Saturday, September 30, 2017

Waking Early

I know that there are those who like waking up early while others would never make a habit of it. Some get up early because of work and look forward to the weekend when they can sleep in.

I am one of those who gets up early mostly by habit more than anything else. When I had to take my brother and sister to the airport a couple weeks ago for their return trips home it was amazing to see how many cars were on the road at 5 am. In fact both of them remarked how many cars were on the road. I think most of drivers want to get off work early to avoid rush hour traffic. The problem though rush hour starts earlier because of so many cars going early. Something I remember on Friday’s that there were fewer cars on the road in the morning but the traffic was still heavy at the night rush hour. I figure most people want ahead on the weekend.

I started getting up early as a kid because my dad always got up early and my bedroom had no door so I could hear him get up. My mother always got up later though still early in many ways because she had to get to school by 8 am. Oh yes she was a high school teacher. Dad always made breakfast and all of our lunches too. He figured this way he could have great breakfasts on the weekends like pancakes and waffles. He was able to sleep in on the weekends though. I don’t remember sleeping in on weekends very often though. On the plus side I was able to get the newspaper to read the comics and sports section before dad.

Most people I think who get up early go to bed early as well and so do those who go bed late get up late although some go to bed late and get up early. Those who can handle it on less sleep.

Anyway the important thing is get the right amount of sleep for yourself and get things done in the time that you are awake. I figure this is good sound advice. Good bye until next time.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Seeing New

This week walking the waterfront of Gig Harbor made me feel like I was seeing new for the first time though I know it isn’t so at least in part.

This week the temperatures reached the eighties here and that is the first time ever at the end of September.  In fact so much that is going to rain today and the temperatures will be in the sixties. Sort of like old home week.

Anyway on Thursday it was so bright out that when I was walking the waterfront I looked up on the hills and I saw houses that I felt like I had never seen before or it had been a while anyway. This is what I mean by saying new.

On Wednesday walking further down on the waterfront in an area I spent a lot of my time as a child I saw a tree where the top branches were over the whole road. I thought wow how long has that been going on. I figured it has to be that way for a while but it felt new to me. I have walked there several times this year including the summer. Being so bright out though I was probably paying more attention than I have in other times; couple minutes later looking the other side of the road I was looking at some property. I thought this looks different as well like I had seen it for the first time. I believe that some landscapers had done work on that land. I thought maybe a couple trees were taken down or they had removed some brush. Most likely they removed brush because by city code property like that the trees can’t be taken down. I looked there for a couple minutes just wondering what was new or different about that land and whether they are planning to build a home there.

On Thursday though I did see something I know that I had never seen before. Looking in front of me there were a dozen Canadian geese that were walking across the street. Walking a little further there were another dozen Canadian geese on the sidewalk so I walked right where they were. I wished them a good morning and they honked back at me in their native tongue and then they crossed the street as well. It was about seven-thirty in the morning so not a lot of traffic on the waterfront but no cars came either direction until the last geese crossed the road. I figured they must be looking to more food to eat. When I returned to the same spot about half an hour later they were grazing across the street.

This is what so great about going for walks because often I don’t see things like this when I am driving. Keep your eyes open to see what is new in front of you or something old that reminds you of the past or feels new for the first time. Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Being Kind

  In our times it seems that people are becoming less kind. Like I said in my last post that we hear where the minority sound like the majority because they are so loud. I still have to believe that most people are kind.

I know that there are those that are rude however my experience is that it doesn’t happen on a regular basis. Of course I live in a small town so I don’t see as many people as I would if I were living in a bigger city. My experience is that in big cities people are moving at a faster pace than they do in my town of Gig Harbor. I can go to nearby Tacoma which is less than ten miles away and see the difference. When I drive to Seattle I see how some drive in and out of lanes so I have to keep my eyes open more. Of course this is when traffic isn’t heavy like during rush hours.

Where I hear more about people being rude is in the social media. I am sure everyone has experienced that and had to defriend those they have been close to. If you are part of any group like I am there are those who have very limited vocabulary because they enjoy using the f word a lot. Personally I think people can get their point across without the f word. My nephew Ken told me once it is used for effect. He may be right but the effect is used too often. Often I will stop and not read any further those who choose to use the limited vocabulary they have.

