Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Interesting Debate

I am not sure why I even watched in
the beginning, however, I saw the
whole Presidential debate between
President Trump and former Vice
President Joe Biden.

I could easily say it was a waste of
my time. In fact, for most people
it was.

Unless you were someone who 
was undecided the debate really
didn't mean anything. It certainly
was for me anyway. I wasn't going
to change sides.

For Trump supporters they wouldn't
change because it is all about what
is right not how he acted. This was
about a shouting match I am not sure
how many would vote for him anyway.

Next Wednesday will be the debate
between the Vice President choices.
I believe this will be more interesting.
I am sure it won't be the shouting match
this one was.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Sunny Days

Here in Western Washington we are having
sunny days this week. A good way for September
to go out. I know we will have a lot of wet
weather coming.

Three weeks ago we had bad air quality because
of fires. Nothing like I have ever seen before.
We have a possibility of the same this week.

Most everyone have a good attitude when the
sun is out shining. We had a couple of days 
last week when the heavens poured down on
us. It was good because we really need the

Looking at it spiritually we need God to pour
his Spirit on us so we can grow and be
strengthen. Amen!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Life Purpose: Speaking Out

I have heard over the last several months how
protesting is our constitutional right here in the
USA. I believe in it, however, I am tired of what
has been going along with the protesting. It is
the violence and the looting going as well.

I guess the local government thinks it is OK
to do such things since they haven't really 
stopped any of it. 

I know Seattle which is almost an hour drive
depending on traffic from where I live has 
a lot of violence and looting. I shake my head
when I hear those who say we have a right to
protest. It is true but not the unlawful looting.

An important part of our life purpose is to 
speak out but in an orderly fashion. Again
I don't mind protesting but over several months
it is tiresome to me. I know I have gotten the
message so why continue. Of course, the
local government needs to change things
but how does protesting for a long period
of time help the cause. 

I understand if nothing changes after a period
of time you must go out and give your voice
again. In many ways it is like people here
sharing political posts. I know who your for
and against I have heard it for five years time
to move on.

I remember back in the day when young people
were protesting the Vietnam War. By the way,
I was younger then them at the time. They did
peaceful sit ins or maybe a better words sit down.
Actually words were not spoken much I recall

It is important for all of us to speak out it is part
of our life purpose. I can do so here well as in
public. You ask anyone who knows me I have
no problem talking. lol.  Give respect to others
especially those  in authority even though they
maybe doing something wrong and the reason
you are speaking out. 

So when you have the opportunity speak out 
let others know how you feel but remember to
do so in peace. Amen!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Weather: off and on

The last week here in Western Washington
the weather has turned to fall.

September though is supposed to end like
summer with temperatures in the mid 70s.

I know for some 70s isn't summer temperatures,
however, it is here. Summer the temperatures
go from 70s up to 90. 

It will be nice to see the sun come out for
several days. This will mean the color of
the trees changing be easier to see.

Over the next six months we will only see
the sun come out now and then. The reason
we are known for having wet weather. 

Most years I can catch up with some who
I haven't seen during the summer what they
did and what are the plans for the rest of
the year.

As we know this isn't a normal year. There
have been some people I haven't seen since
March. There are those I do catch up with
on social media. 

Though more people are getting out there
are some who haven't left their homes only
to go grocery shopping unless they are 
having them delivered.

I would say not the way to live in my estimation.
Those with poor health I can understand though
I have seen some of them out on occasion.

So I do my life purpose the best way I can. Nice
to have this site to speak. Enjoy the next three 
months. Christmas is now less than three months

Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Downpour

Friday afternoon about forty-five minutes
passed noon we had a large downpour of
rain at the coffee shop I was sitting at.

It had been rain for several minutes before
the downpour, however, we ended up a
little over an inch of rain for the day.

I was at the coffee shop for about two
hours waiting to go to an appointment.
About a half hour after the downpour
several new customers asked where
the water came from. It flooded in the
parking lot.

What made it real interesting three
ladies came in without being wet at all.
They had gone out for a walk before the
rainfall happened on a trail real close
to the coffee shop.
What must have happened the downpour
didn't happen on the trail. They were not
carrying umbrella's. I forget to ask them
if it rained on the trail. Actually it didn't
come to my mind.

