Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Longing For You

I have been searching for you a long time

Are you around the corner or street?

I know that you are my best friend and love

I want to laugh and hold you

You are more important than anyone I know

I have family and friends however there is no one like you

They are important to me but not as much as you

They are with me when I need them but I know you will be even more

We desire the same things

Though I am searching for you I am not going to end there

I need you tell me if you are the one when we meet

I may not know at all you are the one because sometimes I am blinded

If you have to shout out how you feel about me do it so

You are worth more to me than all the rubies in the world

I give you my heart

Let me know that my heart belongs to you

I want to give myself to you and not take

I can’t wait when I no longer have to search for you

I want to see you when I walk the street

Our eyes meet each other and we will know

My best friend and love

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It Hurts

Sometime in our lives we have been hurt by other people. Generally it starts as children however we often get hurt as adult’s as well. The close relationships like marriage where hurt happens often and deep sometimes. Marriages usually end because one of the parties hurts the other enough that one decides that is it. The hurt can either be physical (bad thing to happen) or emotional (can be even worse).

I have never been married so I haven’t had to deal in that area although I do know those who have either been physical or emotional abused. If you are in a situation like that right now I would recommend getting out of the relationship for a period of time at the very least. Find a friend that you can stay with or a group that can help you.

I remember as a child being hurt emotionally. It was mostly at school and not at home. Although the hurt as by some children it was more by the teachers. This happened through elementary and junior high school. High school things were much better. The teachers I felt that they did not understand me and were not sympathetic to my cause. At a young age I had a problem hearing. It was resolved when I was five years old however the situation caused me to want attention and I talked a lot to make up for the time I wasn’t able to talk. Instead of trying to see what they could do to solve the problem and find out what I needed they usually sent me for time out in either back of the room or the hallway. Of course it did not make me feel better or resolve the problem. I know that with so many other students they couldn’t give me the attention that I needed. I am sure others have gone through similar situations as well. Those who have deep wounds because of physical or emotional abuse feel as though they have lived through hell.

The true answer is forgiving those who have hurt you. I know it is not an easy thing to do. I know that I have felt a lot freer by forgiving those who have hurt me. Forgiveness does not mean that you forget the hurt you just not allow it to control your life. In some cases it is good go to the person and let them know that you have forgiven them. This is especially true for those who have changed their lives around and they are not the same person any longer. In many cases the answer is to forgive them in your heart. You don’t have to go to them to ask forgiveness. This especially true if they are no longer in your life and they live a long ways from you. Forgiveness is a powerful tool and it doesn’t matter how big or small the hurt was. Forgiveness is not to get them off the hook it is for you to have a better piece of mind. If you are someone that has a deep root of bitterness or anger than forgiveness will allow you to live a better and free life. Again forgiveness is for your benefit.

If you have forgiven others in your life a part of your purpose and destiny may be to help others to get over their hurts and forgive those who have hurt them. In the end no longer let the hurts play a part in your life. Release yourself from the hurts with forgiveness. Give yourself a break. God bless you mightily.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Under the Weather

It is one of those mornings when you wake up that you wish that you’re still asleep. That is how I feel this day.

It is not that I am really sick just a bit sluggish and I hope that I feel better in a few hours.  I will try to do my regular routine the best I can knowing that it will be at slower speed.

Over the weekend it rained a lot here in Western Washington however I was able to get in my walks both days. Even on days where it rains a lot there is always a short period of time when it is not raining. I wear my lovely new rain jacket so if it does rain I am still OK. The funny thing about living here is when it isn’t raining it looks like it should. Also it is nice when the sun makes an appearance even if it is for a couple minutes.

Anyway I am going to end this small piece of my post and I hope everyone is having a really day. I hope to be back in better form in a few hours or at least by tomorrow. God bless you all.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Be Extraordinary

There are those who do extraordinary things however we can be extraordinary people. For some can be both.

How do we become extraordinary people? It is really not that hard. Remember we just have to be above being ordinary. I mentioned before we are all odd people however that isn’t what makes us extraordinary it is what makes us ordinary.

I have thought of an example that can make us extraordinary. A couple months ago a school mate of mine from childhood mentioned on social media that her neighbor mowed her yard while she was at work. She was surprised and thankful when she got home that she had to let us know. Another neighbor commented what the same neighbor did for them as well. I see that as being extraordinary because the ordinary neighbor may be kind and thoughtful however would not go out of their way to do such a wonderful thing for them.

Another thing is that extraordinary people in most cases are humble so they do these things with little fanfare. I am sure that my schoolmate had not mentioned it on social media things would still be the same for the extraordinary neighbor. In fact I would be surprised if he even knows that she thanked him on social media.

Those who are extraordinary people have already believed that they have received their reward. This is part of being a humble person. You do all your acts of kindness for sure generosity. Ordinary people don’t do these kinds of things. The extraordinary people though think that they are ordinary and that everyone already does these things of kindness or at least should do them.

