Sunday, June 26, 2022

Being Lonely

Being alone doesn't  mean that
you feel  lonely  to.

Most of the time I am  alone I 
don't  feel  lonely.  I suppose I  
feel crazy if I  did. 

I have felt  lonely  in a crowd 
of people.  I understand  this
isn't  unusual.  There are those
who do feel  this way often. 

I guess this is like most people 
don't  like talking in front of
a group.

On Saturday  afternoon  while 
walking I felt  lonely.  What came
to my mind and why I  am sharing 
this is the thought in a positive 
way being lonely makes me appreciate 
people  more. 

I know everyone  must feel lonely at
times. When you  do start thinking 
about something positive in your life.


Saturday, June 25, 2022

Summer Begins

Here in Western Washington we have 
had a weird  year  regarding  the weather. 
In fact it has rain more than anything. 

We are accustomed  to rain in the
winter, however,  spring game a bit 
more  than  usual.  Also, the temperatures 
in the 40s  and  50s for the most part. 
It didn't  feel  like spring  though trees
did blossom.  Hard to  grow  vegetables.

Friday  we had hot temperatures in the 
70s and the weekend  in the mid 80s.
May even hit the 90s by Monday. It
will cool down to the 70s on Tuesday 
with some rain.

This quite usual  here except  not the
90s before July. Have to  say nothing
surprises after the last few years.

Friday evening I went downtown Gig
Harbor since wonderful weather. I  had
to park in  the  shopping  center since
traffic  was heavy. I figured because  of 
the highway being so slow some drivers
decided to  exit and go through  town.

This was true drivers exited off highway,
however,  lines were being painted around
the new roundabout.  I  am  not sure smart
to do when traffic being heavy anyway. I 
walked  almost to the roundabout. I  actually 
walked faster than the cars were going. They 
we're letting 20 to 30 cars at a time each

I talked to a few people in their cars. They had
no idea about the painting  of lines. They figured 
their was an accident.  I  am sure they wished
stayed  on the highway.  

Certainly  made the evening  interesting.  Now 
you enjoy your weekend  and be blessed. Amen!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Love When It Hurts

Love is all we want. Something  we 
search for. God loves us more than 
we realize. 

We love like God does we must 
realize we will be rejected by many
like God is.

We feel  for love like God we will
be rejected to. We know not easy
but we have to accept  it. 

Jesus Christ  said to love  our 
enemies  to. Though we don't 
want  enemies we know to
that we have some. So those
enemies  we love anyway.

Love is not easy but is still something 
we desire always. More than our
family, spouse and friends. All we can
do is our very best.  ❤❤❤

Thursday, June 23, 2022

What Are You Looking For

One  thing living a life of purpose  is 
what are we looking  for?

Is there more to this life purpose?
Our life purpose  is  what God gave us.
The number one thing he created  us
was to worship and love him. The
second was to  love everyone  else.

God gave us this purpose  with gifts
and talents  to love others. Also, for
them to love us in return.  He gave
us a family  along with friends to do
the same.

What you are looking  for should
end here  though we can do more 
as well  like enjoying  activities with
family and friends. Of course, work
is part of the purpose as well. To
provide for your family and help
others when needed. Amen!❤❤❤

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Lift One Another Up

Another part of our purpose
is to pray for one another.

Whenever someone comes 
to mind is to pray for them.
You can call or message 
them if you desire to.

We can all have the help of
prayer. When our health isn't
good or we are in circumstances
we find difficult or don't understand
it is always good to know someone
is praying and thinking of us.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Having A Good Attitude

Not always  easy  but we should
have a good  attitude. 

Here in Western  Washington  we 
are expecting  warm weather and 
no rain all week. This is typical
here for June although we will
have rain before July starts.

WI ter and spring  we have a lot
of rain but this year more than 
ever. This is especially of spring.
It has been  colder than normal. 

