Thursday, November 30, 2017

Watching Your Step

On Wednesday morning while I wasn’t watching my step I fell down. I got a cut on the lower part of my right hard hoping to catch my balance. My right leg just above the ankle didn’t get cut but a nice bruise happened. I tried to walk on it for a while however realized it would be a good idea go to urgent care to see any damage happen.

The good doctor had me get an x-ray to see if it had been broken or not. The good news it is not broken however I have to wear a brace for possibly four days or at least until the swelling goes down and it no longer hurts. Also I have to wear a brace for the same period of time and have it iced every two hours for a period of thirty minutes.

The thing is we don’t always learn from our experience. I have fallen several other times after having a couple sprained ankles playing tennis. The good doctor told me that often it does happen after a sprained ankle you have to watch your step and must see that nothing is in the way when your ankle may decide to turn. Since I do spend a good portion of time in my apartment it is important to always have a clear path so this won’t happen again. The key though will I learn my lesson because the mind doesn’t always remember such things especially the older you get.

So this is a history lesson for all of us to be careful whenever we walk or run for that matter. I was fortunate that the injury wasn’t worse than it happened. This lesson isn’t only good about walking but life in general. It is important that we watch our step in all circumstances. None of us may be as fortunate like I was in this case. This could be walking down the street and a car comes our way where we could get hit or in that manner we are the drive and something similar happens when we are behind the wheel. We all need to keep our eyes open at all times. This is my advice to us all. Amen!
Another thing today would be my older brother's 64 birthday and your family still misses and thinks about you. He passed away in 1992. The best big brother around. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Leader

First of all let you know that I have an associated degree in business management. I have never had a so called manager position but I do know something about and being under managers both good and not so good.

I have often heard stories of poor managers and most of them have been put into the position because they were good at their job and those above them felt it was important to move them up to a manager. Sometimes those people aren’t ready to be a manager or leader just because you know a lot about your job or career. Also your personality might not fit in to be a leader.

A true leader is one that is not selfish and wants the best for his team. Of course there are times where the leader has to make tough decisions especially about those on the team that are not doing the job right or not being a team player.  A sport like football to be successful and a winner they must work as a team. If one player is not going along for the ride the team can be let down and not win.

Many of you might be a leader without realizing it. These are probably the best leaders of all. You start out as part of a team and then move up. Also being in leadership is a gift and not everyone has that gift. If you are a leader in training which means that you are not being recognized by those in charge that makes those decisions those who are around you whether co-workers or friends know that you are a leader. The best leader is one that sets an example and is willing to lead his team into battle. Let you know though you may not be in a position of leadership time will tell when you do and don’t worry about it either. Remember to that every leader need good followers as well. So keep up the good work whether a leader or a great team player. Peace to you all.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Peace Beyond Understanding

In our world today with so much violence going on and those who drive reckless we need to ask God for the peace that is beyond our own understanding. This begins with the prince of peace Jesus Christ to be in our hearts.

We hear about the senseless mass murders here in the United States along with wars in places like the Sudan and then there is war of terrorism. Along with those also suicides and those killed in car accidents. Over the weekend on Saturday two fathers and their sons from Bainbridge Island Washington were killed by a drunk driver after participating in a basketball tournament in California. A couple boys who attended the same high school I did were killed in separate accidents in a span of four days. Bainbridge Island like Gig Harbor is a small town so it affects everyone in the area. Please pray for the mothers and the remaining siblings during this time. It is hard to imagine what they are going through. May they have the peace that comes only from God.  

Those that have been given the gift of encouragement in all these places and the counselors be able to give all to those who need it. Always important to share how you feel and those who are spoken to are listening. I really don’t think we have words that we can say just be able to listen and give hugs along with support.

Although the world seems to be going down each day we can count on the prince of peace Jesus Christ to be with us along with family and friends. Amen!

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Hoh River

The top post this year was in September when I wrote about my family’s trip to the Hoh River Rain Forest and one of the great spots to visit in the United States and in Western Washington for sure. Above is a photo from the Hoh River.

My mother, sister and brother we did the whole trip in a circle in one day however I recommend at least two days or longer depending on your schedule. Besides seeing the Hoh River that takes four hours get to from Seattle non-stop you can stop on the way in Aberdeen or Hoquiam for lunch. The Hoh River is about an hour and a half drive from Hoquiam along highway 101 heading north. There are several spots where you can stop to look at the Pacific Ocean along the coast.

This time of the year it is raining season in Western Washington and especially true in the Hoh River Rain Forest. I recommend coming in the summer time unless you want to see a whole lot of rain. The Hoh River gets over two hundred inches of rain per year which is more than five times the rain in Seattle. So you can really imagine how much rain comes down in a single day.

When I was in high school my Boy Scout troop would go on a fifty mile hike every August in the Olympic Mountains so if you enjoy hiking it is the place to be. They have quite a few one day hikes as well if your time is limited. People all around the world come to see the Hoh River and the Olympic Mountains along with all the benefits you will see on the way and after.

