Wednesday, February 28, 2018


How do we know we are living our life of purpose? First of all we are using our gifts and talents along with passion. The passion drives our gifts and talents however we question what we are doing even though we may be good at it; at this point though we are being successful but we don’t have passion than we have to think whether we are doing the right thing or not.

We may be good at what we are doing but only going through the actions instead of passion we should think whether it is our true purpose in life. We all have many talents and gifts so we will have to think what we have passion for and turn our direction toward them.

Our job doesn’t have to be our passion though it would really help. Our passion can be our hobbies or other things we do when we are not working. It would be nice to have passion for our job but it would not need to be. I am not saying we don’t have to work hard at our job which we should do but being passion doesn’t have to be necessary though we would be a lot happier that way. Of what we do during our free time can be as rewarding if not more so than what we do for being paid.

So not happy with what you are doing though you can be good at it search yourself to find the passion if you don’t know yet. We are created for a purpose and passion is supposed to be a major part of it. We are not here just to get by but with action. Yes action is what we can call passion as well. Remember we need to be all we are supposed to be. Amen!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Over time we all evolve and change our lives. This is different than evolution that I don’t believe in. I believe what the Bible says when comes to creation.

Yes our lives evolve over time and we make changes in the process. This same goes for my blog and what I write in it. I hope for it to become better over time just as we should. Monday I made the next step by creating some websites. You can come to this blog in the same way you have or through two websites. The sites are or The first one is more direct however they can both be used. I have already created a webpage for and I will do in time for as well. I hope both to be very friendly for those who want to read my blog. Also be easier for you to give to your friends to be able to get to the site as well.

This is the whole thing for us to evolve and become better people in the long run. We can be the person we desire to be and to help others to discover their purpose in life. We can become more natural when it comes to being a mentor for others.

I look forward to the years ahead where I can help to whatever degree that I do for others becoming who they were meant to be when they were born. We have obstacles and sins that get in our way not to be able to meet our purpose however with determination, faith and grace we can be that person we were created to be. It is more than having a positive attitude it is taking the action and pressing on to be that person. Sometimes it is just waking up and seeing things in a new exciting perspective.

Let your life purpose be the avenue to have a great meaning to your life. Remember that you have people that you can lean on when the time gets tough. Amen!

Monday, February 26, 2018

What Is On My Mind?

I have to admit today there is a lot on my mind so I am not sure where to go with it in general anyway. I figured it has to be encouraging though it may not sound that way to some.

When it comes to politics and gun control to mention I believe we are all wrong. At least here in the USA so I start out that I am wrong.

We have people that are on the far left and those are on the far right when it comes to politics along with all those somewhere in between. I won’t say where I am at when it comes to politics because it doesn’t really matter in whole scope of things. Everyone seems to want to debate about the issues but I see that we are wrong. It is important that for things to change in our country we have to admit that we are wrong.

So now that comes to gun control. I am more on the side of gun control than being on the other side. I know a lot of people want to debate their position of the issue and it may sound harsh but everyone is wrong. This includes me because I am tired of reading people debating whether they are for the 2nd amendment and those who oppose it going along with gun control.

Since I oppose debating and feel more on the side of gun control I want to see action happen. Well I am probably wrong and so is everyone else. Now is probably where people will say that I am wrong and what I am saying can’t be encouraging.

What I am saying that is encouraging now is that we are all wrong because there is an answer out there that none of us has come to mind. Plus I don’t think we will have a solution to either politics or gun control until we accept the fact we are wrong. I believe we will be better people by admitting that we are wrong and the problems in our country along with the rest of the world we admit to being wrong. So I have said and now let’s go toward the goal of solving the issues that cripple our country and world. Amen!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Coming To The End

We all know that there is a beginning and an end to everything; of course we know that is true for our lives for sure.

The 2018 Winter Olympics just ended and some of the participates will work to get back to the next one in 2022 while others completed their Olympic experience. For them they may go into coach or some other field or career. I am sure they will still enjoy their sport.

We should all enjoy where we are at right now because we know at some point we will be finished. There will be those who will know our accomplished and others that will not. The importance is to the very best we can just like these athletes. We will have our ups and downs along the way but we can enjoy and hopefully others will learn from our experience.

Whether we are still doing what we have had love for or moved on because of circumstances it is good that we share these things with others. We can be their coach or mentor and encourage them to go for it until they can’t go any further. Peace, love and good will to you.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Gathering Together

                                                   Classmate Darci and I  on Friday

Those of you who have read some of my posts know how important it is for me to meet with other people. I do prefer small groups however larger groups are OK as well.

On Friday I had lunch with a dozen of classmates that I grew up with. We met a local restaurant that is located at a golf course. I don’t golf so I haven’t been there very many times. We had lunch for almost three hours until it started snowing. A few came a little late which was fine. It was so wonderful to see these people who are all grown up.

In the past I have met classmates that don’t look anything like I knew them in school however this group looked about the same other than being older.  Three of them I hadn’t seen in a long time and possibly since high school. It is odd because all of them live within an hour of me and many very close.

Our graduating class hasn’t had very many reunions so we decided to get together four times a year. There were others who wanted to come but because of work or being out of town they couldn’t make it.

