Thursday, March 31, 2022

Life Isn't Always Easy

We have been around for any length
of time we know life isn't always easy.

The answer often is to call out God to 
help us. We know someone in need we
need to encourage them to do the same.

We have this life of purpose with the 
gifts to give answers when we can. 
Sometimes there isn't answers and
more questions. This is ok book.

Have a good day and be there for those
who need you right now. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Looking at Life Purpose

When I am writing about life purpose
it is from Christian perspective or 

There are different ways to look at
life purpose. This can come from 
your own experience or from others.

I know other religions have their own
beliefs on life purpose as well.

I see life purpose where God has given
us gifts and talents. His purpose is for 
us to help others for his glory. Also, we
are here to worship God as well and to
 be loved by God. He has given us free 
will to do so or not. 

In the Bible in the Old Testament in the 
Book of Esther the Jews were looked to
 be killed. Esther became Queen for the
 ruling country at the time. She was 
able to save her people.  A phrase in the
 book of Esther being quoted often
"She was born for this time. 

We can look at it the same way we
were born for this time. We should
make the best of it. Amen! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Thoughts For the Day

I am not sure I have  many thoughts 
to share today or not. See what happens. 

I know those who are perfectionists
have the same routine whether it is
everyday or week. 

I know to relationships can be tough
even at the best of times. When the
children all leave home one may try
to keep  things as is and the other
wants to evolve and do things different. 
This makes it difficult  for  both.

The person who wants  to  evolve take
it slowly and the  one who wants things
to stay the same try to  evolve using 
small steps.  Don't want to lose a 
relationship that has gone on for many
years. Just my opinion.

This might be my thoughts for the day.
I will look for more in the days ahead.
I want this blog continue to evolve. How
it will look in the future is my guess as 
well as yours. 😊😊😊

Monday, March 28, 2022

Have A Good Rest

Very important we get a good
rest on a regular basis.

Having rest is beyond sleep. Our
minds and body need so on
occasion. I would say at least
one day a week for an hour or
longer. This is especially going
through a tough time.

Our minds can use the rest. Take
a few minutes to meditate or pray.
We could take a moment and not
think about anything. I know not
easy because I have tried.

Our bodies can use rest especially 
after a hard day or exercise for that
 matter. We can use the excuse we
are too busy. Again, we don't have 
to take long to do so. Amen!

Sunday, March 27, 2022


Way back when we  learned to write 
we were told who, what, and where.

We can see that in inspiration as well.
Who inspires us to be a better person. 
What do we do to be inspire? In other 
words what do we enjoy or we feel our
purpose.  Where do we go to be inspired?
I am sure we have all three. 

Enjoy your day and be inspired by what
you do and where you go. 😊😊😊

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Having Peace

Whether it  is  the war in Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ 
or where we live in  our country or
family we must find peace.

Yes we must find peace to have
the life we want.  Three weeks 
from Sunday  is Easter.  It is the
day Christians celebrate the  death 
and resurrection of the prince of 
peace in Jesus Christ. 

He is more than peace Jesus Christ 
is the Savior of the world whether you
believe or not.

Encourage yourself with peace no
matter what is happening around you.

Friday, March 25, 2022

The Little Things

We should treasure the little things in life
whether it has to do with our life purpose
or life in general.

The little things often what we treasure 
more than anything else. They are what
puts joy in our hearts and wants us to
life a good life.

Make a list of those little things that
you treasure so well. Put the list on
your refrigerator or somewhere you
can view it whenever you feel in
doing so. 

Have a great day and the little things
come to life.  😊😊 

Thursday, March 24, 2022

My shoulder update

My shoulder is  doing much better these
days thank you. 

I still have some pain but it is more below
my collar bone. Likely  has to do with the
exercises I am doing.

The pain is the  worst when I  first wake up
in the morning.  Doing stretching  is always 

I go to athletic club three or four times a
week depending on  the weather.  Besides 
stretching I do exercise on some of the 
equipment along with walking.  The walking 
is good for the shoulder as well as the legs.