So if you are an extraordinary person doing lot of kindness keep doing it. You see the ordinary person does see what you are doing and someday they may become extraordinary people themselves. You may not get a lot of accolades in this life however you already know that you have your reward.

Those of us that are working on knowing and discovering our purpose and destiny should realize that we are those who will become extraordinary people. We have gifts and talents that will spring us into being extraordinary people that the ordinary people can gain from. The important thing is to go one step at a time. Sometime down the road we will realize that we are extraordinary though many others may not recognize but it is OK because again we have received our reward.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mountain Passes Start To Open

Though the calendar says that winter doesn’t start for another three weeks or so the mountain passes here in Western Washington have already gotten a nice amount of snow; in fact enough to open up for skiing already.
The last several years’ winter weather hasn’t been normal so the skiing season has been limited. Last year the mountains had enough snow in mid to late December for skiing however for a few previous years there wasn’t enough snow to have a ski season. Not good for those who rely on a good ski season for livelihood.

I don’t ski at all though I enjoy when it does snow. Here in the mainland we haven’t had a lot of snow either for the last several years. If we get a couple inches we have been lucky. I am sure most people are fine with it however I would like to see some snow. This year they are talking about it being colder than normal temperatures with more rain fall as well. It would be nice to have at least one good snow this winter.  Most people are not prepared for snow and don’t like driving in it either. The main problem is that we have a lot of hills so snow makes it inconvenient. I don’t mind that for a few days. Usually when we get snow it doesn’t stay around very long anyway which for me is a disappointment though I will enjoy it for the few days it does stick around. I live near the highway where it is more flat so I don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the snow unlike those who do live on the hills.

I do hope that we get some snow so I can send you pictures. It looks beautiful here when it snows but not a good enough reason for most around here I guess. My feeling it is a good reason to stay home when it snows and you can have a nice fire. A good way to spend time indoors playing cards or being on the internet long as the electricity doesn’t go out at the same time.

I haven’t been up to the mountain passes for the last several years however this year I may have to take a trip if for no other reason to take pictures for you all to see; so in the future you can come visit us in the winter time and put on your ski boots.

Although we don’t get a lot of snow here in the mainland I like the fact that we do have four seasons unlike some other areas of the country. Some retirees here though head to Arizona and California for the winter. For me I like it when we do get a lot of rain. Though I like the sun the rain is a good change. I appreciate the sun more when it doesn’t come out for several days. Another thing is I am still dreaming of a White Christmas. We have had a few times where the snow has come the day after Christmas but not on the day. I know that I can go to the mountain passes for Christmas but what is the fun of that when the snow doesn’t come to my neighborhood. Whatever the weather is in your area have a fantastic holiday season.

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Day After

I always find the day after a holiday very interesting. It is nice to see other people that I don’t see on the holiday. I am thankful to call them my friends as well.

Most people take the day after Thanksgiving off as well so makes it a four day weekend. The stores call this Black Friday where you can get pretty good deals on selling items. Many of the items you have to get up pretty early because the sale is only for a few hours and likely the item you are looking for will not be available either even when arriving during the sale time later. I have never gone in on a Black Friday before however I have heard it can be very crazy in the store. People will line up early to get the item they want especially if it is very desirable like a new cell phone.

The only reason I would go in early on a Black Friday be to watch all the other people. It would be interesting to see how crazy people actually do when shopping. I guess I would have to buy something to make the experience worthwhile. Many of the items can be quite expensive any way so I would buy something for myself. It may seem selfish but why would I buy something expensive for someone else unless it was for my wife (I am still waiting for) or for use by the whole family.

It is nice to think this morning about all the people I am thankful for besides just on Thanksgiving Day.  I had a very nice meal with the people had dinner with. We each had to tell our names and one word what we are thankful for. Not everyone at the dinner I knew however they are very nice people. My mother and I spent Thanksgiving dinner with other people at her church. Those who had no place to go or wanted to spend time with a group. There were about twenty people in attendance for this fine dinner.  Turkey and mashed potatoes were provided while everyone brought a dish of their own. So there were different styles of stuffing. Also a lot of pumpkin pie was brought along with a couple of other types of pie. No problem having a good dessert along with the main dinner. I took a breather before having a small piece of pie. It was nice to spend a Thanksgiving dinner with nice people who I could get to know better.

The weather in Gig Harbor is usually quite wet on and around Thanksgiving. It was not a disappointment once again since it rained all day long. Depending where you were located the rain ranged from a half an inch to two inches. November you see has more rain than any other month of the year. Other word indoors is a place that people spend a lot of time at in November; great for the stores to shop in and the coffee shops.