Keep heading north you will come to Forks Washington and then head east for Lake Crescent and Port Angeles. Coming into Port Angeles you can see Victoria, British Columbia in the distance. You can take a ferry ride to Victoria from Port Angeles and spend time there as well. Going south from Port Angeles a little way is Sequim where you can come to the Dungeness Spit where the famous Dungeness crab makes its home. A lot that you can see in Western Washington besides Seattle; setup your travel plans and vacation. Come by and see us sometime.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Living In Our Purpose

As you are aware if you have been reading this blog for some time my purpose is to encourage others. Living in our purpose and destiny isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Often we can be distracted by other things.

Whether you believe in the devil or not his main purpose is to get us off track when it comes to our purpose and destiny. He knows that if we are living in our purpose and destiny fully there is no way for us to be stopped and he doesn’t want that to happen at all. So he throws distractions in our way. Often it is in ways we don’t realize it is a distraction. Of course our daily lives in itself can be a distraction. This is true when we are doing other things that are not part of our purpose. Also our health can be a distraction too; if we are hurting for whatever reason this will keep us away from fulfilling the purpose and destiny.

What must we do then? Well the first thing when we get up in the morning is to pray that we will be able to fulfill our purpose for the day and that we will be strong not letting distractions get in the way. It doesn’t mean that distractions won’t come because they will however we have to be able to manage our time where they will not be overwhelmed and at the end of the day we realize that our purpose was not done.

I hope this encourages you for this day and all the days to come. We all need people that will encourage us to live in our purpose and destiny. In fact we need to hear from our closest friends what is our purpose and destiny because often we may not know it or we have more to do as well. Have a great day and may you be blessed greatly.


Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Sense of Humor

I enjoy using humor on an everyday basis. I bring it up in almost every conversation I have. I don’t crack a joke just I find humor in a lot of things.

Humor though can be objective though and I find that adding humor in a conversation has to a lot with the person I am talking with. Also it depends on the circumstance as well. There are times where humor isn’t appropriate however that not often either.

When someone is going through tough times and I am including myself humor can be a good release point. Other words it can give healing to the person who you are talking to or to yourself as well. Some time back when my nephew Ian was in high school he was a counselor at summer camp where he had attended when he was in junior high. After the camp was over he received a post from a fellow counselor who told him to never louse his humor and to use it often because she felt healing from his humor.

Humor is a way to encourage others and we don’t really know what affect it will be on others until months or years later. Of course humor has to be part of your dna I feel. You either have or not. Of course you can pick it up over time as well.

Don’t be afraid to be who you are whether humor is part of your dna or not. Don’t try to be someone you are not; Just good friendly advice.

I find the unknown when giving out humor is to someone I have just met. Most of the time it works but there are times unfortunately it doesn’t. It doesn’t stop me from trying though. The thing though is that my humor can be different than what people expect however some humor I try on those I know well and I figure they know me enough that it is OK. Humor makes us feel human and friendly at the same time. Use it whenever you can and others will appreciate it.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday

For those who might be unfamiliar with it here in the United States today Friday November 24 is known as black Friday the day after Thanksgiving.

What happens on this day a lot of stores have sale price that gives off a high discount on the regular price. It could be a product that is new or something many people are interested in. Many of these deals though you have to get to the store at very early time and often the lines are very crowded however there could be out of the item when you get to your turn depending where you are in the line. This is real good if you are wanting to get something special for a friend or a family member or yourself for Christmas.

I have to admit that I haven’t ever been involved in Black Friday myself before. Many of the stores do have sale items throughout the day but are not likely to have the same price as in the early hours. I think today I will go in later to see if they have a sale on slacks or jeans. They are something I could use.

I find this whole Black Friday experience very interesting. There are those who have no problem getting up early to go shopping on this day. I wonder though if they are going to buy something that is not necessary just something they want badly. Nothing wrong with that though I wouldn’t do that myself; I do look for sales however I want something of need instead of want like my slacks or jeans.

Anyway for those who enjoy Black Friday have a great time. The only reason I would get up early to go shopping would be to see who else is there as well. To everyone enjoy your weekend and the holiday season.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Being Thankful

Here in USA we celebrate Thanksgiving today Thursday November 23. We have a lot to be thankful here though we may have some disappointments at the same time.

The celebration of Thanksgiving has been going on in the USA before it was even a country though it wasn’t official until the 1800s. Such an important day that the holiday was set for the fourth Thursday of November; unlike many of the holidays that are set on Mondays they felt it was important to leave Thanksgiving where it is at.

I not only want to wish everyone who is reading this a Happy Thanksgiving where you are an American or not and  also those who are serving our country and are stationed elsewhere.

We should be thankful every day of the year however is great to have a day where we can celebrate it with our loved ones and family.

I know that there are those who are in hardship that makes it real hard to be thankful. I pray that these hardships will cease and that you will be able to be thankful once again Amen!

Being thankful is not only something we should cherish and do on a regular basis. The best idea is to be thankful when we wake up in the morning. We should be thankful that we can enjoy another day for us to enjoy. We don’t have any idea how many days we have left in this life. Only God has the answer to that.

I pray that we are all thankful especially during the times it is hard to be. Our hearts will speak out instead of our mouths on these occasions. In these times we have to decide to be thankful. It is during these times we have to press on to make it through the day, weeks, and the year. May peace be with you.  Amen!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

An Open Book

Being a writer whether it is writing a blog like this or a book we are an open book. I feel that we all should be open books.