I am sure the pain will go away eventually but
in the meantime  endure.  That is sort of what 
life is like too. Amen!  😊😊❤❤

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Spring Here

At least Tuesday  afternoon we had spring 
in Gig Harbor.  The temperatures hit 60
degrees Fahrenheit. 

I know that is low in some parts of the world, 
however,  in Western Washington  that is
a good  temperature in  March. 

Having  sun out for several  hours was
nice too. I  went out for my second walk 
of the day. In the morning  it drizzled but
not  bd for me.

I saw a lot of  people out riding  their bikes..
Obviously people were feeling  better.

Wednesday  be back to the more usual
 cloudy day.  We will have to  wait for
sun once again. 😊😊❤❤

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Being Distracted

There are times  where being distracted 
is a good  thing.  Distractions  often are
negative in our lives. 

Even the positive distractions can take
up more time than we should allow.

The important thing would be to prioritize 
the positive distractions while getting 
rid of the negative. 

Often scammers will come our way. They
will try to make us feel good about us.
People give lots of money away to these
scammers who don't care about you instead
steal your money. Even the best idea can
be a big loss to you.  

Monday, March 21, 2022

Our Free Will

God has given each a life purpose, however,  
he has given free will too. 

What this means we have a choice to do
our life purpose  or not.

It is a strange way to look at it. We go our 
own way means we choose a life purpose 
of our own. It might be good,  however,  
it could be great  we follow the purpose 
we should have. Also, we should  be 
happier as well. 😊😊❤❤

Sunday, March 20, 2022

A Long Day

It turned out  a long day Saturday meeting 
my cousin for the first time.

Though it was a brief time  meeting it was
worth it. She was given up for adoption.  
I  met her brother as well who was adopted
to when she was three years old. Her parents 
couldn't  have children. I met her son as well.  

She showed  pictures  of  her parents along 
with two daughters  and  two grandsons 
who are both in the Navy. 

I brought pictures with me. I left some of
her natural mother who was my aunt and
my dad's oldest sister. Also, her younger
sister too.

It was so sad she never met her sister. She
has been gone for a while now. Her sister
Judy I know could have had a better life
meeting her. 

One of her daughters lives c.oser to me 
near Seattle.  I  look forward to  meeting 
her soon as well. Now we will  chat on
line until we meet again. ❤❤

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Looking Forward To This Weekend

I mentioned  already I will  be traveling to 
eastern part of  Washington state.

I am looking forward to  meeting my cousin 
I  haven't met before and only knew about
less than a year and a half. ❤❤

I will  let you know how it goes and a family
bond too.

May you be blessed this weekend as well.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Sports Superstars

Not all expected to be sports superstars 
actually turn out that way.

Sometimes  they turn out to be overrated 
or injuries  happen  that doesn't allow them
to be.

Our life purpose works  out  this way 
sometimes. We don't  always  turn 
out as expected.  

We should  realize our life purpose 
like a sports  superstar  may not turn
as we thought. This doesn't mean  we
can't still be the best we can be.

We have to fight for our life purpose. 
Opposition comes along so we have 
to make sure we will  meet our purpose. 

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Planning A Good Weekend

A month I got a message from a
cousin I have never met before. 
I found out late December 2020
we are related. One of my aunt's 
gave her up for adoption. 

We have gotten to know each
other a little  bit by being friends 
on social media.

On Saturday I am going to  her 
home driving four and a half
hours to  Eastern Washington.

I am sure we will both be excited 
to get know each other and learn
about our family  as well.  

Can't expect a  better weekend than
to meet a relative you didn't even 
know  existed 15 months ago. ❤❤

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

The Narrow Path

Whether  it has to do with our purpose 
or life in general the true path is narrow. 

Our natural way of thinking it is easy
stray away. It is important that we keep 
our mind on what is important. 

We can't let those with wrong  thinking
get us off the path either. Do they speak
positive or not. Do they have the same 
mindset or  not. Something for us to
consider.  😊😊

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

A little rain

This week here in Western Washington 
we are having light rain though could 
become heavier as well. 

March is usually  the ending of the
raining  season though we might have
some in April  as well. 