Continue to be thankful today and enjoy your wonderful weekend.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

First of all want to wish my family and friends across the whole earth a happy thanksgiving. This is even to those who don’t celebrate thanksgiving in their country.

We are thankful for all the people who walked our path each and every day. Those who have made us grow and prosper. We are thankful for this year and those who have been our lives in the past who are no longer are with us.  Thanksgiving dinner table is not as large as it once was however all that have had the privilege of spending Thanksgiving with me and no longer around I am thankful every minute I spend with you. 

I am thankful for my brother Jack who lives in Virginia along with his wife Anne and their four children Leslie, Robby, Ian and Danny. Their son-in-law Daniel and new daughter-in-law Helen this year; they will be spending Thanksgiving together and I am thankful for each one of them. Also my sister Barb who is up in Quebec along with her two sons Ken and Connor; the three of you be blessed. Remembering my dad Bert and my older Dick who both have been gone for a while; I think of you both each and every day. I miss you a lot; also all the other ones who are no longer here that I had wonderful Thanksgivings with.

Today is a wonderful day that people can spend the day with the family and or friends. Bless everyone this fine day. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Standing Strong

Something to encourage others with; we so much know  are weaknesses and faults that it is important to know that we can stand strong despite them. We live with them every day. We work to make them stronger or in some cases removed from our lives.

The important thing to remember about our weaknesses is that we can help others that are going through similar experiences. We can sympathize and give counsel whenever it is needed.  These experiences for us are difficult when we go through them however we must remember about others who are going through them just like us. This will help us all get through these difficult and tough times.  Often it is faith and belief that will get us through to the other side. Look back a year or more to remember where you were and where you are now. Though we are still going through struggles we will be stronger over the long run especially in the tough times. We have to continue in our minds say that we will make it. Stay strong over and over again.  Some days will be harder than the last however we did make through yesterday even though difficult we will make it today and tomorrow. Other people will learn from our mistakes along with our victories.  The joy is with all the step forwards even though we will have some steps backwards as well. Be happy with all your accomplishments and never stop trying.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Learning From Coaches

                 Quarterback Russell Wilson and Head Coach Pete Carroll of Seattle Seahawks

So many households today don’t have fathers around. I have to commend mothers for the job of raising children mostly on their own however there are men that can be role models and help out the mothers.

Whether you have a father around or not coaches can be a good role model for both boys and girls to learn from. Not only teaching the sport that they love and are coaching but everyday life as well; I still remember the men who coached me whether it was in little league or school basketball team. Fortunately I was blessed to have a wonderful however it was nice to see other men that I could learn from as well. They can be tough at the same willing to take their time to spend with you and other young men. Each did it a different way but I learned to respect them as well. Like my dad most are either gone now or I don’t see anymore. My old high school basketball coach I run into him once in a while usually at the grocery store. We usually greet each other and talk a little about the old days along with what is happening today. He was a school counselor to so he knew how to relate to young men and women. He has two sons of his own as well. I expect that he now is a grandfather and enjoy doing that well too.

Besides these men that the young men and women can learn from are those coaches like Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll. He is one dealing with adult men coming from all sorts of places. Some have wonderful fathers while others may not have had fathers around at all. He not only works with them being their boss but encouraging them to be the best they can be. This is where we can be far as being champions and living the life of destiny. Learning from coaches that have been successful on the field; not all successful coaches are good men however I say the majority likely are. They are men who know how to make the best out of those who coaches. Football especially is a team sport where teammates have to rely on one another. This is important for the coach to teach on how to be a winning and successful team. The Seahawks have been to two Super Bowls winning the first one and just narrow losing the second under Pete Carroll. It is as important to learn when losing much as it is in winning. Most winning teams have had experience in losing to. This is where to rise up and become champions is through some losing as well. The important thing is to see where you must be to become champions. Remember that there are those who want to be in the same place as you.  Look toward those who spend the time with you and be good friends like being your teammate. Also look at the younger generation who can use your help to become the best they can be too.

Monday, November 21, 2016

We Are All Odd in Someway

I have known for quite some time that we are all created and born unique. Even identical twins have some difference in themselves. They have a different personality than the other and enjoy different things as well.

Recently I realize to that we are all odd in some ways too. The way we act is different than other people. If you don’t like someone it is likely because they are different than you are. They may have a personality much different than you and don’t like the same things. This is really OK that they are not the same as you. Thinking of them as being odd may allow you to like them a lot better. In fact you may find out being odd is a plus in their favor.