It doesn’t mean that we have to share all our dirty secrets however showing others who we truly are helps.

I amazed that I am able to write a blog and that others like you enjoy reading it. You see I didn’t start talking until I was five years old. I had a problem with my hearing up until then. Although I talked in my own way no one except my older brother understood what I said.

I had problems reading and writing until tenth grade. During summer school before entering tenth grade I took a speed reading course that jumped my reading level from fifth grade to twelve grade in three weeks. I know that sounds impossible in ways but that is what happened with me. The speed reading course made me click into another gear you could say. The last time I was tested for my reading level was about twenty years ago and I tested at junior year of college.

I remember during high school I took a creative writing class. I am not sure how well I did in the class however it gave me the juices to further explore writing down the road. It doesn’t hurt that writing has been in my father’s line for several generations as well. My brother Jack wrote a book for the medical on how insurance should work for the insurer, employer and the employees. Right now he is in the process of updating the book with new material. His son Ian has done a lot of writing including publishing a book and another son Robby wrote a book but I am not sure if it was published. My cousin Jennifer recently finished writing a story with over two hundred pages. I hope that she plans to have it published. I have encouraged her to start a blog as well.

You don’t necessarily have to be a writer yourself however being an open book for others to read is a good idea. You have a lot to offer for others to see. In fact they are already reading you however they may not be able to understand you. Remember you still don’t have to give out your secrets. Amen!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Be Forceful

I find it is easy to be passive a lot of the time when it comes to those things in life I should look at changing. Often it is easier to put them off instead of taking them on; so this where being forceful comes in.

It is important when struggles happen in our lives to decide to take them on.   If we really do  care about getting rid of certain habits we must take them on to get rid of them instead of being passive and let them drag on over  time.

Often these things we struggle with we have been accustomed to being in our lives for a long time. Other words we have gotten used to them in our lives though we know at the same time it is important to rid ourselves of them. We know that life will be more enjoyable without them but being comfortable we are not sure how life will be different.

I have decided to take them on no matter what. I know that life will be much better and I will be able to live out my destiny and purpose more fully without them. All I need to do is decide that I am no longer live in passivity no matter how much I have been accustomed to it. So everyone rally and be forceful. If you have been successful to get past passivity tell everyone you know how you conquered the passivity. We will be thankful and live in peace.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Tis the Season

Well it begins this week whether it has to do with travel to spend time with loved ones or staying home.

I have had years where I hit the friendly skies either at Thanksgiving or Christmas. It certainly is the busiest time of the year for this. My holidays were visiting my sister or brother in Quebec, Canada or Minnesota or St. Louis, Missouri. All three places are nice to visit during the holiday season. Of course the purpose is to see family especially my niece and nephews. Everyone is all grown up now so it is a bit difference.

I remember as a child at the dinner table at Thanksgiving. Actually we had a small table for us kids and you graduated to the big table when you reached junior high. We would play scrabble with my dad’s business partner’s mother. She was very good at scrabble and we couldn’t believe the words she came up with. Probably learned as much from her about the English language as well we did in school. Our cousins from Seattle would come for Thanksgiving and we would return the favor at Christmas. It was very special when going to the big city of Seattle. They enjoyed coming to Gig Harbor as well. In fact they were probably the only ones in Seattle that knew about Gig Harbor.

When I was a senior in high school my sister got married so we would spend Christmas at her in-laws who lived in Lakewood Washington which is a suburb of nearby Tacoma. In fact McChord Air Force Base and Fort Lewis are right by Lakewood. Her in-laws would spend Thanksgiving at our place. This lasted for a while until they passed away, my sister and family moved to Quebec. A lot of good memories during that period of life too; although I still enjoy the holidays it isn’t quite the same as those days.

I am sure everyone has stories of the holiday season regardless of religious preference. Here in the Pacific Northwest it is raining season now. I was talking Sunday with a woman I know who told me that she grew up in Montana where there is four seasons and had to do the adjustment coming here for less seasons. I was a bit surprised by what she said because I felt we have four seasons in the Pacific Northwest or at least 3 and a half. She said we have the summer and then the raining season. Well she is correct to some degree. I guess it depends what you are used to. I feel we have spring and fall besides summer. Winter hasn’t been what I consider what winter should be other than a lot of rain and colder weather. We had a lot more snow when I was a kid and now you have to go up to the mountains to enjoy. When we get snow it is maybe a couple inches and it lasts a day or two at the most. These days six inches seems like a lot and many people don’t know how to drive in the snow. They don’t know to drive in the rain either in my opinion.

So now it is time to enjoy the season in whatever manner you do. Enjoy your travels if you do or spending time at home. I try to stay away from black Friday when so many are out getting the good buys.  Whatever the weather is where you are at enjoy that to. So whether you are jolly or not tis the season.  