Our next get together will be in May and a couple days after my birthday. We decided to make it a Saturday so more people could make it. We may get into smaller gathering as well where we setup meeting times for a meal or coffee or other drinks.

We were able to set up a time to have an all class reunion to since it has been a long time. This one will take place in September at the home of one of the women who was there Friday. This will allow those out of town to be able to come as well.

Though I don’t see them very often as I have said there is something special about seeing those you grew up with. They knew you more than most and especially those you are friends with now. I spent more time with some of them then I did with my own family. We had class’s together and spent time in the lunch room along with being outside for recess. I find them still to be very special to me.

It was so wonderful to catch up with them and hear about their families along with other things they are doing in their lives. I know that not everyone wants to see others from those days because of awkwardness and how you were treated in school. I know that school was not always kind to me. These ones though on Friday I had good relationships with in general. Some I spent more time with then others primarily where we lived. I mostly spent my time with those who lived in my neighborhood and they did the same. What trouble you had way back then it is important to get over and be healed. This will make life so much better. Anyway this is my encouragement and have a wonderful weekend to you all.


Friday, February 23, 2018

Looking Up

It is always good to look up. This is a positive approach in life. We can look up when it comes to how we act or think or other ways as well.

I find when I look up while I go walking I see things that I haven’t seen before. The interesting thing is seeing birds fly or the formation of clouds. It is amazing how clouds can look one day and different on another day. I am able to see planes fly by as well. Here in the Gig Harbor area we have a small airport so different kinds of small planes and they are approaching to land there. Also there are Air Force planes as well since the distance to McChord Air Force base isn’t far off as well. I can see planes that have come from Sea-Tac Airport heading south. A couple weeks ago I saw a helicopter too.

On Wednesday when I took my mother for a doctor’s appointment I looked up and the sun was shining in a manner I don’t recall seeing before either. The clouds were dark but the sun peaked its head out. Actually the sun made different moves which I found interesting as well. I believe it had to do with the moving of those clouds. Even for a moment the sun shined really bright and then back to what it had been doing.

When we look up our lives can change. It is such a beautiful sight for sure. Just like today it will be different than tomorrow. This can show our purpose in our lives as well. All we have to do is keep watching and hearing at the same time.

So look up and your life could change forever. We won’t ever know unless we do.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Snowfall on Western Washington

This week starting on Sunday morning we had our second snowfall for the winter. The first one actually occurred on Christmas Eve. I don’t actually ever remembering having snow on Christmas so dreaming of a White Christmas finally did happen.

Usually in February we have pretty good weather and for the most part this year hasn’t been much different until now. I enjoy seeing the snow and I wish it would stick around for a bit longer. I know that I just used a pun.

Last night which was Wednesday here I went to church with my mother. She goes to a different church then I do. It is actually the one I grew up in. Anyway they were having a soup night for Lent along with a speaker. There was a lady that was seating next to my mother actually she was standing at the time she said about how much snow we were getting. Was a surprise because I didn’t consider it much snow; I figure she must not be a native or she doesn’t remember which isn’t really that important. Until the last few winters I remember a lot of times we had more snow. We have had snow several times that came to ten inches or more.

Looking out my window it is freezing however no snow is falling right now. Here in Gig Harbor we have around an inch of snow. I am sure other places in the area have more because we usually seem to have less snow then others.

I saw a post on social media of a lady who lives in Arlington Washington which is about an hour and a half north of Seattle off of interstate 5. She said that they had five inches of snow on Sunday that still was on the ground and so they would have more snow then we would here. We had more snow Wednesday night then on Sunday. The snow did stick much at all on Sunday.

I am sure that the newspapers and television will have headline of snow blankets Western Washington. I didn’t feel I had to go that extreme. Here in Gig Harbor the children are out of school for winter break all week long. It is not the case in the whole area because Tuesday I saw on television that some schools were starting a couple hours late. I am sure the children here are looking forward to or already have started throwing snow balls and if enough snow around can make a snowman.

A group of my school classmates and me are getting together for lunch on Friday. One of the gals said that there is a seventy per cent chance of snow on Friday however she plans to still come which is the case for me. The location is only about three minutes from where I live so easy to get to for me.

I checked out the temperature outside it is exactly at freezing thirty-two degrees. When it comes to driving I have no problem doing so long as others are able to stay out of my way. LOL   The major problem is ice then snow of course. The wind is blowing hard right now as well. I am going to try to make it out to the store and coffee shop in a couple hours. Usually I go walking first thing in the morning however it is unlikely I will do so today.

So I wish everyone a wonderful day and that the weather is enjoyable wherever you are. Until next time.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Evangelist Billy Graham Passes Away

I read this morning Wednesday Feb. 21 about the passing of evangelist Rev. Billy Graham. He was 99 years old.

Over the years he made several trips to Seattle and Tacoma for a crusade.  Included in that was during the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, the opening of the Kingdome in 1976 and 1983 the Tacoma Dome. I had the privilege of able to go see and hear him at the one in 1983. I could have gone to the ones in the Kingdome however it was more time and distance to do so while the one at the Tacoma Dome was closer and more convenient.  

