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Surprise Surprise

My first time out Thursday morning 
What did I see some rain. It has been
a while since we have had some 
measurable rain.

In Seattle kids are going back to school.
Cooler temperatures and a little rain
sounds appropriate. Like most school
years won't last long. Summer temps
will return.

Here where temperatures have been
higher I do wonder how long summer
will last. Enjoy as long as we can. 

As September comes in what are your
plans? As covid seems to return again
our plans are hard to make right. We do 
the best we can.

Let's pray the pandemic is over soon.
People make the wise decision taking
the vaccine shot or not. I know we 
must be weary and the government
is forcing the shot on everyone is not
good. Though I think most everyone
should have the vaccine I know to
not good for everyone. Those have
medical issues to be concerned about
should have the right to be and threat
losing their job isn't right. 

Enjoy your day and blessings to you. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Who Inspires You

While I was out walking on Monday
the word inspiration came to my mind.
So who over your life has inspired you.

In our early life it is either our mother
or father who inspire us. Outside of
them my favorite sport figure as a
youngster was Willie Mays the best
baseball player ever lived or at least
in my lifetime anyway.

Boy could Willie hit with power and
run like the wind. Speaking of wind
he likely would have had more home
runs then Babe Ruth because he lost
some while playing in Candlestick
Park in San Francisco.

What excited me most was watching
Willie play defense. Oh did he take
away hits with his basket catch. The
only player who did it.  Often Willie
would run after balls by turning around
and catch the ball. He didn't always 
turn back around again either. Willie
knew where  the ball was at all time.

Willie inspired me to be the best I
could be. As a youngster I wasn't
a very good reader, however, I 
read a book about my hero Willie
Mays. The best part were the photos
in the book. The book talked about
Willie being a black man and how
he came from a very poor family
in the south. What a guy in my

Living in the Seattle  area I was fortunate
to see Ken Griffey Jr. play for the Mariners.
He came the closest to being like Willie.
Junior as he was called did many of the
same things as Willie except not the basket

Enjoying other sports there were players
that I admired and inspired me as well.
I am sure you can look back at those who
inspired you too. 

Monday, August 23, 2021

Positive vs negative

This morning I woke up not feeling
well. On the positive side I feel better
than yesterday.

We are bombarded with the negative
it is important for us to stay positive.
In fact, we do a pretty good job being
positive or we would go crazy. 

Even in sports where fans favorite
teams win they find a way to be
negative. It is important to enjoy
the positive.

The news I try to stay away for the
most part because of so many bad
things happening. I recommend
not watching the news first thing.
Take the time to be positive before
seeing the negative. Amen!

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Speak With Boldness

What came to my mind this Saturday
morning was the word boldness. It is
something we need to do with our life

I know it is not an easy task for many.
In fact I would have to say for most of
us. We should ask God to give us boldness.

This is where our boldness comes in we 
must be like a lion. Our  life purpose
will be better with boldness. It doesn't
mean we will not be able to do our life
purpose but it certainly would help.

Something to think about over the 
weekend as well. See on Monday
anything changes. Amen!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

A Good Life

Not an easy task we should live a
good life as we can.

It is not easy to speak good words
as we know reading often on social
media where people speak negative
words often then speaking encourage-

I know often people have strong beliefs
however need to do in a constructive

It isn't just social media we can do so
speaking to others in person as well. 
I have heard people disowning family
for having a different point of view. I
know members of my family don't 
have the same beliefs I do but I have
loving feelings the same.

May peace run through us. God is in
charge we must believe all will work
out for the good. Amen!

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Think About Making A List

Now that summer is almost over. Don't
worry we still have a month to go though
school will be in session real soon.

Those who are discovering their life
purpose a good idea to write down a
list of your gifts and talents. Not only
those you can think of but those that
others may have told you as well.

With the gifts and talents write down
how you have used them as well or
how you think you will use them.