I give you an example. There is this lady in my church that I think is really odd. In fact I would say she is real out there. I like her a lot better because of who she is. I can get along with her knowing that she is so odd. Of course, I would never tell her that I think she is odd or in another way peculiar. We do have the same basic belief system because we wouldn’t be going to the same church otherwise however the way she brings things across is a lot different than I would. Again this is really OK in my book now. Getting to know her better I can actually enjoy her company. There are a few more things I have to learn about her but I have the time to do so. I wonder at the same time if she thinks that I am a bit odd or weird too.  Until I know her better I am not going to ask her if she thinks that I am weird. I now feel though I can spend more time talking with her since it is OK that she is odd because I am too. A funny way to look at things but I believe our lives will be more rich if we are OK with people being odd. So the next time you see someone that you don’t like or feel uncomfortable about think of them as being odd. Who knows you may become great friends and the more of them we have the better. Oh yes it is OK that you are odd as well. We will all have a better look at life looking through glasses with an odd way.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Being Thankful

 With Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday we should be thankful each and every day. I am not here to condemn or judge how often anyone should be  thankful because to be honest I don’t do it as often as I should myself so why I should tell others how often and when they should.

So I have to say that I should start being thankful more often than I do.  Right now I may be thankful every few weeks or a month which is not really a good thing especially for someone who does have a lot to be thankful for. So must we do to get this rolling being thankful. My idea is to start when we get up in the morning and then we go to sleep.  After a while when we are used to being thankful do it throughout the day. Not any particular time just when the thought of being thankful comes to our mind.

What should be thankful for since this will be something new for us to do.  I figure to start out by just saying thank you. After getting on doing so add on being thankful for our family and our health.  We than can add on our friends and co-workers. We can add more to the list as time goes on.  We can mention these people throughout the day. Keep it real nice and simple however being very sincere.

If you are already doing what I suggest I commend you very much in doing so. May be you can add us onto your list especially that we will be able to be thankful ongoing and that we would not slip at all. It may be a tough going at first but I think we should be able to make it work. So I will end it here by saying “Thank You”.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Looking Around For the Good Things Happening

When it comes to the news and the media it is hard to know if anything good is happening in the world. Fortunately the local news has some good stories that are happening but they don’t bring in the ratings. Actually the weather here in Western Washington brings in the ratings especially if it is raining hard or the wind is expected to be heavier than normal. The elections gave pretty good ratings as well. People are very passionate on both ends who should or shouldn’t be President. Many still haven’t gotten over the fact that Donald Trump is now the President of United States. He does seem to be an odd fellow to be the leader of the nation but that is who people voted for.  The election had a big voter turnout though still just over half of the registered voters actually decided to vote.

So when it comes to good things going on we just have to look at our own lives. I am sure most of us are doing well though there are days that are not good as others which are expected. Living in a small town like Gig Harbor good news is usually what is happening. The bad news usually has something to do with the growth of the area and what is next to being built.  For example a new housing development or a park with baseball or soccer fields; in both of those cases we don’t need to have either.

The good news is that my health is in pretty good shape right now. In fact often talking with other people the bad news does come around with those who are having health issues or someone we know just died recently. The important thing is that you have your family and life is going fine. You are making a difference in other people’s lives and they are doing the same for you. Life does seem to keep everyone pretty busy most of the time. It can lead to stress which doesn’t help for sure.  I hope that everyone is looking into what they want to do with your lives and getting into their purposes. Sending off have yourself a wonderful weekend. God bless you all.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Time to Shop for Presents

We all know now that is the time of the year to start shopping for presents. I look back now and see that there are so many different ways to go shopping now than when I was a kid.

In Gig Harbor we didn’t have a lot of places to shop in those days. In elementary school years I didn’t do much individual shopping except for my two brothers and sister. We had a ten cent store where we could buy a lot of little things that were under ten cents of course. The other stores that we could shop at in Gig Harbor did not offer a lot for Christmas presents unless it was for something odd or unusual.  So Mom would take us shopping at the Mall in Tacoma where she could buy clothes, toys and other items for presents. When we got into high school the Mall was still the primary place to go shopping; went to the Mall for quite a few years especially for items that were bought at the last moment.

Now though Gig Harbor has a lot more stores that you can actually buy clothes and toys at so no reason go to the Mall in Tacoma unless for something real special.  It helps not to be at places that are so crowded to shop. Now though we can shop on line and this is especially good for those that have to be shipped out of town. Most of the presents now go out of town and why wait in line at the post office to send them. Actually we have a couple other locations that will ship presents out of town as well that don’t have as long lines to wait in. Last year my mother decided to buy some presents less than a week before Christmas which turned out to be a mistake because the cost of shipping was three to four times more than the items she bought. Sent them off anyway however learned a valuable lesson not send presents that are not costly through the mail at the last moment.  I am sure would have saved at least half of that amount a week earlier or waited until after Christmas. So this year shop earlier in the stores or shop on line with shipping included.