Besides the time at the Tacoma Dome I did see several of programs on television that were from crusades including the one at the Kingdome. What made Rev. Graham a great man was not only his love for his savior Jesus Christ he did not compromise what he had to say. Jesus Christ said that your yes had to be yes and your no had to be no and this is how Rev. Graham lived and spoke.

Like many I will miss hearing and seeing him. He has passed on his mantle to his son Franklin Graham. I often read messages of his on social media including the one this morning about the passing of his father. He is now in heaven and rejoicing in the front of Jesus.

If we can be just a part of what Billy Graham was we have done a good thing. Rest in Peace and I will see you on the other side someday. Amen!

A Trouble Heart

These days with the state of the world it is easy to have a troubled heart however we have to look for faith, hope and love.

Faith is to believe in what we don’t see. To look for the answers in places we don’t know as of now.

Hope is to believe in something besides ourselves. Though our hearts maybe troubled we can see a heart that is healed. We must rely on God and ourselves. God gave us the world to rule and we can make change one step at a time. This is where hope comes in.

Love is the ultimate answer to it all. There is hate and evil in this world which gives us this troubled heart however love can and will overcome it all.

So what we can do is to put faith and hope into action with love. Hang onto others we consider family and friends along with searching out for others who can become part of the group as well.

We can’t let fear give this troubled heart. Overcome fear with love. Encourage one another today as we call it today. Let hate and evil know we find no place in our hearts. Victory in our hearts will happen with love. Amen!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Peace in the Valley

A lot of heartache going on in the world these days and most of us know that life is not fair. Those who continually live in fear and depression most of the time haven’t figured that out. I hear the term of mental illness however I believe many of them have lived in fear and depression. I am not discounting mental illness as a disease but I don’t think it is true in all cases. I believe the media doesn’t know how else to describe it and that is fine.

I haven’t lived in fear but I have lived in depression at times. It actually begins with self-pity and if you don’t find a way to correct it than you can go where you feel no way out.

This is where  peace comes in along with joy. I have said it on other things as well like smiling for example. We must choose to have peace and go to the one that has the source of peace which is God. Only he can give us true peace and joy. It doesn’t mean we won’t have ups and downs in moments but we can still have peace beyond our own understanding.

I recommend reading Psalm 23 when you have the chance. He is our shepherd so we lack nothing. We can go into the valley of death or despair and not fear. He is our rock and salvation. We can actually knock and speak until he answers us. Never give up he will come to you no matter how low you go.

If you have experienced the lows well as the highs like most share your experiences with others especially those who right now are going through fear and despair. Help them not get into the place that the media will call mental illness. Don’t let them be a casualty along with others who could end up being one with their rage and lashing out. We don’t need any more shootings because the shooters felt to end it and the life of others. Every life is precious in the site of God. Amen!

Monday, February 19, 2018

President’s Day

                                            George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

I thought writing about something else which I will get to tomorrow since today is President’s Day here in the USA.

When I was growing up we had two holidays in February celebrating George Washington our first president and then Abraham Lincoln. Now they seem to roll it up into one.

I liked the fact we got two days off from school. I wasn’t a big fan of school so any holidays were good no matter when they happen. At least where I live the schools take a whole week off for President’s Day. Not a bad idea and then again another week off in April just after Easter. The only problem though the schools get out later at the end of school year so the summer is shorter. I like the fact that summer was two and half months long where now it is more like two months.

Anyway now it nice to be able to honor these two presidents of the United States; I am not sure whether anyone else does but it is nice to remember the other past presidents as well.

I am sure other countries celebrate the leaders of their countries past and president whether they are President or whatever other title it is.

A couple stories about George Washington which I am sure neither is true were that he never told a lie and he chopped down a cherry tree. If you want to know more about either I would do a google search.

It was some time ago now however the one time I visited Washington D.C.  I went to George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon Virginia. It is only about ten miles away from D.C.  Now that my brother lives in that area I look forward to visiting there once again. What I remember most is that he had a lot fire places in the house. In those days of course they had to have fire places to keep the home warm during those tough winter days.  I actually took a tourist bus around the area so I saw other sites as well like the Arlington cemetery. If you are not familiar with it this is where a lot of military men who died in battles are buried.

There were other nice sites to and since it is to member Abraham Lincoln as well I saw Lincoln Memorial which is in Washington D.C.  A must to see when going to the Country’s capital; good day and many blessings to you.  

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Follow Your Dream

Besides watching the sports what I like about the Olympic Games is that the athletes are not only are talented and gifting they follow after their dreams. For some of them they have had to overcome obstacles like injuries as well.

So we are the same way what is your dream? There can be obstacles that get in the way but how much do you want to land in your dreams. I would not call it a dream but I had a problem hearing when I was little and did not talk until I was five years old. It took me until I was fifteen years old to be able to read and write like other children. I guess you could say it was a goal as much as a dream.

I know that there are other things I would like to accomplish in this lifetime. Many of them I could call as dreams. I might not even have the talent to accomplish them but what better to do than put my whole effort into it.

So today think over the dreams that you have thought about over the years. Think about how you are going to reach those dreams. I know that you can do it. Anything is possible if we try while not trying hard to make it possible. Best of luck to you and your dreams.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Never Stop Making a Difference

Although there seems no hope at times it is important we continue to make a difference in others’ lives. This is likely the reason we were created for this time in the world.