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Never Give Up

Saturday night I was watching my favorite college football team the University of Washington Huskies. They were playing Utah and the game was close throughout. Last week they had lost to Stanford who is now on track to win the Pac-12 Northern Division championship. A lot will depend on the Huskies rival Washington State Cougars who they play next Saturday in what is called the Apple Cup. If you don’t know the state of Washington is the largest exporter of apples. The Cougars beat the Huskies they can go to the championship series themselves for the Pac-12 title. The Huskies though can spoil it for the Cougars by winning. Anyway with about six minutes remaining in the game the Huskies were behind Utah by seven point and they had the ball going for it on fourth down. They could have gone for field goal to be down by four but chose to go for it however they weren’t able to get the first down or score so the ball was turned back over to Utah. I was disgusted because it was an important game for the Huskies to win and it looked like they were in the process of losing so I turned off the television. Several minutes later on line I read that the Huskies had won the game by three points and had scored ten points in the last minute of the game.

For me the moral of the game or story is never to give up on yourself or others no matter how things look at the time. Circumstances can change in a moment from defeat to victory. The theme for this year is pressing on and for 2018 will be let’s do it so that is what we must do. We press on though the odds are against us or another person. Shows me that we should never give up on ourselves or our friends or family or those we mentor or disciple. We have to remind ourselves that the book isn’t finished and more chapters are to be written. To be who we are meant to be is to press on toward the mark and never give up. Amen!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Interesting Time of Year

We are now in the last month and a half of the year and we call it the holiday season. I find it interesting time of the year because we call it the holiday season.

Why I call it interesting because all of us should be happy and overjoyed during the holiday season and that is less than the truth.  We have people that feel lonely now for numerous reasons. It could be because you lost a loved one during the course of the year or last year at this time. For those it is not easy and I am sure many feel that way.

I know that I am single and I feel often in a category of my own. Being single means to me someone who has never been married. Also there are those who were married and now divorced or their spouse has died. It is hard to know which category is the worst.

Being single often I feel that I am in a group that married people don’t think about at all. Maybe they are glad that they are not single any longer and they hope that divorce or the loss of a spouse will feel like they are single again. I am not sure that is true but I do know I am not a big fan of being single. I am sure there are those who may be thinking you should be glad that you are not married because it is hard and I look at that I have no one to come home to love. I am a caregiver for my mother right now and that takes some of the loneliness away but not all of it. So it now comes back to being lonely during the holiday season. I feel being asked to come for Thanksgiving or Christmas others don’t want me to be alone and be around friends since family is a distance away.  It is a good gesture and it nice to be around people on these occasions however doesn’t still feel that good. In my mind I am thinking not another one of the years and will things change at some point.

I am sure those that are divorced or widowed feel the same way that I do. I have heard from those that are divorced it is worse than your spouse dying and I can see that in a way. If you have small children the holidays can feel awkward as well because they will spend time with both parents. This is especially true if one or both of the divorcees have remarried. Those in that situation are another story in itself.

Those who are widowed like my mother it is difficult in its own way as well. It is wonderful when family is around and can gather together but that isn’t always happening. My sister and brother both are on the east coast while we are on the west coast so not easy to get together. I have had times where I spent the holidays with one of them and so did our mother however now she doesn’t like to travel. Last year we went back to St. Louis Missouri for my nephew Ian and his bride Helen’s wedding. We both had a very good time but a wedding would be the only reason for her to travel. I am sure she would like to go if my remaining nephews got married. Ian and my niece Leslie are the only ones that are married.

What is the answer for those who feel awkward or alone for the holiday season? I am not an expert by any means though I have lived through it for many years my recommendation inviting anyone in the categories that I mentioned makes them feel right at home without thinking of them being single, divorced or widowed. I would not bring the subject up. Don’t ask about their children or family. Let them bring it up instead. Those who are in these categories and the holidays is not joyous make the best of it I say. Decide to be joyful though it may not be easy to accomplish. Joy is a choice that we make despite the circumstances. Peace to you this holiday season. Amen!

Friday, November 17, 2017


What we should do is to edify our family, friends and those close to us.  You may want to know what edify means. It is like encouragement however I put it at a higher level.

Edify means to build and instruct others in the act of morals and spirituality. I see that is my calling besides encouragement. Like I say it is a higher level than encouraging someone. In my mind it means that you take a serious and important role in another person’s life.  The role of a mentor is someone who is edifying the person or persons that they are mentoring.

The person who is being mentored usually goes to the mentor because they need or want help in a certain area of their lives and that generally is spiritually. They see in the mentor someone that they would like to become. So this is where edifying comes in. Every word and action that the mentor does is to build them up. Sometimes though it means that they have to be honest as well; another way I would call it as tough love. The person who is being mentored may not feel that they are being edified however they really are and the purpose for them to change some aspects of their lives. It is the reason they have to remember that they went to the mentor in the first place.  The mentor though has to remember not to put it on too thick though and the mentored may be too fragile to accept. This would have to happen after they have been having a relationship for some time. I know to that an experienced mentor already knows this and it primarily for someone who has just become a mentor. Of course an experienced mentor may need to be reminded once in a while as well.

Since edify and encouragement are tied together really close being a friend you can do this as well. I know that I feel better others lift me up even if I don’t consider them a mentor just someone I admire. Until next time have a good and wonderful weekend. Keep a smile on your face too.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


We all go through struggles some are larger than others. We all must look into the struggles we have. They can be small or large and how someone deals with them can be a difference as well.