So it comes back to us being kind to others. This is especially true of those who are not kind to us and  these days so many have strong opinions especially about politics and now the whole thing about the National Anthem they speak with rudeness in a way they never did before.

My opinion is that people have to tone things done though I know they likely won’t. Also I don’t care whether anyone agrees with me or not. At least those who I get into contact on a regular basis that is. I still believe my purpose in life is to encourage others in the way they should go and I won’t stop doing that for sure.

I appreciate all of you who read my posts even if you don’t agree with me all the time. Have yourself a wonderful day and that your life is doing well. I pray that when you are going through tough times that you make it through the other side. Amen!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Time to Listen

 On Sunday the National Football League players decided not to participate in the playing of the National Anthem. Many fans felt that they were disrespecting the National Anthem and the flag of the United States.

The reason I am saying many fans because often when people are protesting or giving out their opinions it is done primarily by the minority though it sounds like the majority. The players most likely would not have done what they did if it were not for what President Trump wrote on Twitter before the games on Sunday.

Before Sunday only a few players didn’t participate in the playing of the National Anthem. For example my local team the Seattle Seahawks Michael Bennett decided not to stand at attention during the National Anthem. I know it upset many fans of the Seahawks or at least that was impression because again the minority often sounds like the majority. Besides Bennett was expressing himself on how he had been treated by the police when he was in New Orleans for the Merriweather fight.

Most of the players in the NFL are black while majority of the fans are white and all my friends on Facebook said that they would never watch or go to another NFL game are white. Personally my reaction has been that those speaking out are overreacting however now thinking further they are reacting. Although I love hearing the playing of the National Anthem I guess that I never thought of it as serious as others have. Other words if they stopped playing the National Anthem at sporting events I would miss it but I would not be that upset. I am not sure whether I am writing this in a way that you may understand.

In the end though my thoughts is that everyone needs to listen instead of speaking their opinions; the black players or in fact blacks in general feel that they are always being singled out when treated by the police for their skin color and I am sure they are right or at the very least it is their perception which in my mind is the same thing. Whites on the other hand need to realize that they haven’t walked in the shoes of a black man. I am talking about whites like myself who are not racist. Those who are racist is a whole other thing and should not be tolerated.

So I am encouraging that all parties whether players or fans settle down and listen. Who knows we may all learn a thing or two. One thing I do know the direction that the citizens of the United States and most likely the world is not a good thing. So again like I have mentioned a time or two we must think before speaking. In the meantime have yourself another great day.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Change of Plans

Sometimes things don’t always work out at least in the timing that is.

I got a call from my cousin Christy on Monday afternoon letting me know that her daughter-in-law is in the hospital with blood clots in her two lungs so have to go attend their three month old granddaughter. Christy apologized that this happened again after making these plans. As you know we had original plans to go in July but wild fires kept my mother and me from going. I told Christy that it was OK and that family is more important. It just wasn’t meant to be this year. So mother will have to stay healthy (she is 97 years old) for us to go.

Disappoints do happen in life however we all still have to move on. Keep her daughter-in-law in your prayers please. It will be interesting to see what other plans God has in store for me during these next couple weeks. So you can say to that your still stuck with me. Continue to press on in our lives to make a difference in others. Amen!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Going North

On Wednesday it looks like I will finally be heading north to British Columbia to visit a couple of my cousins Susan and Christy. I call it the past meeting the present or may be childhood meeting adulthood.

Originally I was going to see them in July however the wild fires where they had to evacuate postponed the trip. It will be interesting to visit in the fall instead of the spring. The alternative would have been to wait until next spring or summer however with mother can’t tell how much time she has left so no better than the present. Yes mother is going with me. It will be a two day drive each way to reach where they live. Susan lives further than Christy so we will stop at Christy’s first. Susan and her husband own and run a ranch while Christy lives on a lake where there are not a lot of people living so when I go out for my walks more likely see wildlife over cars and people. What that wildlife is can be anyone’s guess.

Susan and Christy are both older than I so they know my history as a small infant too. In fact I would say they know more about me at that time than I do. Actually anyone who knew me as an infant would know more than me. My memories of the first four years of my life I don’t remember at all and even those from five through seven are sketchy at best. It has a lot to do with me being burned when I was four years old and I almost didn’t make it. I was cooking eggs on the stove when my pajamas caught on fire. I spent six weeks in the hospital I have been told.