I am amazed that with the shootings in Florida that the government especially doesn’t learn. They are concerned about terrorist attacks on USA and around the world but have little concern with mass shootings in shootings. It was reported that the FBI heard reports about the young man who fired and killed seventeen students and adults. These were young people who had a lifetime ahead that trusted adults to keep them safe. If it were not for the adults that were killed and were heroes more lives would have been lost.

I have read some stories and comments on social media. I responded to some of them myself. I won’t say more about my opinion other than things have to change. Not only about the gun laws but hearing when someone is posting on social media that they are planning to do a mass shooting.

What I have read about these shooters being mentally ill that is a given in some ways but it goes beyond they are evil and likely demonized. I know in the world that doesn’t understand the spiritual world will always label it mentally ill these people are either demonized or at least being influenced by demons. So what we must do if we hear someone speak this way it our duty to listen and report to authorities. Make the authorities know it could be an actual threat. Action must be taken and stop ignoring these evil people. Whatever the case we can make a difference in this world no matter how large or small. Also we must pray for those families who have lost loved ones and for our government leaders to make changes to the laws regardless of the special interest groups. Amen!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Mercy and Grace

Most of us have heard the song “Amazing Grace” many times over. Truly to have mercy we must begin grace. The grace is undeserved favor from God. We give mercy to others because of the grace we have been given. If we don’t give mercy by forgiving them for what wrongs they have put on us than grace can be taken from us.

Mercy and grace can’t happen without love either. They go together as a threesome. We have heard that there is faith, hope and love with love being the greatest so than comes grace followed by mercy.

We were created for a purpose in our lives because of God’s love for us. He desires to give us grace everyday with the love. You can lose the grace like I say because you haven’t given mercy by not forgiving. It is not always easy to forgive however God has forgiven us because of our trespasses.

I believe people don’t see God in good light because of how others have treated them. Let you know that God is not like us. He is greater than us. He loves us despite what we have done or will do. He desires to give us grace everyday along with love especially if we forgive others. Like I say not an easy task at all because there are evil people in this world that hate us and then those closest to us wrong us as well however without mercy and forgiveness we won’t have peace and joy in the way we want it.

So in the same way God has given us grace by forgiving all our trespasses we must forgive others as well. It doesn’t mean that we forget what they have done to us we choose to forgive. It is not for their benefit but for ours. It doesn’t mean that we have to spend time necessarily with them we just forgive them.

I have forgiven those who wronged me especially those who I grew up with. I have so much more peace and I am able to see them in a better light. They were only kids who may have not known any better. Of course that doesn’t matter one way or another. I feel like a better person because of the forgiveness. It doesn’t mean that the thoughts of what they did don’t come up now and then but I have the grace from God for it. Amen!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Fighting Against Ourselves

When I woke up early in the morning the thought came to my mind that we fight against ourselves. Whether you believe it or not we are in a spiritual battle. Though we are living a natural life there is a spiritual life whether we believe it or not.

Satan or known as the devil as well is our adversary. Not only doesn’t he like us he hates us with all his being and if he can have us be distracted by us not caring for ourselves and being in a fight against ourselves along with others he is winning the battle however we can win this isn’t over at all. We can believe in ourselves and think less of ourselves. It isn’t an easy task because it is something we have to do on a daily basis.

So when you think less of yourself and others than you let him have the upper hand. Let him know that he is not in charge and you know where he belongs. Regardless of whom you are and how you live your life whether good or bad he isn’t your friend at all. When you need the help cry or reach out to God for assistance he will be right beside you. He will give you the victory that you need today and if you have to ask him again tomorrow he is willing to assist you once again. He loves you so much beyond your comprehension and when you need help even again yourself or another person he will be there for you. Amen!  

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

St. Valentine

Right off the bat I want to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. This is a day to let those special to you how important they are to you. So let you all know that you’re special to me wherever you live.

I don’t have that significant other at this point so this is to you all that don’t have anyone either. I hope today begins where that special person comes into our life. Maybe someone you least expect or you would like to expect gives you a Valentine on this day.

Those who have a special person may love go deeper for the two of you on this day. May the romance be like it has not been since you first met. No matter how your relationship is right now things can go up for you both just remember the first time you met that the feelings for each other came alive.

Also today is Ash Wednesday for those who are Christians. It is the beginning of lent. Many Christians give up something for lent so pray for what you should give up if you haven’t figured it out as of yet. May you prosper for this season and beyond. Remember you are the Apple of his eye.  So remember on this day Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day his love for you. Celebrate today with much love with those you love and care very much for. My thoughts are with you all brothers and sisters. Amen!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I have mentioned before that we are all created for a purpose and destiny however circumstances happen that we don’t fulfill it. The thing though if we know our purpose and destiny it is never too late. We can rise above our circumstances even beginning today.

One of my purposes is being fearless. Often I don’t feel that way. Fearless means that I don’t have fear along with being bold and brave. Writing here I can feel fearless but other times not so much but it is still part of my makeup. There are other areas of my life that I don’t feel fulfilling my purpose and destiny either but I can still accomplish what my life has been meant to be.