We can make a small struggle seem like a large one while a large struggle feel as a small one. This can depend on our attitude as well and how we deal with them.

We have to realize that struggling is part of life and how we do handle them will either give us a good life or a bad one. Depending on the struggle we may need to ask for help whether from a professional or a friend. The size of the struggle could depend which to choose from. I personally would look for a friend first that has been through the same struggle that you have and if things continue to happen they may know someone professionally that can help.

Another option would be to press on knowing that you will make it through the struggle. This would be a struggle that is small or new. The important thing is not to allow it to fester and become larger. Along with pressing on would be to find those that you know that are into prayer especially those who may belong to your church. What you are struggling with could be known as a stronghold in your life and prayer is a way to get rid of it. May not be the total answer however a way to continue to get rid of the struggle. I know because that is what I have been going through myself lately. I know what the stronghold is and though have weakened itself I still struggle. At least I know the stronghold and I can work on my own to get rid of it all together in the near future. Also I have prayer partners that I can go to for more assistance as well.

So whatever you are struggle with know that there are those that can help you. The important thing is to let do so. If you know the struggle your dealing with I would look at reading about it as well. You may find additional ways to cope. Again remember we are all dealing with struggles because none of us is perfect. May peace be with you. Amen!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Calm After the Storm

It was so nice on Tuesday so much calmer than Monday night. I was able to go out for morning walk without a problem. There was some wind but nothing like Monday and the rain was only a little bit here and there.

What we can do is look at how the weather can correlate our lives whether it has to do with circumstances in the natural or our spiritual lives. The day after storm firemen, the police, landscapers, and home owners have to go out and evaluate the damage that occurred. The damage has to be looked after and often call their insurance company to have an agent come out to evaluate further. No damage has occurred than have to remove debris that has been left behind.

When circumstances happen that feels like a storm when things become calm we have to do the same thing by evaluating and decide what to do next. It is important to remove any damage and debris that has happened before another storm comes in.

During the storm and after actually we have to press on as well; it is important that we remember that we are participating in a marathon and not a sprint. Often we can deal better with sprints than marathons but that is how life really is like.

It is easy to think when we are now in a calm place that another storm won’t happen or at least not for another season. Depending when the storm hits another could happen shortly as well. Like many schools they have their students go through an emergency drill so they know what do when something does happen. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if we do the same thing.

Often it takes a lot of wisdom to get through the storm and into the calm place. Ask God for help when you are in the midst of the storm and when you are in the calm place thank him for his help making it. Also ask him what to do be prepared for the next storm. Remember that you are stronger than you think. I pray that peace beyond your understanding comes during the storm. Amen!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Windy City

We know that Chicago is known as the windy city. I haven’t been there other than a stay over at O’Hare airport but I do know the reputation.

Monday night Seattle and all the areas in western Washington had a stormy time. Actually it started in the morning when I went out for my walk. Later on in the day the wind was blowing really hard and the rain came down. In fact I had a hard time walking from my car with the wind. I had to hold onto to the cap at the same time as walking. My mother and I went out for dinner and that was a challenge as well. When we left the restaurant I had to make a right turn because if I had turned left I would have had to drive through a small river.

When I got home I was so glad to see that the electricity was on. Many places in the area had lost power. In fact the power company reported that over twelve thousand people in our area had lost their power and they were working at restoring it.

I remember over the years we have a lot of wind storms. They do happen often in November. I don’t remember the year but I do remember that we had a Thanksgiving where we had no power for a while though it did come back on so we could have dinner. Some of the people were not so lucky. In fact my brother Dick was visiting our sister Barbara in Vancouver British Columbia where they had no dinner along with any power. I have to say Dick was not a happy camper.

There was a year when I was small so I don’t remember it at all however on Columbus Day there was a large storm. It still may have been the worst storm we have had. Not only was the power knocked out one of our trees by the road hit the power line and caught on fire. The tree itself had very little left of it. Everyday seeing the little tree I was reminded of the Columbus Day storm.

Monday night many trees went down and I saw on line that someone lost their life with the tree smashing into their car. I wouldn’t be surprised when I go out for my walk this morning as long as it is not raining and windy I will see some down trees. We have to remember to wither the storm when they come into our lives. Find our way to a safe harbor that we can dwell in knowing the time will pass.

We usually only have one bad storm of the year so this could have been it. I guess we will see won’t we. While I was walking from the car and before that actually I was thinking about the poor people trying to get home during rush hour. It had to be a mess and taking a lot of time in the process along with finding out that you may not have power when you got home. May you have peace during those storms in your life. Amen!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Being Better

I have to say I really didn’t know what to name this post so decided on being better.

I know it happening all over the country however in Gig Harbor there are so many large homes being built these days. I am not sure how anyone can really afford them unless your filthy rich which must be the case. Most of the homes are over $2 million so the cost of living here is sky rocketing that is for sure.

Last week in the mayoral race in Gig Harbor the incumbent lost to a long time retired businessman. Primarily the reason because of so many large developments taking place in and around the town; I find it amazing because no matter what Gig Harbor will always be a small town even with more homes being built just the average family isn’t going to be able to afford living here. The new mayor plans to cut back on the large developments while at the same time having small developments. Currently the small developments the homes are gigantic as well. I am not sure what the square footage is however has to be over thousand square easily.