We have so many different ways of shopping these days. Those you buy for your family and friends nearby can wait to do so last of all and those to ship a distance do it on line.  It is nice to go out shopping for presents at the local shops to see other people doing the same thing.  Another idea would be to go shopping at the shops and not buy anything. Just go for the enjoyment of seeing others shop.  I enjoy sitting in a chair watching people go by especially those with small children.  Other words I do it for sure entertainment value. Whatever way you shop have a very good holiday season.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

November’s Comings and Goings

                                                     Good for this holiday season

To be honest I am not sure what to name this post however this is the best I came up with. Yesterday on my daily walk with a cold wind and overcast clouds I thought about the Novembers past and what maybe like this year and in the future to.

Next Thursday will be Thanksgiving Day here in the USA. I was thinking on the trail about the Thanksgiving pasts. It is especially true of the ones I had growing up and into my 20’s, 30s and 40s.  Most of those I spent a lot of Thanksgivings and Christmases as well are now gone.  It has been a while since my older brother Dick and my dad have been gone. They both enjoyed Thanksgiving a lot along with Christmas.  Dick when he finished college he lived in New York City until his death. When my sister moved back to Quebec Dick would spend each Thanksgiving and Christmas with her family. I know that she misses those times to especially now that her husband has passed away as well. Her two son’s Ken and Connor spend the holidays with her.  They miss the special times spent with their dad and Dick however they enjoy the times now with her. 

I remember the special time at Thanksgiving as a youth where the kids would have a table in another room while the adults were having dinner at the main table.  It was wonderful when I got old enough to graduate to the main table. I do have to say though I did enjoy the dinner in the other room. A lot of laughter happened during those times.

When my sister got married then my brother-in-law’s family started coming over for Thanksgiving and we would go over to their place for Christmas dinner.  Besides having a great meal of turkey, mashed potatoes and graving along with stuffing it was playing a card game before and after. I really miss those times especially those involved. I am so thankful now that they were part of my life and I miss them all very much.

I have visited my brother Jack a few times at Thanksgiving and Christmas as well. It has been a few years since doing so and that was very special to seeing my niece and nephews.  This year my mother and I went back to St. Louis in August for the wedding of my nephew Ian and his bridge Helen. It was a special wedding and to see them give their vows along with seeing his sister, her husband, my other two nephews  Robby and Danny along with my sister who made the trip as well.

This year will be different this holiday season because my cousin Bronwen passed away in August of Cancer. It is hard to believe that she is gone just like my brother, dad and the others. Bronwen and I had not spent Thanksgivings or Christmases like we did as children however we always talked on the phone to wish each other a good season and sometimes we would visit during the holiday season though not on the exact days. It was good to know her husband Hanks as well. I know that he misses Bronwen desperately.  Just last week it would have been their 20th wedding anniversary. He did spend the time with Jennifer (Bronwen’s younger sister) and her husband Holt in Oregon.  It is all these people that I miss during this time of the year.

My mother and I will be spending Christmas dinner at her church with others who don’t have much family in the area either.  I will start Thanksgiving off going for my daily walk after wishing you all a great day whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not. I will stop at my favorite coffee shop that is open until mid-day to wish them all who are there a Happy Thanksgiving Day. I will return home to watch a little football and time with mom before heading to Church for a lovely meal.

Remember to look back at the holiday pasts and for the ones coming up.  My thoughts are with you since I am sure most have lost a loved one during the last year or at least the last several years. It is always sad to lose loved ones that are so dear to us however we must enjoy those who are still with us now. May you be blessed today.    

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Influencing People

 Whether we realize it or not we influence other people all the time. In the same way we observe others especially those we don’t know very well or not at all everyone does the same to us as well.

How we act or treat others influences them on what they think of us. Whatever we do both positive and negative goes a long way on how others will treat us in return and what they get from us. Those closest to us are the ones knowing us better than anyone else. In fact they probably know us better than ourselves.

The most important thing is to hear what others are saying about us whether directly or to their friends and colleagues. I encourage we use the positive aspects that we know about ourselves as much as possible and the negative we look at correcting them.

Our influence on people does not only apply to those we meet on a daily basis it applies to our children and their friends. The children are the ones we have to be careful about the most because they can be swayed very easy on how to think and act while adults have already act the way they do and we all know hard to change as well.

I am not saying we have to make big changes when it comes to our actions but to be careful on how we act and speak. The important thing is to act positive under most circumstances and to think before speaking as well. Also important to be honest even when we are not exactly sure what to say when asked a question. I had an experience like that yesterday when a young man asked me what I thought about having guns. I had to tell him I honestly questioning the use of guns myself especially the shooting that have been going on in the last several years. I am not either pro or anti-guns myself. They do have a purpose and the reason under the constitution of the United States the second amendment gives us the right to bear arms however what about those who can be dangerous with guns in their possession. Not an easy answer at least from my perspective. This can be said about other issues as well.

So be a person that will influence others in a positive way toward change. You don’t have to with a lot of words. We can all use people of change. Another important thing is not let others influence us in a negative way however weigh things when it comes to issues. Be a friend to as many people as possible without letting down your principles. Feel free to speak your mind without others thinking that you are judging them and most of all have a great day.   