Rain can be interesting around here. I 
have had rain at my place when I arrive
at the coffee shop it hasn't rained. The
coffee shop is only three minutes away
by car.

On Wednesday several people on social
media mentioned how nice it was to 
finally have some rain and it wasn't 
raining at my place. 

Where rain comes down can be funny
here for sure. I have been on a road
where it is raining on my side and not
on the other side. 

Growing up I could see on the water
of Gig Harbor where it was raining
on one side while I was in a boat 
and not on the other side. The same
goes for wind to.

Conclusion life is quite interesting isn't


Friday, September 25, 2020

Life Purpose: God Knows You

Yes I read a post about our life purpose which
was funny but what I got most out of it is God
knows us so well.

God knows us more than any human being.
He knows our heart better than we know it.
We may stumble and fall; he is still there to
pick us right up.

You may wonder if he hears us at all. Let 
you know he does. We have to listen back
to get the response.

It is easy to be discouraged when we don't
have the answers. Just keep plowing along
and the day will come when the answer is
with you. Be persistent in asking even if
it has been awhile waiting for the answer.

I know this because there has been things
I have waited my whole life where the 
answer hasn't come yet.  I have to have
the faith it will happen and when it does
I will be jumping for joy. Amen!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Cats and Dogs

You may think this is about our fury friends.
They are great aren't they. I have a friends
who helped train a golden retriever. It was
sad to see her go. I am sure my friend did
to though new it would happen. Want to
know the life purpose of the dog to help
us out.

Actually it is about rain we finally had 
some. It rained all day long getting jut
over an inch. More rain than in July
and August which isn't a surprise.

If we get an inch of rain the rest of
the month we will have more than
last year, however, the previous four
years wasn't as much as yesterday.

We are grateful for the rain since it
has been dry and we have had brush
fires as well losing some homes.
Fortunately not like California or
Oregon terrible in both places. Please
pray for them They have lost many
homes during September.

Last year our rainfall was down, 
however, we get what we did last
year October through December
we will be around our average
rainfall. So we will be going into
our raining season now. 

Our raining season usually goes
October through March which 
you can see is six months. We 
are grateful when the sun comes
out. It is a good time to travel
while some have winter homes
in Southern California and Arizona.

I do hope to get in some travel 
depending whether the Pandemic
ends or not. I have heard in parts
of Europe it has spiked again. I
hope we learn from them and our
experience over the last six months.

Have peace and may the joy of the
Lord be with you. Amen1

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Life Purpose: Strong Character

Over the years it has been important we
have strong character whether personal
or in business.

Whatever our purpose is we are meant
to be an influence over others. Having
a strong character is an important factor
toward our influence.

Being humble is a big factor in having
strong character. It may seem funny
to think being humble is  part of having
strong character but it really is. Humble 
means people will be able to trust you.

Jesus Christ said to have your yes be
yes and your no be no. Whatever 
decision you make it has to be true.

May God's peace be with you today.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Life Purpose: Needing Help

At some point in all of our lives we need
to have help in some form or another.

Being a member of a small group allows
us to receive the help we need. We have
a group of friends being their for us in the
same manner we are there for them.

I expect the two main reasons not to ask
for help is pride and embarrassment We
should be able to get over the hurdle on
both of them.

Remember to we were created to help
out our fellow man. We have all heard
the saying it takes a village to raise a 
child. I am not sure I agree with that
statement but I do know it takes a family.

May you be blessed today. Help someone
today even if it is a kind gesture. Amen!. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

Be A Part Of A Small Group

One way to exercise your life purpose is
to be a member of a small group.

You can either be the leader or just one
of the members. Here is the state of 
Washington you can only be in a group
of five unless it is your immediate family.

This doesn't include church services or
funerals  or weddings which you can 
have a lot more people gathering long 
as you social distance and wear a mask. 

Funerals and weddings are limited to 
50 people while church services can be
25% of your members.

In a small group I recommend a size 
of five people. This allows  everyone to
have a chance to do use their gifts and 

Give it a try you will be surprised how
well it works. I have been in larger groups
while in a smaller group to. I have always
found the smaller group being more effective.