It will be a good time to catch up on what is the present along with stories of the past. Sort of like when my sister and brother visited last week. Most likely I will hear some new stories of the past that I haven’t heard before or memories of ones that I have heard. Whatever the case it will be really great to see them and adding some new memories. It is always nice to see family even if it is only once in a while. So you may not hear from me for a few days. You can catch up with some of my previous blogs if you would like. I will write still the next couple days before leaving. Until next time have a good time.

Cousin Susan's House on my last visit four years ago 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dealing with Fear

At some point or another we all deal with fear. It will come in different forms. We can feel good about it saying that it is part of life however we can do something about it as well.

Fear can make us not be who we are meant to be. It can keep us from our purpose and destiny of our lives. Fear has to do with the lack of trust or faith. Two things we should hold onto with dear life if you want to call it that.

People deal with fear in different circumstances. It can be with standing in front of a group of people. For most it is the greatest fear in life. I had a hard time standing in front of people in the beginning however with practice I was able to do so without a problem.

Another area is fear of the unknown. This can happen when it comes to health of a loved one or a close friend or even our own. If we get sick in a way that we haven’t known before fear will creep in. I know that happened to me when I found out I have a skipping heart and that I had a heart attack without realizing it. I decided though to trust in what the doctors are saying and I take my medicine every day. Someday I may die from having a heart attack however at this time I will live every day in my purpose and destiny.

The direction of the world right now can bring fear too many. It can be the hurricanes in Houston, Texas and Florida or can be about wars. They are real possibilities if we are living in areas where it could happen or it is happening right now. This is where trust and faith comes in. Another is often we can’t do anything about it either and that is where fear comes in as well.

When others are fearing the best we can do is instill trust, faith and encouragement into them. Give them peace in their hearts as well. Often we can become fearful to because we don’t have answers either. Nothing we can do about that and all we can do is the best we can. So remember to put on trust and faith.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pictures Tell a Story

Whether it was my families trip to the Hoh River Rain Forest last Saturday or my trip up north to British Columbia to see my cousins who live up there pictures do tell stories.

They not only tell stories currently but of the past as well. They allow us to remember memories a lot better. Having pictures on a blog will allow us to show the stories to others even in a greater way. I plan to show pictures more frequently on this blog for everyone to see the stories I am telling including encouraging others. They are a good way to show people are purpose in life as well.

My mother has pictures lined all over the apartment. They go back to her grandparents and then to us children with our baby pictures through senior high school. So whether it is one picture or more you will see some on this blog as often as I can. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Below will show a young picture of my siblings along with dad who has been gone for a while. A good way to remember him.

                                                   I am in the middle son in this picture

Friday, September 22, 2017

Being Outspoken

Sometimes I am sure people are not sure they can be outspoken if the main objective is being an encouragement. I think though that at times it is important to be outspoken. People need to know where we are coming from on different issues. Though being outspoken sounds negative to some it can be positive instead.

The most important thing we can be is encouragers however people need to know that we have concerns about certain issues as well. Other words because we are encouragers don’t mean we are pushover either.

In fact I have to say issues bring us into areas where we feel things real strong. Passion is the reason we are encouragers as well. People are important to us so issues should be as well. So speak your mind where people know where you are coming from and being outspoken means that you care about people well as the issues that you’re passionate about.

Although it is important to be outspoken I still feel it is important to think what you are going to say before you say it. I believe too many people can speak with anger and not being thoughtful of others either. This is especially true with those that will not agree with what you believe. I hope this will help us all out when we talk with others. This includes when we are speaking encouragement as well. Have yourself a great weekend and make a difference in others’ lives. Amen!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hello Rain!

 With fall arriving we always expect rain to reappear. This week it happened after not having much precipitation for seventy plus days. It was the hottest and lowest precipitation that I ever have recalled in Western Washington.

Wednesday when I went out for my walk in early morning the rain was coming down pretty good. Usually I don’t walk with an umbrella however I chose to this time. Thursday they expect more rain however summer temperatures are expected to return for the next week. Another thing I don’t remember is it being so warm this time of the year. In a week they are forecasting a high of 78 degrees. This week it has been in the mid-60s.