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Super Moon

I think it is really cool when a natural phenomenon like what we are calling the Super Moon happens.  It seems more of this kind of phenomenon’s are happening in our life time. The Super Moon is expected to come again in 2034 so for some it will happen twice in a lifetime.

Unfortunately the weather here in Gig Harbor, Washington hasn’t allowed me to see the Super Moon. Monday night I looked out and saw a cloud covering a bright light which I expected was the Super Moon and then about an hour and half later I saw a bright light that was behind a large tree in the yard. I expected that it was the moon.

This morning (Tuesday) I got up to see again to find the moon however now it is raining. This evening I will be going out to my church I hope that I will see the moon that may be close to resembling what other’s  across the country and world have seen. I have often seen the moon at the church so I hope to get a glance.

Below I am showing a couple pictures from former students I grew up with here who live now elsewhere.  One lives in California and the other in South Carolina. What a great sight to see.

                                    Super Moon showing in South Carolina Monday Night

                                                          Super Moon in California

Monday, November 14, 2016

You’re Friends

It amazes me that people lost friends over the President Election. I wonder if it has ever happened before. With all the elections for President before I am sure it has but not to this extent I think anyway.

This all has to do with what people believe in. Whether you voted for Trump or Hillary Clinton these beliefs ran deep for most.  I know most of my friends who voted for Trump had to do with the issues and not him. They primarily did not want Clinton in the White House or someone like her with what she believed in. They felt that she would be dangerous being President of the United States. The main issue had to do with the Supreme Court. I can see their concern however the President can only nominate it is Congress that has to accept the nomination; so in my mind who is in Congress in my main concern.

I was a Republican going into this Presidential race but now I am an independent. I think that the party could have chosen someone better than Donald Trump. At the same time I don’t agree with Clinton and the Democratic Party. So this is where I am right now.

The important thing now is healing and that people come back together as friends. Go ahead and agree that you disagree on politics. Life is too short and Jesus Christ said to forgive others including your enemies.

I am fortunate not to have lost any friends though one is restrained. I have forgiven her of her remarks on social media directed at me. Yes she was not afraid to use my name. I hope that she doesn’t feel the same now especially with Trump being President. That is who she voted for.  She did not favor me for voting write-in candidate. I feel that I could not for Trump because of my conscience though I agreed more with his issues.

Now that the race is over time to get back to our lives the best we can. Bring healing and love back into our lives. I appreciate everyone that reads this blog and that in any way I can have made your life richer. Until next time many blessing to you.  

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Having Peace!

It seems to me a lot of people want peace around the world which makes perfect sense. You then hear about riots around the USA and a few other countries over the election of Donald Trump.

I have to say that I am not a big fan of Trump’s since I didn’t  vote for him the election but I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton’s either since I did not vote for her either. Yes I did vote doing a write-in.

Right here in the Pacific Northwest in both Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington were two of the riots that went on. I don’t mind having peaceful marches long as they don’t disturb the traffic but there is no sense in rioting. What did not help in Seattle was that one of the city councilmen spoke at that occasion. She has been in situations like this before. She has the right to give her own opinion and the freedom of speech but not under those circumstances. My opinion she should resign or be asked to by the mayor of Seattle.  She would have been more successful if she had held a press conference saying her opinion of the new President.

Like I said that I am not a big fan of Mr. Trump’s however the vote of the people got him into office so the rest of us have to give him the chance to do the job. I wonder if the same rioting would have happened if Hillary Clinton had been voted in. I am sure some people would say no but I think it may have happened anyway.

The mainstream media didn’t help out either spending the time they did on reporting what happened. Of course it had to be reported but I think they could say what happened and then condone the action. In Seattle a block or so away from the rioting was a shooting of five people that had nothing to do with the riot however it didn’t get as much news reporting.  Both issues should have been reported as a traffic report to be sure drivers would not find their way through those streets. Of course something like that helps in the ratings. I wonder how many of those rioters actually cast a vote in the election; something to think about.

So let us get back to where peace should be the major focus even for those who don’t agree with the election of Trump. Beginning with peace is where we can make a change in what is happening in the world. We can be passionate however at the same time be peaceful. It is through the peace we can make the changes we should happen in the world. This all begins with us where the world can become a better place. If not us who will? Give peace and love to those around us. Amen!

Saturday, November 12, 2016


I have to say this goes beyond grandparents however I feel they are important part of family. I unfortunately did not get to know my grandparents much as I would have liked to since they left so early in my life.