It would be easy to complain and
have a bad attitude  but of course
won't  change anything.  Having a
good attitude  during  the tough 

When I  had my heart issues I  found
it easy to worry wondering what was 
going to happen. I figure that has to
be a normal  response when in bad 
health.  I  tried to  have the best attitude 
I possibly  could under the circumstances.
I know it helped besides knowing others
were praying  for me.

So let's  have a good  attitude  always 
even under trying  times. Not easy for sure
but will make life better  to live. Amen!

Monday, June 20, 2022

Don't Be Afraid

Our purpose more important than 
anything. We should never be afraid
of others. I am not sayingl
be easy but others need to hear and 
be touched by you.

What can someone do to you.
I suppose kill you if things go to
far. Most likely they will laugh
at you but giving what you have 
might make a big difference in
their life. Laughing is a small 
price to pay. The same would go
for rejection.  

You might be surprised they will
be happy with what you give them.
Without trying you won't know.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Relationships Are Interesting

I have found that relationships are 
hard to  keep  going  for a long period 
of time. At some point they end though 
hopefully  on good terms.

I found it happening  right in my own
family. I was surprised  yesterday  hearing
about it. Was so sad to hear the news.
I don't  want to get into  the details though
I have not a lot of details  anyway. 

Even  the best relationships  have trouble 
at one point or another.  How things go
is whether  can make it through the storm.
If you have been  together  for  a while  
staying  together  is a good thing. Time
means you love and care for one another
Even if feelings seem to change. The fact
is relationships should not be dependent 
totally  on feelings. It is only part of the story. 

Relationships  being together  doesn't  just
effect  the two people it effects the family 
that is included.  Long time  means the
relationship is important. Stay together 
even though  times are tough.  

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Making A Contribution

In sports like baseball and football
a success of the team is depended
on the players as a whole. If one or 
more players don't play up to
expectations the team is going to

In our life we are depended on our 
family and friends. For our success
is those who we are surrounded.

We can't find a new family but we
can find new friends. Often we think
friends are the bottom line no matter
how they treat us but that isn't true.

We need friends that will love us 
and help us contribute. Also, help
us live our life purpose. We are 
there for them and they for us. 
We can say we are a success.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Listening To Others

One of the best talents we can
is to listen to others. We can 
pick things up that can help

I often see a group of older
men than me at my favorite
coffee shop. I don't talk a lot
which isn't easy for me but I
just sit and listen. Sometimes
they talk recent history or
about things like plans. I find
it interesting. Let's me know
more about them to.

I like to watch people and sometimes
wonder what their life purpose is.
See if I am able to pour into them

I know most everyone questions at
times why I am here. I know to I 
am not always sure of I am here
but I think I do most of the time. 
I am sure many don't know their 
purpose but if I can give them an
idea I believe it will help. 

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Take Hold

We must take hold of the faith
and belief that we have.

There are evil people and the 
enemy called Satan who wants
to take the purpose and joy
out of us. 

I am sure Satan doesn't like me
writing this blog. I encourage
you to keep reading here as often
as you can and let your family
and friends know to.

My encouragement is every one
of us lives up to the purpose we
were created for.

I ask that you pray for me and those
who read this blog and anyone else
comes to your mind. Amen! 🙂🙂🙂

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Wisdom From Above

We all know people that are
smart and  wise. Families 
usually  run when it comes
to being intellectual. 

In the spiritual  gifts there 
is wisdom to.  Not often done
or goes unnoticed  anyway. 

In the old Testament  King
Solomon  ask and received 
wisdom. Likely  the  wisest 
person ever to live. There is 
one story where two women 
said the baby was there. One 
was lying of course.  Solomon 
in his wisdom  said to  cut the 
baby in half. The actual  mother 
said no while the lying  woman 
said yes. Solomon knew the 
woman saying  no was the mother.

We all make wise decisions  everyday.
In the natural world  this happens 
but in the spiritual  world as well.
Again we may not know the difference 
very often. 