Though it was nice to have a summer like this one the return of rain has been welcomed because the grass and the trees have been very dry. It is again much different than I have seen in past years. If Western Washington is any example we do have global warming. I have heard that we may have a colder winter this year than the last several as well. It would be welcomed by some while others like the way it has been other than may be a lot of rain. Other than snow in the mountains people prefer it not to come in our cities here. I like having snow at least for a few days anyway. I remember being able to throw snow balls around instead of having to drive a couple hours to Mt. Rainier. I have to say it is the child in me that would like to see snow again.

I enjoy seeing the sun out here as often as it can because when fall happens and then winter the sun decides to stay away. Though the rain came back this week the sun did come out each day as well though only for a few minutes.

So again I say hello rain nice to see you even if it is for a few minutes here and there. We know that fall has arrived because it is when you make your appearance. Rain is what makes the grass and the trees look green and we here like seeing that too. Whatever the weather is makes the day nice and enjoyable. Peace whether rain or shine. This will be a wonderful day. Amen!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


One of the greatest tools we have is generosity. It works out in many ways I believe.

For some they give generous when giving away money which is a good way but must go further as well.

It is interesting this morning when taking my sister and brother to the airport for them return to their respective homes my sister said that she had received a promotion at work. Her job she is a paralegal for a large law firm in Canada. They gave her a promotion because she has been mentoring co-workers. Mentoring is a fine way to be generous whether it is at work or at church or other organizations. We all need to be mentored in one fashion or another and being generous with your time in that way is wonderful. In fact I would say that being a mentor is probably the best way of being generous. This means that you are cloning yourself in a way.

There are many other ways that you can generous as well like giving yourself to organizations or encouraging others. I applaud anyone who is being generous at this time and continue doing. The amazing part of it is that you may be doing so without realizing it. That was what my sister was doing at her workplace. For many being generous is a part of their makeup and talents. Touché.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Journey to the Hoh River in Washington State

This post showing pictures from my family's trip to the Hoh River

                                         My sister Barb and brother Jack at Kalaloch Lodge

                                         Look out to the Pacific Ocean at Kalaloch Lodge


                                         Driftwood on the beach at Kalaloch Lodge


                                          Sign at the Hoh Visitor Center

                                In the area they call the Hall of Mosses in Hoh River Rain Forest
                                They have some interesting designs all natural

                                    Another interesting design. Top notched photographers
                                    could spend hours in this area taking lots of pitchers

                                         I found interesting is the roots to many of the trees


 A beautiful site early evening at Lake Crescent
                                            A short distance west of Port Angeles Washington
                                            on Highway 101


    I hope that you enjoyed this little journey of
    the trip my family took to the Hoh River
    Many wonderful places to see along the
    Washington Coast and the Olympic Mountains


Monday, September 18, 2017


When it comes to a word super is an interesting one. We all want to be super at something whether it is being smart or strong. The reason that Superman has been so popular over the years and at some point we want to be just like him.

The thing about Superman is that we feel more like his alter ego Clark Kent most of the time and we would like to go into the booth and change into Superman.

I am here to tell us all that we are super in our own way. Of course we have issues that we are more like Clark Kent most of the time however we do have talents that only belong to us and that is the reason we are unique. Also this is the reason we are super as well. Superman has always being one of a kind and Clark Kent was like everyone else but we are more like Superman than we know. The great part of it is we don’t have to put on a cape or anything else in that matter.

Go out today and be that unique person that you are. Show others that super person that you are with all your powers that are unique to you. The thing is that you have to remember that they are super people as well in their unique way. You are not greater than anyone else but you are not less than anyone as well. I am sure that you will like that super person in you that you’re discovering more every day.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Long Day

Saturday was a fun day traveling with my family from Gig Harbor Washington to the Washington onto the Hoh River Rain Forest however it was a long day as well.

We made several stops on the way so we get our legs feeling better among other things. Our first stop was near Lacy Washington which is real close to the state capital of Olympia. What I found interesting for such a spot were how many different people of diversity. I would expect it in Seattle but in a small area just off the freeway was not what I expected. I would expect it more at the Hoh River since it is famous and a lot people come from all over the world.