It is important to encourage one 
another especially this time of the
year since rain can depress people. 
Also, many people have allergies 
this time of the year too. I  recently 
started taking allergy medicine because
of blockage in my ears though I had
wax in them.

I will be  going to coffee shop this 
morning as I do regularly. I  love to  
meet new people as well as  those 
I see most of the time. I have to
say part of  my purpose. I  enjoy 
seeing children  too. 😍😍😊😊

Monday, March 14, 2022

Our Motivation

Our motivation today and everyday 
should be to encourage  others  with 
our purpose. 

Love and hope should be included in
our purpose. I  know  my purpose is
different  than  yours, however, our
motivation should  be the same or
at least similar  anyway. 

Whatever you  do today may it go
well. May those you touch with your
purpose  will be changed as well as
you do to. 😊😊❤❤

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Judging Others

I see once in a while where someone 
says on social media they don't like
being judged.

We shouldn't judge others although I 
wonder those who say they are being 
judged feel bad or guilty about something 
in their lives.

I don't really think much about others
judging me. Either they like me or not.

Sometimes we  do need  to  judge the 
character of another person.  It is whether 
they are a friend or someone you are
interested in for a relationship whether as
a friend or romantically. 

There are people out there trying to take
advantage of us so important to judge on
it. Also, you have a friend who is  bringing 
you down in the way they act. Do you still 
want to be friends with  them?

Jesus Christ  said not to judge others. In
the case he was talking about someone's 
appearance.  You have to  go deeper with
someone besides how they look. 

We have to remember we all have feelings.
Act according to how you would feel.  😊😍

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Time Change Tonight

Early  Sunday morning many of us
will be in time change when the
clocks will go ahead an hour. 

This means we have to decide to
go to bed earlier or sleep  longer
or less. 

This means spring  is near as well 
unless you are in the southern 
hemisphere than it is fall.

It means to we will have extra light
at  night to. We may wakeup in
darkness  but that is the price to

Here in Washington State the mask
mandate is ending today. Medical 
facilities and airports will still require 
them. Businesses can choose to 
have people wear masks to but I am 
most won't.  Of course, you have the
choice to still wear a mask as well. 
Such a concept isn't it. 

There will be  those we haven't seen 
their faces in a long time as well. I 
haven't worn a mask outside for some
time though on occasion I do see
people who do. This has been choice
as well.  Those whose health is not
good  might be good to still wear mask.

My opinion for what it is worth I don't 
think mask work anyway or somewhat. 
If your sick it is the best way to protect 
yourself and others. Since I  wear glasses 
I will be glad not to wear glasses so they
don't fog up. Also, my lips get dry once
in a while.  I am  ok with your opinion in
any way  you go. 😊😊

Friday, March 11, 2022

Hello Friday

I am  not  sure  I have said hello 
Friday here before.

It is good time to  get  ready for
the weekend and do the life
purpose  we haven't  been able
to do during the work  week. 

Our weekend  purpose  can do
with activities as well as seeing 
family or friends. Most people 
enjoy working  outdoors  or
rebuilding or working on their 
homes. Helping family or friends 
in the same way. 

Working  together  is a good way
to  relax and not really feel like
work. Whatever you are up to 
have a good time and be safe. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Expose Evil

Whatever  is happening between 
Russia and Ukraine evil will be 

There is war going on in the 
spiritual world as well.  We know
who will  win.

Good will  win over evil. There
maybe times were it doesn't 
look that way but will happen.
So sit tight and see what  happens. 

The encouragement to is we can
pray along with family and friends.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Some Times Things Change

Some times we change jobs and
move to  another  city, state or

Uprooting a family  is a challenge 
even when you  expect to. Also,
leaving friends behind as well. 

This came to  my mind because 
the Seattle Seahawks traded their
quarterback  on Tuesday to the
Denver Broncos.  It was a shock to 
the Seahawks  fans as well.

I am  sure Wilson was a bit surprised 
though they let him know before the
trade was announced. Now he moves
his family, joins a new organization and
new teammates.

This purpose  doesn't  change just his
surroundings. This will happen to
anyone who moves. Amen!

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Word of Encouragement

We can all use a word of encouragement 
on  a daily  basis. This will  help us get 
through the  day.