If you have a larger group you can spend some
time together then split into two or three  
other groups depending how many are there.

Let it happen your life will change. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Nice and Clear

Saturday I went to a school reunion. Not a big
crowd, however, we had it on Fox Island 20
minutes from where I live.

The is a nice view looking toward Wollochet Bay
and Pt. Fosdick both near Gig Harbor. Looking
to our right was Tacoma.

It was so nice to see the land as well as the water
after having smoke and fog for almost two weeks.

The fires are still happening to a little degree east
of us, however, the rain and wind took care of it.

It now feels more like normal once again. It has
been such a tough year with everything going on.

The amazing part the whole world is being effected
at some measure. It shows how much we need each

If you can't or don't feel getting out of your home,
I encourage you to call a friend or a family member.
Let them know you are OK and hope the same for

Here from Gig Harbor,  western Washington and the
USA peace and Good be with you. In the end we will
be stronger people. 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Happiness Is Good Friends

My mother had several close friends all are gone
including her except one. They all lived for a long
time and kept in touch though they lived quite a
few miles apart including different countries.

Our immediate family except two of my nephews
were on zoom Friday to celebrate Mom's 100th
birthday. They would have been on line but had
to work.

My mother's great granddaughter Ellie though
only seven weeks old made appearance to celebrate
though she never met Mother in this life. I am sure
she will learn about her great grandmother.

There is something special about family and friends.
Friends often we see more often than family depending
where family lives. 

What is real special is when family are friends as 
well. It doesn't happen often but a blessing for those
it does.

Saturday I will be going to a high school reunion.
Not only will some come from my class I may see
some from other classes as well. Not sure how many
will come because of Covid-19  and the air quality
which has been bad in the last ten days. It rained
Friday and more coming on Saturday so the air
quality should be better. Whatever the case it will
be good to see whoever comes.  

Make every one a friend if you can. It makes life 
more full. God Bless You!

Friday, September 18, 2020

Happy Birthday Mom

It is hard to believe Mom has been gone
for almost six and a half months. She died
on March 6, 2020.

We had her funeral on March 12. Not a 
large crowd as we would have expected,
however, we did have it before funerals
were no longer allowed because of the

We wish you a happy birthday mom, your
with the family in our thoughts every day. 
Mom would be 100 years old today.

My brother, sister, her two sons and I are
going to have a zoom meeting today to
celebrate her birthday. I am the only one
living on the West Coast.

I am sure Mom they are celebrating your 
birthday today in heaven I hope you are
having a grand time. Best Wishes.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

A Very Long Day

Wednesday was a very long day, however,
it was worth it.

I drove to Oak Harbor located on Whidbey
Island. It is 140 mile drive from my home
in Gig Harbor Washington. 

The interesting part of the trip was having
fog all the way. Not all on the freeway but
on the side of the road for sure.

The worst fog was north of Seattle until 
getting off the exit in Burlington to go
west.  It is  a little under a three hour 
drive with making one stop.  It is about
an hour from Burlington to Oak Harbor.

The air quality has been terrible in the 
whole western part of the state for over
a week. I couldn't tell how much smoke
was involved.  In Oak Harbor my cousin
Peg, her husband Cal and I couldn't tell
there was any smoke at all.

We visited Fort Casey where they have
some old guns that have been there since
1890. They became obsolete by the time
World War 1 happened. They have just
two guns on display while back in 1890
they had eight guns. 

The lighthouse nearby the fort was fogged
in when we arrived, however, after visiting
the guns it was cleared off. We still couldn't
see the water though which is where the Strait of
San De Fuca is. 

This whole area is a wonderful place to visit.
If you have time a good place to visit. I will
be posting pictures on my blog Herb's Look
or Instagram, or Facebook.

It was really  good time catching up with Peg
and Cal as well. In the mid-afternoon we looked
over some old pictures she had. 

I headed back home at 6 pm the fog wasn't as
much on the return trip. I arrived at home at
9 pm.  I look forward to my next trip there. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

All About Family

 We are all born into a family. I fortunate
got blessed with having a good family.