Our second stop was for lunch in Aberdeen Washington which is about a half an hour from the coast. None of us had been to Aberdeen for some time and it didn’t look much different. My brother talked about the time he went with our dad out to Aberdeen and the coast. Our dad had some work out that on a number of occasions. He was in the drapery business and he did a number of schools out that way.

About an hour after Aberdeen we made a stop for my brother and I to stretch our legs. A few minutes we stopped again for gas. A sign said that the next stop for gas was forty miles though we would have likely made it we didn’t want to take the chance.

We made another stop before arriving at the Hoh River. We stop at the Kalaloch Lodge right on the Washington Coast. The temperature turned out to be about fifteen degrees cooler than at the Hoh River.  My first thing I remember seeing Kalaloch Lodge was that we had visited there before and I was right. We had stayed in one of the cabins and we went razor clam digging too. I was probably about ten years old. I have been by there since but I am not sure whether I stopped or not. Anyway it was great seeing the place once again.

The drive to Hoh River was about another hour at that point. We stayed at the Hoh River for about an hour and a half before driving back to Gig Harbor. I took some wonderful pictures at Kalaloch, the Hoh River and Lake Crescent that is on the way back home and just before Port Angeles. It is one of the most beautiful lakes you will ever see.  

We made a stop in Forks which is now famous for the Twilight book and movie series. We were only there to for a little stretching of our legs and I spoke to a woman and a young lady that had some information out about the Twilight series. We found out they were have a Twilight Festival over the weekend.

Our next stop was at Lake Crescent about an hour after Fork. It was so gorgeous there and you will enjoy the pictures that I will show in upcoming posts. We stopped in Port Angeles for dinner at an Italian Restaurant. The food was delicious and was worth it though we had to wait for a little while to be seated.

We made one other stop after that before returning home. Port Angeles is about an hour and a half drive to Gig Harbor. I had been driving about forty-five minutes and I was getting tired because of the lights from the other cars coming toward us. So my brother took over the driving from me for the rest of the trip. Actually we split up the driving about half.

While we on our way back to Gig Harbor from the Hoh River we started talking what we would like to do when they come for another visit most likely next year. Anyway a nice way to add on for more adventure and memories.    

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Going Forward

While I get ready for our family trip to see the Hoh River Rain Forest on the Washington State coast I figured to write about going forward.

What that means I believe will be different for each of us. The theme for this year is pressing on. This could mean going forward with strong conviction or staying put working through issues however at some point we all have to move on.

Reading in the old testament of the Bible we find during Moses time God told the people of Israel to take possession of the land he promised them however because of fear they wandered in the wilderness for forty years before taking the land. I don’t think any of us want to wander in our wilderness for that long. It is not always easy to move on because of our circumstances but at some point we must.

So as I take my trip today to enjoy the Hoh River that I haven’t seen for a while enjoy your day and go forward for what it means for you. Amen!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Going For a Ride

With my sister here and my brother arriving today I look forward to Saturday when we go for a ride. The four of us which includes our mother will be driving to the Hoh River Rain Forest in the Olympic Mountains near the Washington coast.

What I enjoy is that there are a lot of places to see around the state of Washington. It is good place for visitors to come for a visit and for residences to take a day or a weekend to see many places as well.

This trip would be best in two days however our time is limited so we will do it in one day. Of course it will be a long day especially since the driving will be eight hours in total. We will be making a lot of stops too because we will need to get out of the car for one thing and none of us have been on this trip for some time. It was my sister’s idea which I think is a good one. I may take several days to recover after they leave next Tuesday.

Besides the travel the most important thing is spending time together since we only see each other once a year and it is not always together either. Last year we saw each other together because my brother’s son Ian was getting married to his now wife Helen in St. Louis, Missouri and then the year before they both came out here but on separate occasions. So it was probably three or four years ago when we were together before last year.

I figure to take some pictures while we are on the road and I will plaster some of them here when I have the chance. So if you have never been here before you will see what a beautiful place to visit.

We are expecting some rain which is needed on Sunday and going to a rain forest we expect to feel the rain as well. We haven’t had rain for something like seventy days so it is needed.  Always have to watch the driving when it first rains especially because the roads get slick.