We all go through  something  that at
times doesn't  seem to  end. We need 
to rely on our faith and do hard work
at the same time. 

I amazed hearing stories about people 
going through  cancer for  many years.
I don't  know  how they do it, however, 
their faith has to be the answer.

Let you know hard times going through 
we are with you and our prayers too. Amen! ❤❤

Monday, March 7, 2022

Battle Against Our Purpose

Whether we believe  or not there is 
a battle  for our purpose and  destiny. 

The evil ones knows how dangerous 
our purpose  is  if we actually live up
to our potential.  

He will  make distractions and  circumstances 
happen  where we can't  make our purpose 

We must know God wants the  best for us
whether we believe  him or not. In the
Spiritual World he is fighting  for  us against
the evil one. We have guardian Angels around 
us though we may not see them. They are with
us to protect us.

The key is for us  not let the evil one to win.
We must battle where we can too. When we
are discouraged or depressed or distracted 
the evil one is winning at the moment. This 
doesn’t mean he will win in the end though 
death is  meant for  us all. The end is how we 
battle  and win with  God's help. Amen! ❤❤

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Miss You Mom

Sunday is the two year anniversary of  
mom's  passing and death. 

Right before the pandemic shut things
down for a period of time.

We were able to  have her funeral on
March 12 2020 with a small gathering.
My sister  was here at the time which 
was a blessing.  My brother came for 
her funeral.  I haven't seen either one
since because of the pandemic.

  Mother did some writing herself though 
never had any thing published.  She was
a teacher for 20 years teaching  French 
and German.

During World War  2 she read German 
prisoner of War mail for Canada. After
that she went to Paris France for two 
years. She met  my sister's father there
and they came to Seattle. They divorced
when my sister was three years old. Met
my father a couple years  later and married 
moving to  our home in Gig Harbor. Having 
three sons including me in the middle.

I  was  mom's caregiver the last seven and
a half years, however,  my early  years were
not easy so I  have  to  say I paid her back.❤

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Faith and Trust

When you're a mentor  or ministering to
someone it is important  they  know
whatever they share will  not be told
to  another. 

Actually it should be in any type of
sharing.  This is  especially true of 
someone you just met. 

It isn't  like you can't say anything you
can't go into detail  or give a name. 
When sharing with another person if
that person knows the  person you
speak about then mums the word.

If I am asked anything from a third-party 
I  usually say things went well and they
were encouraged. I  may say they were
blessed as well.  

If you were to  share anything the person 
should know you are. Still  nothing about
dark secrets.  I am  sure we wouldn't want
anyone to know ours. Amen!

Friday, March 4, 2022

Make Of Today

When we wake  up  in the morning 
the first thing  is to be thankful 
we are still  here.

The second thing is to ask this day
will be a good day with many blessings. 
Be used with the talents and gifts
given to us when we were born.

Every person we are contact with  will
 be blessed including those we don't 
say a word to. Amen!. ❤❤

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Hearing Stories

Wednesday  night  at  a small group 
from church  we spent a lot of time 
telling  stories. 

It is  a really  good  way to  know
people of their life story. It reminds
me sitting around the campfire. 

Another thing encourages us and
give us hope as well. This will  last 
for us two weeks when we get
together  again. Amen!

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Our Motivation

What motivates you on a daily basis?
It is part of your life purpose. 

The love of music or working in the
garden  can be two enjoyments 
included  in your purpose. 

Your heart will confirm  to you your 
life purpose  as well.  The gifts and 
talents are included as well. You have
them for a purpose to share with  others.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Lot of Rain End February

February  ended with  a  lot of rain. Record
day for the 28th.  In fact,  the record was 
by noon.

Looking at the  weather site for rain in the
month of rain half happened on the 28th.
We actually had nonstop rain Sunday as
well so most of the rain happened in those
two days. 

A joy for skiers as well since the mountains 
had additional snow. This means skiing 
season can extend a little  bit  longer.

I have heard before when rain happens like
this in the spiritual world God's love and 
blessings will happen as well.  Something 
for us to  look forward too. 😊

Until next time be safe and loved.