Grandmother Nightingale died when I was thirteen months old, and then my grandfather Shaw passed away when I was four so I didn’t know them at all.  I know that some people remember others at a young age but since I was burned when I was four years old I don’t have any memories of any time before that.  My grandfather Nightingale died when I was nine. I do remember some things about him but less as time goes on. He lived with my family so I do have some memories of him after the age of four but still very few. I remember that he smoked a pipe and that he gave me cod-liver oil along with fig newton bars. He lived down in the basement so would visit him there. My grandmother Shaw passed away when I was thirteen so I have memories of her as well. She lived in Vancouver, British Columbia during her last years after being in Edmonton, Alberta when I was born. I mostly remember her when we took a trip across Canada when I was twelve. We actually met up with her in Nova Scotia when we met a couple of her sisters as well. The only time we met with them. We did visit her several times in Vancouver as well. She was a kind and generous woman who loved to do outdoor activities.

So what I am saying is that is important to spend as much time with your grandparents as you can because you are not sure how long they will be around. Appreciate and learn as much from them as you can. If you have your grandparents sticking around longer than mine did I consider you very blessed. My nephews and niece are very fortunate that my mother their grandmother is still around into their adulthood. Three of my nephews and niece are fortunate that their other grandmother is still around as well though her health isn’t as good as it once was. My mother has excellent health for her age of 96.

So it is not only important to spend as much time with your grandparents or even great grandparents if they are around as well you have the privilege of knowing them very well and have great memories when they leave. I have to say the same thing about your parents along with aunts and uncles as well.

You have a double blessing if you all live close to each other as well. See most of my nephews and niece live on the East Coast so I don’t have the chance to see them as often as I would like. This means I really appreciate it when I do see them.
The modern technology of today we can actually see more of our family and friends that are distance away. We can talk with them anytime especially through smart phones, tablets and other devices seeing them in real time as well. When we are not available for real time we have option of videos that can be shown on social media or email. I recommend though to schedule a time that is consistent every week or twice a month. I know that everyone has a busy schedule so setting up a time that you can stick too is a good way to go.  When you have the opportunity sure to make a visit; enjoy one another even when you’re not together and far away. No matter what family and close friends is the most important part of life.      

Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran’s Day

November 11 is one of the most honorable days of the year. Here in the United States we celebrate it as Veteran’s Day.

Throughout the country there are festivities happening to honor Veterans who have served this country whether during war or peace. They are the men and women who keep us safe. Some are true heroes while others are doing their job. Actually you can say they are all heroes in my book.

We don’t know what is happening around the world where war can break out anytime. Terrorist attacks can happen at any moment however these people make sure that we are safe as possible. Many know what is happening that we do not know and those who don’t keep doing their job.

Not only we honor those who are out there right now we remember those who have fought for us in the past. Those who gave their lives in battle while others came home with lost arms or legs; many of them who did not die still came home in very poor shape. There are those we need to help them further since they did risk their lives for us.

Whenever I meet a veteran or a military man or woman for the first time I thank them for their service to our country. Most of them we don’t know their names however they are the ones that make our nation what it still is today. Again thank you for your service while we celebrate this day.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

We Can Have An Impact

As you know I write a lot about purpose and destiny.  The Presidential Election on Tuesday November 8 showed how much the people want change in the leadership of the nation. They are looking for people of hope. This is where we can come in and be people of impact.

The most important thing is to have answers that people can put themselves behind along with hope. The last few years there have been tragedies with shootings whether by policemen who are supposed to be those we are to trust and to protect or young people along with teachers at schools.

Another thing people have to see is that change will occur along with those who want to make an impact do it with passion. Other words no one wants the same old thing.

 The sad part I found though when it comes to government on the local side voters keep bringing back those who have been in power and not new blood. They see names that are familiar and don’t want change locally compared to nationally. A lot of that has to do with party lines. For example in Washington State where I live the majority of voters are democrats. They continue voting in the same people until someone retires or doesn’t run anymore. Although they may want change they vote the party line. It goes with names that are familiar to them as well. I am not a democrat so in most cases I don’t vote that way though I have voted for democrats in a couple positions. If people want change locally they need to bring new people to run in their party or vote for the other party.  True change and impact will happen more on the local level than the national or at least that is where it should start anyway.

So if you are someone that doesn’t like what is happening it is important for you to get out and make an impact. In another term someone who is a trail blazer that others can follow. Let it begin with us today.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Doing Greater Things

I know that many of us have been told that we would not come too much however this is not true at all.

I am glad that I have been blessed with a family that has believed in me where many others have not.

Knowing my story you can see that my life did not start out on the right track and I am blessed to be still alive since I was burned at four years of age. Only a few seconds difference I would not be here today.

You see God had a bigger plan for me. Also that goes for you as well. No matter what you have been told over the years you can do greater things. I am sure there are those reading this post that have done great things and will do even more.

It doesn’t matter what others have said to you over the years. I want us all to realize that we can’t let the words of others to overpower us. We can overcome the words that have been spoken over us.