I am sure most of these homes being sold to families that are moving in from California and other areas that are accustomed to having large homes. My neighborhood I grew up in most of those houses large as well. I am glad that the house I grew up in is still standing because most of those houses have been torn down and replaced by much larger homes.

Even if I had the money to buy a home like them I would not do so. I would use the money in other ways than putting them into a house although I am sure they are used as investment along with being lived in. It is the same way I feel about having an expensive car as well which some of them have too. In that neighborhood there is a lot of waterfront property so many have large boats as well with fancy docks. We had boats and a dock when I was growing up however nothing like these. I guess we could call it progress however I would use the money if I had it with helping others and traveling. I am one that prefers having a modest home and vehicle. I can see how people would want to have the castle being their home. Thinking more about it some of them I am sure can afford to travel as well. In the end though when it comes to homes being bigger better; whatever the case these homes should not change the way I live unless at some point I may have to move because of the high cost of living in Gig Harbor. In the future I hope to do some traveling so it could be a moot point as well. Gig Harbor will always be my home in my heart however I will find other places to see as well. Only the future will tell how things will be. We all need to live out the purpose and destiny that we have been created to be.

                                         A photo showing a part of Gig Harbor waterfront

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Northwest Traveling

I am sure most of the country is like the Pacific Northwest they like to travel in November. Right now we are in the midst of rain for a solid week. I have been fortunate that when I go out for my walking it isn’t raining or a light rain. Even when it isn’t raining it is very cloudy outside.

Besides Thanksgiving coming up in an about ten days there are many here in the northwest hit the friendly skies or travel by car as well. Many of the retirees here go down to their home in Arizona or Southern California until March or April. Others who take their vacation head to Hawaii. Other words they want to go where the sun is shining.

I have to say that I enjoy the rain most of the time though after a week or so I want to see the sun come out for a little while even if it is for a few hours. I have in the past traveled around Thanksgiving seeing my brother and his family when he lived in St. Louis Missouri. I was there a couple times during Christmas as well and visited them when they lived in Minnesota as well. It is nice to see snow in the winter time. This year we are expecting more snow than for the average year. I am looking forward to it though most people here would rather not. I am sure the children would like to see the snow.

A very popular spot to go in Washington State in November and December is Leavenworth. It is situated right about the middle of the state. They usually have snow and the town looks like you have visited Germany. You can find restaurants in Leavenworth that serve German food. So if you are looking for a destination to visit especially in Washington State Leavenworth is a great spot to come. I was there one year in early December when they were decorating the whole town for Christmas and another year my family spent Christmas in Leavenworth. Nice to have a spot where can celebrate a White Christmas.

Leavenworth Washington in December
In my home town of Gig Harbor Washington we have never had a White Christmas. The closest to having snow for Christmas one year I remember having snow on December 26. I thought only if it were one day earlier. Of course I enjoyed the snow anyway.

So I want to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving and holiday season. Safe travels for all of you who are going somewhere during this season; may you have joy and peace as well. Amen!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Having a Good Time

When it comes to our purpose and destiny the most important thing we have to remember is to have a good time. Sometimes we are on a mission to do what we are called to do we forget about having a good time. In fact it should be our mission statement when it comes to our lives. No matter whatever else happens we must include having a good time.

An update from my last post about meeting up with classmates from high school; we reminded each other that we aren’t old we have known each other a long time. Anyway there were ten of us at our luncheon. We probably would have had more if it weren’t for being Veterans’ Day. I know technically today is that day. A couple of them I hadn’t seen since high school or at least our 20th reunion. We even have set up our next luncheon in February. Our thought is to get together four times a year.

Several commented to me how encouraging I am when posting here and on Facebook. They like the fact that I put a lot into what I say and never put other people down especially those that have different views. It is really good to know that I am making a difference in other people’s lives whether here, social media or in person.

Since it is Veteran’s Day I want to thank all of you who have served your country whether in war or during peace. You are the reason that our country is where it is at this time. Our country is not perfect for sure however you have made it as close as it can be. If you haven’t served however either your parents or grandparents or even further back we all thank them for their service as well.

Again remember to have happy times as often as you can. It isn’t always easy because of circumstances that come our way but we do only live one life here so we must make the best of it. Have yourself a happy, safe and wonderful weekend everyone.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Seeing Old Friends

Friday for lunch I am going to see classmates that I grew up with. Many of them I haven’t seen in a long time and those I have recently it hasn’t been that often. I am not sure how many plan to come however I will feel very honored and special to see them.

We know that growing up we didn’t get along with everyone in our class or school however in Gig Harbor we had only a few elementary schools, one junior high and high school at the time. Now Gig Harbor has two high schools and I think three or it could be four middle schools along with more elementary schools.

So you see whether we went to the same elementary school or not we did go to school from junior high and on depending who moved into the area. Even those that came along during high school feel very special to me and others as well. Only a few see each other on a regular basis.

We all look forward to find out how things have been going on in all these years beginning with families and memories of those years together will be nice as well. The last time I had one of those I found out some things that I didn’t know about and I know others felt the same way.  