Unfortunately not everyone is blessed to
be born into a good family. For some they
have to wait until they have a family of 
their own and it doesn't always work out

Even under the most difficult times we 
should make the best with our families.
I know for some friends become closer
then our natural family. 

Whatever the importance is to have a
family in whatever way it works. The
important thing though is to make it 
work with our natural family as much
as we can.

We may have to compromise or let them
know we love them but it isn't working
out at the same time.

If you are going through trouble with
your family remember it is the only
one you have. Make every opportunity
to smooth things over. Of course, it
doesn't always work out.

The important thing is to make every
effort to do so. At least you know in
your mind you have done all that you
have.  Amen!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A Bit Of Good News

Woke up this morning where it had
rained in the night. Something we
needed real bad with being so dry.

The fires are being contained, however,
the smoke and fog is still here though
not as bad as it has been. Still can't 
see across the water but still very 
good news. 

Many people are staying indoors
and not going anyway. Sort of what
we have been used to since March.

For some it has been an issue of
breathing while for me it is more 
my eyes. I figure spending a little
less time on this computer and the

I have to call my cousin Peg to
be sure we are still up for me on
a visit for tomorrow. I am sure 
we are otherwise she would have
called me. Good assumption right.

Anyway, whatever you are or have
been up to today may you be blessed
and be a blessing to. Others will
follow your lead. 


Monday, September 14, 2020

Our Role To Play

When it comes to sports there are starters and
there are backups. Sports like baseball and
football the backups usually have a role to
play. How much they play will depend how
good they are at their roles.

In our life purpose we all have a role. We
are all starters no one better than another.
It may not seem that way but it is really

So use your role to play the part your
intended to have. You are here for a
purpose. It might take some time to
figure it out. When you do figure out
your part you will be amazed and so
others will to.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

A Voice

In Jesus time there was a man named John
the Baptist. He lived in the wilderness of
Israel. He spoke words of encouragement.
He asked people to repent and be baptized.
He spoke about a man the messiah who was
coming after him. He would baptize people
with the Holy Spirit.

Today we need men and women doing the 
same encouraging others to change their 
ways. I hope I am one of those men right

This year life has gotten so crazy. Here in
the USA we first had the virus like most of
the world then protesting over the death of
George Floyd by a white police officer and
now we are having fires in my state of 
Washington, Oregon and California. It all
started in California. Many acres, homes 
and lives have been lost.

The world is going crazy now with the 
virus, hate crimes, protesting, and wild
fires. We don't have fires near where I 
live but we have smoke. The governor
of Washington asked people to stay at

I got out for a little while by going to my
favorite coffee shop. I drove around the 
area for a few minutes as well I saw several
people walking but not nearly the amount
happening on a Saturday. 

I went to the spit of the harbor look toward
Tacoma and Vashon Island. The fog and 
smoke was so thick I could not see either
place. The fog and smoke was settle right 
on the water. 

My encouragement is we be a voice to those
around us especially those who are depressed
and in fear. Come along side people. 

May God bless you this day. May his face
shine upon you. Amen!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Inside Or Out

Saturday I am going to a reunion of a former
church I went to. The reunion is going to take
place on the property where the church used
to be and the church I am currently attending.
Quite ironic isn't it.

What could be difficult is we are having a lot
of smoke in the area because of fires. It might
be hard to breath outside so we might have to
look to go inside.

I am sure we will try to have our time outside
since the weather is really nice and above
normal. Enough people having trouble breathing
we may go indoors.

I have been told wearing a mask like we have 
for the virus doesn't help health wise when it
comes to smoke so we shouldn't be wearing
masks. I certainly won't be.

I have been blessed so far where the smoke 
hasn't bothered me though I do have to be
careful at the same time. 

We will be into the raining season soon which
we really need right now. At least the temperatures
are going to be around eighty instead of ninety
which was forecasted earlier in the week.

I salute all the firemen who are out fighting the
fires right now. We have smoke because the 
winds blew it in from the east earlier in the 

I know there are those who are fearful but we
must remember God is in charge. Amen!

Friday, September 11, 2020

Day We Always Remember

 It is amazing to think this is the 19th anniversary of 9/44/2001 in New York, Pentagon, and the flight in Pennsylvania.