I feel in my life being fearless means that at times I will have to stand up for what I believe in along with helping others when they need the help even if they are not asking for any. The important thing is that I keep my eyes open to see what others may need at the particular time. We all need help but the answer in these times is to help others. When we help others we keep our minds off of those things that bring us down. This could be what being fearless means as well.

So whatever circumstances you are in right now doesn’t change who you are either. The importance can be to rise up above our circumstances or in another way not let our circumstances dictate or define what our life is at all. So whether you are fearless like I was created to be or something else take the time to spend in it regardless what else is happen. Amen!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Kids Will Be Kids

It has been a long time since I was a kid however when I see them today things hasn’t changed a whole lot on how they act. I have heard that young people feel more entitled today than ever before. I am not sure if that is true or not. Most of the young people I know seem to be good to me to some degree anyway.

 I do know that parents have changed in some ways over the years. When it comes to sports the parents seem to want live through their kids. I am glad most parents in my day didn’t act like many do today. They want the kids to have everything and feel that they will make the pro-leagues after going to college. I heard that from a former college basketball coach that both the kids and the parents think that they will go right into the NBA. He said that still today ninety-nine percent will not make it and they along with parents will be very disappointed.

I do see some good kids even are being spoiled by their parents. They can have anything they want and the parents will make sure that happens. Another thing is most kids are not disciplined these days. Of course it is a lot harder to discipline kids like it used to be. I am not sure it is good to go back to what happened to some kids years ago when it came to giving hits with a paddle however looking back I wish that I had been more disciplined by my parents. I don’t think using a paddle is a bad thing long as the parents are not abusive. Of course these days what is the definition of abusive though? If you are a parent that has to take your child to the hospital and you tell the authorities that your child is falling down stairs or some other excuse like that then you have gone too far. There could be truth to that in some cases however it is important to explain how that happens then just saying falling down stairs.

I am not saying discipline has to be necessary because I believe it depends on the child and the parents need to know how far they can go when disciplining them. Personally if I were a parent I would start out putting my child in a time out chair to begin with to see how that works. It is important that under all circumstances that your child knows that you love them but what they are doing won’t be tolerated. All discipline should be depended on the child. As long as abuse doesn’t happen how and if you discipline your child that is up to you but still remember kids will be kids.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Thinking Man

I don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking however I realize though that I am a thinking man and it is part of the package it sounds like.

I want to think positive because so much out there is negative. I know people who listen to talk radio on a regular basis whether it is conservative or liberal. I don’t think that is good for anyone to spend a lot of time that way because so much negativity can happen. One side will talk bad about the other side which I don’t think is good for anyone. It is important to hear all sides and come up with your own way of thinking. I am sure most here have an idea which side I lean toward without even saying anything. I do listen to a little sports radio because I am interested in sports however often the stations repeat things over and over again so at that point I start listening to music.

Much of what I think about is to encourage others with positive approach. Our world is full of a lot of negativity so I try to stay away from it. I was talking with a friend yesterday at my local coffee shop who said that she doesn’t watch the Olympics because of politics. Yes there is politics and cheating as part of the Olympics but it is sad not to watch because of it. I enjoy all types of sports and the Olympics have those sports that are not covered except every four years so why spoil the entertainment of it because of the politics and cheating. Enjoy the Olympics for what is the best part of it and if we don’t watch something on television because of political issues than we lose out on the fun of it. Of course this is my opinion you can do whatever you want for that matter.

So enjoy your day while I get back to thinking especially about you reading my blog. It always makes my day to know that you are taking the time to read this so I will spend some of the time thinking what I will write about next. Peace and joy in your life.  

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Sun

Here in Western Washington during the winter time we don’t see the sun very often. This week peaked its head out a few times and today Saturday supposed to be a sunny day. On Sunday the rain is supposed to happen once again.

January we had a lot of rain. So much that some people I know plan to go somewhere else next year. I can’t really blame them though I am used to it since I have lived here all my life. What is interesting with the lack of sun and a lot of cloudy days it is common for those here to go into depression. I am not sure that has been my problem however it could be part of it. Most years though I do see the sun comes out more often than it has this year. January it rained almost every single day. I am sure it is the reason so many people have talked about leaving for the winter. When you are retired and older I believe you want to spend time in nice and warm weather instead of cloudy and cold.

There are those like my cousin Christy who have a place in Arizona where they can spend the late fall, winter and early spring before returning home. Christy actually lives in British Columbia where they actually have more rain and snow then we do here in Western Washington. Most years she and her husband David go to Arizona in October and then go back to British Columbia just before Christmas. This year my mother and I had a short visit with them here in Gig Harbor while they were on their way to Victoria to spend time with his mother for Christmas; this year though instead of going back to Arizona in February they are going to Morocco and England for a month. They both have been there before but many years ago so want to relive some good memories. Also Christy is into pottery so wants to know more history of pottery in Morocco. It will be fascinating to hear their story. Since mother and I were not able to make it to British Columbia last year because of wild fires our plan is to go in late May or early June for a visit. I look forward to write you all from there.