One of my classmates Anne has spent a lot of time in London. In fact she spent time in London in October so it will be interesting to hear her stories though I have heard some on social media. Most of my classmates that I will be seeing I hear about their lives through social media; it certainly a good way to keep up to date with them.

I know to that this won’t be your ordinary lunch time including how much time involved and a lot of laughter. No matter how many people I have met and  friends since childhood there still nothing as special as those you grew up with. I am sure most of us would agree with it. So whenever a reunion happens be sure to go.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Food For Thought

When it comes to life one thing we do know that life will end someday. The key is what we do with it while we are here.

We all struggle with life at some time or another. What is important how we handle and get through it. Another is do we learn from the struggles and our mistakes. Often we repeat the mistakes over and over again. This is where our struggles come in. We do hope at some point we learn from these mistakes.

I believe we need to spend time going through our thoughts to see where we can go now with the mistakes we have made. Unfortunately not all mistakes can be overcome we just have to live with them. We hope more mistakes will not be in the same fashion.  Another way to say is we reap what we sow. Can we now stop sowing those mistakes and then reap a good harvest by planting good seed instead. Sometimes it takes months if not years to plant good seed we just have to recognize what the good seed is.

You will find in the gospels that Jesus talks about seed and growing it in good soil or not. There is a lot of sense to what he said in the natural well as the supernatural. Those who have successful lives have planted good seed in good soil while others have planted either good or bad seed in rocky ground; the good thing we can turn things around. Like gardens we can plant new seeds in good soil and our lives will change around. The harvest can take some time however it will bring good fruit or vegetables. Right now let’s get rid of the old soil in our lives and put down new soil. Our lives will be much better for it. Amen!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Our Voices Can Count

On Tuesday we had our general election in the state of Washington. Many of the cities including Seattle and Tacoma the two largest in the state had voting for the mayor position along with representatives to the state.

Personally I was only able to vote for things like continue fire protection and for parks along with representation to the parks department and local county government. I don’t live in the town of Gig Harbor so I couldn’t vote for the mayor. It was tough because so much that happens in Gig Harbor affects those of us who live in the outskirts. I live so close that if I were a mile or two closer to Gig Harbor I would have been able to vote for mayor.

The big issue running for mayor was over the large developers getting their way to build large homes and condos. I have mentioned it before how upset I and many of what has been happening in the harbor and the areas around that is still within the city limits. I think it was back in June when I wrote on line to the local weekly newspaper my concerns about a development that the mayor had voted in favor of despite a lot of people showing up a city council meeting against it. What made it really upsetting for people not just some apartments or condos’ being built it actually was against city codes. I was amazed these city officials would go against building codes that put in place as safe guards so a development like this wouldn’t happen. I didn’t know that what I had written on line actually made it into the local newspaper. I was told that by one of the ladies that my mother knows. I am not sure what I said influenced anyone or not on their voting.

A local retired business man who had a jewelry store downtown near the waterfront decided to run for mayor and his platform had to do with these large developers and to keep them out or limit their actions any way. The current mayor running for re-election may not have known how serious the citizens of the town and those of us that lived nearby were about the issue of development. I am not sure what the percentage of the vote is in right now being counted however the retired local businessman is getting over seventy percent of the votes. So that shows that our votes can really count. I am sure the county representatives are looking at this voting as well now knowing that the people are real serious about developing in the area.

The city of Tacoma is the largest city in our county and I know of people that are upset of some of the developing going on in their city as well along with others nearby. I am not sure whether the platform for the mayor race in Tacoma was the same as Gig Harbor but I am sure the other cities in the county and the state will take notice. Gig Harbor is one of the smallest towns in the state and a beautiful one at that. You will see a picture of it at the bottom of this blog. So remember that your voice can count though you may not always think someone is listening.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Trust in Yourself

The number one when it comes to trust is to do so in God however the big number two is yourself. When we trust in God and ourselves everything else works out. We can trust others in a big way.

So if you are mentoring someone encourage them to trust God and themselves first of all. Let them know that when they do that trusting others will be a lot easier to do. This goes for other areas of our lives as well. Like love, faith and hope. God loves each of us individually more than we know and it is important that we learn to love ourselves so we can love him and others. In some ways it sounds pretty easy however for us to let it happen is not quite as easy.

So if you have issues with others look into yourself to where you are at with trust, love, faith and hope. This is an ongoing process that I am working on in my life. For me to encourage others I have to be able to do the same. Helping others to become whole people we have to be whole ourselves. It can be a long journey for it to happen. I know that I will be a better person for trusting God and me. I will be able to fulfill my purpose and destiny by doing so. Also remember to press on toward making ourselves into who we are meant to be. Amen!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Tragedy Hits Again

 One thing I am learning about life there are some things that are not going to change no matter what happens.

On Sunday another mass shooting happened this time in Sutherland Springs Texas at the First Baptist Church where at least twenty-six lives were lost. President Donald Trump on his trip in Japan said the tragedy had to with mental illness and not a gun control issue. President Trump was backed by the National Rifle Association and other gun groups when he ran for election so it says something there in my mind.