Those of you who have written your
list down before take a look at the list.
See what you have or have not done
on the list. Also add to the list if you
have thought of any more gifts and

With fall about to come we can see
how we can use our gifts and talents
for the remainder of the year. 

I recommend if you haven't joined
a group before do so as many will
be starting up again. These groups
can be friends you already know or
those who have similar interests.
In these groups you can find how
to use your purpose.

None of us have to use our purpose
just in groups but certainly a place
to start. Remember you only have
to go the pace you feel comfortable
at. May you bless others as they
bless you too. Amen!

Monday, August 16, 2021

Getting Together

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had
quite the summer with breaking high temperatures.
Just to think summer is almost over and fall
will be here real soon is amazing.

Some small groups gather together during
the summer while others take the time off.
For some people they might have on their
minds what is my purpose going to be like
in the fall. Any changes going to occur or
stay the same.

There are those who have retired during 
the summer or about ready to retire. What
is next on the agenda. Our life purpose may
not be exactly the same but it is still what
we were created for.

These small groups whether a bible study,
or book group or those who gather with
other similar interests you can get help
if you have questions going forward for
the fall or spring depending where you

These people probably know you well
even if they are not the closest of friends.
They may insight in your next stage of
life for the season ahead. You may have
insight for others in the group too. The
importance is to take advantage of it. 

Friday, August 13, 2021

Always Good To Learn Something

I was reading a post of someone
I follow on Instagram. Gave us a
good tip.

When you are speaking with another
speak in their language. A good idea
in life purpose when being a mentor
or encourage another. People not only 
want to know you care but you are
coming from their perspective.

Another thing there are life coaches 
out there to help you when looking
for a job especially going with the
gifts and talents of your purpose.
Do a search for them. Sometimes 
you can find them on social media
or do a search. Make sure they are
in your area so not wasting your 
time or feel backward. If they are
out of your area they could recommend
someone unless you are fine with
somewhere else.

There are a few tips for you. Thanks!
Have great weekend. 

It Is Really Ok

We are not going to be
accepted by everyone 
we know or have meet.

The truth is it is OK. The
Important thing is we are
accepted by us.

Our life will be better if 
we go along with. We 
have trouble when we 

The thing is we can go
that way for years. Now 
we go for those who do.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Look For Cool Spots

Today we are expecting hot weather 
getting close to 100 degrees. What 
do I find I look to places that are 
cool. I don't have air conditioning
so spending time at home won't be

Right now 77 degrees however 
increase heavily between one and
 three o'clock pm. If you love hot 
weather here is the place to be. It 
has been amazing summer. I never 
experienced one like this before. 
We should all  have this experience

My car does have air conditioning
so I can drive around some. For me
though is to see people wherever I 
go. Whether anyone wants to see me
another story.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

What a Summer

I have never remembered a summer like this one. 
This Thursday and Friday expecting temperatures 
at one hundred degrees. 

This is the second time this summer temperatures 
will have reach at least one hundred. Before this 
summer we never had temperatures that hot in 
Western Washington. In fact until last six years or 
so we never hit ninety.

Thankfully temperatures still for the most have
 been in the eighties. I am not sure about global 
warming but certainly gives a good point around
 here for sure. 

I am sure to more air conditioners will be sold. 
Until recently never needed any. I guess it shows
 how life is changing. 

Looking Ahead On Life Purpose

On Monday I saw out in grocery parking
lot a friend of mine . She retired from
teaching after this last year.

After saying hello I said it is going to
be an adjustment now being retired.
She said yes and doesn't know her
life purpose ahead. She has been 
praying for guidance. Her husband
had retired a couple years before her.

I said one thing you can do is travel.
She said her family primarily here
along with some over in Spokane 
Washington which is between five
and six hour drive. 

I am sure God will let her know 
what next to do. She was a math
teacher so could do some tutoring
to help those who are struggling 
with math. Nice way to stay in
the game too.