I hope to see more sun here in February. We have had some very nice months of weather in February before. Spring is real nice around here though rain does come here and there as well. Whatever the weather you have where living enjoy it especially when the sun is around. I embrace every day no matter what the weather is like even though it is harder to do when it is raining all day or cloudy. Peace be with you.  

Friday, February 9, 2018


Whatever we do generally begins with motivation. First thing in the morning we get up because we are motivated to do something for the day. If it is a job the main motivation is to make money so we can do other things with our life whether we like it or not we can’t do a lot of things without money.

We do have other motivations besides money. On those days that we don’t get up for work we are motivated to enjoy the day. We might have satisfaction to go play in the snow during the winter or sit in the sun while on vacation in the summer.

We all gifts and talents given to us and the motivation are to use them to the fullest. I am sure we enjoy those gifts and talents as well.  With the Olympic Winter Games beginning in South Korea right now the motivation of the athletes is to win a gold medal. They have done all the practicing and other events to lead up to the games to come home with the gold medal. Of course only the winner comes home with the gold medal however each athlete desires to win even if they are not the best in the event. This is how we should feel when we are competing or wanting to accomplish something being the best we can be. Motivation is not the end to it all only the beginning however it is a strong idea behind everything we do. It is very important that we are motivated in everything we do. All things we do should lead to excellence and that begins with motivation. It doesn’t mean that we will be perfect every time however we need to strife toward perfection. It is OK to fall no matter how many times because this leads to more motivation. Enjoy this day since it is your motivation too.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mighty Men and Women

In the old testament of the Bible King David of Israel had a group of men that were mighty warriors that came along aside him. They were known as the Thirty. They had exploits that I am not sure any have come in battle ever since. They killed thousands at a time. We all have heard the story of David and Goliath. As a teenager David brought down Goliath who was the strongest and tallest man of his time for the enemy of Israel. Every man in Israel was afraid of Goliath. One day David who was a sheepherder came to the frontlines where his older brothers were at. He heard not only the insults against his people but those against his Mighty God. So in his heart he knew that he had to take down this giant. He didn’t care that he was considered a young boy however he had the experience of being a sheepherder that killed large animals who tried to kill his sheep so without further thinking he took down Goliath with a slingshot. He knew that he could take down this enemy with what he had and didn’t need anything more.

In our day now most of us don’t have enemies in the natural world we have to take down. Some of our countries are in wars and we have armies that are protecting us. I hope that these men are mighty warriors as well.

There is a world that we don’t see with our natural eyes however it is still out there and it is the spiritual world. We have enemies that want to bring us down every day. Most of the thoughts we have in our minds is what they are fighting against. The negative thoughts that come into our minds come from these enemies in the spiritual world. We may not realize it they not only don’t like us they hate us with all their being. They know what we are capable if we ever meet our purpose and destiny. They make every effort for us to never come close to our purpose and destiny. So what do we do? With the help of God and his mighty warriors we can bring down these haters and enemies of ours. The first thing we have to do is recognize and know that we are in this war. Anytime these thoughts that come into our minds that we know are from hell itself we must fight back. I am not saying this too encourage you only but myself as well. Actually it is more than encourage it is to motivate us to be like David and his might men. Yes indeed we are mighty men and women as well we just have to recognize the fact. So when your mind has these thoughts that you know don’t come from your time to fight back. I am sure that we will find more peace when we get the victory against them. We don’t fight on our own but with the help of God. Press on and let it happen. Amen!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Precious Life

All of our lives are precious however over time because of circumstances we sometimes forget that is true. Usually we remember when a child comes to birth or the loss of a loved one. We should think about all the lives we get into contact each day how precious they are and that includes ours.

A precious life is the reason we should treat each other much better. It is the reason we have a purpose as well. We are created not just enjoy our lives for ourselves but to make a difference in others. I am sure that I am like most it is easy to forget that however important to focus on our purpose.

When we go through our lives day by day we may not do things that seem to be a purpose however they are anyway. Others will see what we are doing whether it is the way we walk or conversation with others. Are we always joyful or sad? It isn’t that we have to be up all the time however being consistent in our living others will see. This is especially true for those who see us on a regular basis.

The other day one of my old schoolmate said that we are all preachers by what we say and live on social media. It is very true and how much are others hearing what we say. Even if it is unconscious others hear us all the time even the same way we hear them. Wherever I am I enjoy watching others. I am always wondering what they are thinking even when not saying a word. I look for a smile to see how positive they are living right now. Important for us to listen and act when necessary; all of us are precious even when we are not sure of ourselves.  

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Love Living in the Pacific Northwest

                                                    near Astoria Oregon

I am sure that most people enjoy living where they are at however I believe that I am very blessed being born and still living in the Pacific Northwest.

My hometown of Gig Harbor is one of the fastest growing towns in Washington state. I have to say that I don’t blame people for moving here but it would be nice if it wasn’t developing so fast. The traffic is getting worse as time goes by. On Sunday I went to view a development on Hunt street less than a mile from where I go to church. Someone I met  at my favorite coffee who lives nearby to the development told me about where it was located so I decided to check it out. I couldn’t believe that there was about a hundred and fifty homes in that development. They are large homes between thirty-five hundred and five thousand square feet going for around eight hundred thousand dollars. I thought they were lovely homes however we don’t need them since they will raise the property values in the area higher. The average family are not going to be able to keep living here because of the prices and then traffic on Hunt street is going to be quite busy when those homes are sold. At least the development wasn’t cleared cutted in the same manner as North Gig Harbor. At least they left trees around to enjoy. I would have to say the population in the area must have doubled at least in the last ten years. I can imagine what will happen in the next ten years. I am sure many of the other cities and town in Washington state are growing rapid as well especially north of Seattle. Many of the people coming are in the tech industry where they have high salaries.