There is nothing like family especially if you are close. It would be nice if they were both closer but have to live in the reality that they are not. I think families that live close together are really blessed however we have a good relationship and that is what’s important because I know that not all families do have good relationships.

Until next time before we start heading out on our adventure enjoy the people you are with.

                                           Not my car however same model

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Enjoy Time

Although I write about serious subjects concerning pressing on in the end it is about enjoying time. We only live on earth for a short period of time so we must have a good time along the way.

With my sister here now for a few days and my brother coming on Friday we will be having some good times together. It is nice to catch up on life we can’t get over the phone or through email or social networking.

What makes for fun is doing thing spontaneous or making plans. Right now we have started making plans however I am spontaneous will be coming along as well.

Today we have a few plans however whatever else happens will be spontaneous. Friday my brother arrives so whatever happens the rest of that day will be spontaneous. On Saturday we have planned go to the Hoh River Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula. It is about a four hour drive each way so we will have a long day for sure. It has been a while for all of us since last being there so it will be like a new experience in many ways. The plan is head south on interstate 5 to Olympia and then off on highway 12 until we reach highway 101. When we reach 101 that is where we will be going along the Washington coast until we go inward to the Hoh River. We will return going through Forks and Port Angeles Washington. Before Port Angeles is Lake Crescent. It is a beautiful lake and one of my friends calls it her favorite lake. So basically we will be going in a circle.

I will be taking my camera so when we stop I will try to take some pictures to show. We will be stopping a few times before getting to the Hoh River and the way back too. It will be a long day for sure however it will be exciting to. I told mother it will be our test drive for going up to British Columbia.

So I recommend making plans for trips and at the same time do something spontaneous as well. Nothing like surprising yourself and this is really true after going through some tough times. Until next time have a great day.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Family Coming to Town

On Wednesday my sister Barb will be coming to town for a few days while my brother Jack will arrive on Friday. I don’t get a chance to see either one very often though I do talk on the phone frequently especially with Jack.

                                            Sister Barb above
Nephew Danny and brother Jack    
I believe that I am blessed to have a good sister and brother. My older brother Dick has been gone for a while just like our Father. We are blessed that Mother is still around and she turns ninety-seven next Monday. A major reason that they are both coming however they would be anyway.

I know that not everyone has a good family so that is what makes it a real blessing. I have cousins that are very good as well. In the same way I don’t see them that often as well though I do know they care and love me too.

In July Mother and I were planning to see my cousins Christy and Susan however the wild fires didn’t allow us to go. Now we have plans to go in a couple weeks. So you may not hear from me for a few days. It takes two days to travel both ways along with the time being there. I won’t be taking a computer with me however I may get in some internet at a motel on the way. Also up in where they live don’t have cell phone service though internet is available. So I may have a few days off as I say but I will update and let you know how things went. It will be a pleasure to spend time with my brother and sister along with my cousins. It is great to have family that we feel special too along with friends. Most days I feel fortunate to have good friends as well. Important we count our blessings especially all the people around us that we can encourage and be encouraged by. I pray that you are able to feel the same way as I do.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Putting On

You may be wondering what I am going to say because of the title. Well I am not talking about clothes if that is what you’re thinking.

Anyway I am here about putting off our old self. The person that others have said we have been for years whether that is positive or negative. So now you are to put on the new self. The person you were meant to be in the beginning.

I know that I have mentioned before and I will continue probably over and over again until it sinks in. Not only about you but about me as well; more and more of late I am discovering who I was meant to be. I am not sure whether I am there yet however I am getting closer each day.

So we must put on the new self or may be the old self we were meant to be at the beginning. I figure this happens one step at a time each day. We should look at taking some time each day and wait on or better yet meditating in our minds where we are going. I hope this makes sense to us all.

In the end putting on our self means not only discovering who we truly are that others will find out more about us as well; actually we should listen to others when they are talking to us. They probably have more insight into who we really are than we do. These are people that are close to us that have known us for a while. I am sure in the end we will be surprised and we will love the person we truly are.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Want To Be

Today is the 16th anniversary of what is known as 9/11 when the towers went down in New York; a plane was attacked, taken down in Pennsylvania where the passengers were heroes and the Pentagon. It was the day terrorist attacks became reality and the day no American will forget.