So if you are wondering to do 
next after a life changing time.
For me was passing of my mother
last year. Ask God he will let
you know and in the meantime
do what you enjoy as well. 

Monday, August 9, 2021

Hello Monday

Hello Everyone:

I hope you were recharged over the
weekend. Nice way to have the week

Were you able to see old friends or
new ones for that matter. Were you
able to exercise your life purpose?

August is a month many people 
have vacation as well. If you were
one of them I wish you a good time.
A good time meet and greet new 

I find not every one is into meeting
new people especially when they
are shopping. I do my best to say
hello but some just have nothing
to say back. It is ok I do what I
can. This is the best any of us 
can do right. 

I have friends who are generally
friendly but they say when shopping
they want to get in and out. Most
of those friends are guys.

I wish you the best this week. May
God grant you the best week of
your life. Amen!

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Gratitude Savings

Recently I have seen a lot of people in different professions speak of gratitude. 

What they have in common is speak gratitude when you wake up in the morning and again when going to bed. I have to say not a bad thing to do.

Our lives will feel good when we have gratitude. In the last year and a half it has been hard because of the pandemic so we can find a lot of hope in gratitude.

I feel gratitude goes with thankfulness, grace, hope and love to begin with. So do what others say to try. We will be better for it.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Believe In America

The United States was founded on the principles of the Bible. The founding fathers believed there was a purpose for the United States. For the most part the purpose has been fulfilled. It doesn't mean it is a perfect country as there is no such thing. In fact over the last several decades the country has turned away from the purpose the fore father's visioned. Only the people can change the country back to it once was or tried to be anyway. 

Some believe the United States is still a christian nation but it isn't though the country still live by the constitution. Two important parts of the constitution is freedom of speech and religious freedom. There are those coming  against freedom of speech. They don't have a problem with people who agree with them. The important thing is speak what you believe is true without hate. The trouble is what is identified as hate.  You can love others you disagree with. I don't agree with my family or friends always  but doesn't change how I feel about them. 

Freedom of religion is another constitution right. For some speaking as a Christian some people are against that. There are those who hate Christians but may not say so at least in a face of a Christian other than saying I don't want to hear that. Freedom of religion allows you to choose to practice your religion whatever it is. At the same time you can't push your religion on others either. You should be able to speak about your God however a person isn't interested stop right there.

Some people believe if you are praying in a government place your going against the separation of church añd state. Even judges have ruled against doing so however it isn't what the meaning of separation of state. The meaning of separation of church and state means that state can't have their own religion. Ever person have the right to choose the religion of choice. Other words what a person does with their religion is up to them. You can't fringe on anyone else's religion. If someone is offended by someone else's too bad. That is my opinion by the way. 

So another opinion of mine if you don't like what the United States stands for you can choose not to live here. It doesn't have to do with what you don't like what is going on in the country it has to do what the country stands for. We all have the right to live in the freedoms the constitution calls out for. You can disagree with me but let me live in my rights as I do you. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

One Step At A Time

Our life purpose a good way to go is one step
at a time. Some people might have confidence
in there life purpose while others may take
some time figuring it all out.

It doesn't really matter where you are at as
long as you recognize your life purpose.
Using your gifts and talents in the best
way you know. 

Our life really is one step at a time. We
will get there over time if we haven't
arrived as of yet.

A part of our life purpose is to help others
to step out in their purpose as well. We
should encourage them at whatever stage
of life they are in. Amen!

Monday, August 2, 2021

Honor Others

A dear older woman friend passed away
on Saturday. I have to say I am going to
miss her friendship, kindness and smile.

She was like my mother who had some
aches and pains near the end. God could
have healed her instead said thank you
faithful friend. Her life purpose was over
though we will miss what we will remember
about her is what her purpose was all about.

You don't have to do great things just be
yourself and what God has called you to
do. Those who are left behind will remember
always your being faithful. Amen!