Right now Oregon seems to me the place to go if you want to still have affordable housing and get a good view as well. Would not surprise me though if that changes in the next ten years as well. My cousin Jennifer who grew up and has spent most of her life in Seattle a year ago moved to Astoria Oregon. It is located on the Oregon coast and it looks lovely by the pictures I have seen from her. She was able to sell her house in Seattle and get twice the size in Astoria for half of the amount. Make sense since Seattle is getting so expensive to live and along with her husband are retiring in Astoria. They do have to get used to all the wind along with more rain. Yes there are places that get more rain than Seattle. If you ever have a chance to travel highway 101 along the Oregon coast it is a lovely place to visit. I look forward to traveling down to see Jennifer one of these days. My sister will be coming out from Quebec in five weeks. She went to college at the University of Oregon in Eugene along with her son Connor for a few days. He has a conference for work in Portland so she will meet him there and they will travel around Oregon for a couple days plus seeing Jennifer in Astoria. After that they will travel up to see my mother and I for a few days as well. It is a lovely drive going up on Interstate 5. It is about a two and half hour drive from Portland. There are two twin cities on the way up. The first twin cities is Longview and Kelso. It has been a while since I visited both places however I remember them as being very nice. When I have the chance I will go down and spend a day seeing what changes have happened. Longview used to be known as a logging town however the industry isn’t what it used to be. I am not sure what the main industry is any more. The second twin cities are Centralia and Chehalis. They are located about another hour drive up. From there is our state capital of Olympia before coming to Fort Lewis Army and McChord Air Force base. The bases are only about fifteen minutes to Tacoma and then exit to highway 16 for Gig Harbor and the Olympic Peninsula. What a beautiful drive to take.

There are so many lovely places to see on the Olympic Peninsula besides Gig Harbor. Seattle is about a forty-five minute drive north from Tacoma. There so many beautiful places north of Seattle as well. So traveling the Pacific Northwest it is a good idea to take a week if not two weeks to see as much as you can. Wherever you stop you can’t go wrong.

Write What You Will

I enjoy writing so much that I look at improving my skills all the time.  This blog is a good way to do so along with encouraging others and opening my life to others. In some respects it is like a journal writing down thoughts. If you have any interest in writing and sharing your thoughts I recommend that you start a blog as well.

My purpose as those of you who read here on a regular basis knows that I enjoy motivating others along with sharing my thoughts about the past and the present; also nice to share places around the state of Washington.

When it comes to encouraging others to let you know that I go through the same struggles myself. Although I want to be positive in my own life negativity drops in some time. I like to walk in the light however darkness will find its way in as well. Fortunately I am able to control it better now than in the past. I know the truth as well however at times I ask why as well. I want to have faith but questions find the way in as well. I guess it is how lives evolve over time along with the fact we are in a battle in our minds whether we realize it or not.

Everyone has their own way of writing. I recently read on line from an experienced writer that it is important to write in the same as you talk and writing to an individual as well. It makes a lot of sense because I want my writing to be sure it is me and that everyone feels that I am speaking to them personally.

A couple months ago I had a woman comment about this blog that she enjoyed it because I share about my daily life. It is important to me that we should be motivated to live our lives in a godly manner that can allow us to be who we are created to be with purpose however I know to that it takes time because of our pasts as well. It is important for us individually to know why were created and to live this life to the best of our abilities. We have been given gifts and talents to fulfill this purpose. I believe that having questions will help us lead to the answers we need to have as well.

You may never have the desire to write a blog like I do however it is a good idea for you to have a journal that you can write down your thoughts. Later go back and read what you wrote down. You don’t necessarily have to write sentences you can write a word or two. If you can draw use pictures as well; whatever way you enjoy expressing yourself is the way to go. I look forward again to write what is in my mind and heart. Have yourself a wonderful and glorious day.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Aim High

This is one time I got the title and wanted to know what to do with it. Well came to my mind that we can be like the Philadelphia Eagles who won the Super Bowl on Sunday. Aim high anything can happen. Whether anyone else believes us or not we can be champions in whatever we feel. Others may never know and millions may never watch but we do know.

This means we can go after the treasure in our heart and we can succeed. I am not one that believes in prosperity like many do however I still believe we can get what our desires as long as it matches up with God. Yes that is the key. God is our partner in a way and he wants us to succeed as long as it matches up with his desire for us. This is where purpose and destiny come in as well. We may believe in what might make us happy however he truly knows what is in our hearts that will make us happy. Some may believe having a home and enough money for themselves along with family however that might not be enough. Usually those who go into debt try to make their own way in getting what they want. Keeping up with the Jones doesn’t work a lot of the time.