The spiritual gift of wisdom  comes into
the natural  world to give words that  
the natural  mind can not  understand.  
Decisions  made are ones that could  
never take place with the natural  mind 
no matter how wise we may be. 

We should seek the wisdom from above
to receive answers that could change 
the path people go. Amen!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Taking Time

Everything  that is important  takes time.
Example  a good  wine takes time. It 
can take several years to process.

The best relationship  takes time to
process as well.  The family  becoming 
a loving  unit  does to.

So whatever  is  important  will take
time. This is what we have to bank on.
Not always  easy. I have been  waiting 

Monday, June 13, 2022

Bring Comfort

One of the spiritual  gifts is compassion. 
There is a time  where each of us needs

Giving comfort and compassion is
very special at the right time. 

This is especially  true  if someone 
has lost someone  close to them
or has an illness. 

Words can't  always be spoken, however, 
comfort and  compassion can do
more than any words. ❤❤❤

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Being Unpredictable

Saturday  the weather  was  spring 
type here in Western Washington. 
The forecast  was for rain in the
afternoon. Instead  the clouds

This is  how our lives are like to.
Every  morning  we wake up the
day is unpredictable.  No matter
what plans we make the day can 
be different than we expect. This
is what is exciting about life not
knowing  what  will happen  next.

Let your life live waiting  for the
next  opportunity to help someone.
They may help you  too. Whatever 
you do embrace life. Don't  let
the negative or depression take 
hold of you. Amen! 

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Need Growth

Right now inflation  is  up over
eight percent, gas prices and
food prices are high.

We must have faith things will
change. Have faith the economy 
has growth and politics will
change. Also, the most important 
our lives will have growth.

Peace and may you have  a good 

Friday, June 10, 2022

Having Relationships

Living a life of purpose  is  to  have 
as many relationships with others.

There will  be those who we will  be
the closes with like family.  Also,
those as close friends. 

We need to  spend time with  others 
to. We may spend  a minute or two 
with someone and  never see them 
again. This is important to  for them
as for us. We might change in ways
we never know by spending a short
time with  someone.  

Often people  are  busy. It is important 
to relax and be with  others. Time 
alone is important.  To be refreshed 
than be with others. 

People  want to  be  around others
that are like  them. Those different 
we should spend  time  with as well.
We can learn from those different 
than us. They could  be the person 
we spend a  minute or two with.


Thursday, June 9, 2022

Let the River Flow

As spiritual  beings  we must
let the river flow through our 
lives. Another purpose  of 
our lives. 

We can have peace though war
surrounds us. In Psalms 23
the author says though walk
through the Shadow of Death 
we will fear no evil.

Read psalm 23 there is so much
in it. The river flows through  us
always. We can have joy even
during the tough times. Amen!

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

What We Should Know

The number one thing we should 
know we were created  for  a purpose.  

Often we ask ourselves why we are 
here. The answer is for a purpose. 

What is my purpose? Each of us it
is different. What you enjoy in life 
is one of them. Your family  makes 
up important  part of your purpose.  
As a parent your purpose  is to
teach your  children.  Help them
to love themselves and others 
well as discovering what their 
purpose  is.  

It is ok that it may take a while
to find out your purpose. 
Circumstances happen that
are out of our control.  People 
may tell us we are not good at
something  that might be a
part of our purpose.  We might
convince ourselves  that  we  are
not good at something because 
others seem  to be better. We 
most likely  better at it than we
think. Also, time can take a while
to be good. 

Believe in yourself and  go after
your purpose.  Who knows  you
probably surprise yourself.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Do You Wonder Dreams Come True

I know athletes, musicians and actors
say that their dreams came true. 

I am not sure whether  they were dreaming 
or not. Obviously  they have thought this
out since a young child. On the other hand
they were dreaming  in their sleep. 