You see this is part of our purpose and destiny to do greater things. It is not because we are better than anyone else. In the contrary everyone is destined to do great things. The best part is we can do it without fanfare. We can encourage others to follow us in doing great things as well.

The next question is what those great things we are meant to do are; for each of us it is different. The answer is within us and if you still don’t know ask God.

Many blessings to us all on this fine day; look forward to where we are tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. I know that we can all do it. Remember not to let others have power over you.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

Here in the United States Election Day November 8 2016 has finally arrived. Not only we vote for the President of the United States there are other offices and issues to do so as well.

Every state has their own way of voting. Many  states still have where you go to a location near where you live and go into a voting booth to cast your votes. In Washington State where I live we do it different than many other states. We vote by mail only. I received a ballot in the mail on Oct. 21 and have until Nov. 8 to cast my vote. I did my voting about a week or so ago. You can return the ballot by mail or there is a box in every city or area where you can put your ballot. I put my ballot in the box to be sure that mine would be counted. The box is in a location that I go by frequently so it really wasn’t hard for me.

Besides voting for President we had to vote in Washington State for governor, a senator, judges and many initiatives. It would have taken a lot of time if I had to go to a booth to vote. Most likely I would have had to wait a couple hours in line to vote so this was a good way to vote. I like our system in Washington State because it not only allows us to vote in our own privacy and time the cost of voting is a lot less as well. The cost of a voting booth can be quite expensive while a ballot in the mail only cost a few cents. Of course there are those who have to count the ballots but I still believe it saves money.

Just let you know that I didn’t vote for either of the two major candidates. I know that there are a lot of people who will say that I wasted my vote which may be true but I did vote my conscience though. This is the most controversy election on record. I believe most people voted for what is being called “less of two evils”. The reason I didn’t vote for either one. Many of those I have talked to vote for the issues and not the candidate. I can understand why they did so however I could not do so myself. I believe there are so many people that voted this way of “less of two evils” that things could be a lot different if they voted for a third candidate or a write in. All those who truly did not want either candidate should have gotten together in different locations throughout the country and discussed who they thought would be a viable candidate; this could have changed the election all away around. Though it did not happen for this election I would not be surprised if another large party materializes for the next election in 2020. There is a lot people could have done this time around if they rallied together.

Although I know my candidate won’t likely win though I thought she was better than the two major candidates. It would take a miracle for sure if she got in. There would have to be a lot of voters thinking the same way I have. At least I know that I have voted with a clear conscience and whatever happens the next four years I know that I didn’t vote for them. I am sure people thought I sold out however I could say the same for them. If these next four years are the worst in country history I promise not to say “I told you so”.  The great thing though is that we are all better and bigger than whoever becomes President so we will still be OK regardless what happens! So happy Election Day to everyone; even those of you who are elsewhere in the world and don’t have to vote.  

Monday, November 7, 2016

Travel to Hurricane Ridge

                                         A view from Hurricane Ridge

Whether you are a visitor or residence of Washington State Hurricane Ridge is a wonderful spot to visit. It is located in the Olympic Mountains. It takes about three and half hours to get there from Seattle if you travel around going south on I-5 to Tacoma. You then would take the Bremerton Highway 16 exit in Tacoma right after the Tacoma Dome. You would then head toward Silverdale and Poulsbo in Bremerton. You would then go over the Hood Canal Bridge and head for Port Angeles. In Port Angeles you would follow the signs for Hurricane Ridge. You can take the Seattle to Bremerton ferry as well however it will take a little longer get to Hurricane Ridge.

There are several hiking trails at Hurricane Ridge. They are not too long and you can do it in one day. One year my brothers and I hiked a seven mile trail that was very beautiful and easy. We spent the night staying in a tent before returning the next day.

Port Angeles is another wonderful place to visit as well. Less than an half hour drive going West toward Forks, Washington is Lake Crescent. Very beautiful spot that you can stop at and enjoy as well; the road is quite narrow so you have to watch what you are doing driving especially if it is raining. I have always thought it would be a great place to have a car race. It would be interesting to see how many cars would end up in the lake.

Besides spending the day at either Hurricane Ridge or Port Angeles there is a lot to see. Looking out from Port Angeles on a clear day you can see a little of Vancouver Island. If you like there is a ferry ride from Port Angeles to Victoria British Columbia. I recommend making a reservation to get on the ferry. You can drive your car onto the ferry or leave the car in Port Angeles and ride as a passenger only. If you want to spend time in Victoria itself only I would go on the ferry as a passenger only. Looking to see other parts of Vancouver Island then I would take your car. Vancouver Island is a very large so you can take several days to enjoy it. You can then return going to Port Angeles if you left your car there or taking another ferry to Seattle with your car.

The Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver Island are two great spots to enjoy your vacation over a period of days. It all depends how much time you want to spend. So happy travels to you.