So what do we do then to be really happy? Ask God for that treasure in your heart. Give you what will satisfy you. Be the champion in your life. Don’t just ask God for what you want. Go ahead and ask him to surprise you. Who knows what he will bring you. A lot more treasure than you know. When others ask why you have a smile on your face. Tell them that your treasure has come in.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Live in Love

The reason I write this blog because I felt as a Christian this is what God wanted me to do in part to encourage people to seek after him well as living a life of purpose and destiny.

 The greatest call as a Christian is to seek after him and His Kingdom along with sharing with others to receive knowledge and Christ in their life. I am not here to push my beliefs on others but to let them know that they can meet him for themselves and that he has a purpose and destiny for them. Most of all though is for all to know that God loves them for who they are and they can live for him. It isn’t a big ceremony you have to do just accept him into your heart.

So I see for me to live in love. To love others as he loves me; it isn’t always easy to do so because we are all different and we all make mistakes. I am commanded to love you however it doesn’t mean that I have to like someone all the time that I love. We all know that with our experiences with family and friends. We don’t agree on all things and we don’t treat each other the way we out to either. We are different people as well. I may not like the things you do because we are not alike or you do wrong things just like I do at times however love is still the center of my life.  If a family member is always asking for something but nothing in return at some point I may have to stop it and give tough love. I am sure we have all had family members who have asked for money over and over again. We help them out for a while however at some point we have to stop giving them the money because what they doing are wrong and they haven’t learned to manage the money correctly. This is where tough love comes in.  This is only one example I know that there are others as well. We love them enough to stop helping them when they need to help themselves.

So seek after God and know of his love. Live in love the rest of your days. Amen!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hiking in the Olympic Mountains

                                                                Lena Lake WA

                                                         Enchanted Valley Chalet

I have memories from my teenage years hiking primarily in the Olympic Mountains while being a boy scout.

My first hike I remember going to lower Lena near Lilliwaup Washington. Yes I know a strange name for a place. It is a beautiful spot on Lena Lake. It is a great way to spend a three-day holiday weekend. The trail is just under seven miles long however it is uphill most of the way. At least that is what I remember. I hope to visit there again someday. It was a difficult hike for me because it was my first hike and I didn’t have the right equipment. I borrowed my brother Dick’s pack because I didn’t have one. What a mistake. It wasn’t very good especially on the upper back. My feet hurt as well however the hiking was miserable and I had a terrible tent as well the view was beautiful; this hike was practice to get ready for my first fifty mile hike. Of course I asked my parents to get a pack of my own and a good tent too. I wasn’t go through something like that again especially for ten days and fifty miles. I don’t remember where we went on our fifty mile hikes other than they were all in the Olympic Mountains. The last one was special because I remember we ended the hike at the Pacific Ocean.

Another short hike I remember going to a couple times is Enchanted Valley. It is like the name implies and trail is just over seven miles. An easier hike I remember than lower Lena. It is located near Forks, Washington and there is a chalet that is located at Enchanted Valley. The first time visiting there our scout troop had to camp outside the chalet because another group were insider however we were lucky to stay at the chalet the second time. On the second trip though I remember us be encountered by a bear. It pretty much left us alone though the bear did chase our scout master up a tree. The only time I have seen a bear in the wild.

My brothers and I took a hike up to Hurricane Ridge which is about forty-five minutes outside of Port Angeles and another beautiful spot to spend a few days at; easy hike as well.

There are so many places to visit within the Olympic National Park and they are all so marvelous to see. You don’t necessarily have to go on a fifty mile hike there are plenty of day hikes.

Here in Washington State we are very blessed because we have the Cascade Mountains as well where you can hike whether for a day or a week or longer. Ever come to Seattle make a plan to see the Olympics or Cascades. A great way to spend a vacation for sure.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Ground Hog’s Day

Today is February 2nd which means that it is Ground Hog’s Day here in the USA anyway. For some it is a big day while others don’t care a whole lot.

What it all means is whether we have six more weeks of winter or not. If the ground hog sees his shadow that means there will be six more weeks of winter. It is what happened this year and when he doesn’t see his shadow than spring comes early.

Here in the Pacific Northwest the weather has been pretty mild. We did have it cold in early November when we had a little snow as well in the cities. Since then it has been temperatures primarily in the forties and hitting into the fifties.

The mountains have had a good amount of snow especially in January. I heard that Mt. Baker which is near Bellingham and the Canadian border had nineteen feet of snow in January. It didn’t hit the record however were quite close and a good year for those who go skiing.

Ground Hog’s Day has another meaning to my family and I. Today is my father’s birthday. I remember when I was young and first heard that today was his birthday my brothers and I laughed. We thought it was funny that he was born on this day. Dad has been gone since 1993 so it will celebrate twenty-five years since he passed away. We miss you every single day pops and we salute you this day. Happy birthday Dad you were the very best.  Though we didn’t have all the same interests you still took the time to take me to ball games and you coached my little league team for a year. Many of the guys still think of you as our best coach. This is something I will never forget.

So everyone enjoy today and the next six weeks of winter where it is happening in the world anyway. I just hope we do get more snow here even if it is just a little. Have a great month and weekend. Oh yes I hope that we can see the sun sometime during the next six weeks.