I hope what is going on this year with the virus and rioting people will look back. We must remember the sad day it was.

We must repent for what has happened this year. Enjoy your weekend. Make it a pleasant one. God bless you all.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Wild Fires

Here in Washington State along with Oregon and California
there has been more wild fires. We thank the fireman going
out risking their lives for doing so

California fires were started primarily by lightning. They
were brush fires for the most part. I am not sure about Oregon
but here in Washington the fires have been started by people
either throwing cigarettes or matches. Whatever the case 
they need to be put in jail. 

It does matter how old those people are but they should know
better. There are people losing their homes and properties like
this year we need anything else. 

The county I live in there was a young child who lost their
life. Whether it is carelessness or on purpose people do need
to be held accountable. 

There are those going to churches who are being persecuted
while others protesting and causing damage not being accountable
for their actions. Now churches instead of having a prayer
meeting where others have protested are now calling them church
 protests. Our world is going crazy don't you think.

The problem is it isn't going to get any better. People are calling
good now evil and evil good. We must stand up for what is good.

What Have You Thought In Last Months

I was at a home meeting Wednesday night. A first
one in some time. One of the questions asked what
affect did the corona virus have on us.

A couple of people mentioned having fear during
the virus. I know life has  been tough since the 
virus has hit us, however, we should not let fear 
and depression brings down.

Those of you know my mother passed away during
the early stages of the virus in March.

I was upset because I was told to isolate myself,
and places here were closed except the grocery 
stores. Reading materials about the grieving process
is not to isolate yourself. I was mad because of the
force of isolation.

I am a lot better now though I do deal with some
depression but I have been used to it. The first 
two months after the passing of my mother I spent
a lot of time sorting things and getting rid of items.
I still have things to get rid of but I am in a good 

Now what I have to do is make decision what my
life will be like in the future. This is something we
all  have to decide. Don't let the virus or any other
situation or what people tell you believe in yourself
and what you out to do. 

The news media especially want you to have your
minds made up for you. Don't them do so. Think
inside yourself for the answers. Amen!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

There Are Days Like This

Tuesday I had one of those days I am glad
doesn't happen very often. I got myself a
new cell phone last Thursday. New service
as well so had to wait for the number  to come
over. I found on Monday issues activating the
phone. I went to the store to see the problem
on Tuesday. 

Thought the issue was taken care of but I found
after getting home it wasn't true. After spending
a lot of time on the phone now they have send
me another one. We rebooted the phone but
nothing changed. I am others have gone through
the same thing but didn't feel better.

I guess later on when the phone I get is working
fine I will laugh about it but until then not so
much. No one will be able to get hold of me either
unless they know my other number. Nothing I can
do about this anyway.

The phone I get to replace this lemon one should
work quickly I hope. I will have to put info in again.
At least on the bright side I was able to get a good
night sleep on Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Being Thoughtful

What I write about here in the morning is
usually the first thing that pops into my head.

Being thoughtful allows us to be a person 
many can like. On one level we want to be
liked by others. Whether it is a good thing
or not. 

I believe God wants us to be liked but he
realizes it can be a downfall for us as well.
What I mean is we can be distracted by 
wanting to be liked so much. We don't 
end up being the person he created us to
be. We try to impress others by being kind
and thoughtful. We can be very distraught
when others don't care for us.

I am saying this so we are careful in how 
we may feel or how others look to us. This
is to encourage us to be ourselves instead
of what we want others make us out to be.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Long Night Sleep

It doesn't happen often for me having a nice
long sleep like this night. Not only for a long
period but sleeping without waking up. 

I suppose it may happen since today is Labor
Day here in the USA. It is still dark out as the
days are starting to get shorter.

We are expecting temperature in the 80s so
I will take my walk earlier,

This area is so beautiful to walk at this time
of the year. I am sure most of you live where
you do for the same reason

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Summer to Continue A Little Bit Longer

This week we are expected to have summer weather.
The temperatures will be higher than normal being
in the 80s until next weekend when it is to hit the 90s.

Here in the Pacific Northwest usually pretty nice for
September, but usually the temperatures are in the 
sixties and seventies for the most part. 