So my question today is what you want to be. Are you at that place or are you working at it? We must strive to be the best person we can be. Make the difference like those who perished on Sept. 11 2001.

Recently we realized that USA still has problems regarding how we treat all Americans because of their color. Regardless of who we are it is important to treat each other as equals even if we don’t have the same belief system. I know that not everyone believes the same as I do. In fact I would say that most do not however I must still respect them despite our differences. It is my purpose in this life to let others know the truth and that they can be set free.

So the question every day who are you and where are you headed for; do you plan to live an easy life or make a difference. The reason you were created for this time. I know that I am not totally there when it comes to answering the question however I am closer today than I was yesterday.

When we were given our names it was for a purpose as well. We may not know that or think that it has any meaning however I believe it does. My first name Herbert means “glorious soldier” and my middle name Norman comes from the people of Norman’s who were warriors. So you see believing this means that I am a warrior and it is very fitting for this day. I may not fight on the battle field where a war may happen however I am a fighter on the battle field of life. I will fight to the finish line to give justice and encouragement to everyone I meet. So be the person you are meant to be. Press on toward the mark until you have crossed the finish line. Amen!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Good Things to Know

Having a brother as a friend is more than a double blessing
Love is a choice so bring it on
Children want to hear the words I love you so tell and show them everyday
Even in war we can find peace
Words can be spoken even when there is silence
Smile there is a camera watching you
Laughter is good medicine
Raise your hands and shout out
Others may think you are crazy however you know the truth
Green peas are not meant to be eaten even by vegetarians
Steak is good to eat once in a while I am not sure about liver
It doesn’t really matter what others think about you it really matters what you think about you
Football has started however baseball is still playing
An apple a day may keep the doctor away however you have to figure out to still see his nurse
You are a blessing especially to yourself
Get a hug today
You may fall however get up and keep going
I know that there is more however have a great day and be happy


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Let It Rain Please!

Having the hurricanes in Texas and Florida it is interesting here in the Pacific Northwest we could use some rain. It has been a dry summer and with the wild fires happening here rain would be added relief.

Asking for rain is interesting because I know that a lot of rain will start falling in October if anything like last year and all the previous years of my life. Friday while on my walk there was a little drizzle so that is why the thought of rain anyway. Of course if we don’t get rain for a few weeks we will be OK. It is at least nothing to worry about like the hurricanes.

Here in the northwest we have weather that is nice most of the time because we pretty much have four seasons here or at least three anyway. Winter time isn’t what I would expect though the mountains the last couple years have gotten their snow. We went a couple years where the mountains had a drought concerning snow. We need snow in the winter at the mountains for the rivers to have enough water plus the ski resorts to be able to stay in business.

Forest fires are common place during the summer months though we prefer that they don’t happen. Usually they are caused by people’s carelessness but rain can help the cure. Many cars this week got ash on them because of the fires. It reminded many of Mt. St. Helen when it erupted in May of 1980. We had ash on the ground for several days. How much depended how close to the mountain. Here we still have possibilities of other eruptions along with earth quakes. I will take our weather over many places myself. One of the reasons I love living in the Pacific Northwest.

In the meantime I will continue to press on like I hope everyone is doing. Life has its ups and downs along with curves but with hope, faith and most of all love we will continue to persevere. Amen!

Friday, September 8, 2017

We Are Powerful

The biggest encouragement we can give others to let them know that they are powerful despite any weaknesses they have. It is the strengths that they have that make them strong however the weaknesses make us all realize we have a ways to go as well.

The weaknesses lets us realize that we can’t do it all on our own we must have each other especially our backs. It is your family and friends that will help us keep moving on.

I realize that when I do something good and it helps change another person’s life it is not all about me. It is the purpose and design that God gave me when he created me. I am me because that was his intention from the beginning. It doesn’t matter what I have been through I have a purpose to complete. In fact it is those things that I have gone through no matter how tough makes me the person that can help others to know that they can make it as well.

Another to remember is that other people are watching your every move. They find out the person you are by watching what you do. This is true for the good and the bad. We hope that the good outshines the bad most of the time. The important thing is to admit that we do something wrong even if it is not our intention at all.

So you see you’re powerful and strong despite your weaknesses. It is like you are Clark Kent and Superman at the same time. Use your strengths to help others and work on those weaknesses to improve yourself. You will never get over the weaknesses however you will be a better person for it. God bless you Today Amen!