I wonder if the second amendment about all people having the right to guns is out of date and no longer reality. Of course the National Rifle Association has a lot of power so that is why I say probably nothing is going to change.

President Trump said that mental illness laws have to change which I agree. Anyone who shoots a lot of people has a problem with mental illness or what I may call having demons. I know these days most people in countries like the United States don’t believe in demons and they explain it instead that they are mentally ill which I think is the same thing. Of course can’t go around every fox hole and believe someone has demons however if you believe in the supernatural there is truth about demons.

So whether it is called gun control or another name something has to be done where the wrong people don’t have guns. Those that are responsible types and have guns for hunting and target practice should be allowed to have guns registered in the right manner. There should be a database where everyone that is diagnosed with mental illness can’t buy a gun. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about it that there could be one already in place. It goes beyond mental illness though because there are people with strong ideas about issues where they may be dangerous anyway.

What I do know regardless of what President Trump said and the members of the National Rifle Association believe gun controls need to happen so that guns don’t get into the wrong hands. It will still not stop all together for someone to do a mass shooting but at least there will be safeguards in place. I know that there are smarter people than me on this issue to get things done.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Add an Hour

For many of us Sunday became daylight savings time so the clocks were turned back an hour so we add an hour to our day.

For some of us that means we got an extra hour of sleep while others did an extra hour of whatever they like doing on Sunday’s. Whatever the case having an extra hour sounds pretty good until March or April when we lose the hour once again.

I am sure many use the extra hour the same way every year. Personally for me it changes every year. I have had years where I had an extra hour of sleep while other years I do an extra hour of something or maybe just sit there and do nothing. LOL

A constructive way to spend the hour is to think about what you want to do for the next six months or longer. Make it a planning session or plan your next vacation. Those who have trouble getting sleep on a regular basis can use the extra sleep I am sure. I often feel worse when I get to much sleep but that’s me though. Everyone has an inward clock that works different than others.

So anyway whatever you decide to use the extra hour have a good time at it as well. Wish everyone well and a great day.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Snow Fall Arriving

The snow is arriving a bit early this year in Western Washington. In fact this could be the earliest on record or in my life time anyway.

Friday morning the snow fell throughout western Washington primarily from Seattle to the Canadian border. That happens more frequently than it does in my home town of Gig Harbor. In fact we only got traces of snow coming down with it not sticking at all while everywhere around us received a little snow at least. This is common since we usually get the least amount of snow in western Washington. I believe we are in a pocket where snow is less likely to happen and the temperatures are a little bit warmer to.

The weather forecast is for more snow to happen coming Saturday night so we will have to see whether we get any to stick this time. I am sure the other areas will get snow to stick. Some areas still have the snow on the ground.

This year they are expecting colder weather this winter than we have had for a number of years. It is interesting that snow doesn’t happen as often than when I was a child. I have a number of memories of snow and getting out of school early for it. As an adult it has been less frequently. Of course as a child we often see things bigger than life than when we grow up and that may be what has happened here however I do know that we haven’t had snow as often than when I was a child. The amount of snow may not have been as much as I remember but talking with others they come up with the same conclusion as I do.

Every year we don’t get many chances for it snow and that hasn’t changed I just remember more snow fall. Most of the snow around here happens before Christmas or late January or into February. I have seen it snow in March as well but the amount is usually not very much. Most years five inches is a lot of snow around here however north of Seattle and south of Tacoma get more. When we get five inches they most likely will have ten inches. Also the snow will last longer in those areas as well. Most of the time the snow last only a couple days; I only remember a half dozen times or so where the snow has lasted up to a week. Most people don’t want to have snow around here. They say you want snow go to the mountains. I say let’s bring it on. I have no problem driving in the snow. The biggest issue though we have a lot of hills around here and it is hard sometimes to get up them. That happens to when we get ice without the snow. I am pretty lucky where I live I can avoid the hills if I have to however many live on hills where it is hard to move their vehicles when snow hits. So I do understand why many don’t want the snow but I like to see it once in a while here just like the kids. They love throwing snow balls and going down the hills with school out to. Oh how I remember those times. Wherever you are at enjoy your winter unless it is summer where you are. Have a great holiday season.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Making a Difference

Living a life of purpose means that we can make a difference in other people’s lives whether it is family, friends and those we just met that we may call acquaintances.

What makes living a life of purpose is that our lives don’t belong to us. We actually our lives belong to God who created us to do many things including making a difference. I am not here to make a big splash and have us feel we are above anyone else. The truth is that everyone were created for a purpose and can make a difference they just have to realize it.

There are those throughout history that have made a big difference in how our lives are today. For example in our children’s lives Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft where now almost every one of us has a computer; before them only the government and businesses had computers for the most part. It is probably the biggest thing happen in the world since the printing press where the Bible was produced that everyone who desired to read it were able to. Of course other books were produced and people who never were able to read discovered they could. We can add many more inventions that came along like the automobile and the airplane.

So you see we can make a difference whether it can change technology or how people do things is only a guess. The importance is to help change those around us for better. To know that they are not only here to live a life to raise a family and go to work but a whole lot more. This is why we have a purpose and making a difference. What next is to press on in the gifts that God has given you whatever they maybe. Amen and amen!