This last week it was in the seventies but going to
the eighties then hitting nineties is unusual for sure.

We have a state fair in September, however, covid-19
has cancelled it for this year. The weather is always
nice for the fair though there is always one day where
it rains. The crowds are always large. We got out of
school for the afternoon to go to the fair. 

Since school is stay at home this year until at least
January I hope the teachers will allow the kids to take a few
extra breaks for the weather. I wouldn't want to be 
inside for a long period of time. 

September always feels like a good time for people to
visit on vacation here since the children are in school
and the weather is nice so the crowds are down  besides
those who go to the fair.

Taking the ferry to San Juan Islands is always a good 
idea along with Mount Rainier or going to the ocean.
Making your way to the Olympic Rain Forest is good
to. It is near the ocean on Highway 101.

We have to enjoy this weather since October the rain
will start happening. Most of the year rain happens
between October and December. 

It is good place to live for a native like me but it could
be something to get used to for someone moving who
are used to a lot of good weather all year around. Great
place to visit in spring, summer, and fall.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Overcoming Mistakes

We all make mistakes the key is do we
learn from them and how do we approach
or remember when we get into similar

Several days ago I asked a guy a question
which he told me it wasn't my business
and he didn't like me anyway.

The question though from my end seemed
innocent  enough but certainly not from
his end of course. 

It isn't like we are real friends just acquaintances.
My positive approach will be not to ask
someone a question like that who maybe
in his same situation. 

The question would be appropriate for 
someone not in his situation. I would
like to apologize but he isn't one who
takes them at least I believe so. I will
if the opportunity arises though. This
would depend if I see him too.

I pray the situation he is in will change
for the better. His life will turn around.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Our Number One Purpose

I realized this morning our number one
purpose in life is to know the truth.

Those who know the truth know what
I am talking about.

The truth is Jesus Christ. He said "I am
Way, the Truth and the Life ".

You want to know him ask someone 
who knows him. After that you get
yourself a Bible. Read some of the
Bible everyday. 

It doesn't matter for how long you
read the Bible. It can be for a few 
minutes to an hour all depending 
on you and how much you have.

Reading the Bible you will get
to know him better and better.
You will want to have him in
your life.

You will know your purpose 
for life.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Thinking About Dreams

When it comes to dreams I usually don't
remember them for the most part. I believe
I am thinking about the dreams when I
wake up.

I wonder thinking about dreams is more
common than actually remember about
the dreams.

This morning I thinking about the late
country singer Glen Campbell. It didn't 
seem it was about anything specific about
him. I am wondering if I was dreaming
about  him.

I do remember when I was a kid Glen
Campbell had a variety show. It was one
of my favorite shows on television.

Now I am wondering do we dream about
some of our favorite memories along with
future events.

I don't know I get any answers but something
to think about. If you have any answers 
write down in the comments. Thanks 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Preparation September

My pastor Mike Riches along with a few others
say this is preparation September.

It makes sense with the summer coming to a close
and school beginning.

The loss of my mother in March before things
shutting down because of the Pandemic I had
to take the time to grieve well as getting rid
of some of her stuff I know it is time for me
to begin preparation of my next stage of life

It is a good idea for us all to see where things
go and be prepared for what is going to happen
next in our lives. Not only do we have the Pandemic
still with us we have to be prepared for what 
comes next.

For some have children in elementary school
while others have teenagers ready to finish high
school and others with those wanting to get 
married. Whatever stage we are at we do have
to be prepared for it all.

We have a life purpose that is our main goal
along with a lot of little ones. We will see how
things go along the way, however, we must be
prepared too. It is what's next for me right now.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Welcome To New September

Schools are now starting up once again
for the most part it is new with most
children at home learning on line once

Families who can't afford computers and
internet access are being them free. The
question will the children use the computers.
Also, do they know how.

One of my classmates growing up her
daughter had been teaching English as
a second language. She had no students
sign up so afraid they will lose out this
year on their education. 

So she still has a job she is helping out
the other teachers at her school with 
their students. How things go will be
seen over the next couple weeks.

It is important to encourage family and
friends who are in such a tough situation.
Help out in whatever manner you can do