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Life Changing

Janet who I knew in high school has decided to take her life in a new direction this week. On Wednesday she arrived in Alabama where she is starting training to help the victims of the Harvey Hurricane. Janet has committed 45 days to help out. At this point I have no idea what she will do and I think she doesn’t as well. I know it will be good to track every bit of her moves.

Helping others is part of Janet’s destiny. She will find out how far this will go for her. Although she is committed to 45 days on this I am sure this will be more for her than she realizes.

Not only will she be able to help others I am sure she will be helped as well. Whatever we do in life is not only for the benefit for others but for ourselves as well. Janet’s life will not only change she will have answers that she has been thinking about for years. The joy she hasn’t felt before will come in the days ahead.

She will help others that she meets along with those who are going on the same travel she is and new friends that will last the rest of her life and I look forward to hear how things are going for her.

I know that most of her longtime friends like me had no idea she was going to do this however we wish her well. I am sure she didn’t know that she would do this either until the opportunity arrived. We are all in the same boat she is in as well. We are still maybe figuring things out or we already have the answers and we are doing it already. It doesn’t matter where or what we are doing we are helping others. It may be the words we speak or doing something by example.

Janet we say thank you for taking the chance to see where things lead in your life. I am sure your friends and family are proud of you. Those of us who knew you when you were young certainly do.

We don’t know what the future will lead us to but change is a good thing. Not only for us however those around and close to us. Pray for Janet that she stays safe along with her co-workers and they make a big difference in the lives they help. Amen!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Continue Encouraging

I have mentioned before it is important to continue encouraging others and that can include us as well.

I figure whatever I write here whether it is memories that I recall or what is going in my life or ours as a unit it is meant to encourage.

In the beginning of this year I mentioned about pressing on and that is the key to encourage. We can’t ever give up even when it feels like we should. Pressing on is like running a race and never stopping until we finish across the line. We may fall and have injuries however we will make it. We do this not for our own self but for others.

Encouraging others can come in many different forms. It can be with our character on how people see us do things on a daily basis or our speech. It can go beyond them as well. Like I say encouraging others is what we do twenty-four hours a day.  Often people see us for our actions not necessarily our words. I have had people encourage me just by saying keep it up. They are more encouraged by what I do instead of what I say. Peace be with you until next time.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Summer Memories

We have just over two weeks remaining of summer here in the USA. It ends on the September 21. In Western Washington we have had temperatures over seventy for about seventy days and the least amount of rain ever for July and August. We don’t get much rain anyway for those two months. In fact if we got any rain in this period it was under a tenth of an inch.

September had started out very hot with the temperatures mainly in the upper 80s however we may have over ninety degrees this week for three days which has never happened before in September.

It is quite amazing to because I don’t remember having so many days in the 90s during the summer at all. On Saturday talking with my brother I asked him if he recalls having many times being the 90s when we were growing up. He said that he doesn’t recall having lot days in the 80s even. Of course we were kids but I think that is true. I believe it must have something to do with global warming. Not only have we been breaking records over the last few years during the summer for temperatures we had more rain ever between last October thru March. We had about forty-five inches and that is below are normal for the year. Also we had little snow as well. I wonder how it will go this winter coming up.

Most people consider summer over after Labor Day because the kids are back in school. Like I said we have just over two weeks remaining so we can still make more memories. This year the plan was go to British Columbia in late July however the wild fires cancelled that trip but I am going now in three weeks. It will be fall so I have to make some fall memories. Most of the memories I remember about fall is around Halloween and Thanksgiving. I am sure that is the way for most of us.

When it comes to summer memories if you go back to my earliest posts I write about a trip our family took where we spent the whole summer traveling throughout all of Canada and Eastern USA. I was twelve years old then. I would like someday to make that trip once again though probably won’t take as much time though. Also I remember summers where we went to YMCA camp and going on Boy Scout hikes. We had one summer where our family and my cousins in Seattle where we sailed to Victoria B.C. and then to the San Juan Islands. I don’t remember exactly how old I was on that trip.

I am sure everyone has some wonderful summer memories. Go back into your mind and remember those fond memories. In many ways they feel like a different life time.