Once in a while  I  will dream of meeting  
a well known person. A famous person 
in a place  not expected.  I don't  remember 
dreams often so I  do wonder whether I 
will meet that person  someday.  Only time
will tell right.  😊😊😊

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Don't Have To Be Perfect

Often we think we have to be
perfect to do our life purpose.
If so we may wait s long time.

We help others with our purpose
since they have issues to overcome
so this means we are not perfect.

There are some things I feel I 
must overcome to help others
and it is not true. I believe I am
better today than I was yesterday.
Like everyone I am a work in process.

Sunday I was healed of thoughts
in my life from back in my childhood.
I am not the same person I was
yesterday. I can help others to be
healed and a better person too.
Amen!  😊😊😊

I Almost Forgot

You may wonder what I almost forgot. 
Usually when I wake up I know what
day it is. Today it took me a couple
minutes to remember it is Sunday.

Important day for I go to church
and worship. If I forget anything
it is taking my midday medications.
Not a big deal since I do take them
at some point since the time isn't

Another thing is forgetting to take
out the garbage. I take out garbage
almost every day. If I want to take
it out when I leave I put it by the door 
now. Like my medication though 
not real important because I will
take it out at some point. The day 
when garbage is picked up if I have
garbage than I put it by the door
for sure though again not a big deal.

Maybe this will help you out. The 
older we get the more we forget. I 
am like most I don't remember 
what happened yesterday than
five years ago or more.

Have a blessed day and may your
health be good. 😊😊😊

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Longer Hours

Isn't  it  nice that the days into the
evenings are longer.  Now that 
summer  is approaching. 

We can sit on the patio deck and
have friends and  neighbors over
for a meal or snacks enjoying 
good company.

We know the time  will be short 
so best to  do so this time of the

We can stroll along the waterfront 
and stop at a park to enjoy the
scenery  well as the friends. 

We never know how long we or
anyone will be around  so enjoy
the time we have.  ❤❤❤

Friday, June 3, 2022

Our Purpose Come Natural

When it comes to our purpose  it 
should come natural  to  us as  
much as walking,  talking and 

Our purpose  isn't  just our gifts 
and talents it is our personality 
and character. 

You have a good sense of humor 
and you talk loud like me this is
part of your purpose to. If you are
more quiet  than this to is your 
purpose  as well.  When you do
speak  people  will listen. 

Every  part of us is living  for others
to see. Important  to  show off in a
positive  way. Amen!  

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Continue On Exercise and Diet

Everyday I do have the opportunity to walk
in one fashion or another. If it is raining I
walk indoors primarily at the YMCA. My
goal is to take at least ten thousand steps
in a day and sometimes more. For me that
comes to five miles as two thousands steps
equals on mile.

Though I have done quite well losing weight
as you can imagine it isn't as easy as walking.
By the way, since I did physical therapy before
joining the YMCA I do exercises as well as
the walking. Doing sit ups and push ups along
with stretches I do at the YMCA as well at

The diet I am on actually helps if I slip and
eat something like junk food. When I do so
I eat small portions. Most times I am able
to eat fish, fruit and vegetables, On rare
occasions I will have red meat.  For a while
I ate chicken but I found it a problem digesting
in my stomach so for me I stay away from it.

My will and goal where I am at  about half way
of losing the weight keeps me going. Not easy
on some days but I figure if I do slip it is only
for one day. I hope it helps you if your in the
same boat as I am trying lose weight and stay
in shape. Amen!  

Wednesday, June 1, 2022


When it comes to our life
purpose is to share with 
others by being a mentor.

We can share our experiences
along with the talents and gifts

Also, a good idea is have a
mentor as well. Both mentoring
and having a mentor should 
be a part of our lives. Learning
and giving should be a part of
our purpose on a daily basis.

A mentor can be a friend or
someone you spend quality
time. They could be your mentor
without acknowledging already.
The same can be someone your
mentoring. It doesn't have to be
official just have it a part of your
life. Amen! 🙂🙂